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29 Jul
ihaveaplan mobile

Posted by ASEQ | Studentcare in Finance | July 29, 2016 | 63 Comments

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Quick Claiming – Processed within the next several business days – Direct Deposit - Claim History® has made claiming on the go quick and secure allowing users the ability to take pictures of their health-care receipts and receive refunds through direct deposit.


• Quick claiming and reimbursement: Take pictures of your receipts, submit your claim, and have it processed within the next several business days. Get fast and secure reimbursements by direct deposit.

• Claim History: View a log of your past claims in one handy, secure place.

• Electronic Pay Direct Card: use it when visiting a pharmacist that offers pay-direct service. The pharmacist will be able to process the claim immediately.

• Coverage information: Access to your personalized coverage summary on the go.

• Set up profiles for you and your dependants to facilitate claim submission.

• Convenient access to Member Services Centre and travel emergency contacts.

• Encrypts data transmitted to insurer. Access our privacy policy here:

You will need access to the Internet to enable all features of the app, such as submitting claims, but you may prepare them in advance (without Internet service).

You cannot use this app to change your coverage or to enrol dependants. Eligible dependants can be enrolled during the Change-of-Coverage Period at the beginning of the school year. Visit for deadlines and more information.

® Trademark of ASEQ | Studentcare

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ASEQ | Studentcare part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 29, 2016. Google play rating is 33.719. Current verison is 2.2.1. Actual size 4.6 MB.

Download ihaveaplan-mobile.apk 4.6 MB


Donald MacNearney

Terrible Poorly made app in general, but the main complaint is this: the submit by photos feature sounded great, but every time I've done it the submission was rejected so I had to mail it in anyway. Waste of time. Save your time and just do it the long way.

Christopher Anderson

Unable to make a claim I have submitted the same claim through this app two times, and both times I had to login to Desjardins Insurance to find out that they considered my photos (taken on my Galaxy S4) to be incomplete or illegible. One set of photos was taken with indoor lighting, the other by a window in daylight. I would not have known why my claim wasn't processed if I hadn't looked into it myself. Communication would have been appreciated. Don't waste your time with the app. Submit your claim online, if the website works on your browser (but that's a whole other story).


Good App Very useful. Just finished making a claim. Didn't freeze and process seemed easy. I scanned and saved my receipt as an image so that the quality is good compared to taking a phone pic. I will update my review if I had issues with my refund.

Jeff Chu

This app sucks for phone numbers and student number entry. It's very wonky. If I didn't have to use it, I wouldn't.

Vanessa Neuman

Keeps freezing Won't let me fill in my profile, app keeps freezing. Can't use it.

Brooks Yardley

Makes it easier than mail, but not very user friendly Dropbox integration doesn't work. And if you take a photo using the app it seems to compress the image so much that it's unreadable, causing your claim to be refused over and over again? Very very frustrating...

Taufiq Sabuwala

Needs Improvement It freezes almost every time I open it.

Dion Chong

Looks like the app was designed as a webapp for the iPhone 3G

Emily Fay Kokonas

Can't complete the profile. Maybe it depends on the phone type but this is obviously a huge problem that many are experiencing so it should be dealt with ASAP

xiaomeng Wei

Waste of time Can't even complete the profile. The whole system stucks and restarts all the time.

Gabrielle Matte

I can't even get it to connect to the server and I've tried reinstalling it and everything

mostafa hamza

Terrible app Cannot even complete my profile

Brendon Phillips

Poorly designed app Would have been handy, but the constant freezes and slow operation are a pain to deal with.

Peter Bui

Don't use the in app camera It works. But if you take a photo of the recipt with the in app camera. It gets blurry. You must take it with an actual camera app and select the photo.


Entering information into fields is a nightmare on the app. When attempting to make a claim, pressing the back button brings up a blank, unresponsive home screen. I have to relaunch the app to start over, only to have another bug sabotage my work. I'll be using the old fashioned print and mail claims form instead. Avoid this app.

Jolanda Verhoef

It was difficult entering my info- perhaps the app isn't really compatible with my screen and/or keyboard. Once the info was entered, it was super easy to file a claim. Much, much better than submitting and mailing paperwork!

Ariel Kroon

This app is possibly the most terrible app I have ever had the misfortune of using. It is a great idea, and I was initially excited to use it, but I am extremely disappointed in it at this point. Inputting information is difficult if not impossible, the camera function is very slow and does not save the pictures half the time, and the app itself continually logged me out halfway through the claims process. By dint of a half-hour struggle, I finally was able to wrestle one claim through. Though I have three more to go, I think I will claim them the old fashioned way, as it is much faster and I have other things to do with my life than grapple with awful UX. I do not feel comfortable with this clearly incompetent software handled by a clearly incompetent team now having my banking information and will be deinstalling the entire thing once I've processed claims by hand tomorrow. I should have read the (overwhelmingly negative) reviews on the app store before downloading this time-waster.

Pauline Belliveau

Does what it should It saves paper, works well with Samsung S4 and is fairly simple to use. It works a lot better than the apple app. It isn't the best thing I've ever used but it works and serves its purpose.

Jim Niu

Lazy work The app works but inputting info is a nightmare. The keyboard that comes out will block the info so you can't see if you typed it correctly. Getting to the right section is annoying. Took me several tries to start inputting my info for making a claim. It does save a lot of work by submitting the claim online, but the app itself was obviously developed lazily. I expected a much better result than this.

Joanna Patton

The profile screen won't allow me to enter information, the fields at the bottom of the page are covered by the keypad, and any numbers entered get jumbled up. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Marian Neeser-Carazo

Even the awful tumblr app works better It is as if they forced some poor guy to make this in 3 hours and paid him with a sweaty gym sock. Why would they release such a bad app? It reflects very badly on their standards. Great idea though, please fix it.

Sasha C

Worst app I have ever used. Was not even able to complete the initial profile setup. Data entry was a nightmare! First review I've written it was so terrible.

O.L. Chung

Excited to hear about this app But such a low rating? Tsk. Hope this goes well. Update: unlike some of the reviews, I had no problem registering and logging in, but I have to admit that the app loads very slow and the biggest flaw is that it does not adjust itself when I'm typing! I had to assume it was typing correctly and then close my keyboard to double check every time I insert something. Please fix this! Other than these two factors, I'd say it's fairly simple to use and would only request labelling which year I'm claiming for.


Useful but... The app itself is useful but its not user friendly yet. The user interface isn't "flowing" yet. The app feel like it was botched but it's a good start tho ...

Roxanne Patel

Awful design for entering information. Student number goes in backwards. Can't see the password field because it's covered by the keyboard. Good first attempt, but not fit for use yet.

Graham Howell

Very buggy and frustrating. Was very hard to enter information, even once this was done taking pictures of forms kept failing+logging me out, the email I sent to the help contact failed to send.

Keith Jin Choi

Shittiest App in existence Hard to input your info as it makes you re-log in every time you minimize it.

Brenda Luo

Would give this 0 stars if I could, this app does not remember my information, it keeps logging me out and basically does not function. Should not even exist at all.

Tim Schulz

Easily the worst app I have ever used. - keyboard cursor resets after every letter typed - pages don't scroll far enough so that the keyboard completely covers what you're typing - app covers status bar for not reason at all - violates any Android design guidelines ever written (or even thought of) This is clearly a lazy iOS port. This might have been acceptable in pre-Gingerbread times but today that just says "I don't even care".

Tim Lau

Impossible to file a claim Number fields always reset, can't see my input because of the keyboard. Wouldn't use this app if they paid me double my coverage

Terrance Mok

Broken The input fields are extremely hard to fill. App logs me out whenever I try to complete my account information.

Mohammad Feizbakhshan

Yeah, at first I had some difficulties to input my info. But now I am satisfied coz I got my money back very sooner than another way (paper work).

Carole F

If you enjoy retyping the same information over and over again, you'll love this app. I literally had to reenter my bank information a dozen times because the cursor jumps around and you can't actually see what you're typing. It's infuriating.

Justin Zhang Justin Zhang

Not usable at all Hi, can you at least fix the interface before launching the app? Thanks

Daniel Chavez

Entering anything into the forms is pretty much impossible. Needs work

Cedryck Achille-Louis

Don't download completely useless You guys have to fix the bugs, after 5 minutes I realized you can't do much, since doing a simple task as entering your student id is IMPOSSIBLE to do!!!!

Xing Shi Cai

This is horrible. Whenever I input a number, the cursor jumps directly to the end of the line. Very difficult to use.


Buggy The title...

Yale Chong

Buggy, irresponsive and doesn't work

Sonya Kohut

Buggy In app photo quality is very poor. Unable to enter financial information because of a program error. Help email address bounces without being sent because of another error. This was a complete waste of time.

Patrick Ayoup

Horrible App Don't waste your time with this app. It is poorly made and the photos are degraded before being sent. Claims often get refused due to images being ilegible. Using a high end phone with a very good camera.

Steve Jiang

Piece of crap The Developers suck. Have you ever tested you code before releasing this crap? Wtf!

Swati Kalia

Very poor quality app For an insurance company that charges so much you would think they would invest more into making an app that is at least usable for their customers. I have never used such a horribly functioning app. A 10 year old can make a better app than this.

Michelle Lee

Love the idea.... But it took me forever bc it entering my info was a nightmare (like most others in comments). And then once i managed to actually enter all my information after many many attempts, i took photos of all my receipts and when ready to submit, there was some kind of error and it crashed... Making me start from the beginning. Havent attempted again since.

Jason Hendrik

everything is decent except for the form fields and restarting all the frikin time. Please fix this. I wouldn't have let out software behaving so badly. Who developed this? please do it right.

Ryan Estwick

Terrible. The application has so many bugs. Glitches out all the time. Terrible service.

Andrea Crinklaw

Tried it on a Samsung S4. Entered my info which was a pain, as others have said, and I went to continue and it crashed. This happened three times. Save your time, do it the old fashion way.

Jesse Sayles

Like others I found it very hard to enter information into the given fields. Every time I try to file a claim the app crashes and takes me back to the log in screen. This app is unusable.

Cameron Ramsay

This is garbage. Entering formated text fields is a pain. The cursor position changes all the time. The keyboard will block the text field if it is too low. Bad user experience overall.

Alexandra Papadopoulos

This is what a bad app looks like Avoid at all cost , it's a nightmare

Pamela a

Worst app I did not even make it through the creation of my claim profile. Not only was it absolutely impossible for me to enter my phone number, once I finally clicked '' save and submit'' it brought me back to the login screen. Being motivated I tried once more, only to have the same thing happen. I would rather send my claim by mail than have to deal with this app.

Kevin Sinclair

Terrible Very difficult to input information. I had to type my student number and other things in backwards to get it in correctly. Once I got all that done and took pictures of my receipts, the claim would not go through after about 10 tries. The worst app I've ever used.

Earl Harroun

Awful UI I haven't tried the other functions, but the interface is the absolute worst I've tried to use. Did anyone even test this before it went out the door? Edited to add: I've upped my rating to two stars. While the initial setup is nearly painful in how badly it's made, once I had my info in the app, I've never had an easier insurance claim. Fix the info entry portion and this would be an amazing app.

Richard Eid

Everything mentioned in these comments is true. Inputting information is a nightmare and honestly if I knew it was going to take this long would have rather sent in the papers


Crashes whenever minimized. It's impossible to look things up when filling anything out because when I switch apps it goes back to the login screen or crashes. It's too buggy to be a released product.

Mazen Saleh

Jesus Christ. I'd rather walk to Quebec than use this app

Age Ale

Pain to use Navigation is completely off, I'd rather fill out forms than wrestle with this app in the time I "save" using it to send in my claim i could probably fill out the form on paper

Aman Bhandal

The entry field in create profile are buggy! Can't make it passed the first field of entering student ID.

Drew Herrema

Great idea, but entering text is a nightmare with the curer shifting around randomly.


Doesn't work, so they replaced it with another app that also doesn't work. One star is too high of a rating given how broken the system is and how little interest they've shown in fixing it.

Allison Walters

It's not working. I have to download another app, so I did and it's still not working. Won't let me pass that page.

Xiaoqi Zhang

Easy I read the comments and was surprised that it's quite smooth to type all the info on my HTC. Maybe it differs from phone to phone. However, it crashed when I tried to take a picture. Anyway it's much easier than the paperwork.

Kathleen Trytten

The most broken app I have ever used. Like Christ, I can't even see the field I'm supposed to type in.

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