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7 Sep
iFarm - Free idle clicker

Posted by Serissa Solutions in Casual | Sept. 7, 2016 | 124 Comments

Apk file size: 9.4 MB

Would you be a successful farmer? Would you be able to manage your own farm?

Learn how to manage crops, increase your product portfolio, make money and get critical items that will bring to your farm rare products and high performance.

Click as fast as you can to accelerate seeding, harvesting and selling your products. Tapping faster you will have outstanding profits and it will allow you to achieve great position on leaderboard.

Moreover, acquiring the automation of processes, your farm will carry on the activities even when you are offline!

Finally, complete all the achievements, become the BILLIONAIRE FARMER and reach the TOP of the ranking! The success of your farm is up to you!

Features :

✔ FREE game!
✔ Very addictive clicker game
✔ Idle game
✔ Lots of upgrade levels
✔ Many ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock
✔ LEADERBOARD to compare your score with players worldwide

Whats new

    - Ads frequency greatly REDUCED! Thank you for your feedbacks.

Serissa Solutions part of our Casual and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 74.9925. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 9.4 MB.

Download ifarm-idle-farm.apk 9.4 MB


Hashi Sayed

Too short As soon as I maxed out everything, there was only the double profit button which didn't scale the bonus up with how far you've progressed. The description for the double profit didn't quite make sense either. A bonus 100 on cash is pretty vague. The game has promise, but it needs more to keep my attention.

Nicole Daniel

Fun game except.. With an update you claim to have fixed the problem with refreshing and ranks, but you have not. I should be in first place but once I reach about 9 trillion, it quits updating. Fix this and you will have 5 stars from me.

Keith Bush

Goods time waster I like it.... it's fun wastes time and makes you think just a tiny bit it's cool

Syreen B

Ranking issue The rank boards aren't showing my actual numbers. I keep gaining money and it doesn't change on the boards. Help programmers? Will give 5* when fixed

caleb politano

Enjoyable This game has promise and its enjoyable. All it needs is a better refresh for the rankings, because my score isn't loading onto google play.

Nicholas French

Great potential, out shadowed by ad placement and lack of end game. I have played my share of idle games. This one has promise if not for the ads. Don't tell me ad revenue is required for a game with an ad removal feature. I see this as a form of double dipping. You purposely created full screen ads, so they are unavoidable, whether that be for pay by the click or revenue by size of ad there is no need for this. The game is fun. I have all but the secret achievement. But I assume it is based on purchasing the game as I have tried everything else outside that. Fix the ads

Nathan Holden

I am at the top (or should be) Amazing game, got 200 trillion today, so that should mae me #1 XD i spend to much time on this.

Bas van nuland

Game is good, ads are very annoying. One hour nothing, and than 5 in 30 seconds..

Matthew White

Great game Improvements need to be made to the google play ranking system, it keeps unsyncing with the game and it won't show where I am on the leader board.

Pawel Malek

need updating. you cant choose what you want to harvest or sell. there is no any type of ending to the game. if you upgrade all auto options before going to bed, game is "finished" when you wake up.

Steven Taylor

Bug Okay so I got the update and it hasn't been able to let me refresh my achievements for the past 6 hours

Logan Lovell

high scores not accurate I should be rank 1 by by a massive amount but it has me places in top 2%

Andrew Skipsey

Takes forever. As far as idle and incremental games go, this has the worst beginning to any of them. Takes about 10,000 taps to get anywhere. And even when you can automate, it's so slow you might as well tap at it. Moreover, every 5 minutes or so a full-screen ad pops up, so you get cut off right before selling your last crop.

chris feinen

Great idle game Awesome game... love it. It definitely keeps me coming back to check on my crops quite frequently. Once you get the automatic everything it runs crazy ads. I would like to know what critical is. Could you tell me please.

Shannon Mayhew

Tap, tap, tap If your enjoyment comes from repeatedly taping the same button many times this game is perfect for you. There isn't to much depth to the game, and it's very sort finished the game in two days without much effort spent 20 min top tapping and upgrading.

Kimberly Hartley

Rankings incorrect Rankings don't seem to be recording properly. I have over 200,000,000,000,000 in cash but it stopped updating my score after 8,000,000,000,000 no matter how many times I refresh the rankings or exit the game and reenter. If I'm going to put my time into a game to try and make it to the top of the rankings list, I want the list to be ACCURATE! I have more cash than the top ranking spot, so why am I 78th?!

Shannon McGee

It's cool! Took me a while to get the hang of it because there's no walk through. But not bad! The only question I have is about the double profit button. Are you able to use it after a certain amount of time?

John Doe

Love it Wasting time has never been more addicting. Had to remove the ads...can't stop playing. Keep up the good work. Look forward to playing your other games. Thanks. Update no longer have access to rankings :((

matt miller

Very good I absolutely love the game. Its great to play, but, there needs to be like up to 60 level upgrades, and not 30, because it really goes veeeeeery slow now that I have the highest seed.

Birdy Gaming

SLOW To be honest this game is terrible because it's so slow. Early game and late game

rocket Davis

Great game Its a great just the start seems little slow

larry freeman

Its okay Not much but its okay.

Eileen Wills

Addicted, I should be asleep Don't know why I'm enjoying it but I am I'm going to check out the other games in a mo lol


iFarm It's fun!

Caleb White

Awesome game If you like money games here is a perfect one for you

James Connolly

Problems Great game but had to reinstall and the adds are back after paying to remove why do I have to pay again

Freddie Pretorius

Good game Its a fun game but very short

Baam Light

Good for the achievement :v

Ole Martin Sætvedt

Fast and easy If you play very active, you can complete (last achievement) the game within a day. But there is a problem with one achievement; "Millionair". I managednto get billionair, but not millionair...

Poems of Sorrow

Decent, but limited Only took a day to get to the point where I can max out each upgrade in 30 seconds after reset. Now their isn't much point in keeping the game installed since their is nothing else to do

Brad Hayden

Found a error i guess Played yesterday upgraded all my this point it was day 2. Today i check and the "idle" feature i guess didnt work because it hasnt moved from when i was on last. At this time i did reset my phone prior to use and remove a battery.

Dallas Dickerson

Already done Downloaded it today and ive all ready have all acheivements went by too fast wish there was more guess ill try out the other games

Doug Mckinney

Ads way to invasive I played maybe 10mins and managed to click 6 full page adds. This just makes it unplayable. I understand what ads are for but you can still accomplish revenue with banner ads not full page ads that force you to click on them...

Jacqueline Mollet

Ad problem I love the game but why do the ads pop up when the game is closed? It's really frustrating when I'm trying to text or call someone about something important and a ad pops up. I don't mind the ads while playing the game but when the game is closed the ads shouldn't appear!

Denise Modglin

One problem This whole game is good except for one thing, idle. The whole point of a game like this is when you log off it still farms but i have to have it open? Not right. Otherwise well done

Maurice Jones

Very intrusive ads Ads pop up every 2-3 minutes or every few screen changes. I think this is against the Playstore TOS. Either way if you are looking for a good idle game look elsewhere

Harald Timma

Like it but stopped. I play the game alot and got like 5-7 double profits, one night I left it to be idle and now when I open the app all I don't see the buttons just the background please fix, I was so far into the game.

bethany walton

Good game Good game but what does the critical item do i dont notice it doing anything the speed didnt increase and number of items per spin didn go up

Ivan Asurfalot

That's it This game will be the end of me

Michael Shepard

Awesome But What does critical do

Mason Tarver

LETTUCE! I have become the ultimate lettuce farmer

JerEMY Bates

Cool game Very fun and addicting. Only down side is its short.

Quinn Niccoli

Amazing I love the game just wish it was endless on levels instead of having to reset

Gabriel Janes

Ruined since the update I love the app for a little while now, know every time I click to buy something it brings up a full screen ad every single time. It makes a game that isn't time consuming take like 200x the time.

Cooldude223 Anda5

Ads bring it down, every upgrade brings up a full screen ad. Rest of gameplay is fine.

kyle senecal

Was having fun I was having a lot of fun until I stopped being able to upgrade my manual taps. I have more than 10 times the money needed but it doesn't let me upgrade anymore

Chris Halton

Ads ahoy Holy sh*t its more ads now then game

Richard P Dyson

No reset please There should be no reset. Double profit. Game should continue.

Joel Steen-Timle

Full sized Adds on every other klick.

Rhys Whyte

Ads These ads are freaking rediculous, every 2-3 clicks a add pops up, it's kinda insane at this point

Fernando Soto

Achievements not working

Callum Cottingham

OK but has few problems Overall it's a great game for just passing the time or just hording a load of money, one problem I've noticed is that on the ranking the highest is like 9 trillion but I've got about 7 or 8 hundred trillion but it's not saying I have that, any ideas why this is

Alan Barnett

Gets boring quickly. It gets boring very fast. I can have all stats maxed out in under 30 seconds (I timed it). One piece of lettuce sells for more than 10 trillion dollars. But for some reason, I'm still way behind on the leaderboard. I'm sure this is because somewhere in the program you've put a cap on the maximum amount of money can be on there to prevent cheaters, but why in the world would someone cheat at a game like this? Please fix the ranking system. Other than that, it was fun.

Lydia Turner

Pretty good It's okay. It takes a while to be able to play with idle mode but it is kind of time consuming. Good job creators.

David Shelley

Fun but the ads ruin it Please stop the pop up ad! It's a tapping game, when that ad comes up it opens a browser if you accidentally keep tapping and this kills the game for me.

Lets play with Gmbino

Good but.. I leave the game for a few hours and it hasnt made me any money i have auto lvl 28 on all 3 but still doesnt dobit when im not on game

Nick wild

1 star Won't update my ranking. Im a competitive gamer and no matter what i do the game wont update my position on the leader boards. I have more money than what is said on my ranking. Please help udate my position.

Logan Hefner

5.... stars Amazing game it's simple but lovely like a cozy cottage

Tia Toth

I installed about a day ago I already own it all. Can't buy anymore. Nothing. No reason for money now. Why keep playing?

Ali hall

So many ads The amount of ads that pop up at once is anywhere between 1 and 10. Some are video ads that talk over each other. It is super annoying and is the reason I no longer play this game.

Ryan Lucas

liked the game However the ad on the bottom of the screen and the pop up ads really get in the way, some animation of what you are planting would be helpful, if not for looks than for a visual indication of what the plant looks like. Past that if you could have the auto levels not slow down to a crawl upon hitting transgenic.


Good Game :D I think that it deserves a better ranking. Simple game, probably easy to program. If ppl want to stop the ads they can buy it! Totally addicting!

Lewis Jackson

Terrible advert game Game is filled with adverts, they pop up randomly... Highly don't recommend downloading better idle games out there.

Patrick Lundquist

Disruptive advertising The ease of gameplay is far outweighed by the amount of disruptive advertising. At the time of this review, I had an astounding 9 adverts that overlapped one another blocking my gameplay. You eventually have to stop playing just to not have so many adverts bothering you. A very large point to consider if you're thinking of downloading this app.

Thuder Max

To many ads And they can be right in top of each other. Not made right with them ads. Other then that it could be an ok game if more stuff was added.

Ethan Owen

Amazing game, but 1 problem. The ranking system is playing up for me. I am well ahead of everyone in the global rankings, but it doesn't refresh my score. If it were fixed I would rate 5 stars...

George Dinmore

Ok! Simple, and easy to complete. Hit Double Profit at the end, rinse and repeat!


ads cant idle cause of ads and cant play cause of ads. too frequent for such a simple game

Yuvraj Setia

Rated This is for forcing me to rate.

Cyrus Perkins

Its cool but ads I know you're trying to get money from the ads but with the banner at the bottom I can't see what I am selling and how many I got in stock

George Fisher

Meh It's a bit repetitive and can get boring after a while plus it's generic.

Kalli Hild

Only game in which I have ever accidentally planted yggdrasil.

denver mahon

Why can you only level up to 30?

emmalee smith

Eh It's good enough for a time killer I guess

Corbin Nadeau

Pretty good. Basically exactly what I look for in a Tao tap game x)

evie ashley

It is very good. It is a very good game. The only problem is that you cannot scroll down on the harvesting and sell in page to see the item quantities.

xris carter

too fast... i maxed everything in less then a day

Caleb Gerweck

Games seems like it could be good. The full screen pop up ad every couple minutes ruined it.

john Clark

Love the game but How do i get past lvl 30 it saying i can upgrand but not leting me i have 10 out of 10 on the medals but dont no were do go from here

Daniel Welch

Its a preaty good game!

Máté Marcell Szűcs

I like it but I don't know what the Critital thing do. Please help :)

Christion Gardella

It's great but I had $10,000,000,00 and I came back to $0 please explain the issue

Robbie Hooymans

Do something about the super intrusive ads, I really do not want to constantly click on ads because they pop up

Isidoro Machorro

Ads ads ads! I have no problem with an ad every once in a while but not every time i switch menus or buy an upgrade... the one good thing bout these games is the achievements are pretty quick and rather high reward so it gets 2* for me

Bryan Packer

Holy cash grab It's an idle game, nothing too special. The constant ads make the game unplayable. From popup, full page ads and videos every time you buy and upgrade, to constant banner ads across the bottom, and idle ads as well, in just the 3 days I've played the game I'm confident the makers have made the $3 they charge for the ad free upgrade from just my views, much less my accidental clicks. I hope tap joy (their ad provider) bans them for dupeing people into false clicks.

Grigory Zinoviev

Does auto only progress at 0.1x speed when the app is not open?

RandomGames Minecraft

Like it Really good :) I got 50k peaches once and it was a big mess xD

Tiger Rabren

I would rate higher but... I have played this game so much that now I should be #1 with one lettuce sold but naa I guess it thinks I'm cheating... Lol I've wasted too much time on this

Call Me Falcone

Eh It's alright

Charles Alexander

ADS!!!!! Now I understand you have to have ads. I don't know what's happened recently but now every time I buy one upgrade its an add. This used to be a favorite of mine but now I'm deleting

logan wehrhahn

It kinda fun It fun but adds every 2 taps to fix this I just turn off my Wi-Fi

Alex Ian

Ad rich Good game, nice variety. No need to pay to support a good app because they make lots of money off the ads that pop up a few times a minute. Otherwise, it'd be worth supporting development!

Amber Harrington

Good time waster Only problem, and this is probably an issue with Google Play, but I got past 1 billion and didn't receive the achievement. In fact, the achievements and ranking are both grayed out. I decided to start again with double profit and it still doesn't work. I spent ages waiting for the cash to go up!

Ethan Lingenfelter

Ads ads ads! There is an ad every time you click on anything. It gets very annoying very quick, would not recommend.

RAF Dahouk

Nice game Bit limited but not too much clicking involved. Fun to see what the next fruit or vegetable is. Simple yet fun. I've played all the ifarm iblacksmith style games.

Chris S

Way too many ads Would be a fun game if every click didn't make an ad pop up. Didn't take other people's comments literally but it's true! Trust people on this game when they say it's got WAY too many ads

Andre de Beer

A good game It is fun but also a bit simple and boring

MaSTa GaMInG 11

Wish their were more ranks, nothing to do with all the money

Chris Penlington

Good time waster needs a better late game

Sam Proctor

I would rate it a five but there is not anogh to buy u complete the game in a couple of minutes

Casey Toma

Too many ads. Ads poop up when you're tapping so you'll accidentally click them.

Ruhan Tait

Cant se my ranking anymore


ADS Whenever you try to upgrade....ANYTHING, an AD pops upp ! Every F-ing time!

Andrew Stewart

Way too many adds for a game about tapping

brad dietrich

Too many ads

Seth Stewart

The ads are very intrusive

Jose Colon

It doesn't let me get the last trophies

Aaron Withey

For some reason the rankings and other bits aren't loading, only the rate button

Cameron Pilkington

Dang Awesome

William Hankins

Leaderboards Problem with leader board refreshing to show my score. I'm connected to the internet and have great connection but it hasn't refreshed over the last few multipliers I've added

Kaynhine Dieogee

It's good Buy the app is full of ads and it gets in the way so much. If I could I'd rate it a negative .5 the ads pop up every other time u hit a button. And 2 dollars to remove them?! Hah!

Barry Leatham

I enjoyed the game until I maxed everything out. Now cannot go any further? Why? There are others that are unlimited like idle oil and idle ventures. It sucks only been installed for less than a week. Now going to uninstall and go back to idle oil tycoon and idle ventures. Your rating sucks too. You say #1 is over 9 trillion. Currently I am at just under 2 QUADRILLION. That is 15 zero's after the 1. 1,000,000,000,000,000 is more than 1,000,000,000,000.

daniel camilleri

Its really a good game... only pronlem apart from the ads, but they can be closed immediqtely so its not really a problem, the levelings are a little bit low and when you double profit a few times it is easy to reach level 30 when selling 5 cabbages only

peter worgan

Achievements update Will give 5 stars if the refresh is sorted out. I've tried refreshing for a couple of days now and it hasn't worked

Brian Webb

Awesome keep it up This is a very addictive and fun. keep up the good work

Jakub K.

GREAT GAME Just started playing, and I live it.thanks for making this app

Corinne Sheehan

I love it! It's a perfect time waster and it's fun!

Emy Hale

Bought the ad removal and still have ads, ffs

I Dont Want This

Way too many ads. You tap something, and get a ad. You upgrade something, here's a 30 second video ad. Good job at doing something, have an ad.

Josh Lipford

Good time killer but slow starting off

Becky Giguere

Dead app? I purchased the option to remove ads months ago. Then had to get a new phone. Tried to email the devs to see about renewing my purchasing. Never heard anything back. So I purchased it again because I liked it. The same situation happened again. But I refuse to pay again to remove ads when the devs can't even be bothered in the first place to get back to be. What a waste.

Dallin Collier

It is a good game, but after you upgrade the clicking speed all the way, it goes a lot slower each time you upgrade the crops.

chris welch

What a great game! Have fun, gain xp , learn about agriculture and make cash offline! What more need i say? Super simple game physics and UI

This is a fun game

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