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4 Aug
Idle Gold gem clicker

Posted by HighTreeGames in Casual | Aug. 4, 2016 | 135 Comments

Apk file size: 35.0 MB

New Idle/clicker game! Easy and addictive!

If you like jewels and gold mining, this idle/clicker game is for you! Just tap the mine, get gems and become a jewels tycoon.

At first, you need to tap and mine on your own. Then sell what you've got and hire workers to speed up the process. Continue to tap by yourself and earn more jewels and gold.
You can also:
- buy new pickaxes. It will make mining more effective because better pickaxes mine better jewels. And chance to get cool gems also increases.
- upgrade mining with money. It's better to get more gems per one tap, right? Everybody wants to become rich fast.
- upgrade with pearls. When you become rich enough, you may want to reach new horizons. To do that you need to restart and tap again. But you will get a bonus - pearls of prestige! You can spend them on super mining upgrades or you can...
- take part in the essence lottery. This opportunity is available only when you've mined and earned enough, when you have the pearls of prestige.
- collect planetary essences in this idle game and improve your pickaxes with it. And then...
- fuse 10 essences and get one which range is higher. What are they for? Essences help you to earn much more jewels per tap. They double amount of them, triple!

There are so much opportunities in the game. You can play it for weeks and never get bored with it.
Try this idle/clicker game and become a tycoon!

Whats new

    v 1.20
    New essence and amulet!
    3 new pickaxes and jewels
    New levels of upgrades for pearls
    v 1.19
    New Big Update!
    We added the jewellery factory!
    v 1.17
    +3 new gems
    +3 new pickaxes
    +10 levels for amulets
    v 1.16
    +3 new gems
    +3 new pickaxes
    v 1.15
    + upgrades for the mine!
    +3 new gems
    +3 new pickaxes
    v 1.13
    +3 new gems
    +3 new pickaxes
    A new essence
    v 1.12
    +3 new gems
    +3 new pickaxes
    Periodic bonuses
    v 1.11
    +3 new gems
    +3 new pickaxes
    v 1.10
    +new essence sets
    +3 new gems
    +3 new pickaxes

HighTreeGames part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 89.9976. Current verison is 1.21.003. Actual size 35.0 MB.

Download idle-gold-gem-clicker.apk 35.0 MB


RAF Dahouk

Very annoyed The last update ruined everything. The ads which before were short are now long. You can barely do anything in this game without sitting through a 15 to 30 second ad now every minute or so. There isn't even an option to pay to remove the ads. If this is not fixed I'll uninstall soon. I decided to uninstall. Really annoyed

keiler molina

Don't understand new update Please explain what does the new update do, in terms of how does it affect the mine? I know it levels it up but I feel like you guys should've added a little more detail about it. thanks. Also that same timer that you added to get new lisences, could you please add that to the gem upgrader? It feels like it needs that...

Seth Mcquillan

Good Good but needs a update fpr way more gems and pickaxes just to let you know

Josh Moom

Great A really good afk clicker

Adam Cyr

5 stars! English translation so fast thanks! If I find anything I'll tell you!

Jordan Andersen

Great but It needs somthing to remove lag also probably let pickaxes take 2 gems instead of getting rid of gems and then it would be be somthing I would play regularly and some sort of guild thing

imtiaz chaudary

Figures not equated right When buying something with earned money takes more than it should. Doesn't make difference in early stages but once u get to over +60 it still takes more than it shud but to earn back what you already earnt can take hours of clicking if not days. if Dev don't fix give this a miss

Kaiiren Dreyar

One star because every time I view an ad, it restarts me. Fix this, and I'll give it a better rating.

Ryan Kober

Fun fun fun It's quite addicting for what it is I find myself playing for hours.


Addictive but... I am still kinda lost as to how most of the game works. A good tutorial or a wiki would be appreciated for newcomers such as me and other people.

Chris Hale

Fantastic game One of the best tap and leave games to have. Easy to play and understand. Very good. Give it a go!!! NOW!

Aaron Potts

You mathematically can't improve past 1xE67. At 1xE18, no more essences. This game is literally octillions worth of suck. There are not words for how mathematically awful this game is. Congratulations, you are literally a universal example of suck.

Ricky Moses

Its a great clicker game compared to others I've played I def recommend it for a fun game to kill time with

Ronnie Smith

One of the best idle games This game is very addicting, I found myself losing about 4 hours the other night just stuck on this game. Prestige system is very well put together and the upgrades make you want to keep playing. This needs more reviews, aside from a few ads this game is great.

Nathanael Monkman

Great idle fun! Just started and my initial reaction is good! A nice change from the monster killer clickers. Perhaps just add a few more "multiple purchase" buttons. Perhaps x5, x25, x50 etc

linas bendikas

It still needs work but overall great game. Would suggest u to add some more options and upgrades . :)

Logan Duffin

Gets boring I am so far in this game that now it is kinda boring. I have 6.69e+47 dollars and 1.23e+20 pearls with 20th pickaxe.

Cyrus Powell

Love it Keep updating and please take off the adds because they mess up our addiction to this game.

Kyle Lamp

Addictive I played a multitude of idle clickers, this is best by far! 1 google out of 10 stars if I could rate that insanely high

Oh Ya

Love the game but.... Wish you could buy new/diffrent mines

Jeremy Tudisco

Great Idler Just wish it had a tilt in it like dungeons, exploration, heroes, something beyond just Number Go Up.

Shrea Porter

Best thing ever This game is very simple and fun but the button mashing it's too much I had to go to the hospital just to get more fat in my finger cuz of dis game but still awesome <3

Aiko Isselhard

Great App. But i would love a premium version without ads.

Ryan Stocko

Great clicker Still can't figure out what meteorite is for though

xris carter

The best out there... Game has great progression. Update are somewhat often and add more content... A must have for all clicker/idle fans. Really needs a game backup I was at pick 26 and look game data....did it again at 31.

chris moore

Fun!:) Very creative for an idle flicker

Derrick Davis

Great idler Fun game to pass the time, definately one of my favorite idle games

Jordan .Williams

Needs more picks It's good but it needs more picks:)

Jeremiah Miller

Good game, but it's a bad battery hog. Lower battery usage and 5 stars.

PimpCee TheDon

Cool game Not a bad idle tap game. Worth the download.

Andy Hong

Poorly optimised Uses a lot more cpu and battery than it should, hope the dev will take some time to make this run more efficiently. Otherwise a rather interesting idle clicker

Gregg Jackson

Maybe could use a little better tutorial?... ...but a very entertaining game

Michael Mcconnell

Not Bad... Not a bad game.. Click & Wait. Prestige and do it again, But faster each time!

marina ochapkina

This game is good for clicking speed EVERY ONE CLICK TOGETHER XD and I rated this game 5. Please keep the update coming because I rated this game 5.

Colin Ballard

Perfect One of the best clickers so far :-)

Drake Smith

Cool This game is simple to understand and play. ?

Jesse Jamed Kaleiwahea

Fun! Get money to get better things

Jonathan Rossmeisl

Good, but laggy. VERY laggy. Great idle game with multiple play styles to progress, the only problem is progressing further and further causes the game to lag more atrociously as bigger numbers, crits and hundreds of workers create too many calculations for a mobile device to handle. The 2 options that this game needs desperately are text/clutter reduction on the main screen (specifically removing the +gems text) and a way to condense all same-level workers into 1 progress bar to prevent 200+ mines per second of juicy frame eating lag.

addison Letsch

Really good. Amazing. Corny, but it in a good way. Needs different sounds. It's to... Raw, I guess. And better music. Like, soften the pickaxe noises a little, and increase the volume of music a little and include different soundtracks. Will rate 5*'s if fixed.

John Nesselroad

Best Game Ever When I started I thought that it's like aventrue cavalis it was just like it and is super ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn

Rousseau Simon

I love this game

Artella Mills

It's a really addictive game

Sarah Woolass

Love it It is the best game ever

Andy Jones

Good game but It's a good little game but the drain on the battery is quite a problem.. Even when the game isn't loaded It had eaten away at 15% battery before I knew about it if this is fixed I'll gladly give 5 stars


Poor game quality Eats a ton of battery. Easily exploited. You can essentially beat the game in a week of casual play.

Jonathan Stelling

Brilliant :D Im at 1.02e102 now xD

Storm Ford

Yes! I love this game!

Parker Weyer

Really great Love the game and hope you guys work on it more!

terrence meredith

Just trying it out

Dan Snyder

When is enough enough? It's already impossible to reach the last pick as it is. I'm practically stuck on number 42 and you've gone up to 48 now. Ease up already.

NinjaLing Gaming

Been playing forever Games fun and lasts a while, I've been playing for weeks and still scroll.forever to find the bottom of the pick list lol.... ???

Rene Graveran

Keep it up Ive seen many idle games and let me say this matches the description. Keep it up and hopefully the game could be better then any other idle game out there (you can do it) bring to the world the fastest most interactive ,yet idle, idle game out there Yea!!! Now back to my game

gaming with Montana

Loved it but... You should add a dimension it's like earth mining, desert mining, swamp mining, and stuff like that

Mark Alvero

Great! But i hope that the bug wherein you cannot upgrade a workshop in jewel factory has been fixed.

Sean Petit

Only problem The amount of meteorites you get is not even close to how much you need. Keep the updates coming :).

Bashar Ahmed

Pretty awesome Really cool game , in need of improvement though but if you keep up with the updates it's definetely gonna be better than many of the games out there. Keep it up :D

Lincoln Coffman

Useless update Nice update nothing new with it. I'm installing this app to easy to beat can do it in a day

Red Ser

Awesome Easy to play,controls and understanding is just as easy also

Brandon Thomas

Best yet. I've played dozens of incremental games, this is the best one yet. Far more ways to increase your multipliers than any other one. Very strategy oriented.

Glen M

Addictive But over way to fast :(

John C

Where has the time gone Had a girlfriend before playing this game 10/10 would lose girlfriend again

Brad Young

Keep up the great work

Cory Radzevicius

Fun and painful Good so far after an hour or so.

theProGamerJay's#1 FanBoy

Love it would reckomend 10 out of 10 looking forward to more upgrades

Ben Kiplinger

This is a very good game, it's fun and addicting

Mike Mistretta

Best game!!! The greatest game ever made!!

Raven Powers

I like it alot wouldn't mind a 10x on the crystals, making one every 30 mins, is getting a bit boring, but I like the game

Luke Walters

Its simple, but great Perfect for openening every now and then, love it! :3

Braeden Kester

Great game My favorite idle game ever. I love the fact that there are so many different ways you can progress and so many upgrades to get. Keep it up. Update: one thing I would say is make money purchasable.

Daniel Zimmer

Easy and fun to play The idea is simple but works very well - love it, perfect time killer!

Edward Wilson

I noticed when I do the 2 hour rout for the upgrade of the factory it's level doesn't increase afterward

Tim Ruyle

Great time killer Great time killer but need a lot more information in the help section.

Tiffany Benware

Cute mining game. Not complex and it doesn't take as long to earn upgrades.


Painful Painfully slow. Game keeps freezing up. Complete waste of time.

Peter van Loo

Great balance Love the new update! It would be nice if the workshop overview showed whether an upgrade is available without watching an ad and if licenses for the mine were a bit easier to obtain. Also workshop upgrades without watching ads doesn't work yet. When that's fixed I upgrade to 5 stars.

Garrett Pyscher

Well... Good game overall but absolutely no way to reset progress even after uninstalling. Reason for the 1 star. Horrible wall that once completing far enough should be able to reset and start fresh though we cannot.

Christina Myers

Very fun Cool little idle game. Its very easy to play and has literally no micro transactions, only ads. Very good time killer.

Heather Sands

Awesome Really love the game you should make more like this I can't leave the game alone

Stikbot Animations Vlogs\Games

Very fun I left it to go for an hour and I got over 229 million dollars

Janina Adams

Time killer This game fun and a time killer! I rate 5 stars

Alyssa Everts

Golly I mean this game is pretty nice. Lots of incentive to keep playing.

Shane Sandman

Found a game breaking glitch 300 workers(the last one can't update pickaxe, and ad system breaks on the 300th worker)

A Google User

Very fun! Honestly this game is hard to put down!

Jonathan Stelling

My game is bugged Please fix my game :(


Hard reset Very enjoyable, I just wish I could do a hard reset. Update: it took some effort but after clearing the data and cache, turning off permissions, force stopping, then finally uninstalling I was able to start completely over after reinstalling the game and making sure permissions were still of before the first launch. So glad I get to start over.

Jordon Davis

EEnough gameplay elements while still allowing lots of idling.

Dat Stoof

Nice I've played for a long time and I am almost to the last pickaxes. Through all this I have not gotten bored at all and enjoy playing a lot.

John Smith

Ads crashing game Ads crash the game and the game is completely free no option to buy the stuff you need to avoid the glitchy ads

Cody Jack Eich Jack

Gg Made the best taping game

Amanda Terry

I love the game

Robbie Yates

Awesome This is so good

Nate Davidson

Great This is very amazing and addicting game


4 3/4 stars A nice little game, the one nitpick I have is I wish you didn't have to spend pearls to upgrade the jewellery factory

Matt B

Haven't been able to play this game after update. Just a black screen even after reinstalling. Emailed the company and never heard anything back.

Chris Graham

Hey Garrett b4 giving it one star maybe u should have checked everything if u tap the the purple shell u get an option to reset.. U didn't check everything

Alexia Trott

Awesome game

Robokop CZ

Thread Great game.. but my antivirus keeps notifying me, that this app is a thread, I hope it is not right.. could you please do something about it? :)

Joshua Whiting

Great game but please add a button for x100 on the mining bonuses. I would really appreciate it!

Tiffany T

Needs more action for player

Brett Fournier

Ads won't load

Michael Brotherton

Great stability, great addicting game Game gives a constant feeling of progress without the need to pay any in game purchases. Does not feel Grindy whatsoever either. Only minor nitpick would be the translation of some of the English descriptions.

Joe Litch

Good game This game has a lot of upgrades and things to do. The only thing that is a bit annoying is the ads when upgrading. But for everyone who feels this way with the ads, PUT YOUR PHONE OR TABLET TO AIRPLANE MODE. You can upgrade and get unlimited mining licenses without ads and problem solved

Josh Warren

I previously rated this game 5 stars as it has the deepest upgrade system in any idle game I've played, but downgraded it to 1 after reaching the mid/late game. In the early game the ads are almost non-existent, but once you reach mid game the ad system is easily the most obtrusive I've ever seen in a mobile game. The gem workshop, mine, and essence upgrades all require you to watch an ad, the 'free' options are simply not an option due to the time required. You will literally be forced to watch dozens, if not hundreds of ads consecutively in the late game. On the other hand, the worker and amulet free vs. ad options are far more reasonable, and not essential to progress. If all of the upgrades used this system it would be a much improved game.

Katie Rigby

So addictive I only start playing today but omg its so addictive can't stop playing it, only problem the axes are too expensive please lower the prices

Michael Gutierrez

Ad on every minor upgrade is ridiculous I understand that the ads make you of, but many idle games do ads well without making them this constant. As it stands now, when I buy a new workshop I need to watch 27 consecutive ads to get it up to speed with the rest, that is just silly.

Madeline Steeves

It's fun I love games like this and I kinda lied and said I already rated it and got the stuff and I felt bad right after so I came here to rate it 5 cause it was made quite well and probably took a bit to make so thanks for making this game it's enjoyable. Have a nice day

john taylor

Good This game is very godd just needs some more improvments done

Juan T

Love it The game is very easy to play and very easy to progress good game

Lukinhator Lightning TV

So fun I've been looking for a long time downloading clicker games and I was like, oh another clicker game I download it a and it was so fun. It was called idle gold gem clicker.

sean criswell

Best idle clicker I've played at least 30 idle clickers and this game has ALL of the best elements of a clicker game rolled into one. If you're an active clicker or an idle pasttimer this game is for you. Download this for sure.

Flame Hazard

Simplistic It's really simplistic but god damn it's fun

William McCain

great game I can't really think of anything that could be added

Anthony Ortega

Great Fun and Addictive Really great game it has all types of cool stuff to do in it to.

James Wiser

Fun, easy, and keeps going while you sleep

Aiden LeProhon

This is the one I have been looking for a while for a perfect game and this is the one I need

Rat Lover

Amazing Most of the games like this ,they always get boring but this one doesn't

Caleb Hicks

Idle gold gem clicker I like this game

John-Paul Rodgers

Good game! A multifaceted clicker with idle mode

Alanna Bryant

Hmmm I don't have one bad thing to say about this game. Well done! ?

Lyndsey Winterson

Wow It its the funest game ever

CatchyLyric4 Catchy

Amazing time waster Awesome

Jacky Nguyen

Game's great. It's an interesting game.

chelsy martin

Very fun love addictive good clicker game Great game with Alot of fun upgrades to earn


Best idle game ever The Best game ever

Martin Haste

How to restart to 0 back? How to restart to 0 back?

Barbara W

Love it This game has everything an idle clicker should have

Joshua Sellers

Fun game Really fun game

Gregorio Rovetto

It's not bad but clicker heroes is better

Monster Universe TCG

Great game Someone copied you by the way

Mathew Langlois

Loved it Awesome game! Love it! Just great!

Ryan Lorimor

I just loved it It is just a amazing game and I loved it

tina hill

It's a great game.

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