Download Ice Client : Steam™ Trading apk 0.11.5 free for Android smartphone

19 Jun
Ice Client : Steam™ Trading

Posted by aegamesi in Social | June 19, 2016 | 165 Comments

Apk file size: 5.4 MB

Ice is a native Android app that functions as a client for Valve™'s Steam™ network -- enabling you to chat and trade on the go!

What it supports:
- SteamGuard (including two factor authentication)
- Multiple saved accounts
- Steam/Game Trading + Trade Offers
(including private backpacks and non-TF2 trading)
- Steam Market / Steam Store
- Viewing Steam/Game Inventories
(including crafting some TF2 items)
- Chatting with friends
- Managing friends
- Changing display name / online status
- Redeeming CD keys / activation codes

Additional Information
- The source code can be found here:
- The source code is licensed under the MS Reference License

Ice does require you to enter your Steam™username and password. This information is sent only to official Steam™ servers.

Ice is not owned by, affiliated with, supported by, or in any way related to Valve Corporation.

NOTE: Due to SteamGuard, you generally cannot trade on a new device until 7 days have passed since your first login. This cannot be circumvented.

Whats new

    New in 0.11.5:
    • Compatibility with Android N
    • Fixed bug where emoticons were displayed too small
    New in 0.11.4:
    • Login process is now cancelable
    • Fixed bug where trade offer action buttons might not be displayed
    • Login form now auto-fills SteamGuard code if mobile authenticator is available
    New in 0.11.3:
    • Fix game library spacing issue
    • Added explanation of "DuplicateRequest" when enabling Mobile Authenticator

aegamesi part of our Social and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 19, 2016. Google play rating is 84.9579. Current verison is 0.11.5. Actual size 5.4 MB.

Download ice-client-steam-trading.apk 5.4 MB


icey boba

BETTER THAN OFFICIAL STEAM APP In this app you are able to trade. Tell me thats not awesome. I FKN LOVE THIS APP.

علي السراي

Amazing. Just, incredible. Please, add an option for pictures of the items, or just show us what is actually being traded, thanks in advance Edit: I was being stupid and didnt realise the button. Gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

Jean Yap

Awesome Trading feature is amazing, and a great help especially as sometimes I have difficulty with trades on my PC. Only problem is that I can't seem to access trade offers for some reason, every time I try access a trade offer link it comes up with an error message. Otherwise, great! Excited for future updates :D

Edison Kam

Works as advertised Doesn't keep logging me out like the stock Steam app and looks nice. Would like a feature to go offline without having to log out. Everything works well.

B Vee

It's much much better than the steam app but a way to disable the ongoing notification would be nice

Ben Lee

Far better than official client. Would like to see further updates with mods to interface. Still a bit flaky as well bug a hood start.

Jason Ngu

PROBLEM WITH COUNTER OFFERS AND TRADE OFFERS FOR FRIENDS Ability to change the sound when receiving a message. Also maybe the ability to view your steam groups and their announcements/discussions. When I try to send a counter offer and put a message in the offer, the ability to send or cancel the offer disappears. The bottom is just capped with my message. Also getting issue when trying to send a trade offer to my friends, it just says "Error loading trade offers".

omgvizheng yeahyeah

Doesn't Work When I send trade offers none of them get it.

Ross Sagall

Great for trading, messaging, etc. When I downloaded this, I thought "eh." As I browsed through several of the main functions, I discovered this random app was actually about to be my Steam Mobile replacement. I love the trading option; it is very easy to use and I use it on-the-go. I also seem to enjoy the messaging better than Steam's Mobile. I am looking forward to future updates. Fantastic job so far :D 5/5 STARS.

Mark Sh

Cs go lounge This app is amazing , I used it to bet on cs go lounge on the go ahha

Sam Heeps

What a great steam client 10x better than vanilla one, runs great on my phone, smooth, a joy to use and you can TRADE! Thanks so much for making this app man , +rep :)

Billy Fong

Great App I really love this app, but it would he great if you put the option to craft from your backpack on phone back. I remember that was an option before recent updates. Also, can you please make this so its possible to use on school WiFi, it usually filters apps like this. Please and thanks! :)

Capitán Zero

Update Broke The App Always Crashes When I Look in my own Or Friends inventory

Samuel Alea

Great app Download this I'm speechless Because it is awesome

Botay Zulueta

Confused The app is so good but I'm scared because we are logging in with our password and I.d.Is this really safe for us?

Evan Conner

AMAZING! Its better than the actual Steam Client. I like to keep an eye in my TF2 inventory and I like to trade and this has exceeded my needs this app is essential for any Steam Player or TF2 player!

Jia Wei Lee

Great app that supports real time trading This random new app really beats the official steam apps as u can access trade offers or accept trade invites to trade real time!

Marko Kožić

Great app ,serves its purpose .

Vikram Kalra

Cant trade I cant accpect trade offers neither send offers

Lauren Rampersad

Great! It's a lot faster than steam's app which I absolutely love!

Mené Rhathien

No chat connection issues! I mostly use this app for the chat client and is wonderful!. I do have a bit of a problem with copying previously sent though.. When long-pressing a sent message to copy, the app crashes. An option to change the notification sound would be nice too. Otherwise, this app is top notch!

dikxit aryal

Great app but offer can't be accepted why :/

Vladimir Sandomirskiy

Works perfectly In my opinion, superior to the official steam app in many ways, and has the ability to trade!

Marvin Javierto

Better than mobile Steam 100x

Lucas Ludueña-Segre

Almost perfect This app rocks! The chat works amazing as well as the trading. But what's missing for me is group chat. If you add that, then I'll rate 5 stars and really appreciate it. Other than that, great app! Keep up the good work!

John Booth

Brilliant Exactly what I've been looking for. Trading is easier by far now.

Peter Soboyejo

this is amazing! Astonishing work!

garry v

Annoyed I can't login because I'm using a mobile network silly if I ask me I was really hoping this was going to work

Angus Brett

Really lovely app Just an all round fantastic app

Alex Vargas

Awesome!!! This app is the best! accept offers from anywhere you are! I RECOMMENED

riconeil jose

Cant accept offer Waste of tine

Explosive Torch

I like the app.. Im a tf2 guy so im constantly trading on steam.. This app works great with the steam app.. U dont need the steam app.. But i would like a better tradimg ui .. Preferably like the steam program..

Hesham Sharafaldin

Amazing Took trading to a whole new level! It has never been better to send offers and trade through a app. I love this project and I hope it continues to progress to success. :)

Tyler Lowery

Better! The UI and new tabs for blocked and new invites are great, as well as the ability to now see items that aren't TF2 related. Can't wait to see what features are implemented next! And as always... +rep+rep+rep+rep+rep

Ed Sheetz

Better than the official app I came to this app after the steam app refused to work correctly on my phone. I came to this merely for chat and not trade but it serves more than admirably even better than the official app. This app is LIGHTNING fast. In the future id like to see things like timestamp options for chat, as well as a notification of the other user is typing. Optimally id love to see something like group chat too but im not holding my breath. In the mean time if you only want to trade or chat, this app is better than valves.

Mārcis Lielbārdis

Much better now After the update the interface is much cleaner and trading WORKS! W00T! I would recommend that the e-mail confirmation screen doesn't have a huge "error trading" title as for a second it creates a bit of panic. Otherwise seems to be the best Steam client for Android now! Great work!

Mohsin Ayaz

Read this suggestion I want this app to be capable of trading with people who are not your friend through steam trade url

Matthias Tammekivi

Nice Application! So far, this has been better than the Offical Steam App 'cause of the Trading, there are some new features I'd like to see such as Discussions, Guides and a few more. Good work otherwise! The only thing that's better in the Offical App is being able to edit your profile settings, I also found that some friends are Offline when they're actually Online. Looking forward to new updates!

Jimmuel Tuazon

From bullshit to 5 star The update was nice. Thank you for letting me know. But if you try to log in, it keeps on saying that you need to put your code. But if you close the app then re-open it, your steam account has logged in and some certain crashes when you open your inventory . Nice update though. Thank you very much!

Calvin Tran

Amazing New update fixed all my problems and now it works perfectly!

Alex Safronov

Alex Ice client has crashed, but a report has been sent to the developerto help fix the issue! ok..

Роман Малинин

Trade Please, add trade other items in other games

Downed Crane

10/10 Add Dota 2, CS:GO, Steam market and marketplace please. Than it will be best Steam client for mobile devices. Thank you for it.

Paul Rodriguez

Much better than official app! But... Many thanks for the awesome app! Just have a few bugs. When using the steam browser, rotating the screen causes the browser to load your profile page and the app back button doesn't work in this case. Full screen on videos doesn't work, plays in the background. Lastly, pressing the phones back button exits the app no matter what section you're in. Would greatly appreciate it if you looked into these bugs. (Galaxy S4 sch-i545 on 5.0.1) Ps. Not a bug, a desktop/mobile view in settings would be awesome.


Can't seem to be able to trade. Upon accepting a trade request, Ice seems to crash each time. Sending a trade request, however, had no issues unless opening the trade or accepting a trade request.

Sage Muhammad Abdullah

Great app Works perfectly, and much better-looking than the official app. The ad banner is annoying, but it's removable by donating. The latest version fixed a lot of bugs, and adding new features. Thanks for listening, dev! I have more suggestions, though. Please add an option to open Friends' profiles on the browser. Also, it'd be nice if we can see our own profile page in the app. Now, these aren't really important but they'd be nice additions: Coloured Steam level circle and emoticons in chats.

Samuel Barlass

Great app. Much better then the official app. I love being able to trade from my Phone. Also chat is more fluid and doesn't have all kinds of problems that I've been running into. Would love to see Steam Emoticon support, group chats, full profile veiwing of your friends (badges, games etc),and a Badges page. Just donated to remove ads. Great job by the devs, keep it up!

Mārcis Lielbārdis

Darn. 0.9.0 update seems to have broken trading. The other account on PC sees "waiting for DZHEX" where DZHEX is my name, until trade expires. On phone the "tap to view" button is visible for a split second, and, when I managed to tap on it, I got "Error trading (no error message)". I will test this again later. Might be a bug this time.

Kendall Hogg

Valve, Take notes. Actually not to bad. More updated the official Steam app and I think better for sure! I enjoyed this app lots and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Chris Noble

intrusive ads advertisements take up a huge chunk of screen real estate, absolutely not acceptable. it's only saving grace is that it actually works, unlike the latest official steam mobile client

Matthias Tammekivi

Dear Lord! New update with notifications? Smoother running? Store? You sir, made an app more brilliant than anything! But only one thing is that the notifications for new comments are a bit glitched, it leads it to my profile but instead I had new commants on a guide I made. Hope ya'll fix it, great.

Kraizy AftaMaticMusic

Steam Guard Issue. Thanks a lot, any ETA on the update though? :)

Lim Yi jie

Great job! About Maybe 1000% Better Than Steams Ugly UI And Has Better Features

christopher cuellar

Better then the steam app! This is way better then the steam app because u can trade on the go! There are some minor things that I want to be in the app like changing ur profile's description and it taking forever to see the items u crafted in the app to apper in ur bp but ill bet you'll fix it in a update!

Marko Petrovic

Worst update ever Cant even trade which was the only reason i started using this app!Edit: Whenever i send a trade request i get the message that the Ice Client has stopped responding and then it crashes.

Alex Bodian

Works for trading Needed an app for csgolouge and this works and didn't make me wait 7 days to trade.

Joseph Gray

Better than original. Fantastic application, everything works! Great!

Skye High

Thanks alot I'm glad you guys are all so responsive. Good job :D

Uday Rana

Great and useful If I compare this to the official client, this one scores 11/10.

Liam Brown

Better than the official Works way better than the official, and great dev. Now that 0.9.0 has it gracefully reconnecting in the background, it's fantastic. Upped to 5 stars and donated!

Oliver Perring

Cant login Please help. I keep entering in my steam guard code but it won't accept it. I keep getting a login denied error.

Amiir Simboyan

Best thing ever made

telefonas meskafonas

It's simple, It's easy, It's the best. Been looking for ages for trading app on android a while ago... And i gave up. Then about half year, I just thinked again, maybe I find it wrong, So i started to find it again... And.... IT IS HERE. THIS APP IS FINALLY HERE.

Vincent Campbell

Small bug, please fix! When I select comment notifications if it's a comment on someone else's profile it doesn't work, just redirects me to my profile.

Reymar Delima

It allways crash Pls fix .i cant use the app cause it allways crash and they said they will fix the using my phone agua rio

Zeshan Shaikh

Works great Functions like Steam, can trade, looks great, free tf2 hours, what's not to love? Aside from that banner add but it doesn't bother me.

Chris Leone

At least it doesn't start itself Steam loved to just start itself on me, this doesn't. I already uninstalled the official Steam app because valve is incompetent to do anything in a timely manner (this has been an issue for years). This app does what I need it to much more reliably. Thanks for this app

Thomas Chapman

Best out there but wait I'm playing tf2? Functionality is far improved over valves official neglected app and it looks so much better as well! -want to trade? now you can -want to see nicknames? now you can. But there is a rather annoying bug, it shows me and others as playing tf2 and overrides all status functionality. It would also be nice to be able to turn off notification chimes after the first message like in the actual app and it would be nice to have the option to display steam following and sale notifications as an additional feature.

Cory Marriott

Love the app but crashes persistently Honestly the app is amazing as a trader but it crashed a lot. If you guys could fix the crashing, it would be perfect application deserving a 5/5 review and my recommendation (: My phone is a OnePlus One btw

Chris Ramos

Great app, less problems than original This app functions a whole lot better than the retail Steam Mobile app. Also, don't know where to put this, but my inventory never loads, and I keep getting guard emails every time I log on.

Beasto 'Mazin

Would like it to have a better UI There are a few bugs here and there, but a nice material design UI would make this app 100% better. I love it, keep it up! Edit: YAY, thanks guys! Enjoy the 5-star!!!

B Vee

It's much much better than the steam app but a way to disable the ongoing notification would be nice EDIT: new update fixes this, thanks dev!

Vincent Milazzo

I use this app as the steam app doesn't allow trading. I sent 2 trade offers to my friend and nothing happened the trade offer said I sent it but it didn't ask for email nor did it work. But much better than the official steam app.

Ryan Nguyen

Far superior to the actual Steam App It functions well, it's responsive and quick, the only issues I have had thus far are stability and slight connection/disconnection issues when not on wifi, and slightly slow DC when trying to log out on Wifi. It holds to the servers on Steam well, and when I'm out of wifi range and want an app that works, I use this. Only issue: it doesn't like to log out too quickly...

Varuneshwar Singh

Great, But there is a bug. It always shows to all my friends that im in tf2 playing it but i use phone even my pc is off then too it shows in-game tf2. 5 star if this is fixed.

Benjamin Jimenez

Very useful app. At first I was a bit worried that my status suddenly showed as in-game after logging in to this app. I uninstalled right after. After reading the comments it seems like that's a result of a crafting function. A bit annoying but nothing terrible if you can overlook it. I'll be sure to redownload the next version'

Justin Nguyen

Nice app But it crashes ALOT.... But I still like it XD

Isaac Marouk-Coe

Still work in proggress Please fix the crash on trading, but otherwize amazing good job

Joe Skilbeck-Dunn

Brilliant Now the UI had been updated this app outshines the official app in every way. Really easy to use and makes trading on the go a doddle. would recommend this to anyone that regularly uses steam, especially traders.

Morteza Balvardi

Can't connect In the notification bar it's written connected but in the app I'm stuck at connecting

Trickz yaaziel Guilas

Very usefull But it needs more improvement.. keep it updated.. more power to the dev.. thanks for this app

Anthony Hester

App is great. The app does everything it should. As a user that mods and abuses his OS this is a must have since the default steam app blows. The app losses connection sometimes and wont reconnect (even with the auto-reconnect feature enabled). Other than that the app is flawless.

Pranav Kumar

Need Help !!! Its good app but after I enabled authenticator I forgot to note down recovery code and now I can't want that code for removing authenticator. Plz help me developers any way to solve ?

The Serene Sultan

"Could be better" Could you update it,so that I can use the mobile authenticator?PS:(I have a rooted device)

TNT master LTU

Thanks for the new update ! Update helps a lot thank you very much. Great app!

TheAlpacaGod TheAlpacaGod

Great app but... Is there any way the creator could make the app automatically confirm trades which go through the authenticator? I don't mean trade offers. Just trade offers which have already been accepted and need to be confirmed through the authenticator.

Matthias Tammekivi

Add a Mobile Authenticator So you guys added the Authenticator? Awesome! I tried to switch it on today but it says "Error: DuplicateRequest". How am I able to fix this? EDIT: Thank you good developer. So I will have to wait 2 weeks 'till I could trade? 2ND EDIT: Hm, sad. Thanks for feedback!

Alexandros Tzedakis

Good app, but has issues Oh I mean when I mash delete to fix errors i sometimes hit the key below it. It would be nice to disable that, and only have the send button in the text box be the only way. Oh yeah, i've been wondering this for a while, but would you be able to implement a chat layout that has each persons avatars next to the text bubbles? I really miss that from the original steam app. I guess it's not really something important but it would be nice.

Sammy Foxy

"Not often functional" LG G3, UK on WiFi. After about 6 attempts it connected, I see loads of ads and I send messages to my friends of which none of them are received, lol.

Harry Wulf

Help When I try to trade people it gives a error code then the client crashes, please fix I want to trade. Error code: unhandled error code 1005, !DOCTYPE or its something like that.

Darren Truong

Mobile authenticator is not working Every time I try to enable mobile authenticator it says error failed to enable mobile authenticator. Why is this happening I'm on g3 and already have authenticator on with the official steam app. Is this why it won't work?

Kristian Koskela

Good I just don't really feel like waiting a week for the mobile authenticator to be effective when I switch it from Stean app to Ice

Bonnie Uy

I cant trade anymore cant view my inventory

Anonyma Pungentfart

Valve oughta make the steam app like this one! I mean, I can ACTUALLY register codes for games I win in giveaways online, unlike in the steam app. Thankyou!

Cameron Silha

NEEDS FIXIN (edited) Using LG G4 . When I attempt to login, using the correct info, it says "unable tk connect to steam" PLEASE NOTE that thid is different from the message displayed when you enter the wrong password. Your app looks really nice, so please fix asap so i can use it and change the rating!

Jakob Knudsen

A good app, but mine is "disconnecting" after a certain amount of time. The app say its connected in notification bar but when I trying to open anything in the app i get a sort of browser with the login screen. :( Any other with that problem?

Christian Velasquez

Install fails Attempting to re-install it every time from Google Play always seems to fail with the 504 error code.

Rhike Dike

SteamGuard is never remembered? As of the last two-three updates, Ice can't remember my SteamGuard, resulting in 7 days of non-trade every time I open up the app. Also, now I have the problem where I can't log in at all. Stuck on 'Connecting'. I'm much more worried about the first problem.

telefonas meskafonas

due to new trade holds feature, and if i have my trades on hold, and click on ice client "trade offers" ice crashes immediately everytime. Also would be nice to be able to set Auth code on ice client And ability to port identity secret and other shared codes to ice client so i can actually have both apps gettibg same codes with no restrictions Edit: Thank you

Dexter Roderick

Finally ZAR support So glad ZAR has been implemented as a currency! App is brilliantly stylized and is a great alternative to the steam app.

Khalil Rehman

Loved it Excellent app. Well done developer. I just want to know that when it disconnects I have to open the app and then again click on my Id and it connects again. Why doesn't it connects on its own?

Oscar Perez

Best apps I love this app I think this app is better th then steam because I could caft my suff and my scrap not like steam you could do that

Festive Australium Justice

Better than the original steam client I have one question though, the first time I opened the app it would say something about the terms and agreement and in there it says we are not responsible for (some information about the terms and agreements) then there is this "but not limited to the loss of items, does this mean we can actually lose items when using this app? Because this is making me worried and it bothers me thinking of it everytime I use this app

Kevin Wu

Can't access inventory I keep getting "unknown error loading inventory" messages, please help. Btw, good job on the making of this app, can't imagine trading on mobile without Ice!

Gregori meta

I love this app but has some huge problems 1. Can't check my intovery 2. Can't check any profile even mine. The only thing I can do is to chat to my friends. Well I've tried to unistall it but the problem is the same help !

Tyler Lowery

Better! The UI and new tabs for blocked and new invites are great, as well as the ability to now see items that aren't TF2 related. Can't wait to see what features are implemented next! And as always... +rep+rep+rep+rep+rep


Way better than the official client, but needs work. Way more reliable than the official Steam client, and has a myriad of useful features, but has some bugs that can't be overlooked. Trading bugs out arbitrarily when it can't fetch inventories, until I kill the app. Items take too long to load in the trade window and often refuse to go there, which leads me back to the first problem. When a trade completes, the app crashes. Chat with multiple people opens too many windows to manage, and on disconnection for long, the app just closes, even in persistent mode.

Christian Leuschner

Amazing This app is truly amazing , hell its better then the official steam app . now I'll admit before the last update came out it always used to crash, but now it runs so smoothly . I would highly recommend people use this app instead of the official site,heck I've even recommended it to real life friends

amman pasha

Hack attempt. AVOID this app! Why the heck this app shows as "connecting..." On notification bar even though I have logout from the app and exited it? EDIT: while using this app, me and one other person's account was altered and name was changed to "unassigned" which usually indicates that it is being a target for hackers and scammers good thing nothing has happened beyond that since I have linked my phone number with my account so any password change attemp will result as a SMS on my phone as a security measure. Don't use this app.

Hero Brine7891

Nice.But I can't trade my tf2 items Can't trade tf2 items,when I choose tf2 items it doesn't appear in the offerings on my phone or on anyone's comp plz help

Varuneshwar Singh

Great. Been a time steam released indian ruppe currency on steam. Are you gonna add it up?

Rekting Kids :D

Amazeing Been using this app for like 7 months or a year and I love it 5 times faster better smarter than the official steam app compared to this the official steam app sucks that's like comparing a cheap Honda with a McLaren car or something good job ice grets to you :)

Washington Faulconer

Better than Valves app. As the title suggests, it trumps valves app. Especially when it comes to chat. It has a nice UI although it could be more material. My only issue is that it keeps logging me out after 30 minutes or something despite me clicking the auto reconnect. I can deal with it as the steam app doesn't even give notifications most of the time.

FaYth 78

It's fixed yeah.! Great steam mobile app alternative

menna hamdy

Disconnecting I suddenly appear offline to friends and i don't know about it, i can send messages, it shows that they're delivered but they're not, please fix, everything else is perfect

Go away Google Plus

Good app Much better than steam mobile. Only downside is that changing network disconnects you automatically but I slightly prefer that. Also, no message lag and heaps of other advantages!

Tj Rincon

Steam app is trash. This is a great app. So good I dont mind the occasional crashes.

Fried Feathers

One Problem This app has previously worked perfectly however with escrow mobile authenticator has become almost essential for trading however this app doesn't support it...


Amazing i love it Much better then the steam app u can trade in real time and send trade offers and go to the market its like the total packgae

Tom Devonport

Superb. Only thing I'd like to see if the ability to have a mobile icon when using the app, if that's possible. Everything else is there. It also fails to connect to steam on my school network, when the steam client works fine. Not sure about that, works everywhere else.

Nikola Pletikosić

In settings there's an option for a client to notify you upon receiving a new trade, but it doesn't work :/

Shahaab Sabraiwala

Cant login Its cming that cannot connect to steam


Incredible Its awesome.

Mr. Spirit Breaker

Nice i like this apk


Perfect! 3 times better than the Steam app. Supports mobile authentication and trade holds, much faster than the official app, it's all I could ask for! However, it says that the app is out of date when using the market. If you could fix it, 5 stars await you.

Sam Zomerplaag

A few major bugs It looks really great and I'd love to have it working for me, but when I try to enable the Mobile Authenticator it says it failed. I also can't access the Steam Store and my inventory from the app, because then it says I have to update my Steam app, even though I have just installed this one from the Play store. I really hope this can be fixed, because the app itself looks really amazing.

Khoo Xin Zhen

Need help It doesn't support two way authentication when switching from steam to ice

Hakim Argadiraksa

Need update. Edit: It's updated ?

Jason Ngu

Beautiful and smooth Fluid UI and overall a fantastic app. Would love to see group chat functionality in the future if possible. A widget for mobile authenticator codes(like the one in the official steam app) would also be really convenient.


Useful so much trading these days.. thank you so much for making this app

Lance Jertberg

Gr8 Better than the official steam app m8tey

Shaun Wall

Much better UI than native, but keeps logging out I really dig the more fluid, usable UI of ICE over the native client, and Steam's mobile team could really learn a thing or two from ICE. However the purpose I wanted to use it for (chat replacement rather than anything to do with trading) is impossible because the app keeps logging me out, so I don't receive any notifications. Ended up reinstalling the native client because (whilst the chat is broken and naff) I atleast get notified when someone tries talking to me.

Neal Estrelloso

Trade Hold I love it but pls add something that will tell us whether the one im trading with has trade hold or not

Omar Perales

Love it Eventhough steam mobile finally got mobile trades a while back, this app still comes in handy. Love that i can activate a game on my account without having to go to my desktop. And i can switch from multiple accounts quickly. Helps for card farming accounts.

Fatih Ahmad Fadhlullah

Nice app The only question I want to ask is: can I accept a trade from this app? Because my steam guard is in my phone.

Esquir e

Great! One little thing keeping it from 5 stars.. If I had the ability to set the default screen to the chat, that would be great. Otherwise, works better (IMO) than the default steam app!

Varuneshwar Singh

Great. Here's a bug assuming no one told about this. ~ When trading for example 10 Tf2 items switching back from trade screen to main menu or anywhere and again in trade mostly items lag up. In real trade it was supposed to be 10 but other guy remove some and i paid for 10 so i went in loss. rounding off wrong items shown in trade bug.

Sensei Gamer

This may be the best steam app but... Sometimes it just bothers me when it logs out by itself, so if you guys fix this problem I will give this app a 5 star. :3

Kristian Koskela

Good Would like to be able to see if I or the other trader has trade hold. In trades and in offers. Everything other seems to be working nicely. Also 5mb for all this :O Nice job mate

Kai Wadley

Great App (Valvo Take notes!) This app is WAAAAAAAY better than the actual steam app. You can do things you can do on your computer other than play games!

Gvidas Rakausksa

Been looking for this for a while now! Title says it all!

Oscar 1344

fix this cum issue please the moment when you can't sign in and keep trying to conneting and keep on spinning for some weird reason,please,add a cancle button on it.i'm tired of holding the home button,app info and force stop it,FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING

Jessy van der stel

Connecting It doesnt connect to steam

skyblade 163

It keeps freezing and BOOM crash ICE plz fix This problem it can affect my trading


Perfect! 3 times better than the Steam app. Supports mobile authentication and trade holds, much faster than the official app, it's all I could ask for!

Mukesh Chauhan

Very good Very good application. Have all the features of the desktop client.

Zikri Hamdi

Nice It's easy

Bert Dugan

Better than the real thing! Just uninstall Steam. This is better in almost every way! Also runs better (at least on my device) than Steam's official client. Thank you developer. :)

Peter uykh

The Ice Client is a little unstable at times, and it has some random disconnects here and there, but actually it's way better then the one Valve made. Though I can't seem to get the mobile authentication to work. The error message just saying Fail isn't to very much help either.

Yato gami

The best Honestly, delete the Steam app and download this one.

Asrul Hafidz

Good app Better than steam app...

Julian Lee

There is no steam confirmation section? Original can't find it. EDIT thanks, could you add a extra tab just for confirmations?

Cass Rhathien

No chat connection issues! I mostly use this app for the chat client and it's wonderful! Steam mobile has become so useless for chatting, it's nice this is around.

Henry Slinger

Better than the official Steam app. Really nice. More features and just looks better. Check it out.


Good But Seven days Before I can trade? WHY??

jebbin joseph

Keeps logging out automatically! Love this one . 10 times better than the native steam app . Fluid UI . But this bug , it keeps logging me out automatically. Please fix it. Otherwise 5/5 . Brilliant App !


Group Chat? By far the best app ever, better than the steam one. Ever thought of making a Groupchat option? I would like to chat with my friends all at once

John Childress

Can finally add keys by mobile

Sage Muhammad Abdullah

Great app Works great, and much better-looking (and obviously has way more features) than the official app.

Black n' White

how it pissed me off random auto signout over steam browser every-single-time with mobile auth code require to relog in like i never bein here befor,it never load the page since its never forcing the 2 up and down arrow on wifi logo/data to work eachother to load the page

Weeaboo Jones

Batter then the office steam app but... It's amazing with less chat delay and trade offers but it it's signs out every time I close the app or reconnect to the Wi-Fi it would be so much better if those two minor problems would be fixed

Cheong Jun Kiat

Trade hold, and i cannot get back my steam mobile authenticator after i deleted this app. Great.


It's pretty good I like it, the only problem is having to use mobile confirmation for everything, but I guess that's not their fault

muhammad taha

Great !! Its a really great app .... And in my opinon also prefered i could,ve given 5 stars but before that i have to use this app more better if i like it i will update to 5 starsb<3

Julian Lee

How do i put items on the steam market in app?

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