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7 Sep
Blacksmith - Idle blacksmith

Posted by Serissa Solutions in Casual | Sept. 7, 2016 | 204 Comments

Apk file size: 9.7 MB

Have you ever imagined being a blacksmith? Would you succeed in this mission?

Find the best strategy to become the richest blacksmith in this game. Click as fast as you can to get an extraordinary revenue. Develop the best strategy and be on the TOP of the leaderboard!

In this game, you will be responsible for forging and enchanting your own weapons and armors besides producing various magic items such as rings, claws, robes and amulets. Keep your focus on the huge variety of items produced, increase the revenue and you will be able to get critical items that will bring rare and high performance items.

Moreover, acquiring the automation of the production process, you will see that your activities will progress even when you are offline.

Finally, complete all the achievements and become the BILLIONAIRE BLACKSMITH! Good luck, Mr. blacksmith!

Whats new

    - Ads frequency greatly REDUCED! Thank you for your feedbacks.

Serissa Solutions part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 77.7287. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 9.7 MB.

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Michael McKee

The leaderboards need to be fixed on all of your games. Why have them if they won't display the correct information? I have made 1,000 times the top score but it isn't registering. Please fix this.

e Cat

My phone craches When ever the Summeners War ad pops up it craches my phone... please fix.

Dust Dragon

Add spam Way to meany adds also its the fullscreen popup ads and you get more ads the more you click trying to trick you into clicking the add which I think is rong. The game itself has alot to be desired and feels like it was made in 20 mins as a novice coder I have made games like this in 30 mins


Ads ads ads Stop all the full screen moves slow. Should be able to double profit allot more than your aloud to. Should be able to buy more forges abs smith multiple items at once as well

Ken Rogers Jr.

Good game. Ads blow. Inline ads are better than popups. Only having one item to choose from and not go to a previous item after, for example, clicking on the purchase button by accident, sucks.

William Hilditch

Not Bad. Ads are very intrusive, and game now force closes regularly. Could use more content, but amusing for a couple days.

Nehemiah Allen

Selling Make it where you can sell both the forged and the enchanted sepretly. The enchanted items can be worth 5x the amount of the forged items.

Jose Chavez

Good game Game is at a stand still. Not too sure if I've already reached the end of the game or ??? You do get thrown into it from the beginning, but you can figure it out. Over all, it's a decent way to pass the time.

Jon Rapp

Ok Ok game, low replay value. Could use more features


The ranking and achivement won't open. But it's a good game.

Gary Jacobs

Ads Payed for the ad removal, still getting ads. Hence the one star. Devs don't care about your experience, they just want your money, which is made clear by full screen ad pop ups during a button mash game. Don't get this app, and don't support these devs, let them bankrupt with their poor products.

Joey arce

A lot of potential My biggest issue however is that you are just dropped into the game with really no clue on what to do

James Sterling Stewart

Only 30 levels? You should be able to make this infinite easily.. good games tho - iFarm, iResturant

Mitchell Frost

Leaderboards Even when I refresh it, it does not update. I have earned way more than the 12,000 my leaderboard stat shows, fix for 5 star. P.S ~ I use my WiFi and it has perfect, fast connection..


Don't download: adware This game pops a full screen ads when you clicking, tricking you to accidentally click on the ad and open it's link. That's a dirty trick, you devs should be ashamed.


To many ads Ads pop up constantly and seems the longer you play the more there are

Tamara Turner

Just make it possible to make any weapon unlocked and extra star for sure

tyler price

I like this idle game Lol iron banded shield

j bar

The offline production is glitchy Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

Jaedon Jones

NO ADS! If you turn on airplane mode the ads go away

Jason Miles

Leaderboard and achivements Since paying to remove the ads I can no longer view these

Curtis Lodrigue

Not Bad. Game is Good Ads are a pain.

Blake Tillery

Wtf Wtf, game want load ANYMORE

Nathan Byrne

Great Its an awesomemgame but can be a bit slow

Kyle Montgomery

Good Good time waster but slow progress

Derrick Tinsley

14 buttons... That's it And not even made to look pretty

John Knight III

What does critical do?

Chris Evans

Good fun Really enjoying it but how do you get the Innovation Award achievement?

Joshua Beauvais

Needs more levels Great game though...

Josh Keogh

Help I have a note 3 and can't see leader board tells me to refresh achievements please help will give five stars if fixed.

Pyro _Death_Adder

Like I like this game

Lego castor

Pretty boring but has some potential for a good game...

Kenny Stone

A game I enjoyed this game. It is very fun.

Carl Martin

Meh This game needs to be fixed in some ways like you need to be able to see how many of an item you have if the title of the item is long, show me how many I have because I have been trying to sell a stockpile of like 700 things for like a half an hour.

Brady Brunson

Amazing I love the game!!!!

Uncertified Robot

Ads Too many ads and the ads open on other apps too, even on my desktop

Jordan Hardin

Leaderboards I love the game dont get me wrong but the leaderboards wont update I changed the filter to just "today" and it says I have made about 6,000,000,000,000 but lookin at my current amount I have well over 10 times that amount. Same goes for the all time filter. Please fix this im currently ranked about 78th in the all time and should be at least top 10

Arnold Jensema

No help file Completely clueless about what I am doing. As there is no help available it is unknown to me what effect the upgrades have.

Aaron Concepcion

Great but.. Won't update i have excellent WiFi but the leaderboard won't update i hands over 12 quadrillion dollars and it doesn't appear on my screen. Fix it please.

Jamie Hurst

Very good game I'd give it 5 if I could get the last achievement.. Innovation award.... Iv had over 40 things in my inventory and no achievement :-(

Jeremy Francis

Decent game... It's alright, but whenever the app is closed it pauses all crafting, enchanting and selling. Thus, even though I fully upgraded everything it only makes money when I am watching the app, which is extremely tedious.

Elizabeth S.

Enjoyable. It is fun, and an occupying clicker, except I yell boo on the last picture for the Mithril Armour. It is clearly a screenshot from Skyrim, the actual armor itself is a retexture to look like glass and elven, likely a mod pulled from the Nexus, and it was taken in the Dragons Reach in Whiterun. The game itself is original, I just don't trust any of the artwork of the icons as original and uncredited.

Chad Jones

Can I give this less than a 1? Redundant achievements pertaining to number of items in inventory. Lack of incentive to progress (it takes me less than 5 minutes to max everything out, and that's after barely a week of playing), and the game won't load for me anymore. 0/10, would not play again.

Phill Evans

Over to soon Completed it 3 times in a week. Deleting and looking for a more challenging game to waste time on

Nathan Lynch

Leaderboards suck Im earning enough money to be in the top 20 but when i check in to the leaderboards it says i only have 8 trillion :/ update the leaderboards to be accurate

Marc Hamilton

More options but still great Give option like to choose weapon that you want to produce and to stop auto forging while you enchant ect

jye coker

Auto levels reset Every time I close tye game and re open it the auto levels have been reset kinda. I have all at level 30 and everythings was forging and enchanting and selling rapidly. But when I re open the game. Everything is slow again like it was at level 10 but still says lvl 30

Jess Phiz

It's okay. Need more explanation though. It's good fun. But there is no explanation anywhere or a wiki or anything. Wouldn't take you long

jaden devinney

Great but... You hit an impassable production wall. It kind of sucks.

Jason Ealy

Yea buddy Great game! Haven't found any bugs yet.

krikus two

Good for killing time If your bored and like clicking/idle games, this is the game for you.

Brandon Hamilton

Love ifarm i blacksmith and I restraunt but I would like more of these types of games

Joseph Torres

Awesome... Until you beat it. It limits the number of resets, causing you to halt allajor progression in the game. Not cool.

Karim Ewiss

Too short and the achievements/ranking doesn't work; it's shadowed. I didn't get prompted to connect to google play nor can I find it anywhere. The only option I have (apart from the actual game) is rate game and refresh achievements and ranking (which doesn't do anything)

Sam Claxton

Great! I just wish this company would make more games like this

Kyle Hawley

Fun For a Little Bit... As idle games go it's okay... Just a couple of things I don't get though. Why only level thirty when the price is probably based on an expandable equation, and why is enchanting not enchanting... Since when is making a "Basic Knife" into a "Knife" considered enchanting? Besides that, just another idle game for when you're bored out of your mind...

Crystal Chhour

It needs a little work.. Its a cool game, but the "Double Profit" button doesn't work.

Andrew Klein

You have something great here But you let the ads pop up every min of play. And they take up the whole screen. I played 2 mins loaded an reloaded the game for 5 mins it doesn't add up to fun 4 me. Let us know when the ads stop after loading screen like the greatest game idle oil tycoon. Now there's a great game!!!

Alex Teeters

The game is ok But needs a FAQ, I like the idea of the game but I have no idea what im doing

Justin Norris

Doesn't work when screen is off. Not exactly "idle"

Cole Earl

Awesome! Only thing is leader board stopped working all of a sudden. I have like 20,000,000,000,000 or so bucks but it won't show me.

Mathew Simpson

Have everything maxed out yet not getting achievements. Ads are annoying and appear too often, but a decent game once you get going.

willie miller

Hmmm It's an ok game just wish there was a little more design to it

Macklin Bradshaw

Umm Aside from "Auto" I have no idea what my upgrades are doing. Some feedback would be nice. I'll even give 5/5

Adam Hayes

Fun game, but... I paid to remove the ads. The game froze up, and I was forced to uninstall and reinstall it. Now I have ads again, and I have to pay a second time to get rid of them.


Leaderboards I have made a lot more than the number 1 amount but the amount on the leaderboards doesn't change from an earlier amount. Stuck at 86th when I should be a lot higher

Michael Wynn

Good game The game is easy its fun and its simple what more can a guy ask for?

Aubrey heldermon

Simple Not too difficult to reach the reset. Great that you can automate and overpower your click. But upgrades cap too soon. Makes further weapons impossible to forge.

Jacqueline Mollet

Ad problem I love the game but why do the ads pop up even when the game is closed? It's really frustrating when I'm trying to text or call someone about something important and the ads pop up. I don't mind ads when playing a game but when the game is closed the ads shouldn't appear!

Kieren Baillie

Buggy You go to bed expecting it to tick over while you sleep. When you wake it hasn't made any money.

James Parker-Brett

It is a great game, but the ads are really annoying because they pop up when you are tapping really quickly.

Warren Parker

Love it Not much too the game but I enjoy it very much, I'm a real blacksmith myself. This game is very addictive for me. Great way too pass the time! But the adds are a problem. Still, 5 stars!!

Jules Tellier

Oooh, adverts! Just what I wanted. I'm fine with the banner advertising, it makes you guys money from your game, but it seems slightly greedy to have fullscreen adverts coming on in increasing volume, e.g. whenever you upgrade something after a certain level. How much money more money are you making from the fullscreen adverts than you get from the banner ads? Greedy.

Chris Parton

Good for a day If you like clicker heroes then this is a game for you. Unfortunately not all achievements are working, and the add spam makes the constant tapping activating because you end up opening 20 windows if you are tapping fast enough. However it is a good brainless game if you get the automation upgrades and you like being able to look back every once and a while and say "ha-ha, I'm rich" not that you can spend that money on anything after lvl 30 upgrade. Well unless you want to play from scratch again...

Garrett Arrington

Meh Good overall, but it eventually gets to where an add pops up almost every single time you press a button. More or less it looks like you're trying to force us to give you money. Bad business practice.

Patrick Tobin

One broken achievement Innovation Award achievement is broken. I more than exceeded its requirement and it will not unlock. Looked it up and it is a known problem. Other than that this is a great idle game. 5 stars once this achievement issue is fixed. It's frustrating when you are a completionist with these types of games.

Victor Day

Ads are crazy annoying. The banner is fine but when you force lots of finger taps then have a full page ad pop up very often it is almost like you are trying to trick us into clicking the ads. Not cool

Ty Wilson

Some changes It should be offline play you should get Daily bonuses for trade skill or heros equipment and when you time travel you shouldn't lose your time stone upgrades

Kevin Pressl

Ads, Ads, Ads So at first this game appeared fun, it's a basic cookie clicker type game. I began to notice that every time I had a started tapping fast it would trick me by flashing an ad. Dirty move, but that's not where it ends. As soon as you leave it idle, it starts making tons of money so you have lots to spend on upgrades. THIS IS WHERE I FLIP. As soon as I click on a upgrade it flashed me an add, the next upgrade, ad, next ad, and so on. This game is just looking for a quick buck with such simple programing.

Andrew Hernandez

Great, passive, lightweight. This is a great idle game. It's very simple and you can pick it up really easy. The items you gain are all generic so you'll recognize most of them from common RPGs. On a side note, the game is very fun to play passively throughout your day and the game is also very lightweight on ram usage which means you can gain more by leaving the game open in the background without it killing your battery. My only complaint are the ads especially when you double profit the first time. $2 is worth it in my opinion.

linus dashes

It's fun... It's fun, but I'm sad that I hit the multiplier limit... And the scoreboard won't update my score :/ I think the creators should remove the limit so that people can keep on going.

Winston Almelia

Game is fun but. .. It's truly a fun game other than the bombardments of ads

Arthur Graton

Well executed This game has just what you would expect apart from the unwanted. Also the arts is amassing I found myself wanting to downgrade because the spear looks better than the crossbow

mic sawdust

Good I finished it in less than 24 hours wish there was more to do on it the adds were annoying but not a big problem if it was that easy to complete

Zebafononv Gaming

Good game You could make it a little harder though, had the game for less than a week, and played it fit less than a day, and i get 750,000,000 per knife

Troy Sheehan

Good potential Way too many ads. I'm all for ads in free games, Sometimes you get one upgrade done between them. Way too many.

Nathan Woodring

Ads The ads in this are infuriatingly frequent considering they have a banner ad at the bottom. An ad pops up like once every minute or two and every time I upgrade something. In 15 minutes of playing I had at least 20 ads pop up.

Quentin Hanning

Adds Way too many adds! It's gotten rediculous now every time I click on something an add pops up. I removed it highly disappointed!

Kyle Bean

Fun and Interactive! Very fun "forget and put in pocket game". Small details, such as no gathering materials is just the type of brainless game I like playing.

Oscar R

Achievement Game is good, achievements don't take forever to get. One is broken, the one where you have to get 30 items in your inventory. If I don't get it after the billion achievement I wouldn't keep playing.

Pace Walter

Problem I'd give 5 for this but big problem enchanting does not help with money only once in a blue moon makes more for 1 item. Upgrading your skill does nothing at all does stop u from going to next weapon or with money. The money upgrade doesn't do crap. Moving to next weapon help a tiny maybe add 10 bucks to each I'm on just moved on to 3rd star and only making 1000 per weapon upgrades up in the 30,000 still no change from the beginning. The only thing I see working is the auto upgrade fix it

Justtyn Gascon

Can be improved After 40min of play, I can't upgrade my forging lv or the other two

Dan altier

Ad's, too many Had fun at 1st then after automatic, not really a game anymore.

Charles Conn

Broken Achievement Game is a pretty standard idler it is enjoyable but one of the achievements is broken so that you do not recieve it after meeting it's requirements.

Keyan Cluff

Too short Loved it but its way short.. Completed game in less than a day. Lvl cap is only 30. And a stupid amount of ads. Every other minute.

Dziel Djenn

Enjoyable Currently trying to get all the achievements... But cannot seem to get innovation award... I've 2 million Knives quickly selling... As I craft mithril Armor... With every item in between crafted and enchanted...

Adam Saybolt

Not bad Its an alright game, i beat it rather quickly, and i dont think i have ever played a game with ads as bad as this one. I dont want to say it makes it unplayable, but its close.


How to remove ads Just off ur internet, then, u dont need to see that ads

Fst Mario

Great A suggestion would be to get offline income and such :) please read

Robert reynolds

Flooded with adds An app add literally pops up every minute unless you give them $2. There are much better games of this type for free that offer in game boost for watching an add once every 4hrs. Dont bother with this app

Shai Yastrab

Alright This is a decent app. The entertainment starts to wear off pretty quickly. I'd recommend making it longer, and adding more options.

Allen & Kym Heilman

Amazing but needs work You can put a screen when u start after playing and saying what you earned when u were away , other than that the game is perfect and the same can b used for your other games

rudra nakade

Great Game This game is amazing but can someone please tell me what critical is

Shawn King

Ruined... Every f*cking tap reveals an ad. You f*cking assh*les only care about cash huh? Make a mediocre game and spam ads...good job.

Cole Fox

Too many ads It's hard to even upgrade. I'm lucky to upgrade two or three times before a new ad pops up and blocks the screen.


Perfect but when I try to upgrade things really fast an ad pops up making me accidentally click it so all in all too many ads but perfect gameplay

Andrew McDougall

No depth, tons of ads.

Matthew Wetherbee

Game cheeted I need a lot of different things and when I logged in today to view the progress all the stuff I made yesterday just disappeared and all that potential profit gone

Tai Fuerst

Slow Slow progress but when not tapping it seems like you make more money

Chance Warren

New take on old format Not a bad time killer. Enjoying it so far.

Jamie Wilson

Ad fest All for ads supporting development but this is something else! Way too many ads and not a game to even invest paying to remove them on!

Kamen Nunley

Decent game It's a good game to waste time. I understand the need for ads but they are a bit too frequent. I did learn if you pull your tablet\phones top menu down and walk away for a bit game still runs and ads don't pop up.

david Kirchman

Okay Not bad however achievements don't work anymore. Also don't care about rankings. Would give negative stars

Kichi Nichi

??? This game is an ad trap. It will be deleted shortly after rating. It has very little content compared to the number of ads. The ads are a poor excuse to buy it's ad removal. The concept is decent but is still not an idealistic idle game. Not worth the time or purchase.

Jett Flores

Not bad. Could be better. Instead of when buying the next craft, have it unlock it and get to choose what you forge.

b Wen

No ranks/achievments I cant click on the ranks on achievements which itd be nice to see but the game is fine

Hawk Bear

Title Its a decent game for how small it is. I just put all my money in auto Forging/Enchanting/Selling and "beat" the game. Meaning I maxed out all buyable upgrades and got millions of dollars. I'd like to see the achievements list but I can't access it. Maybe you have to buy the option to stop seeing ads? Or rate the game like I am? The art work is amazing for the armor and weapons that you forge. Too bad they didn't incorporate more into this. Make like a world and soldier or adventures pay you. Just an idea

Sean Hodge

Too many ads I maxed everything in about 4 days.

kieran reed

Omg Amazing must play

Shadow Runner Gaming

Love the game Barely even played for an hour LOVE IT!

Young_Oak YOAK

Game Vary fun

Cody Jarrell

Ranking Be better if the ranking would let me to past 8trillion and go up the ranks

Daniel Barry

lovely love the game

khoo gc

Too many ads

X killer460

This game is really cool but hate the ads!

Scott Cudlip

Has potential This game is like your old girlfriend in highschool. You look back at it and think 'what if...' that's how this game feels, if it didn't have so many stupid ads it would be a half decent clicker game. However every 15-20 seconds i get another pop up ad. Listen devs, i understand you have to pay the bills, but how intrusive and blatantly you guys are fishing for money just makes this literally unplayable.

Joseph mastalski

Ads! Much too frequent.

wnewjack jdwug

idleblacksmith This game is super addicting huge consumer of time when ever I need to pass the time

Ross Seymour

Would rate 5 stars to many adds though.

Michael M

Eh It's a really fun game but there are WAY too many ads in this other then that its fun

Jake Mckay

Ads Ads make this game unplayable

Eric Douzart

Repetitive Same thing over and over

Michael Greenwood

Questions about content I like the game. I have maxed out twice and reset the game for double money. Is there any plans to list a multiplier to show how much of your money is being multiplied each time you reset? Not sure if it stacks so I have not reset the game again. Hope to see updates on content in the future.

Neoslayer X

777 LYD 7 quadrillion gold.. guess I'm done here. Sadly, I can't go on th le leaderboards. Maybe it will work in this update. Nope. It doesn't work.

Richard Swearingen

No idle It doesnt do anuthing when im not playing so i dont forge enchant or sell whilr app is closed or minimized

Quinton wood

Still not correct I thank you for responding to me so quick and I finally got update today, was really excited. Got my achievement I needed instantly. But ranking still super off. Says I have 7trillion total cash even though I have 25quadrillion...

TrippyGamer GT

luv it but. why does forge, enchant, and selling prevent me from upgrading? they are all stuck in $126,100?

Benjamin Wänglund

A Very Little content and a lot of ads

Glenn Harder

Waaaay to many adds. Within 5 minutes of playing 4 popups.

Black Water

Thanks Achievement is working

Slade Thornburg

High scores are not accurate Short game, needs more content

Reaper Sop

Its fun but only goes to lv 30 then I can't by anything else, would be 5/5 if it was an unlimited upgrade game

Tero Luikku

Nothing but ads Babby's first idle clicker with so many ads you are hard pressed to find the unpolished game underneath.

Horace Hall

Not satisfied. I honestly only download this game for the achievements and the 9th achievement that requires one to have 30 items crafted must be broken because I currently have 38 items and NO ACHIEVEMENT. Whenever this is fixed I will rate it a 5 star game.

Ken Geerts

All ads I understand free games need to put ads in a game to make money but every button push is ridiculous. Its about pacing.

Crow Figueroa

Best game ever Only one problem anthat is that you can only make 1 certain tool at a time and everything else is perfect 5 stars

Justin Stevens

Addictive lol I have no idea why I like this game but I do. Only reason why I don't give 5 stars is because of the constant ads

Will Davis

Great game, but... Ends too soon. Add more levels and upgrades.

CJ Worley

Decent idle game, kind of broken Once you've reset enough times, it's significantly faster to just buy up all the auto upgrades and stick with lower level weapons. I discovered this recently and, while experimenting with it, locked my game up by getting to a point where the payout on the basic weapon was so high it was registering as a negative number, making progressing or resetting impossible, as you have to buy a certain amount of upgrades before you can reset.

Josh Mckinney

Good game. Absolutely enjoyed it 100% but...ive now done 5 resets and i dont even have to buy the next item upgrade. I finish it in roughly...20 minutes. Thats after maxing everything to 30

joseph tuzio

10/10 Would definitely forge,enchant and sell again

Weeaboo Takemori-San

F#%$ I'm addicted. I hate it. It's like dying. Best high ever. You die, though

Ferb Gaming

Good but takes a lot longer to get monney

Nicholas Triplett

Needs more upgrades but is otherwise amazing

Derrick Prestopine

Annoyance Of the ads is strong. 90% of the actions you do cause an ad to appear. Game lacks enough content to justify paying to remove ads at current price. Would Uninstall again.

Trenton James

Scores Scores won't update...

Matthew Allen

Amazing So addictive and worth the download!!

Dahsen Peterson

This game Awesome

cyko phor

Pretty good Needs to be longer

The Satanic Gamer From Hell

Its a great game but... After i come back after a while to find a ton of generated credits, when i start multi tap purchecing an add will pop up everyother second and it is extreamly annoying its ok when there are adds on the top and bottom but when they pop up every other second just from tapping upgrades its irratating, i understand the F2P concept but it is really frostrating, other wise its ok

Christian Bam

Nothing better A game thats fun, keeps you bussy and never ends (#get it)

Damien De'Crewe

I genuinly enjoyed this app. For whatever reason I loved the whole thing. The ads could be a bit much sometimes, but other than that, everything was fun. I especially loved all the names of the forged items. It was all around a very good game.

Faceless wolf

I'm confused Well. I spent a few hours going from 0 rollers to 13 quadrillion, the number one is 9 quadrillion but I'm not number one, I spent a few hours really trying to get a record. I'm connected to the Google play store but I still had fun. it would be a five star, plus the let down was real. Told my whole family I was about to get a record but I look and I was only in the top 1%.

Marc Fulop

Help not found Well i like the game,but some help needed like what is critical level and how much improvement happens when i level my enchanting and such

Sasha X Hanji

Neat game, too many ads The game is a nice little clicker game to relax with and watch your profits rise. But the amount of times ads appear is just annoying. Every upgrade click or every few clicks on the sell or enchant an ad appears. I dont mind the ones at the bottom but the pop ads are seriously intrusive.

4ll4n 44

Please update the Google play leader board i have 24000000000000000 I should be 1 but I am only at best 2% I have max multiplier for double money

Phyllis Guttrey

Best Game Ever This game is so fun everyone must play it if you think that this game sucks then there is something wrong with you this deserves a amazing trophy everyday when i get home from work i sit on my couch and just play and play and play! You guys did a amazing job on this congratulations(sorry if spelt wrong)

LeKiFlO master

Great game But I have one question: what does the critical levels do? Other than that it's great

Ian Paternoster

Brilliant game. Love this game, relaxing progress through assorted items. Haven't maxed out yet, when I do I'll just reset and start again, trying out different styles. Thank you.

Matt Milner

Overly simple, unbalanced. Play it two or three times through, and you'll eventually figure out how this game goes from being addictively rewarding to taking a massive dump on you.

Jason Denson

It's fun It is a decent time waster. Fun, intriguing and uneventful, overall decent game.

Evan Buelt

Addicting for a bit, but too many ads and once you reset a few times the game becomes way too easy and little point in continuing

robert uren

Needs work Ads are on screen blocking view. They also pop up and you end up clicking them. In 3 days I was easily making trillions. Boring screen tapping game that's pointless and once you get so high in the ranking it stops working.

Cameron Blow

Don't upgrade! The ads will freeze your phone and you can't get out of them.

gamer 2k16

I love this so much stop I downloaded it #15 Times #Cobblestone Equals Lfe

jerry minchew

Meh Not bad... time waster.

Amanda Hufnagle

Guilty pleasure Click farms and idle games are my guilty pleasure, and this is certainly close to the top! I'd love to see more content as well! I think this format would definitely translate well for art, pottery, sewing, construction, and many other things along those lines

Richard Dudlets

Enjoyable More content please. Adds are skipable, even before the time runs out

Joshua Wickens

Bad ad system Ads come up too often and get clicked to easily.

Sean Harris

I enjoyed the game but the ads made it unplayable. You can't go 10 seconds without an ad popping up.

Gustavo Chacon

Wouldn't recommend Horrible amount of ads in this game, while you forging they can pop at any time given

Brittany Nicole Shirocky

Need to update the refresh so we can see real time ranking

Craig Cowling

Oh cool, a game that immediately crashes as soon as I open it

Cameron Busbee

It is really fun and one of the more fast paced idle game

bubby wright

Amazing but... The ads are so annoying it sucks. when you buy something an add pops up

Kyle Clury

Can't stop playing Ever since o got the game I can't stop playing

Nick : smith

Amazing This game is very nice and has so much. I my self have so much fun on this game

Gschoener 1

Ad placement completely ruins the game.

Paulo Sato

Very fun game Very fun easy to play game

adam brooks

Great game Highly addictive

Justin Smith

Random as popups interrupt gameplay.

miles carlson

Fun but I desire more This game is fun on my s5 no bugs or glitches but I've maxed out twice in 2 days and now I'm bored ...can't wait for more content then you get a 5

Blitz Daringer

Great game It's a simple and very easy game to play. Too bad it is so short. Still enjoyed it

heflyn high

It's ok It's extremely slow to start but gets better

Chris Russell

Great game A fun way to pass some time. Easy to play, easy to make money and upgrade

Shawn Smith

Idle Blacksmith Good game to kill time with.

Zane Walker

Shady the way they do adds. To many adds and leader boards don't work right Can't play game without it forcing you to click adds every minute or so leader boards don't work made it all the way to top 1% then it quit counting score would be a really fun game if they were not so shady with the adds.

Gary Wisdom

This game is fun. However... I absolutely love this game, and have enjoyed it immensely. However, now that I'm really up there in the game money it seems like the rankings have crapped out. Please fix if you can. Also, it would be awesome if you added more upgrades.

notfo reel

Terminally Disappointing The entertainment value of this game comes to a crashing halt as you reach the pinnacle of the creator's expertise. If you would like a wierd analogy that explains the game without wasting your time on a download, it's comparable to blowing up a party balloon - it never gets but so big and once you've popped it the thrill is over and you're left with a mess to clean up. Btw: you LITERALLY get ads to pop up every 5 minutes or so...

Foster Patton

too boring I beat the game on like 2 days like 3 times then after awhile it just stopped working all together so it loads a white exciting

Martin Schön

Very nice but ... If you fix that even after refresh i am said to have 9.199... BUT, i have 14.645... After you fix this i will surely rate 5 stars cuz it's GRATE GAME GUYS

Logan Lane

Needs Improvement Its a great game but people pass me even tho I know I'm making 100k a sec its tottaly bs I think it need a leader board update. It will get a 5 star when it gets leader board update

Tyler Blakley

Needs more spice! The game is awesome until in only two days of besting the entire game make different weapons for each restart. Make more achievements just find some one to make it epic instead of just ok.

Tim Munger

Boring. Deleted it 30 seconds after starting the game.

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