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20 Jan
iBaby - baby activity tracker

Posted by iMob Studio in Lifestyle | Jan. 20, 2016 | 70 Comments

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ibaby is a easy use log tracker/monitor app to track daily activities about your baby with just one click,includes feeding(bootle,nursing),pee,poop,sleep,growth record and much more.

You can change your baby's information by click the baby icon on the bottom left, include gender, birth date, name

About the permission:
-Your location and Network for weather
-mount and unmount && Storage for take photo, move app to SD card
-voice record to record voice
-control vibrator and automatically start for reminder

Basic Features:
-Track baby bottles/milk
-Track baby diaper
-Track baby poop
-Track baby nurse
-Track baby sleep.
-Track baby medicine

Advance Features:
-Customize default event types name
-Add customize event types with icon
-Multiple babies manage support
-Widget enabled for multiple babies
-Shortcut for multiple babies
-Progress customize enable
-Setting unit of weight, height, temperature and feed
-Baby growth/development information week by week
-Remind of all event types, customize remind sound and vibrate
-Convenient edit quantity by drag the progress bar
-Sort baby's activities by type
-Track baby's growth record with chart, compare your baby's with WHO Growth Standards
-Add record with voice input , voice recorder and photo
-Order/hide/show the event type as you want
-Search within app for all type of activities
-Move to SD card enabled
-Share event list as html attachment via Gmail

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Whats new

    - Fix the growth chart unit after user change unit in setting

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Brittani Gore

Can't live without I've been using this since my daughter was born 3 months ago and I don't know what I'd do without it. If I had to write down every feed I'd never do it I just don't have the time. I love that it tracks which side we last nursed on as well. I received a pocket nanny for my baby shower but this renders it obsolete since its conveniently on my phone.

A Google User

Awesome! Be sure to personalize at bottom with baby's name and DOB. This app is a life saver! Hard to remember anything getting so little sleep with my new born. Is he really hungry, or just needs attention? Did I give him his meds yet? Is he growing on track? Also you can add your own activities (I added pumping). Highly recommend! Must have for first time parent!

A Google User

Incredible! I love this app! I had been writing everything down in a homemade little chart on a pad of paper for the first two weeks. We then kept losing said pad of paper around the house. This app is perfect from the nice detailed growth charts to the tallied up totals for feeding & sleeping amounts. It's so easy to use!

A Gron

Love it This app is great for any one with a new baby. It makes it easy to remember & monitor each time your baby eats (and how much), pees, sleeps, and BMs. It even has a medication log and a growth chart to see your babies height/weight growth & the percentile they are in. I would recommend this app to ant new parent! (and there aren't any annoying pop-up ads)

nicole rodriguez

I love it! This app is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use to understand and most helpful at doctor appointments. I she a newborn and I'm tired! Lol I can't remember most things haha! It's a press a button and it records. Add a note to if you can edit the time look at the last 24 hours and track it in a instant. Track weight and height . medicine. has button for just notes. Must get if you have a new baby!

A Google User

Great app I love this app. It's especially useful for those of us who are breastfeeding. The only thing that would make it perfect is the ability to share info with another person so that someone else (I.e. Dad) could update from his/her phone. Otherwise, this app is amazing!

A Google User

Almost Perfect This app is amazing! The only flaw is that my baby is 5 months old & it's saying she is 6 months & 2 weeks. Fix & will for sure get 5 stars!! :)

Lindsay Ropiak

Just what I neeses! I have used this app for two weeks now to keep track of what my baby is doing. There are some changes I would make to the UI and personalizations (tracking by .5 oz rather than .1 doesn't register the change, and would like to change single minutes to 5 or 10 increments, and suggest supplying images to use with user-created buttons :)). This is very handy and has already saved us hassle trying to remember stuff. Thanks :)

A Google User

Brilliant This was my replacement app for one that went rubbish after an update. Brilliant, easy to use and has everything you need

Rebekah Griffin

Good app The baby growth information had terrible grammatical errors (mouse instead of mouth, wrong use of pronouns, etc). It would be helpful if the growth chart would list stats on the date saved, not the date entered. Also have an option to use pounds and inches instead of the metric system! Over all, simple and easy to use.

A Google User

So helpful! I love having this app! Its a great way to track everything for your baby, especially if you're forgetful!

A Google User

New mom approval This app is GREAT! It allows for easy tracking of everything my newborn does. You can customize the app to your baby and add a new category if you want. I added "pump" and "bath" to mine. You can share the activity with whomever, I send it to my husband. You can add frequently used categories as a widget to your main screen to log in seconds. The growth chart feature is fun. It also has a bonus feature of your babies weekly development. This app has helped me develop a good routine around my babies needs.

Emma Crossley

Great for twins Tried several apps. This is by far the best for keeping track of who fed when and how long ago. Especially useful for twins. I would be lost without it. I also entered myself as a profile so I could keep track of how much sleep I'm getting and what medication I had taken (i had a c-section). Made sure I didn't overdose as it tells you how many times you have made an entry in the last 24 hours.

A Google User

Disappointing Though it having a clean, easy interface it kept losing data so this sleep deprived mum got confused and frustrated relying on this app to heavily.

Chau Wei Tan

Unable to install Used to love this app very much, but unable to install it after flashed to Android Kitkat 4.4. Pls fix it and i will certainly rate it as 5 stars.

Kristina Armell

Really nice I was having a hard time with nursing and making sure my baby was on each side for that specific amount of time but because I'm nor good with time it was like 10 minutes felt like 20 minutes, needless to say I was losing my milk supply cuz he was falling asleep and what not cuz I thought timewise it was ok, BUT THIS APP MADE IT SO MUCH EASIER AND REALLY HELPED ME WITH BOTH MY CHILDREN ND IT PROVED TO BE LIKE A SECOND MOMMY HELPING WITH KEEPING TRACK OF EVERYTHING WITH VERY LITTLE EFFORT!!!! AND ITS FREE!!!!

laree johnson

Can't recommend enough. Re- started using this app again a few days ago. In that time, one of our kids was hospitalized... thank God I had everything documented... all the info I passed to the nurses ( who loved this application, by the way ) was there in black and white... never had to guess at anything, there was nothing for me to estimate. My family thanks you ever so much. I will absolutely spring for the full version!

Naomi Pfeiffer Rich

Love it! I just installed this app last night after a frustrating day and I love it! It's so easy to use (even for the 3am feedings) and it makes it so much simpler to keep track of when I fed my baby last. The only thing I would suggest is when adding the breastfeeding entry I would love to have 2 different sliders so that I can remember how much time I spent on each breast. Otherwise I LOVE this!

Jessica Joseph

Color change... The app is all in there an option to change to blue for a boy? Only using for a little bit so far but 5 stars if you add option to customize color!!

A Google User

Great app for the sleep deprived that cannot remember anything! Loved this app, I had a c-section and was on 2 different pain meds when I was discharged. Between feedings, wet & poopy diapers, I couldn't keep track of anything. This app kept me on schedule. Lifesaver for the first few weeks.

Heather Kellam

Update: 1 month post partum A must have for every new parent. Takes the guess work out of tracking everything. It's user friendly and very simple to use. Con's: 1) It would be great if the app was able to track (in spreadsheet) how many times baby had dirty diapers, feedings etc not only in 24hr periods (like the default says) but have an option you can choose to track whatever time period you want (month, 3 days, etc). 2) I wish that you could share the app so other people could track with you.. so when your hubby gets up in the middle of the night, he can use his phone to put in diaper changes and feedings etc.. or grandma/grandpa etc.

A Google User

Excellent! I thought that new Mum's using this sort of stuff was a bit too obsessive for me. That was until I started getting lost and needed help remembering what we did 2 hours ago! This app is great, I love that you can modify the buttons and add ones of your own. It's made me feel a lot more confident, THANKYOU!

Rebecca Trump

Good, with glitches This is a pretty user friendly way to track baby's schedule. Ads are not intrusive at all. There are two limitations others have mentioned: 1) There's a date/time glitch. If you want to change the date (say you forgot to log yesterday's poop), it won't save with the new date. I just keep at it and eventually it will, but it's annoying. 2) The "share" feature only emails the bullet points, not any notes you may have added. So, I'll know when my baby fell asleep, but not necessarily know how many night wakings there were. I have to switch to a new phone so I'm desperately hoping the 'backup' feature will work. If not, I suppose I will have learned my lesson about relying too heavily on apps - I backup my computer after all.

A Google User

Perfect and easy to use! Helps you keep track of everything important with just a simple button click. User friendly and looks attractive. Very awesome for a free product! I would easily pay quite a bit of money for this quality!

A Google User

Good, helps me keep track, but wish it had more graphs and charts so you can see patterns over time.

A Google User

Almost Perfect I've tried 5 baby feeding tracker apps and this is the one I liked best. I hate the ones with timers because I always forget to turn them off. App is almost perfect. The only thing it's lacking is statistics or summary of data since DOB which would be very useful. It only gives summary within 24hrs. But overall, I love it :)

Debbie Hadfield

Brilliant Most comprehensive baby tracking app I've found. Could just do with a way to transfer data to another device in the app as sometimes I use my tablet insteAd of my phone. Rather than just a list of data which isn't very readable.

Kendall Carpenter

Best app ever! I cant believe I was handwritting/tracking everything before. I love the ease of use. Its easy to input and edit. I can easily track feedings by type (bottle or breast), length of time, amount, which side and even make notes. The growth charts are just like at the doctors office and I love that you can add or remove things to track. Truely the best and most useful app I've downloaded!

A Google User

Very inconvenient when... Top bar of options to select freezes up once in awhile and you have to keep going in and out of app for it to go back to normal. This is very inconvenient when I need to select bottle but can't b/c it wont let me scroll that way/see the options.

Erin Graff

Great app Def much better then the feedbaby app I uninstalled that one cause it wanted you to hit a stop watch timer for feedings. This one is a lot more practical as I can go back and enter in the info afterwards. Having a new baby you can't always have your phone rite by your side rite as things are taking place so Its a huge plus for me. I love that you can add more categories to track as well. I'm using the app to try and get my baby on a sced and figure out what is bothering her to get rid of or help her colic.

A Google User

Can't live without it Extremely helpful in remembering which side for feeding I'm up to as well as recording sleep times, especially when so sleep deprived! Noting when medicine is given helps to know when to give next dose. I've added my own food tab as well. Awesome app!

A Google User

Needs share capability Great app, we just had our daughter on the 27 last month and this is great for helping is log those important events! However, one cange would be the availability for one parent to add an event and then have it update on other parents phone so they can both see what's going on if the other is at work for example.

Maria Vlasiou

Nice, needs development Features I'd like to see: 1. Synchronise between devices so nanny and husband can play too. 2. Export to excel or other method of saving for posterity. 3. Depict day in a colour coded time line and add graph of seven bars (week) so that I can see if the baby develops a pattern/schedule. 4. Aggregate data per week, month, etc if desired

Megan Minogue

Ibaby review This would be 5 if a few bugs get fixed. Adding times and amounts, you always need to delete the 0 and that is a pain and waste of time. Looking at the growth info bar at the bottom, there is no month 3. Only 12 weeks and then it skips to 4 months, not very helpful right now. Other than that this app is great. Please fix the bugs.

jasmine driver

Wrong age milestones This app computes baby age wrong. It thinks my 3.5 month old is 18 weeks old. My baby, born on 11/22/12 is not 18w old! So i have to go in and manually select and view age appropriate milestones. Everything else is okay.

A Google User

Pretty good but a few issues... On samsung galaxy s 1. Doesn't handle change of date and time of an an event in one edit, the while event disappears. 2. The commentary isn't correct, the months assume that there are 4 weeks in a month. My 16 week baby is currently considered 'month 4 week 4' and the commentary talks about him being 18 weeks. 3. Crashes pretty frequently

Jenny Minichiello

It's Ok, BUT... When I click on a growth entry or a note entryto read the note, it changes the date of entry to that current date and time instead of the original time that I wrote it. This is really frustrating. Please fix this

Lisa Pimentel

Newborn App This is easy to use. Love it. Easy to record when baby eats, sleeps, goes to the bathroom and has medicine. You can also add your own tabs , change the time or date and add extra comments for each entry. I would definitely recommend to any new mom or dad on the go. A lot easier than looking for paper and pen to record everything.

A Google User

Awesome baby tracker I wish the font was larger on the height and weight charts or that it would let me zoom in (galaxy nexus phone). The features are plentiful, practical, and easy to use. LOVE IT!

Chris Gray

Nice I would have to say best app so far. Other baby apps are hard to use but this one is great thank you 4 this free app :)

Jacki Harris

LIFE SAVER!! I don't know what I would do without this app. I credit it to my nursing success! With minimal sleep and not being able to remember anything, this app keeps track of everything for me so I know for sure how often he feeds, poops, pees and can notice something wrong just by reviewing the day. Nothing can get past me, and I can worry that much less!

Lianne Gracely

Great before there were ads This app worked great for tracking nursing but all of a sudden there's tons of ads including pop-up videos that randomly start playing in the middle of the night while I'm nursing a sleepy baby! Not a good idea!

David Pascoe

Perfect App Does exactly what we wanted. Tracks everything, easy to use, couldn't live without it. Has taken the stress out of this whole baby thing. 10/10 would recommend. In fact we do, often, to everyone.

Lindsi Boyer

Great but has bugs I love that I don't have to put in specifics, one button and it records that my baby ate/diaper change/etc. I don't need the hassle of putting in how long it took or the amount of milk. There are some bugs/typos/grammar issues that keep this from 5 stars. If you gave a galaxy s5/no physical settings button, just hold your task manager button for about a second to pull up the settings as there is no settings button in the app.

Julia Mei

Been using it since daughter was born. Tried other ones but just not as good as this one.

Misty Cohen

Everything I Needed I've been using this app for 8 mths, since my baby was born. 1 issue was when I go back to view a note, it updates the entry to the current date and time so I created my own tab for my notes. Current issue now is I cannot backup and restore data from old phone to my new phone. I've tried several times, but can't figure it out. Update: I created a bkup on old phone from settings, used a file manager to find the files and email them to myself, then had to move files to backup folder.

Angela Fisette

Inconsistent I used to love it, but then it stayed not saving my information...not helpful

Chrisi Williams

Great tracker My daughter has to have a pretty specific diet or she gets stomach issues and she is breast fed so this app is awesome. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because of the growth chart. It should go by the date the child was measured not when it was entered into the app. If you accidentally click on an entry it changes the date of entry and affects the growth chart. I emailed the developers about it with no response.

helkah velloza

This app is awesome...keeps me on track..

Paul Mascio

15 months later I still use the app to this day. it's very easy to use and input data is easily changed modified or added to. it's great to easily communicate a time line to a doctor or my wife! Tracking sleep up my baby is the least user friendly because not single touch input like the other functions. it requires you to input a lot more data using slide tool and making corrections to specific numbers of minutes. overall a real good app.

A Google User

Really great for new baby This has been excellent for tracking feeds on our new baby, only improvements I would like would be reminders by duration not end time better preset times ie 4 and 6 hours and adjusting existing event times by scroller as reminders are not +/- buttons. Slight bug if you edit existing event time and date wrong way round change is lost. Still brilliantly easy and quick to use.

A Google User

Almost perfect Great app. Only 2 things I would change. When entering birth/growth information you can not put the decimal point where you need. For example my son was 19.75 in at birth but when I try to enter that it defaults to 197.5. Also I wish there was a way to calculate duration between feedings. It tells you how long between last feeding and current time but there is no way to calculate time between each feeding to discover patterns/averages.

A Google User

Just downloaded UPDATE: I READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FOUND WHERE TO INPUT BIRTH INFO! Love it! So far, I love all of the options for breastfeeding tracker! Its great! My only issue is that I can't plug in the birthdate on the growth chart. She is two months old but this app registers her as just born instead. Also an ability to link to Dad's phone would be awesome. This is much easier than writing it down and makes tracking while out easier!

Ashley Engelberger

Fix the bug I loved this app being a first time mom and the first month or so is a blur. Keeping track on here was so much easier than paper. I loved the information on what she should be doing and her development. However the last mo or so it has been skewed. My girl is not even 4 mo but it is giving me info for a 5m1w baby. Please fix this. I loved reading every week. Then would be a 5 star.

A Google User

Simple and nice but reminder issue App is nice and very straight forward to use. I like being able to just click a tab and record results. Another cool feature is the ability to add a custom tab so you can record custom events, for example you could create one for breast feeding, you customize. You can add these on tab settings screen. Only downside to app is sound reminder setting won't save, keeps resetting to silent. I have Xoom tablet with Ice Cream Sand which. Fix the sound issue and I will rate this as 5.

A Google User

Superb Review 1: (June 2012) So helpful! As a new mom I'll completely vouch for it Review 2 (June 2013) And m writing yet another review. Just to emphasise how amazing it is. After almost a year of not using d app I turned to it again to keep track of my lil ones schedule to track his health after an episode of illness. Thanks a ton for this wonderful app... And m back to it all over again 2014

Erin Y

Great app! It's user friendly and not confusing as other apps. I've been using it for one year. The only problem is that the baby growth information is not showing for correct age. Another improvement I am looking for is to make a way to extract the activities, so that I can easily retrieve info from months ago.

A Google User

Essential for a new nursing mother My son is 5 days old and I've found this app indispensable. As a new nursing mom you're supposed to feed every two hours. This app tells me how long it has been since he ate last and even which breast to use! Don't know what I'd do without it.

Sietske Veenman

Love this app!! It gives you all the information, especially needed when you are still in the hospital and the first few weeks as nurses and doctors will harass you for information.... This app does it all! It's so nice to see for yourself how you are progressing as well. One addition I would like: an icon for baby awake/active time.

A Google User

Fantastic for nursing busy mums Been using it for 4 months now and can't get by without it. My memory currently is atrocious! Would be really nice though if the baby growth info didn't skip an entire month of development so that it is now totally out of sync with my little girl's actual age.

A Google User

Very nice Cool and easy to use app. Track nursing times and sides or formula feedings, wet and poopy diapers plus more. Developmental guide for baby's age and customize home screen with your baby's photo! Would like to track baby food feedings which can start around 4-6 months.

Ally Szkapi

I have used this app for 6 months now, started using it when my son was born. My phone broke and I didn't have it for a SHORT while. I was sooooo lost without it. I love that you can track breast feeding and that it keeps track of the different sides and where you left off. It also tracks bottle feeding and amount. Great app. Love the information on the different months for your child.

Sherryl T

Easy Simple app interface. It's nice that you can customize the dashboard. The only downfall is that there is no option for pumping mothers. You can add that, but you won't be able to see stats (i.e. How many times and how much was pumped that day)

A Google User

Great! I've been using this app for 10 days. I can't imagine not having it. My brain is mush and the app remembers it all for me...wet/dirty diapers, what time I last nursed and which side. It also helps me keep track of how much I supplement since I am pumping, too. And all this can be emailed to me so I can show our pediatrician. It's great!

A Google User

Great Baby Ap! I have been using this since my little girl was born and it has provided great piece of mind. The English is crude and the weather feature does not work, but neither affects functionality. I highly recommend this app.

Thais H

Makes tracking so easy! It's a great app, love the fact I can create my own items too. Only wish I could have my husband install it too and we could synchronize with each other. Right now I have to chase him for info when he's with the baby.

A Google User

Amazing app Thank you for creating this,! Makes tracking a breeze. Only issue I'm having is after the update to Ice Cream Sandwich on droid razor maxx, I am getting lines cutting thru the data. Other than this, I love this app. I already sent feedback regarding issue I'm having and uninstall/reinstall didn't fix.

A Google User

Gets the job done Growth chart is broken. Wish there was start and stop functions for eating and sleeping rather than just start and having to calculate duration yourself. Also wish u could share account with two phones for mom n dad. Otherwise works great and has helped track feedings tremendously!

Margaery Tippin

Really useful Great app, been really useful since my daughter was born 3 months ago to keep track of feeds & nappies. Only criticism is it doesn't always let me add in retrospect to the previous day - this is a bit hit & miss.

Jennifer Bonner

Love It! This app is great! I love that you can back-time events, because you can't always pick up your phone to log your feeding when it's 3 am and your newborn is hungry. One thing I would like to see is a default option for pumping that auto calculates on the 24 totals screen. I created a custom icon for pumping to keep track of how much I'm pumping at work vs how much he takes at daycare. Overall, I just wish I had found this app when my oldest was a baby. It has been a life saver!

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