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24 Jun
I Will Die

Posted by Timuz Games in Arcade | June 24, 2016 | 179 Comments

Apk file size: 35.0 MB

I Will Die – A suicide game; Find dump or stupid ways to die.

I Will Die is a FREE platformer game where you play as a character who wants to die! Help him accomplish his mission of suicide. Suicide can be accomplished in many gruesome and dumb ways in this game of dying. Control the ragdoll with simple controls and kill him without using any weapons.

Play "I Will Die" and know that Killing and death has never been so much fun. Learn the story behind his suicide and why he is searching for ways to die. He says he has no reason to live so help him die in as many ways as possible. Help the ragdoll discover new ways to die. As the levels get tougher, it gets harder to kill the ragdoll. How far can you go before you quit?

This game may not be suited to all audiences.


•Dark Funny Twisted Death Themes
•Over 4 worlds and various ways to die
•Accomplish the suicide to proceed to the next level
•Crazy Ragdoll Physics
•Superb Suicide Story line
•Discover newer ways to die

Download and Install "I Will Die" for FREE on the Google Play Store now!

How To Play :

Use the arrows keys to move Left, Right and Jump and die

Whats new

    Version 2.1
    *Improved Game Play
    ** Added more new ways to die.
    **** Minor Bug Fixed.
    Thanks for the support.
    * New 10 Levels added.
    ** Added Leader board and Achievements with Google Game Services .
    ** Ad Setup updated, less ads will show now.
    *** Minor bugs fixed.

Timuz Games part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 24, 2016. Google play rating is 72.6539. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 35.0 MB.

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Mohamad Azizul

Super awsome This games is f**king awsome dudes, i really love this game, but his story kinda sad, but it great. ( warning=under 17 or 18 only)

Morgan Mitchell

Good Its fun until you get to level 9 but I also think its messed up to go around killing yourself just because your girlfriend got shot

Michael Odaniel

Meh..... 2 stars? This format is obviously in the mind of a child. I watched the video- it wasnt compelling. Only downloaded because it seemed "fun". To my dismay, it was horrible. It didn't last very long. No freezes or anything, just seemed.... Off. Anyway, I don't recommend. Unless you want to spend time killing a man repetitively.

John Schiavone

This game is designed for me i awlawys die kn these games but tl win you have to die ???? but how do you get past ql3vel 9

Kevin Kruse

Sad story He didn't mean to kill his wife.?

Les DeWitt

Harsh but OK Pretty sad game. I mean the emotion of course. It was depressing, but not bad. I enjoyed the deaths, as some came as surprise.

Sophie Parry

Awesome for some I'm not really into this kinda stuff because I don't want to oil my life but my friend would. Love that game as she does not like her life and always says that she wants to kill her self. But what I'm trying to say is that this game is good for different types of people so I gave it a 4 star :D

Raine Dunbar

About heart break I love this game this game symbolizes a broken heart. With love what else is there in the World. Not everyone can move on with there lives. As others say (yolo) you only love you only love once just like you only live once in a life time.

Alicia Lopez

Beautiful and understanding I know that this is a suicide game and sad, but I really love it because I have thoughts about it and needed to play this. It's good! I play it all over and over and till I get tired of it, my mom and my brother didn't like it because it was sad and I talked about it. But I didn't care so I kept it and play whenever I WANT to be sad or something, thanks for whoever made this!! Just letting you all know, I DO have depression and I get picked on for everything I do or say, but still...thanks... ♥♥♥♥

Frank Peters

Eh Okay. It's not that bad but I mean, to me it's boring. BUT all I eve do is read so my imagination needs something to think bout Lol. But whoever likes games like simple little cute game this one is awesome. ?

Jonathan A

Awesome but one problem It was so fun and cool and his story was sad. But the problem i had was that the controls didnt work. sometimes while playing because i tried jumping and it didnt work so i had to go all the way up again. Fix this and i would give you guys 6 stars if i could. Anyways cool and sad game. Great gob guys. ?

Sai Raj

Its very very very awesome Its very awesome game this is one of best game friends plz install the game I love this game because he want to die due to his love I like this

Ima Bernal

Pretty Good Kinda lags with the entire tablet, and the pictures in the intro could've use more work, but overall, it isn't a bad game.

Jeff Payne

Good, but repetitive Honestly, it's a neat little puzzle game about, well... dying. It's nothing too revolutionary, but it'll keep you entertained, so it's doing it's job. It can get a little repetitive, and sometimes the touchscreen controls get a bit wonky, but it'll keep you busy for a bit.

Ariel Sayers

Wow Its so so cool because you just have to kill him all the time

Alexander Scalzitti

I will die Loved the music loved the deathpuzzles and want way more levels

Cegan Lubbe

Beautiful Random as this comment might seem, I have to post it. The depth of such a simple game is seriously strange. The music is perfect, the story is cliche yet touching. Great game to play when you hate your life.

Johnny Trevino

Bought the remove ads But every leavel theres a new ad and it usually a vid give me my $1 back love the game but too many ads

A Google User

Startup issue The app encounters an error and force closes. Am unable to play even the first level.

Flynn Meissner

Great game This game in a way shows what it is like to live with depression and it is enjoyable and sad to play good job guys. But anymore levels?

Janie Jones

I love it! I'm addicted and the sad song goes perfectly with the theme .. it's a sad story but makes a good game.

Kisa Mogwai

App yet adds kinda annoying The adds arent that bad but i just started playing and 3 ads right away

Iancovici Dragan

Its ok but..... I dont think its suitable for any ages, cause some ppl might be weak of heart, and if they lost someone they love, they might consider killing themselfes.....try to make another theme for ur puzzle, cause this one is disturbing at a psichological level and it brings u down , i myself remembered about a recent break up and start feeling sad while playing......

avallon graham-smith

What the f*ck Why would you create a game that glorifies sucide, this is sad and horrible. Whoever came up with this disgusts me, sucide is NOT funny, and sure as f*ck isnt a game or joke. Plus, the game is cheesy and graphics suck!

Andrea Maynard

Not even close. The game is origionally played on a computer. The levels are too easy and could have a little more graphic detail. The way he jumps and moves. .. just fix the [email protected] app

Eric Mark

Lol Ahahah in the town I live in a guy shot himself in the head cas his girlfriend left him any way good game!!!!

Amber Wallace

I like the game, but your summary is sexist. That's the only reason I'm giving it a low rating.

Erica Yoon

This f@#!$%? This +++++++ game is so stupid!!! Its so sappy and idiotic. The game controls are so freaking slow! Dont waste your time on this STUPID piece of #@&$

Henry Hubbard

I don't need a game notifying me at eleven pm! Or at all! There's no excuse for it. Your game isn't anywhere near good enough for that nonsense. Shameful.

siddhant goenka

Very good game The story is sad but its is very nice game only 17+only

Alysia Norales

Umm... I'm 13 and I don't get why this was rated high maturity then the jump button doesn't work so I can't beat certain levels as in any level that require jumping so I deleted the game :\

Dan Greenhalgh

Story isn't all that, gameplay not too great either. Good enough to get that ad revenue though, I suppose

Daniel Leight

I bought the no ad version but yet there's still ads, please fix. And also when press jump it doesn't work most of the time.

Mike Max

I will live This game is riged. Why did the guy come back when he's died¿ The game won't let me beet level 5

Durell Jardim

It isn't fun. This seemed fun but it's not its just bland make it more exctiting

Megan Keller

The game is great but... Most of the time when I open it it freezes at the add and I can't close it. The same happens sometimes after a level and I can't click anything. Can you please fix this? I love the game otherwise.

Mikayla Mcneil

Awesome The story was depressing. But I loved the suicides

Ryan Subang

Neither love nor hate it. It's simple and gets me to smirk here and there. In the roman days, i'd give it the middle thumb. ||||-

Diego Ornelas

Great Very depressing game however there is no shame if you loose

Carmin Colacci

Interesting Its a game that definitely is an escape and it makes you feel like we must journey through differnt tasks some easy, some hard to find that life ends by our own hand in order to find peace. Interesting concept though the controls could be just a tad bit more better. love the animation on the tie and I would spell check the story in the beginning if i were you but all in all a game for those dark minded people like myself not many like this well done. Don't stop improving


Constantly getting stuck on floor, bad game concept. When I walk I get pulled back's very annoying. Also the concept of the game isn't really appealing to me.

Eric Haslam

The controls are buggy and the "puzzles" are far too simple.

Awesome Dude

Sad Just sad don't get unless your a gloomy person

Daphne Martinez

I love it Even tho its a dying game it was just wow just for love :( but still it was fun I guess

Kimberly pacheco

How do you go to the next world

Semaj Cross

Alright Pretty straight forward but an ok story line

Brett Stevens

This game is terrible Enjoy your time playing it

Rohit Sharma

Nyc game bt music is awesome...

william Aqui

WHAT IS THE POINT? Why do the graphics and the controls suck, and why does story have to be this?I MEAN REALLY?

Điệp Dương Đức

Honestly, i must say that it is the most pointless game i ve played, nothing challenging, all u do is walk!? Bad physic system. However, thank u for your humanely message, dev

Wass ED.Cerzex

Nice App Nice App but not suitable for short minded people fun

Putu Adnyana

Morbid but fun

Jordan Haney

10/10 Just beat it today and thought it was a really great game enless your against dying just get rid of the ads first and get more levels

Jacob Starr

Awesome Funny and chaining

Jonathan Montez

Cool game Every time I here the song I feel like I'm going to cry

Malana Barberan Reyes

Awesome I love it because it has different stages

Bobby Murphy

Great game But to many ads

Blake Nye

Lag Walk buttons don't work right

Ghulam Muhammad

I will die Seemzs like I will die

Alejandro Trizio

sad dang it really made me sad

James Adams

This games sucks

Death Slayer

Awsome So bloody means so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmad Alhamed

Its very bad game

Caleb Mattingly

Its ok Releases stress

Aaron Wry

Ads everywhere

Shelley Olson

Liked it Until the latest update deleted all my progress.

sam b

Gr8 so far. The game is really cool, so far it's just my type of dark humor. It helps numb away my depression wen im playing this also. Great app so far. Keep updating more levels.?? ??? lmao jk

Alexis Ramirez

It fun I have a dark sense of humor and I think this game is fun but...I hate the ads I enter a level and I as soon as I'm done theres an add. Other than that the games cool

Sanyeo Music

This gane is great to pass the time! Great puzzles. Once I figured out how to do it I thought:"WOW Im an idiot!" And also I found a cool glitch that if your stuck and cant gwt out of a hole or just want to climb walls. You just walk up to a wall and while holding the forward button atart jumping as fast as you can and youll slowly go up the wall. And once again...GREAT GAME!

Tessa Marie

Amazing!! I love this game. It's so sad it gave me chills, but I relate so much! This games makes me think of me if Savanaha ever died. I wouldn't be able to survive!! I love her. I love this game.

Lorelei Watson

The premise is okay.. but the game mechanics are laggy and inconsistent, it feels like there is nothing compelling me to WANT to keep playing. I also think the game could benefit from some variation in music between levels/loading screens/etc..

Radio Active

Why do I bother Ok so I can't get past the 1st world when I finish it it just asks me to rate and I did but it wont let me go to world 2... And the amount of adds every 3 craps and a 15sec ad pops up... So this game should do what is based around and kill itself

Maiken Clausen

Fix the laggy controls. Stop constantly asking me to connect with Google Play. Play less ads. Remove the G+ counter from on top of the pause button. Do you want me to keep going?

Brandon Eaton

Meh I was forced to watch 1 30sec ad, after every single level, paired with being asked to rate the game after every level. Controls suck. And guy walks super slow. The ads and constant being asked to rate is super annoying. I watched 15 ads in a 5 min period of gameplay. Really? Then it says next level, but you have to manually swipe through till you get to a current level. And I've realized, take long enough. Boom another ad! This is ridiculous. Didn't make it through 12 levels before deleting the game. ?

karl morgan

Far too many ads I know we should be thankful for devs to provide free apps supported by ads, but I'm spending more time watching the ads than playing the game. Overkill, really to have a 25-30 sec ad after every level.

LB Animations

TERRIBLE Crap animations, level design, bland, too many adds. I could make a better game with my foot.

Ama Rose

Entertaining but glitchy and short This game has potential. I found it entertaining however also frustrating as I'd know what I had to do but the buttons did not always work. The guy would not always jump when I hit the button and other times he'd stop walking for no reason. Needs more levels and glitches fixed.

Ellysa Rick

It's ok The only thing I don't really like about it is when adds always randomly pop up its kinda annoying

Da Pedo-bear Ze Geek

Awesome and hilarious Its so funny because you just die to win it was sad at first but still it's awesome?

Cullen Dobbins

Stupid and boring Kinda sad and depressing and very unrealistic

Pete Stanley

Ads, ads & more ads..... Full screen,30 second advert before I even get to play the first level. First level takes 4-5 seconds then the next 30 second advert. Level 2 takes 7 - 8 seconds then the next 30 second ad. Delete and make note of developers name, so as not to install anything else from their stable.

Matthew Young

Worst game ever It sucks i dont want to just walk into something and kill myself most retarded concept ever totally waste of space and time


I would probably give this game a better rating if I could actually use the controls properly. I can't get past level 10 at all because the controls don't recognize my fingers at all. :/ I don't know if that's part of the game but man.

britta brady-mize

This is a sad and funny game I hope this didn't really happen to you though

Miguel Picasso

I will die A man kills his self after his girl dies in front of him and hes the one who kill her

Base Progression

Fun but I've never seen so many ads Couldn't play because every couple seconds there was a new full screen ad.

Mary Squires

Can't get past world three level 1 There is no way to get past the platform to the ball without it falling and it needs to be up for the ball to get to the button makes me very frustrated

Andrew Sims

Illuminati The song you get when yoh die is the same as the illuminati song illuminati confirmed but still good for a game

Jason Grandlund

That sucks never get in your life It sucks so bad I want to throw my phone across the room I hate so much never never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get it in your life it sucks

Beefy Bridges

Waste of time Unskipable 30 second ads before you play, when you do the controls are dreadful and glitchy. Literally the only good thing was the song.

Brandon Stone

Why would you create a game about killing your self life is precious and it could people suicidal thoughts I didn't even down load it

alexa aguilar

I love it but I want to unlock all the world's And I don't know how to unlock the world's so I will erase the game because I don't know how to unlock the world's so I will erase it

Jayden Carpenter

Cool but gory Gore gore and death good warning though

Eddy Lunt

I loved it because the story at the start I cried my eyes out it was so sad I feel sorry for him 0—(::: I loved it

Alex Maskell

Packed with ads Pretty much unplayable due to ad spam. Uninteresting game play.

Gabe Onigkeit

Thought it would be cooler It's boring I thought you could control the wepons but you just walk around and push buttons

andre of300

This is sad I don't want to die

Kourtney Simpson

I will die Best killing simulator Game Ever! I especially like the ghost that comes out of your body when you die!!

mcps3burgergamer extreme

What in th world This game is crazy. Why in the world would someone make a game like this. like why not make a game about being a tarorist. What type of sick preson makes a game all about ways to kill yourself? We're about to have Donald Trump as a president and now this. Why not put a loaded gun in a 2 year olds hands. So if you are reading this coment pleas do not play this game. Also do me another favor if you are the person who made this game pleas seek mental help emedietly

Johanssons Combs

Nice way to die I will choose one of the way,i love this game,i give full credit who involved and made this wonderful game?

Logan Sweeney

Worst game ever! I can't even go to a level without an ad popping up or move out and add popping up this is the most stupid game ever and if the Creator can either take this game off or reduce the ad amount.

martin hulahup

Awersome logic game ! Kind a dark but the story had sance and playing was fun !

Melvin Soto

Awesome game This game is so easy you gust have to die.

Jayden Kelley

I love this!! I love this because when you die it dose the lmg sad song

Roddex Barlow

Good games Perfect graphics awesome cenes and its a good game

jasmeet kaur

Loved it Music is sad.But best game I ever played .

Tom Cossuto

Too many ads. Stupid. Mildly amusing game play. The ads and terrible grammer ruin anything good about it.

Aiman H

☺☺☺ This game reminds me when my cousin dead because he loves his wife.., its cool game .... One question the game have to many ads..

MR music

Boring!!!!!!! So boring sadest backstory ever and depressing music and bad puzzles a three year old could figre this out

Wendy Lovegrove

I would give this game more stars but .... This game seems ok.... but with the ads being too frequent they crash the game on my phone..... as for the idiots that say this game is depressing and disturbing read the description it is a suiside game.... also for the child that lost his mom that posted below .... if you lost your mom 5 years ago when you where 4 that that would make you 9 and it's a 17+ game ...

David Peck

What It's just insulting why do people make it too where you try to kill yourself like no it's just insulting who would make a game like this just no no one likes a insulting game. If you are truly emo then you would agree

Dominique Bradley

Need realistic animations I'm not a doctor or anything but I'm sure you don't expolde when you jump into a pool of fire.

Connor O'malley

No I don't want to rate so I give you a 1 star


Decent I like the concept of the game. It doesn't quite live up to what I thought it would be, but it's still fun to play.

Rocky Austria

I Will Die It's awesome and it's solves a way the man dies.

Antonio Tolbert

So sad This game is so sad who would ever make this game this game makes me think of my mom and she died when I was 4 and it only been 5 yrs this game is just sad.

Jonathan Bernal

It grat came of Jonathan cindave of

Sad Cumling

Laggy and slow

Zachary Cavanaugh

Impossible ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fock it I'm done

Froedge bear17

Bad This is the worst game ever I do not like it it is way to easy bad graphics and dumb but one thing I like about it is the controls they are simple

prashanth kannan

Deadly fun Don't reveal this game to kids, its very deadly with some fun.

wisnu hadi Green

Add sensitivity in setting, I like the blood, and how the people die, but please add sensitivity in setting then I'll give 5 stars

Jamal Kamal

great game this game quit scary on nghit but is great game the blood just bad good game enjoy the game jelly kwebbelkop slogoman

Christopher Soetebeer

Good game but a little sad Depression is serious and not funny

Cassandra L

My second name is kill I kill everting

Robert Sherrity

It fits me personally Great game and

Alif Ruiz

It's sad because when I play this game, I liked Sad and cool

not your profile

Controls The game its self is good but the controls aren't that good and they really frustrate me please fix this

Serenity Ventura

Awesome It's been a long time since I have play this game

wolf boY

Hi It is a very good game but the levels ar to esy

Annabella Kerr-wakeham

Its ok but dont you think it should have better graphics

Christopher Ward

Funny but i don't know why probably i have a dark sense of humor just needs character customization

Zain Tariq

Awsomeeeee This game was soooooooo fun and gory this is the best game ever

Tyler DiGiovanni

Computer version is better The controls on the app are laggy and there are too many adds. The PC version of this game is much better

hailey armstrong

Yeess My life goal to die now this game will help me

Aksell Villasenor

Cool So sad for the man

Dylan Holmes

Won't Open Stupid game won't even open on my phone


Wrong Look, games ate able to go over the topic of suicide. But it has to be serious... This is just a platformed to try kill yourself.

steve chacon

Cool game!!! This game is awesome!!!!!! It makes me want to kill myself in real life!! They of to make this game for PlayStation.

Ramon Anchondo

Funny Funniest game I have played

CCCyricGamer 1

Nice Hey bro maybe your phone was just weak dummmmb Xx

Mike Kean

Very unpolished Seems like a flash game that is still being polished. Lots of jitter, and sprite gets stuck on walls.

princess aurora Aurora

love,emotional,then crying I love this this game very much.hearing the song I cry.

Deceived very broken And depresded

Death is what I want Not gonna be hurting anymore

Bhagwat Singh Negi

Not undrstng how to open new levels !!!

HugH Peoples

It's Fu#%ing stupid I can't even play it and I agree with that person that said everything was horrible

kittystarfire rulez

Its amazing and saddening but still amazing

Stripelord Steve

Shitty controls The games controls are absolutely terrible, he does not instantly respond to you all the time and constantly, in air or just walking, stops for a split second completely ruining any actions that require quick time or just jumping over a gap, and its not even satisfying to get to the end

Ayla Vandenberg

It could be better.... I mean I idea of the game is cool and all. Also it works really well. But it crashes a lot. And it get kinda annoying. Unless you like a crashing game don't get it.

ab ab

Uninstalled All levels are really easy, there aint no good character physics, the music is a horrible violin loop, that restarts every level which is so annoying, no death animations (except a few), the level selection is retarded, but, this could be a better game afterall, if you actually wouldve put some effort into it

Daisy Mowle

WTF BRUH a add popped up and took me to a website when i clicked it by mistake and now i have a virus on my tablet and the grahpics look crappy and it seems the game was made by a deppressed six year old if i could give it zero stars i would

Mike Lightfoot

Lame game ever made This game wouldn't wow thank for waste of space

Lara Verenice Martinez

Concept-wise: 5star. Design: 1 star The concept of this game is nice. But graphic design? 0. I hope you guys can improve the design. And also I've seen a lot of bugs. So I'm giving this a 3.

Blayke Newling

The character has aids The character can't move properly. Its a good game just the controls are a bit bad

Ali Abbas

Worst The worst game I have ever played no concept nothing at all hated this

Kael O'Connell

ADS As soon as I got on to the game a ad came up take advice don't download this game

lakshay mangla

This game is a totally waste of time don't download it otherwise you will be angry on yourself

Gabe Thomson

Ok When ever I jump I get stuck and glitch but not bad one I say well they made a game

Best_ Savage

This game makes no sense it's stupid and the controls are terrible

Paul Cuell

I open it and its a black screen. 3 secs later it closes

bluetown 713

Crashes Most of the time the game crashes and sometimes when I get an ad it crashes

little duckie

This game is horible I wouldn't wipe my ass with this game

CarBlack 9

Way too buggy This game doesnt even work properly on a samsung galaxy s7 and the character walks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow and i think thats why i hate this game after about a min of game time

Aaron Burk

Great game It's sad but has a great storyline

Gauthami Rao

The game does not open The game does not open how much ever time i try so please fix this problem

Karen Harding

Grafics Rubbish grafics fix them

Matt Shumard

How do you unlock the second and third level I mean come on

pickle 217

Wtf I go in and then it takes me back to the home page wtf fix plz

Aidan Leaver

Good It's good, but it won't let me do world 2

Hussein Assi

Er ynta3kon Kess e5tkon 3a e5t half lee3be l m2ayra

Sage Burris

Killing oneself Its a good game.

Geran King

I will die Awesome

All Day Gamer

Best game It is nice but do not put the sad music

Erich Mayer

Ok Glitchy and not creative enough

Calisto Cleaver

Get some physics At least make the avatar more realistic

Samantha Curtis

Sad story about it for herself She got shot noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Cruise Lister

It is depressing as he'll

Damian Gil

Love it You commit suicide like nothing which is awesome

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