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22 Nov
HyperSpace Δ

Posted by Early Melon in Arcade | Nov. 22, 2015 | 136 Comments

Apk file size: 29.0 MB

Travel in hyperspace, and avoid deadly geometry ! Well, that's the basic concept... But there is more :

We're using the gyroscope as a camera and ship movement, it is like having an open window to the game, really immersive and a Blast to play !

Because we believe in space–time continuum, we created the warp drive booster which feels like space dilate with speed. You should better try this out !

The trippy music and the retro neon graphics might reminds you of retro games like F-zero, Wipeout, Boson x, Speed X 3D or Star Fox...

Of course, there is a leaderBoard (global and daily), can't wait to see how far you guys can go.

Features :

- Over 30 avoidable and colorful patterns
- 3d awesomness
- Hyper fast motion gameplay
- Retro inspired music
- Daily and Global LeaderBoards
- Clean user interface

And it's free by the way.

Whats new

    - Fixed few bugs

Early Melon part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 22, 2015. Google play rating is 79.4046. Current verison is 1.7. Actual size 29.0 MB.

Download hyperspace-d.apk 29.0 MB


Jason Kahts

Great, but one complaint... Amazing game, but the ship should really centre to where you're holding it, I don't see why we're forced to choose between the two presets.

Faith Faisan

Great but.... I think u need to add a BREAK for the player to enjoy it more because it only flew continously..i will give 5 if this will be better..

Iain McMillan

Nice game! Lots of fun! The controls are a little hard at first - I'll need to practice a lot! The ad placement is annoying though.

Jon Foerch

Surprisingly Good! I'm pretty addicted to this game, now. It's really fun to play in the car because it adds to the shaky effect. I only wish you could adjust it so that you could play it completely horizontal or vertical or whatever angle is comfortable to you. Only complaint. The game is fantastic otherwise!!

Alex Ware

Pros and Cons Pros: No ads!!! Fast, good graphics, simple yet interesting gmaeplay Cons: No customization, lag spikes(RARELY), and SOMEtimes the ship glitches past when you barely tap the side of a cube


It's great! My only problem is that there's no tutorial, so the only way to learn the controls is thru failing quite a bit but other then that it's a great game!

Max Seabrook

Awesome game! An improvement could be so that you can see your score after you crash. At the moment it only shows you your score if you make a new record. Cheers for the game! Its awesome!

Willem-Herman Liebenberg

Lots of fun Really fun once you get the hang if it. Ads are a bit annoying though.

Gospel Mpieri

It's cool I like the tilting and that there's no levels cool

GR Sheely

Great game thanks. I like because its not easy.

Frank Merriman

Just... Yes Amazing game.Fullstop. No lag and let's one relive dreams of flying a x-wing through the death star. 10/Space Ships

Nick Lahr

Awesome game, I'd give it 5 stars if it let you adjust the gyroscope.

Braden Greer

Love it This game is so fun if you want to waste time

Rihwanul Lukman

NEXT UPDATE!!! I will give 5 star if you can caliberate the control

Matthew Trowell

Great game It's reaĺly good but I would like a vs mode

Sun Rise

Nice! Simple to play: you don't even have to touch the screen! I just notice one problem: even when I do a new high score, the game insists to tell me that my best is 528...

Vahid Karegar

The UI is a little poor, and can be better in next updates.

Curtis R

Could use improvements It could use an easy/medium/hard difficulty setting, because as it is, it flies a little too fast for me. Still pretty fun though, it's like futuristic cube runner.

stupid duck

Outstanding game(few changes) It got me gripted as soon as I stated playing. Only one or two changes. Firstly make different modes for example campaign. Secondly have a payment to remove ads at least(benefits you more). Then perfection

Frankie Pinedo

AWSOME Super fun game but the only thing bad is the music i wanna hear somthing that doeant get me tired i know some people are gonna say just to turn off the volume but i wanna hear some like techno or dubstep or rock somthing but not somthing that sounds like elevator music


Touch controls. The best games never have touch controls..

John Clark

Addictive The way you intro this game is really confusing but when you get a good streak going, it feels very rewarding

Andrei Lorenzo

Enjoyable! Really great game. It makes me relaxed and it wipes all my stress

Nahom Daniel

Great This game never gets boring I would almost never delete it

Simon Mitchell-innes

Amazing Controls are a bit of but still its a grate game

Fagaras Robert

Great game but there are some improvments that can be made The game is pretty catchy and fun as well but more songs should be added into the game and also some skins would make the game better i think.

Justin Sanchez

Great. ., but Great game and concept, to keep the gamers' interests then add a reward system maybe customizable ship

niranjan .a

The most awesome game This is thebest game I ever had in my mobile and it feels awesome while playing it and it is thebest game that every one should play

Melinda Capazzi

Hyperspace Awesome, but I need practice.

Archabul Santigo

Almost Perfect Really fun game and really cool. Betyer than any other block flying game i have played to date. Would be better if u made different player skins.

Artemedorius Ohachi

This is a sweet game This game is so cool and it is fun to play with. The gameplay and the writing that went into this is profesionaly done and it is a steal offering it for free and i am surprise myself that its free.

Zero Flaze

Perfect As a time passing game its fun and perfect but if you want more you need power ups and a costumization

Robert A Drummond

Good but bad bug It still sometimes plays the music when you're off the game fix and five star

Jonas X

AWESOME Thus game is SO immersive, SO addicting, and SOOOO fun!

Siebe Sysmans

Phone angle annoying The default phone angle for the aircraft's vertical axis is annoying and can't be changed.

Katie Vick

Every other time you die there's an ad

Marco Guzman

Hard But addicting (That's what she said)

Osama Ali

Awesome Game Needs too much attention

Leif LaFrance

Ads!!!! I love the game but I think that you shouldn't have so many ads because right when I was beating my score up popped an ad!

kolya_ _retard

Very nice game Funny timekiller and highscorer

Clive Jnr Kema

So difficult This is like the best game ever

SK ninethousand

Perfect for Oculus Rift. Please, try to get in talks with Oculus to put the game on Rift. Really fun to play. Please fix the disappearing high scores.

Dj Ehsan

I cant send my score! It delete my high score every time.

Gabriel Bresnahan

Sucks I would do 0 stars if they had it.Make it were you can touch the screen. It just plain out bad.I would rather die than play it make better games.

Anthony Garza

Fun game but... The high scores reset after you close the app and I also don't like that your forced to play in a certain position. fix this then I'll give 5-stars

Ryan Carmichael

Good game. Needs an exit button that saves my best score!!!!! I have to crash the app to close it and that loses my high score.

Sean Courtney

Love it, but one problem I can't send my scores. Every time I try, the game crashes. Please fix

David Chen

Great This game is overall great, the music, the epicness, the stage is amazing, however if you're able to save the high score that would be far off better.

Salman Hasib

Screen Why do I have to tap the screen to prevent the phone from going to sleep? Seems like a very basic application feature that's missing. Disappointing.

Ashutosh Raigar

Awesome game but can't send scores Definitely a game worth playing but the game crashes anytime I send my scores. Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon.

Tyler Morgan

It could be better If the game allowed us to manually set the calibration for the position of the ship, it'd be a lot better. I don't want to have to sit up every time i wanna play

Kyle Sears

Love it I love the game but I would love it more if it would ask me to share my score rather than after every time I play it goes straight to me sharing my score.

Key Childs

Poop wish there was a 0 I would rather poop then eat it then poop again I wish I never seen this crap

Ameer Ali

Everyday I could play this game allday long and everyday

kushal parakala

Sucks Screen turns off during the play

Jared McClymonds

One big problem Your personal high score resets every time you close the app

Tristan Alder - Goad

Good game. Very addicting. Its just that I cant share my scores and whenever I try the game just crashes and I have to wait for like five minutes before I can continue playing.

PJ Bosman

Its cool but... I would rate it 5 stars if you could fly manually with a control. If you could select tilt or manually

samuel peter

It's a little hard It's hard and confusing to controll

Jackson West

Crashes when I put in my name

Sully Riebeling

Total Crap Stirring is bad and the game shuts down

miner Quarantedeuxtrentesix

The simplest games are always the most addictive ones... :D (At first I said 5/5, great.) Alright, edit time. Keeps spamming adds and is all about luck, about how doable the field you get is. -1. Also I met a wall. Fullscreen. Wtf? -1. Edit again: Ok, now it's just too much. Keep meeting full-screen walls you can't go through. Just so frustrating. 2stars now... I keep playing though ^^

Andrew Love

Good concept, but orientation is a bit off, really needs better calibration system. Ads really burdensome, as if they are delayed just enough that you tap them when trying to play again. Also randomisation often places obstacles that are unavoidable after prior obstacle and the flat colors make avoidance even more problematic. With a bit of work I would rate it higher, but for now...

Chloe Wenzel

Really fun! I thought this game would be really hard but it's actually not! It's really fun once you get used to it. It's fast and a little intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it it's really fun to maneuver. Best part is the reactions to if you touch something slightly are not hypersensitive so you don't die every 5 secs. Ads are a little annoying but overall fun!

Kartikeya Upasani

Amazing experience. Gameplay is great and the accelerometer control is intuitive. Would have been better if there were three lives or something. It's annoying to restart every time you hit something.

Liner Pin

Screen orientation can be a little annoying, especially upon changing position but other than that, its a really fun and addictive game.

Yogesh Suthar

Nice game but some changes are needed First, when game starts it should give some time before any obstacles comes and hit and second, speed should be slow when game is started and then increase speed with distance traveled

Alexander Beta

Amazing Sensitivity settings would be nice, as well as a calibrate button, but other than that, this is an amazing game!!! Love it!

linir rali

Very nice and fun game, needs some improvement, but ill still put 5 stars. Very fun game. Should add an option to reset the screen rotation for when you lie down or something, ao you dont always have to play it when you sit. Also, should add a coin system and put random coins at random places and make a skin shop where you can purchase skins with the coins you collect. Maybe some effects too. Good game basically. Well done

Dominic Wood

The perfect game This game got a lot of people talking to me and it has no bugs and it it so amazing and so fun, i play It every single day LITERALLY :)

Behind TheWall

let us change alignment/sensitivity really fun, but I wish I could change the alignment. as is, I have to hold it almost horizontal, and bend my neck to look down at the screen. and I want to change the sensitivity, as is moving near the edges means rotating the phone so far I can hardly see the screen. these 2 changes would make it worth 5 stars


Really like this game, you should really add .99 cents option in game to remove adds they are really annoying. Other than that pretty much perfect. Love controls

Rohan R

Good idea but there should be some other way you can control your space ship the current settings are just bullshit

Rorschach's Journal

Really cool! The only way you can make this game cooler is to have the ship be the Millennium Falcon.

Harsh Dulani

Its awesome but has 2 flaws that really annoy Every time i die, i have to click on the top left button to start again which is really tiresome and annoying. You should also give me the option to calibrate the sensor because nobody holds the phone vertically, there is always an incline. If it weren't for these two points this game is perfect. Cheers :)

Wincy Tsang

Quite addictive but could be better. For arcade game like this one, calibration is a must. The plane's movement isn't instant in my tablet too.

Evan Branch

Awsome but for some reason when it takes me to the menu my screen goes black

Ajay Davis

Great idea, but it needs a calibration option so that it can be played in a greater variety positions.

Gregor Niven

Ads Ads AAADDDSSS!!!!!! Way to many ads its like you play one round and then it goes "oh, go buy this game." Just way to much ads.

Alejandre Vinci Carreras

Addictive game. So fun to play with. I love this game. Somehow, there are annoying ads.

Brandon Price

Lots of potential, but misses the mark This is totally my type of game, simple and addictive, but the controls and camera angles are just weird enough to ruin the gameplay. I also think this game would be better played in landscape orientation.

ashish dubey

My new favorite Awesome game, takes a while to make your grip on the controls. Few suggestions: maybe have a tutorial or an increasing level of difficulty initially in the game. Also sometimes my game restarted after the game over without the play again menu. Overall loved it though.

Conner Bradley

Super fun and addictive game Great and hard game but not rage quit hard just over all entertaining


to many ads.!!! im fine with ones in the wild bit this is a deel bracer

The Mystic Fox

Challenging, fun and addicting I'd definitely recommend downloading this game

Marcus King

This game is a lot of fun but the ads frustrate me so much, and the worst bit is, there's no option to pay to remove them. I would happily buy this game for a dollar or two, if it didn't have ads...

Matthew Martinez

Weird Hey guys I'm a little bit more than happy about it

N hoss

Worst Game is fun, but gives you too much ads. Every time I lose, it transfers me to play store directly. After that you have to go back to app again if you want to play again. It's the worst, don't download it!

Kathryn Estes

Super fun but annoying ads It's really addictive but the ads pop up when you're about to tap and trick you into clicking them

Noel Muniz

Best addictive game I've ever played It's fun it's addictive and they're somewhat of a virtual reality to it once you get used to how to control the ship you'll fall in love 5 stars I only wish there were different ships that you can pick

Brian L

Good analog response, but.... desperately needs scaling/DoA adjustment. Would have been fun otherwise! Forced upload of score also annoying. Uninstalled by reboot.

Mahvish Gasim

Really cool Really addictive its is my new fav game ever

michid micki

Good game Really adicting unless nice desine and look love it

Matthew Varona

Addictive! Can't stop playing.

Jeffrey Arroyave

Pretty good Nice music, nice design. Simple and fun

Hunter Dixon

Fun It is really cool and I'm addicted

Naresh Ugaonkar

Not work since last update

Riley Malott

I really like the game Theres a lot of really nice ingenuity and thought that was put into this game and its fun and semi-addictive to play just to beat that last highest score.

yojit sharma

Great concept but controls Comtroling is difficult anf that could be done better...much more could b done in the game

Ilias Korifidis

I cannot enter a name after losing. Once I submit my name, the app crashes.

Jaime Ochoa

Awesome Been looking for a game that stays challenging and doesnt bore withing the 1st few minutes. Great job developers

Johnny Fom

Great game but lacks a lot of things. If there were enemies you could shoot down it would be a much better game. There should also be power ups and achievements too. Different arenas would also go a long way in this game. And why dont my high scores get saved . i also cant pause the game while fkying it makes me restart. Hope you consider these suggestions.

Nicole Swift

Challenging and addicting This game is awesome its really challenging and I haven't found any bugs I love this. The adds are wiiye annoying but i get use to them this is really hard to do, yet i find myself keep trying I would recommend this to people who love challenges I'm going to be keeping this app for a while love this.

Janith Wijekoon

A fun way to kill time I really enjoyed the game. And I love how there is a certain level of skill you need to develop in order to last more than 10 seconds in it. However, I really wish you could make the player's spaceship customisable. Add that feature and I would give it 5 stars.

grey alien

Please dont make another app Ok i assume you developers were crazy drunk and high on meth when you idiots made this so called game. Simply making this app free is still an insult

joshua paulaau

DUDE Man this game is awesome. Lol. Once you learn the controls, it's super fun. Controls were pretty tricky at first but it's definitely worth the try

Mary-Ann Leshaj

Im only writing this so it will stop asking me to rate it but it is a good game

Biswajit Dash

Addictive One of the awesome game I ever played. Feeling like I have steering in my hand and I am flying :)

Jason Cortez

Cool It's cool but i think it would be better if you could play it sideways ......

T.J Cameroon

Meh At first I was like this is crap. Then I played more and started to like it, except for all the ads

Jeremy Fenech

Fantastic game, very challenging but rewarding if you can get it right. 10/10 would rage quit again

Robert Schmidt-Cisternas

Great idea! Tilt controls take some getting used to.

Matilda Sollitt

Addiction Driving me crazy I told my friends about it and now we r trying to beat each other's scores


LOVE IT It is the only game I ever play on my phone it is so fun the way it is and I love the controls it is fine the way it is

Luis Gutierrez

Bruh dis game is trippy but fun ? Best thing ever

SMA Khan

Fantastic Very very interesting game i ve ever played it's so simple but really interesting then other which have a heavy graphics

Hunter Wiehe

Ok The not being able to reorient the gyro scope depending phone postion is bad.

Richard Craig

Was hoping for better. The controls are very jittery and seem to work off the accelerometer rather than the gyro due to the sluggishness. Also, what in the heck is that music? It sounds like just random notes put to a beat.

Michael Fenske

Great! Admin please read Shooting would help this game immensely, maybe put a star on all of the blocks you can desintegrate then you can have walls as blockaids or something.

Eric Melhado

Fun and a great time passer Vary well done and handles great with my LG g3 nice work

Michael Earley

Fathom ex Its fun. Hope there will be something like this in the future in real life. Near future I hope. Maybe add a function where time slows down where you can move through more complex space in slow motion.

Ectoplasm Entertainment

The Best app to wait for things on!! Guys you did such a good app!!! It's so well made it doesn't even lag once on this super crappy jellybean that I have!!! And it's even motion sense! One quick problem is that you try to hit the play button when you die and ads pop up right there and it sends you to the page. All I'm asking is that you put an ad incoming thing so I don't accidentally click it. But after all, this might actually be the first app I remove adds on its so good!!! Here's a suggestion: put some type of currency to collect (how about Scrap Metal) and add a ship forge to make ships with skins! 。^‿^。Thank you so much.

useless potato

THIS IS AMAZING I love this game so much!! It really stands out compared to other games with similar goals (get highest score). Plus the graphics are great and the idea of it is great

Cee J.

Really bad control It has a great concept and graphics. But the controls are to sensitive, making it extremely difficult to dodge. The game really need some better calibration.

John Anderson

Fun but not much to it I wish there was some customization to it! And also as everyone else says the calibration can sometimes be a bit weird. Still really fun anyways!

Eric Miller

Sometimes This is by all means not a reason not to get this game BUT... ocassionaly you'll be doing really good and then due to third person view a passed block will obstruct your view JUST long enough to screw you up. This can be easily fixed. So please do.

Connor Browne

the description says this uses "time dilation" so I thought it would be unique to all the other tunnel games, but a look at the video and short playtime reveals that that isn't true. blocks getting longer as you progress is not time dilation. the camera angle changing with the ship's position is a cool idea, but unwieldy when combined with the use of the gyroscope.

Michelle Hines

Yas Man it's hard but that's what I like about it!!! I wish it would be slow and then speed up for those who aren't that good. Otherwise it's a fantastic game

Arlin French

Decent game It's a good idea but lacks proper calibration options. For instance, it would be a great option to play sideways or tweak your calibration if you don't want to hold your phone the way it tells you to

jesus salinas

Fun and frustrations= Challening. I downloaded this app and next thing you know my nephew's are downloading it. Recommended


Great but... Great game. Really! But, too many ads and no option for a paid version to own a clean game. Pity. Uninstall.

Trenton Henderson


Sonjay Lake

Too many ads and Trash There are ads every time you die. You try to press the replay button and one is there and you accidentally click it. Its so annoying. Not even a fun game just good mechanics

Thread Banger

The calibration system is bad. The calibration system is really bad but other than that the game is awesome but without a better calibration system the game doesn't worth it.

Nathan Canada

Good, needs some work though. Great idea and fun as hell. But needs some work. I would like to see these improvements. 1. The ability to make the screen horizontal. 2. Ability to set the angle of which you play. 3. Quick respawn on death screen.

Jorge Lara

Good but somethings wrong Good game and addicting but the ads are annoying please fix. until then im only giving 3 stars

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