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20 Jan

Posted by Limex Games in Strategy | Jan. 20, 2014 | 91 Comments

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OFFICIAL GAME RELEASE from Limex Games. New content coming soon!

After billions of years, the universe is getting overcrowded. Many races, including Terrans, have to leave their home galaxies to explore the space and compete for valuable resources. Growing conflicts eventually lead to the unavoidable outbreak of intergalactic war...

Hyperpath is a fast thinking strategy game, with amazing graphics in unique style. Take on the role of the commander and go to a battle with unknown races from distant corners of the universe. Develop skills of your fleet and lead your army to the victory. There is only one place on the podium.

Limex Games part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 20, 2014. Google play rating is 84.1694. Current verison is 1.1.3. Actual size 23.0 MB.

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Kam Yoke Kong

Action-packed fleet combat with upgrade options Upgrade your fleet and defeat the AI opponents. Watch out for other race special ability

Lance Chambers

No shop yet so lots of free playing. but after about 100 games you reach a point where it is impossible to continue because it,s almost impossible tto upgrade any further. not I still thinks is a good game to download.

Puma Wo

One of the best game in its kind I !love! this game really much! Easy to play, pretty interesting and what's more important it's not getting me bored after a lot of missions! And it's free! THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME!

Bryan Stahl

Xperia Z3 Good graphics. Doesn't kill the battery life. Hand hurts from holding it. Four stars for being the typical app that makes this pop-up so early before I get further, I haven't got a chance to experience the game. So I forget to change it, because you never remind me again to rate you. Level after that stupid rate me now, is so hard it is stupid. Down ? a ?.

Landrew MacKinnon

Can't pass findra at 76% I am fully upgraded but this level is impossible to pass. I even played previous levels to fully upgrade myself. Not even close to a win. Shame, it was fun. Two stars lost for this.

Nick Brutanna

Decent... ...but as usual, rather than make a decent AI the coders just cheat and the game becomes unplayable. Playing the Findra, the Androns are so ridiculously overpowered than you cannot win and proceed any further. This is at 85%, not 76%... It's not even reaction time since they have five planets conquered to your two, after four seconds...And then they just destroy you with ridiculous numbers of the big bombs

Blood Angel

Awesome game Excellent game well made with great contols and content

Elizabeth Visosky

Great game, wish there was more content This game has one of the better interfaces for games of its type. At this point, I've exhausted all the "campaign battles" and am stuck with the "quick battles." I really wish there was more variety in these (always against 4 other races with semi random placement on a map that barely changes), as playing "quick battles" at this point has gotten quite old. I'm eagerly awaiting the update that adds the next race's campaign.

Chris Haunton

Great game Right to the point action..get your swiping skills up for this one

Jacob Benson

Amazing game, but updates?!?! Beat the first levels, had so much fun, but sad that you decided rethink life and not work on it more. Sad day

dante weiser

Great strategy The game makes you think you have to play some matches just so you can defeat one faction 5/5 stars for gameplay


Awesome Had the game for about 3 months now but no updates. Once u get to a race u cant play anymore. Other than that awesomest game ever!

J.W. Pippen

Almost 5 stars Finished game and waiting for updates. Didn't get boring and is great as a strategy game. Feel like more could be done with options; create your own map/game, play against others. If it gets too hard at certain levels, try different strategies; let other races do some work for you, or immediately wipe out certain ones. Edit: now doing the 'Quick Battle' and it's pretty much the same scenario over and over. Needs settings options/more variety; More random maps & ability to play as other races.

David Faulk

Great Love strategy games. This one is a little behind in how smooth the rest are, but it is still fun! Asks to rate after every game. Had to drop the stars. So annoying.

Kenny Bright

It's ok Maybe have the ships attack each other if they get too close to one another when en route to a planet

Marshall Hinman

Good, one caveat Really good for this type of game, but probably best played on a tablet. The graphics and text are comically small on a phone (One+One 5.5" display). Maybe just a compatibility issue with my phone, but the screenshots here don't look anything like they do on my phone. I can't read any of the info about level, stats, enemy, etc. without a magnifying glass, and it's difficult to be precise with controls when everything is so tiny. Wish I could at least pinch to zoom while playing, but they apparently didn't think of that.

Arvill Balgoa

Great game Findra at 76% cant be beaten.. better nerf enemy or provide more upgrades... until i reached this level i think game is fun to play... uninstalling this game coz of this...

Brady Anderson-Wood

Not easy... Which is why its good! You cant just pic one way of playing and use that on every level. Not many games make you try different ways of playing, but thats exactly what you have to do here. Several people complained about Findra At 76%. Its a tough level but is beatable. Sometimes its better to just sit back and build up for a while on a couple of planets rather than trying to get as many as you can as fast as possible. Sometimes you have to whipe out one specific enemy first, or maybe PLAN when to get wiped and com back!

Damian W

Spreading through the galaxy Well made game , great fun to play.

Chris Papia

Updates? 100% on all species for months now waiting for the rest of the species to be unlocked. Very good game though.

Gaz Smith

awesome stupidly addictive starts off easy but then comes very challenging

Stefan Zanders

Loving this game What more can I say? Enough challenge to keep me in but not so difficult to where I need to put it down for a week. Great random battle option!

Rodrigo Mejia

Can't overkill? I just got the app and sometimes when I tell planets to attack another one they just won't do it. If there's a min. Number of units I need on a planet to attack does that one planet still stop my entire attack if it's one out of 6 I selected to attack? I could've destroyed an enemy's last planet but the game wouldn't let me send a ton of troops to it. Instead I was forced to just send a few and as soon as I did the enemy gained 200+ units because of their special ability. I still won but that was dumb.

Rick Jones

Very additive gameplay! A lot better than galcon, a must download.

Matthew MacSuga

Not Galcon Not quite as good add galcon but not really that bad. Fun but a little annoying to have to drag over each planet to send in a batch. Love the upgrade options.

Greyson Fischer

Love the game lots of fun, the only thing I could ask for is more customization like skill points or different weapons but overall great game.

Thomas Storme

Cool game! Would be nice if the app remembers my sound preference.

Tomasz Kowalczuk

Impossible wall Tundra 76% is impossible. I am fully upgraded and can't even come close. The game is great and plays well just can't keep playing it.

Alex Zdonick

This doesn't feature the artificial difficulty a lot of other games of this genre have, and is actually free.

Merle Wright, Jr.

A great example of this game type Plays and looks great. And kill the pink guys first. Your welcome

Grant Larsen

Good game Rare 5/5 from me. Any schedule on content releases?

John Adams

Fast paced! Fantastic fast-paced strategy game. Very simple, but very addicting!

Alex Stamper

Good game Very good time waster could add things

Ken Gandy

Fun untill It starts quite fun and challenging. BUT then it turns into another pay to win.

sam kline

Update Good game challenging at times which is good but needs update bad want to use other species

Zack Love

Was great... Up until the third ships first legendary mission. Even fully upgraded it's impossible. No longer playing.

Dozzer furr

Awesome!!! Keep making games like this one!!! I don't know why people are complaining they can't beat it after 100 levels or when they get to a certain point on findra it is called a fast thinking game for a reason. Whatever you do don't make it easier!!!

Ryan Zieman

I have beat all the available levels WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING! Its frustrating but quite possible. You just have to try different strategies till one works. Update any time soon? Great game, thanks.

Sean Hibbitt

Not what I expected This is a game like galcon but with different races with different abilities which makrs for a lot of gameplay

Benjamin Schuhkraft

Was good but to easy just rush dmg and pop then itsjudt bland also waiting for the other campaings

A Google User

I've beat the gr-8 levels but can't start the next one Please Fix issue with the red people's levels I can't start it because it says coming soon but I've already beat the one before them so I should enable to start them would Give five stars if this is fixed very soon!!!

Puma Wo

One of the best game in its kind I !love! this game a lot! Easy to play, pretty interesting and what's more important it's not getting me bored after a lot of missions! And it's free! THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME!

Bryan Adams

Love it This for me was a huge, unexpected treat. I downloaded it yesterday and basically haven't put it down since I started. Well done developers and I look forward to the upcoming updates. Edit: It becomes practically impossible by the third race. ?

Mateusz Jezierski

Nice game. Being harsher after 7-10 games but that is just fun... I recommend you to get this game!

Moiseyev Trueden

Fun game but glitched sound I really enjoy the game and the diversity of the races playing styles. My only complaint, dropping this from 5 down to a 2, is the sound turns itself on repeatedly. It will start playing sound when checked as disabled and will uncheck itself randomly and start playing sounds. Once sound setting is fixed I will happily 5 star this. Also, not all unlocked races can be fully upgraded which is annoying.

Gavin Borg

Excellent, excellent game If you love cloud wars, tentacle wars, etc, this is a shining example of what this type of game should be.

Ignis Belladar

Great Game and a good time waster The beginning is really easy but as you find the different races you have to decide who to take out first so you can survive. Great game concept but wish you didnt have to pay to play the extra races

Ben Blagg

Fantastic Great game has challenge but not impossible. Just finished all classes. Time for an update so we can play the rest of the characters. As far as people that are suck. It is very possible. The last class beat the whole thing before even fully upgraded. Use your characters special abilities to your advantage.

Jeffrey Carmody

I loved it, after a while it starts to get challenging and it gets hard to move onto the next civilization, maybe make it so you have to defeat 80% instead of completing 100% of the civilization.

David Chavez

I'm hooked! This game has me hooked. No in app purchases needed, this game will have you playing for hours. Challenging yet simple. If you don't like this game then you're not playing it right. The simplicity of this game makes it so easy you have no idea. I will complete this game! Now that I have completed 4 campaigns and the rest are still not ready I am upset. 4 stars is what you get. Until they are ready

Jeff Rumage

Love it Cool concept. Like the interface. And little hard to read on Samsung s5


Good Game - Missing Freedom This is a good game, would have given 5 stars if you allowed more freedom within the game, like to select opponents instead if set levels and set difficulties etc.. Maybe create your own planets when the app gets there.. Deffo a Good game though

Ben Monson

Inappropriate permission Why does this game need camera access?! Otherwise a good take on a classic game... great time waster. Explain permission and/or answer email and I'll adjust this review

Dakota Peay

Best RTS for Android ICE, Auralax, Starlink -- All different versions of the same general game. This game shows what can be done with Real-time Strategy when you refine it for Android. It's complicated enough to hold strong replay value, but minimal enough to be practical for a mobile game. This is the only game I've rated with five stars. Thanks Limex for giving me a worthwhile game that isn't ad-ridden. I will definitely be purchasing the additional campaigns.

Angel Lopez

Exhilarating!!! I love it fast pace, fun, good graphics, no ads makes you think

Russell Resendez

To be such a boring It KEEPs you so interested you can't put it down! I say bOREING cause its the same premises through the game, but does get quite addictive!

James Greff

May or may not be ok I can't tell because I can't read a single word of it since the print is so tiny. Definitely not made for anything smaller than a 9 inch tablet.


Exciting Strategy Could use work in story, UI, and progression, but it's quite fun and operates on deeper strategic levels than most similar games.

Benjamin Jameson

Need next race Great, fun, challenging strategy game. I've beaten all 4 playing campaigns and am eagerly waiting for the next ones.

Steven Wisner

Good game It has a very interesting concept I just wish that the ships attacked each when they fly by each other

Odis Jordan

Great app I wish this game could be applied to a territory conquering game. Other than that its a time passer

ian chu

Need an Update ASAP Ive played over and over again. I really enjoyed playing this game, and I really want to play rest of the classes as soon as possible. It has been quite a while since I have downloaded this game, so please please please do an update. Please.

Ben Blagg

Fantastic Great game has challenge but not impossible. Just finished all classes. Time for an update so we can play the rest of the characters. As far as people that are stuck. It is very possible. The last class beat the whole thing before even fully upgraded. Use your characters special abilities to your advantage. Taking a star because I there has been no updates sense this was first posted

Malek Vons Haamir

Great game This game doesn't have all that mobile game bs. No wait times or paying.

Rob Bate

Stop moaning if you can't beat it This is one of the best free games available, I just wish all the races could be finished. How can anyone drop stars on their rating just because they cannot beat a level? Tactics and strategy are needed. If you can't handle it, go and download snake or solitaire losers.

Ninja Johnny

Fun Fun game, so far. Edit: I finished all available levels. Lots of fun with no ads. Will there be an update soon? If not, please advise. Need to make room on my phone.

Brandon Keen

Love this game have beat all the levels so far please update app so I can continue in the game. So I'm still waiting on update guys. Plz update soon

Troy Brophy

Unfinished... Abandoned This game is unfinished, and since the last update was over two years ago, I assume it's been abandoned by the developers. It's fun to play. Each campaign is a little too long. But I appreciate the fact that you could choose to just keep grinding away on the first level of each campaign in order to max out your Attack/Defense/Speed/Growth rates. It's just too bad that you can only play the first five campaigns.

Davidian 77

Early days but.. You don't get any more xp for doing harder lvl. Seems you may as well grind lvl 1 until you are all topped up.

Armando Gonzales

Excellent strategy, fast pace, challenging Like Starlink, but a whole new level, Hyperpath is a gem. Just when you think you've done it all,a new race emerges with different abilities and aunique stage that requires a specific approach. After completing the Terran campaign you can play as other races, and as you start over, you can really see how much the game progresses in pace and difficulty. Highly recommend for fast paced strategy fans.

Jacob Cleaver

Fantastic game! I have been playing this game for a while now and i have to say it is a extremely fun and entertaining game. I have gotten to the farthest you can go without the update. To all those saying it impossible to beat. It really isnt if you just keep trying. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a game to play

Burger Munch

Great fun The only down side of this game (at least to me) is that it is heavily reliant on the first few seconds of each game, especially later on where if you don't capture enough planets at the start, it would be very difficult to recover. Also I can't exactly play it without a large screen and a stylus to see what's going on.

Valente Castillo

Its a very fun game I played in my life cycle The game is great and good some were hard some were easy. I made alliance's then I crushed them. Ya...???????? p.s. they should put a earth one and more for the update & multiplayer

Ambrozz C

It's ok Not bad game. And it's pretty fun. But the ability for the findra is completely BS and very OP!! after I save up 8K troops to send to the enemy backup (which has, most of the time, only 3K or 4K) but as soon as my troops hit, the enemy goes from 3K to 5K in seconds... the system is WAYYY off

Bryan Stahl

Xperia Z3 Good graphics. Doesn't kill the battery life. Hand hurts from holding it. Four stars for being the typical app that makes this pop-up so early before I get further, I haven't got a chance to experience the game. So I forget to change it, because you never remind me again to rate you. Level after that stupid rate me now, is so hard it is stupid. Down ? a ?.

Luke James

Excellent A truely brilliant game! No waiting around for buildtime just straight into the action! Perfect for on the go gaming, works offline and no ads! Have completed GR-8 and am desperate for the rest of the races!

Luke Verburgt

Didn't appeal to me at all It's not a bad game, in fact the design and environment are quite good. It just didn't appeal to me at all. But one of my all time favorite games is Auralux which is a similar concept but with much greater control over strategy. The game play of Hyperpath is too frantic and erratic for my liking. But like I said, I'm biased because I played Auralux first.

Kevin B

Addictive Fun love it!! So I purchase the other races for the campaign often so I can try out all the different things and I was curious on how if I were to switch phones or what not when my in-app purchases move to my other phone or is it linked to my Google Play account or save to my phone memory or SD card.. 5star rating as soon as I can pick my team on quick battles.. I have everything unlocked I don't wanna be Terran.

David Turner

Fun Pretty fun game. Not a lot of thought needed to play it. More about swiping your finger as fast possible to move your units before everyone else. Once you are fully upgraded there's not much that can stop you. It's a great break from the much more thought provoking strategy based Auralux.

Alan Pickel

Hurry! I NEED THE NEW CIVILATIONS TO PLAY AS!! I have 100% completion of the game so far, and I absolutely love this! Sometimes I would get stuck on a level for a few hours but after some thinking and planning I can beat any level! This is a great game! Please hurry with the rest of the civilations!

Brett Littleton

Can't beat findra 76% either Funky little click and drag rts kinda thing. Fun and addictive, but does get a bit repetitive. Played several hours already. Free game with no ads. Minimal in-game purchases. I unlocked a campaign for 99 cents mostly just to give the devs a buck. Overall, great game, especially for free. Nice work guys, hope to see the new campaigns soon. Update, yeah, like multiple people, I'm stuck on this level. Impossible...

Ashley Harris

Fast paced strategy. While a little repetitive at times, this game makes you constantly stay on your toes. Although once you''ve worked out how to beat a side, and whom to attack first your win loss ratio should be 90% plus, but then I'm used to these types of games! Cannot wait for the updates with more levels.

Ubor Gaming

Camera Permission? The game is quite smooth and responsive with decent gameplay. One thing I found puzzled me as soon as I saw the required permissions. Why does this app use the camera permission?

nsslb xorg

Great but incomplete The game is great but I only play as the Terrans in quick battle, so try to add more customization besides quick battle. We are also missing the four other races' campaigns so the game is kind of missing some peaces but great potential to fill those parts.

Narzoc Wraith

GREAT GAME!!!! 10 of 10 stars! Everything about this game is almost PERFEAT!!! (Sorry, I think I spelled that wrong). I thing I love most about this game is that every race has different strengths and you must master all of them to win. So, great game but please, please, please, update it so you can play as the other races. Thanks!

Jarom Jackson

Simple. Fun. Not very challenging. In the the 3 campaigns (~30 levels each?) I've played, I've only gotten stuck on a level a few times, and never for mute than 4-5 attempts. Oddly enough, I found the first few levels the most challenging of each campaign. And sometimes a random one in the middle.

Wakushka Cranston

Really good game, need more levels. Great game to waste some time. However I hope they are still working on it. I've played through the available levels and want more races. If not then I hope they have another good one coming.

Ed Dg

1 star til it gets an update Final race is kinda overpowered, but still workable. Need update for the rest of the races, finished all there is in a couple days. App has to be force killed to stop sound in background. Each level needs a countdown to start, as it is you start the level and restart a couple times so you can see where the low level worlds are whilst shielded, AI launches immediately so kinda unfair. Fix that and it's 5 star

John M

Amazing game Super addictive challenging at times depending on what race you are.... can't put it down. And now because I couldn't put it down I have ran out of unlocked levels... get the other races out there!!!


Great game Beat all the levels for the first three ships. Everyone saying it's too difficult needs to try harder and stop playing baby games. Can't wait for other ships. Thanx

Kyle Vranch

Fun indeed Great fun. Runs really smoothly and I havent come across a bug yet. Some enemies require a little forward thinking. Have completed all of the four races you get at the start (was hard) and am just waiting on the others to be released. Nice work to the development team :D

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