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27 Sep
hunting Jungle Animals

Posted by AbsoMech in Action | Sept. 27, 2016 | 118 Comments

Apk file size: 35.0 MB

Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when one is a professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his life in trying to kill furious beasts.
This game is a brand new real hunting and sniper shooting experience which you might not been able to get in your real life. Those who cannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoy real hunting experience by playing this game.
You are avatar with a special precise sniper gun to shoot furious wild animals. For the time being you have three options, you can kill bear, stag and wolf but in next versions you will be able to kill fast animals like cougar, bobcat and tiger.
Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When someone gets into it they take it as an invader. So the sniper should hold his breath and be patient. While hunting bear and wolf be aware, they will become alert hearing the sound of bullet fire and will attack on you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast will take no time to kill you and the game will be over.
While stag or reindeer run away hearing firing sound. The target of sniping running animals is a little challenging. So use your army sniper shooting skills to kill these animals before they attack or run away. You have to select one animal at a time and then go into the levels which are five in number.
Embark on a lifetime hunting and sniper shooting action adventure and
Good luck!!!
- An ultimate hunting action.
- Gameplay is simple yet entertaining.
- Efficient gun control.
- True to life hunting experience.
- High fidelity cool graphics.

Whats new

    Game has been made user friendly by improving controls and reducing advertisements.Gun controls have been made more efficient. For more shooting fun another animal named as boar has also been added. Enjoy a lifetime hunt experience. Layout has been improved.Another animal named as Rhino is added in the jungle environment. Advertisement reduced.

AbsoMech part of our Action and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 27, 2016. Google play rating is 75.9. Current verison is 3.0. Actual size 35.0 MB.

Download hunting-jungle-animals.apk 35.0 MB


Girl Team

To much ads I don't like it anymore cause it has took much adds every 15 seconds a ad pop up I.just don' it anymore but I'll keep it ,, for fun . I'll take away 2 stars because every 15 seconds a ad pop up and if it was just without ads it would've been the BEST ONE

اسد نمر

Wowie nopie Reallllllly fun!!! Can't say ive seen a game like did it Rocks they look like ... Real now it give me da CREEPS HAHA get it everyone its funn and special!! I loooooove it 5 stars or MORE boom

Rickel Rowe

Its great But those ads are to bothering and try to make the screen optimized

Matthew Stewart

I love it It's really fun and gives me the creeps lol, I always tried to.hunt and I already now how to hunt cause this app helps a lot ,,,5 stars or more

mark Padula

Amazing This game is mostly for people who like to hunt and is OK with swing animals dy but other wize its Supr fun???

Damian Gardner

Ugh Boring i cant even shoot it thay come so fast

Antoinette Antwine

Um Its kinda fun but the ads and stuff a dont like so dont download I would say and people who download this your gonna rate this the same way I did and good luck taking care od tho ads and its kinda boring TY.

kwame Perry

It's good

nikhil vaghode

For updated version...i can't able to play...bulshit...

Aman Qazi

Very very very good just download it and see is it good

Pantelakis Pantela

Very bad game

Jonathon Geib

Lame How very boring

Addy Etheridge

Seriously Way to many ads and takes to long to load

Shivangi Goyal

SHIVANGI GOYAL I loved it because there are many animals to kill I enjoyed it

Reejan Poudel

Animal hunting This game is very interesting. ..

Steven Vanblaricum

Ads Way too many ads uninstalled

Andriana Avramidou

Wasting my time with this

Nicole Verrerte

Super bad to many adds

Uffaq Amir

Beautiful one.. Eye catching game..... I really appreciate it, because lot of the games are so expensive but this game is amazing and free...I love its simplistic style to play that's y I am playing it since I download it...its not boring and I like the most deep forest and now I am playing it as much as possible....I always feels so excited when I kill like a dauntless girl....bullet blood is kind of realistic thing maybe but really very very easy to play..especially I want to appreciate its all graphics....

Jackie Weatherall

Spread the word It's BROKEN you have a huge chance of killing small animal like a boar WITHOUT a scope the ad comes up every time you win or lose or even leaving (you whould not BELIEVE how long it took me to leave) in the deer level 3 you your bullet's EXPOLES (sorry about the grammar and I had no time to fix it) and another deer level it take 7 hits to kill a deer and you can play a locked and your gun reloads slow with no time to kill the animals so STAY AWAY FROM THIS AWFUL GAME

Jon Robbins

I love it. Great game is easier than real life but not quite as fun.

Lorraine Casas

This isn't one of the best shooting & hunting experience. U want 1 get DEER HUNTER by Glu I kind of expected better graphics and its so hard to control the gun!

kursheed ali

Best Hunting Game I love Animal ! But shutting them on animation is lovely Experience. Pls don't do it in real.

Jackielyn Panares

i like this game but i can't download..

Dakota Morris

Suck dick It suck dick because it will shot right thought. The deer.

Atam Hafis

Hunting jungle animel The best game

Max Matias

Ok Great game but just to many adds ughh

Andy Hammond

Sucks, Not worth the download

Sudhanshu Maurya

Find. Animals is. Very hard

hyndhavi reddy

Better You can play it but not so good

Charles Rolfe

get rid of the time limit

Adriana Zuniga

It's fun I really like it. But when ever I kill animals they start to run and I die. But it's still fun

Maria Rojas

It's okay I like it but it's really hard. Can you please make the animals you don't shot NOT run after you. It makes it harder to play and win.

Steven J

Problem is? Ads Here, Ads There, Ads Anywhere! Watdapak? BTW it's a great app.

Buford Smith

To many adds This game has to many adds I'm feting mad so remove the adds remove the game it is stuped

Leah Vaughn

Stupid I hated it adds popes up every sec.stupid game take adds of and it would be ok

Madi Nycole

Horrible This game is the second worst game that I've played there is too many ads and you can barely see were you shoot.

Winsor Hollinshed

To many ad's for my liking

Shudhanshu Chandaker

Feel like an hunter I love it babby

Kimberly Montanez

Makes my entire phone glitch,lag,and freeze

Christine Howse

Hunting Take the shity pop up off now

cathy turner

It's scary

Karla Campa

It is cool has cool and good zoom and controlers

Dianna Hughey

Hunting jungle animals Ohh its super fun and it is one of those have to have games and if u like to hunt for fun and it is to cold outside u can be indoor hunt so this is why I love this game and so do the rest assured of my family thanks for making this game

Jason Mackay

Glitches here and there I'm surprised that wolf's take 3 head shots to die sensitivity on the sniper is way to high rhino stage glitches out way too many pop ups and advertisements for downloading other apps.

Josh Thedans

Horrible Game would be fun if every 2 seconds an ad or video wouldnt come up. Very disappointed

Cordelia Newton

I love animals When I was little my pop-pop would kill deer for diner and now I feel like him

Bianca Pulido

Right game for you If you like hunting maybe you'll like this game

joanie weston

you should play you should play if you don't your lame haha lol

Josh Idalski

Horrible Tired it for a bit.. so man pop ups you can't even begin to see how the game it.. super annoying

saleem khan

Mother f*** who puts so many adds

Sophie Bedford-Harvey

Horrible thing to do I didn't even bother going on it I just saw it at the corner of my eye and just wanted to say shooting animals as a game is really wronge!!!!!!

Heather Winburn

Good game but waaayy too many adds. Every time I click something an add comes up

Muhammad Naweed

Nice game One of the best sniper shooting and hunting experience of wild animals....

Rolando Illustrada Jr.

Kill the wild!

Maryjo Warsop

Crap!! I cant even get the app to open. All I get is a black screen with the title of the game at the top. I wouldnt have even given it 1 star but I had to, to make this post!! Uninstalling!!!!!!!!!

ethan jose

I enjoyed it how about you


I love that game

Deen Dayal Palod

Worst app I am triying to open it nd it is showing black screen

justin isaacson

Hated it. So many pop up adds, adds poping up while I am playing. Not a good game.

Richard Francis

Bullshit A lot of bullshit wish could rate it -0

Andrew Hauser

Terrible Way to many ads and terrible setup if I could rate it 0 stars I would, I'm actually upset that I took the time to play it

Keith Frazier

If you like ads this game is for you

Josh Coyle

Really? Glitch graphics and poor play

Ginene Porter

Cool but not It okay but u really have to be good and it like animals run at u have to kill them quick

Erik Clark

Spending more time with ads than actually playing the game. Absolutely sucks, uninstalling.

Ray Barker

Boring This game is very unrealistic, very boring and has way to many ads. Don't waste your time.

Dylan Charles

Jjx I'd love to play it over an

Scarlet blue

Its ok But dose it need wifi or Internet

Rafi Uddin

Hunting gungle I like hunting so I like this game

Amina Ahmed

Awesome I dont just like this game but i love

Ibi Rajput

I like this game I love this game

prakash chandra

Stupid ads pops up every now and then

Shayla Boone

Not going ahead By the comments it seems good NOT GOOD TOO MANY FREAKING ADDS ITS SO STUPID don't get!!! ITS A LET DOWN PPL

Viper Miller

Intrusive ads Forget you and forget this game and your ads I'm uninstalling it

Sandy Bone

Too many adds Pop-up every TWO seconds!

Michael Blair

Not bad game but to many ads

Exiquel Dante

Hunting jungle Its great game brilliant

Rich Rodriguez

Best game ever Best game IV ever played in my life sorryGTA5

Laura Lestage

It won't uninstall

Madison daugherty

This game is good

Arlyn Montales

Very bad game because of the avertisements So bad many many advertisement delete that game

Crystal Haun

Too many ads So many pop up ads that takes away from the game kids keep clicking on the ads on accident

ernie butler

3.82 good for this piece of crap Too many ads non stop popping in all the time it may be free but not worth it

Tell Jazzi

Stupid When you kill one of the animals then the others come running at you and not giving you enough time to kill the others. Please do not waste your time to download this game. IT IS VERY STUPID

Nayan Prajapati

Stupid game No logic used for levels . Kill 2 in 30 sec. Kill 3 in 45 sec .kill 6 in 90sec. If you do that . It will say kill 6 in 70 sec . Wtf. Nothing interesting. ..

Monika Monika

Worst Thousands lakhs of adds and also time is very less to hunt the animals

Rajib Das

Very very nice I love hunting. This is a good and great game to play and practice aim

John Harris

John harris That game sucks dick make a new one bitches

Arnel Llanto

Wiw So very nice and exciting

Joe Sgro

Ad's Thats all i see are dumb ad's

Sardar Kashif

I loving it very awesome game I loving it

Ana Ebilashvili

I love this game because its a fantastic hunting

Chandan Singh

Enjoying game

Drew Thomas

Advertising Machine, LAME GAME Ads,ads,ads, and the game is not fun

Jordan Ng Ng

Worst Game Ever!!!!!!!!!! I can't even get to the game

kat smith

Don't get the game It goes over and over, no plot, no real game, u kill one bear and the next level is killing two, then three, its just boring, same thing repeated

????????????????? ?????????????????????

Dislike this if you agree to me I don't like this wolf hunting because it's my most favorite animal.

Paul Hadfield

Hate it Dosent even let me into the game :)

suraj sakhare

Game or add :) Is this game or only add, whenever I click for hunt it open adds :(

Marilyn Generalao

The good games be enjoyed The hunter choice

Rekardu Samsung Galaxy J1

Best ever Hunting is so much fun

Meya Benton

Give it a soht It good.

asad asad

Very bad game.

Lamont johnson

I hate it it has to many adds I hate hate hate it

Rickey Brown

I like very many games that You allowed the public to play. Thanks Hunting, pool, cards, and many more. Thank you all.

We should not hunt animals

Siang wang

5 star not good


Adds So many advertisements

Iroam Tyson

Its going on then off

Rajnish Jha

Full of ads Full of ads

Nice picthures Photographes is a very nice it is not bad

dog planet

Mean all the animal's that are sometimes nice you will see no more animals in the wild an you will see no more zoo animals I would rate it 0


Comment I like the games but this one eish there is no time to shoot all aminals and also ads are chewng money too even though the game is for free

Madhav Chaturvedi

NYC graphics I love to play this but .....there is not enough time in the levels to shoot all the ....animals.....

hanzala mughal

Boring It is very boring and it has toooooo many ads.

Elmer Arca

NEED TO UPDATE Nice game add more gun fast reload to use for the hard levels and remove time.

akaung phyu

mobile hobby for me.

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