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5 Aug
House - Escape

Posted by Starodymov in Adventure | Aug. 5, 2016 | 100 Comments

Apk file size: 40.0 MB

You are going home with mystical puzzles and search for his girlfriend.
Your goal is to find his girlfriend in the house, passing a dozen puzzles.
In the house you are waiting for the monsters, various riddles and puzzles.
All items will be able to add to your inventory, as items can be connected (communicate) with each other.
Collect the keys and open the door.
Many rooms and the door waiting for you.
To complete the game you need to find all the items in the rooms and corridors.
High-quality music and high-quality graphics will pull you in this mysterious atmosphere.
The game is free.

Whats new

    - AIR22
    - улучшена безопасность игры
    - удалил видео рекламу
    - улучшен звук
    - уменьшил нагрузку на ЦП
    - исправил текст и кнопки
    - добавил подсказки в первую локацию
    - убрал рекламу с меню игры
    - добавил возможность отключить рекламу за деньги (No Ads)
    - добавил код на дверь сейфа и автора в меню игры
    - добавил автоматический поворот экрана
    - добавил кнопку выхода в меню
    - кнопка выхода из игры теперь только в меню игры
    - добавлена кнопка выхода из игры

Starodymov part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 75.086. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 40.0 MB.

Download house-escape.apk 40.0 MB


Joanne Holmes

Annoying ads Just way to many adverts. Either needs reducing or offer a paid version. Otherwise could be a good game.

shakir mistry

Ahhhhhhhh Pizza can u tell me what to do with the dinosaur

Kayla Huynh

Ad's Why are there so much ads when I start the game ?!?! ????

Dave Brews

Ad$ The numerous ads ruin the game. Uninstalled!

Andre Van Staden

Took me only five minutes to finish 2386 is the combination for girl.and combine color keys to exit.

D. Duncan

What a waste of time Don't bother

Ewilliams Kimwilliams

Instructions Please can you have instructions I just downloaded it I'm stuck don't know what to do pls FIX

Sharon K

Lovely game Have played n nos of game Wasn't suppose to download this one , but thanks to all the negative criticism which made me more curious to find out that is it really so tough that others can't complete it so irritated ... but for me it turned out to be interesting one ... Thanks to the developer as this is somewhat different and more in category of escape game ...It's adventure plus escape mind game ...yes but no maths puzzle or riddles but it's not necessary always !!! Good try !!!

Ivory Alexander

Error's don't download this game !!

Veronica Walsh

Instructions It would help to have instructions

gabby hart

This game is garbage!!! DO NOT INSTALL This game is stupid. Its got monstars u kill who dont even try to attack u. U make it all the way through the game to the girl and u can't feed her and there is no way of telling u the code to even release her even if u go all the way back to the beginning. Plus when u select English it doesn't even give the words on paper or her language in English. And dont even get me started on the ads.. Whoever made this game is retarded!! If I could rate 0 stars I would.. Epic fail.. Do not install trust me!uninstall!

Htet Htet

So nice nice game and i am sure it can make players to be intelligent than ever but the levels are so less

Natasha Agrawal

It's nice but had to use a walk-through for unlocking the girl... U can give a free hint.. Atleast 1...

Ja'Mya Warren

Great Its a great game but there a lot of ads. Does anyone know the answer to the door with the German or chinese words?? I tries tpex kampa and the other one but it didn't work

Amber Niess

Cant even play it. The first ad always pops up in my way.

Brayden Shilts

how do you shoot them stupid

Tena Rico

Boring Basically you walk through a house , shoot the monsters (who dont try to kill you) find doors...shoot monster..etc. not much for puzzles. Not in english even if you choose it. Takes about ten. Min. To play.

Jessica Horton

Worst game ever. If I could give zero stars I would. No explanation on how to play for one thing. Even if I did know how, the pop ups are ridiculous. Waste of time. Don't bother with this app. Uninstalled.

Lillian Davis

This is a terrible app it does not tell you how to play. Also it fresses.

Sherry Sherryna

Sux! In fact this game does not deserve a star at all

Ayaan bc

No instructions No introduction no instructions and too many ads.

Sajitha Vadassery

How to make the girl eat....plzz someone help...

Mustafa Al Mahmoud

Silly disgusting game

Paul Lewis

Great Job Thanks for the fun FREE game! Don't read further - SPOILERS! For a basic clue, don't assume all the doors you see in a room are ones you've just gone thru. Once you get bullets for the gun at the door before you enter, use the button with 4 arrows to combine them. Use this gun to kill monsters and skeletons. You have to use a bucket of water on zombie near the girl (have to go back to bathtub room to fill bucket). For girl, combine colored keys and use 2386.

Lavina Pesso

Super Fucked up Game... You don't even have clues of what to do and how to go about with it ......the last thing you want to do is play this shittyy game ....and even worse is the ads that display on ur screen while playing ....

Miss S

Ads ? Super super annoying!!! I do NOT recommend downloading this game! Can't play the game in peace, every single minute an invasive ad pops up the screen!!!! The ads pop up like literally every few seconds!! Sometimes video ads too! You end up clicking the ad accidentally because it just pops up while you're playing yhe game and it takes you to websites! It's the worst! Gaming companies don't realise how the ads can be so invasive, annoying and a big disturbance during game play!!!!! ????

Whitney Turney

They need to fix some stuff Has crashed some. Cud actually be BECAUSE of the ads idk...still gud game tho for a cheap android like mine. Especially because its not too large of a file and was free!

Caitlyn Renshaw

help Cant get past the rat. Plz help. It wont take the cheese

Adrianna Ruiz

wtf How do u even play this someone explain thus to me please ?????????

Cindy Rivera

Force close I open the app and not even 3 minutes later it says the game isn't responding and it force closes. Fix this. It's annoying.

Nilofar Shaikh

HELP I start the game, I used the gun to kill the dragon then I found another door which contains a lock what is the code for that please someone help :(

Brandon Wright

Stupid boss I can't kill the boss. It's like he doesn't want you in the room he's in.

Zoe Debono

Can't do the part when you go in the house tiny bit hard

Sagie Lev

Baaad FC every two seconds or so

kathleenmae cabanban

I like this game.....<3

karyme Dominguez

Ok I just downloaded this game. As I enter the door there's a monster Idk what to do please help ?

b mask

Hated it every were I taped other was blood

Zinal Shah

Which is the code for girlfriend's cage? ?? There is no clue for this code

Jessica Eckman

Would love to actually play the game. Within a minute had two ads. That's a minute of my life I'll never get back. Get rid of the ads. Period.

Diana Hines

Oh MY GOSH BULL SH*T COULDN'T Push a button w/ an add popping up. HORRIBLE I uninstalled as fast as I iNSTALLED

Honey Bunny

UNINSTALLING Kinda dumb when you use the key over the fireplace for one door, then you can't use it again to unlock the door where the green key is; especially when you need all 4 keys to complete the game! Music continues even after exiting game! Ads sometimes pop up when you change rooms. I'm SO done!!!


To many ads Every time I clicked to do something an ad would pop up.

Toppless Peanutt

The game is awesome! And maybe people should try turning their wifi or mobile data off for a while so no ads can ever pop fine for me :)

Esa Juniar

Can't open Why i can't open this aplication,so i'm can't to play this game

Steve Cardinalli

WAY too many ads and turning wifi off doesn't stop them.

Shirley Tyson

House escape Escape a gory house of monsters can't move any further on this game!

Treya Rose

The game is stupid I can't get any where if ads keep popping up

Justice Clark

Stupid IT Won't turn off the music even when I TURNED OFF THE APP AND IT IS MESSING UP MY PHONE

Joel Diaz

The best game ever it never ends I'm in love with this game

Alexi Urquiza

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you beat the zombie I've tried everything

Aashiq S

After some time there will be no idea to go to next step

Makenna Marden

How do you kill the zombie

Karyn Husarik

Can't kill zombie I can't kill the last zombie because the key is missing and I can't get to the tub. Didn't have to use the walk through until I got stick here, so not too challenging. Lots of ads, but if you disconnect WiFi it's not an issue.

McGarrett Vorpal

Too many ads

Sree Lakshmi Madathil

It is waste of time.

Kerry Swanson

Too easy. Finished in 20 minutes. And for the folk moaning about ads... Turn off your data usage...problem solved.

Tim Nash

Too many ads ...unless you turn off data!

Shravani Naik

Stuck I finished everything I even killed that alien thing but I m stuck in a room where there is an animal and I found a key and a cheese there

Amanda Black

Too many ads Just as I put in the subject line. Way to many ads. Not worth playing.

stacey atherfold

Stuck Completely stuck right at the begging where you get the gun. I shot the alien thing went into other room and can't do anything. Please help

kimone zuniga

help I already killed the zombie but I'm stuck because the damn girl keeps begging for food but i cant seem to get it to her

angei Ngoba

Adds adds and nothing else

Robby Marsharp

Great! Not a child's puzzle game. Turn the internet or wi fi off if you don't want ads.

Zubair Dhonye

Very bad game . At every time the game stops.

Jennifer Thornton

Stupid How do you get through the first part of the game and why is there a animal on the table and even know it does not look like a animal.

Marcia Larson

Not bad. I got stuck so a hint would be nice but it's an ok game.

Karin Amelda

Really bad !! Seriously the adds after each door where's the horror in this u kidding ? We can't even get into the game it's 80% adds .

Arnold Giusseppi

Don't waste your time Toooooooo. Many pop ups every time you change from one room to the other pop up it gets on your nerves

Cenny Fernandez

The game looks fun but the ads ruin it.

Severina Chaos

Coz that's how much effort you put into this game. I don't know if this one came first or the other game of yours, but one of them is the recycled offspring of the other. Not even the code changed. Wanna know how I finished this game? Did EXACTLY the same thing I did on the other one.

Reba Gruver

Absolutely horrible game! Don't waste your time to download this game! Its stupid not to mention it has stupid number codes that are next to impossible to finish definitely a disappointment!

tina jones

strange game cant seem to feed the cheese with the poison to the rat

Codi Olive

Pretty much the same game It's the same as the other house escape with slight differences

Nur Saidah

Boring Its really boring when i play it

Vanessa Vaz

Why would you kill a zombie with that? I found this game too easy and straightforward. The puzzles consist only on keys and digital codes. Also the items to pick really stand out and are so obvious. There are some things that do not make sense either: like, the way to kill the zombie and why there's a random girl in a swimming suit trapped in there. The graphics are cool, but overall the game lacks background and puzzle creativity.

Danielle Breckenridge!! I'm stuck on the part with the zombie...I tried shooting him but it doesn't work. I tried all the keys and they don't work...what do I do ?

Shirley Tyson

House escape Escape a gory house of monsters can't move any further on this game!

Danivia Felder

Starts over every time I get off Every time I go check a message or something it starts me over from the start.??????please fix this


This game is #### . It doesnt explains how to play . Plzz do not download this game

Angus Clode

Good game but were the cuq crad in 3rd room

Alison Ragland

OMFG A STUPID AD POPS UP IN LIKE 2 SECONDS GET RID OF THESE STUPID ADS HATE THIS GAME 0 how do I get passed the part after u pass the rat with cheese on the table I got stuck in the door after it...

keri ross

Too many ads Fun game but an ad every 5 seconds. Way to annoying to keep playing

Arslan Butt1234 Butt

Help 3 room open by cutting the picture of two people's in the corner, 4 room open by zooming on the door,i don't know how to open 5th door

Alysha Henderson

I have nothing to say not download

Devika Dadhe

Needs improvement Has a few challenging levels but nothing extraordinary. Too many ads, but this can be temporarily solved by disabling your WiFi or data. Was unable to solve the level after the mutant rat.

Crystal Roberts

Stupid I hate it SSSOOO much and way to much ads

بحبك يا وطن

Not download this game.. shit

cindy tirpak

I haaaaaated it

Ruby Birch

Played 1 minutes What are you meant to do? Controls are rubbish

Melissa Gibson

More ads than gameplay Played for just a minute or 2. Literally a video ad about every 10-15 seconds.

# Der Zerstörer #

Crash immediately on start!!!

Anju AS

Really advntre

Itzel Ramirez

Horrible Too hard to control. Doesn't make sense. Boring.

stefa emzed

Game This game very short game

Poonam Singh

How to How to do the game it properly I want a guide

Ekta Pandey

How to kill zombie

Calvin Slade

How u get pass the first level

Danielle Breckenridge!! I'm stuck on the part with the zombie...I tried shooting him but it doesn't work. I tried all the keys and they don't work...what do I do ?

Danivia Felder

Starts over every time I get off Every time I go check a message or something it starts me over from the start.??????please fix this

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