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30 Oct
HotSpot Toggle

Posted by Mehdy Bohlool in Tools | Oct. 30, 2012 | 67 Comments

Apk file size: 94.0 KB

v2.0: Add support for Android 4.x (tested on 4.1.2, 4.1.1, and 4.0.4)
v1.61: Prevent install on sd card. Launchers restriction for widgets
v1.6: Removed icon from app launcher

A WIDGET (home long tap->widgets to add, or select widgets from app-list) to enable/disable build-in hot-spot (Wifi tethering) feature on android 2.2+.

Mehdy Bohlool part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 30, 2012. Google play rating is 78.9469. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 94.0 KB.

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Alex Kotenko

Good one, but no longer works after update to android 5 Used to be a great app, just turn hot spot on/off with one tap. One thing spoiled it all - after update to Android5 it stopped working completely. Hoping for a fix.

Garren Montes

No longer Works galaxy s5 (it's a widget) (No longer works galaxy s5) After four downloads of various widgets finally found one that turns on and off the hotspot and not the tethering via Bluetooth etc. And remember it's a widget not an app you have to have hotspot capability already.

Jessica Thomas

How do you use? It wouldn't work for my Samsung galaxy s blaze. All it did was cover my screen with one giant logo. It wouldn't even show up as an app button.

Benoit-Pierre DEMAINE

Perfect. What I want. Dispite screenshots ... you can optionally disable the label, and see only the logo. AP off = grey. AP on = blue. With transition states. Just sad the logo is so close and confusable with classic Wifi. I'd have prefered a ... more explanatory logo, not so similar to ... wifi client. But I am tired of searching in Play, I keep this widget. The Android AP logo is nice: dot in the middle, with waves on both sides.

A Google User

Time Saving Widget! It would rate a five if the icon would line up properly and the icon should be like all my other icons. It sure saves alot of clicks. I use several times a day and it has never crashed. Thanks for a great time saving widget!

Brandon Stalter

Doesn't Support KitKat It seems like a great app, but unfortunately it does not support my Samsung Galaxy S3 (KitKat operating system). If you could please possibly find a loophole around this problem, I would be greatly appreciated. For now I'll give it 2 Stars.

DocLois DocLois

Excellent. Well done. Does exactly what I want it to do. Turn my wifi hotspot on and off, restore my wifi state and all without having to go down three menus. Great stuff. I would be happy to pay for it if I could work out how.

Giles Read

Does what it says on Nexus 5 Nice straightforward widget, many thanks. Unobtrusive icon and transparent background are very nice and the colour change when active is also great. I particularly like the sensible set of options including the ability to restore Wi-Fi state. I had to reboot (power off then on) my rooted Nexus 5 (Android 4.4) before this would show up in the widgets list but apart from that it's perfect.

Chris Walsh

It was almost perfect. But its no longer working in Android 5 Lollipop. Old review: Works great on Nexus 5. Does exactly what it is supposed to. Nice customisation features for appearance. And well designed at under 100 KB. Only flaw is as previously commented: icon label does not line up. @Jessica and others - it's not an app. Look for it among your widgets.

Colin Bowen

Android 5.0 Lollipop has its own "widget" Works great until Android 5.0 Lollipop, but Lollipop has its own shortcut to toggle WiFi hotspot. Pull down the notification shade twice, and there's a button to toggle Wifi hotspot there.

Dave Hahn

Doesn't work on Android 5 Does nothing. Also, when I went back to uninstall, it had a full screen of the program icons overlayed against Google Play, no idea what that was, but I had to reboot. Samsung S5.

Bill Franklin

Works perfectly Not only works perfectly on my Sprint G3 but has super customizable features. Out of hundreds of Android Apps I have probably given out maybe 6-7 five start ratings and this app gets 5 stars.

Martin Campbell

Works well. Has some nice extra features Apart from doing it's basic job of switching your wifi hotspot on and off with a single tap extremely well, this widget has some nice extra features. 2-stage highlight: The circle switches on and off immediately to acknowledge the tap and the 3 arcs switch on and off when wifi has successfully been activated or deactivated. Restore wifi state: The widget resets your wifi state to what it was before you switched the hotspot on. Error: The circle goes red if there's an error.

Amanda Word

Doesn't work! GS5 Downloaded the widget, it didn't show up on my screen as a sortcut..

Scott Trujillo

Hotspot Toggle Was working flawlessly on Verizon Note 2. But now it doesn't work after updating to 4.3. Please fix.

Riversana Williamson

Doesn't work I like the visual design, and the custom options were a surprise, but after the first click, the widget didn't work. New Galaxy s4.

Shakeem Aldridge

Great At first i couldent find it and then i figured out you have to go to settings and turn it on and set it up i get full connection

Bill Stebbins

Working great! Note 3 on Verizon. When you get the subscription message from Verizon just hit the home key and tether away

David Arnett

Simple and works! I keep it on a secondary home screen so I don't hit it accidentally. When I want to connect my laptop via the phone's wifi this widget quickly turns it on, then off again when I'm done. Perfect!

A Google User

Great. Just upgraded to jelly bean and now I have no widget for tether so downloaded this send it works well.

Brad P

The best Looks good. Nice options. Automatically turns your Wi-Fi back on when you turn hot spot off. Perfect.

Jorge Noa

Works perfectly on Nexus4 Per instructions, Wireless hotspot must already be configured (via System->Settings->Wireless menu) in order for widget to work. The only widget configuration possible is the widget text label (when widget is first selected).

Chuck Landress

Works well but icon is sized differently so it doesn't line up This widget works well. It is simple but saves me the time of going through several setup screens to enable hotspot. The only issue I have with it is that the icon is just a little larger than the rest so it doesn't line up with the rest of the icons on the screen.

Micha Roon

Works as described I installed it and can now enable my hotspot in one click. Very nice

Phil Lister

Doesn't work with the new Android update! Galaxy S4. Besides that tho it always works great!

Joseph Morgan

Does its job One tap to turn on hotspot, to again to turn off and reinstate WiFi. Perfect!

William Turpen

Stopped Working Worked fine on my Samsung S4 for several months. I loved it. Now it won't turn Hotspot on. It activates the Hotspot but immediately deactivates it. I've Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Same problem. Permanently Uninstalled.

Bill Mason

Hotspot Toggle Does not work with Verizon 4.3 update. Worked flawless up until then.

Chris Tremayne

Doesn't work Icon flashes blue, then back to grey. It says hotspot activated but it's not. Samsung S3

The Coolest Geek Ever

This seems to work very well for me, and all for free! I've only had use this for about 10 or 20 minutes but from what I've used it works very well, especially for a free app. So try it out you may like it too! :)

Robert Gant

Stopped working well in Nov2013 The app stopped working well on my Gs4. It's now Dec 20. Had to uninstall and try another. Sorry.

Alfred Bradshaw

Works Great-Free ,Hardly never Buffers !! They surely live up to their reparation !!

Dan Rauch

Didn't work on 4.4 Please fix so it works on android 4.4.2 and send update!

James Green

Love it Would rate it a 5 but doesn't work on my note 3 ver 4.4.2

Nicholas Kriete

samsung galaxy note2 sch1605 verizon - samsung galaxy note2 sch1605 verizon - android 2.1.1 - build JR003C.1605VRALL4 purchased 17MAR2013 - stock, NOT rooted - unlimited data. - Works particularly well. Very valuable. Very well written. UPDATE JAN2014: no longer works on android 4.3

Lord Bazil Barrington

Great! Tried several hotspot apps, and this is the only one that works for me. Thanks!

James Childress

I'm sure it does what it's supposed to, but doesn't work with galaxy s5

Ray Schwarz

Galaxy S3 Works Great! Turns hotspot on/off and restores wifi. It seems to only run the setup page when first moved from the widget library to your home page. So if you want to modify the setup (font, color, label string, transparency, restore wifi) just send the icon to trash and copy it over again from the widget library. No more digging in the Galaxy S3 menu to turn on hotspot. Saves 4 key presses! Great!

Abraham Velazquez

Needs an update It doesn't work anymore with my Galaxy S4

Bryan Starr

Not for the S5 This only works on the Galaxy S5 if WiFi is active prior to launching the hotspot. If not, it tries to verify the subscription, then does nothing.

Austin B Compton

Use to be Garbage. Works great on my LG G3 lollipop This didn't work on android 4.x but works great on android 5.x. Nice job dev!

Stuart Smith

Worked fine until lollipop I've used this for ages, but after upgrading to lollipop the other night it no longer works. It looks like it tries but never gets there. Looking forward to an update.

Robert Brooks

Just what I needed, then one day... It doesn't seem to work with Lollipop, but it was an essential widget before the upgrade. Recommended if you aren't on Android 5.

Robert Burks

Bravo! Finally I find a widget that turns wi-fi back on after leaving the hotspot. I wanted an easy way for my wife to use her tablet from her phone's hotspot feature, but searching the app store took hours before finding a toggle that would return her phone's wi-fi state without having to go and turn it back on when she was done using the hotspot. It's so useful that I installed it on my phone too for using my tablet. *[Note: My phone uses Android 5.0 Lollipop which breaks widget so I dropped a star until fixed]

Munaf Patel

Stopped working Used to be great but after the latest Android update it does not work.

Brad Kidd

Does not work Verizon S4 On my Galaxy S4 running Android 4.4.2, the widget does not toggle the hotspot.

Andy M

Great utility from a great Dev This great app really simplifies things, and more. Clean, configurable and tiny. And as bonus, Hotspot in airplane mode is possible!

Mike T

Doesn't work - Android 5.0.2 on OnePlus One It's just what I need, but doesn't work for me on my OnePlus One running Android version 5.0.2

Jerry Lee

Worthless Each time I've hit the widget, it'll show the blue dot as if the hot spot is active but every time I still have to go into my settings and turn on the hot spot from there. I'm now uninstalling.

Shawn Redmond

I've been using this for nearly 3 years, on a multitude of devices; and I've only encountered one failure: on a ZTE Z959 Grand X Max running 5.1.1. With numerous successes and a single failure, I'm willing to mark this one among the other problems I've had with this Chinese POS. -Five stars all the way.

Alifa.B _1312

Umm one question How do u open the app??? The only choices after installation are to UNINSTALL. There's meant to be an option to OPEN APP and one to UNINSTALL. Unfortunately only shows one so yeah. Don't know what to do. Fix AS SOON AS. Thanks :)

Robert Labaff

Stopped Working with newest Update for 5.0 Hope they fix this. I LIVE ON THIS WIDGET.....

Joel Zahn

Won't work after 4.4.2 update This app used to work fine until I updated my phone a few weeks ago. Now it will not turn the phone's hot spot on. It says "hotspot activated" and the widget turns blue for a second, then it turns off all the

Craig Zimmerman

Amazing time saver! Turned 8 steps into 1 step! This was exactly what I was looking for after wondering why it is so hard to turn hotspot on/off. I have Galaxy s2.

Ron Epstein

Stopped working with most recent KitKat update Used to love this HotSpot Widget that resided on my front page and prevented me from having to dig deep into settings to turn on and off my HotSpot. It became unstable after the latest KitKat update. It would connect then quickly disconnect. Thought it was the update itself that was causing HotSpot problems, that is, until I just went deep into settings and turned it on manually.

Tony Cheshire

Just simple With the label turned off its just an icon that toggles the hotspot. No more, no less. Works fine for me on a ZTE-87 (Australian Telstra Dave) running 4.1.2

J Nelson

It stopped working after an update I would have given it five stars, except that it no longer works on my phone. It saved several steps to enable and disable the hotspot. I've found an alternative app.

Johnny Blaze

Does not work Does not work on galaxy s5. Just flashes and says checking for subscription then fails. hotspot works fine on my phone though. Will rate it again if they fix this issue

Kathy Cullar

Doesn't toggle off It turns Hotspot on fine but doesn't toggle off. I've tried tapping, double tapping, nothing happens. Doesn't restore wifi even though I have that option selected. What am I doing wrong? Motorola Droid Maxx.

Sung Kim

Won't work after update! Won't work after veri*on update on note 3. Pressing home button trick doesn't work either. Check out x...d...a website for how to get it to work.

Johnnie Rhodes

Good app Great app but the icon and text shows up a little larger than all the other icons on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Wish they would fix that, looks a little tacky. But as far as functionality goes, it works great.

Kristy Salley

Useless Doesn't work on my Samsung note 2 anymore. Since update to 4.4.2 it will not connect. Use to love it until is stopped working. Thx

Dimitri Arnaoutis

Excellent so far You can turn the label off. You tap the widget and it does what its supposed to. Saves a ton of time and hassle.

Scott McClannahan

Great until KitKat Loved this app and was easy to use but like so many of my other apps it no longer works with all the wonderful new KitKat improvements. Please fix this and ill give it 5 stars again!

Shanda E

Works great Does exactly what I was expecting, the only thing that I wish I could change is the color of the actual widget not just the text.

Brianna Campanita

OMG IT ACTUALLY REALLY WORKS!!! Thank you soo much i love this out of all other wifi hotspot apps because i've tried others and they dont work at all until i installed this app and this just amazing!! Thank you!!! :)

Good Nice and simple but has a good method of visually indicating the states of the operation. Has some unexpected config options which are nice to have as well. Especially useful is that it will turn your Wi-Fi back on when turning the hotspot off if you wish. Seems reliable and is small and simple. Does what it promises, works well for me

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