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26 Aug
Horse Baby Birth

Posted by Ozone Development in Casual | Aug. 26, 2016 | 103 Comments

Apk file size: 22.0 MB

Hey, we all have a favorite animal. Our favorite animal is the horse because he is very beautiful, sensitive and clever. A horse always understand if the owner has a problem and then he suffers with him. We can tie beautiful relationship with animals if we love them. The care of a horse requires a lot of work. Today we have a problem because one of our horses will give birth. We are very excited but we need your help. Do you want to help us through this game? Do you want to be the child that we need today? If you want to be our help, this animal game for kids will help you show everyone that you are a very responsible child.
Please be careful with instructions of this game.
Good luck!

- At first you have to take care of the horse, to do cleaning and give it food;
- Give him: corn, hay, apples and water;
- Wash thoroughly the horse;
- Removes insects;
- Clean the horse with a clean towel;
- Now you have to start consultation;
- Check heartbeat;
- Give him a pill that will help her to relax;
- You need to do an ultrasound to check the condition of her baby;
- You have to do an anesthesia;
- Put an oxygen mask;
- Baby was born;
- Need to consult him;
- Check the weight and length;
- Give him food and water;
- Mother and son feel very well. You are a very good veterinarian.

Thanks for your help, please come back every day through this game for girls.

Have fun!

Ozone Development part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 26, 2016. Google play rating is 68.0864. Current verison is 7.9.1. Actual size 22.0 MB.

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Makenize Fain

STUPID!!!! Umm.....Getting this app is the worst decision I have ever made!!!You will start playing and in three seconds you are done!!!!It's so easy!!!!

Inga Nowicka

Boring, short and easy This game is sooo boring and short and easy?

Skyler Chapman

Ehhh It was kinda boring add more or let us deliver it ourselves pls

Hazifer Hill

Boring, short and easy

Alexandra Isabel

It is boring and it is sooo easy

Emma Kindred

Boring, repetitive and short.

Judith Lietzau

???? Why is this game soooo easy? It's soooo not realistic. Soooo not what I thought it would be. Uninstalling.

Lainie Colvin

Boring This game is sooooooo boring and soooo easy I would give it five stars but it is soooo stupid

Kaitlyn Orr

Awesome game Awesome game it is perfect for educational purposes. The first thing you should know about is this game .... LOL...

Oksana Harris

Rubbish This game is so short and easy and like it's so boring I had a horse at the seaside and like I saw the foal there but where the heck does the baby come from. ? And like I'm just a young woman and I'm 30 and I've got a new female horse called HorseShoe love it and it was pregnant and I called the foal carrot.

Littledebbie Pink

??? It's too short. Make it more real plz.

Allie Watkins

I like horses and everything but .... After the foal is born it just restarts

Mia Delishi

really really really good. this game is so good you love it so much you would down load lods and its free

Tayla Redmond

Too short Why is this app too short

Yo Hdz

Opinions Many people have there own opinions for my opinion is that it looks cool because I love it when babies are born.

Lewis Lazenby

Horse baby birth It is cute

Aynsle Foret

Cool It is fun but easy

Rondajah Williams

U wasting your time This game is really dum

rose nessa

To boring You don't get to care for the foul

Izzy Carroll

It is cool

Rikki Terry

STUPID So stupid doesn't let you do anything by yourself

gracie Murphy

I really don't liKe this game and even my sister said It is stupid. In plus this isn't even how a horse has a baby. I know we had 22 horses a few years ago k ow we only have like 7

Luke Perry

This game changed my life. I was in a deep depression, and when I saw this game, I didn't think much of it. I can't tell you how wrong I was. This game gave me happiness and taught me how horses came into the world.

Nicole Jackson

I was stupid I was stupid I thought this would be fun but I was wrong +++when the baby horse comes out it just comes out by thoching it the game was dum!!!!!

Joyce Cantrell

Cutie pie You can't even see the mama horse so that's pretty bad

Elise U

Terrible! This game is no good. Don't get it. The horse drinks like a dog and the baby just appears out of no where! Boring app

Willow Clayton

No No don't install this app I installed it to see how bad it was. Terrible game

Emma Jenkin

Not amazing but It is very intresting. Still it is way to short!!!

Becky Barr

What the hell did I just do? That was ridiculous. Horse drinks like a dog. The baby must of fell out of the sky. I mean seriously guys....

Ashton Tarpley

Cool This is so cool but it needs more steps

Nadine Lara

Hours baby Brith I love it because it's so cute and I love the baby horse how about you do you like it because I loved it

Lupita Bautista

loved it love it because when you grow up you have to learn about it and am in 9 grade in 10grade am going to have to learn about it so you haters your stupid and the one who made this game thank you so much loved it ?????

Jessie Bertsch

Adalyn It's fun but I wish there was more to do with the pony once its born

Animal lover

Hate it cant even I cant even Bug spray the horse cant pass the 3rd step. Do not get this game sucks

Dannon Dodgeon

Love the game I love the game so much don't listen to the bad rates OK listen to the good whuns

Shannon Adams

Icant Open to the part were it opens up the app it just says this app is broken I do ok then goes back to home screen

Layla Lengacher

Love it It is so awsome the game is awsome

Asad Syed

Cute game ? This game is so cute I love it

Trays Sjones

Sj A fg pay same 1251 party asking

adam collins

Boo It don't even let you do anything with the little horse!!!!!!!!

Katiana Gascon

Its good Its good cause it chooses you how a horse give birth

Isela Cruz

Horse baby brith I love it a lot

Issiq Bayanzay

Don't listen the haters Creter please don't listen the haters

Jakeara Green

Eww Grouse it looks likes the pony is liking the mom middle part just eww

William Clause jr.

So cute. I liked it but you need more to do. Maybe you can take more care of the baby.

Erin Thompson

I loved it.

Jamie Lopez

This is awesome

Brad Stake

The game is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game was so cute I named the horses Honey the mom and the baby Wip cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa Wissler

I love this game I love this game I had it when I was little and I found it again

Yvonne Tuckley

Ok 7ts ok

Keylee Toll

Hate it There is nothing that you can do with the pony... It is so boring.

Betty Oliver

It a cool game

Paxten Brooks

Eww This game is inipropreet at the end the horse is not drinking it's moms milk it's doing somthing else

Renee Ward

Horse baby birth It was stupid and not even close to looking after a real horse.

Jaz Arbo

Horse baby birth I hate this game all you do is tap the item they tell you to press and then it does it by it self listen to me you do not want to get this bad bad and bad game

Stella Whitehouse

It is OK but still quite boring because all you do pretty much is just tap things and it does the rest for you. It's not really interesting at all. It is a waste of time to get.

Molly Knapp

Its too short and boring

Hayley Wiltshire

Its very easy

Emelia Garcia

Not cool The game was good at first but on level two I have no idea what to do if you fix this and add instructions then I will download again

Johnny Murdock

I thought it was great!!!!! I thought it was a good game and really fun and cute and I really liked how you could restart it too. If I were to change any thing it would be to make the progres a little slower. Aalso to make the baby come out slower and more relistic.

Dav Yus

Oh my god Its sooooooooooooooo cute and I love it.Can you plz add this is can you put to name your baby and name the mom and its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

Lisa Watts

If I could give it a 0* I would! Don't bother downloading! The good ratings are total rubbish! The most pathetic game I've ever seen in my entire life! What a waste of a couple of minutes of my life that I will never get back!!

Emilee Kimber

What a freaking joke What the hell do you call this? How is this even a game? Really, no baby just pops out of the belly . And the mom has is hurting when you give it a shot but when the baby comes out she just stands there. People if your reading this DON'T GET THIS GAME IT'S A WASTE OF TIME

Tim Kurtzhals

Lyric It kida fun but you dont get to do anything with filly but wipe it with a stupid towel

Kel Williams

Wtf Its a horrible game, i mean, its so unappropriate for younger kids. Feeding the horse drugs, making it breath in gas, and injecting drugs though a needle on its behind. Not to mention that, when the foal is born it looks like its doing a unappropriate thing when, its actually getting milk from the mother.

Kayla Herrygers

Difficult This game is easy untill the second level. I don't understand what to do. Please fix it.?

Madeleine Horden- Gray

Terrible Nothing like real life dont get the app and its over in seconds

Isabella Pepper

O-0 This game is soooooo cute! ?

Hayley Hendy

Horse birth Don't tell you what to do

Audrey Quinn

Love it The best game and the cool.

jalpan chavi

I'm giving it cuz my sis loves it She likes to play it all the time on my phone

Froggy Apple

Ok It is ok but you can do nothing with the foul

Shayla Brandon

The game was ok at first but then it just ends

Dancing Pony04

Don't get Is this a joke? Nothing like real life. Foals don't just pop out of a horses belly!!

Katie Garcia

Wow that's a bad game don't get it

Alexis Saliveros

Just stupid! I only downloaded it to see what was so inappropriate about a foal nursing! Stupid game, but the foal nursing is pretty funny!

Kylie Woods

horse baby birth awesome !!!

Shyann Baker

Horse It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Jonathan Chavez

Not cool at all This game is very bad

Janet Pitcaithly

Boring Nide to bo more

Emily McGowan

This is a complete waste of time.


horse baby birth cool, teach abble

Zavina Morgan

Wow Well done who ever made this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricky Arguello

Soooooooo Cooooooool It is so fun and cute

Mimi Martin

It's cute But when you take the baby out its covered with slime Eww and aww!

Kaylee Ramsey

I own horses btw Ok so no birth is this stupid. Horses dont lick water like a dog. (Google a video please) horses also clean there own babies. Also "horse spray" is fly spray in real life

Veronica Molina

Would give it a 0 There's no point to the game u just feed the horse and that's all

Dyamond Brown

Diamond This game is so cute with the baby horse

Kaitlyn Du Preez

This is the best app ever. DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW (if you want to have fun)

Kaitlyn Stepp

Horse baby birth Mare has a filly and have to take care of her and the filly

Elizabeth Vogt-DeRosia

Horse delivery I hated it so much

Muhammad Siddiqui

Ewwwww so gross Plz DO NOT load this game

Harriet Mulhall

Does the foal ever stop drinking!!!!!

Jenna Aldred

Ahh Not that good of a game

Destany Anauo

0 stars If I could give 0 stars I would. Stupidest game EVER

skeleton stables

I is inappropriate

charles hayes

This is not what i call taking care of horses

sky fly 1234

It's disgusting at the very end outgoing you Coulda left that part out

Pura Medina

Stupid Birth is not like that

Jordyn Rintoul

It's ok It's ok

Olivia Romero

HATE IT! It wont evn let me play!!

Anna Denton

Cute Creepy and cute is cool with me

Lisa McNutt

To many add

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