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8 Feb
Horoscopes mPlus Rewards

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Apk file size: 5.4 MB

Download the best new Horoscopes app on the Android market for your phone or tablet! 100% FREE!!! Download it today!

★★★ BONUS: mPlus Rewards by SessionM included so you can get daily rewards while you learn about the future.

Horoscopes with mPoints delivers exactly what you want in a horoscopes app… daily readings for your astrological sign in the Zodiac whether it be Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or awesome rewards via sessionM mPoints. View the reading for today, yesterday and even tomorrow to get a glimpse into the future. You can even set daily reminders so that you don’t miss your reading.

Want some advice to help you get through the day? Will the stars align in your love life? How about that promotion you are looking for? Want some general awareness on how to improve your wellness? Our horoscopes will help you channel the power of the universe using the powerful principles of astrology which analyzes the relative positions of the sun, moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an important event like your birth!

Check out all our amazing features:

★ Horoscope readings updated daily with fresh content
★ Support for all 12 astrological signs in the Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces
★ Daily reminders so you never forget
★ Rewards, rewards, REWARDS every time you open the app via sessionM and mPoints!


Astrological Sign Guide:

Aries - birthday from March 21 to April 20 - symbolized by the Ram. Constellation is Aries. Zodiac element is Fire. Exaltation* is the Sun. Detriment** is Venus.
Taurus - birthday from April 21 to May 21 - symbolized by the Bull. Constellation is Taurus. Zodiac element is Earth. Exaltation is the Moon. Detriment is Pluto and Mars.
Gemini - birthday from May 22 to June 21 - symbolized by the Twins. Constellation is Gemini. Zodiac element is Air. No Exaltation. Detriment is Jupiter.
Cancer - birthday from June 22 to July 23 - symbolized by the Crab. Constellation is Cancer. Zodiac element is Water. Exaltation is Jupiter. Detriment is Saturn.
Leo - birthday from July 24 to August 23 - symbolized by the Lion. Constellation is Leo. Zodiac element is Fire. Exaltation is Neptune or Pluto. Detriment is Uranus.
Virgo - birthday from August 24 to September 23 - symbolized by the Virgin Maiden. Constellation is Virgo. Zodiac element is Earth. Exaltation is Pluto and Mercury. Detriment is Neptune.
Libra - birthday from September 24 to October 23 - symbolized by the Scales. Constellation is Libra. Zodiac element is Air. Exaltation is Saturn. Detriment is Mars.
Scorpio - birthday from October 24 to November 22 - symbolized by the Scorpion. Constellation is Scorpius. Zodiac element is Water. Exaltation is Uranus. Detriment is Venus.
Sagittarius - birthday from November 23 to December 21 - symbolized by the Archer. Constellation is Sagittarius. Zodiac element is Fire. No Exaltation. Detriment is Mercury.
Capricorn - birthday from December 22 to January 20 - symbolized by the Goat. Constellation is Capricornus. Zodiac element is Earth. Exaltation is Mars. Detriment is the Moon.
Aquarius - birthday from January 21 to February 19 - symbolized by the Water-Bearer. Constellation is Aquarius. Zodiac element is Air. Exaltation is Saturn and Mercury. Detriment is the Sun.
Pisces - birthday from February 20 to March 20 - symbolized by the Fish. Constellation is Pisces. Zodiac element is Water. Exaltation is Venus. Detriment is Mercury.

*Exaltation is one of the five essential dignities of a planet. Each of the seven traditional planets has its exaltation in one Zodiac sign.

**A celestial body is said to be detriment when it is positioned in the Zodiac sign opposite to the sign over which it rules.


Horoscopes with mPoints is free and fun for everyone.
Email us at [email protected] with any feedback or questions!

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Download horoscopes-with-mpoints.apk 5.4 MB


wendy osterhout

Love mpoints However... The I can't believe its not butter ads are a little out if hand, they are repetitive, annoying, and frankly in some ways insults the intelligence of us consumers since they/you seem to feel having ads that are in the list multiple times isn't enough now you have to have the popup ones where you can't get rid of them for 3 seconds ... Trust me this is not conducive to making me even remotely interested in buying this or any other product.

Sharon Olsen

Looking forward to this new app! I have always been interested in astrology and the like. I will write other reviews as time goes by. Thank you.

Anndi Bownes

Stole my mpoints Very disappointing! It's a fun app, and with the added mpoints I really liked it at first. I tried to collect my over 40 mpoints that I had been earning, and they just vanished. I tried to go back and see if I logged in another way to get them back, but nothing......update since the initial installation no problems, and enjoy the readings.

Joann Gower

Like having my horoscope every morning and the mpoints help with earning a few more points The points add up with sponsors video and ads.

Jeannine Brown

Mpoints? What a waste of time, "3" mpoints for looking at your horoscope? and I can only see we're I can only earn 3 or 4? at 3 mpoints each forget it uninstalling

Lisa Gulbranson

Fun Have had some horoscopes that were right on the money!

Kitty Safford

Not her good or bad,inlightning and clear. Figure out if this true medium for you? It worked for me.

William Clayburn

Very basic Not what I was expecting but it has a new horoscope everyday and that's it

Roni Kugler

I'm new to this site, but I like it so far!

Tina Treitler

I like far so good. No issues...

Ricky Jones

I'm just rating to see if it will stop asking.

Lisa Renbarger

Enjoying this app I've only had this app a short time, but each day there is something that seems appropriate to my life or at least something to consider.

Odessa Smith

Yep It could be more interactive

Dawn Quinn

It hits right on .. Amazing

Jennifer Keenan

I like this app alot☆

Darlene Oliver

This is a wonderful application


Love this app

Dawn Nichols

Not very good Doesn't say anything

Mr & Mrs D

Cool App Im doing this for my mPoints

Aundrea Sells

Only good for the mpoints... And you don't get many of those. Repeats the same horoscopes over and only has like 10 different ones.

Alana Shirley

It's good! One of the best I have used. Daily horoscope is well thought out.

Kandice Lewis

Love it I like reading about me everyday

Betty Watson

Horoscope LOVE THIS!! actually for the last fww days it has been right on the Money !!

Tom Lakatos

Repeats same horror scopes, pun intended. Deleting app

Chris Meenach

Just downloaded but seems to be a good app with a bonus of some M Points

Ladeerah Hamilton

Still new to app

Rob Marshall

Galaxy s6 For the past 2 weeks I've gotten the same horoscope. It's as though the program is stuck on the same day or the programmer ran out of stars to read for horoscopes. When it was working it was entertaining.

Debbie Cushing

Meh. It's somewhat entertaining, but has lost its appeal after I discovered that the so-called horoscopes are just recycled. There's not even enough of these things to carry them through a whole year. What a joke.

Alana Shirley

Works for a short while App stopped updating horoscopes. For the last five days my phone tells me horoscope is ready to read, but it has been the same one!

Chandrashekar Kallimani

One man's food, other man's poison..... Co-insidental, For some men may prove correct. But PREDUCTERS are not perfect.


not easy to navigate or just stuck on one zodiac

D.J. R

Fun I don't necessarily believe in horoscopes but it's fun to check it out!

Price land

Astrology Very cool app!

Bethany Dean

I downloaded for mPOINTS. You get only three. Every day there is a reminder alarm to go check your horoscope. It is annoying, I am sure there must be a way to deactivate it, I just haven't figured it out yet. Barely an mpoint. Not with it. I will probably end up deleting it.

Kelly Barron

It's nice and works well,no issues.

Joann Tabanji

I find it interesting

Debra Sanchez

Horoscope mPlus Rewards I just started using this app so I'm only giving a 3 star review. It's a REAL BUMMER the app doesn't allow you to view other Horoscopes ???

Michelle Chester

I would like to be able to look up other signs a little easier. The app seems to get stuck on one sign and not update. :-/

Ricky Michael

Nice -- ! Great quick horoscope! Hard to switch to diff. sign for my significant other.

susan fournier

Horoscope This is a great app, pretty accurate

Tara Cifizzari

I Love the accuracy of this App Wish u could switch & look ar other signs a lot easier!!!

Amber Redman

Agreed.... With the last 2 before me.

Virginia Cannon

Good MPoints app Wish the app permitted more points. But, other than that, it's good.

Dovette Little

Love it on point

Robb Dimick

Home? This is an OK app. I mainly use it for the mpoints. My irritation with it is this; I haven't been home for 2 weeks because I travel for work. I understand that it's just for fun, and I don't put any stock into astrology, but it's still weird that for the last 2 weeks that every single horoscope has been about me doing something at home. WTF? Can we get something different? Thanks

Sherry Davis

It's enjoyable Not the best yet it's enjoyable. Plus I like the fact I earn mPlus points.

Tammie Cowan

Its cool has 1 issue though! I love getting my horoscope I've had app for about a week and seems to be pretty correct everyday! Only thing is I wish it was easier 2look at other signs, I like 2check my husband's an in order 2do so, I change it 2his sign an it won't change! I close the app an reopen it, still no change. So then next day I go 2look at mine and it's set on his and I have 2go thru the whole thing again, changing it back 2my sign and again it won't change till next day again, annoying please fix and I give 5 *****

Wickeds Wife

Whenever i try to load my points it will start to load then take me back to the main screen for the horoscopes readings this has been going on for days now please fix the problem

John Lambert

John Lambert My horoscope is being right so far other than the pop-up ads this app is doing really good I like it very much

David Foster

New to this app I just downloaded the app so I can't really tell you what I think about it. So far I've enjoyed it. It asked me to rate it so I did I might have to change how many stars I give it at a later time.

Karen Simard

It's not allowing me to get my points. I check in daily, yes app is updated.It just stopd allowing me to receive my points.Worked great up til 3days ago,now won't let me get my points now

Lori Boltz

Great app Love it! Accurate and easy.

Lindsey Grant

I like it I like this app. It's fun to open it up and see what they say for the day.

Jamaul Brown

I like it! It's not as wordy and technical like a lot of other horoscopes. It's straight to the point!

Michael Rossi

Daily horoscope is fine :) Horoscope and M points works for me !

tracy theisen

Just installed Trying it out, will let you know more soon.

Kelley Green

Fun and easy to use. Earning the extra M+points are a bonus.

Dolores Willis

Great Enjoy reading my horoscope each day.

Roberta McElwain

Ok app Horoscopes repeat too many times

Loretta Heard

Love reading my horoscope every day ....

Philly McNally

Do not compute. I don't under stand what it means! If you made it talk a bit more modern it would better?‼

Linda Kavanagh

It's cool love to read my horoscope every day only thing is it cuts out half way through reading it but I can go back into it and read it again at any time

Kimberlye Braswell

Very nice I like the responses. Thanks

LaShelle Morrison

Fun app Really like the apps from this developer. They are fun, and I collect mpoints!

sasha medlicott

Impressive! The readings seem to apply to my current circumstances most of the time and they offer really good advice.

Debbie Cushing

It's somewhat entertaining, but has lost its appeal after I discovered that the so-called horoscopes are just recycled. There's not even enough of these things to carry them through a whole year. What a joke. Update: I'm downgrading this to a one star. I have not had a new horoscope all year.

Marc Miller

Pretty good I liked the app, until I started noticing the same horoscopes being recycled after only using it a few weeks....

Mia Star

Zodiac and mPlus rewards? That's a bundle of awesomeness!

Jenn Schutz

App works well but horoscopes aren't my thing. I do it for the mPoints

mis steen

Boring Great for earning mpoints but boring app

Chase Faith

It's very nice I loved horoscopes when I was younger, and this takes me back. Also easy mpoints ^_^

Toni Biggs

Toni B. I look forward to my horoscope evey morning.

Jennifer Halas

A fun way to start a day. I think the forecasts are way off most of the time. But it is interesting to check in every day just in case

L J Schweppe

Repetition I had this app before and deleted it because it started repeating readings now it's doing it again so I am deleting it again. Can't you come up with more readings so that you don't have to repeat the same ones over and over?

Amy Trotter

Very loose predictions. Fun to see anyway though.

Terry Hightower

Horoscope Interesting to start the day.

Juan Rios

Combo! Great combination horoscopes and earning Mpoints, great idea!

Cass Luke

It repeats. Low mPoints

Shelten Sly

App This is a very good app and I love it....

Debra Sanchez

Horoscope mPlus Rewards I just started using this app so I'm only giving a 3 star review. It's a REAL BUMMER the app doesn't allow you to view other Horoscopes ???

Melissa Vasquez

BEST HOROSCOPE APP! This is one of the most accurate Horoscope apps I have had! I've had this app for MANY YEARS & it is 9 times out of 10 speaking about EXACTLY what is going on in my life!

Anndi Bownes

Not enough I've been using this app for the entertaining and enlightening horoscopes for almost a year. Love the MPoints, but the horoscopes are recycled, there is not enough of them. I get the same ones multiple times and it would be nice to be able to read the other signs.

Joann Gower

Like having my horoscope every morning and the mpoints help with earning a few more points The points add up with sponsors video and ads. I look forward to reading my horoscope each morning.

Debbie Seward

Sad. Can not figure out how to get points. Pathetic !

Kimberly Weekley

Easy M Point earner Just click once a day and earn points for viewing "yesterday, today, tomorrow."

Awesome The daily horoscopes has been right on to what is happening in my life.

nick tapia

Cool App! I like to see if my day turns out like they predict.

Jacelyn Kurtz

So much fun It's fun to just read everyday.

Christine Nucatola

Fun A good way to start the day

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