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24 Jul
HopOn - charge your RavKav

Posted by Adom IT LTD in Transportation | July 24, 2016 | 57 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

For the first time in Israel, smart mobile payments for public transit, with HopOn!

No more need for cash just type in your credit card and charge your RavKav***.
You can also pay directly on any one of "Dan" buses straight from the app, even if you don't have a Ravkav by scanning the QR barcode on the bus.
After buying a single trip through the app can also use HopOn app and buy Tel-O-Fun daily subscription and enjoy 30% discount (only by purchasing the daily subscription from the HopOn app)

For now the system supports all of Dan buses.
We are working hard to add more areas and companies, so look forward for more updates soon!

There is a challenge in loading the Rav-Kav using a smartphone with an NFC chip.

1) There are at least five types of Rav-Kav in Israel.
2) Each manufacturer of a smartphone use a different type of NFC chip in his device (and there are also differences among different models)
3) Not all NFC chips can both read and write on all five types of Rav-Kav.

At the bottom is a list of 10 most popular smartphone in Israel and their ability to support different types of Rav-Kav

In the future we would provide a full list of all known smartphone in our website where you can already charge your Rav-Kav with a card reader provided in Rav-Kav stations.

We also want to emphasize that writing on Rav-Kav is a very delicate process, and displacement of Rav-Kav or smartphone cover which is too thick, Non-original battery, wireless charging sticker or anti-radiation sticker can interfere with the success of charging the Rav-Kav.

Galaxy Note4 - Writing supports in few types of Rav Kav
Galaxy S3 - Writing supports in some types of Rav Kav (type OTI 10054127-1, watchdata)
Galaxy S4 - Writing supports in few types of Rav Kav (type OTI 10054127-1, watchdata, ASK TANGO)
Galaxy S5 - Writing supports in most types of Rav Kav(type OTI 10054127-1, watchdata, ASK TANGO , ASK, GEMALTO SP)
Galaxy S6 - Writing supports in few types of Rav Kav
LG G2 - Writing supports in few types of Rav Kav (type ASK TANGO)
LG G3 - Writing supports in most types of Rav Kav(type watchdata, ASK TANGO)
LG G4 - Writing supports in some types of Rav Kav(type OTI 10054127-1, watchdata, ASK TANGO)
Nexus 5 - Writing supports in few types of Rav Kav
One+One - Writing supports in few types of Rav Kav (type watchdata)

******* The app is currently working only in Israel *******

Whats new

    Bug fixes and improvements in the topup service

Adom IT LTD part of our Transportation and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 24, 2016. Google play rating is 60.6529. Current verison is 2.0.18. Actual size 18.0 MB.

Download hopon-travel-smart.apk 18.0 MB

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Laurent Flaster

Positively surprised! I'm sitting in the bus 70 while writing this, using hop on for the very first time. Because of many comments here I was first sceptical about the app, but since I forgot cash and cc at home, this was my only chance. I asked the driver upon entering the bus if he accepts the "new app" and where the qr code is. Everything went smooth and I surely will continue to use this app. I hope you will expand the services to trains, taxis and even moniot shirut. Thanks!

Dmitry Shestak

Overall ok Main question: will it continue? Will there be more features support? PayPal support is very strange - they create a transaction on every ride.

Avi Heletz Sufrin

Bus drivers won't accept it They have the sticker but still day they only accept the rav kav. I actually tried with several drivers and they're oblivious. Fit example Dan 161, Dan 4... This happened today and also 2 days ago. I understand the drivers are not aware because very few people ever used the app. I'm raising the rating due to prompt response and potential if this issue gets solved.

Joey Gelpe

Supposed to work on light rail but doesn't! Do not rely on this app Take stickers out of light rail immediately!

יעל ברג

Can't use app Thanks for fixing my log on! But now I have another problem. I have a "dead spot" in my smart phone that doesn't recognise touch. When I have the money, I'll get it fixed or replaced. Meanwhile, I need to rotate my phone to be able to access apps. Hop On doesn't rotate! So I can't enter PayPal information. For now, I think it'll be okay since I'm using the app for Shabus. But soon I'll need to pay, right?

Assaf Lavi

Great idea, implementation should be better While you're working on the hard parts (partnerships, deployment, programs), maybe the app team could improve usability? Starting a ride should be much quicker. Also, you should really ditch the Waze aesthetic as soon as possible, and *hop on* the Material Design bandwagon!

David Rubinshtein

Feedback No option to add paypal ?. And the program expose too many digits of the credit card (should show only 4 last digits if at all) . Im Not going to use till it will be safe. Good luck.

Sami Parsegov

Great concept Now I'll just have to wait till " Kavim" will co-partner with you!

Alon Diamant

Simple, great Wish I could be charged once a month, not every single time I board a bus. Clearer explanations of "Owned tickets" (I can board another Dan bus, for continued connection, one hour after boarding the first one.) would be great. Discount bulk purchase would be awesome (like Hofshi Hodshi). Lose the line number input box (you have stickers, come on..). Evenstill - very useful and highly recommended.

Ran Manor

Waiting for students programs.. You should use nfc, much faster than qr codes.

Eran Machlev

It's fine I'm waiting for plans to be available

Yehuda Lando

Great! Can't wait for it to support Tel-Ofan and other companies. NFC support would be nice as well, at least until you implement the beacons on all busses

magaline jeffries

Hop on travel smart Check it out

ney goog

Network error I can't get pass the phone number verification.

im nlen

boolsh :-) t "some things just have to wait" REALLY? stop advertising your (cr)app in public transport, then. and why use up my battery if you DON'T FREAKING FUNCTION ANYWAY?

Shir Brass

Great app! Brilliant concept! Need to add few features (like charge contract from rav-kav etc...). I'm really looking forward to see results! Try focusing on the transportation companies acceptance of the product. Way to go! Good luck :)


Not working Every time I try to pay, there is a communication problem, I'm using PayPal, and it doesn't work

Gavriel Ostrow

Cities pass train Tried it. Doesn't work. Camera went completely crazy and it freezes my phone! Galaxy s4.

Sasha Limarev

Works perfectly My phone (Moto X 13) is not on the list of supported models, but the app still works amazingly well for charging my Rav Kav.

טלי שניידר

Used to be a great app but Could you please return the monthly ticket to Israel? Would be much appreciated, without it the app is kind of useless to me


False promise The only reason I was interested in the all was to top-up my rav kav. I got this message saying NFC Component not supported...

Mor Elmaliach

It's ok Sadly it doesn't support my phone, nexus 5, which is odd and stupid cause its clean Android system.... Would like to be able to use it to use my rav-kav.

Israel Schechter

Never worked for me.

Noa Nachimovich

Doesn't work on Nexus 5 Are you planning on fixing it?

Igor Podolsky

Don't work Rav-Kav top up Don't work Rav-Kav top up on Samsung Note 3. After I put the card in proximity to the phone after appropriate contract selection it is said the transaction failed.

Sagi Dayan

Not working on Nexus 5 Cant use NFC for some odd reason. This is the only app that has a problem with it. Not worth downloading.

Shimon Crown

The Dan site claims you can use it top up your Rav Kav from your mobile. BS. The application tells me in bad English that it doesn't support NFC. This only after I gave it my credit card details. Tried on Nexus 5

Vladimir Yevsukov

Nice app in gendral PLEASE!! Please, make a mute button or just get rid of those stupid sounds when charging new contract!! I'll make it 5*, promise!!!

Jan Niemann

Updates needed No daily tickets available on your app. Usrless for many tourists.

David Kleiman

Nexus 6P, works perfectly, from now on i only charge the free monthly ticket thru the app. Great work!

Roey Nitzani

Last rollout, not working. The last roll out signed me out of the application and I am asked to re send a verification code. But when I try to send a requeat for verification code I get an error (request parameters error).

Aryeh Beitz

Excellent app! I've been using this app to charge my Rav Kavs for the past several months using my LG G3. It works perfectly every time. I'm waiting for the feature to be able to buy Jerusalem intercity tickets as well.

Israel Schechter

Pops up when approaching the rav kav to the phone. Does not give you the chance to use another app. Besides, it does not work for Egged busses.

amit merla

Charge not working on Nexus 6 Tried so many times and then had to pay for the bus. Delete!

Kobi Baruch

Did u ever try it on a bus?! Disaster!! The NFC loses connection with the card while you're half way of trying to insert your credit card details and then it doesn't save the form data so you have to START OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN. Moreover, they do not allow using Paypal- with such a crap of an app who do they think they are expecting us to trust them with our credit card info?! most probably it's saved as a text field in their database not even encrypted! Companies of this kind should not be trusted. UNINSTALL!

Shlomo Yaacov Fisherowitz

Live in Yerushalayim. Why no Egged?

Lauren Gruer

Can't register can't read terms. Please fix. I have usa number

Yuval S

So much potential. Please update It won't complete the purchase unless im on wifi (why??) And begging. And that beep! And those random error msgs....

Ori Leshem

Stole money from me Wanted to pay 100 shekels to charge my Rav kav, took 50 attempts of placing the card on my phone, tons of errors, by the time it said payment complete I noticed they charged me 500 shekels while the recipt only said 100. I demand a refund or legal actions will be taken. Why am I posting it here? Because there is NO OTHER WAY TO CONTACT ANYONE ANYWHERE ON THE APP.

Jan Niemann

Updates needed No daily tickets available on your app. Useless for many tourists.

ET Galim

You broke it! Was fine, worked with N6p. Now the app can only read the card and keep failing to write. Even more frustrating is the fact the was updated a few times since this started, and most of the reviews talk about this issue for some time now. Kinda like you don't care.

Name Request

Was a great app - RIP So many people are depended on this app because it's really great. So sure "Let's release an update without testing it, that breaks everything, no one will notice". I think they messed up the NFC api. This bad surprise is now costing me more money I loose this month

Avi Yungelson

Doesnt work at all!

Avi Slavkin

Worst app ever Did you do any qa at all?!

Alex Gurenko

Stopped working Latest update as well as beta does not work. Cannot write new ticket to the card.

Debbora Berlinger

Very disappointed Doesn't work anymore.

Mark Rean

App stopped working Was an amazing app until the last update, now I get a "device unsupported" error on my Galaxy S7 Edge, that had no problem loading a Rav Kav last month.

Israel Schechter

Pops up when approaching the rav kav to the phone. Does not give you the chance to use another app. Besides, it does not work for Egged busses. They don't reply either!

avishai lazar

Doesn't load my rav kav with desired purchase When I try to complete my purches I get some meaningless error 16 message.

Eran Arbel

Wish it could remember my screen selection but overall useful.

Alexander Forshtat

Stopped working after update, had to downgrade.


Error 1004 and 43 always appear

Stanislav Kofanov

Not working When I try to add a payment method I receive HOCERR1x4 error. Horrible implementation of an error message, you know. Useless.

Eran Westreich

Not working When i press purchase it says ticket purchase in progress and then the message disappears and it doesn't proceed

Elina S

I doesn't work anymore

Avi Heletz Sufrin

Improving Why not NFC? Would be so much easier and faster. Also the UI really needs an overhaul.

Stefan G. Tarabini

Works brilliantly with Sony Xperia. Easy to charge your RavKav and to get an overview of your travels

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