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26 Aug

Posted by AFFINITY in Adventure | Aug. 26, 2016 | 123 Comments

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Warning! Once you enter HISTORIA, you may encounter time flying by like crazy!
Anyone who wants to spend time doing something joyful and valuable, don’t hesitate! Install HISTORIA now. It’s the REAL RPG game!

Review by early bird
★★★★★ Once you start with this game it is hard to stop playing. ! Ang***
★★★★★ Worth a shot Kelv***
★★★★★ Love the storyline with much humor in it and as it seems a new game worth trying out before anyone gets to max level Mart***
★★★★☆ Really fun game despite of crashing lately... Kenn***

1. Intriguing story full of wits
2. Original but Unique characters derived from ancient mythology
3. Unique Skillsets for each character!
4. A tactical mind is needed for this Formation Battle System
5. Play more, get more: Reward Level-up System
6. Despite all innovations of the game, we are staying true to the core elements of original RPGs!

Best for users who are…
1. bored of everyday life and want to dive into a new world, striving to become a beacon of justice.
2. sick and tired of typical RPGs with a generic storyline of “fighting and defeating a reincarnated devil”!
3. considering themselves great tacticians and strategists
4. hunters and collectors of items in RPGs
5. appreciative of beautiful artworks and graphics
6. aware of who is Pythagoras

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AFFINITY part of our Adventure and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 26, 2016. Google play rating is 88.1821. Current verison is 1.0.27. Actual size 44.0 MB.

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Corey C

Too big Updates are getting ridiculous. I just had to delete blockheads to fit the recent update. I'm not happy. This game is like crack

Thomas Patton

This Fantastic Game s Medicore Greatness! I LOVE playing these card games! They're all the same core: collect units, form parties, beat enemies during some semblance of story, create new stategies based on how much you can spend for units, do dailies, grind, grind, PvP, grind. Even this game copies the above, but they have just about perfected it! I'll admit, I had started losing interest before the "tutorial" was over and had everything set to Auto. I was going to uninstall, but I got a piece of equipment wanted to try on. Then I decided to Apple-Up a bit. Then I had to see how my party did with new equip and stats, right?! So I won a couple new equips. And some card things. Rinse and repeat. Except, I could basically skip the annoying parts of games like this on Auto and 2x so that I could get back to what I really enjoy. Stats and things to do besides stare at the screen. From the interace layout to the character design, this game is near perfect. There are some UI improvements I'd like to see implimented, but there is nothing to take away a star. Server is a tad jerky at times, but I'm pretty sure it's International. If you've ever dealt with a great PC MMO on an INT server, you know what to expect most times.

Dea Melina

Completed Camelot and then what should I do? Really looove this game. It kept me addicted to it. Completed all levels in Camelot area and then the story says the General passed out, and there's no new level to go to. What should I do?

Amir Hamzah

Love this game Addict to it. It take awhile to figure out dice system, overall it great game.

udit gupta

Bad after every update I was upgrading my hero from S to SS.. I had upgraded half and was waiting for some more A grade heroes ,then this damm upgrade runs... I HAD LOST ALL MY POINT AND HERO REACHED TO ZERO POINT IN "S" LEVEL

Stormee Lewis

Fix the push notifications What do I have to do to stop the notifications??? I've already turned it to off and I'm still getting them. Also, 3rd time I've posted this, it keeps mysteriously disappearing.

Aditya Singh

Love it but.... After the new updates game is closing randomly :(


No words. My brother and I play this, and we love it!

sougata mandal

Only because no explanation of the update. Explain your future updates to get 5*

Rick Vance

Description What's up with no explanation of what update is for? I believe we have a right to know! Reduce rating for that.

Edward Ilio

Best card game!...but could improve more. Guild, tower, dungeon and could even better if can trade or sell weapons. otherwise very nice!

Christian Bangkit

Loved the games The only problem that bothering me is. Do you have to update it likr almost all the time?? Seriously. I need to download the file over and over again just bc some small update. And pls also makes the option to not update our games bc if its just about the bug, not everypne is experiencing the bug! Please!


yess!!finally i now can play my addicted game.hahahahaha.tq 4 make my day better.

Sonia Leonard

Would give it 5 stars but can't seem to get S rated cards anymore. In fact, I can't seem to get any new heroes.

Mike P

PLEASE EXPLAIN THE DICE SYSTEM The dice roll for movement makes no sense and there is no tutorial to explain it. Why even include the manual roll?? It's an illusion of control!! Also, the chance of getting even an A grade portrait when you spend GOLD is way way too small. Explain the effing dice system and this is a 4 star app at least.

Norman Jaya

So many crash Too many freezes and crash in the campaign

Christina Trinh

CHEATING DICE The dice always land on the soldiers. That makes me have low health. In result, when I fight the boss (red) I die easily. That makes me use real money to buy things and level up. IT'S ALL JUST A TRICK, A SCHEME. THEY ARE TRYING TO CHEAT YOU! Sorry, but other than that it is okay. ??

vinson see

Idiots will always complainn Destruction,of items,in,enchanting is normal. Complaining abt it shows that u either have little gaming experience and never seen it before or u r just willing to only,stay in the comfort zone of the previous game u played. The RNG is fine, go study bell curves and stochastic process before complaining. Anyway even with rigged dice, pure pve and levelling doesnt req real,money. Game can proceed fairly well without.

Lesly Lievano

Runs slow The game is great I love it but after a while it starts running slow

Kristen Anthony

Love the game but have a suggestion This is my favorite game. I do wish you could sell sell gear from the equip view if I come across something I don't want to keep rather than making me exit, go to storage, select the item again, then sell it. I like to change out my heroes gear and inspect and compare my new loot from the equip menu. I don't use the storage screen except to sell something or see how much space I've got left. Think you could do something about this developers?

Andrew Collins

Good game but still buggy. Every time you level up, it says "Energy Refilled", but doesn't refill your energy. There is also no clear reason for the guage when rolling the dice manually.

Tim Guillermo

Good game, but not without its flaws The gameplay is good and having the option of auto playing is great for busy people. Alot of the problems that people are having are just based off of bad luck and bad RNG and that isn't the dev's fault, so keep it up. One flaw that I have noticed is how the game is laggy at times on my LG G3, mostly when I'm in menus. Another nuisance might be that failing an enchant destroys your item instantly, while some other games have item rollbacks, which means failing to enchant an item only resets its properties.

Mark Gerald Garon

It's like the Kingdom Hearts of history/mythology Minus the gameplay since it is different. I do wish there's an option to move your fighters to the desired space while fighting, wait their turns, defend, etc. When is the next storyline coming up? I've finished up to the latest one (Camelot)

Charles Krans

Not for the western world. This game had promise, but has failed to address the issues it has, or made them worse. It was playable in beginning as a free player, but rampant unaddressed cheating, events that are held in KR time zone, and no chance for premium cards without cash, and premium so drastically unbalanced that free play is unenjoyable. Couple this with lack of basic features like a blog/forum (they have a fb page) and I will be spending my time and money elsewhere.

zoya shaikh

Good game Very nice game but still can be improved. The hang error n dice not turning right can be solved.

Tom Spector

Why the waiting Good standard character buidding RPG. But wth could the application be doing making me wait wait wait every time I do anything? Every action at camp no matter how small and its wait wait wait until that despised "working" helmet stops spinning. Annoying enough to make me on the verge of deleting.

xavier chong

Gamer Fuck always force closed all the time i play can u fix this problem. Fix this problem i will rate 5 star

Daniel Jones

I really like the game but every time I get into a battle the game stops running iv got plenty of space and all that I would love to give 5 stars if I could play it plz fix it maybe dull down the graphics or something but I really want to play until this is fixed I will uninstall just remember before releasing a game make sure the big bugs like this are fixed

Braidy Harris

Historia I like how the characters do cutscenes I think its funny how they interact I love the game play the battles of pretty good I love the weapons of lies and intent those weapons although it's a really good game quality I recommend this to anyone anyone who would like to play it it's a good game

Patryk Golanski

Fun but needs forum. Fun, easy to play. One of the most enjoyable games I've played on Android. Needs a forum page. There's no place to discuss tactics, strategy, building heroes etc. Dice roll gauge makes no sense. Is more power a better probability for a high roll. Seems random all ways I've tried.

Edwin PJ

Best RPG Its the well balanced super Game which is very good For everyone....... Really we doesn't need to spend a single penny for progressing......means its not a pay to win game......That's why I really like it...... Thumb's up ;)

Lance Lim

Give the same S portraits Stupid rate of summoning..i only got 2 S and i get the same S portraits out of so many after inviting 50 friends. Not worth playing.

Muhammad Fitri

battery drained so fast. have to be hooked up to a charger if you wanna play this game. otherwise the game is good

GlobalX X

Need improvement Screen stays on when the battle is over, burns battery very fast. You will get disconnected when you switch app during a battle. When you are disconnected you will not be able to get back to the same battle, which mean you lost everything you have gain. Not able to control a character to move to a spot you want them to move to.

jan knudsen

Fun game Good gameplay. Funy campaign and characters. Bit laggy at times. Would have been nice to be able to buy a permanent option for some of the stated titles/cosumes.

Kanishka Patel

It has improved a lot...though i still find it hard to get a joan of arc...nd i have been playing from almost a year...just please tell me how can i really get one ? I have been in top 10 ranks in pvp nd silver league in advance arena ...even with all the gold from weeks earning...didnt get me that character...otherwise the game is good nd fun to play...

Raider xs

The rolls The dice rolls r impossible to predict so don't plan on anything but sucking hard.

Fierus Firoche

Its a wonderful game! I love the game, it is unique in that you play it like a board game, has a good amount of historical facts about ancient heroes and myths and its also humorous how you play as a great leader, but is lazy and gambles. Great storyline too!

Anubis Vaj

Interesting game. Was looking for combos attacks & special moves. But this game as good as you can enjoy playing it. Recommend adding combos attacks & special attacks or moves. Makes things interesting and alive. Keeps people playing.

David PC

Rigged Issues with crashes resolved, have enjoyed game but am becoming discouraged. I have pulled 2 Advanced portraits a day for months and have never gotten an "S" card. When "Request" appears for a "Wanted mission", wanted ONLY appears when my energy is used up, even if I wait for hours. Clearly a rigged game...get a old. At least be fair to people that spend money on your game! Have spent money and the game and have nothing to show for it. So it is a waste to spend money on it.


Could be better Replaying levels and arena battles much too slow. 2x speed is not sufficient. It almost makes it too annoying to continue

Noel Rosario

A bit lag My phone is the issue but overall its a great game

Venna Beth Waters

I would really like this game, if it didn't keep hanging up on me. I can't get credit for wins or loses in the arena because it just stops.

Quang Minh Van

Great game Very addictive, there're still some bugs but they're just minor. A great game overall!

Mark Ra

Entertain us! Dialogue is exceptional. I'm really enjoying the game at lvl 8. I'm extremely picky so the game is holding my interest.

Yenola Ran

Uniquely fantastic Something genuinely different. The historical context is fresh and the quality of the game is super. Highly recommend.

Adam R

1 of my fave One of a kind. Formation system gave u the thrill of versus. Too bad the arena reward only for a few players so newbie not recomended.

El Ebro

So LAGGY AND CRASHY!! It's a great game! But it is so laggy and crashy all the time! Even if i switch it to low graphic and battle mode off. Please FIX IT!

Keep Manny

Good game I just started playing and so far it's been fun and unexpectedly has some funny moments. I would definitely recommend this game to anybody looking for a great time waster. Very fun game download it if you like role playing games for sure

Tina Caruana

Fun Addictive and fun but the tutorial needs to be a bit better. I still feel pretty lost in a lot of areas.

Zach Pease

Good Game The game is fairly sound gameplay-wise, with a great combat system. The only gripe that I have is that some of th dialogue seems a little choppy in places, or conversations occur with broken text and speech.

Linnie Coruscate

fun to play but keep lagging whenever I'm doing a battle sometimes at the end the load screen will just stay there and it won't load. it wastes a lot of energy for me to waste it and exit game so I can play it again. please fix.

Chris Bush

great game needs to have a section that has descriptions of how each section works like how to g use different skins etc

Chelsee Irving

5/5 Fun easy to use, with a variety of things to do.

Wayne Siira

Better theme than most Ton of historical fun lol. Game has a lot to offer so far. Game play is awesome and different. Being a talking statue is a little weird but still loads of fun.

Ferendi Hermanto

Nice game Nice game, easy to play but very entertaining

Ginan Gumelar

more energy please i like this game... but i always feel that i don't have enough energy. how about every time players level up, we gain more energy capacity. it would be really great if you do this.

Jessa Lavado

I like it! The game is actually addicting..I recommend it to other people.

Lizmelanie Ruiz

It takes forever to download every time I go in to the game and when in the middle of a battle it kicks nee out of the game

Namira Latifah

Great but buggy I like it, but at times the game force close on its own and usually at the time when I got a great amount of loots. Fix it please!

Michael Dezelle

Just plain fun Really enjoying the simplicity of the game. Been looking for something I don't have to spend too much time on. Only major glitch is game hard closes during story sequences. =( and can't rewatch so I miss them.

Andy Yap

Alway loading Cant play, alway loading when clicking anything n stuck loading. Fix it or delete

Taylor Bright

Fun board game The animation and storyline is awesome and so are the characters. The only thing I think that you need to fix is the clock on the game is like on some that symbol time challenges at some times a day ahead.

David Benson

Not Great but fun I was expecting something a bit different, but the game is still fun, as others have said good Graphics and easy game play.

Vince Tuia

I enjoy this game a lot! Keep it up;) please add new content is my only wish!

Danny Chin

The chances to get higher heroes through real money seems kind of cruddy. The dice roll is completely random and I feel that there is no control at all

Dang Dat

Good and balance game Good turn based rpg with variety of units that could be used to form unique team for ppl with different playing styles

john holbert

Historiea Well I have yet to find a hard part and I like that but I'm not very far in the game yet but so far so good

Aimer Fame

5 star Fantastic game suprized more ppl haven't takin to it. Just be careful of online purchase they like it so you may not do to we'll in the game without out it.

Mary Jones

Very good so far Can't wait to see where the story is going. I've always loved mythology so it's nice to see my favorites in here. Lol, back to the game now :)

Antonio Lay

Best RPG Just need more storyline and more reward.

Riko Santoso

must play, 5/5 but it can go really laggy after few hours and ends up i have to keep restarting the game........

Davor Leš

Great game ...but pity that so many things are only available if bought.

Devon Ferber

Ok Wish the storage was not a problem. Let me have all the items who cares about paying for storage. Will never pay money for this game

Richard Vaughn

Uhh ok Best title screen I ever played lol. Would not get past the title screen. So I deleted the game.

Steven Susanto

Nice game and you dont need to spend money to be strong Very nice game and good graphic. I really love the characters. Please add more characters from Egyptian lore and if possible, the religious lore, too. And put historical background on each character.

Aimer Fame

5 star Fantastic game suprized more ppl haven't takin to it really impressed with the overall play. Love the graphics and god like characters. I wouldn't change a thing. ?

De Yu Ka

Very low drop rate for S paintings I've been saving gold for weeks, and out of 1,550 gold I didn't got not even one S painting. Out of 65 paintings, not even one was S. Are u kidding me? I play this game for over a year, every day, and I still don't have Joan of Arc. Yeah.. Well worth my time.. And how come in arena I keep running into the same person over and over and over, and I keep losing cause he's stronger than me.. Is that fair to you? To put ppl against the same strong opponent 2 times in a row and lose both? ?

john lopez

Fun game Love it. Addicting with lots of game play. Love the story and the fact that you can chose which side you can fight for.

Gypsy Steinmann

historia what can I say? It's a good game

carly mccormack

Not Able to Enter Game This looks like a great game. But whenever I try it open it to play, all the downloads go through and I'm left with a beautiful screen that says Historia. And that's it. I can't open the game past that point. I'm very disappointed because the game seems as though it'd be amazing.

Steneste Lee

Why would i keep this game if it wont even get off the title screen. Ive downloaded the data, but ive been staring at the title screen for 5 mins! Im uninstalling this now. Never downloading this again.

Radu Constantin

Bug Merlin Skill description says he attacks enemies but in my last match his skill jumped from enemy to friendly tank and then to Merlin himself...they both died/suicided. pls fix.

ChiaChia Teo

Title screen issue too Seems to be a problem occupying more often recently! I was able to download and play it on my previous phone, but this time I got stuck at the title screen, and it seems that this problem is rampant in new downloaders so what a shame.

Jessica Wall

I love it so far You asked for a review but I can't think of any constructive criticism yet. I love the art. I enjoy the board and the battles. I'm determined to collect all of the characters. :)

George-Florian Carzon

Great game. Good use of the gameboard concept. Nice, different graphics. Dependency an a stable connection makes the game laggy though. Gameplay is well balanced so if you don't want or cannot pay with a little grinding you can still get everything. I really appreciate the work done on this game! Connection dependence keeps them from a 5-star rating.


Won't work Just installed this game and was really excited to start playing but it won't start. Could you please fix so I can play????

Danny McCormick

Funny and fun Funny storyline. Great graphics. Battle system is easy to learn. Remember to upgrade, equip, and train your fighters and place them where they will be more advantageous. Don't keep every character you receive. Use some to upgrade your best ones.

m noci

You guys need do a update on the game. I paid for some stuff, but nothing new. Arena system seem to be hacked. Waste of gold on the characters, always getting E, D, C. Harder to get A and S characters. Do not waste your money on Gold. I will give you a 5 star once you make the improvement on the game.

João César Casado

WORSE SUPPORT EVER Great game but lousy support. For more than two weeks I asked for help with a problem (3 times) in my account and is still pending. Terrible. I lost my account with my characters.

Jee Hong Ng

Stuck at loading screen. (Solution) EDIT: I found out the problem (I think). When the game starts, it initially prompts you to login thru Google account. And after that it just got stuck 'loading' at the main page. Solution was I deleted the data and cache of tge game and reload tge game. It'll run and patch again and this time when it prompts you to login using you Google account, instead tap your phone's return button on the bottom right and it'll let you login thru Facebook.

Victoria Coleman

Got a problem It won't let me on the game it's done the downloads but it gets stuck on the loading page befor it let's u into the game all I see on this page is some of the in the end I have to go off it and it's a shame because it looks a good game...plz sort it out.

Andrew Ravelo

Title screen issue I can't get past the title!!!

Vaidas Jackevicius

Game isnt working Started game several times but its stops in main screan.... and never starts... i see many ppl have same problem with it so fix it plz

cary kious

So far so good. Kinda early for a full review. Just started playing. So far so good.

ChiaChia Teo

Title screen issue too Seems to be a problem occurring more often recently! I was able to download and play it on my previous phone, but this time I got stuck at the title screen, and it seems that this problem is rampant in new downloaders so what a shame.

Reza Ramadhan

Kinda great, waiting the update Nice graphic, fun story but a bit laggy, and i have some issues with loggin in hope its fixed in next update

Sarah Masingill

Title screen I wish there was a say to play this game. It looks amazing. But it just stays on the title screen after it downloads everything. Sucks!

Brian Yerk

Really devs? Was excited to play but loading failure that alot of others have kills it. All the other negative comments don't help. I love the concept but if devs won't even respond or address problems I'm not bothering, let alone putting money into it. Let them know people, pay to win games suck, especially if they won't even run or let you play without screwing you.

Rolando Feliciano

Login Impossible I want to agree with everyone here. I really do but their needs to be a game first, and that's where my issue begins. I load up, download the necessary files and as the title finally finishes loading, there is no start button. The game is going, the title screen is glittering as it should, and it even gives me the ability to exit the game but never did the start options show. I even waited 10 minutes and nothing

Ange V.A

Bugs Won't even open after downloading and installing. Waste of space on my phone and time I took to download.

Svilen Mavrev

Wtf How can i play this game developers? Only start screen and that's it... it was a great journey to play the start screen game...

Leslie Dunn

Can't get past title screen It downloads and installs everything, doesn't ask me to log into anything, and stays at title screen for over 30 minutes I waited and waited. I deleted and reinstalled and same thing happened.

Alyssa Bredemeier

I really really want to play the game but it won't load can I put you can load it I will play the game and I'll give you 5 stars won't load pleased respond

David PC

Disappointed Issues with crashes resolved, have enjoyed game but am becoming discouraged. I have pulled 2 Advanced portraits a day for months and have never gotten an "S" card. When "Request" appears for a "Wanted mission", wanted ONLY appears when my energy is used up, even if I wait for hours. Clearly a rigged game...get a old. At least be fair to people that spend money on your game! Have spent money and the game and have nothing to show for it. So it is a waste to spend money on it.

Bianca Blair

Constant freezing I've spent too much time trying to play this game because it looks really interesting. The fact that it constantly freezes within 5 minutes has taken the joy of wanting to ever try this game out again.

Kanishka Patel

Nothing new There is no new update...the game has just been restored as before it was the crashes on loading screen 1 year ago nd no new update or even more chances of.getting s class...a disappointment for players who played it for so long and they havent got anything from it....

S.Pawan Kumar

Awesome game It drags u inyo the game and is a bit addicting..... Crazy strategy game.... Try it and u will love it?

Stacey Baumgartner

Love it!! So fun, only thing is its hard to get new heroes. I keep getting the same ones. Please Fix This!!

shaun goad

Very nice game! Nice themed characters with a good storyline. So far its a fun game.

Royan Webb

Nice change of pace Blending various mythologies into a story line is interesting.

Love it Everyone has to do this game, it's so amazing.

Alyssa Richards

Enjoyable Fun enough game.

paula trovao

Would like to play This is the first time that I'm leaving a review for any app I'd like to give you 5 star's but I can't seem to pass the main screen after all the downloading is done so it's been a BIG waste of my time.

James Michael Reyes

No New Updates Really devs? Your last game update was way back December of 2015! No new features, no new portraits. Game has stagnated enough that old players have dropped this game. A word of caution to the new players: the fun factor of Historia is short. Don't bother installing this game if the devs doesn't have any plans for a major update.

Beth Jorgensen

Hate apps that lie about space Says it only takes up about 45MB. However, when you first open the game it automatically downloads 100s of MBs of data.


It's a really great game with good mechanics and art, but it's SO slow. It takes forever to load and when I'm in the middle of campaigning, an error pops up and I lose my progress and the items I have gained when I do have good Wi-Fi connection, so that really sucks.

De Yu Ka

Very low drop rate for S paintings I've been saving gold for weeks, and out of 1,550 gold I didn't got not even one S painting. Out of 65 paintings, not even one was S. Are u kidding me? I play this game for over a year, every day, and I still don't have Joan of Arc. Yeah.. Well worth my time.. And how come in arena I keep running into the same person over and over and over, and I keep losing cause he's stronger than me.. Is that fair to you? To put ppl against the same strong opponent 2 times in a row and lose both? ?

Craig Hansen

Can't get past title screen Game looks interesting but after downloading a lot of data it claims to load a database and nothing else happens. I am on an LG v10. I suspect I'd enjoy the game... If I could play it. Dismayed by lack of developer response. Deleting. Also had the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

Angel Martinez

It's ok but.. Its pretty much impossible to get S grade portraits in this game. I literally spent 2,000 Gold on portraits. Not a single S grade portrait please increase the chances of getting S grade portraits I've been playing for a year already. There hasn't even been an update in so long. Did the developers abandon the game?

Jay Demeny

Addictive!!! Not sure how you made a great game while still making it so the auto-roll dice system suck so much. How can it avoid the treasures with such success 90% of the time? A better way or chances to get a and s rank cards would be great too. :(

Jeremy RPG

Won't load past the title. Game seems to be broken. I've completely uninstalled it twice. Still can't get it to work.

Ruatsanga vanchhawng

Can't pass the loading screen Everything i have done. Downloaded the ingame data, then it gets stuck in the loading screen. Have tried downloading the game thrice, wifi is good, i don't know the problem anymore.

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