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4 Sep

Posted by Axentra Corporation in Media & Video | Sept. 4, 2012 | 56 Comments

Apk file size: 1.9 MB

Do you want to enjoy your digital media anywhere, anytime on your Android Smartphone and tablet? Do you want all of your home photos, music, videos and any other of your digital files at your fingertips? And you have an HipServ-based home network attached storage device?

Axentra’s HipServ Mobile app for Android allows you to easily connect to your HipServ-based home media server and stream your entire media collection from anywhere, anytime!

HipServ mobile for Android is compatible with:

Seagate GoFlex Home, Netgear Stora, HipServ MediaCaster, Roxio Streamer and Verbatim MediaShare.

What you can do with HipServ Mobile for Android:

• Browse your photos stored on your HipServ and enjoy and show them to your family and friends directly from your Android device at home or remotely.
• Stream music stored on your HipServ directly to your Android device from anywhere.
• Watch a video stored on your HipServ on your Android device.
• Access your home stored digital documents on the go.

Common questions:

Q: Why will the HipServ mobile application not install? It says it is incompatible!
A: HipServ Android application requires Adobe Air and Android 2.2 or above in order to run it.

Q: Why will a xxx format video file not play on my phone???
A: HipServ does not convert or render your video files. In other words, it is not a video player. It simply uses the video players installed on your phone to play your files. If your phone does not support that format of video, you may need to convert it on the computer, or download a 3rd party player that supports the file.

Still have questions, concerns or feedback?

You can reach us at: [email protected]

Axentra HipServ Team

Whats new

    - Resolved unable to login on some devices
    - Create folder in media library
    - Support for 3rd party video playback
    - Support for Photo sharing via Android share menu
    - Product selector now available on login screen
    - Resolved various defects

Axentra Corporation part of our Media & Video and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2012. Google play rating is 60.4106. Current verison is v2.1.44. Actual size 1.9 MB.

Download hipserv.apk 1.9 MB


Mark Oliver

Promising but fails It worked a few times on my Galaxy S3 connecting to my Netgear MyStora and now longer connects. Yet I can FTP to it directly and Web directly via the MyStora redirection so my system is working but this App doesn't. There are no options and exiting is a often impossible. So have had to close and kill. When it did work it was impressive and useful. I'll update or delete my review if it's ever fixed.

Joel Burton

Use to work This app use to work well on TVhtc one first gen. Now using a samsung s5 and keep redirecting me to stora support website aaying my page cannot be found. But I can see my stora files but every action keep redirecting to stora support eending the use of this app impossible.

Curt Chase

No better than the Access app! Exact copy of the Access App suggested by Seagate. Still cannot play videos! This app says it uses codecs provided by installed 3rd party programs? What? A few ppl said it can play videos with 3dr party apps. Please tell me how, ok? Sure, if I have videos on my micro SD chip in the player, ya, great, they all play fine, but from the Seagate GoFlex? NOPE! Junk.

Martin Trorey

Videos play perfectly - ignore the others Not sure what Curt is on about in his earlier review, I've got a Galaxy SII and using MX Player I can watch all of my videos, even over 3G (though I wouldn't recommend it due to data charges). Would give 5 stars if you could download files and the app didn't want me to go to an internet browser on initial loss up each time.

Kristian Carey

Hipserve This used to be a good app to watch and upload files but since development has stopped im having the same problem as Joel burton and when I emailed the app owner they just basically said they don't intend to update the app for us. We'll thanks a lot. If you ask me that's pretty bad!

Steve Banfield

Just stopped working Works for months then for no reason just stops.

Will Stillwell

Works but hard to see Galaxy S4 it works, but it is hard to read. Because of the screen resolution of the new Galaxy S4 it is VERY had to read that small of print. It makes it unusable by my old eyes. I can't zoom in or anything. Please fix the app to make it more usable on high resolution devices like the Samsung S4. Also it says I should be able to share there via the Android share feature. Not so from the Galaxy gallery. Would be nice.

Chinh Le

Used to work As others have said, clicking on anything within the app always takes you to a broken link Web page. Video will never start. Please fix this.

Peter Riddell

Great app - works like a charm This app stopped working after the last Android update for me too. Just go to Settings > Applications and clear the apps data. Reenter your credentials and it works again. Inconvenient but surely not enough to abandon a took that let's me stream from my own storage. Excellent tool for watching a show on the verandah/porch.

A Google User

Now works on BN Color an BN tablet This is great. Now I can access the 3 terabites on my seagate freeagent Goflex from my BN tablets. Nice job HipServ team.

A Google User

Good app thanks! I rate this a 3.5 because it does everything i need for media and file exchange/streaming between my galaxy s2 and my 2tb goflex home drive. Its easy to download vids/Docs using easy downloader. The lacking points are, not been possible to download music or been straight forward to download pics to my phone but easy to share them with other apps like fb and twitter. Would be great to be able to upload videos n music.

Kevin Cox

Not useful with Netgear Stora! Secure passwords won't work. I can't find any settings for the app. Once you log in with one account you have to clear data on the app in order to log in as another account. Files and folders don't exist in the app view versus the web view. No way to manage Stora preferences or backups.


Does not connect I can connect just fine with the website but this app fails to connect. Tried to reinstall. Nothing.

Rodriguez Vanni

Buggy It use to work and the stopped when I got s4. Was decent before

A Google User

Fantastic app for galaxy tab2 I'm using this with a seagate 2tb goflex home drive. Now i can access all my files while I travel for work. App works seamlessly with mobo for great video playback. Thanks for a great app !

Pritesh Bhadalia

Rubbish Used to work great! But now keeps on opening a stupid pointless web page making the app useless!

A Google User

Still no share, no download Still no download option. Share doesn't work (missing file type). No reply from Axentra support to my email. ...and now the menus are missing off my ICS tablet, but still there on my 2.2 phone.

Tron Howard

Poor display on Galaxy S4 The app works great, but all the icons are extremely small, and there is no option to zoom in. It is like it was written for a larger tablet screen, and not designed to be on smaller phone screens. The Hipserv+ app on my work phone (Apple 4s) works perfectly. I guess we know where they put the development cycles...

A Google User

Please fix this... I have got a Seagate Goflex home 2TB When I am at home and internet connection is down. So on the same wifi connection why am I not able to view my files from mobilephone . Please fix this bug. Thanks a lot....

Philip Mealor

Seagate GoFlex Home Installed the seagate version and had seen on the bottom of the screen that the software was driven by hipserv. Checked the website and found there was a version for android downloaded it and have had no problems as this software allows you to choose your player and now I can play all, I think of my files. Would recommend this software.

Cameron K

Not work worth galaxy s5 Loved it, but it's not working with my new phone.

Patrick Landers

Terrible Just not even really worth the time to gripe about it. Opens an error page in browser every time. Extremely frustrating since it did work at one time.

C. Lee Rodriguez

S5 Does work on s5. Saw some people dealing with same issue. Redirects to website and doesn't allow you to view stora

imran khawaja

Need update Missing file type. Unable to download or share with facebook. Have to send myself email save to my mobile then add file type to file name.

Kristian Du

Doesn't work. Fails to login correctly. Fix and notify please.

Eamonn Lynch

Used to be a good app... Won't allow me to access my goflex network drive, keeps opening an non-existent error website. Please fix!

A Google User

Works on everything now! STORA I can use this on my tab 2 and my galaxy s3! It plays all my movies and songs no problem. Wish I could move/copy/paste/download files. Then would be 5 stars.

Jason Simpson

Doesn't Work with Netgear Stora anymore What is going on, this used to work perfectly up until the last update. I've never had a hitch with the program, and now it has stopped working with my Netgear Stora. Totally annoyed now. I hope you fix the problem soon as it used to be the most useful software for streaming.

Flynlo w

For 5 Stars... Update the audio player to list all songs in a folder by, artist, genre, or all songs in parent folder. Otherwise works great on my Motorola Droid2.

George Showler

Nexus 7 When emailed this was the response I got. "it would seem the latest Android update has broken HipServ.  HipServ is not currently under development, there are no plans to update it at this time"

Per Flyer

What is the point of this app? This not work at all. Did you test it before putting here?

A Google User

Verbatim MediaShare Does not work, I'm uninstalling. It requires internet connection.

Thomas Murphy

It works but it's a mess It can actually get access to everything on or off network but the icons and thumbnails are microscopic! Please fix GS4.

A Google User

Nice Job - BEAUDY Installed without a hitch on my ICE Cream Sandwich. Upload captured photo is a good feature - BUT would like to see uploading files feature added if possible :-)

Ken Boltz

Works great with Stora If you are trying to stream movies onto an Android product, try using Mobo dl in the google store...movies/videos almost always play now...great software that streams my and data. 5+

Brian Russell

Google Nexus 7 on KittKatt 4.2.2 Worked great on my Google nexus 7 until android kittkatt update 4.2.2. Now its stuck on a broswer loop referencing an error, Please fix.

Collin Jensen

That'll do. Beats the hell out of the GoFlex app in that it actually plays file-types supported by your other apps. Lost a star for still not having a download option.


Fixed, for now Must of been some crappy update from sprint but the latest android patch they put out fixed the broken link spamming!

alan wall

No longer connects Used to work great but now it can't connect to my goflex home . uninstalling!

Ryan Roy

Good, but still needs improvement Wish you could download from it

Lee Birch

Works great on HTC m8 I would like the option to make the screen bigger or zoom in as the folders are really small.

Cecelia Eloff

Verbatim MediaShare Does not work, I'm uninstalling. It requires internet connection.

quang hoang

Works well for Seagate GoFlex Compared to Seagate's own GoFlex App this one let's you choose which video player rather than a default, so it's better in my opinion

Ian Mccormack

Used to work but since latest android updates no longer works at all. Clearing app data and cache does not fix. Just get error message that device is offline even though it is not

prasad c.

Doesn't work since ANdroid JB 4.2.2 upgrade This app seriously needs an update. It just stopped letting me login to Seagate GF Home drive after my mobile phone upgraded to - JB 4.2.2. I can access same NAS drive with HipServ from another mobile phone which runs on - Android JB 4.2.1 !! nothing wrong with my NAS drive or home router. Since 4.2.2 release is currently limited to Google Nexus devices, complaints may be limited, but axentra should release an update before more users suffers from this issue! I can add more stars once this issue is fixed...

Nick Haddon

Useless Unable to access my media because it continuously opens a Web browser with an error message. It'll happily open an endless number of windows while keeping me from the music on my NAS. My advice, download total commander and get the FTP plugin. Once set up its much better.

Marolynn Watson

Only works if you know what HipServ Name means Seriously. Who designs software that is this hard to use anymore? MSDOS was way simpler.

eL Dee

Bare-bones NAS media player... ...would really enjoy if had featuresGreat potential, but I'm definitely not gonna hold my breath waiting for it to be updated! efinitely not gonna hold my breath waiting for it to be updated!

Wayne Neidigh

Pure crap Requires Adobe AIR which doesn't work on Atom based tablets. Quit using adobe products people, they consistently suck!

Keith Barber

Works very well As long as this app is set up with the correct details (which are not always immediately apparent and can be difficult to find) it works very well. I could access and play all the media files on my Goflex Home NAS which is connected to my home network.

Nigel Pace

Used to work but... This app used to work flawlessly while using Goflex Home but it now appears to have stopped working. :(

A Google User

Plays only one song at a time Still can't play an entire album. Have to press the arrow icon to move to the next song, so it's pretty much useless for music

Gordon Katske

Now it won' t work my stora WÀRNING: This app use to work very well. The new update will not allow it to work with stora!

Michael Griesi

Broken No longer works for Verbatim. Continues to launch browser with error on Moto X. Will not remain in app to access any files.

Norman Williams

It sucks !! When you open a file on your goflex drive it jumps over to the Samsung home Web site then downloads the file ! Real dumb ! Yet this same App. Installed on Apple anything , works perfect ! You click on a pdf file it opens without downloading to your device !

ian strong

Ok Don't know if there was an auto update but now appears OK on android 4.2.2

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