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3 Feb

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Hinge is where relationships start.
We’ll help you meet someone the old-fashioned way: through your friends. Hinge cuts the clutter, the creeps and the games. So you can stop swiping strangers, and find something real.

Buzz about Hinge
“Hinge cuts through the randomness of Tinder” - New York Times
“Hinge is the new age woman’s dating app” - VOGUE
“For those wary of online creepers” - The Atlantic

Currently available in these US cities
NYC, SF, L.A., DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Philly, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Denver, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Omaha, Phoenix, San Diego, Detroit, Portland, Charlotte, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Columbus, New Orleans, Cleveland, Nashville, Albany, Cincinnati, and Kansas City.

Currently available in these international cities
London, Toronto, Mumbai, and Sydney.

We will never post on your Facebook Timeline without your permission. We will never share your information with unknown parties. Liking someone is always anonymous unless you match.

Whats new

    No more match expiration after 24 hours
    Performance improvements and bug fixes

Hinge part of our Social and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Feb. 3, 2016. Google play rating is 52.649. Current verison is 3.10.6. Actual size 15.0 MB.

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Brenton Galbraith

Could use some work Great concept, but the app constantly locks up and crashes on lollipop. Needs an update badly.

Andrew Poretz

Poorly programmed photo handling I positively HATE how Hinge handles photos. I don't want a number of my Facebook photos to show up here. I've tried taking them out of my profile pictures album on Facebook -- old pics I haven't used in years, some silly, some I had up for a week five years ago -- but they still show here. Just because I don't mind my personal friends seeing them doesn't mean I want these on a dating site! Really poor programming.

KK westcott

Not even in my city Not in my city so had to type in Kansas city which isn't too far away but still. Should be able to atleast choose a distance or something

Paul De

nice enough interface, although photo selection ability could use some work (ALL profile/tagged photos? more albums?) so the fun thing about hinge is that now, instead of random people and fifth-degree connections, it's actual friends of friends who're rejecting me! i guess literally all of my friends HAVEN'T been lying this whole time that none of their friends would like is it possible that out of the thousands of third-degree and above connections i have, that no one would be interested in a stand-up guy? pshhh get out.

Pankaj Rao

Great App...Tinder Killer! Clean interface....and nicer lot of people on this app. Loving this. Made me delete Tinder. Only glitch is during chatting, messages appear in a haphazard manner and not in the correct order. Else, im loving it!

Clark Buden

My life I met my girlfriend on hinge. we broke up

Tom Hlavenka

Nice idea... ... but just doesn't work. I get matches but 90% don't respond to a conversation starter and 90% of those that do respond, don't want to meet. Contrast this with tinder, pof, cmb, etc., where response and meet rates are way higher. I'm very grateful to no longer need anything like this anymore, having met someone in real life. I guess the old fashioned way is still the best.

Poopshoes Jones

Premise is good However, app locks up an times out every use. Sometimes it works for first four suggestions, then locks up. I've yet to make it through my initial ten. I'll hold out for updates.

Nicolle White

Hate the profile options I'd really like to be able to access other photos. And going through Facebook and tagging myself or making them my profile pic is just too much effort. I also feel like my options in terms of matches are fewer and farther between, but that's just because the app is being picky for me.

Miguel F

Lying app I thought you were supposed to meet people based on your facebook friends and not based on your location. It said that they aren't live in my town yet and that I've been put on the "waitlist". Why? I have friends all over the world!! This is B.S. uninstalled. Thanks for wasting my time.

Hilary Bloom

love the app but wish it would make a sound when i get a notification. currently they just pop up silently. also sometimes i won't get even the silent notification and i have to force quit the app for the notifications to come in again. other than those two things i'm a huge fan!

Bobby Booshey

Issue connecting outside of wifi Says no network available when I turn off wifi even though my phones got full bars and I can play youtube videos and run any other online apps.

Colm K.

Customer Service Game Strong I had an issue with my HTC One M8 after the latest update. I emailed customer service and they responded to me QUICKLY with a compatible build. Thanks, Hinge team.

James Sebastian

Good concept, but battery eater This app is actually pretty great, in concept. But it eats away at your battery in the background. - reinstalled, will update on result. It was keeping the mobile radio active much longer than expected.

David Fenigstein

Also having the htc m8 issues Please help! Other than that, I'm enjoying the app (prior to the recent update)

Curtis Szajkovics

App won't open on HTC One M8 I've used this app before but took a break for a few months. I recently upgraded to an HTC One M8 and the app won't open. It loads a black screen and says the app is not responding.

Andrew Olen

Does not work on HTC One M8 following update Literally no functionality. Freezes in opening.

Adam Badam

Nice, but slow There really needs to be a "load all" button because after the 2nd or 3rd person the load time is horrendous and irritating

Scott Deuser

Improvement More responsive than last version. I used to have an issue where if I didn't let the profile load before clicking on the pictures, then the pictures wouldn't load. That seems fixed. It generally feels snappier. Nice

Daisy Pistey-Lyhne

Chat function stinks On old version, at least. Won't receive notice of messages for days.


Still Slow The app is a lot better than it was a few months ago but some pictures still load too slow. No other programs taking up ram, WiFi on, full charge; pics still loading.

Evan Jaquias-Johnson

App crash won't load Android 5.0.1, HTC m8 app never gets past log in with Facebook. Crashes 100% of time. How do you not have it compatible with kit kat... Please fix.

My CincinnatiStuff

Photos suck Takes EVERY photo from your Facebook and shares it whether you want it to or not

Bud Bud

Memory waste It keeps running at all times. It consumes memory and battery unnecessarily and it should not run at start up, only when I open the app.

Shyan Stewart

Sad Y cant i log in without my Facebook account?

Jeremy Pollay

Had a number of quality dates

Matthew Fetters

The app sucks.

Sahar Raoofi

Too many bugs Kept crashing. Never even got to see my profile. Deleted.

dylan arthur

TERRIBLE user interface/BAD customer service I don't even have the option to have people match with me (the box is grayed out and CUSTOMER SUPPORT WILL NOT RETURN MY MESSAGES about correcting this issue). I had met people on here before and all of a sudden, my account has problems and they won't help me.

Kayla Diskin

Won't load/keeps crashing I like the app, but it keeps crashing ever since I did the update the other day. And it doesn't load most of the time either. I hope there's a new one that will fix these bugs coming!

Mark Foggin

Won't load and keeps crashing Nearly impossible to use because it won't load or be responsive when it does. Emailed the address in the comments below, but nothing yet.

Andrew Kantor

Completely unstable This app crashes every time I open it. Its incredibly frustrating. It'll tell me I have a match and then freeze. Every. Time. Its the only app on my HTC one m8 which has any kind of instability issues. An update is needed immediately. It'll be a great app once it stabilizes.

Michael Sabella

New update is terrible. I really like the app BUT I updated my app last night and ever since the app crashes, fails to load or is just blank. Terrible shame as it was working just fine before.

Luke Summers

Heavy but has potential The app is great. More intimate than tinder and more casual than Okc. But the app itself is HEAVY loading takes forever. As of late the app has been crashing and freezing. The last update didn't do much good.

Tunstall Rushton

Where are all my pictures? Would be great if I actually had access to most of my pictures and not just ones from when I was like 18...

Griffin Ess

Broken but good until now The most recent update caused an issue. Now when I try to open it I get an 'Application Not Installed' error.

Elena Keil

Constantly crashing This app was fine until a few days ago and now it crashes the vast majority of times that I try to use it. Very frustrating - please fix.

Devant Xoai

Swipe left for this (app) I agree with the general sentiment that this app has potential but execution of basic functions (e.g profile updates, profile browsing, etc.) of it all is lacking and crashes every time I try using it.

Cameron Laudick

Getting photos for this app is a joke Half the photos of me on Facebook don't even show up as available options. Let us choose from gallery or at least get the Facebook part right

Melissa Millwee

Not thrilled. Love the concept. There are some clear issues with notification of chat response suddenly ending. Also, I feel like it should automatically refresh the chat window when you come into it instead of having to manually do it. I was in the app several times and it wasn't until I manually refreshed that I saw my match's response. I wonder if my match has missed my responses because of it.

Adam Polt

The concept is great, but why are the people I've most recently contacted not at the top? I often forget to respond to people because they're buried so far down the list, even if they contacted me an hour ago. When I finally remember, I end up having to search through a bunch of people before I can find the person I want to respond to. Really annoying. Please fix.

Adam Smit

Awesome idea, but... The execution is all over the place. Message notifications have been known to not arrive. Sometimes I'll match with someone a day or two after "hearting" their find they haven't been active for more than a week. What's going on under the hood?

Carl Cronin

Great, but not the message refreshing Quality if matches on here is fantastic, but like others have said the messages do not automatically refresh. It wasn't toll I read reviews saying that that I refreshed my messages to find countless responses I missed...

Aakriti Kundu

Lot of fun! Sincerely enjoying the single life on hinge. The recent updates have the app running smoothly and definitely a better experience now! Keep it up!

Nancy Tran

Terrible! This app freezes more than the cast of Frozen. It froze when I was inputting my email then when it finally loaded, it froze again!! Now I have an account that I can't access or use and who knows what kind of people are looking at my pics!! I guess I'm just not meant to find love. Especially here.

Julie Harness

Frustrating mess It's not even usable for me as it just endlessly crashes every time I try to look at my profile. I think it must have me set at a million years old because it tries to match me with 60 year old guys. Trying in vain to look at my own profile and instead I'm just sending seemingly pointless error reports. Would really like to be able to edit my own profile or at least SEE it ...le sigh...

Brad Ulreich

Notifications Fail Go ahead and have this bug, or that bug. I don't care. But the one bug an app like this absolutely, positively cannot have, is massively delayed or never delivered notifications of a message from an interested party. I've had too many potential dates wither on the vine because I didn't know the woman said Hello, or responded to my Hello, until I happened to check the app days later. From her point of view, that implies lack of interest. And for all I know, they've been having the same problem on their end.

Galen Vandergriff

Great idea, terrible execution The people I have met have been great. I have yet to be propositioned by a hinge user. Unfortunately, whoever coded this program failed out of their coding classes. Here are the worst issues with it: 1. Messages are not really ordered chronologically. I have yet to figure out the order as I have conversations drop way down in my list and I lose track of them. 2. If you lose your internet connection you can't do anything. 3. Updates matches at random times.

Nick Reese

Like the app, performance brings it down The app finds good matches but the bugs make it unusable. If you have a few dozen matches, it occasionally buries new conversations at the bottom, then takes forever to load. That sounds like not a big deal but you literally lose the conversation and can't find it in the middle of a chat. It also loads extremely slow, and crashes if you try to go too far down in your match list--where your most recent conversation was just buried.

Jeff Sobel

Good app, give it a chance! I'm saying give it a chance. The design, relaxed feel, and people are quality. It's not perfect and has bugs. I'm waiting for an update, but it's still better than many dating apps. I had an issue with message alerts and messages didn't appear. Logging out and back in fixed that. I'm giving it a positive rating for effort!

Jarrell H

Photo section needs work 16 is entirely too many pictures to use at least in my opinion. It should be more like Tinder and other apps, where you could use as little as you want even if it means one photo. I haven't used Facebook much since I finished school so most of my photos are dated and among the 16 you have to use (bad idea to begin with) some are personal images that I wouldn't want to use on an app of this nature. Fix it please.

miss marcia brooks

Why limit pics to FB only? I understand it matches you with friends from FB but why must i only choose photos from FB. Other apps allow you to access your gallery or even IG. I dont have alot of pics of myself on FB and this site wants like 20 pics. I dont get that. 5-10 is a good number to display. Now i get why so many users have stupid pics of themselves or of random memes etc on their profile. Theres no way to limit the amount to display. Also...for some reason pics i just loaded to FB are not showing.

Sarah Mountjoy

I love the style of hinge, it balances quick surveying with more in-depth information about people. However, yesterday I almost stood someone up because a message he sent never went through. I wonder how many other messages don't go through that ruin what this app could be. I'd also love to see the scrolling on the matches page fixed so that I can quickly find people without the screen jumping around.

Damon Sununtnasuk

Quality Matches, Battery Drain? The quality and accuracy of the marches is great - best I've seen in a dating app. Couple comments: should be able to choose older photos from FB, the app is the top battery consumer on the Galaxy S6. Will be great with some minor tweaks.

Janson McCreery

Can't run properly without crashing New install on a maintained Android and it runs extremely terrible. Every action I did caused the app to hang up

Marc Moglen

Has Potential Why it only hinges me with 3 of my Facebook friends, I don't know. Super annoying that you can't delete a photo (that's right, beware).

Arjun Jetly

Spy App. Complete waste of time. It surprising that anyone wasted even a minute if their time on this App. It acts like a government spy app or the NSA taking all your information under the guise of making genuine profiles. What relevance does my education and all my photos on Facebook make? Why can't I choose the photos I want to put up instead of giving them access to all of them. Stay away from this App.

Dan Divjak

No response re: help with photos As soon as I created my account I realized there was a problem with the photos and submitted a help ticket. 2 or 3 days later and still no response. You would think the photo options would be one of the first things to be integrated. I don't like that we can't delete pictures because it's pulling in one of my daughter. And it's only showing half of my head or face. Why are the pictures such a difficult option with this app?

Nikia Williams

What no notifications? Here I was thinking that my matches were just not responding to me only to find out that they did 6 days ago! I didn't know that I needed to manually refresh the chat to see the message.

Katie Vansant

Great concept and awesome people seem to be on it, but could use a few features. New matches should be at the top, messages should refresh easier, and there should be a search feature. With these things fixed, this app would be a 5 star app.

Matthew Selvitella

FREEZES AND CRASHES Just Awful!!!!! Had to uninstall because I literally couldn't use it....would freeze and crash EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

Phillip Douglas

Android M Can't login through Facebook. Would be nice to have additional login options

Vaiibhav Parekh

It's a good app, nicely made... Two issues, no sound on notifications... And secondly, I got a match, the app crashed and the match went off...

Mike Tomasello

Works well I like how it prioritizes friends of friends as much as possible. Occasionally people who never respond to a match but I don't expect Hinge to be the cure for flakey people.

Noah Harris

Needs help... At least on my nexus 6 conversations don't update until you hit refresh in each conversation. Here I was thinking that my matches were ignoring me.

jay Brown

I've never got a match since they've updated this a couple of months ago. Almost every single time I use the app, every single day, it would say that "someone in the queue already likes me" I got email all the time saying that such and such is a potential match ready to meet me. Then I would go and click "like" for every single one and still never get the match. And I do this every single time I use the app, almost every single day for about a few months.This used to be one of the best dating app outhere

Kris Bullock

Has issues Just keeps showing me the same group of people every day. What's the point?

Kendall Church

So much potential, but so many bugs Great in concept, but the app stability is AWFUL. It crashes every time I try to open the messages tab, and their tech support only replies with automated emails. I can't see any new messages because every time I click on a conversation, the app crashes. Sucks because I've had cases where matches messaged me, but I didn't get them for days because it wouldn't update them. Clearing app data seems to temporarily help w/ msg issue but I literally have to do it 2x a day! Very frustrating!!


Cleaner than tinder As a male, I haven't had to worry much about being sexually harassed on dating apps (except that one time..) and I downloaded hinge because my tech friend said it was new and hot. The app has changed a lot since then, including a timer. While it bugged me at first it's made my app cleaner; if a connection isn't made the conversation just disappears. Plus, the inevitably of timing out encourages me to make a move instead of having conversations for months. The problem is that there are less people on it.

Adam Kuhlman

Worked well until a few days ago. Before only a few profiles would come with only one blurry profile pic. Now everyone's profile shows like that and cannot get a match whether someone in the queue has liked me or not already. Great idea for an app but lacking execution, has always been super buggy.

William Lindsay

Poorly made App is always buggy, crashes, and now has a weird timer forcing you to message people which just strikes me as a stressful addition when dating apps should be fun! Sorry, but it's a big fail, deleting app now, timer was the kicker, cheers

Mithun Asher

Separate match alerts from message alerts. You're not clever by grouping those two so I can be pestered to open your app often.

chase leblanc

Not avaliable Why advertise on tv if your not even avalible in most locations? Really stupid idea

Nick Walsh

Isn't active in the UK. Yet it was reviewed in at least one British newspaper. No news as to when it will be available in my city, so no point really.

Ryan Diebel

HA! Told you so. Hahaha, I told you that the expiring matches idea was an extremely Stupid idea. I bet you lost about half of your user base, right? I really thought for a while there that you were going to hold onto that feature until it dragged you down into bankruptcy and failure. If you can survive still, and if you can recover from that huge misstep is yet to be seen. Anyway, any chance you can bring those matches back now? ?

Jay Bee Brown

Doesn't work Stopped working a few months ago. I log in and it tells me I've got like 10 matches. After I click on one they all disappear. Buggy piece of crap, and getting uninstalled immediately.

Meghav Mehta

Lost of profiles with only 1 pic ... While settings says minimum 8 needed. Looks like fake profiles. And lots of them

Eric Olszewski

Buggy See the same people and I never match with anyone

Tim Oleneack

Always with the "no connection detected'! Always! Have to close and reopen. Nexus 5x

Jeff Nelson

Never loads I'm getting 30mbps but nothing. Ever. Loads.

Rajit Sarkar

After CMB, this is definitely the best dating app.

Jonathan Stanwood

Works well. Great concept and functionality. I think the 14 day expiration is a bit long. Seven days is more than adequate.

Sara Theurer

Single photo bug! Looks like others have also reported that only one, blurry photo is displaying for every profile. Definitely a bug!

Amit kumar

Not available in Delhi

Juanita M

This app never works! !!


fake fake people

Thom Piper

Fake profiles When the app doesn't have enough matches it seems to make ones up with random pics. I actually saw one that had someone's wedding pic!

Dawid Wróbel

How do I add my photos? No crop or adjust function, doesn't see Facebook albums, does not allow to add your own photos. I have absolutely no photos I can use for my profile.

Colin Lee

Profile not saved I made some edits to my profile a few times, however they were not saved. I also tagged myself inphotos in my Facebook account that I wanted to add, but they don't show up in my Hinge account. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but to no success.

Jenny Gould

I haven't had a match in almost 2 weeks despite being consistently told there is someone in my queue that likes me. Others are complaining of the same. Please fix this. I've lost out on a number of great potential matches. Pros: MUCH better selection of matches than Tinder thanks to the mutual friends thing. Attractive and normal guys rather than the sketchy folks. I really love the timer, forces people to message eachother.

Terrell Corder Jr

Great concept but... The app itself is and always has been buggy and the additional timer after the first timer is dumb. One timer that lasts a week for both parties to say something would be ideal. I don't know if it's a bug but all the profiles I'm seeing now only have one blurry pic. If this was tinder, I'd say they were fakes but I don't know with hinge.

Rachael Fleming

Can't edit my profile I've tried editing my profile several times. It says the changes are saved, but they never show up. I've deleted and reloaded the app 3 times and it doesn't seem to fix the problem. I read through the faq and didn't find an answer so I contacted support. I got an automated message that said they were too busy to answer and I should read through a book of faq that they forwarded me. No thanks.

Kyle Crews

There's a glitch... All of a sudden, the majority of profiles I come across only have one blurry picture. I know they have more pics because sometimes they reference them in their bio. Also, sometimes a profile will only show one picture, then you attempt to view the user's photo and it's a completely different pic. When you attempt to contact support, you get an automated email response that doesn't answer your specific question.

Buster Ecks

The interface is OK, looks like a more visually appealing Tinder - which I liked, though the animations could be a bit much for some. I also liked that it took my basic FB profile to populate my Hinge profile. For some reason my "About Me" kept clearing itself every few hours. Also the past few days I've been using this app I've seen people from ALL OVER the place from FL (my location), NJ, CA, TX, NY, and IL. Not sure what's going on. As far as I can tell the app looks at my specified location, rather than GPS. So are these people changing their location from time to time??? What's going on? Ultimately, I think I'll stick to Tinder, as there are more users in comparison to this. I like the concept Hinge has, but the lack users doesn't statistically help the dating person.

Mark Abel

Used to be good Until they added the stupid timer. So you're saying if I don't log on for a few days I can't talk to any potential matches? Dumb.

Daniel Gray

Re swiping? The same several people re-appear in my swipe list multiple times a day. Seems kind of repetitive and probably a bug.

Joshua Gordon

"No connection detected" After my phone has been off for awhile, I see a message in Hinge that says no connection detected. Hitting the refresh button does absolutely nothing. Not sure if this is related to Android 6.0's Doze feature or not but it's really annoying to have to kill the app and restart to get it working again.

George Flammer

App no longer works Haven't had a match in weeks and lots of profiles show just 1 blurry image which sometimes is different from the preview of the profile before clicking it. App is useless now, used to be good

Kieshawn Kearney

After the recent updates, awful! This app used to be moderately good, now after the updates it's awful. 1. I now only see one blurry pic from all my potential matches, before I could clearly view multiple photos. 2. Deleting contacts automatically after a certain period of time is a horrible idea; people are busy and don't always have time to respond with a arbitrary time frame. 3. Why did you remove the 'last online' status?

Greg Vanslow

Was good, not so much now After solving the age problem it worked very well, five stars. More dates than I knew what to do with, quality women. But nothing at all since they wiped out all the existing matches. About half the profiles have one picture and it's not usually of the person. It's not bad for entertainment value, but useless to me as a dating app. Maybe it'll work better for you.

Craig Hammell

Constantly stuck The app is constantly stuck on a "no connection detected" screen. There's a "refresh" button, but using it doesn't do anything. It also doesn't let you delete photos after uploading them. Wtf? The app needs new developers. Apps don't have a rating of 2.7 unless something is really wrong consistently across a wide portion of the user base.

Jason Murphy

It's ok I guess This app started off good. Tinder is 95% scam bots and this isn't. However it's gone down hill. Not many users on any more, Almost EVERYONE has only 1 random picture, and now you have a time limit. The limit is good I guess. Forces people to reach out rather than stroking their own egos with a hundred matches they never plan on talking to. I do like it better since there's little chance of scam bots due to connections being required through Facebook friends, but I wish I got more matches or more used it.

Jacob James

Good not great. Stylish setup and easy to navigate. Random (or what you think is random) profiles of singles which are "connected" with you via Facebook friends will be available for view daily. You can swipe or click like / dislike. Simple system to enable chat, if both parties agree. Right now Hinge isn't very popular and I live in Chicago. A few of my friends have lots of friends on Hinge yet the # of people I've connected with are a handful. Mere conversations and nothing that lead to good dating. Until Tinder and Bumble go out of style, the profile population will be low. I don't know if users look at it often. Last although you may have swiped "dislike" on a user; Hinge will keep bringing back those users in the future because they "liked" you. I can understand why they do it but the system brings those matches back far too often. Back to Okcupid.. I guess

Mary Sullivan

Super buggy This would be a great app if it actually worked. Half the time my matches don't load, I've been getting the same people over and over again, and today I got a bunch of matches with "0:00" already on the timer. They immediately disappeared after I clicked on one of them. This was one of my favorite dating apps but now it's so frustrating that it's not worth it.

William Elliott

Good idea, but HORRIBLE app! Soooo bad and getting worse. Today it randomly deleted all of my contacts, including many that I had talked to that day. So they did NOT expire. I was close to meeting a couple girls, too, and now it's impossible because we hadn't exchanged numbers yet

George Haw

No one's on I get a ton of new people every day but they all have just one picture that's blurry or sometimes changes to a different picture when you click on it. Never get any matches anymore, it's as if they're not real profiles but are just taken from Facebook pictures of friends or friends of friends. I've tried liking every single one for days and nothing... bout to uninstall. It used to be good.

Kyle Crews

There's a glitch... The majority of profiles I come across only show one blurry picture when I know they have more pics because sometimes they reference them in their bio. Also, sometimes a profile will only show one picture, then you attempt to view the user's photo and it's a completely different pic. When you attempt to contact support, you get an automated email response that doesn't answer your specific question.

Jeremy P

Good connections, terrible with location I like that the app connects you through your existing circle of friends, but it often matches me with folks waaaay outside my area by 50+ miles.

Rita Dunne

Can't look at profiles or other photos I used to love this app, but now when I click on someone's photo to view their profile it won't load and neither will their photos, at all. Please fix :(

Josh Shelton

Too few Matches Feels like a time suck when you can't browse, but the chance of matching is still really low. Repeats the same profiles a lot.

Bill Meehan

Went months without matches. Look, I'm not pretending to be an absolute adonis, but wow. Let's put it this way, for the past month I've averaged about 0 matches per every 50 I got on tinder. Neither of those #sis an exaggeration. I'm actually fairly certain that hinge inflates user #s with dead accounts. IE they show anyone who once signed up regardless of activity.

Charles Agee

Hinge 2.7 average rating sounds about right. This app is terrible.

Basilisvirus Instrector

not available at my aeria not available in Athens, the capital city of greece

Edgar Carbaat

Not live in my city What does,that even mean....

Jason Burrows

What happened? After the last update, everything went wrong. I only see one photo from each person that's weird and blurry

William Giandoni

Better try bumble I had a nice group conversations going and scheduling dates. Then one day they all disappeared. Better try bumble.

Robert Kueffer

Photo Uploads Almost no photos available to choose from and their solution is to re upload to Facebook and re tag yourself. No thanks

Steve nosey

Crap This is crap

Kevin Cederberg

Sketchy profiles The app is filled with sketchy profiles containing single pictures, often wedding pictures. After some questioning, I believe these are leftover from people who deleted the app, but didn't know they also had to rescind the app's permissions in Facebook. So the app continues to show their profile, presumably without their knowledge or consent. Not cool...

Jignesh Kothari

Great social app. Let's you connect with like minded ppl. Only issue I face which I believe is common in every other social app is that the match turnout rate is to low and one runs out of patience. I would like to recommend if app allows to send chats or initial message to connect to the counter matches.

Jon Roberts

Abandoned project? Seems like very little effort has gone into this, and someone is just using it to mine Facebook data.

Jeff Wheeler

Fix the swipe on pics It is difficult to swipe between pics on profiles... Please fix.

Ben B

Guess we're giving up on this app? Used to be a great app where you could meet people with friends in common. Active users, easy interface and a smooth running app made this thing great. Then the update happened. Matches stopped happening. Profiles stopped having multiple pictures and the app would grind to a halt and crash. The worst part is there's been no attempt to fix any of it. Head over to Bumble or back to tinder if you're looking for a working app.

Dave Gong

Garbage. Time limit feature ruined this app. Losing message history for people you have already communicated with is ridiculous.

Julie Rubin

Soooo annoying This app constantly freezes and doesn't show me when I get a message. Also, when it freezes sometimes it won't work for weeks so I have to reinstall it and have lost several connections with people because of it.

John Phillips

Needs refining For some reason, even when connected to a very strong wifi, it says I'm not connected to any data? This app drains the battery enough as it is without sucking more looking for data

Mike Kaszycki

No connection Keeps saying I have no connection while I definitely do. Either under WiFi or 4g still says same thing.

Phil Nolan

Requires facebook Not only is requiring a facebook account bad but you can't even set up a fake fb account because you're required to know other people who use facebook!

Lara Hein

It won't update my location. It's just been "thinking" and really making no progress at all... Update:location changed, but now the app won't recognize any connection and will only produce the "refresh" dialog box despite data and wifi availability with no resolution.

Scott Brenner

No one's here anymore. App has too many bugs Takes about 3 days to get one person to actually look at and that's it just one person. Most profiles only have one picture.. don't think anyone really uses this app anymore.

Yevgeniy Shvartsman

Used to be a good app. Now its filled with nothing but profiles with one single(often blurry) picture who are obviously not active users. Seeing as how this is a huge complaint on here and Hinge has done nothing to address it I am guessing this App is dead.

Vinay K

New time out feature sucks The update removed all my matches. Why cant i hv the liberty of talking at my own convenience. Time out is a Crap feature. Remove it and restore my matches!

Sean Klover

Needs Overhauling Hinge was originally advertised as being like a Tinder for more serious people and different through the use of common connections. Their slick website showcases all the amazing profiles that are out there... Unfortunately, it does not in any way deliver. Over 95% of profiles contain only one grainy picture, most likely pulled from a Facebook profile pic. The way the app works to get profile pictures is entirely unintuitive. Furthermore, the app is very buggy.


Pointless app Not adviable in my city. What's the point in launching the app if it's not even ready yet

Jason barton

Waste of time I couldn't even sign up for this. Was told I had to have a set amount of "friends" yet doesn't give a number. I'm very selective on who I let on my Facebook. If it's based on friends of friends. Collectively between myself and my friends there are over 300. I was asked to send a report to "verify email" got a generic response. Seems like they are phising for info. One of the worst dating sites of 2016.

Malalay Sherzada

Sucks for all the reviewers that aren't having great matches, but I like the app. It's simple to use and so far I've gotten to meet pretty great people. I recommend it to my friends all the time!

Andrea Naranjo

Time expiration on matches is absurd I like the app otherwise, but forcing a timeline on a match is completely unnecessary and rather ruins the whole experience. I've had several good conversations disappear. I want to speak with people on my own time.

Devyaksh Kapur

Useless App Most days there are only 1 or 2 profiles. And in the three or so months that I have had this app, have yet to get a match. Complete waste of time.

Ari Pena

No matches Haven't matched with anyone in months suddenly

Derek R.

App sucks Matches constantly disappear and photos never load. Get your act together!

Daniel Montoni

No connection Continues to tell me there is no network connection, but all the rest of my apps work fine. Fix this problem and maybe I'll be happy again

Samuel Strike

Great idea, more stable app now ***edited*** So, I'm just back on and re-downloaded after getting out of a relationship, and the app is much more stable now! There are still some issues with messages not showing up, but it's looking really good so far!

YG Chow

Fallen from Grace This app used to be fun, but it's nothing more than a shell of what it used to be. Also the picture feature stinks. It's not compatible with Google Photos so I have to get my pictures from facebook and instagram only. That's pretty weak.

Kevin Hogan

Stuck on can't connect message A cannot connect error message appeared and won't go away no matter if refresh or have wifi

Natalee Gregory

I'm only able to open this app once after I download it. Every other time I try to open it I get an error message saying it can't detect a proper connection...even though every other app on my phone works fine.

Mike Hardy

Old Yeller Well, it's finally time to take the ol boy out back and put a bullet in his lifeless carcass. He has no bite. No life. No future to hope of. It was a good run, friend. See you on the other side.

Rob Suto

App does not work App does not show new matches and does not show conversations on my Nexus 5X. I know they're there because the app works fine on my backup phone (Nexus 5).

Muhamed Zeyadich

Disappointing Was hoping this would be good, but Ive been using it for 2 weeks and not even 1 match. Sucks to suck Hinge. You get 1 star.

Michelle Scott

Not my type Gamer and nerd aren't types that you can select and almost every guy in there that I see are really religious or frat boy types. I'm just not into it.

Ryan Giessl

Doesn't Sync I've met some great people, but the Android version does a terrible job of staying sync'd up with the matches and messages I get on the instance on my iPad, plus it displays less info, pretty much makes the Android version useless

Greg Farmer

Used to be good This app used to be amazing! Now I have to un-install and re-install in order for my matches to update.... That's ridiculous.

Jeaux Thibodeaux

So many faults Tons of obviously fake profiles, I almost never get notified when I receive a message/match, and then there is the time limit. It just deletes your matches no warning or anything that time is running out. No way to send one last message or something to try and get their phone # or anything, and you lose access to all their info pictures, and your entire conversation. I have one last match I'm talking to but after that this app is getting deleted.

James Sebastian

Used to be okay, now it's terrible This app was actually pretty good, in concept, back in 2015. Now, it's terrible. No photo cropping, limited profile, notifications don't work, matching/messaging is super glitchy. Also hasn't been updated in 6+ months, so it's likely abandoned.

jeremy House

Used to be the best Im not sure whats going on, used to be my favorite dating app, but now I only get profiles that seem to be fake, only one blurry pic, no info, and in the beginning where I would get a match everyday or so, its now been almost a month without a match. Seems like somethings up.

Sean Sahli

Everyone only has 1 picture The app is getting worse. It's extremely rare more than one picture loads and it won't let me click to see the whole picture, I tried reloading the app, no help. 7/16 edit: I'm back on the app and the same issue still exists, I downloaded the newest version, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing changed.

Samuel S

This app will not be my go to until they allow me to pick from my own fb albums for photos, not just profile pics or tagged pics or instagram. They need to listen to their users to raise their ratings and to get more attractive members to use it.

Jon C

Good functionality disappeared What happened to the undo button? And why do so many profiles on the queue only have 1 picture? Also I wonder if many of the profiles are fake or from hacked Facebook accounts since the profile pic is a wedding pic!

Andy Albeck

Seriously Buggy, Problematic App over past month I started reusing this on android it has been plagued by bugs. to be able to use it is have to force stop and restart the app every single time. even then it doesn't let me access match conversations before crashing again. can't receive push notifications. wtf happened to hinge's development team?

Brian Ode

Worse than other dating apps I've used quite a few of the dating apps out there and have a consistent match rate on all of them. My rate on hinge is almost non existent at less than 1 per week.

Graham Siebe

Has potential, but messaging is unreliable The messaging platform has been terribly unreliable which usually means not knowing when you have new matches or messages. Lock screen notifications have appeared sometimes, but not usually. When I open the app, there are usually no new message notifications, even when there are new messages, and in the conversation list you can't tell who sent the last message. I'm also signed into the app on two devices, and see a different conversation list on each device (?!?). Could be great if they get this fixed.

Kerry Jones

Can't save profile data < ---- main problem. The idea is great, most of the app functions just as I would expect and hope. However, it's all completely pointless unless I can change my profile data. I've reported this multiple times and the response I got was, essentially, "sorry it's not better." This has been going on for months.

Eitan Glinert

Too buggy to be useful I like the app in theory but it's completely buggy on Android. Matches won't load, and you won't even get notified of other matches. I reinstalled after a bad crash and found 4 new matches that were a week old and have never registered in the first place. Time to use other dating apps I guess.

Ryan Diebel

HA! Told you so. Hahaha, I told you that the expiring matches idea was an extremely Stupid idea. I bet you lost about half of your user base, right? I really thought for a while there that you were going to hold onto that feature until it dragged you down into bankruptcy and failure. If you can survive still, and if you can recover from that huge misstep is yet to be seen. Anyway, any chance you can bring those matches back now? ?

Brian Peacock

Sucks This app is a waste of time. You never match with anyone and it's all fake profiles. Don't waste your time

Katherine R

Location is broken The device permissions on this to acces location/take up the entire screen do not work correctly, and the "zoom in on the map to your location" does not work. Since you have to have a location with your profile, I cannot create an account

Jillian Canning

App is not user friendly. Why can't I just automatically see the full profile? Click to see profile, click to see pictures, it should all just be there! I also got a notification saying someone on my list likes me but there was ZERO indication who that person was. It also automatically uploads FB profile picture which is often times group shots making it impossible to know who's profile you're looking at. I love the concept it's just poorly executed.

Robin Kassner

Second time trying Hinge Nobody ever contacts me on hinge. It's a waste of time.

Joshua Redstone

"No connection detected", can't use app Internet (WiFi or LTE) works fine but app is stuck thinking there's no network. Restarting app doesn't help. Lame.

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