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7 May
Hill Cliff Horse OnlineRagdoll

Posted by StephenAllen in Simulation | May 7, 2016 | 248 Comments

Apk file size: 44.0 MB

FREE Online Multiplayer, Chat, Role play, and Ragdoll with friends and players around the world !
New POSE button, paw, neigh and kick whenever and wherever you want too!

Crazy customisations can make you look anything from a Donkey to a Flying Unicorn Bat with gold shoes wearing a Wolf mask!
Color your horses Shoes, Skin, Mane, Tail trail, Name, Hats, Wings and horse Size !
Dress up with extras like a Butterfly, Dragon wings and Balloons.

Trot, Canter, Gallop, Jump and Ragdoll around a Big Beautiful map.
Explore a beach, ruins, Ice volcano, caves, mountains, forest, campsite, graveyard, picnic, farm, city, boat pier and stonehenge.
Push around selected environmental objects by running into them.

Press the Ragdoll Physics button to flip, flop and drop!
Press it faster to get x1 x2 or x3 Velocity boost !
First Person Camera button lets you see through your horses Eyes, even in Ragdoll and Pose mode !

Activate mods to add extra fun to the game, such as Low Gravity, Horror mode, Snow, Rain and Mega Pushing.
Talk to other horses including a Baby Filly, Foal and Colt.
Simulate being a Free Roam, Tame or Wild horse.

There is an NPC Horse in each area, if you go on Offline/Single player you will find them easier.
Name at Mountains, Shoes at Beach, Tail trail at Boat yard, Mods at Ice Caves, Wings at Campsite, Hats at Forest, Horse size at City, Skins at Picnic and Mane At Stonehenge, good luck!

Chat and names are Censored and Monitored, players trying to use bad language be banned from all my games, you have been warned!

Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

Whats new

    Max supporter amount increased to 999 as someone reached 99 within a few days O_O thank you!
    Touch screen buttons smaller, repositioned, scale limits removed
    Extra file protection to stop cheaters adjusting values, that may have been causing some online players to crash
    Dev server horse hidden better
    allclear and ismuted / slash removed
    Mute button smaller, shows player number, hides if you carry on playing
    Numbers in chat again, as requested
    ..And other tiny adjustments.. ^_^

StephenAllen part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 7, 2016. Google play rating is 85.1146. Current verison is 4.2. Actual size 44.0 MB.

Download hill-cliff-horse.apk 44.0 MB


Hailey Ellyson

Can you fix this pease On my phone it will not let me receive the prizes and coat and mane color things can you fix that please?

Gavin Smith

Awesome! The only reason I rated it 4 stars in stead of 5 is because you can't eat hay or drink water like you could in the previous version.

Toui Sriharath

Omg Make multiplayer plus be able to choose to be a foal or an adult as well as be able the change colors and also make it like raptor rpg.

Ashley Bodyk

Woah ! :0 Awesome ! :D oh i got many ideas to add XD More locations like farm yard , stables , felids , or a barn , more hats like sparkly horn , wings so horse can fly! , more colors of mane and tail like black and white , halloween hair and skin , perhaps halloween treat bag or balloon maybe both ! And halloween wings please ? HALLOWEEN STUFF SOUNDS GREAT XD !? , bone skin ? Maybe ... dance action , maybe lol action , yes and no action on chat and multiplayer and chat , a hub , maybe extra little things stuff like that ... :| :) how ? IDK WHY ;/ :)

Jessica Milia

OMFG°_° Just when I thought this game couldn't get any reached the highest level of EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! The new horse design is incredibly realistic, the animations are smooth, and overall, I love this game even more now!:D Steve, you never cease to amaze me!;) The only problem I have is the fact that you have to keep watching the ads to get the horse skin/mane that you want. Can't you make a little customization option on the menu screen so we can change our skins/manes faster?

Craig Bennett

Add hunters Add hunters so you can like be captured by them and you have to escape or work for them then a make an escape

Angela Nemechek

How do u go to a. difference world

Poreh Gaston

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Grrr I can't do anything with the other horses and I keep deleting it and downloading it over and over again and now it is BORING?

Sadie Swensen

Fine OK I love it now but I'll tell you sum clichés to help you wen I'm in water it showers my tall in the water but fully colored unlike the rest off my body

Aleeciah Decker

great game Great game but how do I fly in the air plz tell but awesome game

samantha schultz

This is good! I like this game! It's a whole lot better than all of the horse simulator games I've seen on google play! But the reason I rated it 3 stars is because there isn't much to do after you complete the tasks. Sorry stephen, I was impresed, but not as impressed as I am with your raptor games. I think this game is just fine in singleplayer mode in my opinion. Sorry!

Aleea Cotter

Soooo cool This game is Soooo cool but can you add multyplayer and add wings you can get and fly with plz plz plzzzz !!!!PS can you plz reply and mack a wolves online plzzzz and plz reply....OH! And if you play raptors online and know Co co that's me =3

Olive Luminarias

hiiiii..... CAN YOU MAKE THIS MULTIPLAYER?YOU KNOW WHY AM I ASKING?the game is boring........but if you make this multiplayer il happily play this game everyday.........JUST PLEASE MAKE THIS not saying its that boring?its one to have fun one to talk with......SO PLEASE I BEG YOU

Elizabeth Humphrey

Fudge I want to play it so badly but it won't let me instal it. But I shall keep on trying.

Gabriel Flores

Nothing special, nothing good. Got boring quickly, cryptic quests, bad "mods". And is obviously a copy of Notch's work. I'm pretty sure most positive ratings are faked. I especially like the "Time you've been a horse" counter, helped me count how much of my life I wasted 720 seconds.

Fatima Haynes

Love it Dude you should add multi player and bosses like raptors online anyone else who play raptors online and knows ruby wolf, thats me!

Christine Carey

I already rated but... I love the game but can u also add more maps plz reply!!

Madison Cormier

Reply Best games ever but can you make it so you can have a family with a foal please reply

Maria Vega

Hey can u add multiplayer with it chat and add were u can have a male/female and a foal please it would be awesome and add more quests and more horse skins like red horse and rainbow horse please!^-^p.s add niegh button and predors like wolves and fox and hunters and add wings to fly and kick button too this might be a lot though but most of all add multiplayer and weather too. And night time to day time

Lee Weaver

Claims to have gamepad support but doesn't work with HID gamepads. Edit: please respond again when fixed and I'll rerate and submit your game to " gamepad games ". Thanks :)

Alexis Scott

Cool This game is cool, but it would be better if u could have a mate and foal, also a bigger roam space would be great too. Otherwise this game is cool. ?

Anna Lajter

D queen Best came I have played since Mario cart


Awesome but... Needs multiplayer badly I agree with all who requested muilti player also add a night and day mod

Gabby Kasparian

Nice game u guys make the best games ever can u guys make more plz. P.s this reminds me of a movie wut waz it called....oh ya spirit stallion of the carobien

Ellie Pantzke

Cool Awsome I have it on my ipad it rocks

John Welsh

Its ok It needs multiplayer then ill always play it.

karl hemingway

Love it Its fine your telling a lie!

autumn meech

Unicorns I think it would be cool if it was a unicorn. And the setting would be rainbows???

Lexie Bullard

Hill cliff horse You run around and somehow fly

Coleen Carey

Love it OK I know I said I Love it but I wanted to say those who play raptors online and know ice dragoness that's me!!^_^¦¦¦

Aaron Krive

Immediate crash I can't even open the app...

Jaden Lewis

Needs to be online! U NEED TO PUT IT ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alllen plzzz put this online by tomorrow or I will rate 1 star

Christine Carey

In love i love all the games my mom cant get me off raptors online but now...horses I love horses!!!!I love it but multiplayer is missing

Shelia Creason

Is ok Its OK but would be better if u could play online with other players and chat with them and stuff.

Brandi Jennings

It is so cool I love it and I wish there was molteplaryer

Lea Anne Diesburg

I love it because its like a love toon.

Александр Егоров

Multipleer!!! Multipleer please!!!

Shorty G

HILL CLIFF HORSE SIMULATOR!!!!!??? Its just needs to be online....and gender picking and chat....I'm tired of talking to my self(alone).But the game is AWESOMESAUSE!!!!!

Jayden M

Best horse game ever! I love it! I convinced my brother to get this at first he was like I no want a horse game now, he loves it!! Would be perfect if u had multiplayer though.

Laura Hoare

Any time to make a new game, plz read this It would be cool if you could own a herd with foals and choose coulours for the mares and fouls it would be good of you had to fight,race or kill other stallions to steal there herds and stuff like that also if your herdfollowed you and that all the horses could eat and drink

Natalie B.

AWESOME I love this ragdoll game! It is so cool to just mess around with! But it would be cool if it was online though. But it is soooo awesome anyway! =p

Skai Rider

Better than I thought I absolutely loved it and I thought it wouldn't be good at all, but I love the animation and also that you can change your horse in alot of ways, I really liked it, and also all-nighter ask is something small, can you add a small turn animation, and please reply I would be terribly greatful thanks, and also like many other suggestions breeding and having a herd and goal and stuff would be cool, please reply, love this game

Haylie360 00

Make it online Please make online the game is great but just make it online I will give 5 stars if you do please answer back thank you?

Rosemary Goldbloom

Pretty cool, BUUUUT..... It's really cool, but, it would be awesome is there could be REAL people/other horses, if you could make the world larger, and if we could chose different horses. Oh and also if we had herds!!!! Please delete the Randall part of it, it just seems cruel to the horse and its just mean to do that to the poor stinking horse, man. Love the game a lot though guys!!!! : ) >33333333

marley cassillas

Bug I used to like it but now it won't let me watch videos to earn rewards . Please fix it then I will rate it five stars

Christine Horan Tomlinson

Amazing I love this the horse animation is amazing the best I have ever seen on a horse sim game... but could you add multiplayer and I'll be set for lifee ❤❤❤❤

Tyannia Hale

Plz plz plz Plz make multiplayer and that you can talk to each other and Plz add fouls and make us like have wings and that we can fly and can it be like wolf online but Plz no lvl and Plz make us laydown, sleep and add single player and multiplayer.

Kristen Hagadorn

Why won't it let me change my horse at all Great game but it won't let me do anything but run all over the place and not change my horses Name colors or the mane

Foxytwilight Torres

Awesome but! ok I know that someone said that to make it online but can u make it so that its not only mac, bonnie, chest nut, dasiy, charly so can u plzzzzzz make it multiplayer!!!! And its not just the player in the world! And can u make a agseeesory store with hats and glasses and headphones and other stuff plz plz!

Nana L

Why!!! It used to work just fine but now I cant change my main colour and my skin colour. Plz change this. Please, and thank you

Maria Vega

Hey thank u so much for this I knew you could make this!Add a barn\farm and like in the previous can u eat and drink and still add multiplayer and medium size bat wings so u can fly and chat in multiplayer single and multi and plz add a corn field p.s add hunters and predators plz....also add a unicorn horn.......this might be a lot though!!!

Abigail Rybacki

BEST HORSE GAME EVER INVENTED! OHHH i love it! Love the scenery, horses. And sence of humor! I read it twice and it finnaly registerd, yeeup! XD

Jazmym Washington

Not to shabby Its just maybe you could make the ragdoll button a bit smaller and in the corner? Its kinda hard to move with that in the way :p

Kathy Raniere

This game is so awesome just need to add the people and other horses I really agree we need herds

Leonora Mancebo

Hill Cliff Horse - Ragdoll I know it's good but you should've added a chat, and a multi player, and a campaign of multi player. There should be a bug fixer in there to fix the horse rewards, because I tried to get a reward, and it didn't work.

briohna wessels

AMAZING!!!!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!! You must download it! It is really fun!!! Only improvement would be to make it multiplayer\online so people can meet up and that would make it even better!!

Nicole Schaffer

Like it I think you should make it a multiplayer and add a chat you should be able to have foals and they should grow up and become part of your herd you should also be able to choose to be wild or owned by a human and if you choose to be wild cowboys and cowgirls should try to catch you on their horses

Toxic Alpha

Love it but.. Love Love LOVE IT!!! But, could you add a Snow Terrain please? And my phone won't let me watch the videos so could you just make an option in the Home Screen or Main Menu whatever lol just the options yo change and add things to your horse there? Plz respond if u do, I will rate 5 stars!!! Plus if anyone knows the movie "Spirit" I think the bay horse with the white markings like Daisy's looks kinda like Genisis Spirit and Rains daughter an add humans!!! In the Forest Camp and the Sand Palace (°vv°)

Valeria Deleon

Put more colors of skin and mane I love it just put more colors of skin and and put multi player

Chase Hill

Online Pls make it online with chat and different maps that would be tottaly awesome

Carolina Zamudio

PLZ READ + fix It doesn't let me get prizes no more plz fix and read? I am going to try to uninstall and try to install it back and hope that you can listen to this and fix thx

Camila Rojas

I love the horses The colors that u get are beautiful!!! But the little dolls that u get on ur back aren't that cute.

Ella Pimentel

Muiltiplayer Can u pls add a biggrr world that it big as a whole forest or watever. And can u add o4her animals like a baby horse and wolfves such as wolf pups so pls pls fix!!!!!!!

Olivia Holloway

Cool! This game is awesome! I wish there was a map that shows u where u are though.

Izzy Taylor

The ragdoll is soo annoying I hate it and plz make it an online game like wolf online


WILL GIVE FIVE STARS IF U ADD ONLINE! Pls add online cause me and my friend get bored of playing on different worlds!!!!!! ADD ONLINE AND WILL GIVE FIVE STARS!!!!!

Nixxpixx Price

OMG love it I love this game I am so addicted

Yaneza Medina

Its ok but... It should be online and multiplayer and were u select what gender u are and there should be more places to explore and every time i try to get rewards it dont work. PLZ FIX!!! Then i will give five stars thx


Useless This legitimately sucks. You cant do anything. There's no world to explore, its not pointlessly fun, its just sad to be honest.

Dante Moore

Reply!!!! And update Developer nothing is changing in the game and I feel lonely by my self. You need to at least update this game and add multiplayer. I'm tired of talking to my self and role playing to nobody. And some are sending messages about this game and you didn't reply to them your ignoring us like we're not here and just worrying about the other games don't you care about us. Please add multiplayer and add more maps. AND PLEASE REPLY ="(

Mary Edmondson

Love it but Can you please add so that you can get herds and race and battle. Can you also add multiplayer. P.S I'm a big fan of you're work.

Renae Smithey

Om I like it BT make it so you have your own herd and you can mate and have fillys please add these things and I will star it five

Chloe Zenith

One of the best games! This is cute, fun, and I love the multiplayer ? nice game :D Also it would be so much better if it had other maps. Thanks!

Veronica_Drope Pit bull

Plz plz plz plz plz plz read I really love it its amazing but can u add a choice to be human or horse because ppl want to play human and ride us witch I don't mind but plz also add saddles and stuff like that but for no coins or money plz cuz most games do that and it is annoying but plz do this and I will rate 5 star plz it would make the game 3 times better plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lupe Ornelas

Fix this I don't know if it's my phone or just the game but every time I type after a while the keyboard goes up and then if it doesn't type it goes straight back down.?

Maddie Dennison

Worst Game Ever It did not load. I installed it about 5 times. It's not my internet because my youtube still worked, and this did not. Fix, then I'll rate 5 stars. In facts. I have already been playing this, I don't know why it isn't working, but it is stupid.

Kat Clips

Great Game, Here's Some FeedBack. :) I love this game so much, I've had it installed for quite a while. Although it's very fun and creative, I just think it needs more content. For example, one thing could be grazing, it's pretty simple and it would add some realism to the game. For two, you could add a laying animation, not like ragdoll, but like a horse laying down realistically. And maybe, can you make it towards we don't have to stand on a high object to rear, so we can rear (stand on hind legs) anywhere? (Also, please add more places too

Jay Montoya

I'm sorry I'm very sorry for kicking people out its that I got muted and I'm very mad. Plz change me back so I can talk

korin filipowich

I was banned. I'm really sad I can't play my favorite game in the world,is there anything you can do for me? (*.*)

Molly Delaney

Great but... I wish there was more like eating,rearing(without standing on a ledge)

Cindy Mccall

Love it but... Can you add bigger dragon wings and stuff plz .____________________.

Lashanda Smith

Designs It's great but chestnut needs to give zebra pattarn skin and an albino horse skin for the horses people play as to wear. It also needs a savanna map and a jungle map


Swag :) Hey! :D could you make another race course with hurdles plz...For some reason I was muted by a rogue Muter..I don't know why,And a minor problem the shadows don't work on my device,But over the best game ever :D

dragon cat gaming U done a really good job well done :3

Sage Bryan

MORE HORSES It needs to have more horse.Arabian, Clydesdale,mustang,hanaroveian,Frisian,thourbred AND HUMANS THAHT CAN RIDE YOU

Ashlee Denison

Hey Dev I got banned. Of course I loved the game I'm still gonna give you 5 stars :)

Shyann Morris

Um some changes please I love the game but can you please add more horse skins and something you can change the music and a map because I'm getting tried of the one that I away in and can you add more horses that do stuff and please add house and quest thanks and stay cool


Omg yay but... Finnaly they have added multiplayer yay yay finaly its one of my top rated games!! Also maybe add some quests and even more places to visit and money to buy stuff in shops? ☺ Oh and also maybe make it that u can friend ppl to meet them again? I have alot of long lost friends there! ?

Ellen Lawrence

Looooooooooooove it It is really nice good job could you add create stand so you can draw on a horse

Tabitha Byers

Ugh! The ads tho..gets in the way and is soooooo annoying man!! Gee whiz!

Anita Rama

Plz read below I love this game so many people to talk to keeps going onto back up sever I keep trying to it to work but it won't what should I do? Also can you put a choice to be human or horse plz thanks and plz can there be other maps ? if it's not to much to ask can u add things that horses have like a bridle and reains and head coller and a horse rug and more plz thanks and saddles

Sophia Yankie

Problem For some reason chat completely stops working and I have to delete the game why can someone help me

Jessica Boyall

Why?? Each time you do something a add comes up can you please stop the amount of adds!☺

Anime Luver

BEST GAME EVR i loveee this game i love alp the games that stephan alpen makes like raptors online and the other raptor game i forgot what it was called srry but anyways great game u should download it!!!

Meadow Hurd

Wow It's so good I wanna puke RAINBOWS...but it would do better if you had a rador showing wher the other horses are at. But uther then that it's amazing ??????????

Joe C

I LOVE IT but i had to sell it YEAH (i used to hate it and i got banned for no reason)

Nadezhda Yunchyk

Thanks I like this game alot. Though i wish it had another horse with changed your breed like Arabian, Shire!, And etc. Overall i really like this game and talk to you guys sometimes, even if you dont answer. Thanks for making this game. God bless you!

Rosey Curtis

Wow this game but... This game freezes and it always goes on backup server (Fix it?)

Rebecca Walker

Plz Plz add rearing on commandand and a friends list thx also add a zebra skin

Madison Hannaford

The horse I love it me and my brother can see each other and I always play with him when he wants me to cause I never get board of it and never does my brother

Patricia Townsend

ads every time there is a ad the game closes and I have to go back to it can you fix it

luci cat

Love it Can u now set new updete ???? And on that updete plzzzz set so u can be :cat,human,dog,wolf and bird plz plz plz plz i will love that and more of me ♥♥♥♥♥love u stephenallen

LxSniper The last Dragon born

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT thing can you make it so you don't knock over things you touch like a option button and add a map forest plz thx

daisy valerie

ADD MORE MAPS!!!!!!!!! Can u plz plz plz add a five nights at Freddy's map to one of the games like the horse game, or dragons game??? Thx

Makayla Faley

Plz add mating and having fillys plz plz plz

Sarah Williams

So good!!! This game is so good!!

Mark Heckathorne

I like it I love this game it is so nice :D!

Heather Jones

Soo awesome!!!? This game is so cool and it's fun!!!!?

Killer-x Wolf King

Need's more stuff Stephen I'm your biggest fan and plz read this ,you have to add a rador so you can find other horses and more horses you can pick also, remove all the bullies from the game it's getting creepy

grashell cruz

I have to say something, Someone stole my name and is saying that it was their name but ever since the beginning i had the name and i never saw that person in the game before(my name is echo(fwolf/drago

Alecia Porter

I like it Stephen Allen,yes there are some adult names and bad words on there,and some threatening going on,but other then that it's awesome!I love,love,love your games!but can you ad so. More coloring and more extra stuff like human and horses because I would like to be a human too.also can you have them to be able to mate and raise foals please?I would love that! Keep up the good work!

Emma Duncan

Friends You should really be able to add friends, so you can find them again. Also how do you decide who is a moderator? Oh, and one more thing. I got on about 7:00 this morning (CET) and all of a sudden ALL of the servers just got emptied. And I got texts from my friends that wanted to hang out on the game with me that everytime they tried to connect to Dev. Server, it said connection failed. We tried 20 different servers, and everyone of us got connection failed, even the Dev. servers. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

Julio Garcia

Great I love it, but there should be more color masks, maybe secret dens you can claim on a server that you need permission to go in someone's else's den. There should be actions like sit, lay down, instead of having to do ragdoll and pretend to those actions. Thank you and I love your games! Please add one of these and I will rate 5 stars. PLEEEASE REPLY!

CoolKid Lps

Amazing! Ok I personally <3 this game and personally I think you shouldn't make it to where you can be a human cuz it's called HILL CLIFF HORSE not like "be horse or human online" ya..

Jazmin Skinner

Plz read developer OK so, its a great game but there are a lot of ppl with names like sex slave or I like but bags really I would tell you the names but when I go to tell you your server is always full. Plz make the server population bigger. Thank you Stephan p.s I think you make the best games

Stephanie S Thomas

Can you PLEASE ADD THIS PLEASE!!! Can you add head phones and roses in your hair or mouth and saddle please add these and dancing cuz everyone likes dancing :D and one last thing add a castle please!!!!!! :D

Lupe Ornelas

Another problem It does not go to the world I want even if I says"connecting to server" it will probably take like a hour to get in.

Nadezhda Yunchyk

Thanks I like this game alot. Though i wish it had another horse, like bonnie, which changed your breed like Arabian, Shire, etc. Overall I really like this game. Thanks for making this game. God bless you!

Maddie Dennison

Sorry! I'm sorry for being rude earlier. When it doesn't work I just have to uninstall and reinstall it 3 days later. It stinks, but I really love this game! I would say to maybe make it so you can change the eye colour! That might be cool!

Katie Brown

Me love I love it its good most simulations is do this do that it's boring... I'm a you tuber so thx!

Neave Hackett

Amazing game, but maybe......... I doesn't have many options to customize your horse, can you please add some more things, like the hats from dragons online? And maybe a few more coats?

Aimee Broughton

GREAT GAME Best game ever once u find all the horses its easy and fun to play :D only one complaint: there should be more colors for the mane and body to pick from but still super fun

Ornaith Grattan

Apple Jack gone My little ponys are my friends and I lost them so add friend list so I see them PS my user name is rainbow dash

Arthur Stewart

Cool Awesome for my little girl but need to stop them from cussing though

Sarah Walker

Amazimg Could you make a sss warrior cats version tho it would be amazing

olivia moreno

Sooo good I loved it I played it till 6:00 a.m and can you like make a game where you could be anything even a human? If u do thanks if u don't it's ok ☺

Jose Spiker

Love this so much I love this game so much. There is two things I would like to request though. Maybe multiple acounts on the app. So more then one person can use the app without having to change your coat, mane, acessories, and name every time someone different plays. Another thing i think would make the game more fun is multiple maps.

Cally Walker

Loves but one problem I love it but to may adverts

Georgina Kemp

Hill Cliff horse Be nice if the mane was blacker also longer and shorter maybe different styles and maybe markings like scars or wounds eye colours but I love this games being able to play as a horse great really love this <3 <3

Jailyn Stice

great need to have mating calls and herds too with more lands with a horse racing track with a eating button and rearing button and wolves and kicking button and neighing button and humans too but i really like it but needs more stuff added

Keith Kropp

Awesome game GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!! Though I have some suggestions,maybe if u could drink water and eat food, also could there be more areas. I also think there should be more options for color and things on the back of the horse, hope this helped :3 ??

Rebecca Walker

Sorry I am so sorry it wasnt your fault I rate as meny stares as posible.Please add: a saddle and bridle; a human of your own; rear comand; zebra skin; more mane colours also where you can have be a foal or have one also plz answer and forgive me thanks a friends list would be really nice

Christin Fischer

Hill cliff horse Its the best game i ever played

Kittylover77106 1

Good but... You need to add more stuff to keep it interesting like more props like saddles , blankets, and ear feathers, etc. Also You can add more horse colors and mane colors. Maybe you could try added more lands and add the ability to go in more of the houses, buck, rear, and eat. Thank you for reading bye!

Jessica Rose

It's a great game but it gets a bit boring after awhile my u could add more actions like eating , sleeping , drinking and stuff like that

Jana Kassis

Waaaaaaaaaw ! I am Fall in love to this game ! Waaaaaaw I can be free to do wat every the horse wanted do not remove off line because in the bus there is no internette not even WiFi thank you thank you uuuuuuuu! Happy Thatcher s day

Peggy Snyder

Need a mom in game name is Emma (wolfpup)

Faviana Torres

Great but hear my idea I want to be a game designer but I really love this game. Be sure to look at my coment and respond...this is a very well designed game with the horse graphics. I insist that for this game you should make it more of a valley and with trees and lakes with npc that move around. Also adding medows for more of that freedom feeling.

Mariana Sada

I liked it but uses to much battery

Alessa Finch

Um It's creepy when you turn into a ragdoll it's like your dead but your not

Eric Grillo

LOVE STEPHEN ALLEN!!! Add more supplies... Make maps and get fights. And fly!!! Swim too!!!

Nicole Loughran

Seriously!!!!! Why r there ads on the bottom of my screen!!!!!!!???

Sage Bryan

It is good... Add realalistic things like humans, wolves, more horses,saddles, bridals, halters, and etc . Please Mr.Allen

Eden Abernethy

Was amazing I love it. It's a great way to make new friends and roleplay. (I'm usually a horse named Shameless)

Ron Miller

I love this game to death It's the funnest game ever I love how u rageroll it's so funny but too many ads

Melissa Hinds

Wub Hey I love this game and all but I have a question.if your phone has a slow keyboard what do you do?I can never respond in the chat

paige olson

One thing. Add a lay down button and a eat button that u can eat until u press it again. Please replie please and thank u! XD

Taliya Abdulwahab


Morgan Thomas

Amazing. Game I love this game so much, I know you just did an update but, it would be so cool if you could add people and they could catch you, and they would be able to take you and put tack on and then they could ride you, it would also be nice if there could be more places to go like if the world was bigger, it would be great if you could. Add a drinking button and a eating button:)and one more thing if you you could could lie down :)plz respond plz plz plz

Mj the Horse Man

U should add these know and it will be better U should add tack and u should be able to chose what kind or breed of horse u should be. Or u should be able to be ponies donkeys mules and zebras things like that u should add now and it would be better no awesome. And there should be wildlife like wild horses and deer and things roming and at the farm should be like a paddock thats what u should add now. Btw u should be able to be Pegasus that fly soo u can be for example a Pegasus brumby that Flys not low gravity. Thats what should be added

Patricia Townsend

OK but there is a problem When I want to go on single or play the same it does not work can you please help me.

Tessa Leon

Love it, Can you also do this I love this games but can you also give realistic looking horse skins and give what type of breed of horse you are if you added fur on horses I would love the skins I love the game please reply!!! ♡♡♡

Timothy Pinkelman

Amazing and awesome It is fun that u get 2 talk 2 each other, keeps me preoccupied, does not load well but still fun!!!! Stephen u should make it so u can be a teen or a horse! That would be awesome! P.S. I am chase teen or mare ppl!

Ann Roberts

This stupid update wrecked everything I can't tipe and it glitches to the home screen I hate this dam update I give it 1 star because of the update don't get this app the update is rlly glitchy

Sierra Pruner

Ok I like it but there needs to be WAY MORE STYLE OPTIONS like the body and the mains and the tail trails. There are people calling other people mean things because of this. There should be a thing were you can take a pic of something and it paists it on the horse like for example the sky. Then your horse will have a sky coat. And same with the main!! I will stop playing this game untill it happens because i canot take the mean talk anymore. It makes me cry some times. So please if you could take this idea.

lona Selidhta

Great OMG ITS A UPDATE OMG THANK U I WANTED THE BLUE FUR FOR YEARS OMG THANK U but can u add another game only with wolves that can kill ppl and be pos

Rafael Lorca

What do you mean im band? ! I just got this phone so I thought to try out the game I never played any of your games before I don't curse and i dont know how to hack plz fix this plzzz and plz respond PLZZZZZZ FIX I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID


Best game ever!!! I love this game! I play on this whenever I'm not studying :3 ,Just some suggestions- You should add a grazing and resting/sleeping pose, That's all this game is the best!!! Great job dev ^-^

GGtiger Bell

Needs some work I think the game need would be better if we could eat and if the game had people and we could sleep and we could lay down and also had more places and a map but everything else is great especially the new updates:)

Gracia Shelor

UPDATE SUCKS It was great until i got the update. Now it wont let me play.I deleted it and redownloaded it but it didnt work so fix it and this aint a request.

Maddison Davis

Maddison Davis Can I be one of your helpers please I always wanted to be a helper on a game and I promise I won't be mean ???(o‿∩)

my little random kofod

Best game i ever had!! Stephen if you read this....then reply plz. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤ Wish list by Dark (filly) : 1: add breeds like shire,Shetland ponies,friesians and arabians plz. 2: add humans with saddle and briddle plz . 3: add a paddock and riding track, tho I know that we already have racing track+jumping track but plz. 4: add stables plz plz plz

Nikki Farnsworth

Humans dogs I would like to see an update were there could be humans and dogs. Because just about everyone is a human or dog .plz do this update ?

Annette Weblin

Love your games Can you please update your games more often and sorry if I'm putting you under pressure

Rachel Gubenko

Well its ok Make it so if you have wings you can fly and make it so there are humans that can catch you whats the fouls in the barn for

Diana Sayadyan

LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! THX for adding more colors and other stuff and also can u add a mating button on the othr players horses so like if I want to mate him or her and he doesn't want to then he would press the no button and if he or she wants to then he or she will press yes plz add that buttons and add a eat button and lay down button plz and also add a drinking button PLZ do it I hope it is not to much work

Berlyn Kolinski

Requested You should mack a horse to mate and be able to raise it and start your own herd.

CoolKid Lps

Amazing! Ok I love the game but why did I get banned? I didn't use inappropriate language? I said shut up...

Nicole Loughran

Pllzzzz Can u plzzz make it so u can be different kinds of animals like wolfs or a human or a teenage... And plzz make it so u can design them and add there gender plzzzzzz

just someone

It gets boring Plz add more places to go and can u make it so we can add friends and can u add stables and pastures and a race track, please make it bigger and more places to go

LatinaBeautyThicc G.

Love it How do you eat in this game? Please tell me how to eat on this game.

Ellen Lawrence

Way better Like the update but can there be something like you can choose the shad of the color and design for the horse? Cus I'm very creative an I just thought it would be fun plz make it ?

Monark and axo 21

Hey dev I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling but it still does it... I tried to go on the sever it connects but then the game quits plz help me dev

Rhianne Wells

Awesome but one problem My keyboard keeps disappearing and making it extremely difficult to type to others. Its working just fine on other apps just since he update my keyboard doesn't fully work. I understand that you recently updated but please fix!! Thank you?

Crazy Horse Girls

It's awesome Hey thus us an awesome horse game but one thing.... you need to add a lay down and a button that you can roll in grass like real horse that would make it much more awesome Oh and a grazing button please add these on your next update and please reply if you like it . ^_^

Michael Hooker

Please fix When I got the update I tried making a server and every time I do it exits me out so can u please fix it ASAP .Thank you and have a nice day.

Kassidys Vlogs!

I LOVE THIS GAME!! Thank u for mking this game i oove it so much,that my phone almost died! Can u plz add a lay down button? I would also be awesome if u made a owl game just like this! Plz respond

Melissa Fahey

Bad Fix this circling area and I will give you 5 stars.

Aimee Broughton

GREAT GAME Best game ever once u find all the horses its easy and fun to play :D only one thing: you should make it so that you can pick which breed of horse you want and mayb add zebras!

Tuxkeeper Jr

I cant do anything Now I cant even go offline it just sends me to the screen I was before

Leah Pillay

Help Stephan!!! :'( :'( :'( Help there's a bug and it won't let me play please send feedbackwhen its fixed ‚the games awsomeawesome I love it Stephan!!!

Madison O

WOOOOO updates! I already loved the game! And now moreb great updates? Yay! Keep up the great work!

Wolfie Girl

Let's make a deal I'd you can make a thing where you can change your eye colour and chose like, a colour of flame coming from it that would be cool because I'm trying to make my horse look like Sans the Skeleton

Tab G

Fun but When I was playing some one copied my name and called me fat and It didn't happen to me but my best friend got muted and banned for no reason

Gecko Gaming

Love it! I love the new update guys keep up the good work???

Kiristen Hill

Plz read this(this is a fantastic game but can u make a game where u can be every animal (birds,dog families,cat families,fish and sharks whales dolphins Dino's dragons and u spawn where u are aridonaly from and u can press a map where u can go to north America and like the jungle and stuff BUT PLZ MAKE IT ONLINE WHERE U CAN KILL(in game)AND WHERE U CAN MATE PLZ =) one more thing GREAT GRAPHIXS THAT U HAVE NEVER USED BEFORE!!!!!

Bacca Chic

Great game but. . . Could u pls add a snowy area, thx and can u msg could u do a cat sim thx. Ps more otions pls! Plus,pls add msging!!!!!

Nadezhda Yunchyk

Thanks I like this game alot. Though I wish it had another horse, like Bonnie, which changed your breed like Arabian, Shire, etc. Thanks for making this game. Can you please make a owl/wolf/deer game just likr this one? I have one more question, what is Timmy the colt doing there, why is he in the game? Thanks!

Aaliyah Sandoval

BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED This game is so awesome you can change your horses color have wings and have cool hats thank you creators for make this game you guys or guy/gal I thank you for this most amazing fantastic game!!!!!!!!!!????

Jenifer Adonis

Needs something new? The game is great it has no lags,freezes etc. but, can you add a feature were can start off as a blank horse and we can either go to chestnut or paint colors for our horses ourselves plz plz add that feature i really love this game ?also add a feature where we can choose to be a mare,stallion or foal(colt or filly)and even a pony and plz plz add predators like wolves and mountain lions plz that would be awesome???and almost forgot,plz also add diff. Types of horse breeds with their own looks addflightto

Abby Downs

But can you tell me how to be a developer BEST GAME IN THE HOLE WORLD!!!!!!!??????? and it kick me off it for no reason and I says I was banned from it I didn't do anything I was music made shy f I never did any thing back for it to kick me I was hanging out on developer and then it said I got kicked could you please fix that thx

lauran walker

Great game but I love this game but I would like it if u could make it to where u can breed and eat and drink water and a big city with humans doing there own things like farm and stuff

Never Say Never

Please make more games PLEASE MAKE MORE GAMES ONLINE I love all Ur games but I wish u would make them online and please make it to wer u can have kids and stuff like that thus game is so addicting PLS ANSWER back FROM UR BIGGEST FAN SARENITY MACKEY XOXOXO? BTW I LOVE ALL UR GAMES it keeps lagging and won't let ne chat plz fix and answer back

HerHeinous Bootylicious *3•

Love the game but I have a few words I don't see the point in you banning people for using language that you you already bleep out. You even bleep out words that isn't even profanity. People actually enjoy this game and yet you ban them for saying words that you already censored. I even say something to the people who are being mean to others. I tell them to be nice. But I'm sure that you are guilty for using profanity too. I don't know why you act like you have never heard of people using profanity before. I'm sure all them kids cuss too.

Tonya Savege

I did love it I loved it and still do but I don't know why I got canned I did nothing wrong I was hanging with some friends and didn't deserve to get banned I know the first time I got banned but I didn't do nothing this time! My internet was slow and u guys blamed it on me just letting u know! I did nothing a and didn't do anything to HCH but yeah so I'm sorry

Therese Harrigan

I didn't understand its at first but now its super fun game Love this game its so fun when I first got it it was really boring but now its fun best horse game ever just one question what are you soppused to do in it can you make it to do like some quests or something like fun and action its still a good game but make it so we can have more fun

GlItChYStArWoLf The Gamer

Hey again! I've left alot of comments on your games, because well, I love them all! Your amazing! The only thing, I've been muted for no reason at all, I'll just be playing as a wolf, and Boom! muted. It was aggravating, but I got over it. Um.. let's see, I see alot of people using a command similar to /rp on here that was used in Ocean Craft, I was wondering if you could tell me, unless I missed it in the instructions. Lol. Keep up the good work, I won't repeat what should be added, but thank you so much! ????

Michael Spencer

Read this!!!dev this is cricket, This game is cool but can u make me a (mod) I will help u and I away try my best and I love helping people......make me a mod!!!!my name is cricket thanks so much love your friend.......PS I am going through a hard time right now and it would make me happy if u make me one love your friend and text me back pls I need to know thanks u so much and love this game and some mods r being mean to me thanks for reading this... One more thing do u have Kik because I would like to talk in person thanks :) please !!

Timothy Pinkelman

Amazing and awesome It is fun that u get 2 talk 2 each other, keeps me preoccupied, does not load well but still fun!!!! Stephen u should make it so u can be a teen or a horse! That would be awesome! P.S. I am chase teen or mare ppl! Umm... Stephen I just was in ...... blaahhhh!!!it was bad. Tooo many innapropriate things like yeah in it can u plz make more watchers/guards or a button where u can report someone for innapropriate behaviour plz!!!!! The game neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds that!!!!!!

Laurissa Barry

Best game so far Its me fαℓℓєи(f)ωσℓf or fαℓℓєи(мαяє) its fun playing this game and being able to talk to the developer. I was woundering in the next update if you could add different speeds making the horse really fast or really slow. And could there be longer manes.and tails. Thnx again dev

Tamia Collins

I love iiiiiit !!!!! I love the new up date !! It's a really good game. Can you add black and riandbow hair. And you can have any coler body .I would life it if you add that but good game .!!!! Can you make a fox or wolf version plz plz plz plzzzzz

Amber200430 star

Really good but needs 1 thing I Think It Needs Human Riders And Catchers Plz Add them Because If YOU Add it that Would Be Cool And Riders And Cowboys Would Capture US OH And Make A Wolf one

jessica parker

I love this game it's a horse game I love it what the party is the funny part is the horse jumping up in the air and then I press this button before I got the stream and hard on the ground all of the horses they came running at me for no reason I love this one would you like it to 700 I love it it's awesome& my brother loves it too it's a slap in the neck no awesome I just got internet he said it means it means I can get to him he loves crazy Transformers I heard that

Kendra Connerly

BEST HORSE GAME EVER!!!!! Hill Cliff Horse is THE BEST HORSE game there is! Amazing graphics, awesome skins, and exciting extras!!!!!!!! If I might make a few suggestion to make this game even BETTER, longer manes, maybe a customize your own horse, like choose different colors in any place and what type of horse, but even if u don't do those things THIS IS STILL AN AWESOME GAME!!!!

ruben martinez

Love it but bad ppl I love this game a lot but i don't understand why ppl get on it just to fight with other ppl and I really don't know why they do it but they curse and plzzz make it to way they cant

Ashlee Denison

Hey dev,next update do cake. Or make it rain candy! :). And I've been working on being nice on hch. I really want to be a mod but idk what you'll think about a person who has been muted and banned :/.....

xXx_Madfacelikecrazy _xXx


Nathaniel Anonat

I like it! I don't care that the haters say 'i don't like this one' i like it or even LOVE IT

Its Manson

Yee its alright, I wish there was like a wolf version of this!!! Like all the apps ive downloaded looking for a good wolf simulator it just never works out they are dumb!!


Best game ever!!! I love this game! I play on this whenever I'm not studying :3 ,Just some suggestions- You should add a grazing and resting/sleeping pose, That's all this game is the best!!! Great job dev ^-^

Miller Kids

Great but THE FREAKING GAME WONT ET ME MAKE MY CHARACTOR (horse) TO MY STYLE....PLZ FIX...plz plz and ill rate 5

Horse Adventures

Really fun but Can we have a family please and can we fly and do a lot mor e things and can we mate and can we eat and drink and really fight instead of showing off but still I'm giving you ideas and mark our taritory and have our own foals and colts if we have a mate and have more land 10 more things can we go free and have more space to live and have Enemy's ? One more thing can we sleep?

Shayna Gordon

Mean people My character was muted in developer servers and when I left it didn't unmute me. I'm so close to uninstalling this game. Thanks a lot I used to love this game.


Awesome game. Add more masks pls! Do you think in another update if your able to could you add Undertale masks? If possible add them to your other games too? If not thats okay. This is an awesome game though including all the others! I love it because you can customize everything and have fun which is always great to have in games! And it is all very impressive for having one developer!

Vanessa Jackson

Best game ever This game is really good and fun you get to play with friends and dress up and many more keep up the good work, hope to see more games

LovelyKate Rafols

I'm a angel horse and feel free lol? I'm like a angel flying but its like a unicorn but that is not a unicorn its a horse I thought that is a unicorn but its a horse and No need money for custom so guys download it???

LittleBronze Pony

I love what u add, and i also have ideas for you I think for the trails you should add a fire, water,snow,and nature trail! And for the mane u should add those four too. You should also make a eat and sleep action for the game! And u can have fillys and foals as well. Also u should add a race track, (a bigger and longer one) that you can do quests and race other horses! Please reply if u think that this is a great idea to add! :)

Bailey VanDriest

Confused What devices are compatible to this game? I'm on a smartphone and I played this game before but one day when I tried to go into a game room the game kicks me off. I love this game so can you please figure something out? Thx!

Wilson Yang

BAD Its very hard where is the play button? After itsblue there is no play buttom plz fix

coralann clarke

Happy day Please make able to do more thing instead of a baby horse saying say 123 for a baby horse just let the horse and give birth if not make thernon pop up

Taylor Moore

I like it but... Plz do not have the mod "push ihorses" because I did and I couldnt change my look or nothing.I COULDNT CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!sorry ppl I had to uninstall it then install it again.:( ★★★★★

Veronica_Drope Pit bull

ok?!?!?! for one ive said this before plz add a choice in setting to where u chose to be a human or horse plzzzzzzzz it would be awesome and if u do make it to where we can ride the people that chose to be horse and obviously add tack and stuff like that(like this comment if you aggree people

Madison O

Please help! Update please! I used to LOVE this game, it was amazing! But then one day I tried to go on it, and it just crashed back to my home page, I uninstalled and reinstalled again and again, same thing happened, please please fix this! I love this game any part from this. Please fix!


Loved it Um hi Steve just wondering if you can add animals like wolves donkeys foxes and humans and you have to avoid the humans catching you ?please add pets (like little dogs or cats or butterfly's following you and you can name them and customise them just add all the customiser horses a pet and when you go to there pet you can customise your pet :) oh and make one of the pets a baby bear and a baby horse. Thank you Sincerely Ella ?

Jam Toast

I'm bloodclaw(something) It's so awesome you have loads of nice people on this game. Although there r loads of people who swear. However it is also awesome because of all the choice that u have. Also, plz can u update it so there are more things like bridles and saddles. Please can I be mod even though I have been muted sometimes. I promise to do my job well and do everything well to make hch an even better place ?. Oh and Anisha Weller it is far from dumb and stupid ????

Jessica Holness

Bullies do exist but... U know the white tiger mask and bear mask from other games? Pls include them!! Maybe you could put dens in there and only the person who owns it can enter and this is where my other idea comes in, u could put in a friend system so u can friend people so they can come over to the dens.pls make a tigers online or maybe a wolf/fox game or my best idea!!make a mixed animals online so u can choose what animal u want to be!!?thanks for the amazing game!! Keep up the good work!!

Horse and Cookie fan Cookie

LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! THX for adding more colors and other stuff and also can u add a mating button on the othr players horses so like if I want to mate him or her and he doesn't want to then he would press the no button and if he or she wants to then he or she will press yes plz add that buttons and add a eat button and lay down button plz and also add a drinking button PLZ do it I hope it is not to much work and can u Plz add more games like this one?Like hill cliff wolf or hill cliff dog or cat or wich one u choose

Cassie Hernandez

I love this game so much. Out of all the games in the world, this is the BEST!!! But, how about different mane and tail styles like long and curly or something like that. And maybe you could put in some more natural looking body and mane colors? And there's a glitch where when it looks like you're walking on your screen, to the other players you are running in slow motion. How about some personal features too like Indian horse war paint or halters and saddles? Or mane and tail ribbons? Just some ideas....

amy townson

Needs more things in next update The needs to be tack like saddles,bridles,lead,ropes,reins,leg wraps, and other stuff. And there needs to be humane that try to catch you in another village and if they catch you they take you to the normal village and a person buys you and then they make you not wild anymore and they train you other real life stuff like real horse.looking skins you can choose.

xXFeather WolfXx

Best Horse Game Ever! I've always wanted a good horse game, and here it is! I love it! It has good graphics, smooth controls, realistic actions, I could go on and on about how good this game is! All of your games are truly amazing! I love all of them! I hope you'll add a saddle and bridle customizations in this! Like.. you'd get the saddles from oreo, and the bridles from Charlie! And add Cowboy please! Like, Cowboy at the barn, the camp, and the picnic at least! And add a lasso! I hope (if you do add Cowboy) that you'd make them try to catch us with a lasso and tie us up at a fence post or something! And we captive horses would be able to escape either by tugging at the rope, chewing on it till it snaps and only the piece of rope around our neck would stay until it fell or something, or another horse player would come and free us! That would be awesome! I see it now! A huge role play about horse players acting as if they were caught by Cowboys and it actually happening instead of pretend! I know this would be A LOT of work for you... but please, at least make this sometime in the future! I would never stop playing and supporting your games if you do! I know I'm exadruating, but please do this for us!?

Angelica Johnson

In the USA there's something called the freedom of speech but it nieghs me out. Also like in dragons online if it's your server you can mute people and I was wondering if you could do the same. And now I can't get ride of my floating name. But everything else is great ?

Nathaniel Anonat

I like it! I don't care that the haters say 'i don't like this one' i like it or even LOVE IT! You can even dress up witch i didn't notice OR change the name! Please make more please please 1000 times! I love this game. Its so awesome i really hope you make another online version.

The Ark

Oh the comments I read the reviews and they ask for something that you all ready have in the game eg. "Can you make it where you can talk to others" and everyone asking to be moderator. I think it's funny because I know that you can handle this on your own... 'lone wolf' ; )

LxSniper The last Dragon born

FIX! PLZ Sometimes I open the app and it's just a blue screen! And also when I open my keyboard the screen goes black and sometimes I can't use my keyboard for two days! Because of this game! Fix the bugs please also you should are humans that contain us horses and ride us around and that we could be humans and tame horses and also please make horse breeds and so the Horseman's can it be different like braided or straighten out or cut

PrimaryAunt doesMinecraft

Dev almost all of the servers have gone and i can only join Ur servers it is annoying me bc i cant rp with my Friends or hang out. Plz fix it and i Will give u 5 starts.

Sketchy Wolfy

Like it first then... There's several immature rude people in there. I suggest putting in a report button, because I was bullied in the game from the start. Please manage this game's accounts better. When they overdo it, they should be banned. Please consider this!!! );

Kasey Snowdy

Cute but drama Its like TALKING about mating.............. curse words all that stuff plz cover ulgy words plz I'll I kill myself before I do that. Ok!?! And make sure u can turn into cat anything

ASHLEIGH Blakemore

Best game ever You can be a horse unicorn or pegasus and play with people but please add long or short manes for the girls and so u can lie down graze and interact with other players like groom them

Moonlight Sonata

Best horse game!!!!!!?❤?? I LOOOOVVEEEEE this game and I'll never uninstall it! But plz make a "i" horse that can change our breed like arabian or shire etc PLEEAASSEEE PLEASE EVERYONE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN! I HOPE YOUR GOING TO DO IT BC IT WILL MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY!

Luna Voorhees -Wolf-

Hate it now Banned for no reason yes thank vary much now I hate it, I will never play them again bye bye now :) before you fix this ಠ_ಠ

phonixfire 122404

Good game ? and time flys when I play it I was just wondering if you could make an animals online, and that way the ppl who wanna be wolves can be wolves and the ppl who wanna be like cheetahs can be cheerahs, and ect ?btw good job with all of your fun games

Lydia Allen

LOVE IT!!Only one thing. . . I love it but I'm getting tired with the mane and tail and especially the map please add new horses that can change the short mane in other manes and tails and new places please!!!!!the one and only Sheeta*f ss war*.oh and just a compliment its super awesome.BUT PLEASE HEAR ME OUT STEPHEN!!!!!!!and can you make a new game like idk maybe like a game where u can be a human and ss into other animals and be a vampire or werewolf and all those things even witches and ghosts!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!And my game lags even more fix that please , and my keyboard doesnt wanna come up when I want to type a message

Tamari Loveness

Best game ever!!! I play and I have a family and friends and a lot of my friends irl play too, and u can chat but I have a request can u lay down not ragdoll but lay so u don't look weird and get kicked around???

xXLollipopxX xXSpyroxX

BRILLIANT..Just one thing.. I LOVE THIS GAME ITS SO AWESOME. But ..the look control is annoying can u make it so u can just move the screen instead of the joystick.its still my favourite game!

Bailey VanDriest

Confused What devices are compatible to this game? I'm on a smartphone and I played this game before but one day when I tried to go into a game room the game kicks me off. I love this game so can you please figure something out? Thx!

Skyler Parish

Good game Hello I tried to get on the game today and it said I was banned and when I have not played it in a while but I don't know what I did to get banned so if you could plz figure out how to get me unbanned I would love it.

Morgan Riddle

TO MANY ADDS It was horrible I barely get to play!!! If it wasn't for all the adds I'd give it five stars. :(

Hayden Monroe

I love it but there is some problems I love to play this game but most of the time when I try to change my name and when I try to speak on online it just takes me off of it I can still playing the game but I just can't talk or change my name (btw you make the best games?) do not stop!

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