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6 Jun
Hierarchical notepad tree note

Posted by DataSymphony in Productivity | June 6, 2016 | 59 Comments

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Memz (formerly Memability) : The premier Android (and web) note app with top notch outlining (hierarchy) capabilities and so much more!

Memz! New name! New vision! Same high quality design!

Install Memz today to experience note taking and information management at its best!

With Memz's unique outlining method you can:

* Create, edit, store and share thousands of notes with no compromise on the apps performance

* Arrange, rearrange & structure your notes with unlimited hierarchy depth.

* Copy, move, & delete single notes or entire hierarchies.

* Mark tasks as "completed" or add to "favorites" for quick access.

* Automated note synchronisation to all your Android devices and access from your PC or Mac through web interface (we use our proprietary highly reliable and secure infrastructure for data synchronisation and backup)

Also, enjoy these other unique features not found in other outline apps!

* A gorgeous interface that is easy on the eyes, and makes efficient use of your valuable screen space!

* State of the art AES 256 bit encryption (both app & web) with encrypted password protection! Encrypt individual notes or the entire app! No need to enter your password every time you open the app. Just tell Memz how long to wait before locking!

* Instantly search your notes with single or multiple keywords! Results instantly appear!

* Customize the app to your hearts desire! From various theme combinations , to note font size, to list font size, to visible outline depth Memz has you covered!

But wait! We're not done!

We fully intend to gradually transform Memz into a feature packed powerhouse for total information management! Whether you are productivity oriented, in business, or have a creative flair, our future road map will give you what you need! Here is a peek into the future of Memz:

* Note customization with text styles (bold, italics, underlining)

* Photo & file attachment & synchronization

* Note tagging

* Note linking

* Reminder integration

* Calendar feature

* Paint & draw notes

* Unique, first of its kind tiering structure for website integration

* etc. Stay tuned!

With Memz your note taking & information management needs will be met, both now and well into the future! Download Memz today!

Whats new

    * Sync with Memz Cloud has been made optional

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Muzamil Bin Khurshid

Copy paste & Import Export would be great Adding Copy and paste feature, which enables easy relocation of items in the hierarchy would be great. Additionally import, export and sharing of notes would make the app seamless... appropriate for 5 Stars.

Krish San Juan

Superb This app is great. Pls add more feature

j zed

Beautiful and efficient I love the hierarchical structure of organisation. The app itself runs very smoothly and quickly, seldom crashes, and things are fairly intuitive. The only rough patch is the rather confusing method of moving notes from one sub category to another, but this little complaint on its own isn't enough to detract from the five-star status. This app is really something more people should know about.

Michael Peters

Finally found it. I can't believe how hard it's been to find a hierarchal note app. Would like to see it go to deeper levels

Dr Rashid Mehta

Flawless, Helpful, Great support You can't ask for more from an Outline structured note taking app. It works with intuitive precision. It's Cloud counterpart is amazing. You can work on the phone or PC with equal ease and sync is fast and seamless. I find that my creative ideas flow easier as one does not need to focus on the app and it's UI while in fact it's structure promotes ideas. Very easy on memory and does not even show up in Battery usage. An app for professionals, students-highly recommended.

John Lewis

Simply the best!! Has always been a fantastic app. It just gets better with every update! Now with the ability to see my notes online it's even better! First class design as well as first class support. Had an issue & the dev was truly concerned & took immediate action! Issue was resolved in a few hours! It doesn't get any better than that!

S McKay

Finally found! Took a while but looks to have been worth the wait - nice hierarchical listmaker/notes app. Usage not particularly intuitive (at least to me) and (web-based) instructions are for an older version but can be figured out with some playing around.

Vinnie Billingsley

I like it. I've had this app for a while now and I will admit, it say around for a bit in favor of other apps. However when I decided to sit and give this a full tryout, I found it became the primary app for my needs. The only complaint I have is not being able to copy a stem/branch and paste it in another area. Then again I just started using this app more in recent times, so if I find away to transplant branches and notes, I'll give it a 5 star rating. But it's simplicity and ease of use is what sold me.

Troy Dalton

Re-review ORIGINAL: Full version is way too expensive. DEVELOPER: I will check back later. NEW: My original review was a year and a half ago, I've since retried the app and, though I like it, it's not for me (I need formatting in my notes). The price is now about average, too.

joe taraborrelli

Like the concept. I have noticed, though, an item that receives a check doesn't seem to hold that check in the box after I close the app. Am I doing something wrong?

Dim Moskalenko

Almost perfect I'll buy it if there will be web version. Also really miss #tags.

Kiongakyu Heiwatori

Amazingly Awesome This has been the easiest and most helpful note program I've encountered. My recipes, inventory, shipping lists, creative ideas for both storylines and crafting ... All in one easily found, amazingly organized place!

Michael Jones

Excellent tool. Import could be more straightforward but it works ok.

john smith

not very usable

Ariane Kinman

Love it! It's a great idea, and basically one of a kind on Google play, so I'm so happy to see the Dev hasn't abandoned it ☺

Bradley Stogsdill

Program update lost my file I was using this program but this time when I opened it I was told about an update and I can't find my previous files....which makes it a waste of my time...lost data...

Sanicle Streifengrauer

Fantastic so far So far I'm liking the UI, provides a nice way of breaking down larger jobs into manageable tasks. this'll take some real world use to properly test, but if no problems arise over the next couple of days I'll add the extra star

Alen Šiljak

Fantastic idea After years of suffering without a decent hierarchical todo list (which were an abundance on Palm, for example), this is the first piece of software that shines the light on the issue. Very good use of limited screen realestate. Includes a search and a sync via Google Tasks. However, there are drawbacks. Syncing from multiple devices creates a mess in merging. There is no indicator of whether a task is done or not although this is supported by Google Tasks. After deleting several old tasks (done in Google Tasks), sync constantly results in error on one of the devices.

Zhang Ke Wei

Quite the tool! The UI looks quite awesome and sleek. Everything looks very polished, and the app loads up really quickly. Extra features like sync are boons. Definitely worthy of 5 stars!

Jennifer Bradshaw

Seems straight forward but limited The instructions about moving items are slightly incorrect giving me a lot of problems. However now worked it out. There is no move icon. After selecting the items you move to the desired folder and click on the only possible icon and select the move option. But sadlythe app is no use to me as you cant attach photos.

Dennis LaFreniere

Very useful. I like ability to sync on multiple devices.

Tony Valerio

Has a search feature... Compared to it has SEARCH.... That alone makes it better. 7/7/14 I've read complaints about the new GUI... TRUST ME, once you master it, is intuitive and fast. Brilliant, really. Take the time.... You will like it.

Andy Scarcliffe

Golem-7 This is excellent in that you end up with a tree structure with tasks & subtasks, all synchronising with Google tasks. Just what I wanted!

Television Ted

Re-write of Review Can't believe how someone could get an app so right and then make an 'upgrade' to something much much less useful. This used to be a good intuitive app but the GUI completely changed and is now no longer as intuitive or as easy as it used to be. I tried the new interface for two weeks before this rewrite. Very disappointed.

Dan Browning

Just what I have been hoping for in an outliner app. I have been looking for an easy to edit heirarchy outliner that is easy to use on my phone this is the best one I have come across. It is very easy to move and copy trees once you take the time to learn the interface.

Miles Huff

Best note-taking app I've used I love this app, and have been using it exclusively for several years now. That being said, the inteface was notably more intuitive in a previous iteration; the current one is pretty confusing. Still the best note-taking app out there, though.

Tom Anderson

Pretty darned good. This app does what it should do, and is fairly easy to Learn to use. In fact, I am so impressed I intend to upgrade asap.

Robert Wolfe

A bit buggy on Note 2 Initially highly impressed, especially with search function. Unfortunately, did not sync properly with Google Tasks - I tried pasting a long note into Google Tasks and ended up with 10 tasks (it breaks into separate notes at paragraph breaks). I had no trouble deleting the notes from Google Tasks, but H.Notes clung to the notes tenaciously, and one long note could not be deleted no matter what. Probably OK as long as you don't accidentally put a long title in a note.

Grant Spoon

I figured it out.. Finally Update, not intuitive moving a note but figured it out. Wish there were a simple reminder feature. Optimus g pro

Stella Adhisurya

I really like it but themes would really improve it! I love the ui and the organization, but the banner texture and the general color scheme really bother me. I'm sure there are lots of artists who would love to do custom themes for this app. Overall, great work!

Michael Hewett

Very good! Recommended! The more I use this app the more I fall in love with it. Would like to see more customization and features

TiM timbuktu

Looked good but Where are the synchronized notes? It hasn't taken anything from my Google calendar /tasks

Kingi Finlayson

Awesome hierarchy tool If you want to have a hierarchy tool on Android. ...This is the one. I tried others. ..This is my favorite!

Brice Ligget

Pretty darn good Does a nice job, still exploring the features.

Colin Todd

Best in its class Nothing comes close for slick functionality. The developer really cares about the product and answers questions promptly. Stable and reliable. Date stamp within a note would make it rate six stars.

Kylo Man

Works just as advertised Seems to do everything I want and more, maybe the ability to upload pictures would be nice too. Also, if the next update wipes my files... the review won't be pretty.

Muzamil Bin Khurshid

Promoting & Demoting Items needed!!! Adding Copy and paste feature or promoting and demoting items, which enable easy relocation in the hierarchy would be greatly appreciated. This would surely make the app seamless... appropriate for 5 Stars.

David Love

Exceeds expectations! Not only does it keep memos, it categorizes them.

Sandy San Diego

Moving a note to another folder Tried it several times but can't get it right! So difficult!

Morgan Norman

Requires sign in What if I want to use it offline?

Joshua Lewis

Love it I love this app this app really helps me to get organized and to keep me focused

Liah Gaskin

Would like to see more options, can't embolden, underline or do italics. Would like to see more fonts, change of font size/colour etc then would give 5 stars. Would certainly make this a working progress. Please make this a reality for people with a sight impediment like myself. Can't wait to see great changes!!!


Absolutely perfect Deserves 5stars all day long. Very unique, exactly what I need. No unnecessary features that would clutter app. It's reliable, and you can easily and perfectly organize all your notes, plans, ideas.... People who rate it low don't know what they doing, forgive them. They don't see pearl among stones. This app doesn't pretend to be something that it's not.

Brian Lowe

Great app just needs better font options. I really love the tree layout. It makes it a lot easier to organize your notes. It just needs better options for fonts. It would be nice to be able to bold or change fonts.

Leo LeBlanc

Brilliant Even in my pen and paper notes I have always used tree structures (organisation of ideas is always essential to me), so was quite pleased to find this tool. After years of use I am still extremely happy with this app and wouldn't use anything else for any kind of note.

Wireball MacCarter

Cloud requirement After seeing that some of the licensed features (graphical customization) could be circumvented by simply tapping in a certain way, I'd much rather keep my terrible writing in a file that I control and sync with a third party app. I also wish that it had backup to an sqlite database. Lastly, the always-present Memz/Memability banner at the top uses up valuable screen space. The note trees would be great; I just can't be locked in to a closed ecosystem.

Davi B Antonucci

Very Useful Much better than just "notes" apps you find on the net. Easy to organize and especially "find" your files. Should improve text format.

Gabriel Agu

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Innovative app. Like the "tree" form factor. Problem is the word processor is very basic. No enhancement such as bold, italics, color. Slow progress. Ap developer not fast enough.

Brett P

Great app. Great support. I've been using Memability for a few years now and the only issue I ever had, a tricky one, was resolved by the developer. This is a keeper!

Liah Gaskin

Would like to see more options, can't embolden, underline or do italics. Would like to see more fonts, change font size/colour etc then would give 5 stars. Would certainly make this a working progress. Please make this a reality for people with a sight impediment like myself. Can't wait to see great changes!!!

gregory moten

An important app in my life but I absolutely hate that it doesn't allow you to indent a line or put more than one space between words.


Test drive Okay, been giving this app quite a long 'test drive' before settling on a review. It's good. Very good. I like to make lists of things that interest me: cars, motorcycles, crystals, films, etc,, cuz I seriously boring like that and this app makes it happen smooth and safe. So dev, y'all get da 5 star treatment. - out. ?

Paul Pedro

Absolutely awesome This is how thoughts work. You get an idea, then other ideas, tasks or notes are within that idea, and it's expandable. I love this app!

Brian Cooper

Update erased everything Unbelievable. Just updated the app (it's been a while), and all notes entirely wiped clean. Everything gone. Searched through the app and its settings, but no trace of anything.

John Walker

SUBSCRIPTION You rent the app by paying either monthly or annually. Buying into this only encourages these folks to continue this model and others to follow suit.

Dan Browning

Just what I have been looking for in an outliner app. I have been looking for an easy to edit heirarchy outliner that is easy to use on my phone this is the best one I have come across. It is very easy to move and copy trees once you take the time to learn the interface. It is the only app I have found that allows unlimited depth. Now the added cloud feature makes it even better. I use it for keeping track of parts and assemblies.

Carsten Hedegaard Møller

Oneplus One. Best app for me for all kind of notes Love this app! Btw: I need some functions from Zimwiki: calender entries for diary records. And: use the homepage to restructure your notes. Easier than using this app.

Liah Gaskin

Would like to see more options, can't embolden, underline or do italics. Would like to see more fonts, change font size/colour etc then would give 5 stars. Would certainly make this a working progress. Please make this a reality for people with a sight impediment like myself. Can't wait to see great changes!!!

Dao Fo

Useful But search function is no good. Improvement is need.

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