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13 Apr
Hide my Root

Posted by Amphoras in Tools | April 13, 2013 | 74 Comments

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Want to limit who has root access on your phone/tablet?
Want to make it look as though your phone is not rooted?

Then Hide my Root is the app for you!

Hide my Root lets you temporarily hide the superuser binary and app so that no applications or users can get root access. You can even set a password so that only you can restore root access.

On some roms (usually rooted stock roms), Hide my Root will allow you to use Google Videos and similar apps on a rooted phone. On custom roms such as CyanogenMod, it will not allow you to use Google Videos and similar apps on a rooted phone.

How to use:

*(Optional) Set a password. You will be asked for this when you try to turn the password off or restore the superuser binary. The password will be stored safely so that even if the apps data is cleared, it will still be there.
*Hide the su binary. This will hide the superuser binary, so all requests for root access will fail until you restore it again.
*Uninstall the su app. This will uninstall the Superuser app. If you choose this option, you will have to regrant root access to all your apps after you restore it.
*Reinstall the su app. This will take you to Google Play to reinstall the Superuser app. This needs to be in place so that Hide my Root can get permission to restore the su binary properly.
*Restore the su binary. This puts the su binary back so that apps can get root access again. If you set a password, you will be asked for it when you try and do this.

The app needs root permission itself so that it can hide and restore the su binary and app, and can safely store your password.

Any problems, please email me: [email protected]

This app is ad supported. There is an adfree version available for £0.99.

Whats new

    *Changed how it hides/restores root access. Should work more reliably
    *Now supports SuperSu and Koush's Superuser app

Amphoras part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 13, 2013. Google play rating is 64.9529. Current verison is 4.0. Actual size 75.0 KB.

Download hide-my-root.apk 75.0 KB


Chris H

Doesnt work For the one app I want it to ... eternity warriors 2. If it did work would be 5 stars.

Rolando jauregui

Cant restore su binary I hid my su binary and 1 off the two apps worked but when i clicked restore su binary its stuck on restoring please wait, waited for an hour didnt work so i root my device again and now every rooted app doesnt work on my device messed up my root not worth it:/ my be my device only but sucks i have asus tf701t

Kenji loves anime

I need amphoras to reply me right now! After downloading this app and I hid my root And wanted to restore i can't And I reformatted my device and now I can't log in to Google But I can reach to chrome I can't log in at youtube also! Pls suggest me a way to fix this!

Mark Capito

Works but only right after installation. I installed this app using the Galaxy S5 with KitKat 4.4.2 and rooted with Super SU. Hiding the su binary works right after installation. Restoring the su binary works after that. But trying to hide the su binary after restoring will not work, saying it "Cannot find the su binary." Reinstalling will let me hide the su binary again though. Resolving this issue would be a great help to me.

Jason Russell

Galaxy Note 2 LTE (N7105) stock rom For Sky Go to work (rooted stock rom): clicked on - hide SU binary then clicked on Uninstall Super user. To restore root after watching Sky Go: click restore SU binary then Click on re-install Super user. A bit of a hassle I know but i blame Sky for that. Great Work Devs!

Jeet Hirji

Works like a charm! Note 3 sm9005 is what I have. Tried it and it does not work. Sky go still brings up the message "Sky Go is not supported on rooted android devices" even after rebooting the phone... at 1st... I then read some else' s review with a note 3 who had followed same procedure and worked for them... so I gave it another shot and presto changeo, Booya! It worked! *itches!

Steven Carroll

Works like a charm! Your app came to the rescue. I had acquired a lot of credit's with Appcasher and their newest update does not support rooted devices. I thought I had lost all these trial play credits but after installing your app I can use Appcasher again. It no longer sees my Stock Droid X2 as rooted. THANK YOU!!!

Farcry Leader

First time using this app! Im not faking my reviews cuz i hate faking and bluffing people At first b4 install this app, the reviews has all negative and 1 star rating, but after trying it i fear that after tap restore it says didn't found su binary, but its just effect of hiding su binary, so i just need to restart the app and tap restore again and it works smoothly. If u want this app work just do this 3 steps: 1. Open this app 2. Hide su binary and unninstall su app 3. Test it with app that forbid root users and it will work. To restore root just restore su binary first and re-install su app.

Mohd Nizam

Samsung S4 GT I9500 Work perfectly on my device, hide > restart phone > (work on HIVE account) after use restore back (no need restart) but i just try once,

Jason Vyff

Works great on 5.1 I have a Z Ultra GPE and was skeptical reading the reviews but decided to give it a shot anyway. Followed the directions to hide the binary first then uninstall root. After doing that I was able to launch the truhub app without any issues. I then restored SuperSU and then the binary and root is all good again. So overall, it worked perfect for me!

Sam Barlow-Fletcher

Doesn't fool Sky Go :( Only reason I downloaded was to try and access sky go on my rooted s4 but this didn't work :(

Hillel Ben-David

Worked like a charm on my sony 4.3. thanx! Installed, hid binary and device works as if no root. Restore binary worked just as well. THanx.

Louis Godefroy

Worth a try Used this app way back :) worked now on CyanogenMod and got this app to work with sky go... Didn't work :(

Yodaco Ocadoy

Perfect Its the only app ive found that actually works. I use it to hide root from skygo.

Mio Grody

Does exactly what its says on the tin Perfect. Stock/rooted sgs3 mini. Just hiding binary su allowed my root hating apps to JustWork.

Nige Pay

Simply didn't work 1st time then ok Didn't work at all on my Note 3 with Sky Go. Reinstalled and hid Su then un installed su and Sky Go then worked. Fair play.

Rowan Gerard

Works great but needs a minor fix... Worked after reboot but when restoring binaries, etc. I was prompted for a non-existent password. I eventually got round it by changing password in options and entering a new one (twice)!

Christopher Loughrey

Works perfectly on Kit Kat 4.4.2 with Sky Go!!! Works perfectly on Kit Kat to get Sky Go to work which won't work on rooted devices. You just choose uninstall SU, reboot the device, and Sky Go and Google Movies and others should work perfectly. You just select re-install SU to regain root and that doesn't require a reboot. After you re-install root Sky Go works perfectly even with root until you reboot your device again.

Paul Mansfield

Sadly didn't work for Barclays Banking App My G Note2-LTE (N7105) is rooted but otherwise standard Samsung firmware. Sadly hiding su and uninstalling SuperSU (updates, but not the one installed in system) didn't stop the Barclays App from deciding the device was rooted. I'll still give the app four stars because it actually does what its meant to do and works fine.

Joyrul Rahman

Three in touch app Didn't work with that app on my Oneplus One. Maybe because it detects the ROM? I'm on CM, maybe add to hide ROM or fool it to think it's stock ROM ?


Don't bother. Doesn't work at all. Stupid app. Same sky go issue everyone else reports. I'll just unroot.

Trent Rawlings

Works perfectly Let's me startup apps that don't work on rooted devices just fine. Nexus 7 running lollypop

Anebi Ode

Exactly what I needed Wonderful app. Does exactly what it says. No need to uninstall SU. Just hide and restore when ur done. Thanks

Daniel Regan

Suprise Didnt expect it to work, still tried and sky go now works. Thanks!

chrisnkazz f

Does what it says on the tin Confirmed working with sky go and virginmedia Great work devs Samsung galaxy s2 neatrom 5.6 xda developers :-)

victor wong

side effects wow vodoo ota rootkeeper wasnt working on my xperia z2. kitkat 4.4.2 . After use this, vodoo was fixed.

Strahinja Igić

G Pro 2 Doesn't work anymore...Can't hide root from D3GO app.

Paul Johnson

Worked with sky go! To work with sky go first hide su binary, then uninstall superuser, then restart! Worked like a charm.

Donna Doherty

pipo m6 pro Does not work with sky go, still says rooted

Andy Evans

didn't work for Skygo on tab 2 Still shows as rooted, oh well.. Back to searching high and low for a way around it

peter ragan

Never worked Never worked after hiding my root then trying to use sky go app it was still saying I was rooted and could not be used on a rooted device

Devin Robinson

So helpful I use Google wallet all the time and this help me since in rooted

Marko Somborac

Doesn't work Euphoria 5.1 and it's not working anymore :(

Michael Heath

Doesn't work for me It doesn't work for barclays mobile banking for some reason. Straight away it said my phone was rooted. I tried the barclays app again and it open up the app which is great. But when I try to register my details it comes up with a triangle. Not the apps fault that's why I give 3 stars and not 1. Maybe I need to register on uprooted device then root then try this app

Pete Williams

You beautiful app Worked a treat and allows my Vodafone app to work. Thank you

Barry Wootton

Minix neo x5 should be 5 star just because the name!!! ill rate it properly when i try it!!

Nik Georgakopoulos

Does what it says! I use it to watch Nova Go in Greece. Does exactly what is says! Nice and easy!

Simon King

Cannot restore Worked great to hide root access but cannot restore it!

Matt Senior

Not working Tries to uninstall su (chainfire) but says un-installation not successful :-( omega rom 43.7 stock kernel galaxy s3 i9300

Rob B

It works Used on motto e 1st gen seconds to in un root/ root . very good

Cousin Benson

This does work. I can use a banking app with the su binary hidden. It also deceives a root checker. One addition that could be made though is an indication of whether the root is hidden or not. Even though you get a message to say the root has been hidden, when you go back in to the app it does not say. So, if you forget whether you are hidden or not, you have to hide/unhide until you realise.

rahul mehra

I am unable to hid su shows a message that failed to hide su binaries. ...plss hlp me

Matt Jones

Will not work with default CyanogenMod 12.1 super user binaries. Install SuperSu from the Playstore and open SuperSU settings and tell it to ignore CM's superuser preferences. Then go into Hide My Root and hide the SuperSU binaries. Works like a charm with HBO Now.

Mikko Rantalainen

Seems to hide only one su file (e.g. if I have both /system/bin/su and /system/xbin/su it only hides the first). In addition, restore does not work correctly and different su version is restored. The original I had included a whitelist of allowed callers. The "restored" version allowed anybody in the world to acquire root access! In short, this app has REALLY BAD SECURITY issues.

David Time

Works How to: when you open anything that detects you have root or (needs root). kill that app. You can either: 1. 'restart' aka; 'power off then power back on' your device'. Or 2. Manually go into your device settings and 'end task' the offending app. (This varies by phone/android operating system version) Then, when your device starts, first open 'Hide My Root' and click the 'hide root' button (Or: click the 'restore root' button), then start the offending app; it will now work.

sachin verma

Not working fuck them Every time it says ..failed to hide su binary

Abhijithvikram MP

It used to work but not now I'm really disappointed. Could you please fix this bug . Now it shows "failed to hide su binary"

Peter W

Works for the one program i need it to work and password gives extra protection if needed, so yes, 5 stars.

cornelius jaschko

XDA developers Xtreme 5.1 & jelly bean 4.1 both rooted Perfectly working to allow me to run my Halifax banking app when rooted with superSU ... Thank you and the superSU developers so much for this app ...

Brandon Martella

Now my android pay works Works great, only needed it to get android pay working. Thanks guys!

Antony Paul

Pingit users: this app DOES NOT WORK. Pingit still knows the device is rooted. Quickest I have ever installed and uninstalled an app.

Krisna Sandy Pribadi

It's work nice on android 4.4, but when I upgrade to android 6 (marshmallow) it doesn't work anymore. could you please fix it?

Rizki Kurniawan

Perfectly Hide my Root Perfectly hide my root (SU Binaries). Now I can run app which is restricted on Rooted phone running MIUI 7. Doesn't have problem with restoring SU Binaries too. Working just fine ♥.

Stilian Zagorov

Nope Doesn't work and even if it did it wont let you select apps to hide root from EDIT: no update in 8 months. Seriously?

John Martin Sanchez

Perfectly Works! It works on my Lenovo A680 Android 4.2 Jellybean phone.

Martin Syversen

Works with VIPPS (DNB Bank) ! Note2 - Vendor-ROM 4.4.2, SuperSU 2.45.. simply hide su-binary for a period, and go about your day. Does not work with Get TV

Mark Allsopp

Halifax Now works, thanks. Nearly resorted to risking installing the Xposed framework. Not necessary now! Thanks.

Martin Barnes

Stopped working on Marshmallow Upgraded to marshmallow now app reports cannot find SU binary.

Dave Whyte

Doesn't work for me Didn't hide root from android pay on a Nexus 4 (despite root checker saying root was hidden)

Asif Wasefi

Worked for one app, NOT FOR THE OTHER ONE. I am using this app to bypass banking app restrictions. It worked for the app called "Record Bank Mobile" BUT NOT for this one "BANCONTACT". Please come up with a solution for "Bancontact". It would be definitely 5 STARS if this app will work.

Christian Shelton

works as described the 4od app disabled me from watching their programs because my tablet was "rooted" so i installed this app,pressed the hide su binary button and BAM!! My root was tempory disabled thus hidden and i could watch their program.When i finished i pressed the show su binary button and my root was back and fully functional!!!!! :) SCREW YOU CHANNLE 4 W#*$ERS!!!

Diego Olerni

Does not work with Barclays's app Running CyanogenMod 10.1.3-i9300 stable on my S3 and both Barclays and Barclaycard's apps won't work. Shame, as I'd have paid for the ad-free version of this app had it succeeded.

This is complete garbage. it'll only mess up your phone. don't install this crap

Srivatsav Sai

Do not install This app asks us to set the password first and if you hide the root, then doesn't restore even if you enter correct password. Uninstall first, reinstall, restore your root and Uninstall again. This helped me. The most useless app.

Jordan Jay

Doesn't work Want to watch Sky Sports Go. It tells me it successfully hid root (granted SU permissions) but still didn't work.

Brian Adrian Nel

Works perfectly. Have a media streaming app that did not wanted to work on a rooted device and after installing this app it things its not rooted... thanks guys!!

Jessica Delaney

It broke my root It will not restore my su binary, my root is ruined and not recognized by any app.

Paolo Cachola

Works perfectly on my rooted LG G4! Needed a way to hide root for HBO Now app, and this app solved all my problems!

Mark Perry

No sky go support Sadly only needed this for one app, and that isn't supported.

Christopher Welsby

Doesn't work Sky Go knows I have root on 4.4.3 LG Nexus 5. I think this is down to bring unable to fully uninstall SuperSU.

Don Freas

Moto X Pure Edition 6.0 Systemless Root. Used this app to try to hide root and not only did it not work, but it threw my device into a bootloop. :|

Jason Whiteley

Didn't work for foxtel go in Australia I have an oppo r7 plus running CM13. Looks like I'll have to return to stock ROM

Olebogeng Thothela

It works Sometimes it can break your root as warned and you may need to close and open it multiple times before it works, but it works.

Lakshesh Girdhar

Worthless app! Should have directly used RootCloak on Xposed. There app directly says no su binary found.

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