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4 Sep
Heroes of Chaos

Posted by koramgame in Role Playing | Sept. 4, 2016 | 40 Comments

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The cinematic 3D action MMORPG mobile game "Heroes of Chaos" is coming! Play 2016’s most hotly anticipated next-gen mobile game now. Be transformed into a hero to save the world, traveling back through time and space to before the birth of the ‘Tyrant’. Your mission? Save humanity, the monsters and the spirit world!
Choose from three awesome Classes: Summoner, Warrior or Bloodline and battle millions of players online in this unique fantasy world! Collect items, grow your hero and conquer multiple gameplays. Set off on your adventure through this exciting new world today!
Game Features:
- Easy to control, one-tap combos and amazing fighting experience
- Innovative and dynamic quests and challenging ‘Urgent Wilds’ missions
- Recruit your own battle Heroes; with dozens of different types available
-Join forces with Goddesses and vanquish world of demons
- Join a team and interact with players worldwide in multiplayer dungeons, Boss worlds and more
- Powerful Alliance System, use Alliance stores & Tech to boost your character or exchange with other players for better Gear
- 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Team battles and Alliance War; choose from multiple PvP modes
- Dozens of unique Mounts, Gear, Weapons and cool Outfits

Plus, even more exciting content and new gameplays await your discovery!

Note: This game requires an internet connection.

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koramgame part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 82.7536. Current verison is Actual size 24.0 MB.

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Anh Nguyen

I want my character back! I don't know what happened, but as of today I can't log in. Tried many times so I decided to uninstalled and reinstalled the game. This time I was able to get in and noticed it bounced me to a new server and once in I was at character creation to start all over again. NOT COOL when I'm already lvl 79 with my main character!!! Please help me get my character back! I will update my rating once this gets resolved.

Blake McFarland

Honestly A top notch free to play. Smooth interface with hours of daily content. 6 days in and I am No.5 Baron, 80k power and level 81. I have spent 0$ on the game and it is truly free. However, if you pay you have a huge advantage. It isn't too repetitive or boring, but the elite players will kick you from boss raid teams for higher powered people.

Trevor Mccord

Well dang dude. The optimization could use some work, and you should balance VIP a little more, but otherwise its mostly good. If you are reading this and havent made the decision to install: If you do, pick Summoner. It is more powerful than Warrior, and infinitely better than bloodline. Bloodline sucks. Do not waste your time as a bloodline.

Jacob Anthony

To basic Game runs smooth, good graphics, and cool characters. The con is that everything feels the same its as though it's not diffrent from any other rpg out there. Your attacks are the same and abalities throughout the whole game! I could not play this game due to no change. Hoped this helped for anyone.

Jesse Kelch

Should get a zero great game to begin with. Too bad it never reiterates you need to back up your character. Because when you lose your character after an update they can't do anything to get it back. They just tell you how you linked it before and that it should work when you login that way. Useless support team.

Mike Rose

Developers don't respond and are slow Well you devs lost money, I had full intension on spending more money on this game, but lack of response when could not access game for a full day, no way I'm spending any money on this game, not even sure I want to keep playing, especially with the crap compensation gift that was given. 2 days later the developers contact me, a little late since I already deleted the game, thanks for nothing, you fail

Mike Scott

Worth a try In "the wilds" it's SO annoying to be jumped by a player who decided to suddenly go hostile. Devs.. there's already places for PvP in the game. Either stop making the wilds part of the daily quests or stop the hostility in that area. If I wanna PvP I will.. if I wanna quest, I should be able to do so without getting jumped and/or forced into PvP. Will not spend another dollar on this game as long as that "feature" is there.

Kristi Ashley

Login issue Made my original, she was bloodline named Czarina, got really far but ran out of energy. I noticed you could create another so I made a warrior named Hella. Once I did, the option to switch wouldn't pop up anymore. When I tried switching accounts to see if that was the problem I lost my original all together. I realize now I had only logged in as a guest, please let me know if I can retrieve my account

Dyani Waite

Won't load. I've had this game for a month and I gotta say I really like it but this has been happening Since yesterday, I tried getting on and it won't load me into the game. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it, same thing occurred. I've waited for 20 minutes to see if it would load me in and nothing. I'm in server N9 Goddess Force. I dunno if everyone else is having trouble in that server but it's becoming extremely annoying and I honestly wish the problem was resolved. I'll rate again when the problem is fixed.

Hoss Ultra

Attention! 1 star for the recharge issues ive been having all day. I was able to recharge gems 1 time and after that i started getting error. I couldnt recharge again. I love this game 5 star for everything and i wanted to join the recharge event. Ill change my ratings if they would just fix the issue


Login issue I'm sure many people have played as guests and bought vip. What if you don't have Facebook or an email to bind an account? Please help get my account back I can't login anymore and everytime I try it gets stuck at checking adventures. I would like a refund for my vip unless I get some support thankyou.

Dovahnkiin Leigonari

Loving the game, catch me if you can! For a mobile rpg this game is amazing, there's alot of content and always more being added, regular events. The people are nice and it's amazing to see yourself rise in the leader boards. However later towards the game it does become a 2 day grind to level up due to the lack of energy and stamina. Also it can be a bit pay to win, as the vip system shows. Otherwise I'd highly recommend it.

thomas miner

Could be better Over the game is, it's another pay to win freemium. Content is decent but energy and stamina system are extremely limited making it hard to play. Vip system allows you to buy more but very very costly. In game events for costumes are cool but costume dissappear after two days wtf,took two weeks to farm so not happy about that at all

Sean Herring

Can't even access my character anymore You need to get your techs to go through all of the servers. I'm not able to access my lvl 74 character on one of your servers. As soon as you fix this problem I will change my rating. If not I want a refund for all of the money I spent on this game

Shann Klages

No gems or VIP on recharge This is the 3rd game on google play that I have recharged in order to get VIP status and bonus gear and have received nothing. I have my receipts but fear this is just another company that could care less. In 24 hours if I still have nothing then I guess I uninstall, make a complaint to google and move on. The game is fun but hate getting screwed over.

Sarah Arillias

Hero's of chaos Thanks heroes of chaos u guys are awesome.. Your the best ever you fixed my problem I am now able to access my initial character... As I promised I have reinstated the five star rating I had once given to you.. I will forever be indebted to you.. My love forever thanks SarahA


Was good But freezing and kicking me off every 15 minutes plus takes 5 minutes just to get in when sometimes I only got 10 to play cause people gots to adult makes it too frustrating

Shawn Schaefer

Best game I've downloaded to my phone If you're a fan of role play, pvp, alliance battles. Or just watching your progress on the leader boards (ranking). Plus boasting you titles for being number one. Then this is the game for you. But one thing I do not like is the VIP system yes it's awesome butttt again a bit over kill.

Fox Lady

Please Fix! New update With the new update, the wilds have become overcrowded with players from other servers, virtually no rewards for killing the wilds boss. The lag has made the game almost unplayable. There was no reason to merge servers for wilds and has caused a lot of players upset. Some are quitting the game already because of it. What makes it worse is that you didn't even notify us that you would be doing this. I would rate this game much higher if it weren't for the recent update!

Suerte Abad

HELP Couldn't log in so I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I thought I could regain my character info back through my Google and facebook account but it keeps leading me to character creation. I don't want to make a new chatracter cause I've already invested money into my previous character. My character was in lv VIP 6. :( I feel so ripped off right now.


Really good! I really like this game, but I think you should balance VIP a bit more because it's getting too overpowered. Also new weapon looks?? Nice game, keep it up! (fix it so it's not as pay2win)

Zouxe likes pie :3

Enjoy game but can you lower the wait for energy recharge, takes about 1 day for it to be full and that means you have to wait 30min to do one mission once you run out. Stamina is fine for now though. Otherwise really fun game and reccomend it to all

Maureen Ruffley

Can't protect your account They say in order to protect your account bind it to your email, yet that option doesn't exist. So if you switch phones or have to do a factory restore you'll lose any money you spent on your character. Contacted CS no response.

B Martin

Could be better Smooth game play , great looking characters, you can level up quickly but when you run out of energy then vip rules the game, I just think your vip level should not control the game or atleast make it so we can earn vip instead of buying. Im tired of the hgame saying sorry upgrade your vip level to get more energy or equipment etc. Dont be money hungry and offer a new player code, fat wallets rule the game. Offer more rewards by earning them with game play then you will have a top game on the market.

aaron kestler

Lost characters, Connected to Facebook and Google. I'm stuck at "checking list of adventures". Server 4, character CntSparkle. I've played for a month and spent money on the game. I'm VIP9 and now I can't play it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have made sure that I'm on the right server. Nothing has fixed the issue.

Eric Gardner

Crashes and gems not recieved... This game crashes about every 5 to 10 mins and I have good connection and am playing it on a newer tablet. Also I bought a life card and received NO gems and NO card. They charged me 16.99 for nothing. Give me my gems.

Karma The Kawaii Gamer

I would rate 5 but.. Stop the invite spamming players!! It happens when boss comes on 3v3 and regularly ;-; make people so they can only invite twice a day :3 then 5 stars

David Paul

Love and addicted I love this game wou k d be 5 stars but me and my alliance are having lot issues regarding the friends i should have 10 but it's stuck on 5 and it keeps saying authentication successful but doesn't add then. Also one member has 10 but theres a claims box stuck on his screen now.

Steven Saige

Poor design Not only pay to win but game allows the pay to win people to mute you from world chat 24 hours at a time, in short get abused than have the abusers mute you. Can u say dumb, only gm's should affect other players not top $$$$ spenders way to make a broken game.

Jeremy Oliver

1 wk played log in issues already Server Na4 Valley of Trials. It will not go past loading screen when it says acessing my just locks up there and no amount of time of patience will make the game load my character screen. VIP6 in a wk and wow these

Spartan View

Was great, until they started merging servers I absolutely loved this game. Put in a good deal of time and money, and quite enjoyed my time. HOWEVER, that has all been ruined as of this morning. The devs decided to merge multiple servers, of differing size and player power averages, conpletrly screwing over people on lesser servers. Now, any instanced/pvp activities, are completely lop sided in favor of the more powerful servers. If that wasn't bad enough, the lag induced is unbearable, and you can spawn, and die, before the other players appear.

Theresa Odell

Only one critique It would be nice if another female character could be added to the game. The only female is of course a long range magic type. I usually like more of a close range physical attack type. Like a warrior or a rogue

James York

Stuck on loading adventure list This is definitely a five star game. The two star is just because all of a sudden I can't get in I would really like my game back. I'm on na4 Valley of trials.ok I'm back. 5 star again.

valerie roberts

Not happy I just purchased the life time pack for 16.99 so I could get VIP.. And it didn't give it to me so I got no VIP and they company stolen money from me......

Christina Burn

Thought it was great....... But I'm finished with this farce. Goodbye unrefundable $17 Game itself is great but it has major billing issues and bad customer service. I got the lifetime card but somehow got charged twice and after getting refunded for one of the charges, I was told by a gm that unless I spent that much money again within 4 days I would be banned for 2 months. First of all, the refund was for something that should never have happened. But I decided to go along with it and bought the growth pack. Well, hours upon hours later I'm still waiting to recieve anything. I'm done

Valerie Riddle

Only 1 thing! I love this game! But only 1 thing! Me and my friend are in the same server, same Alliance... But we can only see each other in battle. We can't see each other in the city! She can see others in the city... Just not me! Any answers??

joshua leigh

Fantastic mmorpg By far the best I've played yet. As a matter of a fact it's the only mobile game I've become engrossed in. 4 stars because the VIP system is a little broken and could use some tweaking.

Jesus Naranjo

Great Game Its a fun to play game. Lets u progress in game with out having to pay which is a bonus for us poor people lolz. As of today i can no longer login to game it get to the point were its loding adventures then it stays stuck there. Plz fix this issue

Christ Fortune

Love it but... The game play sucks its hard to start combos and you cant use skill after skill use have to wait a while before you use the next skill u want. The normal attacks are not as consecutive a kritika or taichi panda

Adam Belsky

Can't play I haven't been able to play, after I download game and updates I click on server. It goes to download a 9.29 megabyte file and constantly gets stuck at 9.23 MB

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