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12 Aug
Heroes and Castles 2

Posted by Foursaken Media in Action | Aug. 12, 2016 | 140 Comments

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You stand solemn, overlooking the battlefield. To your left, towering giants rush into battle, bashing hordes of goblins high into the air with each swing of their bone clubs. To your right, Dwarven Iron Helms break into shambling skeletons, while a line of Pikemen ready their spears for one last charge. Behind you, your Elven Archers unleash their arrows overhead into lumbering Trolls and savage Orcs. But it is not enough, and the enemy keeps coming... With one last cry to battle, you ready your sword and charge into the fray!


Enter Heroes and Castles 2, a 3rd person action-RPG, strategy, and castle defense mash-up! Choose from one of three powerful races, customize your hero, summon a massive army to fight beside you in battle, defend your castle, conquer lands, and ultimately destroy the enemy stronghold!


Take to the battlefield in an immersive 3rd person perspective, summon entire armies to fight beside you, and defend your castle to the death! Fight in the middle of a huge battle that you control!

Choose one of three races, level up, learn new skills and abilities across 9 classes, forge weapons, armor, and shields, and destroy your enemies!

Summon Dwarfs, Elves, Archers, Pikemen, Giants, Knights, Catapults, Mages and much more to aid you in your defense. Watch them battle the enemy right beside you in massive, epic battles!

Build Towers, upgrade your castle walls, and defend! Conquer new lands and build outposts to secure them.

Defend your castle through 30 waves, all while taking control of an enormous map by capturing and defending new outposts. Ultimately lay waste to the enemy castle in a final, glorious siege battle!

Team up with a random ally or one of your friends!

Battle against other players - defend your castle and destroy theirs!

Fight against dozens of enemies on screen at once, from hordes of the Undead, to Orcs, Goblins, Ghouls, Spiders, Trolls, Catapults, Mummies, and more!

Incredible mobile graphics and lighting, fight with dozens of units on screen at once, hi-resolution assets for top of the line devices, cloud saving, controller support (Shield, Moga Mode B ONLY, SteelSeries, etc), and more!


Search for Heroes & Castles 2 on Youtube for awesome gameplay footage!

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Whats new

    - Fixed crash issue when rotating certain devices
    - Fixed bug with sensitivity option not working
    - Fixed a bug with Druid Root skill allowing you to attack and move slightly while healing

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Skyler Bulford

Fixed! After the last patch everythings working perfectly, been playing for the last couple hours, amazing game I love it.

Nino Nevan Hendrawan

Greatest castle war game! Cool Game because the army so cool and cool elf and dwarfs, cool knigth but maybe ad new armor parts like glove and boots

StIckMan Perseus

I want to play :( still I have a cheap huawei phone And I can play the other one fine but the new one crashes and I can't get it to start as soon as I see the logo I hear sound like something should happen then it closes I deleted all my other games aside from the original so I could fit it on my phone please help

Ryan ODonnell

Reboots phone every time I open the app Looks fun, loved the first one. Please fix, Droid Turbo...

Adam de Hoyos

Graphics, sound, and inovation The graphics are great, I had to turn down some of the effects so my note 3 would run smoother during battle. Sound is done great, from the clash of metal, battle horn, or birds chirping. I'd like a better loot system to enhance my weapons but everything else is so cool I don't really care. Tower defense and third person adventure!

O Morales

Only One Doh! First game that I have played that is so good, makes me tolerate the crashes. Every update has made the game a little more stable. Thanks for caring about the user.

Alfonso Avila

Update causes crashes now The update was meant for s3 not to crash but now it's causing my s4 to crash. Didn't happen on the .5 patch. Very annoying to be almost done with a siege then the game crashes. It also counts it as a day passed when rebooted. So annoying.

Edwin Tan

Still unable to get pastthe initial screen @[email protected] Huawei phones don't seem to have the luck of being able to run this game yet, as i still crash out right after the initial sign in screen @[email protected]

Jason Yarbrough

Awesome service Theres a problem with the loading screen on my galaxy tab 4, and Forsaken released an update to fix it within days, and I got on the game and was learning to move on the left side of the screen, was very laggy then booted me off. Thanks for actually trying to fix the problem I guess.

Johan Singh

Unable to play Loved the first one. Too bad I bought this and unable to play on my Huawei Mediapad X1. Hopefully you guys will fix it soon. cheers

Ron Querimit

PLEASE LOWER THE RESOLUTION FOR THE LOWER SETTINGS 3 star for now devs. i want to play it smoothly but my phone cant handle it. the textures are to high even thoug its all low. and the shadows off. then it crashes for some time. please lower it. please!. devs please.

Jacob Heflin

Refund please Just downloaded this app and ended up finding another one i want and i cant refund this so mad

Jarcel Martin

I appreciate the effort It still crashes but this time I can't even get to he tutorial

D.T. Stroschein

I want to enjoy it... Too many random crashes on Note 4. Game is currently unplayable in its current state. Great devs and I know they'll be on top of it, but for now...hold off on buying.


Finally Fixed! :) It started to run perfectly on the S6 5.0.2 and somehow fixed the crashing every 20 mins. bug. Good Job! ;)

John McNichol

Balance not quite there After putting in loads of hours, up to wave 35 and have 4 heroes I felt it was time to update my review. What started out as an immensely fun and additictive game has now run its course. What is left is something frustrating and grindy. The latter waves seem to be designed to make me lose first so I can use the mercenaries, then maybe clear the wave again when my character is stronger. If that is the case then where is the fun in that? My interest is wavering. My army gets slaughtered. It is not fun anymore

Jesus Ramirez

The game crashes from time to time after the update

Hunter Anderson

Fixed it! Thanks now I can play this awesome game without problems.

Austin Bartolome

Best game! Game is awesome! Just a few bug fixes, and if the crashing were to be fixed, then this game would be perfect

ryan clark

Excellent game! This is my favorite android game so far!

Jwaun Singleton

Its still crashing I love # 1 nd dis one is great buh it has a lot of bugs it crashes randomly

Paul Curry!!!!! But needs a device with a high processing system. Good luck! Have a mirable vita (Latin for wonderful life)

Joshua Malcolm

Awesome Great game. Some minor bug issues but the company is on top of them all!

Human Du Plessis

905 It won't install it says error905 please fix

Rizaldy Carpela

It will not dowload. I already tried dowloading it two times after I purchased it. Not giving up hope yet and still trying to download it for the third time. It will give me an error after downloading about 100mb. Will change the rating once I'll be able to play your game.

Jonathon T.

I actually like it. Though I am playing and an old Nexus 5 the lag isn't too bad if everything is low and the music is off. You can't really play 3 waves in a row if its in the single digits but once you hit double digit waves I need to stop for a bit after the 1st or 2nd wave depending on what type of battle it was.

Jeremy Lagoa

You guys get better each time Love part 2 definitely has a viking era feeling. Like im playing elder scrolls but for mobile version. Wonder whats in store for part 3

Robert Buffone

Great game. A bit laggy. Maybe just my phone

jesse k

?? The first game was good .this one is awesome its def worth the money. There are some things that need to be fixed like balance for enemy damage.

Dave C

Amazing graphics & fun to play !!!! - Also, the guns & crossbows are so much fun !!!! - Galaxy S5

aaron bott

Samsung Note 3 Great game, just as fun as first one. Hard to put it down, always want to keep doing another battle. Only complaints are that it drains battery incredibly fast and at times the main wave battles maybe come to frequently. No time to do the extra war map battles. But it's all good.

Mister Potato

Controller support very bad Please fix


I love it but...... It keeps crashing on my phone I lowered all the settings and killed all me apps and apparently it still doesn't work at time's but......I still love foresaken studios or was it media anyways I still love you're games and work there should be post apocalyptic games that's RPG and like heroes and castles still a really cool game too play like all the other one's! ???≧﹏≦

Andres Hinojos

Forsaken media rules! Its awesome i have bought all your games because there's not other tower defence games like the ones you make??

Cameron Campbell

Looks fun but cannot open The game looks very fun, but sadly the game will not stay open for more that 20 seconds, it closes and brings up my phones menu. The game does not work on my Galaxy S3 or my HTC one x+

Michael Westforth

GALAXY S-3 issue persists even after 1.0.5 Great game but cant play on my s3. Is there any hope for the s3?

Philthy Phil

Crashes ALOT! Awesome game. Easily five star except it crashes on my galaxy s3 everytime i try to go somewhere on my map. Fun game but crashes are way too frustrating. Especially seeing that Ive paid for it.

Callum Hain

Lotsa performance issues This game DESPERATELY needs a resolution option. It would help solve a lot of performance problems. Other than that, really great game.

Corey Tidwell

Well Wasn't exactly what I wanted and it is extremely hard to beat stages even after spending extra money... I'd like a refund because I don't enjoy this game...

Jason Lopez

problem!!!! it does not let me play the game fix it please oh and my tablet is galaxy tab 3 but please fix it or i will putmit to 1 star but if you fix it it willmgo to 5 stars but please fix it

Jason Gilstrap

As good as the first. Only problem is some lag when screen is full of enemies, even with graphics and effects on low. Tons of fun, though. Nice work, Forsaken! Time for a revision. We need an update. I'm getting crashes with every other mission. Still fun, just a little on the imperfect side.

Colin Greenfield

Hands down the best mobile game I've played. I LOVE this game. It has it's glitches, nothing's perfect. The devs are always hard at work on updates, and have built a great game. If your phone can handle it, do yourself a favor and get this game! (and a MOGA controller) You won't be disappointed.

Vocal Tune

Impressive It's more higher Definition and quality so older phones might not manage with it. More features, Limited block, Strong attack besides normal, you defend a Keep. You can attack other keeps (A.I.) and also have skills from previous but altered a little and more skills. More classes. I thing is Every Major Wave gets harder and when your other keeps are under attack you can decide to get back then until they reach turn 1 or 0 otherwise you will lose them. Playing style, Army, and upgrading makes a difference.

Tobias Hilton

Awesome great game stupid fun and moga compatible what more could I want


Pretty good Great game and idea. It would be nice to have more control and castle freedom. Loads very quickly! Needs more people for multi-player. Crashes a little bit on big battles. Overall, happy with the purchase.

Alex Putin

This game got everything to be most popular on the market, too bad more people are in to brainless games, and this one is hardcore. Be ready to loose a lot and push yourself to the limits to win. Every time I think I found an op combo I loose next fight, because every fight is different. Skills, weapons, and strategies combinations are limitless. Graphics is great, make sure you got a good device and lots of ram. There is co-op and pvp but hard to find a match. Enjoy the game and tell your friends so everyone can enjoy more multipl

Robert Chittenden

Pretty good few issues. First and biggest issue is the lagging, when fights get large slows down and lags alot. I have a galaxy s6 shoud not be having this problem so please fix it. Wether its frame rate reduction, slight graphic change, idc just do something. Second multiplayer needs complete rehaul. Whenever try to play always says no players on the server in my rank range. Cant be possible way to many this game. Thise my only.issues with this game othwr than that its my new favorite game.

Beem Keeratithananun

Fun to play but I love this kinda of game that you hav different character to play and level n skill up, but the game have a lot of learning curve while there ain't much info guide provided like skill guide for different jobs. I have to replay many time just trying to find the playable build. It doesn't even allow me to have multiple game save. Also the game performance is not good. It is noticeably laggy even on my Nexus 6P.

Seonhun Jung

Challenging game. Even if you have 1 GB RAM, I recommend having ample memory for this game. I suffered a lot of crashes simply because I ran out of memory. You may need to play on easy for a while if you are having difficulty. Unfortunately, when you replay events to get exp, the day passes by. The game does require you to make strategic withdrawals at times since it may become impossible to defend all your keeps at once. The devs are pretty good about responding to questions by email.

Kucing Mysteri

Nice Game. But.... The hero isn't effective a lot The enemy is too strong and I only rely on units alone, are not effective in the hero so I just hide the hero in the castle because of the life and the attack was small despite using epic level equipment, while the enemy units have a high stats. One more, Could you added play option to deploy units to the left or right side so that all the forces for example peon is not focused on one enemy/enemy amid/enemy is closest to the gate when units cornered by opposing units.Well,Nice graphics on this second game.

Anthony Engen

Please fix force close problem I am loving the game. Different from the first one with enough similarity to make me like this one as much as the last. Only big problem..please fix the force close issue when traveling on the map. Seems like a widespread problem based on other reviews. Sometimes have to reopen the game 3-4 times just to get to where I want to go. Fix and it'll be a 5star game

Ivan Marić

Good Addictive game a bit hard because i cant get enough gems to upgrade my army and heroes so againsy thougher enemy its difficult so please make daily rewards or something where we can earn easier gems ive paid for the game and now i need to pay to be able to go forward which is dumb and also cant find people to play this game in MP :/


Such a disappointment Really loved the first game so got hyped when i saw the second game. Unfortunately there are a lot of performance issues, lagging and such (galaxy note 4). And the controlls are much worse than on the first game, now u cannot even look up or down in game mode and the super strike is so slow that it makes no sense to use it (in the first game it was instantaneous). Ohh and its too dark, u cannot barley see anything... Edit, Ok its really good for the price even though laggy and still worse than the 1st

Cory Wright

Incredible letdown This could be a legit Dynasty Warriors-esque powehouse but instead it is so full of bugs, freezes, crashes, and all around frustration that it becomes impossible to immerse oneself in what would otherwise be a fantastic game. Gameplay can be a laggy mess, troops randomly iceskate in place the entire round, occasionally the game never registers you've completed a level - or worse you complete a level only to have the app immediately crash. I have paid a total of $20 attempting to enjoy this game, I'm done.

Nathan Asbury

The Developers have done a great job maintaining the game. The initial frustration I experienced, in the original release, has been greatly reduced by the introduction of an easy mode. The premium resource in this game is crystals. These can be obtained by in-app purchase, but, it’s not necessary if you play enough. The game will reward you with crystals by completing certain tasks, such as defeating 1000 enemies etc. Captured outposts also offer bonuses, such as extra crystals and special units. Most difficulties will become manageable after earning enough crystals and leveling up. The game is very fun and it generally succeeds its' ambitions. The game is definitely of high quality. The gameplay is both accessible and deep. To keep progressing, you will need to attack enemy outposts, defend captured outposts, as well as your own castle. The crystals, better units, additional heroes, and more will come. I have to compliment the great music and the well-executed variety of gameplay.


Crashes and lags Crashes and get laggy, free games are better optimised! Shame could be a fun little game... Note 4 Never thought it was possible to regret spending a £1... but once you've paid you then have to buy stuff in the game to have a chance.

Richard Ellis

Such a shame! Could have been such an amazing game. It has a great idea. BUT. You are destined to loose. Guess so you buy stuff to make it playable. Shame Shame Shame. The first was good but needed refining and this looks to do part of that but you cannot win without real cash. Every time it looks like i might get the upper hand the message, the enemy has gotten stronger appears and i'm pushed back. Just spent 20 mins in one wave only to be defeated and this is as a beginner, only a few levels into it. Foursaken Media - You have taken what could be a great game idea and royally F it up. Well done. Uninstall. Any change of a refund (pah) We wont event mention the constant crashes and buggy play, not worth it. AVOID THIS GAME, spend you hard earned cash on an actual game, you know, playing is fun and you don't need to micro transact to win....

Brad Lundberg

Crash It want even load up on my phone it starts loading then goes to my home screen. Please fix this crash

Axel Galay

Looks great play terrible Really regretted it, this game is a bit like StarCraft and a little bit of a rpg. However the difficulty is ridiculous with the waves constantly getting harder when you near the end of each round, its not really hard to keep up with it but it milks the crap out of your time and really repetitive when it could of been more satisfying if it was shorter. This game also REALLY drains your battery life so if you dont have a charger next to you don't open it up on a train

Nicolas Brocklehurst

Game is amazing... Someone battle me in PvP, graphics are amazing, truly awesome. Worth every penny. You need a high end gaming mobile device though. My phone lags and I have settings on low with 2 GB ram and quad core processor.

Micah Cleck

Amazing but... I love this game so much but it keeps freezing and lagging majorly! Please fix this. No other game I have does this. The lag makes me move when I am not trying to and such! (Its out of sync) Please fix!!

Richard Bidermanis

UPDATE: was a 5, now a 1. Game freezes constantly and caused me (on several occasions) to force-restart phone because of overwhelming amount of enemies. Could not make progress in defeating the enemy castle and was stuck in a stalemate for 40 minutes while enemy got stronger. Seeing how I have to defend my castle or I can't progress in game, I am effectively unable to continue playing. Will change rating when fixed.

Michael Davenport

That just unfair I dont like this game. I thought it would be easier. Im only 15 so i cant try the first and cant afford it. Now i cant do anything. I couldnt press the refund button in time. And i accadentallt undownloaded itm and it won't download agan.

Esther Garcia-Chavez

Please fix I can't do much I can't past the map mission it closes on the spot yes that it tends to crash alot plz fix

Richard C

Great game but Twice I've gotten a error . Says initializing expansion files but stops halfway through . Last time I reinstalled game and lost everything. I'll patiently wait a day or two. If it's not fixed or if no response from development team. I'm asking for a refund. Absolutely love the game errors need fixed....

Jason Burkett

Refund Please Game is too choppy to be playable, even with textures and effects on low. Seems like a great game, it's just too laggy to play. Please refund me.


Was Good, Now would'nt run. Refund please. To keep things in perspective, i own an 8 core cpu, Mali T720 gpu, 2gb ram, android 5.1 phone. It ran fine, had to tweak settings to low since it lagged when there were a lotta units. I was fine with it being low. I was playing on an ipega gamepad. Then, at about lvl 4, I tried crafting a scythe and it crashed. It would not go pass the load screen thereafter. It was a good game tho, but if it doesn't work, I want my money back.


Crashes I was a huge fan of the first. Before I even finished it I brought this game due to how good the first one was. Graphics were greatly improved and the game seems more streamlined but it keeps crashing at map travel. Will update review after fix. EDIT seems fixed. Will update review soon.


Beware ADDICTIVE You may need a phone that's not 4 years old. I'll never understand how some people blame the game crashing or something like that and yet their phone is ancient. This game is awesome and very well made. Worth any money you might spend on it.

Jack Steele

Crashes quite a bit. It would be fun if I could play without it crashing every time a battle is over. So yeah. Until there's an update to fix, it's remaining a one-star game.

Robert Brewer

So want to play Looks like an awesome game but can only make it to title screen before it crashes games like this are why I don't buy a lot of games on play store hero's and crashes might get better rating if they fix this issue and I can actually play what I paid for

Francis Ward

Game crashes Dear devs, please fix the game. I am tired of the game crashing constantly. When I travel via map, the game will crash, when I try fighting a wave, the game will crash. Once you fix the game, I will change my rating from 1 to 5. But until then, the rating will be 1.

Irlan Rodríguez

New.? Heroes and Castle 3. Maybe u can add storyline on Heroes and Castle 3 n New Heroes. I Ihope there r Heroes and Castle 3 if any problem (Crashed n anything) on Heroes and Castle 2 Fixed ... ¡Good Joob Foursaken Media!

Chase Ousley

Good game It runs very well even when I leave the app to text or something it stays open and pauses where im at I use an S5 and it runs almost superbly with just a few lag issues

Michael Anson

Good job This is a pretty good game good graphics fun to play good job guys

Jonathan Spoonire

Galaxy S5 Rating, Good Game (GG) This game is really good minus the occasional crashes. Seems to happen more the further away from home base I am on the map. Also my phones battery did burn up playing this until I adjusted the settings and made the game low resolution and restricted my phones performance settings which stopped the battery from getting hot and didn't really affect my game play too much in the way of lag. All in all really nice game just kinda wish there was more dialogue in the way of story and battle cries, chaaaarge!

David Quezada

Crashing simulator Okie.... I need help. Its selling my equipped items!! And crashes !! Crashes every time... Please fix!! I believe in you guys!! If I can't sell my items makes me not want to play it even if its the best game on market...

Charles Reeves

Groovy Loved the first one, loving this one too so far. The sound effect audio gets a bit tinny at times though.

Green Mile

Spawn and knight Enemy spawn in side land and almost near castle.make them spawn farther from castle please.and knight move to mycastle.but mycastle still good and dont have enemy inside castle.knight always move to inside castle and im just alone fighting enemy outside castle

Tyler Wiedemann

Wonderfully Addicting This game surprised me in a wonderful way. It has a great concept and easy to use controls. If you love strategy, RPG, and action games...this game is a must download!!!!!

The DrunkenBastard

Refund Requested I paid for this and it crashes after the first mission. I will call my bank if necessary. Otherwise it's a decent game. I just think you need simpler graphics, a smoother and cleaner army system, and much more simple controls. These are just ideas for your next project. It's a great idea, but I believe you should augment your direction. Opinions and all.

Steven Cardenas

Best game ever Just simply badass. Stop complaining that it crashes it's not the devs fault it's your damn memory and storage. Get a new phone or upgrade IT'S YOUR FAULT NOT THEIRS ..btw I have 4 gb ram and highly recommend. suggestions?? I'll email devs. And need a playing buddy. But great game keep it up.

Stan Wesley

Good game with potential. But theres thigs that seem unfinished and unpolished : Like in low detail items colors seems like they all are grey, also such game lags too much even on top end device

Bobby Little

I love the idea of the game...but This is one of the most rage worthy games ive played in a long time because all of the bugs. Its been out for such a long time and only minor improvements. This is the only game i have played in years that crashes at all, let alone the fact it crashes at least every 20 minutes. Fix the bugs and crashes and its easily a 5 star game.

Mark Pauze

Payed for garbage! Won't even open. Totally ripped me off, might not continue buying from GPS due to this happening to often, might even switch to apple products, going to try downloading one more time, very angry about this if this don't work I'll want a refund and compensation or it will be the last dollar spend on Google play store, time not well waisted

Mr Scruffles

Strongly Recommend Good graphics, good gameplay, replay value, weapon and armor appearance customisation. Easily one of the best games on mobile. Minor note, starting equipment clutters your inventory, it's annoying.

Benjamin Lumb

Refund please I just spent more than an hour downloading this game and it isn't working on my tablet. Please give refund.

Pandu Jendra

The best game i ever played but... The friendly unit is too weak. So can u make them more effective on the battlefield please

louis ferreira

Seems choppy Seems a bit choppy, only reason I give 3 stars is because I am unsure whether its my phone or the game, what are recommended specs for smooth gameplay? Will change rating accordingly

Tinytiny_ Gt

I like game but glitches 1-2 its smooth but from 3-5 its laggy n glitches my phone n on wave 6 each time I win it just crashes hope u can fix it or most likely u abandon the game

Larry Sims

Laggie hero constantly moves forward crashes alot. But a really fun game.

Ryyan Aleaf

Addictive Playing this just blown away my time during bus & train rides. Awesome graphic. Quite challenging. Good job.

Caleb Velker

Continues crashing The game keeps crashing every time that I try and open it.

Kaspars Kurmis

Xiaomi Mi pad (tegra k1) Game not work

Ryan Garcia

Wow! The best game I've played on mobile! Hands down! Basically unlimited playability and aim on new game +4 right now. Loved the first game and love every improvement on this iteration! Thanks Foursaken!

Jowell Tan

Nice game Still learning how to play it but i cant play with my son in his ipad... im using samsung Still cannot connet vial local using ios and android device.... does it need to be bot ios or both android ????

random nobody

This is bullshit I cant even get in the starting screen. I cant even play the game. Useless garbage

Bradley Haggins

love the game just wish I just wish u could have free roam that would be so cool but I love the game and would recommend to any one who likes action old fashond sword games

Sherry Garner

Dtata I spent over 20$ on this and my phone broke I need the data back but Best game ever I always dreamed of this Omg THXS


Goggle account It's awesome but nothing transfers to your google account and you have to start over and it's sucks cause I paid money to unlock stuff

Ryan Nelson

In depth and challenging. Worth every penny, console worthy.

harrison cooper

It needs better troop management so u tell them where to go also best craft to get better gear faster

Ahmed Elnashar

Very Addictive game but need more warrior clothes like Achilles and give more 2 crystals per mission

Jayson Harrington

Very creative, and fun. Very creative, and fun. Wish they would move some of the informational text somewhere else as it blocks your view.

Death Reaperxt

Great game You can really experience the war in this game its really great I love it !!


Awesome a really awesome game very adicting.... keep up the good work >w<

Pixelmon58 Tablet

Ree gardes Were did the red gardes go

Marcos Torres

Awesome game I wish I could find someone to play coop with but otherwise I love it

mark massone

Great game Would like to see units apperance change with upgrades though!

Azlan Raffie

Really good The only prolem is I cant play multiplayer

igarioxa rybnikov

Best game on phone. But need allot of updates

Christopher Banks

Best game now playing on easy with heroes only

Zach Losier

Great Buy it now! Worth every penny!

Joshua Elsman

Killer Game Loving this game so far


Amazing Just what i was looking for.. brilliant game!

Rhino Ceros

good but need optimization

Gianluca Be

Love it Really enjoyed it

Chris Johnson

Great Awsome

Jyria Lycion

Amazing game but 1 bugg My interface "looks" fine but i gotta press like half a inch to the left to press the button. So the schreen is a little off with the buttons... And also the UI in the stores and sutch, I cant see the right side of the game like the cost to create a weapon. I hope these issues will be fixed (Im on a Sony Xperia Z2) But overall its a amazing mobile game

Peyton Cyrus

Fantastic game! This game is great and there are many different ways to play. Well worth the simple $2 for the game! Also if the devs happen to see this then this may be far fetched but you should come out with a console version of this game! I almost feel as if it is too good to be a simple app game.

TonyStone Maximous

Doesnt even work So i thought this game looked good and decide to spend $1.99 to get it. First off, I get to the first loading screen and after that it either crashes or just kicks me off the game. The farthest i have made it into the game was to the movement tutorial before it crashes again. Now all i want is my money back.

Mark Goodson

Crashes on start Using lg escape2 android and when I click the app the loading screens shows before booting me out a few seconds later. Also, I need to be able to move this app onto my micro sd card since I only have 200mb of data available after app. Any fix would be appreciated or a refund.

Michael Koska

Good overall Seems good. Haven't experienced much lag. Kind of a grind at times but not too much. Looks like I have all the lands, but can't attack the final keep. I've completed 31 waves now. Do I just have to keep playing forever and not be able to beat it?

Peter Leschisin

Pretty game but game play is terrible Game is pretty but compared to the first game it's awful. You can run for about a second and swinging your weapon takes away your energy to run. The enemies are vastly stronger and more numerous while you are slower and weaker than HaC one. And now not only do you defend your castle but the "Goldmines" (now called Banner men)that generate resources like in the first game are now outside of the castle walls leaving them completely vulnerable. Sad to see such a fun first game give birth to this pile of sin.

Pj Mull

Dope AF LOL I REALLY like this game. A part 3 would be insane !! Maybe with a story line and cut scenes...Idk hopefully it doesn't end here

Steven Campbell

Great game! First ever review.. great things to say about it. As a minor update I would ask that we be given a heads up or notification of some sort as to what enemies will appear in which fights. I know that personally I have an overly difficult time countering certain undead combos if I don't prepare appropriately. Having a knowledge of which enemies we will encounter would be of great asset to all players. As a larger update I saw it suggested to introduce an equip system for units..

louis ferreira

Seems good This game is quite power hungry for my phone and tablet, will there be a version available on the windows store to play it on laptop?

Brenden Dayson

Can't wait for #3 I've been playing both 1 and 2 for a while now and it's great to play on my lunch breaks. I hope you guys do a third game and add even more like you did from 1 to 2 amazing game guys

Joseph Irvin

Great Action defense game! It's everything clash and game of war are not! Fights like an mmo but still in its core it's a defense game. The graphics are for sure some of the best among mobile games. Lots of unlocked and upgrades to do. But you gotta use your head if you rally Want to get anywhere in the game. Very strategy oriented. I recommend using an octocore phone such as Alcatel idol 4 because from there very beginning the screen will get flooded with heros and enemy troops.

Josh Kane

Crashes Like a Junkie... The external controls may be to blame here though. It seems to freeze up when I tap a button quickly. I'm using a Red Samurai HID if that helps any.

Edmund Chan

Best game but Crashes too often way too often really too often also laggy af

Aaron Steven

Love it Bit lag on my phone. But after change the quality there is no problem at all. But it is just me or we can't play local coop with iphone user?

Jeff Lemonds

Great, should be 5 but problems with update.. Have a lot of issues saving and retrieving save games from cloud.

Munch Man

Great game! But.... Excellent game really worth the 2$! But i dont lije the fact that when you first start off your being invaded every minute, i have won maby 5 times and died about 25 times aggravating at times but i feel like they intend on you paying for the currency for the game when you cant even challenge people without have a unfair fight random. Only need a few tweakes in mutiplayer gameplay and pvp system.

Jordan Andersen

I want the dimonds i bought plz I wasted 4$on buying 2 75dimond sets and5$ on the 200 dimond sets eather i want my mony back or dimonds in game

crash when i try to play always crash and quit, please help me. i was paid this game. it wasted

Cassidy Theosabrata

What the heck? Used to like this game but this new version adds a bug where sometimes I can't move my character.

sopremo keg

problem evey time I try to play I get a black screen or I get to the loading screen and then it backs out can u help please

Richard Kalfić

View is too much zoomed in so overview is bad and player moving is to slow

Jhonny Shi

Good concept but... Playing for whole 3 months and even spend some money... But after changing phone and inactive for a year, I cant continue my old one, playing from scratch losed all of weapons, skill, armor, etc... Lol

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