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13 Nov
Hero Fighter X

Posted by Marti Wong in Action | Nov. 13, 2015 | 131 Comments

Apk file size: 45.0 MB

Hero Fighter is a fighting beat 'em up game created and developed by Marti Wong, the creator of Little Fighter, for nearly 7 years.

There are 22 hero characters with tonnes of powerful moves.

Hero Fighter provides 300+ stages in 7 game modes:
- Story Mode: Play with different characters of your choice against enemies and fight to watch their stories unfold.
- Duel Mode: 1 on 1 Match.
- Team VS Mode: Group-vs-group fighting
- Battle Mode: Fight up to 100 men in a battlefield with mercenaries, gold mines, soldier camps and castles.
- Tournament: Defeat your enemies each round as they challenge you one by one.
- Mission Mode: Survive the relentless waves of attacks from the enemy / bosses.
- Training Mode: Receive special cards and earn extra experience points.

Whats new

    Decrease the cost of energy.
    Bug fixes.

Marti Wong part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 13, 2015. Google play rating is 88.9598. Current verison is 1.091. Actual size 45.0 MB.

Download hero-fighter-x.apk 45.0 MB


Rohan Pawar

Great! A well made time killer, though the short demo ended very very shortly and I don't think there was enough playable content that impressed me to buy the game. Couldn't even play for 40 minutes for free. That's sad. Price is also high for a time killer.

Ayaan Qazi

Great but a request....Edit : Waited too long for non purchase lf2 on plx make the full version free Edit : bro marti wong plz make it free.....Great game Marti wong .much people are worth to buy it but some can't.I'm not saying that I'm poor or something i just want to tell you that making a full version for purchase isn't that much right should make purchases if you want but like e.g gems/diamonds/coins.Have you ever seen games which full version are for purchase?.well no is the answer I think.Marti Wong if you only make this game's full version not in purchase.I'm not requesting you to make all your games full version not in purchase,but this game needs to be in full version without purchase.________Thank You . I hope you understand me.I'll also give 5 stars if you make this game's full version not in purchase

Thayto Luis

SO. MUCH. NOSTALGIA. This is Little Fighter 2 ON CRACK, the battle mode is just epic. FIVE STARS, BUY IT!

Beau Worth

As a longtime supporter of the developer, I felt obligated to try it out. I am a fan, but I cannot say this is perfect. As a mobile game, it is streamlined and responsive. If you're looking for a multiplayer game, then steer away from this for right now at least. On the positive side, this game is NOT a freemium. Once you buy the game that is it. However, there is a time-based mode that you can use to reap rewards. It is the closest thing this game has to being freemium. The game isn't 100% complete yet either. It's at a state where there is a lot to offer with more content possibly coming through free updates. That is, if the developer is able to do it given his conditions in the past. The lack of transparency makes it hard to see where the momentum is going right now. Only time will tell if this game stays rolling. What the game offers for the "demo" doesn't entirely reflect the full game. Once you beat the first "act" there is a drastic change of pace. You alternate between the game modes instead of playing each of them in a row. It's probably for the best to not make the game repetitive. It is not perfect, but fun to kill time with by yourself. Probably worth a try.

Alan cheung

I'm not a big fan of mobile/tablet game, not to mention action game. Nonetheless, I paid for the full version on my tablet and it is also my first time ever made an in app purchase. Here are what I think worth the $48. 1. I played little fighter 2. No ads. 3. No refill-every-5-minute energy 4. No in app purchase for consumable items 5. $48 is only about 2 coffee These all remind me of the good old days pay once and for. This is what a game should be. No dirty tricks to make people addicted. Here are what I think worth not the 5-star 1. Hard to play on small screen. My phone is 4.3" 2. Maybe it's me, but I feel the control uncomfortable. For example, the joystick takes absolute position. That I have no tap the correct position for movement. On PC or console it makes sense since one can feel which button is being pushed. But with action game on a touch screen, I always tap the wrong direction. Maybe adding more control options would help. 3. Also about the control. Characters can run/attack left or right, but they cannot do so in the up and down direction. It quickly become annoying when enemy stand right above me but my archer cant shoot him. 4. No space left..

Peter Rogers

What a surprise. Didn't know exactly what to expect but am extremely pleased with the game.

Jeff W

Good game. But it will be better if you can save the progress and continue. The war mode is too long. It will be great if you can save the progress and start next time


Perfect I have been a player since Little Fighter was released!Why did you not state it that you made a Game here?Was waiting for the Hero Fighter in Com to be updated.....

Heng Eavheng

Good but why can't to play what we have , I think even not update to premium u should allow they to play what they have

Saurav Sinha

Oow its awesome!! Been a big fan of little fighter 2 n now this game...I hope even we get 2 experience little fighter in android too...

Jydan Richardson

Omg of the hook I cant even speak djdjdnuckd sorry I got a little crazy over this game so cool

loh cs

Great game I see . I understand your condition. Another question, will you continue to work on the PC version and put an update on the net?

Suprem Gautam

Would give 5 star If it could be available in free in future realese will give 5 star. It's very short please do it

Lazarus Zheng

Star 5 if co op is availble Awesome game , and definitely would be an easy 5 star game if there were co op mode that allows you to play with your friends.....thats the only missing content .....please make it happen!

V Vman

progress/profile lost was playing the game, the i accidently dropped the phone, it self restarted then all my progresses are reset im forced to play stage 1/tutorial again. help plz. i reccomend that theres some source of server or cloud that we can save our stats/profiles. One question btw, will there be new update contents?

abbas ali

Amaizing game but for 5 stars it should have This game characters should have evolution,more weapons,levels,stories,etc

yatham seenu

Awesome beat them up game this game is really good . but i was disappointed that pc version has stopped :( . i was addicted to multiplayer . no online in mobile and no more online in pc also :( . Hope soon marti wong will update game for pc :) . waiting for pc hero fighter update v0.8 with lot changed especially multiplayer is buggy .

Phoenix Lam

play with my nvidia shield, the controller don't work please fix it.

Kin Siu

Great game This game bring back all memory from old days, keep it up.


Marti you sly fellow you Been waiting for this day forever and you sent it out a whole day earlier than I expected. Hope you're doing well.

Kenneth Chow

Not easy to master. One-hell of a one-man effort! Support made in Hong Kong!

Kai Ching Wu

Support It's a good game. I've played lf2 & hero fighter on pc before, it's happy to hear that hero fighter is on mobile (though I like lf2 much more). I think HK$48 is a reasonable charge for the whole game. However, the question I'm thinking about is, after I purchase, if I want to change device later (maybe even switch to iPhone), can I transfer the purchase and the data?

Kent Wong

LF2 Good game, thanks for making this game, as well as LF2! LF2 makes my childhood!

Alec Mok

Decent Ongoing Game, But... Marti, I have played through LF1, LF2, LFO, HF, and now HFX. All these games were amazing. Like some people said that the controllers are hard to control. That is true. However, I do like to say that it is a pleasure to play your game again. But, what about LF2? I understand that it cost time and money, plus your living cost. But, it is important to remember that there are many fans to play LF2 with more updates such as characters from LFO and background scenes. Hopefully, you could continue both games.

Amriteshwar Paul Singh

Good One The mobile version offers less lag than PC version. It would have better if it was little fighter x. This game is a good one.

Yin Yat Phoenix Yeung

Good game but easily get bored I am playing act 5 and I am just having half of the characters, this is insame, I am doing things repeatedly, things get bored


Good Can we connect with our friends and play together?

Preeti Gupta

It is a good game but there is payment noone should play and pay after that we can pay but in act 1 only they request to pay the money I loved it but because of the money I can neither . Thank you and I request you to unlock all the characters in hero fighter v0.7.

lucas charan

It is my favorite pc game.and I am happy to see that hf is available on my tab.I even played lf I would like to play it also in my tab in English Martin plz fix our problem.

Bosko Terzic

Ty I remember playin LF2(still playing it).I still play this one on PC.

koniel Byfield

Great game It good if buy full version

Vignesh G Kumar

Nostalgia!! So happy to play my childhood game little fighter 2 again! Really enjoyed. But i felt so dissapointed when i had to purchase to play further. Amount is too much and i cant buy this game. Would have been a 5 star if the game is free!

Pratik Bora

Best game I have played around in a while.

Danniel Gorge

Great game Love the full game cause its like a better version of the CP version but it lacks one thing....ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!!!!!! We all know your working on that right now...are you??

ray tang

plz make it for free i just play 25min for free.Then you need me to pay for full version. Thats doesnt make any sense. You are now in play store's TOP FREE, not TOP PAID. If you really want us to pay, please put your game in TOP PAID but not TOP FREE

Johnny Chan

love it all time classic lf2 styled game. simply fun

Joshua Lua

Thank you I waited forever for this to come out. I bought the full version but can you please not force players to play battle mode stages can you get rid of those stages and make it like the PC version where it's optional if you want to play battle mode because when there are to many soldiers my phone gets laggy and i'll sometimes get stuck and not continue on with the game. Still 5 stars though

Chirag Lath

game is awesome this game is awesome I loved it I will recommend this to all my friends

Divyesh Chauhan

Awesome Marti. But I was disappointed because Yaga was a premium character. :-( :-(

David G.

Hero Fighter X Great game, everyone should try it!

can durmuş

After act 5 it's impossible to win without pay money... but I'll give 5 stars if you add more than 4 energies

Mohammad Sufyan

Childhood game LF2 finally is back Used to play with my friends most od the time back in school. Ever since then, others tried to mod the game to make it more epic and bizarre. With this new game, alot of us will relive the moments we had back then. Hope Marti Wong can unlock the multiplayer mode once again

Mert Oguz

Mehh Welp , i am even expert on LF1, mastered on LF2 (spent years)... made 9 extra characters to lf2 by myself. I used to play hero fighter on pc, got rekt by an asian Drew in online pvp mode..BUT this hero gathering logic is unfair for me. All heroes must equal, except boss and transform characters in lf2, every standart hero was equal to each other. At least there should be test room / multiplayer pvp room with enabled choosing of all characters freely.BTW shawn is op enough.

Louis D

Good game but This game was a awesome, i had played it on my pc since 2003 without any problem. Now, we have it on android market with a lot of lag in defence. Trust me i play it on note 4 with so many lagging, game does not require wifi so its not make any sense. Hope u can fix that run smoothly. Thanks to bring this game to android, i will give u guys 5 start for the next update.

shreshth sharma

Great game.!!!! Great work Marty.! I love this game and already reccomended to all my friends on playing it. I love the graphics, moves, difficulty and more of all story and concept of the game. Only because of the energy bars we cannot critisise it. I hope this games is supported by everyone and reach much, much greater hights. Pls Marty keep up the good work.


Awesome This is is awesome game..I have never played such an amazing game in my life......I will refer 100 friends......

Joseph Wilson

A fan, good job I played little fighter with my brother, and little fighter 2 plus a couple of the not so great, and shiny mods, but this game fails at the character thing, but only because you can not buy them, and unless you refer, you can not unlock any after like stage 4, but it is kind of sad it took 7 years....... angry birds was less then 1 and made millions....... you are wasten time, plus you said you quit your job. Lol if you look at how long it took to do this, the game is a let down, this game should be huge why is it 7 stages, after 7 years plus more it should be like 30 stages by now with atleast 15 characters....the game is very simple

Cameron Kashani

Almost the same but amazing Used to play a similar game as a child on desktop called little fighter. Bring that game back please. And also make more stages for this game

Atul Deshpande

Getting bad Marti, my friend has entered my referral code and he has completed act 2 but I did not get any hero. There is no other problem. Only solve it and I will give the game 5 stars

Aj and friends

Best game I would like to give it 20 stars if possible please make more act's

Triikz Gaming

Great story Great game I loved it, if you add multiplayer I can refer it to a lot more people though and get a lot more people to play knowing that they can play with me or fight me, it will be awesome

wamiq mohammad

I love this game is cool One of the best game I ever played

Saravana Kumar

Where is the next chapter?? I am exhausted in searching for the new chapter I have completed all the levels in the old one

Wesley Santos

Amazing but didn't allow me to refer my wouldn't put the screen where it asks "Have you your friends referral code"Please fix.I want referrals.

Tirtha Tias

Great game I used to play little fighter 2 and it was my all time favourite beat' em up game. And this game is just like LF2 since it's developed by the same developer. I wish LF2 will come to android someday.

Maria Carlota Zapanta

Yes pls i love it but Yes i love it but my herofighter in my phone is crashing and please Male the hero fighter free on pc PLSSSSSS make the premium characters free there plsssss my two brother and i play in pc before were playing hf for like 6 yrs and plss i want you too make the pc vr free too


Awesome! I love how it has the same feel of the PC version, with new features. Can't wait for multiplayer! Keep up the good work! :)

Georgia Boy

So Much Nostalgia Seriously Marti, if this game was on console I'd definitely buy it.. Sooooo much potential for a console release.. I think you could make some serious cash.. Plus it'd be alot easier to play with a physical controller.. You could implement online, character customization, etc.. & this game would be a HIT!.. A lot of fan boys still love this game.. Think about it Marti

Uchiha Harsh

Awesome game one star deducted because we cant see how much time is left to restore energy and also there are less heroes in this game then LF2

Abhinav Massey

Brings back memories I use to play LF2 on PC. This game brings back memories from my school days. Thanks Marty :)


This is really good Never got to play lf2 cuz it wasnt on macs but this game is great

Liviu Popescu

Awesome This game is so awesome , no bugs , no glitch . Good job , we will be with you , and we will help you ? . P.S : Add Lf2 on mobile too if u can , Thx so much :)

Jonathan Sobers

Hero Fighter X The first time I had a great time to do with the game is to get a chance to win

Tzu-Chieh Chien

Wow wtf There is no f way to beat the high rounds while we cant even use good characters without a cap. Fix this plz...

vishal kumar

Excellent Please make all characters unlockable for a single player and remove level cap and energy system.

Junior Wongchit

Nice! I really love this game hopefully new characters well come an new mode's

Musa Dramay

AWESOME This games is fkn amazing to bad it does not have multiplayer it would be much better and you should make a LF2 version that would be really great if you do

Madhu Seekar

Return of Memories Wow.. It's a great game. May b d smallest but LF2 is one of the most favourite games of mine in childhood. Now d memories return with this. Just one bug. I refer my frnd n he cleared the act yet i didn't receive my hero. Try fixing it.

Colton Snyder

Good game I really love the game :-) add more if u can.

Terrell Carroll

Great game My fav game on the play store plz add multiplayer keep it up Marti

Sameer Ali

Hey Marty, I Love Your Games Especially Hero Fighter and I am Really Enjoying It However I Was Wondering Why Can't 2 Player's Play Together Online Like The Original Game ?Please? Do That, It Would Be Awesome ?

Xander Katz

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!! This game Is the best ever it has pretty good animation a great story also there's a great variety of characters you get mast of them when you go threw the game but for I could only Input other players referral codes ones witch sucks but still by far my best game yet

Mohamed el masre

Finished it This game worth your time, great game. Thank you developers and looking forward to see more games from you like this one. cheers. Edit... I have finished all the levels I wish if there is two things 1. Option to buy heros 2. Multiplayer mod. And maybe option to play the levels with bluetooh for family.

Mahim Alam

Awsome!!! Hero fighter x is the best game i know.I used to be addicted to call of duty and fifa and now i think their rubbish compare to hero fighter x

surya teja

Nice game! This game is awesome but we have to wait till the energy restore ,we need more Acts

Chiedozie Anusiem

New ideas I think u should make an online mode for battle and duel so other players can test their skills against other more advanced players if u guys want this then type it in reviews and rate 5?????

Dann Resurreccion

High School Gaming Memories!!! I've been wondering when a mobile version of Little Fighters 2 was gonna come out! But please fix the frozen problem! Thanks!

Icrine Arcura

Nostalgia! One of the greatest games! I played little fighter 2 obsessively as a student and participated in the modding community despite how much I hate coding. Hero Fighter X is a brillant update to that part of my life. I can't wait to see this game become multiplayer! A PC re-release on steam would definitely get my money. A small issue I have at the moment - my referral codes are not working, for both me and my friends. It could be that I can't connect because I live in Singapore. Thanks again for the great game!

Daaang Bleezy

Sick game Would be even better with multiplayer

Emanuel Allen

So awesome... They need to make more games like this ???there should be an online mode to

Kartik Sharma

Impossible to beat The game's amazing . My only issue is that you cant use the same characters as enemy . We have , at most , 4-5 characters that are lvled high . If ai is using 2 or 3 same characters as ours , then it becomes literally impossible to beat ai with only 1-2 high lvled character . Please scrap this rule as it will make ppl stop playing your game . Still 5 stars ?

Jesus Arellano

Perfect! Best game on the market that really is free to enjoy! If you like little fighter 2 why havent you downloaded this yet? Its like a little fighter salad. In my opinion these characters powers are much more creative. The only difference is there is no throwable objects but instead you get more fighters, longer stages and a mix of fighting situations and war games between up to 4 armies. Much better than Little Fighter 2. 7 years made Marti a more complete genius! 5 stars no doubt.

sergio Delgado

Hero fighter x I love it you should get the game I rate it 10/5 (if I could) also there should be a multiplayer mode

Itachi Uchiha

Marti u know There are some bugs in battle mode i think coz whenever i play battle My char. Moves on its own please help me or tell me if this is my phone's bug or game bug BTW i love this game i love LF2 tooo

Nicholas Vaz

Something wrong This game is awesome. However, I sent my friend my referral code and when he tried to enter it, it said, Unable to connect to game server, Please check your network connection and try again later. I don't know why this happens but I don't get my heroes. Pls respond and help me through this, I'm lost.

minato namikaze

Great game I'm only on act 2 but so far Shawn is the most open hero ever just spam arrow storm and the multi shot to WIN and run when they get close

Tanay Kothiala

The. Most. Awesome. Game. Ever. It's really the best game I've ever played and I always used to play LF2 on pc as a child, and used to wish that LF2 should come to android. This game made that wish come true and with almost similar characters and attacks, Marti Wong made quite an influence on "beat 'em up" games. Some features like online/bluetooth multiplayer could be added, and I seriously need more acts!!! Keep up the awesome work Marti!

Deathrow USA

Was the best fighting game on Android I am currently experiencing a weird glitch that makes me heal the person who I'm fighting instead of damaging them. So the game is currently unplayable for me. Don't really want to uninstall and reinstall because I am almost finished act 6 and to the final act of the game. Was hoping to finish the game first to get closer. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch.

Vitor Nizkia

Just energy I am very like this game but there need energy to fight, please remove the energy so I give you 5 stars

Divya Pulast

Awesome game!!! but! Best fighting game I've ever played.With tonnes of power but its impossible to complete stage 5 of battle plzz...Marti Wong remove the level caps so that I'll give u 5stars

dubstep warrior

Would get 5 stars but When my brother and I entered the referral codes, they did not work. And my brother is on act seven and i didnt recive any heros.

haris mughal

Amazing Game It is the best game! But you guys should add more hero's like lava and froze and from dragon ball universe

Slinky 101

Sever connection Epic game i love it but when i tried to use the refferal code i could'nt connect to the sever eventhough i was sitting next to the wifi. It said that my connection had a problem and i should try again later. I changed to a different wifi and it still didn't work. Fix this would ya

kulvinder katnoriya

Awesome! Controls are swift and overall gameplay is smooth.Great time killing RPG like fun in such a small package.

Long Nguyen

A good game like Little Fighter. It would be better with more than 4 energy bars.

Adv. A.S.Siddquei

LOVE IT just got back in old memories! I used to play little fighter 2 with my brother when we were kid! This game is quiet similar with that! you just need to add a vs mode where we can chose our hero and enemies! keep it up guys and plzz add a vs mode!

Vansh Rana

The best game ever I always wanted to play hero fighter on my mobile and now you made it possible

Kalpan Shah

As like Little Fighter Wow it is the game I wanted. I used to play lf2 when I was a kid and this game is its new version..... Awesome

Sankar Shaji

It's good I don't think the referral is working well, since it's always showing server error

Nikesh nich

Wow it's a wonderful good game Every players have been created with different weapons and powers it's really too good game I really like this game thanks for creater and his group's who ever work for this wonderful game and it has an excellent story for the and one's a great thanks to the creater and his group

Kiryuu Kazuma

Heal bug The game become unplayable after your heroes reach a certain level. All hits start healing instaed of doing damage. A word of advice, dont do training missions at all. Finish all the act as fast as you can or your hero level become *too high* and all the hits start healing. I am not gonna say at what level. Have fun finding out guys.

Stephon Owens

I played it on my computer this earned a 5 stars The computer version is not as updated and I beat act 5 on my other phone without buying anything

Divya Pulast

Awesome game!!! but! Best fighting game I've ever played.With tonnes of power but its impossible to complete stage 5 of battle plzz...Marti Wong remove the level caps so that I'll give u 5stars

James Rosales

Low on energy I will rate this 5 star game if you add more than 4 energy

Aditya Kedia

One of the best game i ever played in my life This game is so much addicting that u cant believe. Thanks to it energy system i take rest otherwise i would had never put it down. Im really sorry developer that i cant buy anything to help bcos google play cards in india is very expensive. But i love ur game . Its awesome. Thank u soo much for this mindblowing game. I will 100% make sure that lots of people know about this game

Huzaifa Ghouri

Excellent This is very good game I am in act6 I have Livermore this is very good hero and yaga and heater is awesome heroes this is very Excellent game I love it

Ashar Ateeq

Glitch in act 7 Most of the players experiencing this weird glitch including myself, in which attack on enemy makes their health increase instead make it low in act 7! Please fix this glitch, I'd gave my so time to make it to act 7, please fix this..

Ahmed Kamal

More acts I really love this game but there r just 7 acts in it make more acts

Lee ks

good game but... i play without pay a penny until act 7 stage10 and now there is a problem. the enemy is super hard to die as their hp will recover over time (in fast pace), and grow more than the original hp. so the longer i play the longer hp they have grow. at the end even a little soldier becomes like a boss, i believe this is some sort of bug, please fix it. there are many time i hit the hp to zero then it recover to full then start to grow. impossible to win, so pity.

Vandana Chauhan

Best game ever Only one thing to do with thin game is to improve its graphics .............and this game will be the best game ............ according to the game size it have enough graphics .....................but still it is best game

kartik vora

The game is brilliant, but the developer even after us paying 480 Rs., wants us to pay more. Now that's greed, marty!! I don't mind paying for a wonderful game like this. I bought diamonds by paying Rs. 480. But even then, if you want to remove cap levels of all hero fighters, forget about the big 3 and all, i think even paying Rs. 960 won't be enough. Now that's greed!! Even NFS and asphalt don't cost this much!! And yes, swordsman eason should be 4 star hero man. Not 3 star!! You give us only 3 star heroes as hero fighters!! That's unfair too!!

Katarina Main

This game is awsome im playing it since I was a kid In PC I already finished this game in hard mode here in android im in act 7 and its impossible to finish it you need to lvl up hero and remove there lvl cap because if your hero has a lvl gap the enemy will surely kill you with just 4-8 hits.And you only get gems after finishing lvl but its not enough to remove the lvl cap of your hero.I would 5 stars if you remove all the lvl cap of the hero just like in the pc or just remove the energy :(

narasimha gani

Unable to connect game server I tried using referral, but it is not connecting to game server, so unable to unlock new hero's, request you to rectify this issue.

Reggae Marley

Fun beat 'em up, especially for Little Fighter fans. The game will likely bring back lots of nostalgia for players who used to love Little Fighter. For those who never played, this game is absolutely worth a download and a fun Beat 'Em Up in it's own right. The biggest issue is that so much content is restricted. The monetization attempts really hold the game back from being great. Please reconsider an overhaul of the energy and Act unlock mechanics, both for the fun of players and for the success of your game.

Divyesh Chauhan

Nice job Marti. The game should allow server system so that players can sync their progress and it saves game from primitive hacks. 1 more thing! I am not able to upgrade to full version as the game is not showing the option of full version purchase in shop.

Epic Pat Pat

THIS GAME IS EPIC ❤ Its from my fav game creator! Lf2 was the first game i played back in 2004, even tho i still play it today and it is even awesome with mods! Brought old memories back! This port of pc hf is so good, only problem is big controller size on the screen!!! Update- Thank you so much for reply marti! I still remember you and your partner name which came after we defeat lf2! God...i have one suggestion...please add online! like wifi LAN and IP address one. It would be more awesome!

Kartik Sharma

Impossible to beat The game's amazing . My only issue is that you cant use the same characters as enemy . We have , at most , 4-5 characters that are lvled high . If ai is using 2 or 3 same characters as ours , then it becomes literally impossible to beat ai with only 1-2 high lvled character . Please scrap this rule as it will make ppl stop playing your game . Still 5 stars ?

Prince Mononoke

glitch on the final act This game is really good guys. But there is a glitch where instead of doing damage to the enemy, you heal them with every blow. Please fix this because now its literally impossible to win. FIX THIS MARTI!!!

Russell Clarke

STUCK! I'm stuck at the last act. Battle #9. Thats ok cuz I can keep replaying training sessions but what's up with the heroes? The most recent hero I got was Vivian I think. Nobody new after that and the game is really hard. I beat it on my pc a few times but it's really hard on mobile. Not complaining much about that but I want more heroes. My friends won't play so I can't share my referral code and I can't buy gems to open the level cap of a few of my heroes. Eg, iczzy.And also make little fighter for mobile.

Prateet Sarkar

Loved it This game is the best game i've ever played in phone. I would prefer all of ya'll to play this game. But tge only thing us that there are 7 acts. I hope that very soon the newer acts are created. I just can't wait for that day!. AMAZING GAME

John Jetton

Noice So far, it's turning out great as a mobile app. My only gripe is the energy. 4 seems low as a cap, but what bugs me is that to get one unit back, you pay the same amount of gems as you would get by beating a level and losing one unit.

Sakshat Shende

I LOVE HERO FIGHTER 0.70 I played hero fighter 0.70 and there were only 7 chapters in story mode i want more chapters and more type of battle modes. HONESTLY Little Fighter 2 and Hero Fighter are AWESOME!!!!A problem is there. I AM Stuck on the sixth chapter. I had removed the level capacity of Lucas, Eason, Legge, and Titto and in mission there are Lucas eason and legge and i have only 2 good players that are Titto and heater.

Nicholas Vaz

But... This game is awesome. buy, on act 5 and 6, it's almost impossible to complete, since your not allowed to use the same hero as the CPU. This means your stuck with the low level heroes and it's too hard to even try.

Adnan Shaikh

VERY GOOD!!! I always plays this game on pc with my cousin and sister... we reached act lvl 4... but we cant play comfortably on one keyboard ... so my cousin told tht this game is released in on playstore... so when I opened it was same as it was before.. just some duel, battle modes, team battle... etc etc , but there's no sign of multiplayer? And there is a level cap which is really annoying.. when I clicked on store the store isn't opening? Martin plz fix my store and add multiplayer

Clement Tsang

Cannot connect to friends list Loving this game but I cant refer any of my friends who used to play LF2 because of a bug where I cannot connect to the friends list. I even reinstalled the game where I had to start all over again! Annoying!

Moegamat Tauriq Loofer

T man Im on Act 7, its glitchy. When I attack the enemy their health goes up. Please could you find a solution. Otherwise the game is awesome.

parth pokhriyal

Only 7 acts Hello Mr. Wong. I would like to tell you that this is a very nice game, but the story ends where you left it in the pc version too. I hoped to find continued story. Please add more acts

Daniël Boon

This is a great game. The only thing that I believe everyone wants to see added is to allow us to pick the same heroes as our enemies.

glen ellis

Its good untill you get to one of them boring ass 'battle' missions and not given the option to choose the same hero as the computer using 3 star heroes 70% of the time. but other than that its fun for the most part

Luthando Mgemane

Love the game Hate the time limits n Caps.... To add on that, are my hits supposed to heal my enemies in Mission 16 of Act 7? I can't kill anyone there! Their HP rises with every hit! "Raye has 0 HP u need to give last hit", then bam! The last hit raises his HP.....

cheya katherine

This use to be my fav game when i was still childhood in PC,Everything is sti same with the Pc version .I still remember the hero! This is game is really excellent .Can't wait tk have more Act. Here is the proplem 1. I can't referred to my friend at all ,I can't find the pad where you can type the code. 2.My friend was at act 4 But I only get 3 star hero. If you wonder that I say I can't referred to my friend but I still got 3 star hero,because after i referred once of my friend I started can't find the pad where you can type the code.

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