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13 Sep
Hello Seafood 2

Posted by AppsTree in Simulation | Sept. 13, 2016 | 179 Comments

Apk file size: 72.0 MB

The best delicious social network game in the world.

Let’s design stylish restaurant that you have dreamed and desired! Hire chefs, servers, cashiers and cook Korean,Japanese,Chinese,American,Dessert,Italian,Indian,Vietnamese foods.


- From Korean to Vietnamese, cook and master 70 recipes and challenge the best restaurant.
- Design my unique recipe. (Add up to 6 side dishes to the main dish and complete my secret recipe.)
- Soup, Drink, Fruits, Sauce, Etc. more than 120 side dishes.
- Find Legendary recipes scattered all over the world!
- Chefs, Servers, Cashiers and costumes. Cute pets!
- Various interiors and props.
- Takeout customers, Bike delivery and Boat orders. Too busy. But with the food storage orders are completed right away!
- Wonder what grade your restaurant is? Test your grade right now! Best foods and best service to get Star V grade.
- Visit your friends' restaurant and give a tip, clean the shops to upgrade your social level.
- Are you feeling lucky today? Draw a lot now. Get side dishes, legendary recipe pieces, Gariby.
- Upgrade your staff members for the best restaurant in the world.
- Food truck and the whale family.
- Franchise chatting and mission.

Manager, are you having problems? Contact [email protected]

Whats new

    - Side dish upgrade
    - Drone delivery added to the daily quest
    - Franchise mission time changed from 24 hours to 23 hours 45 minutes.
    - bug fix

AppsTree part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 88.7495. Current verison is 1.8.5. Actual size 72.0 MB.

Download hello-seafood-2.apk 72.0 MB


Isaac Atienza

Needs adjustment I like the style and the whole concep i only wish it can be extended a lot longer to accomidate other fasilities compared to your other creation as well as other ways to acces cacao line which it dose not allow me as well as not allowing a lot of other friends it only allows 30 compared to other of your games that has no limits i hope u can fix it thanks

sharen ng

Great concept Wish tat Hello Capucino will have something like this too

Clumsy Silly

Code name: YoYoY This game is cute and smooth. No lag at all! But we need more mission. Oh, and please use my code name (YoYoY) for completing your event. We both will get the rewards ?

Dinghong Law

Definitely a 5-star game, but is still new and needs improvement. I will continue reporting bugs here. [Bug1~3 solved] BUG4[Fixed. See Bug5]: Upgrading characters (Servants, Chefs, Cashers etc) and Food Storage does NOT increase Reputation Points as claimed. BUG5: Bug4 has been fixed, but the characters and the Food Storage that were upgraded before the fix still have less Reputation Points than they should (i.e. the missing Reputation Points has not been returned!). Please fix these issues. Suggestion: make HS2 available on Facebook.

matsuki matoshi

Love it! I have no problems with this game~♥

Joshua Harsono

Decent and good compared to the first HS. Food can"t spoil so I rate full stars. It would be minus 2 stars if food spoils after a certain amount of time. Better than the first.

felisita ivory

Loved it very much ! I never played it but I now remove and install again ...... but it's a long game download

Yani Ching

"Data integrity failure" again and internet connected is fine but cant play

neu yun

fun ! kawaii !! fun to play . pls add more event since there is no things to do other than waiting food to be cooked ^_^

Steven Lee

Love the game a lot! No problems with the game! Hope u guys update the game some more! Decorations cost a lot, the upgrading people and making more foods make sense though, hope decorating is a bit less expensive! Thank you for reading!

cleon fay

Friends code: Azu The game is enjoyable. Cute chibi and help pass the time. However the upgrade and decorative things are very expensive. Btw, please use the code Azu when reach lvl 3 and 5 in event section so we can both get gift

Jose Lemuel Pelayo

Great.... Love the game...and the chibi characters, sound effects are also adorable....plss add more events.....cause I cant do anything than just waiting for the food to be depleted....

emily kong

Nice game After reach lvl 3,search for event and put my name ' BiBu ' then enjoy your reward :)

Amethyst Rico

Love it always hungry when i play it haha.. for code, use my manager name, Ricxz

Chun Eun Jae

Me too i really enjoy this game??? the only problem is i can't add pic nothing happend when i put image on it ??

Carousel love

Yay!!! I like the new hello seafood

RuieMaru Kayako

Hello Seafood 2 so exciting !! Love the game so much !!

Lemuel Estrada

So cool I love it so much

Bing Montehermoso

Because its always insufficient storage about

Rion Tachibana

Game is corrupted The game was very fun, but the screen says that the "data is corrupted" when I installed the latest update

Steven Lee

Love the game a lot! No problems with the game! Hope u guys update the game some more! Decorations cost a lot, the upgrading people and making more foods make sense though, hope decorating is a bit less expensive! Thank you for reading!

Lamli Angemon

I really love this game . Play this game almost everytime . Suddenly after the update it kinds of lagging so much even my internet connection is okay . Otherwise,This game is awesome . I hope you guys can fix it .

Vider Lee

Great! Thanks for keeping it updating. Love those cute pets that give tips. But I Having some problems while playing the game, have to reload again and again.

Kris Han

Another Great Appstree App Best restaurant based app. I always look forward to appstree games. HSF2 is a huge improvement from the first one. I also like the fact that all the items are high in cost (i.e decorations, food, upgrades) it's much more challenging this way and keeps you in the game looking forward to these upgrades. I'm hoping for Hello Cappuccino 2!!! Please....

Tan Junren

Excellent please update so that I can add more friends n can more update so that can cook more slot

Jc adpkr

Hey What happened? It says corrupted user data. Twice already.

Dawn Martin

Love game Love the new update. You should add a side chat bar so we can talk to our neighbors while we play.. Can someone make a Facebook page for neighbors and so we all can help each other out.

Teresa Rodney

It's a good game but has glitches which can be annoying! Please fix

Sambal Pedas

Kawaii Great game, but each action requires loading makes it quite annoying sometimes.. other wise it will be addictive game ever!

Vicky Q

Super cute game! (*´∪`) Items are a little pricey but it is not hard to gain a lot of coins. I love the daily quests!

Citra Patismara Putri

Cute game and addictive but...... I love this game. The characters are so cute, and all the dish looks so delicious. But why i can not buy Gariby with Indosat billing anymore? Is there any problem? At June 14 i bought Gariby with Indosat billing. Then start yesterday i can not buy it, because it changed into USD. Please help :(

Melanie Hand

This is a great game!!! The daily quests are fun, but it would also be great to see some other quests as well - eg when you level up, you get new quests to cook particular dishes, earn a certain amount of money or whatever. Also making a bigger variety of decorations available.

Clumsy Silly

Code name: YoYoY This game is cute and smooth. No lag at all! Update really makes alot of improvement, many thanks to developer?. Oh, and please use my code name (YoYoY) for completing your event. We both will get the rewards ?

Moppy Kawaii

Can't play After mentaine, I can not play again; it's always say server eror. I can not save my money. Can not open my friend. And can not upgrade my house. Please fix it.

Ajeng Shilvie

I love it ! become more addictive ,, use my code : Shilvie , lets be friends and growth our cafe together

Silva Andini

I love this game❤nice enough

Erza Scrallet

I loveit Well i love this game ....codename: Akame

Wendee Uy

Code name: DEElightful Suggestion please? It would help alot if you can make things rotate in 4 directions. Ty~ best game.

Mama Dollars

Enjoy it.. Thank u

Nekomi P

Nice update! Daily quest makes gold and girby easier to get. To clear event you need to enter friend's manager name and get free gold. My manager name is "Pikachu" . Friend request are welcome ! :)

Anna Lau

Can't find the game? How come I can't find the game in app store anymore?


CODE NAME : jonnawhh95 Submit my Code Name : jonnawhh95 to complete ur event n get the reward~ ????

Josiah Chieng

Very nice game Good graphics and fun to play.

Josh Lee

Needs improvement but otherwise ok Some spelling mistakes. Also think u should be able to change ur restaurant name and more expansions

Disney Princess

Awesome and cute?☺??? I absolutely love this game & it's a lot of fun to play. The music an graphics are wonderful. Very easy game and it's not hard to play at all.

Indra Fairyice

An idea for the next update Can we have another update that could rotate things in 4(up, down, right & left) direction pls? It's only 2(right & up) direction though....

Alex Lee

Wat complete tutorial Where is the tutorial...I didn't see it and they didn't show me wat game is tis waste ur time

Wanti Hui

Amazing Love this game

Jose Lemuel Pelayo

Wat... After the recent update..the game force closes even on a high end device, connection issues but still a great game.

Melody Caraballe

what happened? it used to work out just fine but now i am just stuck at the opening logo (with music on) no progress at all whatsoever. the game wont start no matter how long ive waited.

cleon fay

Force close Still the same. The game constantly force close less than 5 mins after I open it. I test other online based game and it run perfectly fine.

Steffi Lim

Loving it Great game But the space to expand the shop is too limited.

Amethyst Rico

Love it Always hungry when i play it haha.. for code, use my manager name, Ricxz

Jc adpkr

Hey Is there any other way to gain gariby? I need to expand for the last time. And if I may suggest you with special guests visiting our place so we can collect them

Lee Jieun

Loved it! There's not even one game that can make me stay playing for more than one day. This game is just wonderful and marvelous.

Sha'Terryca W.

Love it Won't consume your life yet keeps everything paced just right to remain interesting indefinitely

Vivian Lim

Please help me fix it. I can't log in when me update new vision 1.5.9. Please help me!!! Thanks.

Josephine Wong

Nice game n graphics Please add more different chefs. Fun to play..

Lu Hui

Good Its an adorable game, I am able to consume time playing this game without feeling tired or bored of it. However, it would be better if you could develop more on this game and put in more new things for players to unlock and accomplish when they have already reached a high level and have attained everything

Jasmine Stanek

Very fun~ This game is very cute and addicting, the art also looks very good. I really enjoy playing it daily it's not really a game you have to check all the time.

John Hauff

Great find! Found this game randomly looking through the store and its very fun

Robert Schon

Yayayay I love this game! Although I do wish the recipes to make stuff weren't so pricey, but overall awesome seafood game.

Tyla the mini pirate fox animatronic

OMG loved it and still do In reality i dont like or eat sushi but in this game I love it keep up the good work

Deja Bowm

Amazing!! But One Flaw.... The game is so fun and addictive and so kawaii but can u make it to where we don't need wifi it gets kinda annoying there should be an offline mode

Steffanie Sperry

I love it! It's not your traditional cooking game, more a mix of tap and click but I love all the upgrades you can do and rearranging. There's plenty to keep busy at once you get into the higher levels!

Sam Ward

This game is super fun and addicting!!! There is no bugs and everything is super easy to do!!

Kimberly Koltz

Hello Seafood 2 Love this game! If you like cooking games this is a good one!!

Queen Cadence

Best Game Ever! I just love this game its so adicting!

Liz Wilkinson

Love this game, so much cuteness and fun

April Molkentine

Love it Finding this game to be lots of fun and addicting. Having a blast playing it.

Mimilanie Dimou

Its cute,fun and enjoyable game to play on phone


Really cute game

Sarah Sims


David Peter

Loving it.

Phuong Tran

Very Very good game love it

Jazzmin Abdul-Rashid

Not that bad

Jordan Davis

It deleted my account I'm deleting this app because my account deleted and I'm not going through the hole process of making my cafe popular again! P.S it deleted right after it updated

Julie Lee

Awesome! The food looks yummy and the characters are so adorable! I love it.

Vider Lee

Great! Thanks for keeping it updating. Wish for more decorations.

Tasha Young

Absolutely love this app! It's a fun way to while away some time!

lidia guerrero

Amazing Its perfect always something to change or do :)

Lynn Melendez

Fun Its great to by past time

Shen Long

Nothing to say ...

Giohanna De Los Angeles

Amazing! :) Very addicted to it! I always play this game whenever I have nothing else to do. Its great that you always have something new. Especially matching up the themes whenever something is coming up! Keep up with some new updates please! :))

Feyth Healer

Truly fun! I really love this game! It's fun and entertaining. Really easy, and challenging at the same time!

Precious Mathis

Seafood This is about the only game I've never gotten bored with or ended up deleting because it is easy to make money on this game and it's fair .I love it???

Nichole Joslin

Great Game This game is awesome and a lot of fun. They're generous with their in game currency (you can earn it easily by achievements) and they're not nagging you all the time to buy things or rate them. The only thing I hate is waiting for the dishes to finish cooking because this game is so fun!

Jamie Egg

It's worth trying, trust me! I have been playing this game for about 5 months now, and i'm still enjoying it very much. It's really fun! :D Just some suggestions though, it would be great if you added land expansion and 2nd storey with stairs. It'd be awesome If you did so!

Kristen Wilson

It's so fun to play I like it cause it's more up to date the the first game. I love how there are newer things like the street food and the bike delivery

Ubaidah M. B.

Best game ever! I love that this game doesnt force you to buy the galbies. U can earn it just by putting in effort. And updates are awesome. It extends the game, gives more variety of things for players.

Clint Gordon

Hello Seafood!! Love it! Currency is easy to acquire, which makes all the difference for these types of games, you always can find something to do! Only suggestion would be, to be able to exspand the restaurant more, so much wonderful stuff but so little room!. Thank you for a great game!

Kiingjaii Hendon

Great game Got my whole crew playing this game?

Christopher Anderson

5 stars This is very enjoyable. Lots of customization and rewards in the game

Amy Dover

Very fun

Jenn Lam

Pretty fun and easy to play. I love that the food doesn't get spoiled if you forget it.

Amanda Moua

Love the game but... Every time there's a new update, there's always issues; glitches, issues loading, issues even getting into the game.

vinh tran

Update The after the new update my game would crash after it loads

LianaViannaVi Low

Cant update Y i cant update the 1.6.9 updated? My connect is prefect the bar kip runing wout updating :( pls help on dis i love dis game so much. 10q

Amber Walters

So not boring I love that it keeps getting new updates. Keeps it from getting boring.

Ousmane Zongo

Don't work After update it don't work anymore

Ainsley Gervacio

Cute and funny game! My only complaint would be more expansion for the restaurant!

Lourdes Gonzalez

Love it Love the game but will be nice to buy the whales with the money won.

Tan Cheng

Good Very cute game.

Milexa Rodriguez

Cute, easy and entertaining I love everything about this game! Specially the décor options. So many different outcomes for your restaurant ?

Yaneth Gomez

So much fun!!! This game is great. I really recommend it, it is very addicting and fun to play. I have no complaints whatsoever. It doesn't crash like other games that I have played.

Bex Matthews

I really enjoy playing this game just wish we could play this offline aswell.

Jewel Marie Umali

Awesome Game for Long Playing I've been playing this for over a year now and it's great! Not that time-taxing and you can buy things without having to pay so much. The graphics are easy on the eyes and the features aren't illogical. ^^

Xing Yue

I love it Its simple to play and the character is sooo cute.

Lee Jieun

Loved it! There's not even one game that can make me stay playing for more than one day. This game is just wonderful and marvelous.

Fernansa Koh

Addictive game I love this game. And will play everyday to get the cute furniture. Looking forward to more items added also

Revilleza Lucky

Surprisingly fun! One of those rare games that somehow allows you to progress without pay wall.

Stephanie Thornton

Like new updates. My kids like the ice cream truck.

Maria Hazleecouper

Super love this game! So addicted. Never missed a day to play this game.

Kent La

Fun game Always trying to upgrade my stuff

Maria Robnson

Fun Addictive and easy to play

Sabariah Rodi

Very cute! I love this game because it is cute

Panda Kitty

Cute and fun

Shayne Koh

Great Game It's a pretty fun game, worth the download. Reason for 4 stars is that the food truck isn't auto-sell so you gotta stay online and sell them manually.

Katherine Galea-Ford

Just what I've been looking to play! Cute game, not complicated. Love that it's in real time. Easy to level up without worrying about it becoming a pay-to-play. I don't know why this doesn't have more downloads, to be honest.

Xing Yue

Improve the game I love this game. The concept is good easy to play. Another things is that the cooking timing needs to wait very long earning money is too slow. And buying things much more expensive. The most need to improve that earning money and cooking time would be much more waiting time lesser i would be nice to play this games. I hope my feedback would be useful.

Laura Carla

am excited waiting for the new update!! ? hehe.. oh if you can add the second floor it will be amazing ? thank you ~ ❤ play this game

Jordan Davis

Can u add a feature were we can change the workers skin color? I want to make my workers into characters but I need to change their skin color to do that!

Sarah Sweitzer

Love the game, but didn't get my gariby :( I love this game, its my favourite! But I was supposed to receive 420 gariby for downloading Mobile Strike and upgrading to level 7. I downloaded it, played to level 8, but I never received my gariby :c could someone help?

coua xiong

Kraurum Love it so much really going to recommend to people

Zorabelle C

Cute & Fun game! Great way to pass the time!

susana elwari

Sueana I loveeeee it I cant say anything wrong with this game cute characters an so much things to work love ittttt 5 plus more star

blackass jack

Mom's game Fun and time consuming

Kimberly Kelsey

Kawaii Love it. Such a cool game.

Clumsy Silly

Code name: YoYoY Really look forward for the next update. Saw a helipad. Seems like we'll have a heli delivery soon ? thank you for always adding something new to this game ?

Luz Torres

Love it :-) I just love it :-) :-) :-)

Delia DeCoster

I love it but you cant do some things without raising your social level but it doesn't tell you how to

Melissa Whiffen

Love it! Its so cute ^ ^)/♡ I love this its so cute and nice to play while relaxing ^ ^)/ be sure to have a go at this game!


Needs adjustment I like the style and the whole concep i only wish it can be extended a lot longer to accomidate other fasilities compared to your other creation as well as other ways to acces cacao line which it dose not allow me as well as not allowing a lot of other friends it only allows 30 compared to other of your games that has no limits as well as it dosent allow me to retrive my saved data im stuck and it wont allow access to my resent file i hope u can fix it thanks

Vider Lee

Great! Thanks for keeping it updating. Wish for more decorations.

Kathleen Harrell

Lots of fun! Makes me smile to play for days.

gaoandphong khangvang

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Best cooking game ever!But....For the reputation points are low for some designs I like so my reputation points are kinda low. So if you guys can make the other lower points the same as the others at a different level then it will be great!

Wendy Crespo

I love this game. It's cute, great time to spend extra time, and creative.

Tina Bell

Really good fun game, wish their was more designs for hair, eyes an costumes, i like having mine all diffrent an its limited, or even if you could dye the hair an eyes a diffrent colour would be cool

susan howard

It was really fun to play. You can design your own dishes. And feel like a real cook.

Kou Her

This game is awesome!!!

Sothary Nham

Characters are kawaii and it's easy and fast earning cool stuff and upgrades.

Susan Kirsopp

Very cute game

amy goh

Really nice game

MaC Serrano

When it comes to stimulation game I got bored easily but this game was Very fun, addicting ,characters are really cute compare to other games. Overall two thumbs up!

Hayley Montanari

Fun and Cute

Tru Scorpio

Excellent Customer Service Yesterday, I had a few questions about reputation points. So I went to the in-game help option & fired off an email, not really expecting a reply. A few hours later, I got a pleasant surprise. I got a direct email, And a follow-up email to make sure my question was answered. Yes, the game is fun, but my experience proves that the devs care about us-the players, Enjoying and Understanding the game. 10 stars! Download this now and have fun. **Welcome**

Kimberly Simpson

Having a blast! This is acute little game, great work!

ana marie deibel

I loooooove this game!!! Great graphics. Characters are cute..

Enid Lozad

The best Awesome game

Clumsy Silly

Code name: YoYoY Really look forward for the next update ? thank you for always adding something new to this game ?

Joely Sonnier

Yus So addicting when your in rush mode with customers. Love this game ??

Lisa Peh

chef and pets hope that there's new chef and pets available in shop. overall it was fun

sassy princess

PLEASE READ I love this game and how you add more challenges, but we need more decorations and wall papers and floors of many kinds! Please add more!

Vider Lee

Great! Thanks for keeping it updating. Wish for more decorations.

Alethia Rankin

Great game earning money is easy but the social levels is not.

Luz Torres

Love it :-) I just love it :-) :-) :-)

shuxuan ng

error i just updated my lottery machine to level 3. but after update, i can't draw 10 cuopons directly. i need to draw 1 by 1. it keep saying data failure. please fix. thanks

Shannon Urlich

Love it! So cute to play, the only problem i have with it is the amount of time it takes to develop xp. But other than that the game functions quite well without spending loads on completing side quests.

Chua Shyanne

Expand Love this game,none a day not playing :) I hope the field could expand bigger so could decorate more items ,mine already to the expand to the Max, pls do expand, please..


Error I love this game now it keeps saying server error. Cant play

Thou Sok

Loverstuffer I love this game its so fun but mum keeps on uninstalling it but I'm just going to download it

Christina Reed

Love it This game is so much fun.Its easy to play great graphics loads of fun.Thanks for a really good game.

Jhene Augustin

Awesome I'm so addicted to dis game, I really like it.

Rattha Kim

Really cute I just wished there were easiest ways to earn the shells

Kimberly Simpson

Having a blast! This is acute little game, great work!

Paula Marie Macleod

Addictive! I love it!... But having problems with losing connection to the server, then when it comes back I've lost all my progress, end up trying to sell the same street food 4 times,.. Annoying! Especially for franchise missions...⭐Since the newest update, connection has gotten ALOT WORSE.... Blah.. What's up with this??? ⭐

XmyselfxmeX Vlog

Your update won't let me play the game Since I updated it to the latest one I can't play the game now. Keeps saying can't connect to server.

Nickola Levy

Love it...! But I wish there was another way to return to old games, other than Facebook and the other app. ? I've lost a phone or two in my time so sucks sometimes to start all the way over

paTricia Klasinz

Omg I just lost my whole game lvl 78 lvl 54 hearts an lost 985 clams are u kidding me plz help I'm not starting over this is crap its saved on my fb but won't let it download from there

Denise Bell

Fantastic I used to play the first version and loved it but it got boring I LOVE this version so much Thank You very much

Nicki B

Great game Fun and cute. Wish it had some Help pages. Cant figure out how to chat with others.

Tom Han

awesome! is a relaxing n also a game that test your creativity on decorating the restaurant.

JoAnn Sisson

Great Game! I like playing this game. It's fun.

jasmine seutahi

so cute love this game

Vicky hale

Enjoying this game just wished that when you're trying to level people and bikes and trucks it didn't cost so much.?

Edgar Castro

This game is great but: Is this game can be play offline it wold be even better

Htoo Doh

Best game ever This is so fun I love it

Liz Hirata

Simple and Fun Great way to pass time. That being said, going through your friends list (max 100) one at a time clicking up to 3 different things is really tedious (cleaning trash being the most difficult).

Xiao Bai

Awesome... but How to earn the diamond... is there any way without spending money to earn diamond. Thanks pls help.

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