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23 Jul
Hell, The Dungeon Again!

Posted by Anton Skvortsov in Role Playing | July 23, 2015 | 57 Comments

Apk file size: 17.0 MB

Make the way through the dungeons full of terrible monsters and fight with the chief demon, gave birth to hordes of evil creeps.

In this turn-based RPG you will find:
-3 character classes (berserker, cleric, huntress) with its own characteristics and skills.
-Randomly-generated dungeons.
-25 Levels divided into 5 locations.
-Tons of loot with random properties.
-Achievements for defeating special monsters.
-Colorful pixel graphics in 8-bit style.

Unlike many other representatives of the genre Roguelike, this game is more casual and has a lower barrier to entry.

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Whats new

    -Fixed scaling problem.
    -Changes were made to correct the problem of "gray screen".

Anton Skvortsov part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 23, 2015. Google play rating is 80.3812. Current verison is 1.0.15. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download hell-the-dungeon-again.apk 17.0 MB


Benjamin Clifton

It's good but...... Food drops are scarce all ways starve to death how about placing shops every few levels we paid for this game to have fun not starve all the time please fix

Jamie Carroll

Stellar example of a roguelite or roguelike-like. Highly polished, simple yet addictive. I've probably already dumped 20+ hours into it this week. I only wish there was more information available about the game, such as what stats affect what abilities, or how abilities work in depth. Perhaps a player-created wiki is in order.

Billy Mize

Get pixel dungeon instead. This game is just a crappier version of a free rogue like game. Don't waste your money when you can get a better game for free and is a lot more user friendly.

David Wachtman

Solid Fun ...except for two complaints that have kept me from playing more than a few minutes here or there... 1) It takes a boring amount of attacks on a monster to kill it (sometimes 20+) and 2) The combat sound effects are reminscent of the sound made by a boot stepping into a squishy mound of grapes and seaweed...not satisfying at all, certainly not a sword swipe or spear stab etc.

Eric G

Love it Great game love it the only pain in the butt is moving around. And would be cool to have the choice of what stats to upgrade on lvling up. Other than that love it!

Jack Bonar

Prettiest Roguelike on Android. This roguelike is gorgeous. The diablo-esque village in pixel form is absolutely adorable. The gear is wonderfully done. I can't wait to dive back in the dungeon for more loot. It has become my go-to game. I hope for a sequel sometime soon and would throw my money at any possible crowd funding from this developer. I LOVE THIS GAME!

Jacob Swartwood

I really enjoyed this game. Played through with a few characters. And beat it... So it's not impossible or constant starving, it's just hard (remember to stay stocked with food and portals). That said, next time I switch phones, I'll never play it again. It needs cloud save (preferably through play services). That would also make the achievements more valuable. I've already felt the local save pain between my tablet and phone.

Ashley Finney

Amazing. Great little dungeon crawler. It has a few little annoying things but overall, its amazing. Skills should be down the side I think, ranged attacks hit by accident.

Jessie Pisa

Getting there Cant lie, I still love the darkness of the graphics and the colors in general but it feels like not much has changed. Needs a rouge class (would be great) and you should put a close or X on confirmation windows. It just feels more natural to hit close or X then to tap off the window. Last but not least, more skills for the hero. I know it would seem like sprinkles on top and I do thoroughly enjoy the basicness but I feel like there isnt that much customization. Maybe skill trees? Thatd be awsome I think.

Trelos Alepou

Very good rogue-lite Addictive, well made and thoroughly enjoyable.

Anton Pustovoyt

Waste of money This game is very strongly inspired by pixel dungeon, which is imho both better by design and gameplay, and it's also free compared to this. This game just isn't worth money with better free alternatives available.

Dhruv B

Amazing This game is absolutely amazing with its blend of simplistic combat and mechanics and strategic depth it holds despite the former. Maybe a few more classes would be nice but otherwise, for a quick, rewarding old school RPG experience, look no further.

Alberto Mazzara

Wasted money Polished nice and all, but I would rather had bought candies instead

Shashank Joshyula

Not working on Tab S. The screen becomes dark grey and after a while I can hear the menu music... But can't see anything on the screen. Works great on my S5 though. Would love to play it on my tab. Please fix this bug. Many thanks.

Dinara Kubegenova

Replaced old with new Got new features which I love. New classes and items. But took out some good features: tapping multiple times to move (now have to only tap once or will force stop walking), the dungeons are random even when going down/up floors. No point in a map or really going deep into dungeon if it keeps randomly changing (expensive portals).

dominic adams

It's ok. It's an ok game but I hate that when I tap on an area, the character doesn't want to move sometimes and I have to tap other squares to get him to move. I would prefer pixal dungeon more.

David Earhart

Ok this is BS I just reduced this rating to one star. FIX THE STUPID POISON/FIRE TRAPS. I get it....sometimes doors have traps but dude it happens WAY TOO MUCH. It's annoying.


Amazing rouge like Food needs to either be cheaper, or easier to find.

Jennifer Hamilton

Love it, wish it had a bit more to it I love the old school dungeon crawl games. Hours of instamt entertainment. Wish there was more choice in characters, weapon types, and skills. Otherwise this is an incredible game and excels at achieving its intent, to be a dumgeon crawl adventure.

John Apple II

Enjoyable The game is decent and I do enjoy that if you die on earlier levels, you can keep going. However, the way it works isn't we'll be explained to the users. If I want used to nethack and other roguelikes I might have found it a little frustrating the first 5-6 playthroughs.

Lizo Mzimba

Buy this, it's totally worth it! It took me a while to get into, but I now think I could very easily become addicted to Hell The Dungeon Again! Frankly i'm only held back from playing it for hours on end because of battery concerns, I.e needing my phone to also be a phone, not just something to play "Hell etc" on. :)

Dominic Willett

Fun and addictive Good time killer, wish there were more abilities and a wider range of weapons. But very fun. Play is more polished than pixel dungeon.


If you're a fan of roguelikes, you'll love this game.

Gus Sep

Preety good, need more updates though, plus needs more inventory

Jeff Gandee

Very good so far... Hoping for an update soon. It's fun, but still lacking a certain something.

Casey Hodgson

Sits on black screen at start.. Please fix! I'm using a galaxy note 4 on kit kat. This used to work fine on ask my other previous note models EDIT: 5 months later, still no fix.. Rubbish dev..

Chris Blankenship

Depths of fun! Just like dungeon games that people play. This is like a kind of game that would last a long time with bosses that get stronger as further down you go in depth. I recommend this game.

Richard Madueno

Doesn't work on a Galaxy Note Pro.

dario rivas

I like it but... I just what see different appearance of my character and weapon, like I don't see any progression of my character changing to different outfits or different weapon while I play the game, so please can you do that for the next update of this game, will much like that if you guys do that, So right now it will be four but it will be five right after you guys put that. I don`t mean different classes, just equipment you are wearing or I hope you guys get this, anyway have a good day.


Doesn't work Doesn't work on optimus G

Josh Ash

Poorly designed Worth the $.99 if you really like rogue-lites.

JrRell F'n.O.H

Dream game!! Chicken cost 20 coins? That's more than most armor or some weapons!! Come now. Besides my mini rant, I still like this game.

Jason Yingling

Awesome game if you enjoy dungeon crawling with a Diablo item grind.

Przemy Slav

Awsome! Better than diablo 3! Would love to see character slots so you could play with more than one char.

Brett Heywood

Ok game but.. It could use more updates :/

Sam Whillance

Not as good Definitely not as good as Pixel Dungeon, as much as this game tries to be that game. Poor design decisions, just not the same level of quality.

Chris Baillarge

Screen stays black on startup. When launched on Asus tablet 10", Model number K00C

Michael Schorn

Does not start Does not start. Right after start blackscreen on Sansung Galaxy Tab S.

Faux Weed

? Does not work for Nexus10. There is only a black screen with music gently looping in the background. I would very much like to play this; please fix!

dan Bdan

interesting not sure what is going on yet

Ben Herrmann

Looks good but won't open plz fix.?

Arnold Azares

Gray screen of death, no support I sent an email to the developer asking for help and received no response. 1 star for lousy support.

Simon Braml

On Oneplus One somehow the directional buttons doesn't work. Sometimes he moves but not in the right direction.

Adi Mittal

I really enjoy this game. I personally love RPGs and difficult games. So when I discovered roguelikes, I fell in love with my new favorite genre of games. This game is great because you can introduce it to someone new to the genre. It has the option of perma-death (I keep on all the time). But I have gone in the approach of side scrolling roguelikes because I feel that there is a better way to incorporate the many difficult aspects of a roguelike (fall damage, gravity, enemies hitting from above or below, etc.). But this game is probably my favorite top-down roguelike I know of. So congratulations on making a good roguelike. (This can probably contend with the game Pixel Dungeon but I prefer the look of this game and it adds MORE aspects of what a great roguelike needs (I've been playing them for a while, have played a lot of them, and have done my research. That's why I prefer side scrolling roguelikes. The research shows it to me.))

CoMo BuCoo

Too little storage Need another 5 or so storage slots. As is, you have to run to town every 5 minutes to lighten the load... Until fixed, 3 stars..... Otherwise great game.

Jj Deguzman

Awesome Pls make it so I can have each class as both boy and girl

Faux Weed

? YAY! Bought this game over a year ago; tried to play it several times, but it never worked on my device. Saw the update and thought I'd give it another shot; SURPRISE, it works!! Very cute roguelike with relaxing music; I love it.

JYarik YMO

Still 5/5 Still 5/5 since testing first version on 4PDA.

Austin Ebel

New devices Needs support for newer devices and getting grey screen on start when I try to play on my tablet

Michalis BB

Very enjoyable dungeon crawler - similar to nethack, unfortunately it comes back as 'not available for my device' on the nexus 5X..

Sergey Yushkov

Too easy, too casual.

jess isninja

Getting there Cant lie, I still love the darkness of the graphics and the colors in general but it feels like not much has changed. Needs a rogue class (would be great) and you should put a close or X on confirmation windows. It just feels more natural to hit close or X then to tap off the window. Last but not least, more skills for the hero. I know it would seem like sprinkles on top and I do thoroughly enjoy the basicness but I feel like there isnt that much customization. Maybe skill trees? Thatd be awsome I think.

Walter Read

Pretty awesome honestly, but when I exit the game it resets the current dungeon level (puts me back at entrance and new layout) instead of just leaving my guy where he was. And when you return to any level you've been to it's randomized again. There's other small things but these are surprising to still see in a game that's been around this long. *** I'd love to see a melding of this and pixel dungeon, both games hit different notes and are lacking what the other excels at!

Gerard Meade

Won't work anymore

Alan Putera Sendiawan

Only black screen! No loading screen, no nothing.. After I switched to another app and switched back to this app, it plays a bgm, but still nothing displayed even after some time.. Please fix!

Benny Bottema

Doesn't start on Galaxy Tab S Black screen is all I get

Jeff Rider

Solid roguelike The last star is because theres no dialogue in it it's just a dungeon dive i hoped based on the title for the townspeople to address why they built so close to the lava adjacent castle

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