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13 Dec
Heart Beat Rate

Posted by Bio2Imaging in Health & Fitness | Dec. 13, 2013 | 72 Comments

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The Heart Beat Rate app uses your smartphone camera as a heart rate monitor.

Thanks to an innovative image analysis process which tracks your blood flow in real-time, it gives a direct and reliable measurement of your heart rate.

All you have to do is cover the whole camera lens with your index tip, and the application will compute your heart rate in real-time while displaying the pulse signal in a graph.

Heart Beat Rate features :

● Real-time heart rate calculation & display
● Real-time pulse signal display in scrolling graphe
● Smart measure mode (measure stops after 15s if a valid pulse value is found)
● Resting heart rate checked against standards at the end of each measure
● Heart Rate training zones during physical activity
● Personnal advice to help you lower your resting heart rate for a better health
● Settings page
● Great design for a great user experience !

It works ! ★★★★★
By Agron from France - Free version 1.0.3 on Sony Ericsson MT27i (MT27i) - Oct 29, 2012
"It works super well. Very good application."

Amazing ! ★★★★★
By Yann from France - Free version 1.0.3 on Samsung Galaxy S2 - Oct 09, 2012
"The app is neat and it works fine."

Great ! ★★★★
By Ln from France - Free version 1.0.3 on HTC Desire S (saga) - Sept 21, 2012
"This app does what is expected of it, with ease."

Why use Heart Beat Rate app ?

You may use our application to determine your heart rate just out of curiosity, to compare it with your friends for fun, after physical activity to know your Heart Rate training zone or to do health prevention.

Note : current version does not work on devices without flashlight.

Whats new

    - fix issue causing app crash at launch on some devices

Bio2Imaging part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Dec. 13, 2013. Google play rating is 84.5555. Current verison is 1.4.2. Actual size 15.0 MB.

Download heart-beat-rate.apk 15.0 MB


Dilip Naik

Pretty Good Have used it a few times and does seem to be accruate... difficult to know if the reading is correct other than to verify with a professional machine.

Cassia Flores

Awesome I have health problems and I have Hospital monitor in my room and My heart rate is always at 107 but when im on the go Id like to see what it is and this is very nice cause its around 109 and 108 so yeah that is good for me. 5stars

Wayne Latham

Fails about 3 times before it works. With every measurement the first three attempts fail prior to the fourth one working. By then my heart rate is significantly lower than my first attempt (after a workout) which makes it inaccurate and useless.

Rustie Dolley

Works well After dying four days ago from a massive heart attack my cardiologist suggested I get a monitor for my heart rate, this one works well and hasn't said that I have reached my daily limit for testing, perhaps this company is more interested in my health than my money, that's appreciated. Thank you for the great app.


Fine except I really don't read the ads so for me they are a waste of time. App is accurate in its measurements. I have no intentions of buying the so-called "Pro" version as I'm perfectly cspable of compiling and analyzing my own statistics. Good app though.


All around good app! First off, I LOVE that there's no "daily limit". This tells me the company really does care about my health and not just making a quick buck! Second, I wish it could calculate a little faster, when I'm checking my 1 year old, (she has asthma) or my other 3 who just like to use for fun. It doesn't pick up their finger like 9 outta 10 times. Please fix it so it can read little people hands :) thanks! Great app!

Elizabeth Gaquin

Great app! Love this app. Was all set to buy a very expensive monitor when I read about this app. I need to track my heart rate. That's all. Don't need any other bells and whistles. This app works well and does what it says it does. It may take a few attempts at first to calibrate but I think that has more to do with the user learning how to hold it correctly. Works perfectly.

Alexander Alisigwe

Awesome I would have given it a 5 but inability to turn on my camera flash light at night making it impossible to use the app limited my intention. Anyway I have another app that does that but with no tips

inderjit singh osahan

It is a good app for measuring and recording bpm. It would have been more useful, had there been beep volume adjustments before hand to avoid disturbance to near by persons on different locations and time.

Abu Sufian

Uninstalling Really difficult to get a heart rate. Not enough light, low signal, finger not warm bunch of bs. Found a better heart measuring app which is Runtastic.

Virginia McGinnis

Nurse here..... I'm a nurse an I downloaded for home use or for on the go at work I would give it a 5but the others are right it takes about 3tries to be precise with EKG monitoring. Good job,

JV Tardif

Doesn't work Couldn't find heart rate and I tried it more than 5 times. Azumio apps is for now the only apps that is working properly. I tried 5 heart rates apps.

janey hillman

Good app Most accurate heart monitor ive found yet.. I have a heart condition and sometimes I get panicky about what my heart rate is doing... This app has calmed me down on several occasions! ☺

scott messenger

Worked Worked for me. After downloading the top 5 heart rate apps this was the only one that worked every time and didn't require me to purchase "pro" version to measure more than 3x a day. Would give 5 stars if history was available on free version. I don't mind looking at ads if I can have a tracking feature, but I won't pay to keep track or eliminate ads.

Cheryl Hinds

Accurate Heart rate app was the same as when I checked it myself using a clock with a second hand and my first 2 fingers. Applying light pressure on my wrist. 5 stars ... best app and accurate I found so far.

Scc Sheab Scc Sheab

100% accurate I'm at the hospital. Tested this app with their monitor on my other hand, i couldn't believe how accurate this it.

douglas kraft

Just a little short This app, although help full seems to be lacking when it comes to picking up an elevated heart rate. Any rate over 110 is not picked up or displayed with any regularity. I have e*mailed the developer to see if an upgrade to the pro model would result in a more consistent reading but as of today, no reply.

Robert Hammon

Robert (Jay) Hammon I enjoy this app a great deal. Its very accurate and I sometimes depend on it when I'm unable to find my regular pulse/oxygen tester. I have conjestive heart failure and have to keep a close eye on my numbers. Thsnks to all concerned and have ax good Friday.

Neal Fuerst

Good app Overall, this is a good app. It seems to be accurate as long as you have a normal heartbeat. My only major complaint about this app is that there are only two categories you can use when labeling your pulse measurement: rest or training. I would like to see a customizable list of categories.

Tammy Harmon

Hated it..exactly piece of crap if you ask me...for all who like an love it, I'm glad that it works well for you an hope it helps just won't work for me but everyone is don't let my negative comment influence your decision to not try it because there are many comments with great might work for you...

Rafael Resurrected

What happened? It gets an accurate reading of your heart rate with 2 options (Resting/Training). Gives a descriptive detail of what it means within those health ranges. However, one major glaring con is the detection. Lately it's been having difficulty detecting my heart rate on my LG Nexus 5. Please fix this. ⭐⭐

Prabhakar Shukla

nice who was the man behind this idea.. i thought heart rate apps would work using accwlerometer but this way is much more accurate.. if u look at the finger u can easily see the pulsation caused due to blood flow in the form of light intensity changes

Robin Mckimmey

Nice and easy This is easy to use , and to understand. I think it is a great addition to the tools I am using to help me life a healthier life.

Shawnia Freeman

I have MS, so it's really good to know what my heart rate is, especially since my MS has caused me to lose most of my mobility.

Donnie Kilgo

Donnie K. "It works!" What more can I say, other than it works! I downloaded several different BPM apps but this was the only one of them all that was accurate and complete for me!

Jagdish Bramta

Fantastic app This app has male/female settings as well as age and average heart rate data which helps in give an idea of the current reading. ..

Mark Benedict

Fantastic! I'll buy it because it doesn't force you to. Accurate and simple to use. No daily limits. Good tracking. Just needs a 3rd Category that's not Resting and not Training for regular, throughout the day pulse checks.

Ashish Sahu

Wrong results Always shows heart rate above 92 how can this be possible....

Daniel Lukic

Lying crap should sue you bitchs.. Why lie 4?¿!¡ Showing the same rate over and over again plus it doesn't have to be your finger I did it on my arm, chest, stomach

louise wallace

Good wee accurate heart beat counter but info given tends to scare until u google whats a normal heart rate x but as i said an accurate counter x

Jeff DeVergilio

Highly recommended I have a minor heart issue and check my heart rate quite often. I've used other heart monitor apps in the past but since finding this one have used no other. This app is very easy to use, and quite accurate. I've never encountered a problem and use it often. I'm very happy with this app and recommend it to anyone who needs to check their pulse rate for health reasons or just for fun.

craig smith


Charles J.

Good Great accuracy just have to have pro to see any previous readings wish could at least see last. Blood pressure machine was 79, nurse manual method 77 & this 77. Another app was in middle at 78 but a third app tested was way off at 65.

Alexandro Sanchez

I tried it when I was at the clinic at the same time as one of the machines read my heartbeat at it was the same Amazed how accurate this app is

Shiraz Mallaa

Excellent Very well done! This app is very good I use it 3 times in a day, in the morning in the afternoon and in the evenings, keeps me in check with my physical health. Excellent.

Grady Jones

Exactly Does what it says. Don't know if its accurate but it says I'm healthy so I'm not gonna complain.. Lol.

Zachary Godwin

Hrv for food intolerance I downloaded this to track my heart rate variability in order to identify food intolerances. I don't use the in-app notes or other features as they pertain to exercise rather than what I'm trying to track. The heart rate measurements are pretty accurate if you turn off the smart feature and have it measure for 30 seconds. I do my own notes on the side and it has worked out pretty well!

Fi Thompson

It's so simple to use and clear to read. Pretty accurate and works every time.

Anna Mittelstadt

Heart rate app Was in ER and checked out this app while hooked to heart machine it is pretty accurate. Did have trouble reading irregular heartbeats at around 180 beats a minute. So nice app for normal pulse taking. :)

Gano Stewart

Awesome!!! Getting married trying to get in better shape monitors well quite accurate love it combined with my workout and fitness apps

Carlos Gordon

So far works very good Compared it to an actual blood pressure monitor and the readings were almost the same

Дмитрий Григоров

God bless you Everything is excelent for free app


HTC vivid, works fine. But translation to Russian just horrible

hyden edouard

Very helpful. I use this app every morning before I get out of bed to start my day, and during the day I monitor my heart rate to see the difference because move up and down a lot.

DrAhmed Shahzad

Inaccurate. i m 16 and have been Checking my beat with checker tho. And i have never seen my beat below 90 and your BS meter gave me result of 70 beats LOLOL

Abe Tetsuya

Helpful application Its so help me for monitoring my condition, now I can life healthy

Marty Heath

Helped save me Had arrhythmia for years. Developed problems one day. Used app to track heartbeat. Went from 129 to 46 in a short time and pictures of pulse erratic. Went to hospital had to have surgery for a pacemaker next day. Helped to convince me to go to hospital and ultimately saved me.

Nour Hlwani

Loved it A very great app .. so useful what it can do .. it measures the right bmp as shows in a real heart monitor .. excellent job .. for who sees that light can hurt your finger well don't put it too long and it's a camera thing not an app problem (you can capture a video and see that its also getting hot) .. and who have wrong heart beats results just read the manual and youll see how to use it properly. There are few conditions. Keep up the good work! :)

Nick O'Gara

About 50/50 if it gets a read. And all over the place doing back to back checks have been more than 30 bpm off.

Pamela Foster

Cool device! Practical and convenient. I love it!!

Nasim Sarkar

Accurate I tested it again and again and found it reliable. It beeps with every pulse. Not a fake application at all as I had thought at first.

Paul Channing

Feeds my hypochondria nicely Seems to work well on my Fairphone 2 where the camera and light are close together. The readings I get are pretty close to what my Wahoo chest strap monitor and my blood pressure gauge say. I'm in the range for my age where it tells me that I'm either really fit or I may have bradycardia. I don't feel very fit at the moment, hence why I use these hypochondria gadgets.

Gheorghe Popa-Radu

Works very well Being a bit skeptical, I manually took my pulse in parallel with the app. Apart from a normal delay between the carotid and index finger, the beats were the same as those sensed by this app. It works surprisingly well.

christina c

Needs Improvement It fails most of the time. Wish it would give a better reading. My rate keeps jumping in numbers just from sitting. I took it & got a reading of 69 and yet as soon as the test was over I took it again & I got another reading of 84. It needs to be more accurate

Alis Sunwolf

Frustration with this app probably makes my heart rate increase Won't work if signal is low. Even with a good signal and being sure i'm following their tips, this app fails to work. It often tells me it has detected my finger, I see numbers flash but at the end it says can't read. About ready to look for another heart rate app.

wesley ward

Very useful I'm currently having some health issues. And having to keep a constant check on my pulse. I'm using this app in unison with another app. Could quite possibly save my life with what's going on!! To the creators thank you for this app, so apps many only allow 2 readings a day!!

Vijaykumar Hanumandla

Fake I tried several times my self and setting age as younger(20yrs),middle age(36),and old age(60)... And i observed differnet heart rate as 81,72,69 respectively... Here what happen actually i touch same finger but change age setting.. According to age only its reflecting not as per phishycal fitness and heartbeat

Noir Pontis

Can be used I know my usual pulse range, n this app reading measurement is close to it. No idea if really accurate or not

michael tasker

As a new user, I'll give 2* for now and review again after a longer test period. My friends are astonished at my resting HR of 45-50, though

Charles Stoy

Misleading The minimal functionality of this app is typical of Android based apps. Give the 'suckers' a picture of what could be and maybe they will buy the real thing. Has it occurred to Android developers that the idea of 'under promise and over deliver' means that the sample you provide is capable of standing alone and the real product drops 'their socks.' That process will deliver 3X's as much profit, not revenue, but profit.

David Chau

LED gets REALLY hot! LED gets REALLY hot! Other apps like Runtastic don't seem to use as bright LED so it doesn't burn my finger. Otherwise it works well. Unlimited readings vs some other apps.

Tim Jacobs

Extremely accurate My wife is an MA and I had her check my pulse at the same time as this app. They were no more than 3 bpm difference between her reading and this app. We did this several times. Every time it was accurate.

Ganesh ds

V nice app Thought s5 only can do this, thanks to this app.. camera lens acts as sensor for detecting pulse rate.


Not accurate at all.. how can my heart beat change within seconds? And it's a huge gap! First I measured it was 67 per min. I tried again for accuracy, it increase to 108! And again it decrease to 87? All this process not exceeding 30sec! So u see? How is it possible my heart beat changes in that short time? BTW I'm uninstalling thanks

Peter Charlton

Peter Had to give it one to rate. The thing is next to useless ! According to this my desk has a pulse of 42 ! Something wrong there guys.

trevor kurisa

Very good Works very well. Had a few problems the first days, as the app could not detect my finger, but then I realised I had to be still when using. Works like a charm!!!

Nenad Najdanovic

Works. Use it if you need it. Unexpectedly useful. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that it actually works. If you need the information about your heart rate, and cannot determine it without this app, you should definitely use it.

Always the Truth

Beware of this app - Very dangerous I have a heart problem, usually fast. I do use several medical monitors but downloaded this because I always have my phone with me. At first, it was off a little, but I wasn't too concerned. THIS MORNING IT READ 51BPM and said I could have Bradycardia. At the time, my pulse oxymeter and BP monitor showed 67bpm. That is a huge difference and by itself could be very dangerous if I believed the app. I am uninstalling immediately and would advise others to find something more accurate IMMEDIATELY.

Martin Rasmussen

Works Automatic detection of heart rate works fine on camera. Works fine on BPM below 40. History could however be done locally instead of remote. Requires pro version for history. Warns of baradycardia on low bpm

J R Goldsberry

Can't get a reading This is an issue with the S 3. How do others get it to work? Maybe fake ratings?

DevilsLittle Sister

Start I know when it is functioning properly its is 5bpm less than readings from my doctor's gauge... When it wants to work... I have had it say my heart rate is anywhere from 32 bpm - 52 bpm and I have tachycardia so that's impossible... I'm not sure if it's even possible with a healthy heart... It is getting to where it doesn't want to detect a beat at all and when it does it goes back and forth (from 70bpm - 130bpm) so much it still says measure failed.. unfortunately it's still better than others I have tried

Vivian D

I like this ap but it works inconsistently. Sometimes reads right the first time & others I can't a good reading after a few attempts & by then my heart rate is down. Maybe they'll upgrade soon

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