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29 Jul
Health Manager

Posted by Digit Grove in Health & Fitness | July 29, 2016 | 106 Comments

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Increase your health awareness and health consciousness with Health Manager. The focus of health manager is to regulate the activities that will directly impact your health such as eating habits, water consumption, exercise routine etc... The goal of the Health Manager is to attain and lead a healthy Lifestyle.


- create your basic profile with height, weight, age etc..
- The dashboard view will always show critical health related information.

- BMI, Body fat percentage, Ideal body weight demonstrates your current fitness level.
- These indicators influences an individual to fine tune their health and prevent obesity at young age.

- Drinking water is an essence of healthy life.
- Water requirement level, total body water instructs an individual to drink a minimum amount of water daily to enhance their health.

- Nutrients are the constituents for a person to survive and grow.
- Nutrient content, calorie requirements, oil fat content, fat intake levels demonstrate a person to follow a healthy diet level.

- Smoking and alcohol are health deterioration factors.
- There is a special feature in health manager which illustrates the negative effect on health due to smoking.
- Health manager induces a person to take no smoking pledge and record the number of days that a person is smoke free.

P.S. There are many new features such as health data sync, exercise tracker are planned for the future releases. Thanks for Supporting us and as always we need your continuous encouragement in future.

Whats new

    Version 4.1.60
    * Android N Support
    * Tuning and Fixes
    Version 4.1.51
    * In app purchases.
    * Run time permissions.
    * Performance Tuning
    * Fixes
    Version 4.1.4
    * Completely new overhauled User Interface.
    * Material Design
    * Pedometer
    * Weight Tracker
    * Health Profile
    * Fixes
    * Many many more new features.

Digit Grove part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 29, 2016. Google play rating is 74.0033. Current verison is 4.1.60. Actual size 4.4 MB.

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Kristen Gephart

You suck... It takes too much time to enter just basic information as ads pop up every time you click. I'll be deleting your app. It totally sucks.

Brian Makely

Aware at its finest. Well, my experience with this app is sick and wrong. Every button you press there's an pop up ad, which you are forced to watch for several seconds. If the app is open in the background every few seconds a pop up occurs and you have to wait to use your device. So, simply put we buy our devices for $800. We install apps, but the free apps hijack your device and as long as it is open we are forced to make money for them. Many click banks pay .10 - $10 per click brought in per click per person.

Tamar Austin

Too many ads Very entry an ad pops up.........Is this really necessary? Please improve

Rose D

Get rid of the ads. 1) I had to re-enter all information? Unless something changes in personal stats, information should be entered just once. 2) pop-up ads every time I entered information. 3) Good thing ? Gives you ground work what a person needs to made aware of. 5 stars if you can fix complaint 1 & 2.

rebekah sakibomb

Useful but annoying Loved the interface hated the full screen ads, i kept opening up the ads by accident when it would just pop up randomly waste of my time, wouldve been a 5 star rating but those ads are ridiculous!

Irenina Guttierrez

Very informative app with really annoying ads This could be the most great app but the ads popping up every 15 sec it's incredibly annoying... You aren't finish to read a sentence when the silly ads come out! I understand the importance of ads but come on!!! It's unbelievable...

tim baines

Stupid ads Looks like a great app but stupid ad pop ups spoil the experience. Not worth using it and getting annoyed

Shaun Hey

Too many ads, no tracking of health metrics Within 2 minutes of opening the app I had already received 5 full screen ads. I entered my information, including a blood pressure reading, but then discovered that the app only tells you if the reading is within range, it doesn't have any tracking / charts. Add tracking and offer an in app purchase to remove the ads and you'll have a customer.

Kannan Jay

Free ads killing,but think try for some time Like the way its designed .improvement needed to update value.

Janice Pingel

Too many ads. Every time I try to type in any information an add pop's up. Waste to much time exiting out of apps.

Alex GC Peng

Very annoying ads The app is not the best of the kind that I have seen, but is good. However, the ads are really making me mad!

Mark G

Great app but .... Its a great app but the massive ads are annoying and super intrusive. ... I would pay to eliminate the ads

elisabeth fortino

Pleased Although there are quite a few adds that randomly pop-up, the apps is extremely informative and VERY useful for weight-loss and living healthfully. You can't expect a FREE app not to have adds. I'm very pleased with this app. :)

Ashley Flora-James

This app sucks just like everyone else this app has WAY TOO many AD popups I understand the need for them but lets be serious everytime click somewhere an AD popups Very annoying && inconvenient. Please fix && i can guarantee people will change their reviews including myself. Until then....DELETE DELETE DELETE!

Voirrey Hampson

Ruined by pop ups! Excellent, useful app but intolerable pop ups mean I will be deleting it to search for another.

Sandy Harrison

Too many ads Every time I click on something new, another ad pops up. Really annoying. Would be a great app with the ability to save entered data and without constant interruption from ads.

Joshua Rowland

Not sure if it's worth it to keep the app I find it extremely handy to have the info that this app provides at my fingertips, but the adds that it fills my phone with makes for some work to maneuver around. It seems like most every stroke made there's a reciprocating add. I can get most of the info provided from my other apps, its just like I said though, having it all in one place is handy, if you can get to it.

Rachel Noel

Non-Stop Ads Every time I clicked a button I got an ad. I had to uninstall because it was just so annoying.

Dr. Santosh Pawar

Good concept App GUI is good but frequent ads are very irritating. Few details to be entered should managed well and should cover more information

Dontae Franklin

Ads:( The app itself is good but the full screen ads pop up every 15 seconds and it is the most annoying thing ever. I usually don't mind ads but this is obsessive.

Philip Casimiri

Excessive Intrusive Full Screen Ads Every click opens a full screen intrusive ad. Made the program unusable.

Andrew Thies

Good reference but... Extremely frustrating to have full screen ads pop up constantly. Often one on top of the other, if this was fixed I would give it a 5 star

tias wihardjo

Too much ads I have to uninstall this app because all ads are anoying. Pop up for almost 10 sec.

Luke Matricardi

Would pay for this.. Offer a version of this app for a few dollars and I'm certain people will pay. Great app but the ads make it unbearable.

Ashley Upthagrove

Disappointed The app seems to have a lot of great features. At least in the 15 Seconds allowed before the full page add. I went back and forth for 5 minutes or so before I just deleted the app. I couldn't even stay on the page long enough to find a paid version.

Brandy Randall

Good - But Bad Agree with similar comments. #1 - get rid of ads. I would rather pay to remove them as the app does seem helpful. #2 However, I would not PAY for the app unless you find a way for it to save my information (and not have to re-key each time) and provide a back up function.

troy olson

Most annoying app ever Ads make app useless. App is nearly useless without the ads.

Olivier Pharabot

Too many annoying ads Not really useful, and too many ads. With a log and objectives it would start to be interesting.

Gabe Louis

Ads everywhere.... Great interface but deleting due to ads!would have gladly donated money to get rid of the ads...

kandyce batiste

It's cool I guess There are way too many pop ups

David Dorazio

Ad time out weighs app time Have to re-enter info every time and pop up ads every 10 secs. Could be a good app UNINSTALLING!!!

Lolin Cabizares

VERRY ANNOYING ADDS Too many adds, it pop-up every second. Remove the adds then I'll give five or I'll just find another.

Priscilla Blanchard

Ads I can't even input my info because the ads keep popping up. 15 seconds is generous... I can't put the entire birthday in... month then ad, day then ad, year, ad, try to scroll to correct year, ads. Tried to enter weight in pounds but after the ad it was back to metric so never able to input weight. Terrible!!

Mardy B

Frustrating I don't mind ads for a free version but not a full page every time you click something. All I was able to find are the calculators. I loaded this so I could log and track my info but never found where this was done.

Vassili le Moigne

Ads every 15 sec and no depth Ads all the time, having to reenter info all the time. An Alfa version or an attempt to collect data and ad revenue. You choose.

Candace B

Pop up Ad Love the concept. Greatly dislike the ad pop-up. I understand the need for the ads, but why every time you enter information? Not sure if I'll keep the app, or not. We'll see.

Jose Torres

Really useful I had no idea that I was in need of more calories, but hey I guess by a learn something new every day

Joseph Ferrara

Issue Wont give me imperial measurements as result. Whwn done I will rate higher.

Nancy Trumbull

TOO MANY ADS So disappointed. One ad when opening the app is acceptable but the full screen pop up ad every 15 seconds or so is extremely annoying. I'm uninstalling the app after finishing this review.

Leaser Craine

Way too many ads. Making it difficult to use the app. Tracking also complicated. The info is good but the tracking is not. The constant pop-ups are not worth it.

Diabolic Sun

Seriously? The design is neat, and the features are exactly what's needed (although more saved data and charts could be better), but the app is completely impossible to use with ads popping up every few seconds!

alan c

Horrible advice and one big Ad. I'm 6 ft tall athletic and 227 pounds. This app told me I should drink 144 ounces of water per day, that's 18 -8 ounce glasses! Clearly wrong and potentially dangerous! 2nd, I can't get 2seconds into the app without a FULL PAGE ad popping up constantly. Clearly not a HEALTH manager, maybe an advertisement manager is more like it.

Debbie Economidis

Looks nice but... Have to keep entering same data (ht & wt) over and over. And the ads are REALLY annoying. Too frequent. I won't be using this app.

Koltin Lozier

Really Way too many pop up ads I get it you have to get paid but the app isnt even usable. Deleting

Clare Duncan

FAR too many ads The app looks great, but this by far has the most (irrelevant) ads Ive ever seen. Probably every 3 or 4 clicks another full page ad appears for something in Dubai (Im in the UK). I fully understand the developers need to make money but this is too much to the point i find it unuseable. Looks like it has great potential but im not willing to go out of my way to test it out when there are so many other apps on the market. What a shame.

Karyl Sucano

Perfect!!! It helps me improve my health and avoiding too much fat in the body. I hope i can do the exercise daily.

Teresa Edmunds

Pop up ads lower the ratings This would be so much better without the pop ups. .. I understand is business but the ads are destroying the quality of the app. .. even if you made them pop up less often would be better than this. .. I haven't had the app 20 minutes and I'm debating if I'm going to uninstall it. ..

Beth Ward

Ugh Adds every time you press any button. Way too many, will be deleting immediately.

Eloho Obayendo

It okay but daily data reading and trends should have been added. Google advert is making it use uncomfortable

Wolf's Heart Goins

New download Since I downloaded the app today, I can't really speak intelligently about it. What I have seen so far looks promising. I'll try to come back later once I've been using it for awhile.

Elizabeth Sambajon

BMI tracker excellent! Stats, not configured, or doesn't download correctly, though. Imperial units ava. would be nice. I have only been to public IIa colleges, and converting to metrics is not only upheld, and widely used, in education, but should be a forum grounds for academics. I'm out of school, now, and find layman's jargon more useful in the meantime.

Patrice Baer

More taking needed This app basics tracks weight and then provide stats based on weight. However it needs to also track HR, BP BMI and the workouts to be an excellent app. Don't but the pro until the developers can produce more results taking. I'm sorry I did. All that is different is no ads, whatever.

Amy Spagnoli

Great look and function This app works great for tracking important health metrics. Compared to similar apps the interface has a very nice appearance.

troy olson

Most annoying app ever Have to enter same info over and over zero programming skills in this app

Arthur Collins

Useless I changed metrics to US system but would go back and it had reverted back to metric! In some cases I could not get it to change from metric at all. There should be one place in setup to change it all!

Eleanor Wing

Stuck in Metric It seemed to be stuck showing metric measurements, with no way to change it, and living in the United States, I found that rather annoying.

Muhammad Anas Husin Omar

Not worked for me..

crajj thapa

Boring Waste of time

Subhajit Samaddar

Good one Very useful..

Alexandria Henderson

I like it already. I like this app a lot. Very informative and encouraging to stay in tune with my body. Keeps me informed about dehydration and the amount of water intake and everything. This app is cool.

rosi merino

Good but I like this app. but it doesn't track my walking so I had to install the app. Fit.

Lisa Zinck

Update chaged EVERYTHING! Changed the look of it. Thats what I liked about it.

Billy Powell

Want Dashboard to show Imperial units Sent a request to developers. If my dashboard won't do it, I take back ALL THREE STARS and it's gone.

Bro San

Liked it It very useful to me but sometime it got wrong

Lisa Carey

Good app It has metric and that was difficult and time consuming to convert

Sihle Dlamini

Best app i've seen! Keep the good work i've gained some health knowledge.

Marvel Rotness

Waste of time 60 seconds in and I'm done. Nothing new or unique. Can't get profile to stick with pounds and inches (keeps reverting back to metric).

Rajarshi Lahiri

Cool design and good information

Sohip Ali

Very good I wish to be more things

Carolyn Baxter

Gal5.Samsung. Changes from lbs. back to The metric system automatically.]frustrating!!

Ashwini Shivashankar

Good style of calculating

Kaz Baimbridge



Tooooooooooooo Good to be true..LOVED IT

Raisya Icha

Good Very easy to use

bhinw singh

Helpful Good one for health management

Ione Priest

Wish you could set default units This isn't a bad little app. Wish it had a few more features, but it would be really nice to be able to set the default units. You can select the units when you enter the numbers, but then it converts them to metric. Hard for we non-metric people.

Matthew Berg

Not bad. Would give more stars if there were settings for imperial measurements.

ประวันวิทย์ บัวบุตร

Review Personally, I guess this app is good and more easy to use !! ?

Syafiq Sulaiman

Nice Easy to use

Marilyn M

Do not like that all measurement are in cm. Can't convert to lbs and in

Sarah Hoptry

Poor conversions Needs to stay on emperial measurements and it wont

Red Robin

Was stuck in 2013? Why?

khid cacactin

its ok its ok

Joanna Hutchison

Needs to be set in pounds and inches. Everything in my life are pounds and inches, please consider changing my profile.

uvie elsie Oluku

Amazing At glance it seems very robust and all in one app for health management. ..let's are now it performs over the coming week.

Ahmad Ali


Adegboye Onigbinde

Detailed Fantastically Detailed and Useful.

Lori Leonard

Measurements Be more useful and less aggravating if you can set the options to lbs & inches to u.s. measurements.

Matt 20000

awesome i realy dont care of my health but thats good cause i have fun when i use this app ...keep up the good work ?

Gina Hudgins

I can put in feet/inches/pounds to calculate certain things. It would be much better of the answers could be in that format, too.

michael ching

Waste of Time Complicated to use and more importantly the pedometer doesn't work, it doesn't count your steps as your walking. You need to enter how many km you've walked and it estimates how many steps totally useless & inaccurate!!

Sparkle Sparkle Girl

Great To Use This app is great it will help me stay healthy and help during my 2 hour, 2 hours and 30 minutes and 3 hour workouts at the gym.

Kathleen Austin

Not what i was trying to get back on my phone wbmd that told me that i cant get it back at all

Chamara Jayasanka

Its good fro helth management

Mahesh Bhattarai

Good Liked it much


Seems good so far. A user below stated that she needs everything in pounds and inches. It's easy to fix that. Click on words that say centimeters or meters and it will bring up a pop up that allows you to change the metrics from metric to imperial. Try it with all the settings to fit you. Hope it helps.


Ok It's ok. Nice app. Profile need to be in ft, inch, pound... please do something!

Shaurya Deshpande

Excellent app I think I will become fit in coming months

ประวันวิทย์ บัวบุตร

Review Personally, I guess this app is good and more easy to use !! ?

Measurements I kept putting in my info using imperial measurements and it kept reverting them back to metric. I'm in the US, metric is rarely -if ever- used here. Why give "imperial" as an inputting option but not allow it as a viewing or setting option once the info is entered? Obviously, if I wanted to see my results in metric format, I would have inputted my info using metrics. Why are you forcing me to use metric when I want to use imperial?

Catherine Wilkinson

Wants too much information Why does it need my full name?

Siddharth Mota

Well but meals should be written for diet

Miles Jopillo

Health monitor Useful monitoring of vital body conditions.

Renata Walker

I'm loving this ? Thank you !!!!

Steps Love it it's perfect

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