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19 Aug
HD Wallpaper for Pokemon Fans

Posted by COOL GENERATION in Photography | Aug. 19, 2016 | 148 Comments

Apk file size: 3.7 MB

This App bring to you lots of awesome Pokemon and Pokeball fan art pictures in high resolution.
Most of pictures are designed by creative fans.
This App allow you to:
- Set pictures as your wallpaper, contact photo.
- Share pictures over Facebook
- Mark pictures as favorite.
Internet connection is required to load pictures from server.

This app is not affiliated with the content creator.
All images are copyright to their respective owners, and usage for this falls within the "Fair Use" guidelines.

Whats new

    Bring data to new server. All of old data url will be deprecated on Aug 31.
    Please update!

COOL GENERATION part of our Photography and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 19, 2016. Google play rating is 86.4488. Current verison is 1.7. Actual size 3.7 MB.

Download hd-wallpaper-pokeball-arts.apk 3.7 MB



No bugs More bug types plz

Pedro Medina

The art is really cool.

akash bhageria

Its supercool pokemon wallpapers hd

Mum Leave

Loved it It is awsome

Perinparajan Nitharshanan

Nitharshanan Nitharshanan

Alya Renren

Cute! But.. Can you add more pokemon wallpaper?I just liked this app and I wish that you will add more cute pokemon wallpaper... How about Mew? Ohh my favourite pokemon!! I hope you will add more pokemon wallpapers including Mew!Thank you for making this app and thank you for reading my stupid message!Thanks! I appreciate it..?

Timothy Peart

Its cool its fun its cool and it good night Christmas ornaments and it's Christmas so that's good

Destini Hight

Liked it I wish a download option was available. How am I saving these? Plus, there needs to be more Pokémon. I want some Rapidash or Ponyta and more! And update pictures regularly too.

Adam Macias

Wow I swear there is a variety of photos to choose from that are awesome love it good job

Siraj tariq

Need more pokemon You guy should put all the pokemon and shiny version to and make the more able to save them in you phone

Benjamin Smargiassi

There's a big bug The art is amazing but it won't let me use more than one as a wall paper

Lyzera Of Nekron

Needs Staraptor Great wallpapers, but personally I think there needs to be Staraptor, and perhaps some other bird Pokemon like Pidgeot, Swellow, and Talonflame.

Mackenzie Dotson

Won't load It's a good app but every time I get on it the pictures don't even load just says 0 it doesn't even show what the pictures are

Trinity Dobbs

Cool app I love its cool pokemon!

dragon cat gaming

Won't let me set wall paper It won't let me set it all I see is a black screen and it says 0% ?? If it ever works I'll give it 5 stars but it won't work and I'm not going to give 5 stars for something that won't work sorry

Precious Isabella Ramirez

Pokeymon love lol You know what wound make this app better?Mew alone,but besides that that this app is pritty good!

Austin Reese

It's awesome there is a good variety theres amazing graphics my favorites are the evees shinx and the christmas with frokie fenekin and ches pin are the best

Clayton Garza

It won't load the wallpapers. . Pretty much what was in my subject, it only loads like 3-4 pictures, if it loaded all, I'd rate it 5* but till then...

Brandilynn Smith

Love the art But when I set it as my wallpaper it doesn't sit right, like it zooms in when it shouldn't have.

Levi Thomas

All of the options are amazing but there is one pokemon I didn't see...Electivire, my favorite pokemon. I would love it if you added a cool electivire for one of the options. But other than that I love the app

akash bhageria

Request Its supercool pokemon wallpapers hd but doesn't have all pokemon but its supercool.

Kordell Wilks

Please add a save button Very good. But the Facebook share button says the people reported the app as abusive no matter what account I use. Idk why it says that. Can i have some help please.

Jesse Lopez

Like it I really have loved pokemon and this what comes next to art. It clearly has all my favorite pokemon. So I give it five star's

Carlos Garcia

Coolest wallpaper ever I love Pokémon and this app just made my old wallpaper better than ever thank you very much and I really like the art and I hope you are gonna add more of this beautiful art and yeah this is just really one of the coolest apps. P.S I know that there's more apps like this but still cool.

monster high Draculaura

Its good but.... I saw mlp(my little pony) in a pokeball and every time I click a picture its 0% fix this and I will rate 5 stars

Gael Sison

Worst This app is the worst super I hate it I hate it!

reji jacob

I loved it so much but there is one mistake you should have put some more arceus wallpappers but still I love it


It looked good It does not load all of the wallpapers and I can't select any of them

KittyTreasure's 9000

Will not do. I can't even see the pics... I really think that you could do better.....

Shashank Agrawal

Very good wallpapers but I have to adjust them to fit my mi pad

Adrienne Sturgeon

Adrienne sturgeon It's a good app but there is no sylveon but the other eeveeloutions are there

LaNia Baker

I LOVE IT BBBBUUUUTTTTTT It would be better if jigglypuff was there

rainbowstar fill bday march 22

Yay lol I love it sooo cool ;3 so glad

Geoffrey Agbozo

It has finally arrived My whole life since I started playing Pokémon, I waited for wallpapers and now I have them

Grimlocks 844

Really Cute! Found really cute and artistic. I really enjoyed using these wallpapers.

Orlando Warren

Soo cool and cute If you really love pokemon than this is the app for you

Reena Devi

Just one thing..... I love POKEMON and I loved this app too. But how can we save this app in our gallery? Please help.

Ellie Hagberg

why why can't I save them immediately to my phone?

minecraft crafter

Loved But have one with charmander at the top squirtle at the bottom and bulbasaur next to squirtle

Jessie Alvarez

Perfect I love pokemon so i put on wallpaper . It works perfect. I just love it

Nora Petty

Good for pokemon fans, I like using it for my wallpaper.

Charles Young

So cute I love it ima white boy loves to rap I'm 10 love pokemon so cute

Clique It

Amazing This app is very good and has some of the best backgrounds. I recommend this app.

Brijesh Dash

Very slow Wallpapers are cool but loading is very very very slow tgats why I hate this app !!!

Jesse B

So neat Some pokeballs look like you can pick them right up! Awesome artwork

Justin Cueto

Awesome but...... But I think it needs more wallpapers

Olivia Leavitt

What the heck! I cant even see the wallpapers!

Victor Crawford

They could have made it a live wallpaper

Dustin Smith

More I only wish there was more

Shane Conklin

Extremely slow It hardly even opens right, and the loading takes FOREVER. I don't even think it will work once it actually opens

xXTyrome1Xx _games

Oh my gosh This is so awesome

Albert Baltazar

Loved it! Great pictures and images. Hope I can save it on my phone..

Foxy 3.0


הלל טואג

AWESOME very good like the high quality

Lombre Fan

Amazing Coolest wallpapers I've ever seen

Marrisela Esquivel

It's good but could be better

ben ben Gomez

Ioved it

Justin Coolidge

MANY DO NOT work many of the Pokéball images do not work. when I tap on many of the images, it always shows a "no symbol", no picture. I can only see thumbnails of MANY of the images but DOES NOT let me view the actual image. Just shows a white background with a grey circle with a line through it. The few that I managed to get are awesome but only a few work. I tried restarting both the app and phone as well as clearing the data. After using it once and already needed to clear data? Please fix!! Great otherwise

cody fenno

Picture-perfect, but web attack hidden inside. You can get awesome pictures by saving them, but press the save button twice and an ad comes up. You really have to be patient like me to get all photos as I got 50 pop-up ads during the process.

No No

Pokémon is the best! Love these cool high quality pictures this app is awesome!

Bren Torr

This is the best app ever Everyday i have been looking for a great wallpaper app then one day i found it.This is a great app people say its a same old app just look a ninetailes with a pokeball its cool but the great part is it does not have any problems,EVERYONE GET THIS APP

richard young

Speed is key its too slow i have been waiting for 90 mins

Aiden Gallegos

POKEMON!?!?? ILove pokemon soooo much and nice wallpaper and the wallpaper is soo cool that my brother is very jelly!

Tomohawk36015 peep

Love it Love love love LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT it is amazing if I could I would rate it 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999stars no problem with this game at all

Purple raqaza

Good It's good but the hands in some of the pictures get in my way and sad that i could not find a raqaza.

that youtube guy

Looks great but... They look great but unfortunately only the center can be set as the wallpaper.

alpha and omega warriors

WORKS PERFECTLY This app works perfectly I love the Pokemon it's the best!!!!

Mohammad Azhaan

Great app Love the app and its hd wallpapers but it does not have good pics of serperior and the pics can't be rotated ; fipped or adjusted. Would rate a five star if these features could be added and guys plz get hd pics of serperior and other grass type Pokemons.?

Blake Bailey

It's sort of ok Wen ever I TRY to DOWNLOWD A WALLPAER AN ADD POPS UP SO I CAN DOWNLOWD THE WALLPAER ANYMORE but at least i can look at the wallpaper's

Lou Choi

AWESOME This app is useful to make your screen beautiful p.s. and it is great to show off your pokemon screen

KatieAnn Craig

Amazing I love this app it has lots of Pokemon and is really cool but one issue I have is that we can't create some of our own

Scarlett The Werewolf

*IT WOULD NOT LOAD FOR SOME REASON* It did not load but those are pretty picture it has my favorite Philemon too.

Anthony Cotter

Wow This app is really fun and it has my favourite pokemon starter froaky

Sadiq Mohamed

Nice!!!! no virus gg to the creators!! maybe he should do more wallpaper

Wolf Sanity

None of them load Except for one or two of them none of them work properly. Plz fix this n then It will be the best app n I will give 5 stars

Ivan Valerio

Works great Had no problems and it looks good. Great app!

Om Parghale

Don't try this junk Hated it it does not start I love Pokémon but this is a junkie

Alexis Abel

Pokemon 4 lyfe These high defention wall papers are the best my favourite is the pickachu pokeball

xWalrUs Gaming

Its Awesome but... Can you put buizel? Pls! I need buizel in the 3D pokeball pls and I rate 5 stars. Pokemon !! I'm the best fan of pokemon! If your listening pls help! OK?

Hannah Eggens

So awesome. This is just so awesome! So many pokemon...

Mariah Cerno

Pandas. The mystery p. This app has a good choice of wallpapers but not all pokemon have their own wallpaper which really stinks. Other than that it's pretty cool.

Jose Pablo Monroy

SO AMAZING!! I love it to bits because of its art of pokemon and pokeballs, it looks so realistic!!!!!!!

RushPlayz 1942

So cool Love it just love it best wallpaper app eva

Confusing Wookiee

Awesome pictures Really good high quality. Absolutely amazing

Phsycotic Dan

Yeees It's the best... Around... Nothings ever gonna bring it down... I LOVE POKEMON!

Stevan Manzo

Great Detail Despite the fact that some of the images aren't appearing, the images have such excellent and realistic details.

Randy Postlethwaite

So Easy To Use It's so easy to use and has awesome photos of Pokèmon.Thanks for making the app

Matthew McNicholas

These are so cool West around these are da bomb!!!!!!!

Talon Baker

OHH!!! SNAP!!!?? Who did all this??THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!???

Brandon Gallardo

Sucks Every time I click on one it shows zero and to me it shows up 3 pokeball

Elaine Lorica

I Love It! I Recommend to Name Pokémon Sun And Moon! Great Work People! I Recommend You Could Make A Game of Pokémon.... But Great Work! I Love Pokémon Since i Was A Kid I Hope You Continue With Hopes And Dreams

Silver Samurai

good enough but..... sometime it was hang ,so can you fix it.And the loading is slow.

winter fost rainbowMANGLE

It so cute and cool I love the pokemon art and it so cute and cool

Isaiah Johnson

I'm speechless Whoever did this art needs ultimate recognition and pay. This is the most beautiful set of pictures with the best ever quality ever to exist of all time. Epic!

Camnham Minertron

Ok, a few suggestions. It would be awesome if you added a tag and search option so you could search for something like your favorite pokemon and find all the wallpapers of it.

Md. Mazbahuddin

It's awesome great never seen anything like it The colour the effect the pole balls Pokémon everything is so beautiful!

Abhinav Bandalmudi

Abhinav,s Pokemon My favourite game and I like this and so much interesting apps I did and I also found all the pokemons

Kboy Pikachu

Amazing This game is amazing...there is nothing more I can say...well done

Ariana Isabella

Gen 1 Slideshow.. ACTION! I can finally do slideshows! +love the eevee\ eevee-lutions! :3

Reginald Laine

A handful of the pictures have NOTHING TO DO with Pokemon. The artwork is breathtaking, otherwise.

Jacob Whitmill

Pokemon I think it is awesome and the pictures are great I like the idea of pokemon to good for people I Love Pokemon

Kevin Zou

Slow but not that bad Extremely slow loads but I liked 38 pictures out of 151 pictures that is there. (38/151 about 25.17%)

Alexander Rios

Incredible This is very cool i love the celebi one Keep on the good work

Beat Mode Police Yoshino

Not to many to chose There aren't all 721 (XY an below) so it isn't fun looking at the wallpapers. For example they don't have the pokemon wynaut

Gold Destroyer

It has really good art and I don't see anything wrong with it.

Silent Eyes

Doesn't work I tried to download three pictures and neither of them downloaded

Sara Liefke, the queen of Awesomeville

Could be better It's given a low reputation from many, but I don't hate it. It doesn't have a bug for me, and if I watch an ad, there's always an X button. But, one addition I'd like is an option to set as a lock screen.

Nylan Umstead

Moon and sun This great wallpaper to make more cause I like Pokemon

Destini Hight

Liked it Needs more Pokémon!! I want to see some more Mudkips on here

Kayleen Howard

Beyond love it I am a new at Pokémon but I am super positive my little pony is not a Pokémon just sayin

Baby markiplier

Love it I already put wallpapers on my home screen and lock screen it's awaome

Isabela G

Good Quality. Really awesome pictures and good quality.I love it.

kev jr vanoss

Great It is so great and you will love it cool

Bruce Paddick

Bruh I rated it 4 stars because it's really good but they forgot gyarados so please make a gyarados pokerball please!

Vince Sell

Pokémon HD wallpapers Needs more pictures and variety the next time this apps gets updated like Pokedex's, badges, please include all the Mega evolutions, More Pokémon in general please . Erm also what is queen Celestia from my little pony doing in a Pokémon wallpaper app? Only Pokémon please, but other than that keep up the great work!

Nice wallpaper if like so much play roblox it has awsome pokemon games pokefans I am the 1st pokemon fan that ever lived?

Mairwen Hughes

AMAZING So many cool pictures and I love all the different colours lucario is my definite

Raven 2559

Loving it So cool and if you uninstall it you still have the ones that you downloaded onto your phone

DeAnna Record

Amazing This has amazing HD wallpapers very well done highly recommend it

Katie Merrill

I LOVE IT! I've never seen a better app

I couldn't think of a name

Love all the wallpapers Definitely recommend it to all pokemon fans

Jennifer Huerta

Great but I'm starting a pokemon YouTube channel and I could really use the size of the wallpapers

Vincent Bhagas

Nice wallpapers Good picture, please make a search pokémon, so i can find picture of eevee, squirtle, mewtwo, etc

Lucy Blake

HD wallpaper for Pokemon Fans This wallpaper app is so cool and there is a lot of Pokemon wallpapers included ??

Samarit Mohanty

Sickrider Great app with good range of wallpaper

Terdy Monkey

Awesome Great app. Awesome wallpapers. Just add some infernape Infernape and I'll be happy

Add It's pokemon it's great!But make them more realistic and more options.

crazy Man

Cool This is a cool app

DahTrainerAshKetchumXT 4ever

Awesome Good app,im a pokemon many wallpaper.

Maryann Lomakovsky

Awsome There are to many wallpapers I like Pikachu and Eevee.

Scott McGowan

Well done pics some good some not to good

Get it It's so cool for pokemon I like pickachu

Jesus Garcia H

Jesusgaming Thankyou so much i love the pikackue with the pokeball it is so cute

Kulshreshth Goswami

Awesome I like the poke balls very much

Christian Schmidt

Love the detail It has my favorite Pokemon

Amazing Art The wallpapers are well painted

sahsha reed

Mines mega gengare Loved it so much

Jazmine Cuevas

I love it I love the wallpaper it looks sooooo cool

Anthony Rey

Best Everyone should get this app!!!!

Briance T

Super cool and grate wallpapers

Avs bala subramanya

Great wallpapers Great wallpaper and images

lillypillie lilly

AWESOME It's amazing

Temmie da Tem

Those it work for youtube? Those it work

Dominick Adams

This is awesome Because it is

kal-el johann soriaga

Great wallpapers Great wallpapers!

T-bag 13?

Absolutely beautiful

keonya patrick

Great wallpapers

Angel Cala

Beautiful! Sooo pretty wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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