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1 Dec
Haunt the House: Terrortown

Posted by SFB Games in Action | Dec. 1, 2015 | 111 Comments

Apk file size: 58.0 MB

A side-scrolling action puzzle game starring ghosts!

...What was that sound? Is somebody there?

Leave the dusty halls of an abandoned clock tower to haunt your way through a town in the dead of night! Possess objects with your ghostly soul, to scare people away from a museum, a hospital, a theatre and a cruise ship. Will you be able to scare everyone out and reclaim what has been lost, before the night is over?

Android TV support added! No need for a gamepad, you can play with just the remote!

=== REVIEWS ===

"The visuals are gorgeous, with a unique style which is both cute and creepy at the same time. The audio is also impressive, boasting effective spot effects and some genuinely amusing sounds."
- PocketGamer

"Spending even a mere couple of hours in Terrortown is worth the price of admission. The game is a good reminder that cute ghosts aren't necessarily friendly."

"There's a surprisingly dark heart beating away inside this cheery little Halloween special. There's a genuine sense of mischief, too, conveyed by the bug-eyed howls of your prey and the looping, lilting tones of the jazz-club soundtrack."
- Eurogamer

Whats new

    Free NEW level: Ghost Train! All aboard the Railroad Carnival in this big new level to haunt!
    With this update, Haunt the House: Terrortown is now over TWICE as big as it was when it launched!
    Massively improved item texture loading speeds
    Fixed texture memory crash on some older devices
    Shrunk APK/installation size

SFB Games part of our Action and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 1, 2015. Google play rating is 84.1102. Current verison is 1.4.6. Actual size 58.0 MB.

Download haunt-the-house-terrortown.apk 58.0 MB


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Scary! Great game. Like the new expansion, but there is one issue, on my game it says there is one person left in the Theater but there is no one in there. This may be a small glitch but It's most likely going to be fixed if I create a new game.

Garret Rock

Amazing! I love this game! I loved the original game on PC as well so its great to see more from these guys. The art style is great and sound/music design is amazing as well. Controls are pretty dang smooth and the scares are still very inspired like the original.

Jesse Smith

Great game, Bad Bugs I love the original haunt the house, and when I saw there was a sequel I had to have it. It lives up to expectation, mostly. However I have been experiencing some graphical glitches and game freezes which decrease the games enjoyability. Also, in the original, there where different end portraits based on how many people commit suicide, I wouldn't mind seeing that here too but that is a minor thing. My main complaint is the visual glitches, the biggest selling point of any video game like this is graphics. The animations are superb, when they work right and don't glitch out.


Great game byt it's a bit short and I wish it had more levels. The game has very cute visuals and good sound design and it's easy to just pick up and play.

Nikki van Kalken

It's awesome :3 I also like the free expansion level. I hope there will be more. :)

Abel Andaya

Refund!! I really like this awesome game but! I've bought 2 times of this game! I thought my money is back but still its not! Pls! Return it and i'll give you 5 Stars please! asap! Bcuz at first it didn't istall cuz of lack of memory then i pressed the button refund then it was gone and came back again then i pressed it again. And its said lack of memory. So i try to delete some other apps. Then i bought it again.. then my money is 100. Then what i saw earlier is 53 then when i bought this game again my load is 5.


Shield controller glitch I think this game is very fun and addicting, but the only problem is sometimes when I press y or b the game pauses and its really annoying, plz fix

Sergio Martell

No immersive mode Also, a bit buggy on HTC M8. A black square shadow appears at the left top corner. I'm guessing this game wasn't created with Full HD in mind?

Andrew Anane

So this actully exists :) I loved this game years back on the computer, imagine my surprise when I finally found the game as an app, not to mention you improved it with more levels, new characters and the fact that we can now carry it in our pockets :D !

Whittney Davis

This game. This game has always been one of my favorites online. I image I'm going to spend a bunch of time on this app.


Because I love this game but I cant find the last person please fix it thank you

Kyren Thomas

Great game Love the concept of the game but it's saying that there is one more person in the museum but there isn't please fix and I will gladly give 5 stars

Love Ballet

Good...but At first it started to work really well, then it took longer to load, but I shrugged it off and waited. Now, it won't load at all. If you can get back to me on this issue, or fix it, this review will be changed to 5 stars. Thanks!

Sleepless Night

Its AWESOME I've played this on my PC and when I saw on the app store I was like /)0w0(\

Sam Kirby

Brilliant brilliant brilliant Its such a good game and it is made by cool developer's

Maresa Rodriguez

Takes forever to load Its a great game but I've been waiting two hours to play it and still all I see is LOADING

Litzy Lopez

Kind of Can you please put more levels and can you please let the ghost posses people and the animals thank you that would help alot

Leona Sy

:3 It's a nice and cute game~ Good job! :D

Sean Beach

Control issues on Samsung Great game - problems with control on Samsung devices. VERY responsive developer is doing his best to get it fixed and an update is coming. Hooray!

Jose Carrillo

Like the new level thax a lot hop we get one for Easter

Project SC

I want to be ghost and now I am It was fun but short adventure

Jadon Smith

Good but... There still needs to be a lot more levels than this

Tatiyana Brown

Haunt the House: Terrortown This game is awsome, funny, cool, a bit challenging, a bit addicting. Oh and did I mention that this game is SUPER, TOTALLY, AWESOMELY, FFFFFUUUUUUUUNNN. I love this game I totally recommended this game for everyone. Everyone should totally buy this game, this game is totally worth $1 ( in my opinion) so if you are thinking of buying this game my advice is totally hit that buy button!

ashleigh Turner

Dun dun dun Best game ever the only problem is that it says there is one person left but nobody is there

Christopher Worthy

The coolest game you'll ever get on Android

Samantha ApexProgeny

Love it but Says one is left in theater but there isnt

Franklin Cole

It was well made The game was fabulous. Loved it. A little short as it was. But still savoring. Could have been longer with the expansion added to it, Even though you have had enough effort into making the game.

Me Am Muffin

Good but... Good game...the first 5 TIMES. Sorry but gets old fast, is there anyway to get a refund...UNLESS...there are more levels.

Vickie Mccune

5 star game I have 2 concerns 1 texture issues and 2 It took me about 39 minutes to scare away the last person

Stacey Jennison

Love But way to short. Gimme more!

kaya brown

Cool Didn't think it was scary at all but it was really fun and addicting!

Sam Britton

lame The game takes forever to load and won't give me a refund.

Cristian Santiago

Loved it Trying to get your family back to you

Lupita budi pratiwi

Cant install it FIX IT !! Why i cant install it after it finishung download it will pop up a note and say in cant install it at sd card or usb storage

Madison K

Love it, 5 stars all the way I love the game but can anyone explain why in the museum I'm always missing one person!!!???

Ian Sutton

Finally! I can use the boo button with out flying everywere!

Vlad Momot

Awesome! A cool and funny feature!

Кирилл Опарин

Does not work on android 5

Chloe Chan

Very cutee!! And very fun, but Not enough levels, I could finish them all in one hour, please give us More levels, once I become a youtuber, I will support your games!!! ☺✨❤ :3

Josemiguel Hernandez

tras Jesus Cristo I permanently move the haunt(s) that is haunting myself and Leti and Nick and the rest of my family and ex-wife Crystal to this app I paid for under virtual actions for the effect of not haunted or NH.

tawnya winter

Wtf guys I bought and he doesn't work a godamn waste of money he says u can't do it in the default install location omfg

Nicholas Richter

Great game for the price! Its a bit short but is very fun.

Kristine Aguirre

Awesome Great game. Wish there were more levels thought. :)


Awesome here are some things to improve: More levels please! Make two exits on each house, more things to enter as a ghost to creep people out and put more people in the houses so you have more time to explore the house and make the game last longer. Thanks!

Justina Girdziusiene

AMAZING !!!! I love how you can switch characters and stuff but can you add multiplayer and more maps because I want to play with my bro and I completed both of the maps over 20 times !!

Jay Yeasmin

Bug? Very blurry on galaxy s6

Bobi Macabre

LOVE THIS GAME I first found this game online and fell in love and same goes for the app.... I just really wish there were more levels. :/ Especially with the holiday ones. You could do SOOOO much with other holidays too!

Jus in Aus


Becky Price

Love it but Love it the little ghost is so cute I just wish it wouldn't take so long to download and start up

Jacob Parker

Entertainment When I was bored I would play this game and I love how I always scar the people

Elizabeth Solorio

A Favorite! I love playing this game. I just can't help but cackle like a madwoman every time I play. Haunt the House makes me so happy! It's made me look forward to my inevitable death because I hope to become a delightfully spooky spirit that haunts my home. Boo!

Jonathan Beamish

So much nostalgia I played the original on the computer and I remember playing on it for hours. When I saw it on play store I HAD to get it I was suprised to see all the new features. Thanks for making me feel nostalgic. One problem. Occasional graphical glitches. Other than that great game!

Christopher Worthy

The coolest game you'll ever get on Android EVER EVER EVER! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

frank prince

Beware! If you have a samsung tablet do not purchase this app as it freezes and shuts down. Money back please.

Smav M.

Fun but no tablet support? The game is great if you're in a Halloween or just a fun loving mood. The bigger levels can get repetitive but there's such a variety of actions and objects that you can make your own fun, mostly by limiting yourself to experiment and try new things. It's a game that encourages that kind of thinking. The downside is that it won't play on my new Samsung galaxy, which is a shame. A great game like this deserves a bigger screen,

Nicodemus Octavianus

Really disappointed I used to play it on pc when i was in primary school and im so happy to hear that this game has its very own andtoid ver but i hate the way we move the ghost,i hope there woul be a move pad like minecraft because its too hard to move to the accurate place,will gift 5 atat if you answer me atleast

Jesse Smith

Great game I love the original haunt the house, and when I saw there was a sequel I had to have it. It lives up to expectation, mostly. However I have been experiencing some graphical glitches and game freezes which decrease the games enjoyability. Also, in the original, there where different end portraits based on how many people commit suicide, I wouldn't mind seeing that here too but that is a minor point . Edit; The Visual glitches and freezes I was experiencing have for the most part been fixed, there still are some minor ones, but it is much better now, and doesn't detract from the enjoyability

Matthew Vargas

Lame Want refund NOW. Won't work, but boring. Won't even let me get my money back, lame.tell me how to get a refund for this lame game . Need the ability to rate 0 stars. Make a good game or a bad refundable one. Looks cute&fun, but isn't

Brigitte Yapjoco

Doesn't work Its not allowing me to play and crashing won't give five till fixed

Jeff Verbaaa

I CANT BELIEVE IT I tryed to download it MANY TIMES ( on the Samsung tablet) now i want a refund!!

Ariel Tan

Easy to play and can be entertaining when bored

Snow Leopard224

This game! This is such a throwback to when this game was only on computer and I absolutely loved it!

Foxy the pirate

PEWDIEPIE PLAYED its an awesome game cos pewdes played

Katelynn Smith

LOVE IT usually I don't like games like this. But this changed everything. When I first saw this game I thought it was a waste of $1.99. But my friend said I should really play this game. So I did and I loved it. So it wasn't a waste of $1.99. If you could really make more games like this p!ease do.

Sara B

Great game Great game, very cute and fun to play. Too short though, needs more levels. Especially if you have to pay $1.99. That's my only criticism. You'll enjoy this game! Update: They've added more levels! Thanks for responding and making this game better.

Hunter Deranger

FIX THE NPCS I have been scarring 1 person for 4 hours! Every time I scare them to the exit they don't run out of the area they run back to the part that I originally scared them at! I WANT A REFUND

Maddie Zeman

Ghostie I <3 this game!

Jace Thomas

I want a refund this game sucks

Marley Blazi

Haunt the house We used to play this everyday on my mom's computer but then it broke so then my mom got a new computer and it still had that game on it because the last computer was updated to that computer so yeah we love this game so much

Juli d

More levels!! Very fun and cute game

Marie Cullen

finally got fixed

Sami Kizilbash

Tried a dozen times to load the game on my Nexus Player but keeps crashing before I can actually play. Will increase my rating as soon as the bugs are fixed and I can play it!

Epicissocool 101

FIXED!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY! ???? This is the best game I've ever played! And I'm so happy the bug was fixed! This is a perfect sequel for this game! You guys did a fanatical job on this game! And defiantly is creepy when it happens! I cannot WAIT for the next update! ????

Jess Ato

I like the game but-- I really like this game but it's still really buggy after you finished the level, it hangs, never loads. Please fix this :)

Mylaine Borton

Good game but... As title says; good game tends to freeze and crash after completion of a level. Which makes it very aggravating. If fixed it'll be much better and then perhaps a better rating. However until then, this is the rating I'm giving it because I cannot complete the game fully.

Jennifer Luther

Fun but glitchy It freezes whenever I scare everybody out and never tracks my time. Unable to play anymore.


Game hangs at end The game was great, but with the latest update, it hangs at the end of every game I play. As soon as I scare everyone out of the area, it just hangs and won't end the level so I can get my score. Please fix this.

Grimlock Shorts

Very fun A fun game and I love the constant level updates and I feel like after enough updates this game can become a amazing game. Good work and worth the money.

Mara Joy Pineda

Please fix this bug.. Really love the game but Every time I finish the game, it don't responding and worse Im going to start over again... why it's happening to my device please fix this bug

Mark Jordan

Update Fixed Controller Support, Moga Pro Works Great??? Played on a Galaxy Note 4 running 5.1.1 using a Moga Pro in HID B mode. With my fingers off of the screen using a HID controller the game is much more enjoyable. It's easier to control the ghost's actions and go from object to object for quicker hauntings to scare the people away. Thanks for fixing the controller support dev and the new train level, it's Boo-tacular and extra haunting fun????

Psytrance Neko

Won't load I've played a demo version of this game online and I loved it, but after buying the app to play more it hasn't loaded even once

Sam Lesser

Fun game... But I beat one level and then it game would never open again just a black screen

Roy Tiburcio

I LOVE this game, especially the cute characters. I found myself searching for merchandise the other day. However I cannot complete a level. Either I'll scare away everyone and the level will freeze or the counter will be inaccurate, saying there's one person left with no one in sight. Nexus 6, 6.0

Shannon Werry

Too many bugs Screen goes black after finishing terrortown. Freezes on other levels. I've made sure all other apps are shut down and it still runs glitchy. Fix this and I'll give it a better rating. As it stands, I've wasted my money

Sarah Osowiecki

Buggy after finishing levels It gets frustrating that it freezes every time that I finish a level and I don't think I am receiving achievements as well. Please fix the bugs so that this game is playable for everyone.

Jose Torres

Fun but It has issues where it plays great hotel I beat all the maps and freezes everytime on my nexus 6p running 6.0 please fix.

Linnaeus Kuderewko

I LOVE this game! And it's not too often that I absolutely love games. This game is simple, fun, addictive, and- FUN! get it now!

timmy turner

The developer is awesome The game is awesome and the developer tryed to help me when the game said not compatible although my tablet lies to me a lot but thank you for trying to help☺ any way

Tim Ware

Freezes Would be an awesome 5 star game if they would fix the black screen/loss of progress when you finish a level. Sort of pointless at the moment.

Hasnul Qalby

Liked this game. Reminded me with the old game with flash player based

Danyel Romero

Frustrating This game is so frustrating I'll get in and the second I start playing the game logs me out.????

jordan dalley

Not working Just bought this game today. Shuts down. Refund please.

Shania Aguirre

I played this game for a couple of hours to wake me up this morning, and now all I can hear is the screams of the innocent. So 5/5 best game!

Thomas Fish

Really Fun Game This is a super fun game, and it is overflowing with detail. Great value and great game. I would recommend this.

Zyrus Mikhail Sevillano

Loved it but... The last person is always the hardest to scare. It keeps running its cycle. Back and fort, I dunno if their role isn't completely set, 'cause I'm the one who's getting sick of it. Please update their movement please. Please!!!

Kingdomreenalda Gameplays

WTF I want a f*cking refund now this is bull .

Lightoutlaw Dawns

It's a gg game It's a bit hard to get to an object but it's still a good game keep up the great updates

Kenjrick Valles

Can we still have a refund if we delete it

Nathan Ring

Pretty nice game. I liked it very much.

Guy Randall

Great game Great game, but after you've finished it... there's nothing else to do. Maybe more updates, soon?

Jamie Reed

Love it Just wish there were more levels, I beat this in an hour and a half but it's still a great game with a cool atmosphere.

Summerlinn Clark

Its adorable It reminds me of over the garden wall, and fall.

Rj Rentie

Amazing game! I like the new levels but can there be more buildings added to the Terrortown like a Pet Store, Fancy Restaurant, Mall, and Bowling Alley? Please, please, please.

Katy May

?????????????????? Best game ever I wish u could play online and become human though

A Matthew

It is so fun It is like the funnest thing ever.

Josephine Scarlet

Love it I initially found this game on and thought it looked great. I was so surprised to discover it was made by SFB! I've been a fan of them since their Newgrounds days so that was pretty cool to reconnect with their work and see they're still making stuff. Anyway, this game is really fun, if a bit difficult (once the people get really scared it's hard to keep up with them to get that final spook in to make them leave). I'm really enjoying it and glad I spent the money.

Nicholas Wilkinson

Great game The game itself is super fun if not a little repetitive but that is a minor problem, also the people in this rating thread asking for a refund, it's 1.99$ so get over it, the only reason you can't play or enjoy the game is because you.

Danyel Romero

Frustrating This game is so frustrating I'll get in and the second I start playing the game logs me out.????

Haylee Dews

Love it Fan of original (see abc3 website) and had to get this

Adikara Rachman

Unique game This game is unique because the story of it that how you controll a ghost instead a human

Amanda Perdue

this game is so awesome This game is so awesome I want to play every day

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