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25 Jun
Hard Time (Prison Sim)

Posted by MDickie in Adventure | June 25, 2016 | 229 Comments

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Create your own inmate and attempt to survive in a prison where every sentence is a "death" sentence! Rub shoulders with up to 100 fellow inmates in a sprawling jail of 12 unique areas, each filled with fully interactive furniture and props. Plus a life beyond the jail populated by real civilians, with wardens enforcing dozens of different laws to stop you from making a break for it.

Each day, you will find your health and mental state slipping away. Both can be restored by sleeping - which is also a good way to pass time. You won't always be permitted to sleep, though, so consuming food and drink bridges the gap. These, along with many other activities such as reading or watching TV, can also help to improve your mental state. If you "lose your mind" you will break down and will temporarily lose control of your character (almost certainly getting into trouble!).

Your character also has a set of attributes that you are challenged to improve:
- STRENGTH indicates how much damage you can inflict or absorb. You can improve it by fighting or lifting weights.
- AGILITY determines how fast you move. You can improve it by jogging in the yard or scoring baskets.
- INTELLECT reflects your knowledge - including fighting skills such as counters. You can improve it by reading books.
- REPUTATION is how much other prisoners respect you. It can be improved by accomplishing tasks or intimidating others.

There are also opportunities to earn money - whether you work for it with a broom, trade items at a profit, or run with a gang. Having money increases your opportunities to grease the wheels and make your life inside easier.

You may find that you need to go to the toilet from time to time, in which case you must race to the bathroom! Alternatively, you could find a toilet to sit on or grab some toilet paper to spare your blushes. Failing to do so will damage your reputation and mental state.

I regret that there is more to this game than I could ever explain here, so I hope you enjoy figuring some things out for yourself.

Upgrade to "VIP" to enjoy the full experience without ads - plus access to the editor that allows you to customize your character and every other.

(*Look out for tutorials within the actual game)
The game uses buttons where letters like GTA represent what they do:
G = Grapple / Throw weapon
T = Taunt (interact with handheld props)
A = Attack (on its own to kick, with a direction to punch)
R = Run
P = Pick-Up / Drop

- Press ATTACK and RUN together to launch a powerful attack.
- Press any button with any direction (or none) in a grapple to trigger different moves.
- Press RUN and PICK-UP together to set fire to a small object (which can then be used to set fire to a large object).
- Touch the clock to pause the game and bring up options to exit.
- Touch any speech bubble to speed through conversations.

- If you find your device struggles to display lots of characters, considering keeping the "Population" option low.
- "Speed Up Frame Rate" sleeping will require good performance at the default frame rate.
- Head to the "Display" options to tone down other features.

Whats new

    - Exclusive link to try the new superhero game, "Super City"!
    - Improved compatibility with modern operating systems (but possibly not older ones).
    - Various bug fixes.

MDickie part of our Adventure and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update June 25, 2016. Google play rating is 83.8764. Current verison is 1.320. Actual size 37.0 MB.

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alex bowden

read this please Can you update it to where people don't go in your cell at all because people walk in my cell and watch me sleep and then pick up my bed and take it out of my cell and set it down and then kill me.

Dylan Jollimore

Full mode? so I bought the game and I like it I just thought when I bought vip I'd actually unlocked everything , like being able to pick the block you're in, the reason what gangs to join etc I just bought it last week and I can already telll you this is not the case for instance I can't even change the colour of my jump suits but still a very good and creative game in my honest opinion five stars for sure when all these things are added/fixed *EDITED* Also most the time I exit a room the map doesn't show up fix plea

Quaker Boo

It's okay. The game is ok & all but I think it would be better if it was a bit more realistic. Showers, the use of money, gangs inmates that actually stay in the same cell as you etc. But it's good to pass the time.

naomi hayne

Good but lacking Good fun game for passing the time, but needs a serious update, maybe add features like starting a gang, a black market, somewhere you can edit your character.

Lyn Miclat

Die for nothing? I was doing good at the jail but some police want to die me so i was give this game 2 stars:(

Josh Armstrong

Why Do I keep on getting beaten up for nothing and taken to court for Murder yet I had only been playing for 2 minutes

James Bond

Not good My sentence was over. I was ready to get out of jail. I moved to the main room and then my character was invisible! All I could do was sleep I couldn't walk I couldn't pick anything up. All I could do was sleep. I even exited the app and went back. Nothing it's the same. I was angry 1 month of work lost. I decided not to do another character. I just Uninstalled because it could happen to my other one. On the gs5 But please make a hard time 3d on android

Connor A

"Amazing, Don't Change A Thing." My only Suggestion Is Every So Often, Give V.I.P For Free. Also You Should Make A Game Called MDickie Life, Where All Your Games Are Combined, Including Hard Time, So You Work In Any Career You Want Or You Can Just Roam The Streets, Or You Can Be Part Of A Crime Group, That Can Get Arrested.

Jackson Schneller

Fun but You shold be able to make a gang and have black market and have other people get arrested and if a guy kills u exit out of the app quick then go back on it and u are alive but u are a little behind firm where u were when u died

Frederick Brown

It's great But need a better use for money like a black market and be able to buy guns and stuff also u need to update on the gangs I want to make my own gang

Zack Marrs

Why put out a free version if you cant beat it? The pc version is completely free, why not this one?

Nerdy Kid Shaq

I love it It does get a bit boring and i its almost impossible to get out of jail. I just wish the maker wouldve made so you have other job options than being a cop or you can actually rob banks or stuff to make it more interesting and maybe if it could be made 3d but overall still fun

Wolfer Fullmoon

Not that impressed There is a game that may have got the idea from this one and made it better it's called Prison rpg it's definitely more addicting than this game. The pc version of Hard Time is much better though

Ras JrStrength

Ok Great game since I've been playing, I agree with the complaints Ive read in reviews, my opinion is the overall life of character far as maps and the topic and conversation the inmates have also the gameplay isn't studied just made to work, would be a game with some fixes, right now cool to pass time

ayden wheless

Good enough Why I rated 4 is there is no skip adds at the end I will rate 5 if u fix that otherwise its a good game

Shahzadmirza Mirza

I like it but Should add gangs what you make you and get black mark for free and get more cooler weapons and you gang and polive help you to get in side and have battle

Michael Rodriguez

Really good but.. I was enjoying the game a lot then suddenly I got arrested for free loading . It said I need a VIP pass and I was just about to beat it. I was doing so good I had 90% of reputation 97%of strength 84%speed and 88 of intelligence.and no I didn't cheat or did a glitch

Zoe Burden

Its OK but.... Sometimes I get arrested for not doing anything. And I waz abt to beet it cuz i was on night 36 out of 67 days, but then a cop attacked me for no reason and killed me. So I give it 3 stars.

Jake Hunter

Cool game I was on 37th out of 92nd day and I when to the home screen and I came back and I was on my 10th day needs to be fixed plz

Greg Moreno

Cool until..... Cool until the game actually charges, convicts and boots you off the game for freeloading. Which is not buying a VIP pass. If this is gonna be the case, you should put the game under the category where games cost. Not the free category because that is some serious bullshit. Uninstalling post-haste. This game needs A LOT of serious tweaking done to it

Colton Baledge

I hate Mat Dickie I want to kill him but this game is a masterpiece I love everything about it I want to tear your guts out Mdickie but for now I will not

Dsean Green

F**K this app Because it doesn't even work it just always crashes i couldn't even use my phone for 3months because it almost broke anyways juat dont download it and dont say i did not warn you

Rainiel Zamiel Vergara

I hate it I hate when my character is end if you get that vip out im gonna rate it 5 star and the map is so bored is so small pls get a large map

Calvin Nguyen

It won't let me out of jail the second time I commit a crime even if I go pass the sentences

Corbyn Milionis

AWESOME all my friends should try this right now. And u can edit your character and stuff u can start gangs to I don't know why everyone says I cant do this when u can OPEN YOUR EYES

Sophia Miller

Ok It's ok but I once had extra days in prison for not having via pass and I don't like how the character dies after your half way through your days p's I wish we could start are own gangs and not have the police saying not to do this when their doing it sooooooo annoying fix this and I'll rate 5 stars? apart from that thumbs up!!??

edmel charles quirante

Really love it but.. Really Like/Love this game ... but there's only one you need to change... my character died 5 times ... please don't let character died because all of the hard work that I did been waste... money , reputation and strength ..... ill give you 5 stars :)).... more POWER and GODBLESS .:)

jus some Random guy

Great but please I would rate this five stars if u put in a better use for money instead of using it on items that u can just steal. Maybe get rid off the chapple and add a black market or just make a black market. Matt this doesn't sound like a big ask

Talon Rankin

I can hack it This is for all of you in the jail when they say your going to jail,inside the jail do something bad then you'll go to court (tap on your player fast) it will not work if you tap it slow keep on doing it the you will win but sometimes it might not work. YOUR WELCOME :) ;)

The Cool Frog

WHY I thought it was going to be free but im wanted for not buying vip? NOW I HAVE TO START ALL OVER! Anyways can you guys make a way to kill the judge?

Kaylah Mcnair

Is there a way to turn off the sound I like to listen to music while playing games but I can't do then when there is sounds of people beating up each other and crying plus the adds keep freezing so then my game freezes with it AND it force closes to much

Coe Emens IV

Awesome Everything is awesome!!!! Just one thing... there should be a way to talk to the people. Everyone but you can talk to another person or you. It's kind of like how there is a multiple choice bar that let's you say what you choose. But say that someone keeps asking for money. Just put a limit for every day that you can only ask 2 of the same question and 8 questions overall. Plz update this and it will probably grow a lot more popular and will be a lot more interesting. Thx.

FakhriAufa Arzu

Hate Can you take out that brain, when the brain meter bar is low, it becomes lost control and it kicked police then, I must restart that game. Pls update this, I don't want to see this brain meter bar anymore. I promise will rate 5 star.

B Besman

Awesome but they make a more grand theft auto where when you free roam you must spend your money and things like steal cars rob banks buy a house have a wife and love more

Erika Hathy

Good, but glitch There is a glitch (I don't know how it is caused) that makes characters stuck on top of the screen only showing there legs in a walking animation. It used to be funny, but now it's annoying. This is just a recommendation, but it would be great to make your character editable during your sentence.

Anthony Krokey

I get it why you whould say buy the 5.00 dlc thing but why didnt you just make the game 5.00 and you have ads. you just made it to where a cop arrest you for "freeloading" you go to court again very rarely though but other then that in my opinion the game is good for most mobile games. the graphics are passable the arrest system needs tweaking and some more but other then that the game is desent to good

Ilija Cvetkovic

Best game eveeeeeeeeerrrrrr I watched jacksepticeye play it on PC and I loved it I heard there was a android and iOS version of it and downloaded it.....I can't stop playing it. BTW awesome game again.Got in jail for eating someone ewwwwwwwww

Robert Swindlehurst

Awesome one thing though The cops always hit me when I'm doing nothing wrong or prisoners will start beating me up and the cops just stand there like nothing's wrong I don't like it when they take the stuff in my sell and move things around

Breanne Serrano

Needs serious update now! You should make this game 3d and have more features and make it less hard. Please let their be a black market or underground club etc.

Aston Chua

Addictive Game Everything about this game is great. The only thing I have against it is that it seems to lag. It would also be helpful if there's a way to indicate what button does what at the start.

Tad Koltin Taylor

Money loss I bought VIP but I can only be a prisoner plz help and I'll rate 5 stars

tabatha withey

Fun until you get kicked out This game is addictive and fun until they start sending you to court because you didn't pay five dollars to get a vip pass... if you get to court and they don't rule in your favor for the pass then they kick you out of the game. I really liked it till this, now I won't play it. If you want someone to buy the game then be up front and charge them for the game, don't be sneaky.

Aj Glenn

Awesome Game I love killing people without getting caught. The only thing I don't like about this game is it seems to lag a little bit.

Emanuel Guzman

I agree It's cool and I like the warden part and that I pushed to be one and it was cool. :-) Also can you make the next update to give us about 33 or 30 days because I don't like waiting for a long time.the VIP thing is ridiculous.the people who are saying this,I agree

Neil Murray

Time passer™ I've killed 17 guards now and they are all after me its a great way to pass 243 days of prison :P (I've also killed 44 inmates,got away with 27 of their deaths) anyways I love this game it's easy fun 2D and simple I reccomend 2 all gamers out there

Justin Ruby

Great game!! There isn't a better game for free in the Google play store, period.

Asia Hargrove

I like this but... I like the idea of this game, but the bodies are not that you, no offense but this is the only game I've saw with bad graphics and School Days but I like them so it is not bad.

Wenchi Hayes

Lie This game is b*llshit, lags all the time, the game seems fun and I played quite a lot but it was ruined by greedy developers asking me to pay every 10 mins. of gameplay... Eventually they just delete your progress and stop letting you play, the game isn't really free.... 1 Star.


I hate it whenever I get arrested for not having VIP, its bullcrap. Can you remove that please. Still good game,minus the VIP thing

Enzo Celdran

SO AN A ADDICTIVE GAME AND IS THIS MULTIPLAYER????. And I know why its lagging. When I play the game I really loved it then on the day 87/89 I died then when I made a player then I start to play then suddenly I saw my players death then I had an idea go out start a new one 3x I saw my players. is this a multiplayer game or not pls reply I will give 5stars :).

taine harrison

Ur paying for it Those Ads keep coming up its So Annoying it freezes my table and gives it a virus then it shuts down for a week all because of Ur dumb gay ads that No one likes if u put adds in ur game ur just ganna get low ratings if my table dies cause of ads ur paying for it

Boblehead David

WTF It deleted my character because I didn't buy a vip pass but I have any money get rid of freeloading

Tyse Hickman

One slight problem! Repeatedly occurring problem in which the timer for advertisements (if you are playing on sponsored mode) pauses, making you have to restart the game and losing progress. Fix that and you'll have an amazing game!

Osh ‎Archive

Good, but glitchy I love this game, but ocassionally after going through a tunnel I'll get stuck under the floor, forcing you to reset. This ruined the experience for me.

Larry Chen

Awful game Not enough sound options. Can't listen to music while playing. Dies too easily. Characters spent days crying on the ground. Can't get up because your character is a weakling despite 90 strength and agility. Makes you rage too hard. I'm not paying 5$ for a game that crashes every 20 minutes. Wish it was more optimized

Nailah Dixon

Breakdowns... You Should Stop With The Breakdown's It Makes Me Almost Die Everytime Thanks...Then Ill Rate It 5 ⭐

Sa'Real McRae

BEST BY FAR EXCEPT.... vip? I get a longer sentence for not having it that's the only downside of game

Dilan Mendez

Great game but yeah one problem. Okay the small giant problem is one time I got arrested for not buying the V.I.P pass and the cop won and then I had to make person and start all over!

Travis Duggan

CANT PLAY I used to love this game but now i need a vip pass to play and I have no credit card so I cant continue the only way i can is to go to my library where i can use internet FUCK YOU MAT DICKHEAD YOU MONEY GREEDING BITCH

Faris Smajlovic

Nice but... Why did a cop aresst me for not buying vip and then deleted my world and inmate.

HighestLeader53 logo

Meh I will not give this app 5 stars because it needs a update. Other than that its a boss game?

Daniel Arreguin

wtf really get kicked out of prison for not buying vip pass i almost won other then that good game

krystian kaiser

Amazing This is a great game but can you make a 3D version because my pc is broken so I can't play it with 3D.

movie shorts

FREELOADING I completed the 68 days then I get arrested for freeloading which means I didn't buy the full game so the juje said I'm kicked OUT OF THE GAME

Cris Hdz

Beast mood game I love these game I love killing cops its awesome dude lol XD

Hannes Oosthuizen

Wtf Finished my sentance and when i got out the police guy threw me back in because i was trying to escape? Relly? You can do better

Samuel Liebowitz

Cool but hard It was amazing but really hard no wonder they call it hard time

Patrick Moore

Good job This game is great but their is some things that would make the game better like more customs modes to add then the game would be a lot better

Caleb Bayer

What!!!! Killed me because I didn't buy a vip pass. I was about to get out too. Without that five stars

Evan Kingsbury

Add a shotgun Allow charachters into buildings. Expand the city.

Besman B

This game is awesome but guys if just agree with me it would be even better if mdickie made a hard time 3d for Android

alex shelling

Love it Best game ever I like it when I kill people it feels good

Seth Green

But I wished you could arrest people when you are a warden other then that good game

Nash Salmi

Love it but I want to be a cop for a change and I cant buy a VIP pass because my mom and dad dont let me buy things that cost Monie could you please make the VIP pass free then I will rate this game 5 stars

Tripper Scism

Very addicting, needs more updates. Very interesting to kill, get arrested and make another character just to kill the old one. Just needs more customization options and an option to control characters like in the sequel vip. Very unique and original game!

Rivers Workman

Hardtime Needs to be 3D I really love MDickie games have all of them but this needs to be in 3D


You have limited time unless you want to spend 5 dollars I like this game a lot but once you play a certain amount of time, wardens start arresting you for not having a VIP pass, then you go to court and lose the case every time. Then the judge ends the whole game making you restart for the same fate

Joel Jordan

I had no idea why. Hey, try it for yourself. I had no idea why this game is so f-ing addictive. Don't hestitant, download first, review comes later. Don't look at the rating, or the 1 star reviews, this game, is a drug. Addictive as hell.

Johann Van Niekerk

Love it but I like it but there must be a school and become a teacher and choose what book like history and english to teach children in school days and please make it rain what look like jour clouthes wet and make it snow please.And PLEASE MAKE THE OLD VERSION AGAIN BEACUSE I WANT TO PLAY IT IS FUN THE OLD ONE PLEASE MAKE NOTHER ONE LIKE THIS BUT OLD HARDTIME PLEASE

Nick Ackors

So addicting I don't know y but this game is addicted as hell! I can play for hours n hours n b entertained, I usually sleep through my whole prison time then after I get out of jail wait for a warden to hire me as a warden, so much more fun as a warden. O n btw just an FYI when ur a prisoner make sure to make as many friends as possible especially the warden. Makes having lots of friends much more easier! Lol

Fardeen Khan

Nice game..... Became addicted but there is only one problem...that the character dies if his health is low pls add something else rather than making the character die so easily....

Rajveer Bhoday

I have some ideas that could make your game even better than it already is Instead of having 2 separate games why not have the school in hard time, school give people a hard time too you know. Make the map bigger by adding the school in it and we should start off in school then grow up and become adults and if we want we can do something bad and get put in prison so the game is more realistic. Also, if you guys could add the school in the game could you make it so that we could make our own crush, like name them and chose what they look like

Issac Darkrider

StupidIt You know I had become warden then I am still being call as prisoner and I didn't do anything I get kidnapped Dangit

Sean Gould

VIP In my opinion this game almost forces you to buy the vip pass. I just lost my game progress becuase I was arrested for "not buying the vip pass". Anyway this game sucks and I feel it is forcing you to buy there shetty game. Feck this.

Don Dominique Espinosa

Killing people Ilove it because when I escape no guards catching me and I ride a motor and go to a house and murder people 100000000 over 10

Callum King

Hard time Yeah I love this game but try to escape from the prison and get exueied by guards and also try to kidnap the warden so great get back to me and I tell you more a about my ideas on how to be the best prison game ever to get on mobile phone play store

Thunder Maker

All ads are video and it freezes after every ad The game itself is fine and comical but every single ad is a video ad of at least 30 seconds or longer, which is fine. But When the ad ends you are not returned to the game. The game freezes after every ad. You have to force the game to stop. When you return, you'll find all the progress you made recently has been lost. Contacted the developer and they don't know how to fix the problem. Like I said, the game itself is lots of fun and will make you laugh. The freezing after each ad is too much. Uninstall.

theanoyingboy 1234

Really fun I fist saw this game being played by a youtuber and I wanted to try it. It is fun and hilarious to play. Its kinda hard to live through out the whole time your in jail but I found a trick. First escape, second run over to the house in the background, third enter the house and kill anyone in the house, fourth sleep in the bed until your sentence is up


Can you add that I can control all person in hard time I rate five star if you add that I can control all prisoners,civilian and warden or can you add that if I become a Warden I can guard the main hall every thing in the prison please like in the school days that I can control person please I rate five star because this is your job that rate your games make people enjoy everything. :(

Chris Lee

They best game My favorite game...I played so much I acuaully severed my time and they release me....and the game still goes on....but the only thing I wish is it was easier to start your own gang intend of waiting for people to dress like you

Rare Rian

$ Last year my tablet broke and I just got the game back and now the $5 I'd previously spent is now not showing up on the restore purchases and also I can't buy it again BC the restore purchases and buy liscense is greyed out please either give me a refund so I can buy it again or somehow unlock it

FlyGuy FromThe-6

Awesome Spoiler Alert, if you don't wish to know how to beat the game, stop reading here: To beat this game, us simple. Get a shovel and start digging around the prison. If you happen to find a hole that leads you to the house, use it. Go in the house, kill everyone in there (if you wish) , press pause and than sleep until your sentence is completed. This could take up to an hour, but don't turn your device off, it won't work. Put your device on the charger and chill. Just check every 20 minutes or so.

zack bailey

It doesn't do anything after you create your person.just a black screen with a cell phone going needs fixed

Job Raposa

Mdikie I have a favour for you.make a game called the kicks job and make a character look like justin bieber cuz im a big fan of you if you do my favour i will givin this app ??????but its free and no ads thank you

Bilbo Baggins

Great game but one thing... Basicly when u escape its really borong cause theres nothing to do when ur out

Vannalauren Patosa

help me pls. How to kidnapped I don't know how so pls. help me then I'll rat 5 stars

LionTester Youtube

Good but I have a problem My player name is Kray-z and it said Kray-z tried to kill Kray-z I acccccccidentally picked the cop gun he hit me I fell sonething exploded in the workshop and it said that statement pls fix that

Thomas Sklenicka

I love the fact that the game ran smoothly until I recieved a phone call and said I wasn't buying a VIP pass; afterwards, the game does nothing but lag, even after a clear all my apps caches and reopen. This game was great until you had to add a VIP pass; you try so hard to get us to buy it that it becomes annoying. This app also uses too much of your battery: 16% in one hour while in sleep mode. It also somehow makes my percentage go down while my tablet is on the charger.

Julia Eshbach

Great game I loved it! Only thing was they would falsely accuse you of something but u could escape easily and stuff. Not much to do when u escape though.

Clayton Howarth

Just wondering why I paid $5 for VIP all access and can't start the game as a civilian or warden? Surely after forking out all that money for an app I should be able to skip the inmate if I want to and start as something else? That is the only thing stopping me from giving 5 stars

Lukasz LegoFan

Wtf this game is just..... GREAT GSME EPICC EPICC GAME but I keep on getting beated up by ****ERS and i wish multiplayer and u can talk instead of random things just said by u

Anime Lover

I like the game but... I like the game but when I choose my gender to be female it didn't work. I suppose to have a female body but instead I have a male body but the voice is female though. Please kindly fix this. I want to be female in this because I'm a girl.

brandon broussard

Ok..... It's great but they need to make you chose from beginning if you want to be a cop or robber. I was pleaded guilty when I was acually watching the fire and a cop attacked me and I was arrested for it....12 EXTRA DAYS! Not cool, and 120 dollars lost in in game money.

Tweet Moore

I loved it!! This games is so fun and the school version is even better! I'm so glad I came across this game!


It's great! but..... I like the game, but please make it so dialogue doesn't make me stop whatever im doing.

Suthatip Bunying

Dear stones have already started doing this to me at Surin beach shuttle, I'm tired.

Gerson Menjivar

Why cops use things that there are not spouse to use and why cops are punching me and steal stuff from me and if I die they grab me and l live what kiang a game is this!!!

Nia Barber

Amazing I love it this is so amazing but instead of it being a jail game why not make it like gta because it would be a better also i love the graphics and how its made whoever made this game good job for making all these wrestling games its amazing

Jake Dogge

Good but unfair It's not fair that the NPCs get to headlock u forever or even spam the punch button I mean I when try to headlock people in the game it just instantly knocks me out that's the bullshit about this game and its getting really annoying really soon and also the cops keep arresting u for no reason that's u fair tooo

s1r. w1z4rd_

Whaa? I really love the game I had it for years now, but how do go online because I see a little red logo on the menu screen saying offlone and when I tap it it says online on the list. Please send instant feedback because I wanna be online.

Troy Swinehart

Awsome!! Love it in every way. You should ad a multiplayer to the game because I keep killing people and it's so easy to do it and I don't get caught killing lol! Also I think you got the buzzer from Portal 2. One more thing could you put in the 3d pc version on the app store 2d ain't as good

pikach u

OMG :, ( U dont know how much im upset when i started downloading it my phone restarted and then it said to reset my device and all my progress my youtube channel everything was gonna be gone someone must be hacking me or its a major glich anyway i just got it now.

El Dog

Time killer Good game. Enjoy playing.. Freezes up your phone a lot. Your player takes over your control and does what he want a lot.. But the game is fun just need a few fixes

Michael Montejo

What's great The great thing about this has 4 things : 1. Fighting-its best because you can beat them up with your own hands or stuffs 2.Caught-When you are caught by police you go to the court house we're the'y judge your accident 3.Stealing-You can steal stuff 4.Game-Having lots of fun.

Eirian Bodnar

Love it!!! I love it I'm gonna delete it and try the school one the funny thing is my character was arrested for mugging guy walks up to me calls me a animal then says he only got arrested for rape -IM- the animal XD great game. -EDIT- everyone who says NOOOO ADS I hope you know that's how they keep the game on the play store -.-


Amazing but ideas I have had this game on 4 devices and my computer now, spent about a year or so on this game(not playing time) I have loved it but I would like to see that you can arrest people as wardens, riots, more food/drink, make own gang for $1K in game money, drug fights in gangs, and drug dealing or gang related violence or alcohol, smokes, drugs and sell them ect, would be sweet if you did all this, non the less don't hesitate just get the game its sound. and recruit guys WFKD team

Kill Saen

Love it the shadow I love the game right but they should I do one more thing it shouldn't make an online to Google Play. Of people on multiple player that would be really cool

Ricardo Currin

Good but fix ad bug When i go to sleep or get out of court i get a ad. Ads itself r annoying ads that freeze and make me have to leave the game and come back to find some of my progress gone is even more annoying. Fix this problem and is definetly 5 stars

Besman B

Cool game but lots of upgrades for example make us be able to create our own gang,make us be able to buy things,as a warden give us permission to arrest others,make us able to use drugs and get high, make it so that we can sell items to other cell mates at our own will,give the will to give gang members missions and make gang meetings

Dr Ajai Kumar Tiwari

Why does it shows a black screen after update, this was my favourite game but that silly update spoiled it . Fix it please

Jill Knight

Deletes progress My sis was playing it and a cop attacked her for not buying VIP and then crashed her game and when she got back on her save was gone. Fix or I will never play again

Kendal Brown

STUPID Graphics are horrible as soon as I downloaded it I deleted it. You should definitely get it NOT.

Romeo Emenike

Nice but.. Why the stupid stuff one of my people got arrested 72days for not buying the full game

Eijay Sibug

Good Pretty nice game, addictive and good graphics. But when you become a warden you still cannot do bad things that other wardens see. They will still arrest you.

lisa kay

MDickie Thanks for these amazing games but can u make better graphics like wrestleling revoulition

Tyshawn Cabil

Addictive You can do most of the things in a real prison just dont try to escape?


Kinda gets boring am a vip doe Can u add for VIPs when your a warden which I am where u can arrest people

Oscar Dyos

Love it I love it but plz when i was arrested i was arrested for not paying for vip pass plz stop that plz but keep everything else good

Little guy man

4 stars because.... I can't arrest when i become a cop. Please fix for 5 stars

Cole R

Crap As soon as your free they find you and put you back in jail

Niccolo Rodino

Laughing so hard I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME its just so random, i love causing a massacre in the cafeteria and all the special moves !! Keep the good work up!

Mayana Kincaid

I Love it! This is a really addictive funny game

Nate Carter

Do a zombie game next For the next game MDickie Lots of people see that you have the potential to do more with you're fighting and weapon knowledge.For the community of MDickie can you please for our a zombie game.

Angel Castillo

Love it!! I love it! I play it always! It eould be better with a few more features.

Abid Hassan

What? How the heck do I win.?!

Logan Draper

Amazing It's an amazing game I also recommend pop scene by MDickie

Abbie Hagan

This game is a recording fun game I love this Think I'm going to put it on his on video

Noor Anisah M K

Can make more guns and vehicles.......

Mhigz Urbino

Wow! This game is good!

Amparo Soria

Best addicting game ever Best game in the world please fix that zoom use to the other one

Marmar Abbass

Great but a question I am now a police officer but I saw people stealing and I want to arrest them but I don't know how so can u add to hard time that we can arrest please

KickenWing2222 Gaming

Addictive The game is so cool. Everything about it is awesome, You get to design your own character you get to be a warden when your done with your sentence it's everything you ask for in a game.

Ian Rickard

My name is killer in the game

Macho Kidd

Great It is amazing all around and super addicting and fun but I am a warden and I wish I could arrest people

Kevin Kuznar

Horrible I can't even play this game because there's a 30 second ad for every minute you play. I feel like I'm watching the walking dead. Just charge for the freaking game if you're going to do that.

Chirag Panwar

I'm in love I love mdickie games please make more games like that

Looney Toons

Online Make it so its online and you can talk to others like i thought it was multiplayer for me and my brother to play but i was wrong.If you do that i will rate 5 stars! Cheers!

Michelle Glorioso

BUT The warden thing why can I do bad things and the police dont respect the warden sometime they punch my character

S Gallegos

No options I saw my character and disliked it and when I hit the back button,It went straigjt to the games.Btw i do not like the girl characters, I like the characters that look like WWE superstars.But i still love the game.

Eli Murillo Rios

Bad ads The video ads make the game laggy.

Antwan Hall

LOVE IT I play this game through thick and thin whenever I'm feeling sad this cheers me up. And I love my boyfriend.I wish there were more than 5 stars if there were I would giving you all of them.and my real name is niya

Mark Marshall

Good fun game Liked the game when I was playing very addicted. Would be fun if there was stronger people to fight. Also I was climbing over a guard who was asleep in bed and got charged with rape fun twist wasn't expecting that ??

craving guy 1200

This game is the BEST! I like it because it has weapons and you have to survive as a prisoner. I got out of prison by sleeping the days of my punishment off. I earned 1800 dollars by fixing thing and some people fought me. I won every challange and got money too.

Salek Miah

Annoyed Read the reviews on how 'fun' the game is so I downloaded it. It doesn't work. There is always a blank screen then it says that the app stopped working! I wasted my time ???

Lily Stokes

So good? There is so much to do so fun.You will never get bored.???

Romina CLB

By far the worst mdickie game!!!!!!! SO BASICALLY YOU RUN AROUND DO WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU TO AND STAY AWAY FROM GUARDS! OK I have played School Days, Super City, and PopScene and I HATE this song. Its absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!!! It's BORING!!! I wish you could have some sort of goal like im School Days you have to go to class and in Super City you have to save the city and in PopScene you have to record a GREAT albumz but in this game what do you do?? Survive in Jail by being board??? Im uninstalling so see ya Hard Time

Cedwyn Meintjies

Prison Prison This almost real life in prison and the prisoner can also make a gang and there's also big sentence.That's my storie in prison prisoner.

Trevor Newby

It's fun but ads Ads keep messing up the game I play for a while go to sleep ad pops up and bam it freezes plz fix it and I will rate 5

Freda Quansah

I HATED IT ITS STUPID PEOPLE Whenever I try to play this game and will never let me play it because it always loads with a black screen and I never get to play in a really long time to play it I really hate this game if any of this happens to you it's really stupid I know right you have to download it like a hundred times to get it to work but I never work it didn't work it didn't work gosh

Son Goku

Bad Its bad because the points where you can't control your character Your character goes and gets him/herself killed, fix this because you can't expect people to download it if it has that flaw

Dylan Bell

Game sucks Worst game yet and they have the worst inmates they steal your stuff and they fight you for no reason please fix this crap mdickie and I will rate it 5 stars I frickin hate this stupid game


GREATEST game , but small request. As you should know , Most prisons have a small area that allows you to buy stuff and put it in your cell. But anyway , this is a great game.

Christian CD

I love it romantic right to I accept her and the right review reads the problem with my friends ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ I missed you to return to the neck of you and t the problem with my family and friends to you to neck while the most popular and the eerest is the best

Yash Sharma

The Best 2D, Open World Game Ever This game will the 2D version of GTA Vice City after serving the sentence in prison with no errors.

Olivia Lawson

NOT WORKING Every time I try to play the game it says that it will not work and I have reported it 2 times and had no response so fix it NOW

Zavier Hamilton

Good game Very good game but I think prison sentences should be longer and when I go to jail make it reasonable talking to much is not a reason to go to jail

Jurga P

Good But please fix dis! Every time I turn It on it stops for model number GT-p5210

Yashwant Shah

Addictive game Aftet starting playing this game.when time was spend.we don't know.

red_ devinstators

Good game It a good game but you cant go in stores when you get out im a good hacker i now i play every game

Ja Ray Reed

I have played a lot of their games and they all turned out well including this one

teenwolf123allison 435

Awesome. You guys should make one when you're in a asylum

The Nazi Boy

Add Riot Shield Please add riot shield it be more fun if you add riot shield i gave you 5 star if you add riot shield

Ben Antwi

Funny Because I don't get treated right equal rights for all. And the surprises that happen is funny and the simulation is cool

Tz Miner

Great Game! I love this game to bits. I have one question though. Do i have to buy the pass to be a civilian or cop? But other than that its a great game!

jeff maas

Cant play on Nvidia TV anymore because last Update took away controler support. Some Fix! :(

Sariyah Hall

COOL☺ I think it's cool but I don't like that you can't be a cop isad?

King Gamerz

"Best game in the world!! This game is AWESOME and I can't stop playing it it's very addictive

Mariah Calloway

Amazing At first I thought it was boring but now I it is fun to play


U can't be a cop Why u can't be a cop it takes forever to be a cop plz unlock it and I'll rate 5 stars

Anijah Brown

Hate it I'm usually a nice person but it stink

Aaliyah Green

Good.....but a waste of time??? Good game but when you finish all of your days in jail you still can't go to the stores and spend your money... Fix it and then tell me

Mustach Waffles

Amazing This game is addictive,funny and entertaining best game ever!

TheSCPGuy 107

Over all Awesome Game I had this game on my previous phone and I still love it, plus, It is an extremely funny game. Good Job!

Bonita Tsikire B

Droken Please please please fix it fit take out the bugs

LittleAnimal Jammer

random and fun So random its brilliant never boring at all

Metal BoneYT

ITS VERY EASY I have escaped loads of times by useing a bomb

Isaac Beaver

LOVE IT I love it it's very addicting and very fun, I don't like it when a officer ask you if you want to buy a VIP pass and you said no then they arrest you and lose to the judge and sentence you life in prison. MDickie needs to change that.

ryan martin

GREAT!!! Played before loved it played again ADORED IT (THIS GOES FOR ALL MCDICKIE GAMES IVE PLAYED)

Marquell Wilson

What do you do on this game. Just fight and break out jail I can't do anything not a single thing I like super city but it gets boring. Win you play all the character.

Foxy The Human

Vip pass seriously. It killed or did something to my character. I can't use him because i didn't buy a vip pass. I didn't even know there was one. Plus why kill off a character for FREELOADING. Yea if you're getting arrested for freeloading stay away from cops unless you wanna get a new character. Fix this and maybe you'll get a better rating.

Brooklyn Garza

I don't know So I started playing and I can't figure out how to do anything than i am getting attacked by the cops randomly and a cop ses hay inferno!! You can't touch a cop I have the power to destroy your life more and bam he punches me I mean what kind of cop does that!!? None that i seen !! And than a coped killed me my ribs where sticking out !!! Not in my body protecting my lungs!!! And more!!!! News flash you don't look any diferant as a 16 year old than a 50 year old woopy doo and more news flash!!!!! You look like a boy when you're a girl!!!

Windy Oktober

Glitchy as hell Pleaseeeee fix ! It randomly force closes, freezes up (and i have to restart my phone) and WORSE of randomly cuts off and brings me to my home screen. AT LEAST, EVERY 10 seconds !! PLEASE FIX !! And ill give you 3 stars..make the game more fun n ill give you 5 stars !

El Galleguito

Fun game This game is fun but there are too many glithes, please fix. Please add a feature where you can conduct arrests if you're a cop and please please make a mac version and make these games synchronize so I can play from another device and continue my game.

playlists 101

SOOO ANNOYING I do like playing this game but..... EVERY TIME I GO ON THEM IT TURNS OFF AND GOES ON THE HOME SCREEN it's really annoying so plz fix ty byyyeeeee

Christian Milanovic

Addicting and fun Pros:. Once you get used to the controls, they fit well in the game. I was destroying my enimies left and right. And it feels fantastic. I've already put more time into this app than any other. Cons: There are some aspects that are borderline infuriating. The pop up chat system is very slow to close, And characters will talk to you about stupid things in the middle of a fight while the rest of the world stays active. As well, being grappled takes for ever.

Jake Wolf

Good but two problem When we are the wardens we can't arrest people like they can to us if we were the prisoners. Can you update it to where we are able to arrest people while being a warden? Add a target system like on the 3D versions. That would make your game a lot better

Goten_ SonOfGoku

Best I've Had Totally one of the best game out there its amazing and challenging. You guys put good effort in this very nice job I'll, give this a 5star.But if you guys complaints about the controlls you could simply change or its that you have a phone that can't support a game like that so it Freeze's.So stop complaining and simply get another phone or delete the game or you could get.On your options and change them if you're not happy with your old ones!

The Real Eric Mitchell

Keeps crashing. It's impossible to make any progress because the game keeps crashing like every 2 minutes. I got 200 dollars for fighting someone and then it crashed and now I only have 15 dollars again! Please fix this bug. I really love this game! PLEASE MATT!!!!! ???

Lauren Dunn

Good game but... This is an awesome game don't get me wrong I do miss the old version too but there is one problem with this game it keeps shutting down on me and that's why I'm rating it 4 stars but if you fix the bug me and my friends will rate 5 stars. :) thank you.

Friday Lite

So fun! It took a while but now i know when my guy goes out of my control its because his sanity level dropped too low. I broke out of prison and spending my sentence in the house with a pile of dead bodies. Lol. I really love this game


Love it but issues This game is awesome, i love it, how ever it keep shutting down, ive played this game for years but this is 1st time this has happened so i assume its a bug that came along with the latest update, please fix i love this game and really want to play it (galaxy s5)

Brett Bodmer

I like this game.. It's the best game But sometimes it crashes, along with other mdicki games.. Fix this please I love your games and have downloaded every single one of them several times. And I am again right now. Thank you.

WTF I have played this game for a while (on and off) its a good game but why do I get arrested for stupid crimes such as "dealing bats" the fu**?!When people ask me for a bat.Also random people fight me and I get in trouble!IKicked out and gets reset for not buying the premium?! You guys are cheap bastards. Its a good game but it gets very annoying and repulsive quickly.

Logan Harris

Okay, WHAT? Its a meh game but someone offered me to buy vip for the second time, and i said no for the second time. I went to court for it. And the game booted me out, the only way to get it back was to lose my character or buy VIP. Thats ridiculous. The game also gets mad at you for not buying V.I.P. "YOU'LL NEVER HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE."

A-plus and some

Good gone bad! Played this game once before and had a lot of fun. Reinstalled it and now it has a bunch of annoying pop up add plus it just shuts down on its own out the blue!

Willie Griffin

Wwe and tna wrestling hard time prison You can fight other wrestler from tna and wwe and you can create a person of your own first your own person started as a prisoner If your person 51/51 day you get and if the warden say do you want to be a warden if you decide. Warden's are officers, warden,s can't unarestest warden,s and they can make good friend and you can join a group if they ask you to join the group and they will have your back and my opinion is that I think you should get this game and you will love it too,make one that we can unarestest

Glenn Pierce

Love this game. Bought the full version, but I feel like it is lacking in some areas such as customizability, maps and why can my custom character have police outfit or street clothes, yet is forced to only play as an inmate... What gives?


Awesome Very Nice and and an easy choice out of all prison sims in the play store. A few bugs to fix but I can see they r very minor. Personally I would give 4 1/4

Costanza Lucioli

It could be great... I really like this game, I find it very addictive, but... they arrested me for not buying a VIP pass! I think everyone should be able to play this game without having to buy the pass.

Ahmad Zafar

Under Arrest for not buying a VIP pass. At first I liked this game but later they arrested me for not buying a vip pass . If you let us play freely , 5 stars for it !

Jason Dudgeon

Fun, but could be better. The game controls are ok, but there's no rhyme or reason to falling/getting up that I can find. I've only ever lost sanity or needed a bathroom during a big fight or hearing. Death is random and often undeserved. Interactions with inmates & guards is decent with humorous moments. The random ads may drive anyone insane (like they do me). Solid game with minor flaws that keep it from being more. *Now the game closes randomly for unknown reasons, hindering it and rendering the game completely useless

junior flores

WTF?!?!? Ive had this game for soooo long and LOVED it so much, a while ago i deleted and now that i got it again there is a new update and the update made it soooooo much worse!!!!!! There is a bug that makes my game crash and force close every 5 mins!!!! I cant get anywhere in this game with out it closing because after i start it up again it brings me back to the same spot as last time which is where i always start now because a couple mins later it crashes and does the same thing!!!! Pls fix so i can play!!!

Celedrione Brown

Good game but.... Its a good game but the cops attack you for no apparent reason and it's near impossible to get away from them. They also kill your character, fortunately I've found out how to stop my character from dying. Before the screen turns black you have to close the tab and re- open the game.

Killer Kobra

Excellent work but... After you served your time and you don't wanna be a warden, there needs to be more options to choose from like being a parent of something. Just saying

Aaron c

Good game but.. Give the VIP people more stuff it's 2.99 just to remove ads give more stuff maybe a sandbox mode where you can spawn stuff in or change stats I would pay even more for that

XŘãîňbøw ÑěkøX

Amazing! And addictive! I recommend everyone to play this! It's super fun and you can fight your enemies and it's funny! And I have a suggestion for next one! (since you have this one,school days and super days (however it's called) ) And it's "work days!" It sounds fun!

Pio Kubunavanua

THE A.I The A.I are so annoying so can you make it smarter. Once an inmate attacked me for no reason so I had fight back to not die THEN I GOT ARRESTED FOR HARMING! ???

Kevin Doherty


andre lyon

Fix it and I'll fix the rating It keeps glitching, freezing, playing music when the app isn't running, deleting my account on its own, and exiting the app on its own. This is my favorite game on the app store and I would like to enjoy it. Please fix it.

Byron Aquino

??? Its retarted u play the game for a little bit then it jus takes u out the game to the home screen on both hard time an school days they really needa fix it i would give it a 5 star buut its does this dumb exit thing

Cassandra Smith

Not Good Enough. Okay You Can Play The Game And All. It's Amd Good Game, But Once You Get Comfortable With The Game It'll Keep Cutting Of. I Love The Game At That. I Prefer You Not To Get.

Nutasha Newsome

It has problems This game keeps on exit whenever I'm in the middle of it.??? p.s_ kinda hate it and kinda love it but please fix it

Jeren Lo Yu Kai

4 star if only... Too much advertisement, I hated it.Whenever I pause it, it would advertise.

Mjc wolf

Just turn off the wifi If your having trouble with the game shutting off randomly, just turn off the wifi it will decrease the chance of shutting off when your making progress. Plus no adds when u do so.

Zhaylon Stinson

I like it but man why do they make you have all those damn melt does and those dirty ass cops And its the best damn prison game I ever played

Queen Bee

Kind of dumb OK but graphics are horrible.Police start fights with you and win in court.People start fights with you and your the one who gets in trouble.Also people start fights for no reason and just teleport away and you can't hit them back.

jaeden pumanes

It's ok but Its ok but what i hate is you can t choose youre characters because i want to be pain in there but i cant i only get meg knight ,ghetto ho ,and scarlet bones please fix it

Galaxy Girl

Crashing This app crashes way too much to be able to enjoy it. But otherwise I love playing this game. Fix the crash problem then I will give 5 stars.

Mitchell Ross

I used to love this game but... It keeps shutting me out I reinstalled it several times this needs fixed and it would be a 5 star

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