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30 Sep
Hallucinate & Optical Hypnosis

Posted by After Breakdown Games in Entertainment | Sept. 30, 2015 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 22.0 MB

WARNING: This app produces real effects but is totally safe for health. However we recommend using with caution.

Experience real optical hallucinations that will change your perception of reality. Notice how the objects around you stretch or shrink with the different optical illusions available or dive into a trip that will test your resistance to hypnosis.

Follow the instructions and see how easy is to trick your brain.

After Breakdown Games part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 30, 2015. Google play rating is 77.6688. Current verison is 1.02. Actual size 22.0 MB.

Download hallucinate-optical-hypnosis.apk 22.0 MB


Brenda Torres

Great While I was looking, it told me to look around and It felt like everything was moving for a second. WOW!!!

Rose Dragneel

WONT WORK This app would not work at all. The farthest it's gotten to working was After Breakdown Games. After that, it was stuck. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I RATE IT 0 STARS.

Abhishek Sahu

Touch key light Thanx developers thanx a lot for fixing the backlight problem. Now I don't have to turn off my phone's backlight. Thanx a lot now I love the app. Thank you so much

Private Maine Caboose

WTF... First one I have got to work and make me feel so eahhhhh....... Awesome job

Silvy the hedghog

Amazing My brother thought he was gonna die after the wall started to squished together

Desiree Wester

Nope Dont work at all with me

Fakhar Abbas

Plz tell how it works Plz tell me how to use it for make myself sleep fast or to make myself relax

Landen Atwell

Crazy I went bannnas when I saw a shoe flying

Destiny Doan

Do not like one bit

seezal khan Ali

yuck nothing happens

Connor Turner

??? The hallucinate is REAL!! Not the hypnosis. My brother won't fall for it.

dave harvey

Cool graphics Even though I believe hypnosis is hog wash it has cool designs

Lauryn Wilson

Works Omg, this app works. It's amazing. It's kinda relaxing aswell

Sophie Devine

AMAZING! Made me wanna sleep! Amazing app! Everyone install it!

Micheal Kruger

Awesomeness It really does trick your brain

iamma Pro

O.o.... How..... O.O.... Everything started spinning.... Creeped out.... O.O

Mark Buchanan

Awesome I thought it would be stupid but it is simply amazing I love this app definitely get this app:)♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Erica Polo

WOW I'd be the 1st to tell ppl if this didn't work but it DID!! I fell asleep fast each time using it. Insane bc I typically don't fall asleep quickly. Amazing.

porom Kamal

Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg I though it was fake but first try I looked at a pillow and I swear it was shrinking 100 $tars from me

govind mewada

Wow !!! Great !

Emily Laughman

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best app ever!!!! Get it you need it

Aerial Zavala

Should not be alot of ad's I loved it except way too many ad's! Awesome though

Kent Fredric

Music-- Is it so hard to find one of these without a "no awful music" option?

Joseph Fielder

So cool How could an app actually do that stuff!!!!??????

Ethan Vega

Haha These hallucinations don't work on me ☺

Rohan Humaet


Fred Hughes

Ok but hypnosis part bored me If staring at a dot while your frontal lobe tries to make sense of the motion is your idea of fun then you'll lobe the hallucinatory. However, having played so much Borderlands and its sequels the hypnotic effect was wasted on me. Sorry, uninstalled.

donavan powell

Meh I did hallucinate and i didnt well hallucinate buty eyes hurt

Kaila Lashley

Dizzy It works! I used it on my friends to get snacks. Awesome game

Ryhon Maxwell

Cool It may be risky but if u a risk taker this is a perfect experiment for you

Alexandra Laboy Garcia

+Jennie Laboy so when you see it you'll like them I forgot to give me a

Kalia Thomas

hated it I know this works on some people,I get it, most definitely, but it also doesn't work out for others. they should make the best optical illusions within 2015.

Rosy Hernandez

COOL AN AWSOME It really work's i stared at it for the hole time an when it told me to look away i did but the room looked bigger and the stuff looked smaller an then it started to come at me i SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF! but it did not crush me it just whent back to normle it was so COOL AN AWSOME! nice job on making this game.

Nicholas Newell-Gardner

Cool So awesome

gary denham

Great Hallucinations! It's LSD without the wanna trip without drugs? Heeeeeere's Johnny! (This does not actually trip like drugs do. Drugs are worse in a bad way and dangerous and caused permanent damage to the body. I did not write this to encourage dig use of any kind. This is awesome but if you try drugs, there is a good chance you will get fake crap and there is a real chance you will suffer permanent brain damage. You deserve better than that, don't you think?)

Katie Buckler

Wow The hallucination really work but hypnosis I had a little problem with maybe they can fix that bug but other than that it was a fantastic app even works of my dad.

danger wolf princess

Doesnt work on me Idid try it but i did not come on me.i said "IDK" which stands for. Idont know

Hollie Spencer

Its a cool creation but afterwards it stings your eyes !!!

Guilio McEwan

Amazing It works by making your pupil's try and focus. As they can't as it's hard for the eye to focus they move in and out for a long period of time. So when you look away your pupil's are moving in and out for 20 seconds or so causing the effect you see. It's free and safe give it a go.

Mandi Walter

awsom I love it so much it really works so well and I kept staring at in everything comes so close to you


Love it It works buy it it's worth it when it said to look around everthing was wiggling I was so scared buy I dare you!!!!!!!>:)


It actually really works! It does work but I'm confused about the hypnotise part. It's just endless and I just gave up. Please reply and tell me about this. Please

Devinder Kumar

Full of adds & lags This app got some paid reviews & is full of adds. Never able to enjoy this app as it lags so much & crashes !!


Like it but Does anyone know how to make it last longer

Mainaak Chakraborty

It works. It really hallucinates you. Awesome. Thanks...

Ushira Weerasena

It's amazing.I got a shock when my first time

baylee elaine

Cooooooooooooooooooooooooool I like this it's like your going through it I give this a thumbs up

Johave Laureano

Wowwwwwwwwwww So cool!My sister tryed it and she freaked out.

Zach omw

For all you people who's eyes hurt The app clearly says use with caution so why are you complaining to the app creator when you are the one who messed up. By the way great app

Palash Roy

That was freaking! When I used that that hallucinate one I stared at the the dot and when it told me to look around everything was getting far! That was really freaking:-D

Javier Romero

What console made this? I remember that Nintendo or somebody came out with this as a cartridge because a lot of families that I remember using it when I was growing up in the 90s but I can't remember which

Tara King

It's cool when you look around after looking it is all freaky...I like it but the tunnel vision I haven't a clue what I am suppose to do ,Hope I get an answer.thanks

Krischnan Jaiden Pelayo

The hypnosis doesn't work but hallucination did work. But please make hypnosis work pls reply too

Joel Dsouza

This is some really cool stuff Man this was pretty darn cool I gotta say

SpiritWolf Studios

I want to speak to the creator This almost made my little 7 year old sister go blind! I'm 13, but it did work I said your getting sleepy and she fell asleep after that she was crying saying every thing was blurry her pupils are badly damaged!


SOOO COOL!!! THIS APP IS SO COOL THE HALLUCINATIONS MAKE EVERYTHING SEEM WEIRD AND FLEXIBLE FOR A COUPLE OF SECONDS!!!! But I don't know what the hypnosis is about. It looks weird, but I don't get it. But still, the hallucinations are SOO COOL!!!

Harley Malcolm

OMG I felt like I was gonna throw up then I looked at my room...

joe gamming

DOWNLOAD IT I looked at the white dot and the room got ready big

Jodiann Boykins

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????? So creepy I saw a shoe flying too

Arturo Ramirez

For the first time in forever! Frozen It works

XxGamerXx Derp

WORKS! When I looked away everything was getting closer

Myah Spulsbury

CRAPPY It's crap because when I looked around it came up with a house and a go back sign

Jacob Williams

This game is awesome! It works!

Lucia Castaneda

So cool If you're looking at the coments.your missing your time of awesomeness.

Kale Skiles

Dont TRY IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THEN 13 They should say what age you need to be I tried it with my cousin. And he was bursting in ters and he said his eyes felt weird and ecrthing was black then he. Went to normal so luckily so 3/5 dont. Blind meh cousin

Silent dragon2346

Do not use;if so,use precautions This scared the crap out of me. It's great and all,but the room began to get smaller.

Logan L

IT WORKS! I tried out hallucinate and it really did work! This app will definently entertain for long amounts of time! Good job dev team!

Leo Grachev

I loved it. You only have to look for thirty seconds and then everything either becomes stretched, smaller or wavy like it's a portal. I rated 5 stars. Add more hallucinations to it pls.

Neil Jonathan Cayetano

Oh.My.God. Hypnosis doesnt work but HALLUCINATE DOES. When I tried hallucinate when I looked around I feel like I am a certified sharingan user that I feel like a used KAMUI LOL THIS IS INSANE Before I almost passed out and when I awoke I am like a byakugan user all white and gray now I think its sharingan time I like this so much 5 stars hell ye

Zain Almomani

I CANT BELIEVE IT I USED IT ON MY DAD AND HIS EYES WER GOIN CRAI CRAI but no matter what u do dont kill bees


Wow!! I felt sleepy and dizzy i just want to vomit. Btw Great job!! And Keep it up!

Really cool I really liked it. I am only giving 4 because I got bored fast.

Jose Morales

Recently stopped working error Looks like system is cracked all black

BAD This is stupid it cool but stupid I had a header and my eyes stated to hert

Vera Roberson

Stupid I did it and all it did was make my eyes hurt

Kian Bh

Dammn I dont want this coz it wont open

AWESOME When I try this I was like high because all things around me became smaller.#Freaky

Julia Bover

WOW It really is a wierd app?

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