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24 Jun
Gunspell - RPG & Puzzle!

Posted by AKPublish pty ltd in Adventure | June 24, 2016 | 213 Comments

Apk file size: 86.0 MB

It is a storydriven rpg-adventure where guns and magic act together!
Become a member of this powerful Order whose mission it is to protect Earth. Travel through other worlds, contend with monsters, upgrade your weapons and enhance your magic. Have fun!
It is completely free game with an option to purchase packs of in-game currency or a premium account.

• Match 3 battles with a lot of features
• Multiple strange new worlds to explore
• Hordes of enemies to fight
• Tons of different weapons, items and spells!
• Awesome graphics!

Game Awards
★ DevGAMM 2014 Award
★ MS Windows Store Stuff Pick

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Whats new

    • Minor UI improvements
    • Achievements for item repairs is working now
    • Twisted reality spell now targets opponent
    • Players can continue to play on the last level of the second episode after they win the game.
    • With Premium account your items become indestructible!

AKPublish pty ltd part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 24, 2016. Google play rating is 88.8281. Current verison is 1.3.10. Actual size 86.0 MB.

Download gunspell-rpg-puzzle.apk 86.0 MB


Lauri Bell

Loving it!!! I can't stop playing this game. It definitely keeps you entertained. Very unique. Great job! !

Chris Langland

Just started, but fun! Great puzzle combat game, though the unlocking backpack and spell storage is pretty annoying.

Mejian Thao

Bugged Bought gold coins during x2 event. Got silver coins instead and not only that, I didn't even receive the silver coins.

kirk white

Episode 3 I just finished episode 2. Plz release episode 3 or enable me to continue roaming the maps even after I'm done.

Mills Ryan

Unusually good Excellent game not too blatantly greedy

Dj Wooton

Force close Force closes before the loading screen in the very beginning of the game is even done f*** this game

henry tjahjadi

Hardest game ever Impossible enemy, hard to level up, limited item and can be broken, wasting time, impossible gems game ever.

Tova Johansson

This app woke me up every night with noisy notifications. Uninstalled out of pure necessity.

Mark Harris

Great game need episode 3...... Please

Eils Gaf

This is really good This is similar to Puzzle Quest 2 and very good no need for me to spend money so far. Interesting story and addictive

Benjamin Thompson

Not bad Easy controls and ok story. You get cash and items often enough that you don't really have to buy anything. It does get repetitive and a bit boring after a few levels.

kris Isaak

Love it Interesting battle concept with fast game play. Story sucks but who cares when the fights are so strategically based

raixel phaetalistic

Wish premium was 9.99. I bought it to support the game, but it was a hard decision. Figure id pay more buying coins in the long run tho. Its also nice to not get ads shoved in your face and nickel and dimed to death constantly like most match3 rpgs do. The art and music of this game is awesome. The story is really dumb. Your char seems very unconcerned that his sister works at a magic gun store and he ended up in an alternate reality where he explores caves and fights monsters. If it was me, id be like wth is going on! Just sayin

B.D. Messick

So far so.good However...increased inventory space would be nice...two is rather limiting. I don't mind buying things as long as I don't feel like I'm being forced to do so.

Fawking Deth Mself

Used To Be Fun Kept missing my stuffs during equipping and unequipped.. Over and over again. When it screws up again on my 6k armour and 10k rifle I think its time to uninstall. I enjoyed the game if it wasn't for that annoying glitch. Till next time. ???

Donnie Seebach

Really fun puzzle game

Shawn Reid

Love it Can't stop playing it

Bny W.S

I have paid the Eternal Premium Account, but it didn't ACTIVE Please update my purchase in game, because it is still inactive.

Cherie E Delaney

Gunspell I love this game. It's the best RPG Strategy game that I've ever played

Dick Bastardly

Fun game Better than puzzle quest.

Bob Warren

Episode 3 please - have $$ in this game! Excellent game, finished Episode 2. Just before got a 2 for 1 offer that I cashed in on, now the game is over?? I can't even go back and finish up lesser quests or beat on creatures. I'm stuck and you have my $$. Now doesn't load at all after Android 5.0 update. Let's move forward!

Daniel Kramarsky

Purchased premium but it never went through. Just loading all the time. Will add stars when this is fixed.

Julius Tan

very interesting its fun and seems like non paying users are not that disadvantaged so far

Linda blackmore

Wolf Nice game with a differance

Charles Andrew

It's the bomb. Get it .

Brittany Carr

Fun And very addicting

Emmanuel Hadi

Lame Hard and not good.

Roberto Granado

I'd give it 5 stars but it seems that I'm not getting any experience credits once I've reached level 15. Any idea when that's going to change? 02/27/2015 - never got a reply to my question, so I'm going to uninstall the game.

Donald Robinson

I would like the game more if they didn't want so much money to upgrade your character, and had others to play. Still a rip off.

Jonathan Washington

Too much random frustration! This game is a nice idea, but even more so than similar games, it depends WAY too much on luck and outsmarting a cheating AI. Even if you strategize well, it won't help if the game decides to let your opponent block even critical attacks or get about four extra turns. Or if your moves do more to HELP the AI instead of hurt. And for some dumb reason, the level cap is a ridiculously low 15!

Roy Stone

Best game and devs by far!!!!! Really enjoy this game. Gameplay is good and smooth and some of the items you can get are pretty cool too. I only had 1 problem with this game so I contacted the devs and they sorted it within 48 hours. Tip for players. Make sure you clear out all the portals of enemys before you complete the main quest!!!!! Great game devs cannot wait for episode 3!!!!!!

Torrie Malik

I wanted to like it, BUT... so many of the matches seem rigged. For instance, when I make moves, and it more often than not sets up the computer to make killer moves for serious damage, and in the mean time I can barely put a dent in their health. The enemies are overpowered, even at level 8. Equipment is overpriced, breaks too quickly, and repairing puts you in the poor house. I love the concept of the game, but it needs to have a few things worked out. I understand the game is free, but I feel like unless I spend real money, I'm not going to enjoy myself. I hate that.

Cory Schlichting

Enjoyable game! I love RPG's, and this game doesn't disappoint. I enjoy the match 3 aspect for battling the creatures of the game, adding depth with the weapons and magic thrown in there. I also enjoy the fact that you can choose your battles. The only minor gripe I have is the durability of EVERY item in the game... Your weapons and gear. They lose durability points over time, which is fine, but the resources that need to be used to restore the durability is frustrating. They're costly.

Steve Shaw

Excellent game balance While you can spend real money for gold to buy best items and inventory slots, I was enjoying this so much that I paid $15 for premium account. This helps get gold faster, then didn't need to spend more real money. Well worth it, to me - I hate games where you keep having to spend money.

Lena Saunders

Confrustratedfused! I am level 12 and when I log in I get a big cloud? Level 0? Please help I can't do anything... I love this game ?

Madison Costello

Fun, but the workshop is buggy Great puzzle rpg, engaging, and actually allows you to grind for gold, stamina, or silver without insisting that you pay for it (unlike most games like this). The workshop where you improve stuff needs to be looked at before I can say it's perfect though... I once had a nice piece of armor disappear when I tried to put it there, and now I have a weapon in the repair slot that I can't move to storage or my hand for some reason, so it's impossible to fix anything or get my weapon back.

blable blebla

Achievement doesnt work "Repair equipment" achievemnet doesn't work. No matter u fix with resorses or gold.

Mike Rackham

Love the story, and the game play is more fun than most others in the same genre.

Roberta Labitsch

Love it But why cant i continue leveling after level 15?

Ben wiggles Longstreet

Really enjoying the game. However there's an issue with items disappearing when moving in and out of repair workshop and the upgrade shop. Samsung Galaxy 5s

Lauren Deacon

Zombie Tetris on crack!!!?!! Love this game! Yes, way fun and addicting!!! ***When are you adding more levels/episodes? :) ****Episode 3 in the works?

Chris H

So far so good. 1.5 hrs in & not pay to play yet. I'll be changing my review if that's the case, but for now pretty freaking sweet.

Chase Hemme

FURIOUS!!! I had previously bought the premium game for 15 dollars and lately I wanted to play and the game kept crashing. So I uninstalled, and reinstalled the game. Try to log in using facebook and it keeps crashing when I do that. Try to make a new game and my premium account IS GONE! Are you freaking kidding me?? I demand this be fixed or I will ask of my 15 dollars back!!! You don't do this to people.

Jonathan Clark

Love this very addictive game. This game is great! I wish there was a way to compare two items without having to switch back and forth. Samsung Galaxy S6

William Smith

Fantastic!! The game is awesome, the story line makes you want to keep playing. I would recommend this game to anyone.

Asmodeus Mictian

Reminds me of Puzzle Quest Galactrix. Which is a compliment!

Halina Sutton

WARNING ALL BE VERY WARY!! OUTRIGHT DODGY: I have now been charged $$$ from my bank account get a positive note of successful payment from Google play and money is missing from my account but it never syncs to may player profile. This is Theft NOT IMPRESSED!!!

Matthew Sterio

Fun Game and Time Killer.

Nick Silman

Very good game. An excellent mix of strategy and dueling. Completed game (both episodes). Takes planning and preparation to kill the big bosses. Enjoyed the game a lot. Can't wait for the next episode.

Kurupt El Don

Best puzzle rpg around Amazing this type of games but the difference is that this one is well done.Excellent

Onis Nazir

Really good

Chad Quillin

My opinion This is a nice game but the money not so much it needs work. For the most part good game play but little buy time if you get what I'm saying.

Steve Seymour

Addicted Fun game in your free time.

charles sodoski

Clever and entertaining

cheryl harvey

When is level 3 coming out it's such a great game

Scott Schweitz

Super interesting The best puzzle/RPG game I have played. Well done

goopta claydon

It's so adictive I think I need to be committed

Jason Long

Great so far Good game... little bit of a learning curve.

Bob Warren

Episode 3 please - have $$ in this game! Thanks for the update allowing continued play after Episode 2. Now I'd like a way to share my progress across phone and tablet.


Not bad Would rank higher but crashes too often

Alexander Ramirez

Cheats cheating it cheats

William Dugan

Gunspell I have two phones this game is on my second I spend big amount money just to level up by one game play gets boring because you having to spend time time for silver because in game play the silver you collect doesn't add to your silver I rather have my money back poor

nicole augustino

Needs work. Loved the game at first but had to restart after building up after 3 days. Get stuck in the same spot and can't beat the level 12 monsters . Even killing everything in every area won't build me up enough. If you want people to pay to play this game then just charge for the game ..... highly disappointed I would give 5 stars but feel I'm being forced to pay to continue what took days to build up . Please fix or make it easier to have a strong character.

TheTrue Mark

Awesome game. For the developers consideration, it could use a take all option after battles, and maybe the durability of equipment shouldn't degrade if it isn't used. Just some thoughts.

jonne van veen

A shame for a great idea It is really a great idea and a fun game to play, the only thing is you really cant play it. This game expects that you can play this game with few to no inventory space, they make you throw to much stuff away, even the big things you get from the main/big qeust. And if there is something special you cant get it because of the low inventory space and you will miss half of the game and its tasty fruits. Am sorry but for that reason i will give it a low score even tough the game is fun to play

Pepijn Van Abbe

Greedy as i ever saw a game. No way to realisticaly up inventory space without dishing out real money. Start with 1 space? Lowest inv space default i have ever seen. 15 euro for some kind of vip. Its too bad because the gameplay is nice.

Abc Def

Good concept, bad execution Match 3 type of game, kinda rely heavily on shop purchases for extra store room,repairs upgrades, etc. Also i couldn't kill a lv 6 ant same lv as me, ruined all my gear trying to beat it up and with limited resources and gear that can break on prolonged fights, not recomended for f2p players.

Andrew Petroff

Unbalanced power in opponents At level 9, bored with same old. I can't finish an old quest because opponents heal all the time and seem to get favorable lucky breaks. Costs too much to repair can't find enough gold to buy superior weapons. Sure the game wants you to buy. Too bad, it had potential.

Jim Salter

Cash grab Weak, unsatisfying match 3 gameplay. Mostly luck, little strategy. No real feeling of rpg progression. Enemies rapidly become overpowered and items obsolete to pressure player to purchase items repeatedly. Avoid.

David Slonosky

Endless grind Don't mind grinding if I see progress, but...enemies start getting instaheal artifacts, and anything good you want to buy costs big bucks. Increasing inventory costs money. Starts off fun, but at level 11 now and it's artificially difficult. Just another cash grabbing mediocre game.

Joshua Sponenberg

Gunspell I would have given it five stars but ever since the recent update, I cannot connect to Facebook on my Galaxy.

Mark Paris

So far.... Just lots of fun, a almost perfect blend of puzzle and RPG elements. Storyline is cool and mysterious. It doesn't appear at least so far that spending real money is necessary to advance and play. When after hours of play mana does eventually run out a 30 sec video later and hours more of game play are available. Phone is a perfect platform for this game. If you do like puzzles with purpose then do yourself a favor and download Gunspell, enjoy.

Craig Bendon

Not bad really, story is a little basic so far but game play is 5 star

Cody Webster

Probably the most rigged game I have ever played. As soon as you make a move and it becomes the mosters turn they get whatever they need dropped down. This may not make sense now but if you play you will see what I mean.

landon pereira

Fun and easy to play Just wish u could compare items then 5 stars

sheldon edwards

Samsung tab 3 Great job fun good graphics lots of missions seams unfair at times but still an awesome game

flo floor

Unable to login or link with facebook Please help! I can't login or link with facebook. Each time I do so, the game crash. Please check on this. I can't save my profile if it is not link. :(

Alex Zhang

Great game I don't know what you guys complaining about. Its quite easy to progress, to buy inventory or spell slot and no need to use money. Just play smarter.

Matt Turner

Super awesome Never played a game like this be for very nice blend and the story idea is fresh.

Mike B

Thumbs up guys! So far so good. Just started today and really enjoying it. Nice graphics,game play,no glitches. Really like that I can play offline.

Matt Shasta

Equipment breaks down too fast Conviently, you can pay just a couple bucks to not have equipment break down. Fair enough I think, if you really like the game. I recommend a more thorough tutorial though. Too much of the game play is a mystery.

Andrew York

Wtf? Bought 110 gold, bought 2 items, did a fight and came out of the fight with my gold and items gone.

Frederick Veldhuis

Lots to do and fun Good story and great time killer

Sheldan Picard

Premium account I tried purchasing the premium account, and it won't activate :-(

Marky P

Nicely done I like the style of play

Howard Demarco

The odds are stacked in favor of the opponents.

Glenn Gazzard

It is strangly fun. xx I am enjoying it.

Alan Yeo

Review Episode 3 please..thanks

josh plemons

Comment This game is addicting and challenging wish to have more

Jim Hunter

Cool game definitely worth the download

Jankó Mátyás

Not enough storage space at the start,and the cost to buy it not too friendly. It's a shame,because the game idea is very good!

Aaron Foo

Great game but.. I can't login to Facebook to back up my character. It just restarts.

Dan Johnstone

Game sucks. The fights are blatantly rigged either in your favor or against. I'm fighting monsters that are the same level as me with about the same health and when I match 3 skulls the damage is less than 100. When the monster matches 3 skulls it does 100-250 damage. I have items that are boosting damage and it doesn't. Complete BS.

Sangeet Shukla

Offline.... @ssangeet Thank you for making it offline & 3-4-5+ match gameplay is also good.but offline is the main reason to give 5 star.

moldy rocks

Great game, but.... Purchased some gold to buy a legendary item at a travelling bazaar. After purchase, the game restarted, the item was not available any longer and I did not receive my purchased Gold at all.

Asif Hassan

That repair thing!! Please do something about the item repair mechanism. Either reduce the cost or reduce the time needed for repair. I understand you make games for profit but this is simply too agonizing given the fact that we also need to have a lot of resources for the space/slot unlocks. Save us some pain and you get a guaranteed 5

Shi Gan

Only one problem Items degrade way too fast. Other than that, its amazing!

Bradley Baum

I like it but Repairing items doesn't work, you can only upgrade. Can't log in to Facebook.

Curtis Phillips

Completed chapter 2. Hope there is a 3 soon! Very addictive. Great game. I hope there is another chapter on the way for Android and pc.

Amadeusz Gawonicz

This game is one of a kind. Fluid gameplay, great graphics and an interesting story. Keep up the good work!

Brian Logan

No matter where you move, the computer player drops exactly what they need.

William Hampson

Good game It's taking the world of tabletop gaming an bringing it to life.

Joe Petit

crash good game but when you connect to internet the games crash and poor on gold and money to buy power weapon

vincent forsbrey

Shweet!! I love this game its addictave I cant get enough.

yudishtira wiramuda

Great game...but If you can make characters moves when attacking (while cast spell, using gun, etc) it will be better. Anyway, I'd love can play this offline.

Daniel Baskerville

If you want a fair and honest game DO NOT GET THIS ONE.

Sumako Artist

One of the best Puzzle Quest Clones Puzzle Quest has really drawn interest these past months. There are a few clones out these and this one is one of them. This one has the exploratory and story line concept down pretty well. I'm only giving 4 stars. 5 stars once getting gold is as regular as getting other elements and silver.

Arthur Trinchera

Really unique match game. Cool feel and graphics!


Good game It does feel like pay to win need more gold

Christine Desveaux

So cool Its cool awesome i want to add 12 stars its difficult but love it

Petey Baxter

Needs fixing Everytime i try connect to facebook it crashes the game so cant save char otherwise would be a 5

Jayson Gruenhagen

Good game Just like most other puzzle games

Simon Kirby

Ok game Costing too much to expand carrying capacity

Rizky Yurizal

Really good game I think this game should add some character for better gameplay


Great game Lots to do, which keeps it interesting.

Teddy Ricketts

great game great game so far loving will continue to play until I can't no more

Dinko Iliev

not bad game need to be fix , not allowed to log to Facebook

Stankovic Vitomir

Game for wallet warriors ! Without premium its pointless....

Ian Cach

Facebook connection Cant connect to my facebook account....

Winton Leite

Like this game but it does not want to link to my face book account

Cornell Alexander

Gunspell is the best Just can't wait for the updates


This games sucks Its the most boring, shitiest game ever... Why did you create this game???

Alex Poh

Rpg puzzle game. Great genre for strategy and mind training. Could've been five stars if not for the fb function that is faulty.

Nguyen X

Good game 5 star because it can play offline

sean chew

Crappy game Facebook link forces the game to crash everytime.

Ulan Dookwah

I actually like this Fun time waster

Homer Kemp

Good fun so far Just hope the gold drop rate increases, pretty low so far

Kyle Mcdonald

Addicting This game is addicting when you learn what's going on

Jason Stokes

Good ratio of puzzle to RPG... Puzzle games get redundant. Just level up the guys and that's it. In this game you have equipment, spells, and a map to quest on. What more could you ask for?

Scott Davis

Best RPG puzzle game I've played A lot of fun, designed well. To really get the most out of the game you might need to buy some gold specifically for expanding inventory/magic slots, but this is the first game that I've even thought about spending real money on.

Lynn Erasmus

Love this game Best game I've ever downloaded. Hint to new players - play ALL lower missions to get the rewards, else you may find yourself facing a powerful Boss without the mini gun (very important piece of equipment) and insufficient gold to buy one

Adam Mobley

A adult themed game! I give it 5 star's This game is one of the best ever!in it's genre!by far the most addicting and fun puzzle RPG made yet!Try It?

colin leabourn

Awesome rpg game slow to start off with but once you get to know the game play it gets better. Addictive


Will not start after purchase. Purchased gold and game refuses to start now. Cannot sign into Facebook either via game. Not impressed.

Isaiah Jude

Limited Everything No storage space and is hard to expand. Gear breaks fast and can only be repaired one piece at a time. Game idea is great, but sorry. I like to play games, not micro manage spells, storage and gear repair.

watchful eyez

So addicting...can't put it down Very cool game!!

Justin Moran

Very addictive A great puzzle game with a twist.well-done

Rax Gudka

So far sooooo good. Will update later Two crashes so far. Unknown why app would need access to so much of my device (HTC M8). Makes me less trustful

Jarod Brockmeyer

Good fun Haven't spent any money, still very enjoyable and I don't feel like I'm playing half a game.

Andrew Millichip

galaxy 5 fun and unique game. keeps you playing. only problem is if you leave the screen for any reason the game resets, even duuring battle. please fix!

Nadirah StylezBuzz

Interesting Not bad.. give it a spin.. pretty addictive

Ionut Bogdan

Really good Can't stop playing!

Moose Bishop

I enjoy combo games like this

Fasiha Shaukat

Fun game and the best game I have ever played: )

prem Kumar

Awesome Nice game.. Time moving fastly... Keep going...

Lauren Benallack

Great but. .. I'm stuck on level 15 fighting the devil which i can't beat but can't go into any other world to boost myself. Help?

Jon Bradford

Passes the time perfectly! Great game, well structured and addictive.

David W

Good game Good time waster. Overall its a pretty fun game. Item durability is the only issue I have with the game. Items degrade extremely fast. But you can pay to have that removed but that isn't worth 14.99.

dwight delleva

Crashes When you try to link with facebook or sync progress from another device, the game crashes and restarts. When are you gonna fix the fb crash? I wanted to transfer my progress to another device but i can't do that because the game crashes every time i do that...

Jaime Rose

Very unique take a the supernatural feel , with good story and nice graphics.the juggle of item storage is a challenge but does not take away from the greatness of this game

joseph andriaschko

Fun game, has good depth to kill some time. Would like more plot twists and unique mobs more

Matt Butler

Very good game up to a certain point (updated) **Update: Originally gave this 5 stars. This game WAS one of the best mobile games I have played. Unfortunately after you get to a certain point the game gets unbalanced. You have almost no storage space to keep extra items in case the others breaks. And the items start breaking quicker than I can repair them. The enemies get harder but I can't beat them because of broken and inadequate equipment. Obviously I can't farm for what I need if I can't beat anything. It comes down to this becoming pay to win.

bharath v

Good game. But with glitches I've been trying to connect fb and always the app crashes. With fb i can get additional slots, which actually is not good. Love the game, but hate the glitches. Please look after the fb issue and pls resolve soon

Mark Paris

Weeks of absolutely stunning fun game play This game totally holds up it is immensely Fair lots of fun, a almost perfect blend of puzzle and RPG elements. Storyline is cool and mysterious. Spending real money is not necessary to advance and play. Just be patient remember it's a RPG . When after hours of play mana does eventually run out a 30 sec video later and hours more of game play are available. Phone is a perfect platform for this game. If you do like puzzles with purpose then do yourself a favor and download Gunspell, enjoy.

Bradley Baum

I like it but Repairing items doesn't wonrk, you can only upgrade. Can't log in to Facebook. The difficulty is ramped up to sky high and above from level 6 onwards. So much so you will be exceedingly lucky to win due to fights heavily favouring the computer! It very quickly reaches a point where the best items (including spells) can only be bought. From level 6 onwards silver trickles in.

Ladislav Kresak

There to get your money Game somehow calculates the moves. Idea should be that even if your level is low you should be able to beat deadly or dangerous enemkes by playing really good the match3 game....somehow this is impossible as first computer calculates and the cells what are appearing seems like is giving the computer andvantage, second i have played and deadly spider while in level 5 and was making every one of my moves perfect....done 6! times 3 skulls and every single of them gave a damage of 0! to the spider. Crap.

Nero Kyruga

Fun This game is fun but...could there be an update where you can access your storage after you get items after battles so you can store other spells or things you get instead of having to figure out what you wanna keep THEN going to your storage to store items....

Darryl Alison

A good game but their insistance for access to my all my followers including private is a serious invasion of privacy. Makes me supect that they want the information to see

Terry Miller II

Liked it until it kept glitching I achieved level 10 and it now won't save my progress. It won't load unless I reboot my phone and then it has me killing the same monsters and no progress towards level 11.

Karl Reisima

Good Good puzzle styled combat game. You have to match 3+ items in puzzles to attack or build up weapon buff power. While fighting monsters. In one on one combat. It's not a hard game. And playable free or with perks.

Arunas Skistymas

Awesome game but..... I give 2☆ cuz I can't login in to my facebook.... when you fix it I'll give 5☆

Barbie Desjardin

Spend spend spend... I love the game...but not so much the spending of real cash to really get anywhere!!

Roy Dunigan

Unnecessary access to device functions. Upon installing and running the game, it requested access to far too many device functions including making and managing phone calls. Why the **** would it need to do that? Why does it need access to my Facebook account and all my contacts. I denied these things and thus couldn't play the game. Uninstalled without ever playing.

Rick Baldwin

Good play Really like it. Good way to burn time having fun. Storage a little pricey.

Larry Colosimo

Fun and addicting Great game....minimal ads, and lots to do. Variations of gameplay make u keep playing.


Fun game, could be a little more challenging, but otherwise pretty good

Disinclined Tostate

Its fine, just too focussed on micropayments Its a fun enough game, but seemingly every single element is geared towards you spending money. Want more pack space? Gold! Want to improve spells? Gold! Etc. Etc. I spent $1.99 to remove the ad and its been fine, but the huge grind for improvment without spending $ will bore me soon enough.

Wayne Erasmus

Great support via email Loved it gave it 5 stars and bought the premium. Some hoe after patch my premium account was inactive. Contacted their support via email and they reactivated it. Good job guys Thanks

Thomas Radford

Awesome. Challenging, in depth, great story, thorough

Daniel Whitlock

Bought something never received it contacted support no response

Catherine Patarak

Rad game Best game there is.. Must play!!!

Tepes Catalin

Finished it 2 times, and waitinf for the 3rd episode

Kenny Saxon

Awesome game Great addictive game. Challenging in some parts which makes you want to go back. Fun for all with the fantasy and puzzle genres.

Mukut Choudhury

Love it This game is addiction. But I found issue in connecting on line

Karan Chachan

Awesome game What we do after completing 2nd episode bcoz i completed my 2nd episode.

Valerie Friend

This game is very addicting.

the animeking

Sweet love this one

benjamin hada

Awesomely This games sure fun and great

Bidinho Casfin

Storage is too limited.

Quang Anh Nguyen

Need rebalancing 1 lvl different but 3 hits kill

Eric Abrahamowicz

Surprisingly good and entertaining Exceeded my expectations so far


Great Better for the offine players

Enjun Yang

Far too many bugs Paid for premium account, still getting ads. Also why are achievements shared across games? It means there is zero replayability since all your later games will be weaker than your first. Please fix these issues! Edit: Now I don't even have the premium account I paid for. This is going from bad to worse. Edit 2: Dev is responsive to emails, which is nice. Good luck ironing out the bugs.

Will Cannon

Highly addictive Puzzle RPG!!! This is absolutely the coolest and most intricate Puzzle RPG on the market.I find myself getting engulfed into gameplay hours at a time. There are so many weapons and accessories to choose from, that customizing gameplay is a treat!! I have, though, been experiencing issues linking my facebook account. Besides that, great game, and I hope to see some updates in the future. Thanks, to the developers!!!

Jason McCall

Solid Pretty fun game. Could use a bit of polish, but still pretty solid.


Love it! What a fantastic, well thought out and fun game. Only took me two days to know I had to become a Premier player! Must play this one!

John McQuillan

Game has been crashing in the middle of a battle. This just started. Dont download till its fixed.

Ciprian Daroga

it keeps you there for a while... It can be played with zero money in, but it's pretty hard...otherwise it worths playing. Nice graphs, nice sound, good story. It has the proper potential to keep you there, BUT you need to grind hard for all the resources you need to repair your gear or to upgrade it. Without resources you will need to spend gold coins wich are (ofcourse) very rare, BUT can be bought (ofcourse again) using real money.

ericka lynch

Stole my mom phone to play I took my moms phone to play this and had her phone for three or four hours before I downloaded it on my phone. Edited: it dose the game dose make it hard not to push the wrong button. I just got cheated out of my rewards for the finishing the level 7 ant wizard. Because I hit the wrong button and I couldn't get back to the reward page.

Jerome Allemand

I promised i would not get addicted Addicting game even if it is repetitive. I hope there is an end to it at some point. However, game always crash, if for some reason you put your screen on standby, the app will crash. Also, this app use a huge amount of your battery, so be aware !

D Grundman

Major fun! Very little real money pressure, gameplay keeps you guessing like good rpg's should, must constantly change equipment & tactics (but not to where it's annoying!) to stay successful. This is a refreshing & innovative take on the match 3 game front!

Kristopher Nash

I'm liking it. It's a fun match 3. Does get a little repetitive, but I like grinding. A nice time killer for when I'm on break at work.

John Bastian

A Very Well Balanced Puzzle Rpg Unique and addictive with limitations. Resources or gold are your choices. And with resources not too terribly hard to come by, it makes it better then alot of other free puzzle rpgs I've played. To me it seems to be a pretty balanced overall game.

Stormy Globe

Amazing I appreciate the work that was put into making this app. Best puzzle game along with a great story line. The best part is it does not comply other puzzle games so I don't get tired of it. Thank you guys for making the app!

roland hellenberg

Nice game Nice game am not so far but can you battle later in the game player vs player that will be amazing or 2 vs 2 or 2 vs com on one bord or some apic legendary bosses around the world but greed job makers

Darien Wyckoff

I like it so far. It's easy to understand, and I like the different layout of both the land and the gems screens. Good job guys! Oh, and the graphics are superbly detailed, and the sound effects are cool (like the when you're in a cave or outside with the birds chirping... Very realistic!!!)

Inrau Jones

Great game This game is fun and at times challenging. The ads are not intrusive and can be removed for a small fee. It has an interesting story but the devs need to work on translating from there language to English. Download this game, you will not be disappointed.

Justin Longtin

Pretty well made game The game is pretty fun however heavy on the item mall part of things. Yet still very fun.

John Wedley

Doesn't fit Google Pixel C screen Can't see whole screen and miss some writing and controls. Makes it less than perfect to play.

Richard Gothicish

Compare I think what its missing is the ability to compare stats of items,guns an gear u have on against ones u find and ones u buy instead of having to check each item oh an bigger money drops pls

Bob Hope

Good game My favorite gem game! You can get your energy back through a little mini game, ads are not intrusive, and the mechanics of the game are surprisingly deep

R.Keith Whitehead

Gunspell Crashes a lot and will not let me log in to Facebook nor created my own name

Guido Neonati

Nice... ...but for my taste the influence of luck is to strong. Perhaps I've not understood the game tactics and strategies properly.

John Reilley

Can play offline! Loving the game so far. Do not need connectivity, at least so far...

Marilyn Doan

Love it, definitely not as fancy but it's a tiny version of W.O.W love it! Just fun kinda like world of warcraft much simpler love it

Jones Travis

Keeps your mind busy like chess hate the witch

Seit Isetsoh

It's a bit slow, the enemies should at least be instant

Tyson Barnes

Insane fun I have to say this is one of the better puzzle RPGs out there very engaging.

Phillip Malone

Premium Bought the premium pack a few months ago, had to factory set my galaxy tab since then can't access premium content


Needs More End Game Content Great Game! Should add stronger bosses and the ability to challenge other players via online matches.

Calum Maclean

Great game Really enjoyable game, fun combat system. No need to spend real cash unless you want to. Can't fault it.

Matthew Chesser

Great fun I love it....just wish there were more than two episodes...i spent a few bucks on this game and now....nothing

Lizz Knight

Great graphics and a not too shabby storyline. Easy to pick up but hard too put down. Well worth the 5 stars.

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