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11 Dec
Gunman Clive

Posted by Bertil Hörberg in Arcade | Dec. 11, 2013 | 61 Comments

Apk file size: 14.0 MB

In the year of 18XX, the west is overrun by thugs and outlaws. A group of bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnsons daughter and are spreading havoc across the land. Only Gunman Clive can bring order to the west and save the

Jump and shoot your way across 16 diverse and challenging levels and fight massive bosses. Gunman Clive is an
old-school sidescrolling platform game set in the old west with full 3D graphics and a unique artstyle.

* Old school sidescrolling action
* Full 3D graphics
* Unique sketch shaded artstyle
* Dozens of different enemies
* Epic boss battles

Supports Gamegripper and various other input methods

If the game runs slowly, try changing the render mode and reducing the screen size in the options menu.

If you run into a bug please have some patience and understand that I'm just one guy with (very) limited resources; I can't test the game on every possible hardware, but I'll do the best I can. Instead of just leaving a bad review, please contact me and I'll try to fix it.

Whats new

    Bugfix release

Bertil Hörberg part of our Arcade and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 11, 2013. Google play rating is 90.2737. Current verison is 1.07. Actual size 14.0 MB.

Download gunman-clive.apk 14.0 MB


Henry Fennell

Need nexus 4 fix I'm really looking forward to playing this game, but it won't load properly onto my device. The controls boot up on screen in portrait orientation, while the rest of the game is in landscape. Please help!

A Google User

More levels needed please! Probably one of my all time favorite games for Android but it's lacking in the levels department. I'd really like to see the storyline expand and an update with more levels (would pay if you did that). This game is great and I was sad to beat the game so quickly, or so it seemed.

A Google User

Love it! Game play is fun and the style is just awesome. Its not necessarily hard unless you can't learn from your mistakes. Looking forward to another game from you!

A Google User

Brilliant! One of the best games out there. Beautifully animated with imaginative and challenging levels. Definitely worth the buy. Gunman Alive 2 would be much appreciated!

A Google User

Good game expensive considering the lack of game time available. Incredibly short. Would be nice if the developer worked at releasing more levels.

A Google User

Excellent! This game is great. It's very challenging. I disagree with the dissenters who say the lack of checkpoints degrade the game. With checkpoints the game would be far too easy. I'd say the only issue I have with it is its too short.

A Google User

Fun and worth it Great unique graphics and music that sticks in your mind. Challenging at times but once you've gone through and beat it once, it gets challenging on medium and hard levels, which pose a new challenge. Overall great game!

Daniel Peabody

Best Game Ever I think this is the only perfect android game I've ever seen. Can't wait for the sequel to leave the stupid 3DS and come to mobile!


3 years on, still my favourite game Gunman Clive is my favourite ever Android game. Fun & challenging gameplay, not too easy but not impossibly hard. Graphics cool, controls work well. Few permissions required, no in game purchases, no ads, no garbage, just a great f-ing platform game.

Mark Jordan

Great Western Style Shooter with HID Controller Support! Enjoyed jumping and ducking bullets from the bad guys and then shooting them. I played it on a Galaxy Note 2 running 4.3 using a Moga Pro in (B) HID mode. The options allowed me to bind the controller buttons to the way I wanted to assign them. Wish it had more levels, but any game that's fun you always want more... Hope you make a sequel, I'll buy it!

Manoel P

A masterpiece Hands down, one of the best Android games ever made. Console-quality action, amazing stylish graphics and a catchy beautiful music that I can't get enough of. The NES-style sound effects are the icing on the cake. It's like reliving my childhood.

A Google User

Incredible!! Like many others have stated..this is the new Megaman. Graphics are incredible and level design is top notch. Is it difficult? Yes. Can the controls be frustration at times? Yes. But it is absolutely worth it. Stick with the game and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Dino Martino Ardingo

Old school COOL B-) I had downloaded this on my ipad 2 a year ago. Once I went onto android I thought I had lost it,fear not this is an awesome little shooter. Must own game.

A Google User

Amazing, but controls need work This is probably one of the best games I've ever played on a phone. The controls need some work though. It sometimes doesn't recognize"jump" and the direction pad.

Bertel King

Frustrating, But Great Fun Having to start a level from beginning after making a single mistake gets frustrating really quick, and the controls are a tad touchy, but it's still great fun. The graphics alone make this an experience worth having. The game's icon is pretty dated though, and it could benefit from using a more high-res version.

Ilari Vallivaara

Amazing It's unbelievable this beautiful and polished game is made by one person only. Breathtaking graphics and innovative boss battles combined with top notch platforming give this an easy 5 stars. Well worth the cost.

Jack Grey

Amazing little game! The art style is very nice with smooth animations, the controls are simple yet smooth and effective and I love the funky soundtrack! 5 stars from me! Also provides quite a challenge even on normal as there arent any checkpoints

A Google User

Perfect obsolescence Sometimes heavy handed scenarios push you into unavoidable death but at least the challenges never let up. I had to change my initial review because now I do see this game as worthy of megaman level veneration. The only drawbacks I can admit to here are touch controls lacking precision needed when the game demands fast response. Boss patterns are so far iffy and not always predictable but pack megaman zero 2 level difficulty. Stop asking for save points, makes you sound dumb.

Danil Golovachev

Great So neat! Last levels are bit frustrating, in good meaning of this)

Carlos Charris

Greatest platformer ever! Great music, great graphics, right controls--lots of fun! But this is not an easy game. If you enjoyed the maddening difficulty of mega man 2, you'll be right at home with this game.

Andy E

Slow and unplayable Playing on an HTC M8 running lollipop. Not exactly old hardware. Tried changing render mode to basic and sketch flicker off, no change. Plays in Slow mo. Other games play fine. Would not recommend until this is fixed.

A Google User

Greatest Android Game! Hands down my personnel best game on android! If u love tight controls n well balanced gameplay like megaman, this ones a gem. Short n sweet. Perfect oldskooler made fresh.

The Bandogge Just the bandogge

Flawless You did awesome i have had no crashes freeze ups or any thing that i don't like about the game you did awesome thanks

A Google User

Phenomenal Excellent game, perfect side scroller, platformer action game. Beautiful art, fitting music, must have game for your phone. Please spread the good word about this solid platformer.

A Google User

Very good A worthwhile, challenging game that only runs you a buck. Don't listen to the people complaining that the game is "too hard". This game is challenging like a Megaman game might be, but I assure you Megaman is harder. Some people just want a game to hand them victory and make them feel skilled. This is not one of those games. This is a game that rewards patience and actual skill.

Aaron Echols

Orientation There is now an issue with screen orientation (It remains portrait) since I've been upgraded to 4.4.4 on my Nexus 5. Awesome game otherwise.

A Google User

Great graphics good platformer Art style is great Levels are a bit unforgiving Really fun, would maybe like bigger touch buttons though for fast paced times


Not for Nexus 7 and Nexus 5? I cannot install this game on my nexus 7 and nexus 5. It works on my Galaxy S2 so some sort of fix for this would be nice.

A Google User

Hard but fun This game is hard at times but if you are persistent it is very rewarding. It has a great theme and graphics too.

Joel C

Awesome game, needs gamepad support This is a very good game in the light of old school, definitely a different beat than most games on Android and by that I mean a hell of a lot better. Wish there was wiimote support though to make things easier.

Travers Scott

Plays like "Contra" for NES Awesome game that I revisit and play through a few times a year. The music keeps you going.

A Google User

Awesome One of the best games that I have ever bought for my phone. The only problem was that it was too fun and I beat it too quickly.

A Google User

Great game! Love the good western action. Great app. I recommend it if you like to shoot bandits.

A Google User

Retro and so good! This game is excellent. It has a really cool art style, fantastic music and touch controls that actuall work well! I was really suprised and now can't wait for a sequel or expansion. Those of you who remember the golden years of 2D platforming will love its retro charm. And those newer players who've more recently discovered excellent modern 2D games won't be disappointed either.

A Google User

Frustrating The game is extremely difficult and frustrating. There are no save points and the boss level deaths are extremely cheap. I would not recommend this game.

Miles Andrew

Fantastic Best mobile game I've ever played. Feels retro, yet has some very modern, artsy, well-crafted graphics. Would definitely play a sequel.

A Google User

Fun game but short. Game was fun and challenging. I really appreciated the unique style. A very simple platformer that was a solid experience. Normal difficulty was a great balance... I died often in places but it wasn't overly difficult to complete. Only wish there were more levels. Definitely worth the price.

A Google User

Megaman all over again I'm sure a lot of other reviewers have said this: If you're into the classic Megaman games, you'll love this. Hardcore difficulty. Just the way some of us like it. The sketch effect is sweet, too.

A Google User

Inspire 4G Really fun game. Played through it all, and its amazing! Needs more levels in an update, I'd love to keep playing it!

Steven Rodriguez

Great retro-style game! Loved the stage by stage progression. The Hard difficulty doesn't really feel 'hard'. It would make sense if you increased the health of enemies 'n' bosses and not just decrease Clive's max health. Updated: this game is too awesome to be abandoned, really hope it gets more levels and stuff.

A Google User

Levels! Really good just need more levels,I haven't played this for a few months because I beat it and i'm waiting for levels! Hope to see results

Jose Ruiz

Amazing! The best side scroller I played on a cellphone insofar. It really has an old-school feeling and it includes elements that will remind you of great classics, like mega man and castlevania. Highly recommended!

A Google User

Very Fun, Classic Action I love this game. The side scrolling game play has a classic feel; simple but challenging. Wish it were longer though.

A Google User

Love it! Great game that presents unexpected challenges with each new level. One of my favorite Android games so far.

Steve Amstari

Awesome Game I love this game. Great retro style platform game with a few surprises and cool graphics and music. Recommend playing this a Bluetooth control pad.

A Google User

Awesome game I just finished this game... I started a while ago, but it was recently that I started playing it again... Awesome game and very well polished. I just wished there were more levels or some kind of re-playing value: last man standing... or multiplayer fight (like that 1st part of last boss)

A Google User

Good platformer Great game especially for the xperia play, bit it's a bit on the short side. I also,didn't like some of the enemies design (seriously ducks and storks laying eggs?) and I wish it would stick to its Western theme closer, but still pretty fun game.

Gabriel Couto

It doesn't render correctly on Galaxy S4 Google Edition The controls overlays render on portrait mode screwing up the game. If you change to basic graphic quality it's no help at all, if you put to advanced graphics the whole game is rendered on portrait mode, stretched.

Michael Homan

Runs slow on Nvidia shield tablet why does this game run very slow on Nvidia shield tablet 32 lte? I have tried turning down res lower rendering nothing works. Game runs full speed on my other underpowerd tabs!!

A Google User

Favorite Game This game is good enough that I felt compelled to review it, which says something. It's paced perfectly with balanced difficulty. I just wish there were more levels. I also wish the western theme had been adhered to more closely. The graphics/animation is exactly what a phone game should be. Near perfect game!

Mickz Sabs

Moga support busted... I purchased this game for moga support. Gameplay looks cool and even the graphics. HOWEVER, you can't properly map the keys to your controller. So for moga users out there, don't buy it...

William Allen

Don't buy this Terribly made game. The on screen controls are in the wrong place so jump is actually shoot etc ... Full of glitches don't waste your money

A Google User

Delightful! I can't tell if the game is actually too short, or if it is just that much fun that one simply wishes it was longer. Freaks out if graphics are set to advanced on my SGS. Not sure if this is expected behaviour?

Andrei Samodov

Broken? Since the 4.4 update, everything is rendered in portrait mode, but the touch zones are still in their proper place (dpad, jump, shoot).

A Google User

Easy difficulty really hard Love the style and the simplicity of the games premis. However the easy setting is still very hard and i can't survive long enough to feel any sattisfaction. Make the bad guys shoot once instead of twice would help LOADS!

Marcus Ekelund

Well worth your money! Gunman Clive is an excellent old-school platformer that captures the essence of what platformers used to be all about! It's not an easy game, but definitely not impossible! The music is also terrific with beautifully melodic 8bit sounds.

A Google User

Fun and Looks Great! Gunman Clive is a side-scrolling platformer very reminiscent of old school games like Mega Man and Metroid (but set in the Old West).

A Google User

Best game on android This game is seriously a delight to play. It has a nice retro platformer feel with modern twists, a fun soundtrack, and a creative art style. It even has a level that reminded me of vvvvvv. I'm normally not a fan of platformers, but this one is a gem.You really can't ask for much more. Buy this game now.

A Google User

Both me and my 5 year old son love this game A great platformer. Play it through on easy first (WHICH HAS SAVE GAME CHECKPOINT PEOPLE), then do medium, then hard. That will make the game longer and keep the challenge to a manageable level. I am more than happy with the length of a game, as I have been playing this for over two months now. A+.

A Google User

Amazing game I've played a lot of the games out there for android and i can tell you this is one of the most fun and unique games out there.. Every level brings in a new challenge and every boss is unique. The games stays interesting and challenging all the way to the end. Amazing game! Just needs to add more levels!

Jonas Mitchell

Love game, but slow mo no good. Used to love playing this game on my old phone, but runs in slow motion on the Nexus 6. Hope it gets fixed.

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