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13 Sep
Guess the Restaurant Quiz

Posted by All in a Days Play in Trivia | Sept. 13, 2016 | 202 Comments

Apk file size: 13.0 MB

More than 3 Million Players for Guess the Restaurant Quiz.

Thank you all for the love and support for our 'Guess The' brand of quiz. Do check out our other popular trivia games too.

Simply look at the pictures and guess the restaurants. Test your knowledge. How many will you be able to recognise? Its extremely simple to play.

This is an extremely casual game. Whether you are relaxing at home, or travelling in a train or airplane or even if you want to take a break at work, this is the perfect trivia game. Best thing about this game is that you can get every one involved around you AND you can play it offline. Also, you can challenge them to see who knows more.

- Have a look at the restaurant brands and guess the name of the restaurant. One step gameplay. No need to scratch the logo off or anything of that sort.
- All popular restaurants from USA, UK, China, Japan, India etc. are included. You simply have to know them!
- We will keep updating the game with more and more levels. The story does not end. We will provide you with fresh content. There will be a continuous challenge.
- No registration required
- Challenging and unlimited fun
- Casual trivia guessing game

If you manage to finish this game, you are truly a superhero!

Whats new

    Massive Update!
    Complete UI overhaul. Now you can enjoy your favourite quiz game with a brand new interface and some new features.
    15 new Levels added.

All in a Days Play part of our Trivia and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 69.5173. Current verison is 1.8. Actual size 13.0 MB.

Download guess-the-restaurant-quiz.apk 13.0 MB


Paige Richardson

For dunkindonuts one it was right there was no way else to do it and it kept saying I was wrong. And also TO MANY ads and there videos and they last like 30+seconds without a skip button

Randy Ramey

Straight crap. Couldn't get past number 13 I used all my coins to place the correct letters after getting all letters in place I had two that I had to find and I tried every combination but nothing worked. Don't waste your time with this game the developer obviously doesn't know how to properly keep things simple stupid.

Kristen Flores

Annoying Its a good logo game but to be having ads play for 30sec-1min after every 3 or 5 levels is reallllly annoying. I uninstalled it for that.

Markayla Feagin

Hard&Annoying But its OK The game is fun don't get me wrong?.. But when you get far into the levels they get really hard that I had to go on Google to find the correct answers?... Plus they're so many restaurants that I never heard of?.

Kristy Longo

could be a fun cool game but far too many adds every 5 or less puzzles. it's very annoying. and they're long adds.

Patsy Weidenbach

TOO MANY ADS!! This game has video ads about every 2 to 3 games. Ridiculous! You can't even "X" out of them - you have to watch the whole stupid thing before you can get back to playing the game. It could be a fun game but the constant interruptions are just way too annoying. This one's getting uninstalled right now.


Too many ads The game was okay but the 30 second ads every minute or two are ridiculous. I'd rather use my data to download a different game than to watch all these ads.

Prem Tiwari

Thanks again. If the problem is that I am looking for an hour, but the best way of life, and a half years ago, and the Three months. The only thing you want. I am a bit of fun and games for the next few months. I have to pay forage, I am a bit more I have been made. This will help us improve our website at the O2 arena, but the most important things. The only way I could have a goodbye. The only way I can see the full amount of time. This email ha, but it would like the one you've had the chance of a problem, I have a look. 8th of April, and a few weeks. I am not sure how much you want me to You will be the best way for me. It was a very high standard, but I am not sure how much you want me to You will be the best way for me, and the Price of a new Yo

The Sisters

Hard but fun It very awesome and plz keep making these kind of games because they are the best. That are sooo fun and l love the person who made the game love ya peace out. Your games are great but sooooo hard but we made it to level 12 I want to thank you for making this awesome game. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!?????

Aubrie Garofalo

To the 10 year old who thinks he's cool Number one, talking down to people does NOT make you look cool. It makes you look like a spoiled brat. Had you read their review you could clearly see they did spell it right. Number two, it's "you're wrong" not "your wrong" and "typed" not "tiped". And it's also "AN idiot" not "A idiot" which made your insult all the more ridiculous. So I guess what I'm saying is worry about your own bad spelling and try some punctuation before you insult other people. It just makes you look bad, not them. Life lesson.

marie Garcia

Its alright Its soo easy but its so boring it doesn't have any sound and when you get it right the word is to zoomed in they should put the word all together and you can berly see the letters on the word and they should make it harder cuz they make the restaurant so simple the should out more graphics they should hide the picture more its to easy

Brenda Wohlford

Too many ads I spent more time waiting for ads than playing the game. And this game is way too easy. These restaurants are found all over the place in America. No challenge here

Stefani Jopek

Annoying Game was good but ads were very irritating. Ads are why I deleted the game!


Slow and full of long video adds Not impressed, the app is very slow and laggy. It's not a very good design and it's full of annoying video adds that you have to watch. Avoid don't waste your time downloading it.

Sherry Puckett

U can't skip and come back . to little coins cost to much to buy help.good idea will play when u fix.

Simone Hamilton

Entirely Too Many Ads! I had this game a while back and really enjoyed it so I thought I'd give it a another shot. The game is still good but being forced to watch a video advertisement after almost every single submission is absolutely ridiculous!!! I will be deleting. No app is worth that in my opinion.

Tehya Outram

Needs more work I would have given it 5 stars but I did not because thy should have made it that you can skip a restaurant and come back to it later if you don't know it. Also, the are ads in the middle of the game and it completely ruins my focus.

Jordyn Williams

Hard but relaxing I really like playing it but its kinda hard becuase some of these restaurants exists in different places and the hints cost to much money so every time i get stuck on a level i play one of my other games until i figure it out and hi aniyah cooper its jordyn the one in 4th grade that go to your school

BreeAnne Lewis

I just downloaded this about 5 minutes ago and it was fun until you get ads every minute that are each 30 seconds long and cant skip until you watch the full 30 seconds. One of the ads froze on my phone and wouldn't let me back out. So I had to completely get out of the app. And when I tried to go back into it I get a black screen and that's it. :( will now be uninstalling the app.

Claudia Coy

Can be better I like this game but it has so many ads its not even funny and when my sis plays this game she is always downloading all the ads ?

Bobby Hughes

Guess the restaurant quiz It is a good game but now i know all kind of restaurant but too many ads on it it gets on my nevers

Emma W

I guess so I think its good but if u live in Ontario and not the us than its not a game 4 you. Lol

Eryn Simpson

Good game This game is very challenging but when it's over its over....gotta wait for new levels once you get to 100. Have a blast

Catherine Amaya

It's okay but im stuck on the one with a big 7 thays like the background colurs green and orange or something like that

Brianna Hatfield

Waiting on the update I've had this app 4 days and I've completed all 100 levels just waiting on more and the ads are really helpful lol they give you coins if you watch them

Elizabeth Quigley

It's OK They always show the easy ones but as you go on it gets harder although 1. I'm just a kid and 2. I don't go to restaurants very often.

Rebecca Seeman

Adverts Whats with the adverts in the middle of trying to type a name!! At least wait till after i've finished guessing! But other than that its a good quizz. Fix the timing of the adverts and it'll be a 5

Matthew Leonard

No. Just no. It was all very easy until I got to the places that we don't have in England, then I couldn't play the game. ?

Louis Moodie

Rubbish Game! One one of them I needed help so I spent 100 coins by clicking "remove extra letters" but it only removed ONE! Its so stupid and I hate it because its gets boring as well after a while :(

Marco Medina

Sawg game I liked this game because you have to try hard!!! #Cool

Schmia White

Loved it was a few days before the next question Never Ever have you're moment of life round trip and then you have any questions or any attachments.

Riley D

Too Many Ads Pretty much if you know the restaurants, you'll spend as much time playing as you will watching ads. Deleted after a few minutes.

Chloe Magnolia

Annoying Pop up video advertising after every two or three rounds. Ridiculously annoying. Not worth my time. Uninstalled.

Angel Rodriguez

I barely download this game and completed it an hour later. This game is so freaken easy but theres to many adds

Haile Sue

Suddenly stopped working Got to level 5, acted like an add was going to come up and nothing. No add and the game won't come back on.

Cynthia Ouchi

Wow This game is so much fun but there are a few ads ps if you dont know the answers go to app answer. net and when your there scroll down and type restaurant quiz then select the level and It will tell u the answer

Joshua Jackson

Too many ads Was getting ads after every third level...played for 5 minutes and had 4 ads.....also way to easy

Ashlyn Smith

Good but...... I would rate 5 stars,but it is an OK game if you like hard but sometimes easy like MacDonalds the "M" parts of it is missing.that was a really easy one.

Jasmyn Hayles

Love it This game is awesome. I made a rap for it. This game is a boss dipping in sauce like rick ross with some sharp claws and really dirty draws.

Kathryn Quesnel

Fun game but..... There is way too many ads and I am pretty sure that other people have been getting crashes

Diamond Sky

Meh, it's ok The app is alright, but it crashes after the fourth or fifth time I try to get the fill in the word thing. Does this happen to anyone else?

Emily Templeton

Too many Ads There are quite a lot of ads through out the game. But is over all a good game

Chanel Geohaghan

It's ok. I agree with Richard, this is a great learning tool and it will keep u buzzy.

Richard Leeflang

Richard Great game kept me busy for ages, and a great learning tool.

Lonny Landry

Ok I like it but what about the restaurants you haven't bee.n to


Pop up ads Every 3 levels after lvl 11. Bye!!!!

McKenna Blackmon

McKenna when it gets to Toco bell it goes to a ad and then stops .the screen turns black.:() IT NEEDS FIXING NOW!

Ian Walker

Guess the resturant I love it cause it really fun to do when you are really bored

Sweetpea Davis

Likes it? It was the funniest game I ever played

Hailey Boudreau

Stuck I'm stuck on five toco bell please help me

Carrie Johnson

Pretty good Fun some adds but I'm alright with it

Olivia Johnson

Awesome Im just getting the app but i had it before and i loved it. Don't worry it is the same app.

Lottie Lemon

Rubbish I installed it because it looked good but it made my phone lag. Then when I clicked on it the screen went black so I've uninstalled it. It looks like a good game to play though but never mind.

Jomana Hytham

Guess the restaurant It is so beautiful game I just downloaded it I love it and there is something helpping me

nikesha elkins

Should be able to go to the next one without getting it right

Nicolas Gaffigan

OKay Its alright but it could be better

cassidy deaton

Grrr I'm spelling seven eleven right and it still needs one more letter , what the heck !!!

chelsea halstead

It good It's fun to play the game but there are ads after every other level please fix

Samantha Melton

This game is really fun.

Shelline Matthews

Uhm Ok I Guess Like I mean its all right the only part I dont like is that you cannot skip one if you dont know it at the time you have to like wait until you figure it out or get enough hint coins or you cant move on so overall its a 4 out of 5

Drake Josh

Guess the restaurant I played this game before frozen fever

Denaya Johnson

Love it I like it because if I don't know a word then can download cheat slip and look up my words

James Donald

Ha ha I like it until it gets hard after about 6 guesses

Dennis Ramnauth

Cool It's ok and keeps me on and thinking for hours

Mike Schmidt

It's so fun You can so much fun !!

karen dalton

yo that's a good game

Tymani Smith

Just love it Know how to spell things

Alfredo Guerrero

game night loved it.

Emily Williams

Yay People can't figure out seven eleven because they go 7eleven but u need the dash! ---------_-----------

DT Adderley

What is the 7answer It is hard to me

Julianna Rooke

Stupid It won't turn on it is just a black screen

giavanna fardella

#best game ever!!! I love this game

Dasi Mares

Good It looks like a good game

Vinodchandra Shah

I am not vinodchandra shah i am here grand douter and i think this game is so good becase.... It makes your mind sharp. And even it lets you get hints so you can find the snwsar.


To many adds. I loved it!! It's so fun! But why the adds. But this game is so fun!! I'm on level 51!!! Little disappointed about it

s lennentine

Help????? I'm stuck at lvl 7 its a 7 with a red top a green bottom and a part took out of the green part. Any ideas?Anyone?? If I get suggestions I will raise the rating I gave this game. OK??OK!??

Jimmy Ayala Sr

AWESOME I would rate 5 stars, but it gets boring after awhile.

Tech Lab

Lol Well for the most part its pretty fun but it does get boring so 50 50 I'm still on level 12 yes it is very hard and fun at the same time what I love is the spinner to get coins is free its fun boring ans all that's stuff

Luke Tansell

Worst It's clunky to use, and you have one logo to do. Just one, can't get it? Too bad, you've gotta pay for a letter. Uninstalled!

Zoe Lockett

You can only play one level! You can't skip levels/logos, so it gets boring very quickly! Especially as half the places are American...rubbish

Trinity Brown

Hey guys did yall know subway and i love this quiz app so fun guys yall shouls play it is really fun guys????????????????

ebony pritchard

Worst game ever As soon as I pressed play the whole screen went black I waited for a few minutes and it still didn't work so I deleted it

Phoenix Repp

I'm stuck on that one chicken sign with a heart in it, does anyone know?

Jane Batton

Kind of hard Okay so I was playing it and it got kinda hard so I just started playing it again and then it got fun and easy

Radius Impact

Well a tiger cannot change it's stripes.. Since girls who's personalities lack depth repel me from restaurants, playing this game to it's fullest from my standpoint is impossible.. Being aware of how internet behavior may be looked at, you all should know why I will not use google search to help. I give some reasons, "insulting intelligence" or.. "Surprise accommodations" to make it look as if things are not so bad.. Enjoy!¦[

Bianca Valdivia

Easy and stupid This stupid game is so easy.I past the whole game in 1 day.i just hate this game.

Halleigh Wright

Pretty good Pretty good except the name if the game is "what restaurant?" and they have convenient stores

Kiera Reavley

Fifth out I toddy Hit fold body tug tkcfyjhfy guy go gulch dugout Kyrgyz uh icy sky Cliff jggjfytytfftftcycyyyfcvtykjcfykcfkcktf

Debbee Chang

This is to Phoenix Repp Try " nandos " P. S. : does anyone of u know the bell sign ? I'm stuck

Epic Jones

Ads There are literally ads back to back in segments of 5 to 7 with an "x" button to close it. That "x" button only leads to another ad. I don't want to be that guy that only comments about the ads, however, they just get insane sometimes and it is worth knowing BEFORE YOU INSTALL. The game overall is "okay". Meh.

Trinton Sjodin

To many ads Omg might might as well name the game ads for all the ads it has to many ads again I am warning you do not get this game there are to many ads it may be fun but no body likes to be typing or playing a game and then sit there and watch an ad for 30 seconds ?

Mackenzie Corn

This is a very fun game it keeps you going with a mystery behind each level, but I can't figure out level 19 does anyone know?

Tarissa Barry

Little hard if haven't been to the restrants! Hard at first and thenit gets easier

monisola edos

Ok The game is Ok but why do I have to pay to remove letters get rid of that and I will rate it 5 stars

Yajayra Hernandez

Love Just because it has to many ads it doesn't mean that it still can't be fun

Sam Haddad

It's OK I don't know what level 7 is someone please tell me what it is and I will rate 5 stars

Valerie Gonzalez

Eh.... Well its fun and all but In all honesty They give you resteraunts that you probably didn't even know existed I live in Illinois and its like resteraunts from england!!!! Don't waste your time with this app!!!! oh and you can find all the answers on the internet

Kaniya Jones

Wasn't that interesting It was ok as a game but it kep closing on me popping up annoying adds and just got flat out boring so if you have absolutely nothing to do play this game!

Julia Mendoza

It hard. Level ten is hard i don't know. What kk means???

Fernando Penaloza

The best but? Can anyone help me with the store that has a 7?

Angie Jones

Good game but needs more levels,and after a wile,it gets boring.on another note, leave a like if you HATE minecraft

Allie Woodworth

Way to many ads I deleted it in about 3 minutes, way to easy and way to many ads. I think most of the comments say way to many ads. I recommend not to get this app.

Louise Hodgetts

Dont know Its all right but wene you dont know the place it gets comfusing

Emelie Patrick

Boring Soooooooo boring it's to easy I finished the whole game in like 30 minutes

Brett Rickert

Hi There is a lot of adds not to challenging but.....

Madison Callahan

Fun It's not bad at all, I like this game. But, too many adds!

Goopy Poop

The Amount of Ads Physically Hurt Me It was painful to play this game because how many ads there were. I couldn't pass more than 5 levels (that take about 1 minute to get through) without another ad popping up. Remove the amount of ads, or add in an option to remove ads for $0.99 because I would be willing to pay that much.

Kenzie Lynn

I love this game The game is a little glitches but it is a good game

Yavid Rosario

I can't sell I can't spell not I'm not really good at spelling like really long words of restaurants

Caleb palmer

Its cool im stuck on level nine but its a cool game

Ahbri Ruiz

Google answers This is the best game they also have the answers on gogol

Ashley Garcia

Mystery It like u see the picture then you have to spell it what it is and like in some you never been so you have yo find out

Muskaan Tahir

Awesome also you get to know food places more!

Maty Nagington

I never knew naming shops was harder than maths????? Can you please give me the answer to level seven .please????????? anyway it is a cool game and I don't think there any lag or something like that .anyway level seven has a well... 7 in the might see it in the gas station or something.⁉⁉❗❗please I need the answer

Princess Sneyd

5★'s all around!!!! 5 stars all around because.... I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOO MUCH! The more I play this game, the more I HAVE to play it. Just thinking about it.... I HAVE to play it. Xx

Jeanette Perkins

So fun I can not stop playing this game you should definitely download this game

Avijit Chakraborty

Exellent It was a great game and I completed all 135 levels

Lori Mae

Couldn't select letters Something kept me from being able to choose letters most of the time. Hasn't been a problem with any other app.

Molly Power

Loved it ? Can't see any bugs used this for my flight and flighing scares me so this really helped thanks !!

kimberly murphy

Awesome There are tons of restaurant logos. So much entertainment!

Ben Stacy

It was ok Sorta good keeps you thinking you should try it

Liam Sholler

The best I love how u try to win so u should get the app! and i don't care about the ads because i like videos and pictures!

Mariqno Essuo

It is easy and hard It is the best it works so good

Theresa Garcia

Guess the restaurants So amazing that even my kids play it

Sharette Sullivan

Restrant quiz Im stuck on level ten some one help me plzz or just give me the answer

Kaylyn Bowden

Very addicting I play it everyday and I then get a new place to go

Emilija M

I love this game ...level 9 is the hardist

Kimberley Malone

Its ok But its mainly all american restaurants

Sabrina Marroquin

? What if. You were kfc

Kai Howarth

Awesome Find out more restrants lol

Iza Ruiz

Fun Fun but it doesnt have an answer option also can anyone give me the answer for level 11 plz?

Montrez Goss

Hated it Hard too many ads take off ads and it'll be better

Louise Thorburn

? Stuck on one no idea what it is. Doesnt give you a answer app ?

Carol Harms

Too many ads Every 3 one I solve there's another ad. You have to listen to whole ad before you can get out of it. VERY ANNOYING!!!!

Johnathan Gonzalez

I like it it is fun to play

Bushra Hussein

Great I hope this company knows that there is a cheat to this app I saw it when I was about to rate this app.

Haley Smith

BORING Way too many adds.. and sooooo boring... I am uninstalling it SORRY :-(

Leeasia Smith

Queen lee It is hard and boring

Girish Kumar Singh

It's for ppl who r crazy for restaurants

Sarah Boulton

You get too bored with it

amaya suess


Anjali Pradhan

the best love playing it

Tatianna Silkin

It's really slow

Kamarra Grider

This game sucks This game doesn't even work. I never turns on. I have tried a мιllιon times and it doesn't come on. I advise you to noт install this app

Hannah Rogers

Good It was fine but you know it is kinda hard for me but I liked it there a little bit easy though

Divyansh Baranwal

¶; It is neither good nor bad .Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is very boring ...!!!!

Chelsea Riddle

Guest the restaurant quiz This game is good if you know the names of lots of restraunts.

Brooke Nelson

:| It's the most boringest game EVER no1 (I think) has never herd of a restorant on it. I would rather play guess the emoji it's WAY better than this game -.- don't get this game get Guess The Emoji instead •-•

Anedriya love Hamilton

Add then end game When a add pop up then there is a ship bottom when I push the ship video button it toke me to my home screen of my phone

luna082013 360

It's fun to play but I can't get through level 6

Celina Burgos

It didn't let me put what I wanted.

Karen Skeen

Help If you can't figure out a clue and you don't have enough coins to buy letters you should be able to pass on it!

annastasha brown

My Fam My family loves this. I make an other lover!!

Heather Davis

Its really easy Its easy if you know your restaurants and there's way to many adds and some are missing letters and you earn coins but there's no way to use them

Reshma Azmi

I kind of like d game But it has too many ads and i think its annoying

Mohit Arora

Luna082013 ,the answer is Taco Bell...Fantastic game

Henry Burke

Dumb. Asked for a hint and gave me a letter that was already in the answer. Thanks for nothing.

Tanya Anderson

Fun game but..... Are all these ads necessary????

Validmoth76589 x

It's Ok It gets harder I don't know number 7 can someone help me if they know it?

Natalie Robinson

Like it I like this game but sometimes I just can't guess what it is!

Alliyah McClendon

So much fun but a lot of adds

J Kelly

Love this game so much play it everyday

Sebastian Cardoza

Jascna Rojas I don't know If I will like it or not

Villimey Litla

Not worth it... got trew few levels and after that the ads don't stop!!

michelle williams

Some Bugs There were bugs for the shop when I tried to open it went to my home screen

Eli Condren

This is crap You dont even know whatnsome places are

Paige129 Benson129

Weird Don't know some of them.

Jayla Galaforo

Hi there are no deceptive subject to the same time I am going to have to do the needful for your help and support and encouragement for the use of the day of the day of the day of the day of the day

Jonathan Davie

Errr...... Its OK... but I can't figure the bell one out plz help!

Isaiah Casio

It is cool I like this game and same time it ugly

Jamie Schmidt

Adds It has adds and u can't get out of them

Lisa Jones

SO MUCH FUN You won't regret downloading this game sooooooooo much fun

A Google User

Great This game is very good play all the time out sounding download

Grace Bettiol

It hase lots of adds

Diamond king

All I have to say is I HATE IT

Chloe Brown

Love it It is aouwsourm

Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Jones I don't like it but I loved it

AbdulRahim NoorMohamed

Awesome game What means awesome games is a quiz

Ian Hall

Not bad at all Fun game if I didn't travel I wouldn't know some of them

Miketashia Fulcher

Hi Hi I'm kalianna a.k.a Kali this game is confusing

Tamara Washington

Okay Just too many adds but overall I like it

Hate/love Its fun but its hared at the same time

Bethann Schrader

Interesting Tough if you don't travel. Would like the op turn to skip a logo and go back to it

Chris Helms

Best game This game is so much fun if you are thinking about getting it toats get it if you don't you will regret it so toats get this game

Darren Bell

aswome Hi my name's Charisse and I love this game so badly

Dat Nigga

Restaurant quiz Restaurant quiz is a educational game it involves spelling and other educational things

Steve Orona

Guess the Restaurant It's ok

Fufufhc Chris not by us

Bonita Riggins

Challenging Challenging apps are fun because you put more pressure on yourself.

Pz play it your going to love it When your board download this

Carey Venard

Its awesome Keep up the good work creator

Nadaleigh Stickley

It pretty good

Aj Sotelo

I love this game

Aoife O'Brien

Excruciating This game is out of the wourkd

Paula Page

Hard but my daughter likes it. My daughter likes this but hard

Lemiya Johnson

Love it It us so cool

Lyric Moore

Love it Love doing puzzles and its addicting

Johnna Glass

Guess the restaurant quize

Jazmine Dixon

Guess the restaurant I really love this amazing game

Finley Roberts

Guess the restaurant quiz Very good

Rate it I really like this game

Tameka Everett

Samsung Good game keep it up

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