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28 Oct
Grub Guardian

Posted by KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc in Arcade | Oct. 28, 2013 | 89 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

A Guardian Defense game unlike any other, new from KingsIsle Entertainment!

Defend the grub against swarms of different enemies while you train your Wizard101 pet or play to receive free Wizard101 game codes.

✔ 28 Free maps ranging in difficulty from Easy to Wondra
✔ Each pet has different strengths & abilities
✔ New maps unlock as you progress
✔ Different strategy needed for new enemies
✔ Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for high scores
✔ Ability to purchase premium in-game items and additional maps with Crowns

Grub Guardian is the first mini game that ties directly to your live Wizard101 account! Logging into Grub Guardian allows you to unlock new maps as well as train your pets for experience points. Please be aware - you will not be able to log into Grub Guardian and Wizard101 at the same time. If you do not have a Wizard101 account, you can create one, but non-logged in players can still play a limited number of Grub Guardian maps for Wizard101 game codes.

Whats new

    Changed the way the map scoring is calculated to take the pet tower into account.

KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc part of our Arcade and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Oct. 28, 2013. Google play rating is 88.3683. Current verison is Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download grub-guardian.apk 12.0 MB


Jalne Merd

W101 I know my name is spelled wrong cause I was rushing when I did it but love this app train my rain beetle (epic) good talents to resistance sprite sadly may cast ice trap and fairy if you see me I got 3 characters ( Thomas lvl 70 pvp warlord, Dustin titancloud lvl 91 pvp private sadly, and Ronan ice lvl 18 pvp Captain ) See u ppl one day o.o T

moises hernandez

Love it! I mated my eyebandito with my earth walker yesterday now i got a beast walker that can cast lifebat, sanctuary and brown spider and lifeblade ?? and i already trained it to ancient! I love this app

Arvin Wang

W101 Pet Training I hatched out a life minotaur pet yesterday and just hated and already got it to teen! Find me in the realm satyr name is wolf wildshard lvl 45 life

NewAge Gamer

Follow @tNewAger1132 on twitter Even if you aren't familiar with W101, if you like BTD, you'll like this. For the wizards, this game is great for training pets and winning prizes! Sure beats the Pet Pavilion. - Brianna Shadowthorn lvl 38 Myth

Samuel Cockrell

Great game My opinion of Grub Guardian is, great game!! I like the way the setup is where you can level up your pet while not playing actively.

Jonathan Hernandez

Great Game Fun and entertaining, training pets made easy and portable. Love the in game and now the portable if you play wizard101 this is a must download for pet trainers.

Danny Garcia

What happened It won't connect ever though I have good internet. I leave it there for 5-10 hours and it still says connecting to server. Please fix or tell me how to. Thanks! If fixed 5 stars, it is a great game.

rendogfan yea

Love it I always loved w101. Ever since the computer repairman fixed my computer however i cant launch w101 successfully. This lets me lvl up my pets for when i get new computer. Awesome! However, crashed every 5-10 minutes..fix this please.

Mike Oconnor

Sometimes Stops Sometimes when im out doing this it freezes and cycles through store and wont continue to load so you have to exit and play over and over again

730FireGames X

In Tuch Thanks 2 dis, I can keep in touch with my wizard 101 account even when I'm not on, can't wait to max up my pets

NomNom Hehe

Awesome! I love Wizard 101 but my computer is messed up and I haven't played for over half a year! At least my pets are having fun... ~Taylor Swift, lvl 60 :)

Queen B

great way to lvl ur pet up on the go i give this app a 2 star rating i would have givin it a 5 star but every time i play the game freaks out nd i cant see what im trying to but to protect the grub but i love the game if only they actually had the game for phones that would b great

Ryan Macleod

Cool It is not as great as the real game but it is fun.I give give four stars its pretty good.But people who made wizard101 why is ice stronger than fire?Plz tell me!

Wayne Weiderman

Okay As a pet trainer for the popular Wizard101 game this could be a decent app. I am rating based on the app lack of exit. There just isn't any way to leave the game without pressing the home button on my device. Even the arrow is disabled once you hit the login page. This is unacceptable. Resolve this and earn another review. Until then removed from device because I have to wonder why you don't want us to shut down this game? Like, what else is it doing?

Ginny Sumner

Raise your pet the quick way! I love this app! It allows you to train your pets quickly with challenging games. I use it while I'm waiting for appointments and while laying in bed, before I fall asleep. You can easily change pets, they just have to be in your backpack. Then, when your playing the game, you have those trained pets avaiable for quests or hatching. It's great!! I only wish I started using the app sooner. Well, I guess a notification that the game was going offline would also be nice too.

Grace Fischbach

Well it was ok I could not get it to connect even when I had full connection. I waited an hour and it still wouldn't connect. Fix this and I will give five stars, Alexandria LifeGiver.

Dazaries Chandler

Nicolasdarkgem Love this game I get packs and gold and paint (hate paint a lot) but it's fun and its good to train your pet so I give it 5stars Nicholas firegem. PvP

alex shayka

Great game Dont have a computer to play on my account but i do kinda love doing this also if you see me on my name is Fred AngleFountain

Carolynn Concepcion-Stillson

ehhh... My internet connection is awesome and yet it would say connection error or system down frequently AFTER I won a stage which results in losing drops or points. Kingsisle is really greedy with the drops and points to delay all progress so you could buy premium. It sucks because I joined W101 when it was first a beta. Game is tedious and they're making the early levels difficult so you can resort to buying boosters.

Austin Welcher

Motorola Droid RAZR M Awesome my computer and internet is messed up so I haven't been able to get on for months. This is awesome my pets are gaining levels and everything and I'm using all my snacks! LOL

Mason Osten

Awsome Ever since i played wizard 101 i never had time to level up my pets because i only have time to level up once a week or so. The game is awsome i can play not on the computer so i now have really good pets. Also my name is mason duststile never named my guy right i was 6 when i first played. Lv 29 almost 30 and always helping people on wizard 101!!! :) see you mabye!! Also just sarted playing haven't in like 12 years but I'm still good :)

gemusical f

need a friend? hi i love wizard101! if you play wizard101 try tofind me. my name in the game is Sarah Spirit Blood (: I will see you there

John Dallas

101 joshua shadowflame The best pet trainer and shopping for pets there's no lagging in the game and its awesome i reccomend it guys ^.^ -Joshua shadowflame

damien Dotson

Love it Love it just what I was looking for no troubles at all great game helps me get items and level up my pet :) but I have something to say if KI see this I hope they take it into thought I have always loved wizard it kept my life together it was a very nice game I always have fun when I got on but KI its time to take it to the next step if it was me I would make my main priority to be to get wizard101 the official game on mobile devices I think it would be a great idea thx KI.

Gray Fullbuster

Connection It is always losing connection after I finish a level, but I still get my rewards. Any way I can fix this?

Josh Karhoff Keating

Ok then? When it comes.up wizard101 it won't connect to server ???I have awesome WiFi why is it doing that I left it to connect for 12 hours plz fix

Michelle Valenzuela

w101 Cool. o.o A great way to train your pet :D here's my noob wizard xD. Michelle Lion, lvl 16, Life :3. See you guys in the game xD kinda creepy :p

Judith Vinson

Ideas If the creators are reading this make an app for w101 itself this will be one of the most supported comments who wouldnt love to

Kendall Brooks

Loading your pets Every time I log in it goes straight to "loading your pet" and in waited a hour and it still was loading when you log it was suppose to go to choose your character not loading your pets plzz fix' Brooke swiftward

Alex Kistamma

THEY NEED WIZARDBLOX I really like this game I like how you can train pets and fight and get prizes but I hate knowing there are better games out there not for Google play.... :-( ADD WIZARDBLOX

Caleb Orange

Sooooooooo helpful Its hard to train your pet when your not on w101 so that makes this app amazing!!

Jesus Rivera

Out of date?? Every time I attempt to log in the ap tells me my versión is out of date?? I will rate the game 5 stars when it works for my device samsung galaxy 5.

Emma Darkspear

Train your pet I enjoy defending my grub from enemies while earning prizes or pet experience at the same time! This is a very good tower defense game.

David Komisarenko

EPIC One of my best games I'm getting membership soon and trying to save up gold and trying to level up but its hard.I'm lvl 13 and I try to find nice players to take me to a dungeon like pagoda or winter bane. My name is Mark WaterHunter in game.

anthony cecena

Works great I have been using this app for 3 weeks now and I got 3 baby pets to ancient... blaze death eyes realm, sunbird

Jacob Ware

Great game I am a lvl 32 storm wizard and I have a lot of pets and a lot of snacks now I can work on my pet with out being on the computer BTW my name is Jacob Storm Caster :)

Uhunoma Egharevba

Perfrct Pet Trainer This app helps me train my pet when I'm not on the computer on wizard101. It's also a great time killer! Find me on w101. Jordan: Grandmster Sorcerer.

Turner Bastings

Amazing but a wish I don't have a computer anymore or a ipad only a virgin mobile phone so I wish I could play wizard101 on it.

jonathanbattleblood Morales

To k.i K.I u guysbshould letbus play w101 on moble plz plz my computer broke and I mss w101 I'm lvl 60 plz make w101 on moble and computer cuz I need a coputer butbjust letbus play on moble plz

Daniel McDonald

Amazing This has helped me rank up my pets much easier that on the actual game because I can train them without being on the game, it's just so great to be able to do that

Clifton Spencer

OK so.... Now that pets can become ultra, grub guardian will not give you the option to feed snacks you already possess to a pet that is mega. It tries to force you to buy more snacks as if you don't have any. It may be because there had been no corresponding update to grub guardian regarding ultra pets. In any event, it is not much appreciated.

Nathan Robinson

This makes stuff so much easier My laptop recently broke so I can't play wiz but this can let me look forward to having op pets and money when I get back to playing. ?? ty so much 8/8 would rate gr8 m8!! ~Nathan GoldenHeart lvl 80 balance I'm in wc in realm wu or stormzilla. Come meet meh!!! ???

Fern Aguirre

Really do love it but It would be nice if you can make one for people who play pirate101 as well, or is it to much to ask for? ? if you make one I promise to get it and rate 5 ⭐ and this one aswell so plz I ask of you because mine won't work but I really miss my pets and wanna train them more. My wizard101 pets are well trained but pirate not so great, so plz do make one for pirate?

Derreck Plays

I get to do something I haven't played wizard 101 but at least this app let's me do something. I'm very thankful Kingisle made this app. Now I get to do something connected to wizard101

Elise Sober

Mega pets and ultra pets should be able to eat the snacks we have. This glitch is lame. Otherwise I like the game but don't bother training any pet above epic. You will have to buy pet snacks even though you have snacks in your backpack.

kl h

Love it I love wizard101 and I love tower defense games. My wizard's name is Brianna Golden flower : level 15 life ( I don't have free chat ) I can't wait to meet you!

Bryce Findley

Amazing game I can train my pet on the go! Really love having this game its almost like balloons tower defence

Michael Rivera

Wonderful It does help out since I don't get gold that often. And I barely have time for my pet so this app helps out a lot .

Shiny PM

One small thing This game has no bugs or glitches and is a great way to train pets, I love the ones in the store bit they cost do much. Anyways, whenever the pet exp is doubbled for members only, you can only do it in w101 because it won't do it in this game. That's all there is. If sorcery stones or some other game was here so I could get more prizes for my wizard, I would be so much more grateful. Keep up the awesome work KI!

Francis Salinas

I need it!!! It's ok but i don't really like/want it i want Wizard101 for mobile so we can play wherever we want on the go and we don't need a connection. However, if u can't do that then do it w/ a connection id really care but i just want the game for mobile bc i love it!!! If u don't make it in a month or less i wont be a fan or play it no more It also has to have the same abilities as on computer or else i gon download it then delete it (if it ain't good tho)

Nico Keenan

WHOLY GLITCHING CHRIST so I can't unlock new areas, they ALWAYS revert to not being unlocked the next time I open the game I'm on a nook so maybe there's some weird incompatability? Any rate once this is fixed I'll up to four stars (just because I feel that you should have targeting options for the different allies it isn't quite five)

Beyblade Awesomeness

I love that you can train your pets whenever you want without being on wizard101. one thing is that you run out of snacks after a while but before you get off of wizard101 you could just buy a bunch of snacks. This game has never lagged or not worked that is why it's five stars

Unknown Unknown

Only if Kingsisle brought the actual wizard 101 Game to android, that be truly outstanding. As a former wizard 101 player, I wish it was available for android. Such a android game would be fantastic. In app purchases just like on PC. This is as close as it gets, pet training. Its fun, but I can't talk to my friends, quest or any the real fun stuff. But I believe KI just might do it one day. After all they took the time for this app.

Cry baby cry

I want to do it 5 but? I have storm character lvl 84 and I play this game like 200 hoursil and I don't know why I give it 2 stars and you would get like Hydra pack or other pack from helephant towet

Teresa Methe

Love It! [1st posted 4/5/15] A KingsIsle Entertainment Inc. game who also make Wizard101 and Pirate101! I'm a player of 5 years at Wiz101. I find this app helpful whether leveling pets or earning prizes... the progress moves forward with you in Wizard101 or Pirate101! Awesome, and handy in the car or on the Run! Ps. Wondering when KI will make Wiz101 playable for Android. When will they make other game options to earn gold, crowns, pet talents, and items to win on my Android devices??

Alexa Avril

I love this app! This app is so helpful to train my pet! Lol yeah I play W101 and this game is super easy to train my pet. Better than pet pavilion. 5 stars for sure

Jasiah Henderson

This is a epic game i can train in peace c: so cool i love it i just started playing W101 agin and im lvl 15 :D its great app doe.and fun to play try out these games to roblox,elsword,cartoon network games,pirate 101,but period point blank.epic game cause its mobile now stop reading this and download name: Jhon Fireflame 15 i dont chat...........yet :3????☺??????

Secretly A Pancake

Love W101 This is a good game and I love training my pet Queen Samantha (Brave Hound) cause I can't play very well anymore I wish we could play W101 on phone and tablet ~ Luke FireBlood lvl 79 Necromancer

Bethany Gardner

Wizard101 is the best! I love wizard101! And now I can play with my wizards pets any were I go. But don't try to play wizard101 and this game at the same time, it logs you out of one or the other. But it's still great. If you love wizard101, you should get this game!

Kimberly Pham

Great way to train your pet. I love this app. I usually train my pets here as it gives more experience! It's a great way to earn some xp for your pet when you're on the go.

Green Mana Gaming

I get to do something I haven't played wizard 101 but at least this app let's me do something. I'm very thankful Kingisle made this app. Now I get to do something connected to wizard101

Clancy Church

it's the best you basically defend the pet food and then you get stuff but it won't mack sense if you don't play wizard101. you can choose to give your pet stuff or you can get gold and other stuff like that. you can get a piggl to! it's so cool and if you dont, play wizard101 it soooooooo cool.

Cosmas Oguejiofor

Alright, graphics and game play could be better. It's not very interesting. As a transcendent fire wizard, I need a fast and efficient way to train my pets. In the time it would take me to finish one of these levels, I could probably finish three dance games! A little too slow for my liking, but a good substitute if you don't have a computer around.

omar ortega

Love In love this app now that I can play on my tablet but, what I they add the acctual game on android!? For no way I will never get off my tablet I love this game!!! I mean the actual wizard101 with your real PC account to android I would die in would totally be oin my room beening therefore 3 hours playing then eventually go outside... Then come back in 5 hours play it till !my tablet dies

Termite Ghandi

Higher experience training Have had no major problems. Kings Isle is a great developer and they make wonderful games. When it comes to training higher level pets this game gives greater training points to energy needed. With the right map you can get 9-12 exp from one game; + snacks. This app is always a great ease to training pets as well as farming for many treasures and crown items.

Nathan Robinson

This makes stuff so much easier My laptop recently broke so I can't play wiz but this can let me look forward to having op pets and money when I get back to playing. ?? ty so much 8/8 would rate gr8 m8!! ~Nathan GoldenHeart lvl 80 balance I'm in wc in realm wu or stormzilla. Come meet meh!!! ???

Matt no

It used to be great. But now no matter what I just get error messages saying that it can't connect to the server. I can watch videos, stream music, and play other games without a problem. Uninstalled and re - installed, but still doesn't work. And no help is available because all I get told is that it must be my phone. Even though everything else works on my phone it is apparently some mystical problem with my phone. If it worked this game would be great.

Andrea Dykstra

I loved it... Until it no longer worked. Now I just sits there and says connecting to server for hours. Seriously, I would tell my friends all about how cool this app is and now I can't even play it, I'm very disappointed and miss playing it on my tablet so please fix soon.

Jessica Leisure

Awesome!! i finally got my void basilisk to epic and got critical striker. it's too bad that i can't play Wizard101 though, all i have is this tablet. I sure hope they make an app to the game because i really miss it.

Leann Kinsey

Connection problem There seems to be a problem connecting to the server. You might have lost your internet connection or the website has gone down for maintenance while you were playing. Try again in a few minutes.when I have perfect connection it says that?

adrian martinez

Update I don't think the app has been updated to correspond with he new w101 update. I cannot feed my Mega pet any of my pet snacks that I already nave because it doesn't give me the option. Please fix this. It would be great, thanks.

Hatake Kakane

GREAT LOVE IT Just in case you know me I am Rebecca LifePyre, currently level 98 Life wizard. Uhhhhhh KI when in the U.S are we going to get your new games like the Tap one and the other one that was on your YouTube channel? I have an android App store, don't got any fancy phone I have a HTC desire and I want to know when the new game is coming up.

Michael Ibarra

Good alternative to training I sometimes dislike training my pets on the computer version cause it takes a long time, plus here gives you the option to use your energy or not. I like it, if only there was also for P101.

Crazy Gamer

Amazing Just amazed by this game. Awesome gameplay, may be a bit of a challenge but it's fun. You can complain about the graphics and say "Oh the graphics make the game bad". But that doesn't matter as long as the gameplay is great. Also, the graphics are actually really great. - Cole Dragonwraith Death lvl 58


Wow. I really love this game but it won't open. Im trying to lvl up my sea dragon miss bailey she's only teen. My computer broke down and j got a new one and everytime i try to download wiz it has an error. Im shelby skull head lvl25


Can't see anything on Samsung tab3! I logged in through pure luck and can't see anything at all! Just a blank screen that sometimes makes noises if I happen to get a lucky shot. Talk about taking a shot in the dark! . Works fine on my phone. I just wish I could train my Pirate101 pets.

Caitlin Hicks

Cannot connect This is a really fun game, but it won't connect to my wizard101 account! Takes forever to load and just breaks connection in the middle of the game. I really like this game, please fix!

Rie Reh

Keeps freezing The past couple of days the app won't connect or freezes. The bad thing about freezes is that you lose energy but don't get to feed pet and get XP. Please fix.

Alexander Seavey

Pretty good! App runs perfect, have had zero issues with. Updates and such. Only complaint is there is a shortage of in app information. Have no clue how to beat certain mobs or what little symbols mean. Sure the website will tell you tho

Fern Aguirre

Really do love it but It would be nice if you can make one for people who play pirate101 as well, or is it to much to ask for? ? if you make one I promise to get it and rate 5 ⭐ and this one aswell so plz I ask of you because mine won't work but I really miss my pets and wanna train them more. My wizard101 pets are well trained but pirate not so great, so plz do make one for pirate?

Tammy York

Best Free KingsIsle game ever I love Wizard101 and this game lets me train my Mythic beast and other pets wtout haveing to play the maze or dance game in the Palivon, + u can get rewards if u choose not to train ur pet!? I get a lot of tc from this game, mostly crows and bone dragons :)

rick man

PLEASE READ Excuse me. I tried to buy crowns with my google play card but it wouldn't let me. Can you please update it so i can use my google play card so i can buy crowns. Its not fair for Android users.

Tracey Filsinger

Super fun But, my mini laptop broke and it's the only device I'm aloud to play on so I can't even get the's still really fun to play.but there's no point so I'm gana uninstall this game.

Jackson Crowley

This is a great game but ki please increase drop rates for packs. I spent all my money on crowns to get things I need to earn packs and I hardly get any. It is great but please do that if you could. Edward Pyre level 43 necromancer.


This game is glitching so much... whenever I try to train my w101 pet, it never loads but it still consumes my energy

Stacy Schweitzer

Good game Haven't played grub guardian in many months and truthfully I'm not the best at it but I like the idea of being able to train up my pet while I'm at work. Sadly though my 9 year old is much better at grub guardian then myself.

Jose R

Awesome Things just keep getting better with wizard101. I can finally feed my pets when I'm not home and have fun while doing so. Now they need to make one for the plants.

Denise Gall

Wizard101!!!!! This is a awesome game and I love getting experience for my pets in Wizard101. It is great for when I get bored with the pet pavilion. To people who are not familliar with Wizard101, you should totally consider playing it. See you in the game, wizards!

Jonathan Reyes

It's awesome (for my pet) I got my pet already to adult, gives me extra loot too. The only problem I have it's that my computer broke down and I can't play w101 anymore. I don't think I'm getting a computer any time soon. I would LOVE of kingsile put w101 on android or tablet.

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