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21 Sep

Posted by GRTC Transit Company in Transportation | Sept. 21, 2016 | 71 Comments

Apk file size: 6.4 MB

Welcome to the Greater Richmond Transit Company’s (GRTC) mobile app - the only official transit mobile app from GRTC. With this application, you'll have comprehensive real-time information of transit services in the Greater Richmond area right in the palm of your hand.

The new app allows you to:

* Access real-time GRTC bus tracker information. Don't miss your next bus. This app will provide the estimated arrival times of buses approaching your stop. It also allows you to see the location of buses on a map, so that you can visually track it as it approaches. You also have the ability to store your favorite stops and routes.

* Locate nearby bus stops.

* Receive current service updates through service bulletins. Instantly you will receive which routes are being detoured, stops closed or if GRTC will be operating under a different schedule during a holiday or inclement weather.

* View fare information.

* Submit comments and suggestions regarding your transit experience. GRTC welcomes feedback from its customers. Use the app to submit your complaints, concerns, comments and suggestions or if you would like to report a safety issue.

* Access important GRTC contact telephone numbers. Here you will find a list of important GRTC numbers you can use for trip-planning questions, lost items on transit, or transit concerns.

• A note about reroutes
If a bus goes off its regular route, our system will no longer be able to predict accurate arrival times. It will not be able to automatically predict when it will return to normal service. And, it may not be able to show the bus on our map. Please check for service alerts.

Whats new

    Fixed loading issue

GRTC Transit Company part of our Transportation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 71.9481. Current verison is 1.12. Actual size 6.4 MB.

Download grtc.apk 6.4 MB

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Teryonda Forbes

Needs work Needs to tell what bus coming when you downtown,it shows time and south and west etc. But not the bus number which makes useless if there's more then one route coming to that stop

Melia Frame

bad service 2 buses didn't bother to stop when I had been sitting at a stop point for over an hour

Randesha Hobbs

All buses don't have tracking, The 7 route no longer displays whether the nine mile or white oaks bus is approaching on the rare occasions that bus can be tracked. When it works its great but I'm reducing my original 5 star rate for glitches. Why do u need access to my camera and microphone?

Juana Mason

App ok I will give it a 5 when all buses can be tracked. I have missed a bus or 2 because a bus dont have a tracker. Other then that its pretty easy and very convenient.

Archie Madison

Was great Please put trackers on the 200 and 400 series buses.then it's a 5 star app

Stephen Satterfield

virtually useless app since most buses are not able to be tracked. Better of useng google maps for GRTC bus info but times there can be plus or minus 6 mins

Deanglao McClure

Once they put the Clever Devices on all new buses it will be a better app. But its okay with me

Cheryse Lawrence

Update When will the app reflect the route changes?

Jamal Gholson

Doesn't show routes, times, or correct information on times or buses!!!

Shawn Kirk

Doesn't work half of the time This is great but lately it does not work. It launches but takes forever to load things if it even loads them at all. Please fix app

Kevin Smith

If the GRTC ridership knew this app existed and had more smartphones per capita they'd say this is confusing and useless. I am, unlike the majority of GRTC riders, white, computer literate, and have a smartphone and the knowledge to get the most out of it. It's not being racist to acknowledge that the majority of GRTC patrons are not. I have had more help from the great gentlemen and ladies of RVA who rely on GRTC to get the right bus stop, to reach my destination, to just know what route goes where. It's good to see how feckless the dispatchers are about spacing buses in real time, at least.

Lisa Johnson

This app don't work half time won't give times that bus get specific stops I rather call grtc than to use this app......very dissatisfied

dj blaze7

Arrgh Doesn't work for the galaxy note 2 O r 3.. Please fix

Bryan Jones

It's okay I guess All the buses don't have trackers on them, in which makes the app useless, nevertheless it is better than downloading schedules or walking around with those papers.

Ra Osolage

Found myself having to get downtown in a hurry from Patterson and Three Chopt. While I found that the bus tracking was not what I expected, I was at least able to find the route that I needed and the closest stop to me, plus the expected arrival time for my stop. App seems simple enough that most smartphone users should be able to use it with no problem. I'm appreciative of the favorite route and favorite stop features. Will help me in the future for those rare times I choose the bus over my motorcycle.

Carl Scruggs

Excellent This app is a life saver for someone like myself. .. Thank you.

brandy davidson

To Kevin Smith Your rating of this app is racist and obtrusive im a very well educated blackmale who has two associates degrees in electronics. I understand this app as well does a lot of other individuals keep your racist remarks to yourself. Thank you

jay Neal

. You are stupid if you catch the bus and don't have this app

Denario A'Juantaye Jones

Up to the minute Wow this is the best freak in app ever...

Jake Wells

Uninstalled again! Motorola RARZ M. The app has some great features that I would love to use, but consistently goes into a loading loop that never ends making it useless. Unfortunate. I've cleared cache, cleaned up memory, uninstalled and reinstalled and it doesn't get any better. Please fix these issues and look at Google maps as a guideline for future versions - they do a much better job at telling me what the available routes and stop times will be throughout the area.

Rachel Hanning

Excilent I am so glad that they came out with this app it makes riding the easier

Vinod Swarnapuri

Very helpful and very accurate Recommended app for every person using GRTC

Antoinette Lee

Wow! Not confusing at all I ride and have a smart phone. Love this app. As of this posting the 62 is now on here. Now if they can do this for the care van!

Marvin Gammon

Doesn't Update With New Routes The new transfer station caused some new routes to be made, and the new routes don't show on the list of routes.

Dejaun Smith

Its nt showing every route Im glad grtc got a app been waiting on it forever it don't show the 62 broadrock south bound or north bound broadrock bus run so funny we gone need that on this app and what make it so bad they don't run on weekend up here

Tapan Reddy

Easy to use Very slick.

Soni Sunkara

Great App Great App. Easy to use. The information is very helpful.

Yami Kage

Major inconsistencies with the app and the buses Which has often made me late to school and work. I'd demand a refund but the app itself is free.

Kiara Small

Long time coming. Glad they finally made this:)

Foto Vizions

Limited use Not all the buses have GPS. You can only find a bus within the next 15 minutes if it has GPS. You can't look up a schedule to plan in advance. You're basically tracking a bus you're waiting for and can't do any alternative planning.

Rodney Hunter

Poor!! Won't even tell what time the bus route is!!

Bernice Cox

Grtc buses Alright with me I like tracking the bus

Alex Pritchett

Incredibly inaccurate hard to use and gives almost no information or support help

Grace Oxley

Whenever I really need to check when a bus is coming, it refuses to load. Google Maps is closer for real-time bus times.

charles bracey

Sucks So tell me. How can I find out what time a bus comes at 7:30am if it's 10:45pm.

Roy Fernbach

Finding a bus with the app is impossible. Even while sitting ON the bus it still says "No arrivals found in The Next 15 Mins". Don't tell me where the bus ISN'T... tell me WHERE THE BUS IS! The app can tell me exactly where the stop is and the GRTC system knows where their buses are... why cant you tell me, within a margin of error, when the next bus is gonna arrive? Fix this POS app ... this is 2015 already.

Toshima Scott

Weird... I just downloaded to my phone after a factory reset and the bus 61 is just gone from the list. EVERY other bus is on the list...

mike thomas heffernan

Do not ride The buses are never on time like the schedule says some of the drivers are very very disrespectful and do not focus on the road I'm very disappointed in Grtc and I only ride when it's an absolute emergency and also when it's an absolute emergency I never get anywhere on time because the freaking bus drivers are always late it's a complete waste of money and time and is very expensive to get onto the bus a dollar fifty like really? There's buses in Northern Virginia that you can get on for $0.50 and ride

Matthew Christian

Grtc Has been 100% accurate and has completely failed as far as bus areivals go. Made me late for work once. Not sure why its so hit and miss with the bus tracker info.

Denario A'Juantaye Jones

Up to the minute Wow this is the best freak in app ever...

Holly' Thomas

GRTC Transit app It won't open on my Tablet, but it works perfectly on my new phone.

Michelle Hansom

Doesn't give a tome that the bus arrive @different stops

Beverly Hodges

Good Wow be better if all buses had GPS installed

Jonny 5ive

Pretty accurate for Manchester routes I find this app to be a lifesaver in most cases. Very useful. You just have to know the tendencies for the arrival times to generally be +/- a few minutes in the AM vs PM peak, rush hour periods. My bus routes tend to be 2-4 mins early in the AM peak as I am heading into downtown, and 2-4 mins late for PM peak hour away from downtown. Gps is useful but its not perfect. Its pretty easy once you learn the routine.

David Walcott

Doesn't tell you when it's coming only tells you when the next bus is coming . why do I care if the number 6 is coming down Broad when I'm going down Patterson on the number 2 . I don't even use it anymore

Ray Harris

No stops? App not working properly. You check a bus route and it doesn't list the stops. Of no use until this is resolved. **March 21st ** Updated the app, still not seeing the stops.

Rebecca Bates

When it works it's wonderful...but it frequently updates and wont work when it needs to update. So it only works about 3/4 of the time.

Jessica Price

After using this everyday and loving it it suddenly wouldn't show me any of the Route stops nor any buses arriving at bus stops. Had to completely uninstall and install again.

Jason Chan

Updated app works but one quirk with favorites The GRTC apps now works with one problem if you use favorites. You will have to delete the existing favorite stop or route and re-add them back in for it to work. Otherwise if you were to tap on an existing bus route or stop in favorites it will show a blank route or no bus info for that stop like before.

mrz wilkerson

It won't show the times it arrive

Jeanne Davis

No longer working! Is it me or in the last couple days did the app no longer have the ability to give u stop times unless you go to the link that says nearest bus stops??? I relied on the app since I'm a regular rider but now I'm frustrated. I've uninstalled updates, deleted and 're-downloaded the app, cleaned the cache and yet nothing works! Was wondering if anybody else was having this problem?

Julia Rhodes

I see that the "issue with stops" has been fixed, but I've uninstalled and reinstalled 5+ times over the last few days and still cannot see any stops I have set to favorite. The app itself isn't very accurate - I've walked out the door to the bus stop 300 feet away, with 5 minutes to spare, only to miss the bus as it speeds by. The app needs some real work.

Michelle E Anderson

Messed up When the app updated, I can no longer see the list of bus stops for each bus route & has a list of wrong bus route numbers. I depend on this app to get to work & home because I take 3 buses to work & to get home!! Please fix as soon as possible.

Denise Mayfield

Please fix App not working not showing the stops

Stephen Satterfield

No stop information They fixed the stop issues by deleting all stops from all bus routes. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

Elton Fulcher

GRTC = WTF? Yep . . . this app stopped working for me on Thursday. Called customer service the following Sunday and was told it had something to do with daylight savings time. Lesson learned . . . if you want a good answer, DO NOT CALL GRTC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Sheila Davis

Nothing fixed! Worst app to have and the worst transit in the US.

Mark Norzagaray

Use Google Maps Instead This app this awful. Trip planner can't find routes. Buses are usually late. So, next arrival estimate is worthless. Interface feels like a high school senior project.

S.M. Nski

GRTC needs to address this problem with infinite loading that's been happening all week. It seems to be worst first thing in the morning...when people need to catch the bus to get to work. The app crawls and crawls, and never loads the page. It has become completely useless. For other frustrated customers, don't bother trying to delete then reload the app, you will only succeed in deleting all of your favorites. Come on, GTRC, if you're going to provide this service then at least bother to maintain it properly so it is functional.

Julia Rhodes

ETA: what's happening with the app over the last 10 days? I haven't been able to load anything 80% of the time. Is this issue being addressed? Previous: I see that the "issue with stops" has been fixed, but I've uninstalled and reinstalled 5+ times over the last few days and still cannot see any stops I have set to favorite. The app itself isn't very accurate - I've walked out the door to the bus stop 300 feet away, with 5 minutes to spare, only to miss the bus as it speeds by. The app needs some real work.

David Palmer

Infinite loading... Not the first issue with this app. It worked fine for a few months then started to not load properly. Reinstalled to 1.11 but no good. Now I'm just bookmarking the desktop site which works fine. The app seems to be a huge waste of GRTC money.

Jacquelyn Fetrow

Infinite load time Used to like this app and use it a lot. Recent update has caused every page, whether you've been there before or not, to take infinite time to load. Makes app unusable.

Sheila Davis

Better but... This app has improved. I actually have all of the features available to me BUT it works when it wants to. Half of the time I can't use it. Better but needs more work.

Joscelyn Barker

Infinite loading This app takes forever to load. By the time it's loaded I have missed my bus making me Late to wherever I'm going this issue needs to be resolved please.

Joy Robinson

Loading It doesn't work it loads the whole time the app is open

Jason Echols

Still not working infinite loading never show anything can't find time schedule for bus

Amber Sims

Not working For some reason my app will not upload anything right now

Gwen Pennington

Infinite loading Used to work fine. I used it all the time. Now it just keeps trying to load.

Connie Pearson

Helpful With the exception of a few things here and there, it's been very useful....Does what I need it to do, and if I am having issues, then I simply call GRTC and get it worked out one way or the other....Great job guys!!

Marian Klatt

Mostly good I use this app daily, but it needs some updates. It crashes when I pull up the maps, and nothing loading this morning.

won't stop loading spins in the 'loading' indefinitely. as someone who takes the bus often this is infuriating

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