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6 May
GRT easyGO

Posted by eSolutionsGroup Limited in Lifestyle | May 6, 2016 | 88 Comments

Apk file size: 6.0 MB

The official GRT easyGO mobile application is a free interactive tool for Waterloo Region riders to have instant access to Grand River Transit real-time bus information. Bus arrival times, bus geolocations, route information, live news feeds, and links to our mobile trip planner and detour information are all features included in the mobile application.

Whats new

    Faster app launching and a small (but important) security update.

eSolutionsGroup Limited part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 6, 2016. Google play rating is 61.9685. Current verison is 1.3.0. Actual size 6.0 MB.

Download grt-easygo.apk 6.0 MB

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Sean Cassell

Major issues present I decompiled the APK. It shares many resources with some other app developed by the same developer. Why are these present?? They waste and cause lag. Further, and more importantly, it is not possible to see schedules for future dates -- SO stupid. The map is nice and gives me the EasyGo # at least... I guess that's a plus. I get that HTML5 apps are easier to port to other OS's, but this app is pitiful and poorly done, and unnecessarily slow as others have mentioned. Lacks basic features...

Derek da Costa

Should be called "GRT Barely Go"... BATTERY KILLER! App is EXCRUCIATINGLY slow. It is very confusing as to which areas of the app show real time, and which are just a countdown to the scheduled bus. I would prefer it ONLY show real time. Face it GRT is never on schedule. Real-time is more like "some-time". If you check the location while ON the bus it will be 1-3 blocks behind. Poorly developed using WebView and no cache. It shouldn't take 5 minutes to open an app in 2015. App runs even when closed/screen off. Killed my battery on several occasions. Thanks..

Richard Chao

Worst Transit App Too bad there isn't a 0 star rating. Doesn't give accurate details, crashes consistently and not user friendly at all.

Cory Albrecht

Poorly implemented It's gotten better, but not by much. The "near me" screen still has a strong tendency to choose stops that are 1,2 or occasionally 3 stops away from the one you're actually closest to. Also, it shows the scheduled time rather than the real-time data which is not actually shown unless you tap through to the stop, but it does not make this clear. The app in general is sluggish, sometimes frustratingly so.

Yao Chen

real-time info; drains battery This app adds to existing bus schedule apps with its real-time bus information. However it takes a long time to load or refresh. It annoys me that it drains battery in the background.

Carolyn Small

GRT Excellent very well. Helps me to plan my bus trips so I'm on time to get to wherever I need to be.

Kiran Yoon

The app is nice, however it would be very convenient if certain bus stops can be favourited to access it easily. I live in a place where I can take 3 different busses, and finding the stop in the app is a hassle, especially when I don't give my location to the app (I refuse to give information). Also I would like to add an offline usage mode. As I don't have data. This can be as simple as screenshotting the bus info for the user.

c h

The longer I used the app, the less I liked it. It is slow, you cant create a favorite if there is no service at the time. I wont uninstall, just for the sake of real time feature. Otherwise, I'm going back to gdmalet. You should be able to create favorites on the map, without having to change pages. Gdmalet app still better. Real time for Elmira was 2.5 min fast. Bus had already arrived

Joel Gawne

Very useful It's never failed me before.

Akheem Isaac

Real time? For 5 stars: fix realtime accuracy, sluggishness, and data hungry nature of the app.

Shardul Upadhyay

Draining a lot of battery in recent update

Chris B

It doesn't work I tap on icons and they don't move or do anything this app sucks and the routes don't show up half the time fix it please

Paul Millerd

A little confusing As a frequent GRT user, this will be a very useful app for me. However, it's confusing at first as to what times are based on real-time data. I have figured out now that when you first tap Near Me you're seeing times based on the schedule, and if you tap on a specific route you're seeing times based on real-time data. However, this isn't stated on any of the screens and that makes it confusing. EDIT: it's now clear what's real-time and what's scheduled. Good work!

Chris Klein

Slow and balky, opaque I was using Transit App for realtime information on GRT, because it provided information quickly and reliably. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, realtime information is suddenly only available now in the EasyGo app. But the EasyGo app is painful to use. Major flaws: * "Near Me" frequently fails to come up with a location. * Bus summary information is sorted by minutes to arrival, by scheduled arrival time. Route titles are small and hard to read. * Realtime arrival time is only available once you click through to a particular bus. * You can't tell what direction any bus is going. It's just "200 iXpress" or "6 Bridge". * Refreshes are extremely slow. * You can't back out of the application. About the best I can say on this app is that it functions. But it is far too slow and opaque to make quick decisions with. My advice? Look at Transit App's UI and copy it.

Kathryn Lecocq

real time doesn't work for me as it can't find my location even if I'm standing at the stop

David Labraccio

Much better. :) Real-time bus locations appear to be working on all routes. It should be mentioned in the description that bus locations on the map are updated every 5 or so seconds and not continuously. Stops on the map are marked by blank placemarks instead of the actual stop numbers. Individual stop time listings use a very large font and show only real-time ETA in minutes and not the schedule. If, for instance, you want to know if there's a bus due at your stop around 10pm and it's currently noon you're going to have to do some scrolling and some math. I would suggest using this app's real-time info alongside gdmalet's "Grand River Transit" app with its complete and more efficient schedule listings. especially if you prefer to plan ahead.

Nahoum Abara

OK Not as innovative and usable as the TTC's RocketMan app but it does provide some useful information; bus arrival countdown. Add a "search" function, and to make it above and beyond, create a dedicated "home" button to show every possible route home just as a GPS does. ALSO NEEEDS A DESKTOP WIDGET!

Ryan Collins

Slow, but pretty accurate There was a bug in an older version that made the app unusable, but it seems like it was fixed. It'd be nice to check your favourites faster, like on the first screen instead of the static image of a bus.

Frank Martinez

In theory it is nice It would be nice if the busses had a GPS on them like they do in some cities with the real time till the bus arrives at said locations. I was 2 mins before at the bus stop waiting and the bus never showed up. So I had to wait another 20 mins in -20 degree weather... it needs to be real time. It is nice that it gives you theoretically what time the bus comes... I would like to add busses should arrive a min or two late. Not a few.mins before the schedule time...

Rick Walker

This is still a new app for me, but I like it, there is room to grow though

Hilari Kneisel

Its alright The near me section doesn't seem to ever want to load, only the odd time

Kyla Dawn Sedore

Bare minimum. Eats data and battery.

Phil Mowatt

Nessesary evil This app destroys my battery even if it is not active. It is extremely unresponsive. There does not seem to be a way to close it with killing the process.

Brendan Levanto

Very useful. It would be nice to rename and arrange your favourite stops however.

david embro

It is great :)

Linzy Buhr

Great Love this app

Rena Kunisaki

Good, could still be better Very useful app, easy to navigate, lots of information. Some issues bugged me though: Why force portrait mode? No offline function (just sits doing nothing). Menu unresponsive on map sometimes. Why use external browser for trip planner? And no real-time bus locations. Still a solid app, must have for GRT riders.

Alyson Symington

Not impressed I am not a fan of this app at all. It will not find my location at all and no matter what i try to do it says "Ping Street cannot locate your location" or "this service is unavailable". Will be uninstalling.

Anthony Trinh

Pretty good This is a really useful and convenient app. However not using real time tracking is the only downfall but other than that seems amazing. The style design is not of kitkat's but is just GRT's design scheme

Max C

Terribly inefficient A second year co-op student can probably make something better. No cache, loading data each time. Time to arrival only counts down in foreground. Uses a ton of data, unnecessarily.

Grant Hemstock

Buggy Trip planner needs work, really buggy. Real time bus tracking is the reason anyone would use this over google maps but it's not there. Good start I guess.

James Sutherland

Huge flaw The trip planner does not work. Using current location, stop names, or addresses always results in "unexplained error, please try again. " I'll be sticking to Google Maps as it does GRT trip planning and actually works.

Carsen Banister

Poor features It appears this app was released on a deadline without considering feature existence and functionality. 'Near Me' does not work well, as it does not pick up a reasonable set of stops near my location. The 'Favourites' in conjunction with 'Map' is the only thing that works reasonably well. There should be categories for 'Favourites' to help sort out what buses can be used for where you are going. The 'Trip Planner' is a complete joke, as it just links to a website using your browser. Only good thing about this app is it hopefully has accurate times once you are able to hone in on the stop you want. Very limited functionality and features.

David Hinschberger

Slow inaccurate and should accept easy go stops.

Max Taylor

Great app Easy to navigate, with useful information on schedules, detours and grt news.

Joseph Seaton

Ok Just needs a little more work done to it like telling us how to add favourites to the list

Mark Chen

Somtimes not responding well, sometimes pin doesn't show up. The search cannot find night loop. The quality is just bad and buggy. Not as useful as student developed App. Disappointing quality.

Charlie Wu

Ok, but really slow in comparison to other bus apps. 'Real-time' results are nice.

Gareth Maddock

Needs work Why can I not type in the route number.. I would prefer if I didn't have to leave the app for a Web browser. Can you make it so I can plan a trip in the app. Right now the app seems sloppy and the unofficial one I was using stopped updating since you guys made one which is unfortunate..

Derek da Costa

Install "Transit" instead... They should rename this "GRT BarelyGO" App is EXCRUCIATINGLY slow. It is very confusing as to which areas of the app show real time, and which are just a countdown to the scheduled bus. I would prefer it ONLY show real time. Face it GRT is never on schedule. Real-time is more like "some-time". If you check the location while ON the bus it will be 1-3 blocks behind. Poorly developed using WebView and no cache. It shouldn't take 5 minutes to open an app in 2015. App runs even when closed/screen off. Killed my battery on several occasions. Thanks..

N.M Sotzek

It's super slow to load, which really isn't helpful on the go. And you can look up a route, it only gives the option to look up a stop number which doesn't help if you don't know it off the top of your head or it's a terminal.

Jordan Menard

Unresponsive on some older devices This app may be compatible with older devices but it doesn't work on some of them. Tapping the various buttons doesn't work and instead gives you and obviously bad bar on the side.

Sabrina M. Hotchkiss

GRT EasyGo App Even though I can only use it when I am around wifi, I enjoy the real time of this because other apps or texting the stops doesn't tell you if the buses are running late as this app does.

Léomike Hébert

Slowly Improving The update appears to have improved things but the app is still fairly slow. Also, why is the "Near Me" screen based on scheduled time rather than real time. I don't care what time buses around should be there. I care what time they actually will be there.

Peter Jacklin

Needs work. Doesn't show any buses after midnight. Doesn't show late night loop. As of DEC 21,2015 shows no buses running after 9am. But I watch buses go down the street. So a lot of work is needed. Worst of all real time sucks as if buses are behind schedule it just shows how long you have to wait.

Ven Raphael Go

Useless The most unreliable transit system and the most useless app combined!!!! GRT sucks so much that the app tells people that a bus is coming in 3 minutes when the bus in reality never shows up until 45 minutes!!! So during the winter there are tons of students getting their toes amputated from waiting for a 5 minute bus that shows up in 45 minutes!!! Just terrible. Not like university students have places to go and important midterms to get to !!!!!!

Keefer Rourke

Not bad UX is horrible. There's no excuse not to be using Material Design on Android at this point. There are spelling mistakes through the app: "whould you mind taking a moment" for instance. Bus tracking isn't accurate. App is confusing at first use because the interface isn't streamlined at all. Why isn't trip planning part of the app? It's useless if it just opens the website when I want to see how to get somewhere. A Google Maps like solution is definitely required.


Slow, but nice The real-time updates of bus times is extremely helpful. I've caught my bus even when it was early to my stop by using this app. It only gets 4 stars bc it's really slow to load & difficult to look up stops by only the stop number. I'd like to see a function to look up a stop by route number.

Kasie Strangway

Needs Work I installed the app and at first it works great and I love the trip planner but then it will start to slow down and all together not work so I have to uninstall the app and then reinstall it which is a huge pain because then I don't have my favourites anymore. Needs improvements for sure and would be nice to get a notification if a bus is early to one of your favourites.

David Labraccio

It would help if... If we could save a particular route's real-time location screen and not just bus stops. This would save waiting through 3 - 4 screen loads plus data usage.

Jeff Hitshade

Garbage. Can't tell you how many busses I've missed u sing this garbage app. If you ever have to catch the last bus leaving from anywhere do not rely on this garbage. It'll tell you there's no service at any stop almost 30 minutes before the actual departure of the last bus. Useless, grt is absolutely the worst.

edward qian

Great when it work Works about 1/5 times. Usually doesn't bother loading.

Hekar Khani

Webapp Ehhh... It's a webapp. Opening the maps view displays nothing and I have to reset the app. I want use the app, but it's not that useful if I have to search by "Stop ID"

Rene LaPierre

App is useful still needs a few bugs fixed but over all reliable

Sean Harrison

Seriously??? Ummmmmm...... No route search or info???? Probably should have updated that with your route changes Lemme guess.... The guy who made that decision has never had to rely on busses.... There are 3rd pty apps that are easier to use and allow you to search by route all displayed on map with only the stops on route displayed. Not terrible but for an official app should be much, much better than this.

Allan Caine

Marvellous app Gives you all the info you need as a transit customer.

c h

The longer I used the app, the less I liked it. It is slow, you cant create a favorite if there is no service at the time. I wont uninstall, just for the sake of real time feature. Otherwise, I'm going back to gdmalet. You should be able to create favorites on the map, without having to change pages. Gdmalet app still better. Real time for Elmira was 2.5 min fast. Bus had already arrived

Rejean Rivard

I like this app! :D Transit nerd approved! This app actually works. Point A -B easy and SUPER accurate. Lil slow atm. Still the GRT is great. Drivers are all great too! Keep it up GRT :)

David Alan Gay

Some features not working. A so so app. Has mostly good moments but some features like Service Near You never works.

Anand Laddha

Only bus info Doesn't provide ability to plan ahead. No info about routes, no ability to search by route number. Could be much more if these simple and practical maneuvers are added.

Shaji Rajavickneswaran

Wish I could favourite a stop and not just a bus coming to that stop

Salar Gohar

It's slow Usually very accurate, location stuff is improved and navigation is slow

Ahmed El-Roby

Underrated This app is better than how some comments here describe it

Roxanne Hintz

It is often slow. Sometimes does not open at all, have to restart app, in order for it to work.

Alex Chik

Not very good.. Can't look at previous buses, just to check whether or not the buses have already passed. Please refer to Quando used in Vienna and several other European public transportation apps. Have some foresight as to how it ought to work with multiple other pieces of infrastructure (LRT, buses, etc.)

Alyson Symington

Getting better It doesn't update the routes as fast as it should, and sometimes it doesn't look up numbers. Otherwise, it's gotten better

Tim Brgudac

Worthy Simple and user friendly.

Hollie Scott

It's so slow, not even worth it

Chester Cheng

Never functions properly, stops in favourite section wouldn't load up, doesn't display stops near me

David Nickele

Before the update it was good, now it sucks First off, it doesn't take my current location which it used to no problem. Second it won't let me enter Kitchener's grt downtown bus station. I have tried every combination of words. It would be great if it knew where it's own main bus terminal was. This was not a problem when it first came out, so someone screwed up... No good.

Rick Alviano

EasyGo The app can't keep a curate real time. Time is out by 3 says you have 3 minutes left tull bus comes and it has already been by the stop.

David Labraccio

Needs more work. As of April 2016 app no longer shows real-time bus location, just the full route.

Dave Wood

Sanity saver! I love the ability to check timing on routes wherever I am and the trip planner has helped me numerous times. This app has made timing my bus trips easy and allowed me to navigate through chores with ease

Louise Mullin

Useless. Can't search by route number. Who has time to memorize stop numbers?

Becky carr

Good resource but... Love it but requires better accuracy; for active and inactive stops, stop numbers to buses.

Mehmet Yilmaz

Not working at all. So slow.

Jeff Regan

Worst transit app you ever use This app is largely inaccurate with schedules and will often display a bus arriving in x amount of minutes for nothing to arrive. Difficult to navigate, poorly designed, you're better off using google maps. Kind of fitting though. A garbage transit app to beautifully reflect the mess that is GRT transit.

Becky SB

Doesn't work right When using my tablet at home it will not get my location or put in the address of where I am going

Paul Gee

This is a great app in theory if it worked. Only problem is it doesn't. With all the LRT construction in kitchener this app frequently miss quotes the time remaining for busses or skips to the next one when your current bus is still on its way. My favorites list has also stopped displaying even though the individual stops still show when I search them manually (and still indicate they have been selected as favorites) Fix your bugs and you'll get a 5 star from me.

Favonian Fyzz

worst update in history this is funny XD the update bragged faster launching times, but i think the app is slower than ever XD also now it cannot find any bus stops whatsoever XD please fix

Erin Loshaw

Not always accurate. So... sometimes it'll tell you a bus stops at a location that it actually doesn't. For example: stop # 2562 only services the 7 but the app says that the 1 and 8 use it as well.

Kyu Han

trash Even I can code something better than this slow garbage

Christopher Donaldson

Easy, quick and accurate Excellent app to get around town.

Geoff Sokolowski

Shoddy development This app functions like it was written by highschool students. I like what they tried to do with it (that's why it's two stars and not one) but the problem is the features they put in don't work half of the time. My favorites menu only opens 1/3 of the time (I have to restart the app the other 2/3 of the time) and searching for stops can cause the app to crash if you press things too quickly. Great idea but terrible execution. It's not good if you're trying to use it in a hurry

c h

The longer I used the app, the less I liked it. It is slow, you cant create a favorite if there is no service at the time. I wont uninstall, just for the sake of real time feature. Otherwise, I'm going back to gdmalet. You should be able to create favorites on the map, without having to change pages. Gdmalet app still better. Real time for Elmira was 2.5 min fast. Bus had already arrived

Spencer Martin Navarra Chew

Wait! What!? So not only did Grand River Transit decide to be the ONLY transit authority in the GTA that doesn't use Presto but they've also decided not to share route/schedule information with Google, Metrolinx or NextBus!!! So I've got to use a different payment method and different app to plan my trip. What the hell!? Are the town planners aware that there are other communities in Southern Ontario besides K-W/Cambridge?

grace baker

Great app I use this app everyday but for the past two days it's not loading I removed it so maybe it would work but no luck hope it's gets fixed asap thanks !!!

Objective Judge

Problems Doesn't work for periods at a time. Now all my favourites have been deleted. Unreliable!!!

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