Download GROW RECOVERY apk 1.0.4 free for Android smartphone

11 Jul

Posted by EYEZMAZE in Puzzle | July 11, 2016 | 133 Comments

Apk file size: 16.0 MB

Both adult and kids can enjoy the game [GROW].

[How to play GROW]
You tap the panel and makes things in field grow.
You would complete the game when all panels' level would become Lv.MAX.
You have to think about the order since there are deep relations with each panel when they are growing.

EYEZMAZE part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 11, 2016. Google play rating is 86.4475. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 16.0 MB.

Download grow-recovery.apk 16.0 MB


berda whatever

Simple, amusing, fun and addictive :) It get very addictive as I failed numerous of times (I've lost count) to solve the puzzle and I just solved it.. so Happy that I did.. and this is a great way to kill time and to challenge the rusty brain from a holiday haha! Thnks <3

Shaelyn Morrison

Easy to love Loveing it it is so fun I can't get a nuf of it I've played it on the computer but when I saw it I was so happy:-)

Andrew Jones

Great game! I really like how you changed the ice so it isn't on his head for only a split second. Issue fixed.

Amane Abunada

It's really good, and it was interesting, but it's only one level! Why aren't there any more?

Nina Haigh

Amazing Games I have been addicted to Eye maze games for over a decade. So happy so see them in the app store. Go check out the other games on the website.


This is amazing I used to play it as a kid on andkonn or something and I was looking for this app but forgot its name! Thank You! Also will you be doing the planet and RPG things for this game?

Ahmed Hamoud

Samsung galaxy note 4 Really fun game, trying the different possibilities and finding the correct sequence make the game worthwhile

Alexandros Theofylaktou

Very nice I was playing this game when i was eight years old in y8 and now i found ot in app store.

Angel Nod

Love these games Have played all of these online, just had try them on my tablet. thank you eyemaze

Karolina Anna

Fun but It's just one single game, I was expecting more....

Ajay Narine

Loved it It was confusing at first but then I realized there was a way and now that I've done it, there's nothing else to do, hopefully you guys release another one

Cody Strever

New Favorite but Uninstalling I just installed it today. A good thing about this game is that it's about helping a sick boy. Notice it is not a real thing, but it's still fine. It's now getting too easy, so I won't have it installed.

Tanner Welch

Awasome It is very fun but it can use more levels

Jonell Gorecki

Ever since I was a kid I had played these games. Please add more, as in the grow cube one!!

Oreki Houtarou

Played these games online so happy to see on play store.

brendan spain

Love it I used to play his on pc and now I have it on mobile it's better than ever

Emily Jade

Cute but... Completed the first level in around 10 minutes and couldn't work out how to get to the next one. Thought I was missing something but I've read other reviews and there is only one level. Was just expecting more to be honest.

Sabina Slaweta

The best but too short More levels please.

Team Gaming

Good,but It needs more levels and options but other than that its awesome

Bobby Smith

Best game ever!! I play it on the computer too and on a tablet is even better

lomi orion

Make more One of the actual free to play as the same time interesting

Kevin Garcia

5 Stars This is a very fun game! I already passed, but it was a great pass time! I hope to see more games soon!

Tashan O'Neal

Soooo can I donate?? I've loved the grow series for years. Didn't know it'd moved to apps I would love more

Parker Dawe

Good but not a lot of content. So I solved in like 20-30 mins and now I just give it to friends to see how they do and how quick they solve it. Like the game, but really quick

Chris Willas

I love all grow games In this type of grow genera

Melina Xu

Good concept It was fun while it lasted. Needs more level. Completed in 3 tries. Un installing.

Kawaii Mia

kinda boring its way too easy for it to be fun for more than 6 minutes. i solved the thing in 5 times nd once you're done it's really boring.

Ritchie Romero

Very addicting it so easy and so fun to play, i just wish you could add more items

Darren Chng

Awesome Can u make grow island too

Haba Baba

Fun one time play Add more please

Joe Lawrence

Good Its ok just too short.


No tutorial! There isn't anything that shows you how to play this game!

Rylee Tafoya

It's okay I wish you could make the game longer

Daniela Stefan

Awesome game! This game requires thinking. I love it! (I actually played this game already a long time ago on my computer)

Phantom Monkey

Memories I remember playing these games on the computer years ago

Brooke Martin

dont understand I have no idea what this is.... great graphics and style tho.

lupita perez

I did it!!! I beat the game!!! Here's a cheat. Medicine, blanket, fire, pink wife, ice, abd lastly vegetables

Pedro Valencia

Suggestion Try to add the other levels here like the grow city. Thanks :)

Rick Bossen

Finnalybthese games are comming to android! Loving it

Matthew Holt

Fun but Short The game was lots of fun to figure out the puzzle, but sadly it's only one puzzle so once you figure it out there's nothing left to do.

Liam George

Great game but It's just too short took me 10 minutes to figure it out and there's only one level

SlidhenLOL Pro Gamer

Its ok I guess its ok its not the best but its ok. Its like one of those games that you play like 2 times through out the day its not really a complicated brain challenging game but its ok.

Loey Matthews

Too cute! As with all grow puzzles, lots of fun and super cute. I'd love to see more puzzles on Android!

Jay Blue

Amazing game One of the best short games I've played electronically...! \( ○ ^ _ ^○ )/ ☆ Very entertaining trying to figure out how to fully heal the poor sick guy. I have already done so ~ As I said, highly entertaining, you should make this a level game, with each level different objects to use and different interactions by the sick guy. ♡ Very awesome game! ~ ☆

Stephanie Garcia

OMG! I have been playing the games on your site for years and I can't believe you've made this an app! You have to make the others an app also! Just amazing.

neev vanquiray

Fun.. I play this one but.. Need morr visual event or stage not only 1 stage.. Come on take a look on comment they want some new stage..

Frederik Wandall

Nostalgia Loved the Eyemaze games from when they were browser games. I hope 'Grow cube' and 'Grow RPG' are released as well, as they were my favorites.

Alice Darkplace

More please! I've been playing eyezmaze games for age and i am delighted to find some of these on Google play, please upload more!

Orkhan Taghizadeh

My game :) The main player of the game is me. You made my own simulation, thank you guys :D

cole loudon

Too short Its fun to watch all the stuff level up but there is only one puzzle and it only takes like 5 minutes

April Crume

More It'd be more fun if it had the other levels to go with it. This is a game on the computer and I loved it so much there were lots of levels and it was fun add the other levels and I'll give all stars

Anthony Atallah

Sooo fun I literally beat the game in 10min u need 2 make more levels it's soooooo addictive. Also this reminds me of a game similar to it on the PC that I used 2 play.

Derek Sawyer

Grow = Great The Grow games have been amazing for such a long time and although this one is short it is still very entertaining and very fun!

Aliaa Ossama

It is really interesting but it took me 5 min to solve and it is only 1 lvl

Alicia Trundle

Weird .,.. . Let's just say its the same thing every time , there's only 1 level and the first time playing it wasnt that good so don't bother getting it

unicorn rulezz

It's ok When I got to lvl 1 it just kept replaying overall a nice game

Mantas Hya

Mu childhood game Finally on android. Now I finally understood how to play :D

Iusty Gameplay

Like it,but.... I like this game but I love yours Grow Island and Grow Valley , these are really playful

Bob Thebuilder

Its really not bad! I see potential for something that could be fun and addictive, but for the time being, it's very short and limited. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it very much. It got me engaged trying to get the right combination. It wasn't frustrating and o enjoyed it. However, what you can do is very limited. One level. I would love for there to be more levels to do. I oddly felt myself getting attached to this blue guy and I genuinely wanted to get him better. I really hope more is done with this potential filled game.

Corey Avalos

Fun little game! Very short play though. No repetitive value

Eymen Mohrez

Short It's a 5 to 10 minutes game. Need more levels. The basic idea is nice.


Absolutely happy!! I love the eyezmaze grow games! Finally you get some for the cell phones!

Baron Rodrigo

Interesting copy of Grow Island, a pretty old flash game that has the same concept with this, but has itself setup on a small island where you need to implement advancing technology in order to keep up with the others. So far, interesting, but has to be optimized with different screen resolutions. Also the brown background, it must be changed.

Cliff Harrison

Ok Its fine, but I finished it in literally 3 minutes. Waaay too short.

Antonio Hernandez Blanco

Yaaaassss It's about time they made this an app! Do all the other ones too!!

Dayn Davis

Average Strategy Game It has all the aspects of a strategy game and does stay true to the 'Grow' series, but the gameplay is a little dull.

Chan christy

too short it will bw better if all of the grow series in one game

Megan Smith

Great game My only problem is that I want more.

Kei M. D.B.

Love it but... It would be a lot better if you could make some more challenges. Cause its only made for one and its like... I was expecting to do more then just one... I would have given 5 ☆ but... it was just one design/style.

Philippine Minecraft Player

Well... I Tried and tried this game until i know how to MAX ALL LEVELS! First, press the LEAF BUTTON. Second, press the TOWEL BUTTON. Third, the FIRE BUTTON. Fourth, the PERSON BUTTON. And the Fifth is the ICE BUTTON. And the very last is the FOOD BUTTON. Just easy! :D Until the sick person is healthy (But I still wonder why the Healthy Person accidently drop his head). Im gonna try Grow Park now! Thanks! XD

Joyce Suryadi

Still love it I played the game in your website 8 years ago. Hope you'll make them all in android or iOS

Rosana Quinton

Plsss make more games..... I liked it but if you make more game such as grow island,grow valley and much more i will sjare it to my friends plsss maske more games

Spencer Corey

These are some of the best games that could be for the phone you should reboot more of your previous games for the phones too

Serra Einsla

Loved it!!!! I am not lying I just finished the just sitting down and writing down the pattern and I kept on trying and trying and I finally got it! ;)

Magic Wolf

AWESOME!!! It is a really fun and cute game. After a long while, I finally figured it out!

Hannah Aldridge Nadin

Favrout game I finnished it quickly but it is still my favrout one out of the series

Ernesto Tuazon

More Plsss!! I Like this Game!! But We like to play the others too like Grow Valley Grow Cube etc.

Jodi Keen

It's fun, but once you solve it, that's all there is. Just the one puzzle.

Madleysha Gachette

Loved it I loved it....but sinced I healed it and I know what it is its getting boring

Stacey F

Still fun. I remember playing this years ago when I was 12. I'm now 20 and still find your games amusing. Very glad to have found this and the other grow games again. Wasn't there also an island one? Looking forward to new games.

AGMiyuki Naomi

Awesome!! I remember playing this on your website ages ago!! Please make grow cube please!!

Jerome Skelly

Too easy Its leaf, blanket, fire, wife, ice, and food. (In that order)

Sebria Richard

Pointless Its good but once U beat it.. it's kinda pointless to have...

Andrea Amrod

Cute game It's a nice game good time waster when you're waiting too easy tho got it my 4th try

Theeraphat Sunthornwit

I remember like15 years ago playing this. I can,t pass without searching for answer

Itay Lash

Too easy.. Finished on the second try with everything on max level

Elizabeth Parks

Short but fun I love watching for things that react unexpectedly. Very charming game!

Awesome cody

Its a little boring..... Well its cute and all but all you do is recorver him, buy stuff, and do it all over again.....sorry!!!

Dylan Najera

How to win Leaf, towel, fire, woman, ice, food... your welcome

Meku Catsune

Grow recovery I wish it was a bit less chalenging

Jomar Austria

All max I complete it all to max.

Daniel 51 Pro

best game ever its so great and creative

shawn Austin

Awsome its cool? Its so cute I watch it all day ☺

Brooke McCulley

Fun but not much to do I found out the puzzle already and there's nothing to do after the ONE puzzle you get

Jacque Young

Wats all the buzz around here

riner andrie aballe

Good Game Solved it easy mwehehehe Please make more games like this but with different endings :D

David Morcos

cute but weird needs instructions

Hoey Jowy

Easy Did it in 1 minite

Franco Tarditi

Most amazing and fum puzzles One of the many great games from Eye Maze. Hope grow cube and grow rpg become mobile too!

Jane Drowned

It's cute It's a little plane and really quick but its fun

ghada al faihani

Sad I fish the game it's only one level

David Ward

Fun but simple Fun enough as far as it goes. Maybe it's me, but it seemed to be a bit easy. After a few goes to get my head around how it worked, I completed it pretty quickly.

Mackenzie Karl

Fun and challenging But pointless once you figure it out

Misa Yuuki

It was fun but after you found out how to solve it there's nothing left to do, so one star ? less for that

Trent Schairer

Memories... I just recently remembered playing this game on computer several years back, so I decided to look for it here, and I'm very glad it's still around. I can't wait for grow cube or grow sphere!

Sara Galvan

Brings back the old days When was little this is what I would look for on the computer

kenslee lewis curry

played it on computer Omg now i can play my fav pc game on tablet

exzhye bronner

WOW how do I beat this game

Tracey Haynes

I liked it There are so many ways to end

Google Games

virus by virustotal Fix it and I will change rating

Pim Clappers

Awesome! I wrote down every step I did. When I got very close, I repeated the steps but changed it a little until I found the right combination! Finaly I have completed a tutorial without watching a walktrough! (Sorry for bad English)

Mr Sweet

ALWAYS ENJOYED I've played a few of ON_EYEZMAZE games and have never been disappointed, simple fun graphics qwerky soundtracks and inventive animation. Would love more Android selections.

Emily Vole

Really hard but I completed it then there's nothing left to do. all you do is the leaf , the blanket , the fire , the ice, the person, the food

Dzo Jung

Great Somebody said why is there no tutorial, haha dumb idiot, all you do is press icons in a random order. Thats all you need to know!

Leliana Livesley

What the *** What even is this? No tutorial. No words. No explanations. I clicked the icons then it stopped doing anything and flashed the restart button. What?

Tyler Eastbury

Eh It's quite a fun game. But there's no instructions and only one level. Fun but only about 3 minutes of playtime and no replayablility

Oblivion Trillion

I did it I bet it loss of fun takes a while to figure out the lvl system but I got it

Memories Awww I remember this game when I was 5-8 years old now im 12 and I have it on my cellphone... :)


Found it pretty easy. App boos at you if you try to exit????

Lawrence Daet

Great - very simple and intuitive

Jordan Feasey

Easy the steps are 1: leaf 2: brown blanket 3: fire 4: the person 5: ice 6: the vegetables

Frodo cook

Nostalgia My childhood right here and the other GROW games

Jas Lewis

I have been waiting for these games forever

Kawaii Cupcake

Omg Finally Finally i've find it now i've been waiting been a years

R Taylor

Very simple yet challenging game. Good job.


Great It brings back memories when I was small, so addictive to play as well.

Christyl Rae

Pretty cool Really wish there were more levels.

Jacob Aalborg

Cool Short but good

the slayer of music

I love it Check out my YouTube channel please

alexander ramirez

Very cool It's cool that you can recover the person

Michael Thacker

Fab Great game, wish there was more.

A Ling

Awesome. Fairly short.

Misa Yuuki

It was fun but after you found out how to solve it there's nothing left to do, so one star ? less for that

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