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21 Jan
Grow him

Posted by RojsGames in Casual | Jan. 21, 2012 | 61 Comments

Apk file size: 1.5 MB

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Grow him is a very unique game in which you click to gain experience for you dragon . Dragon levels up and evolves from tiny egg to mighty dragon.

+25 Levels
+64000 of experience
+29 achievements to unlock
+25 ranks
+12 max bonus Experience

-Please rate the game. If you shot the video of game playing please send me the link and i will post it to this game!

Whats new

    - MAJOR change - Added Experience Bonus ( For bigger level you get more experience!)
    -Added 5 new levels / evolves & 6 new achievements
    -Deleted some un-usefful labels
    -Adjusted canvas
    -Added Help button instead of scrolling down
    -Seperated Save & Load button
    -Added new menu for quiting & link to market
    -Added credits
    -Added Ranks

RojsGames part of our Casual and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Jan. 21, 2012. Google play rating is 67.9025. Current verison is 1.2.2. Actual size 1.5 MB.

Download grow-him.apk 1.5 MB


Richard Rodriguez

One button no skill All you do is push a button and watch it change if I wanted that I could have gotten a theme this game needs a lot of improvement before can actually be called a game. -Rich

A Google User

Simple I like it because its simple and because it has cool looking dragons. But the only thing I don't like about it is how many times you have to press the button for an egg to hatch it takes forever!

A Google User

Just what it says on the tin It is very simple, but no one ever claimed it was a complicated game. The fact that the words on the buttons are cut off and once I accidentally hit "load" instead of "grow" are kind of irritating... And I can't seem to get the last evolution badge (and there don't seem to be any more levels to get to, which makes me think it might be a bug) is worth losing a star.

A Google User

Terrible This is the single most ridiculously pointless and stupid game I have ever been unfortunate enough to encounter. Unbelievable. Id be better off play with sticks in my backyard. Honestly. 0 stars if I could.

Aziza Pressley

Good, great, better, best All is good about this game what comes up next?i wish it will have different Dragon types

A Google User

cool but gets boring Its a good game and the dragons look cool, but then its starts to get a bit boring, but its still fun

Aly Whitsell

Pretty interesting I must say this is the most unpreductive and pointless app I have ever downloaded. I like it though. Its extremely simple, and I found that to actually be preferable. Its not like any of the other games that always make me sick to my stomach to play, they are all basically the same you know. I am glad that there are still some unique apps out there. It has a few bugs though, so that lost my rating a star

A Google User

World of Warcraft beater hits android! In this pulse pounding game you get the full experience of mmorpgs such as WoW, only without the inconvenience of fighting, in fact, moving. as all action is condensed to a single touch hit the button as fast as you can to get precious experience points to level up your egg into a dragon, hit the button repeatedly and in no time you are a veteran adventurer, with a mighty dragon steed to lay havok to the land, between sessions of masturbating to hentai and practicing talking to girls nothing beats it!

Caleb Hayes

Not recommended Bad graphics boring after 3 seconds just rated it 5 stars to be nice do get if u want to kill you brain cells and FACE

A Google User

Cool It's a good game, fun timewaster. But, on LG Optimus, the words on the buttons are cutoff, the dragon(s) are tiny, the rank words are stuck together sometimes, and the ending credits are written in bad(not horrible, quite good compared to other games) English. :-) I really like this game a lot, cute. Update: Got to level 23, got experience up about 10,000+ from how level up when suddenly my exp bonus disappeared and everytime I click it only goes up 1 point. Have to uninstall. Took a star from rating.

Teresa Ebanks

Uhhhh...wait... There's no doubt about it...The logic is terrible but it's fun... 1.If it says grow does HE lay an egg... 2.Since when do "Dinosaurs" Breathe Fire... 3.Dragon and born have no spaces in the middle...or if it's a reference to Skyrim Then It's Dragonborn not DragonBorn... but hey it's a great app and I recommended it's amazing you should get it I recommend it the logic is poor but it is great! 5 out of 5!:-)

A Google User

Confusing I am well past the limit of everything but I still haven't accomplished the final color

Jean Henrichs

Perfect Honesty This game has more cons than pros to be honest. I like the concept. The dragons (dinosaurs) are beautiful, and the changes they go through are quite interesting. But I find the game to be very tedious. All you do to progress is tap a button, and the dragon never does anything but grow. Have you considered adding some minor gameplay to this? Perhaps a maze the dragon wanders through to eat various critters. Nothing special, just pictures of the critters which the dragon gobbles up for the level up points.

A Google User

Ummmmmm... It's fun, but bring down how much exp he needs. Near the end it takes nearly 2,000 clicks to bring him 1 level. 1!

justin gizel

Good Perhaps make it were you don't have to press the button so much. Also maybe add a variety dragons eggs you can hatch.

jesse bowers

Has potential but needs work first what you need to do is make the graphics alot better. Make it life like. Let it move around. Then you need to put a different method of gaining exp. And also make it an game of challenge. Where you compete with other players. Make leader boards and give weekly gifts that would help your dragon improve to be the best. Those are the types of games people want to play. Believe me I have helped some of the most known games get known so just take my advice and if you need to ask any question jessebowers95.

A Google User

Somethin todo to pass the time, press a button and watch what happens. Suggestion: be able to choose 1 egg out of X-amount, and see what you get.

Scott Schmidt

major bug at 45800 experience goes up by one point instead of 8.8 add some changes and fix bug and won't be horrible

Julie Martin

Samsung 7 I see what you guys are trying to accomplish. I like my dragon! Being able to get to lvl 7 simply tapping, not fun. The screen has 3 places that the words are kind of there but I can't read them; I am wondering if they were fixed, might it help? Keep working on it. The basic idea will become popular. We all like good dragon growing apps. Wondering if my dragon can be a widget?

Blaze Burn Crash

Pretty awesome I love how it takes an exponentially greater amount of experience to achieve your next level, so the game doesn't end in a heartbeat. Although, this might take a great amount of coding by the way, could you add differing evolutions to your dragon? A different dragon for every person.

Caleb Ting

Cool idea Cool game. Very very very basic all you do is press the button. It would be cool to train your dragon or feed it to show that the player actually grows him. Overall good for small game

A Google User

Wtf Absolutely pointless game... You press a button thats it. horrible, how the hell anyone has given any stars at all is beyond me

Osceola martindelcampo

Addicting! It is fun! But there should be something like having an adventure and that hlos wih leveling up! Please add something else to do!

A Google User

Average It's a simple app, i really don't see any special thing to it, but try to make more things.

Eric Beilman

A good start But still needs alot of work to be fun. I'm not sure tapping is really the way to go for growth. If you stick with tapping, at least remove the vibration function or whatever is causing the game to limit how fast you can tap. After really fast tapping you have to sit there and wait for the game to catch up. Also it would be nice if there were choices to be made during the growth, maybe to alter the evolution process. Right now the game is very linear.

A Google User

Les Mis game ever Fisher even recorded it should be called hey guys play the lamest game ever Stupid retarded I can't please anyone would ever play this

Kemba Watson

grow him I like tha game it needs more interaction. It really does. Fix that and you would b a 5star.

Cori Forsythe

Savings bit glichy Every time I try to save, it says it does and i quit the game an then when i go back on my progress is always erased. WTF is going on?

Christina Daley

Sucks All you do is sit there pressing grow him. The game is dumb you drained my battery. It is stupid.I did 1 star because I had to.

A Google User

Grow him This is a good game but the dragon needs to be bigger,and more items and pictures.

Alexander Keller

It keeps taking me back to 17698 when I get to 30000 hits. I think it might be a bug. Will you please reply back to me I would love it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

A Google User

Horrible All it is is clicking and if u save it and the exit wen u go back u have to start all over again

A Google User

Nice Game but... I wish u would put more actions in though like eating or sleeping so he can grow faster, maybe even train the dragon....

Lotte Radoor

I especially loved the fact the creator is from Europe, because i am part danish! I also like that the creator chose dragons, although i am a bigger fan of the Yin-Yang symbol. Do You $€£ The Word See?

A Google User

Good but needs work. I wish that you can fix the problem of were you half to press the growth button more and more to get to the next stage of evolution.

dragon blue

Meh Its boreing you Have to wait to press grow him! Or your phone will freeze up. Yah its good for a bigginer but you can do better make it so you actually take care of it instead of just taping a button. There is a Droid game called pous. You could get some ideas from that.

A Google User

Good Its pretty good but it gets laggy,very laggy but its still good

Alex Neumann

Solid simple game Not cheesy like DragonVale, graphics are reminiscent of the SNES days. Pros: good for passing the time when waiting on others. Cons: the save/load feature could use improvements like autosaves. Also, provide additional ways to grow your dragon. For example, read stories about him, name him, put in details about him, make him (or her!) yours. Bottom line, make this gadget a game, and it could be worth something.

Johnny Shirley

Review Would be better if there was more oltions. But over all a decent app

A Google User

Simple Maybe to simple. No direct enjoyment. At least zuzu pets were interactive

Максим Гринёв

Good But need beter pictures

Cam Lind-Gamble

Could be better The words don't fit well on the buttons, the dragons don't necessarily look like dragons, the evolutions are too random to make much sense, in the game it refers to them as dinosaurs, and it has achievements but you can't find out what they mean and all it offers is achievements for leveling your dragons. This game needs a lot of work, honestly. And I can't help but feel this might make a better idling game than a clicker, as the clicking becomes horribly tedious. But all in all I find it enjoyable enough.


A little better than okay I was angry that I had not realized that you could save your dragon for later. So bacislly I was tapping "grow" for basically half an hour !

Canon riprock

Nice but add U should update and add eat sleep train other wise its ok

Ryan Wolfe

Honestly I feel this app is terrible. You press one button the whole time and nothing really happens. A picture changes and you get an extra star. At around 65k-80k experience you hit max level but you don't get all the badges. I am at 150k experience and still haven't gotten the last badge.

A Google User

Needs a Lot I got to level 25 with the green dragon fully grown. I still have one achievement left, but I've gone well on and past 100,000 experience and still not unlocked it. At this point, I feel it's excessive. There needs to be more steps, and the entire format needs an overhaul.

Kirsten Andrews

Bad There really needs to be more of anything in this game. All you do is press "grow him" 3 million times... no battles? Playing mini games with your dragon? Training? Money? Equipment? Skills? Choose anything PLEASE. Not fun at all...

Joel Gidley

Good Great game but needs some improvements. I agree with everything the person in 3 comments before me thinks. The one titled lame. Keepup the work

A Google User

lame! U press grow and it grows! It shows u its /intelligence levels and all that, but it doesn't do anything to prove how smart he is! Don't get to name it! No feeding it or anything! Lamest game ever! I don't want to be one of the people who just Complaines about it, I want u to make it better, so: let us name him, put at least three games in to choose from that let us level up our dragon, let us feed, bath, etc him, and then put a moving dragon instead of a pic u prob just got on Google images...

Alex Brown

Epic I love this game! Anybody who says it is bad is wrong! You could maybe add hostile dragons which steal bits of your exp Thanks for reading!

Wolf Draken

Needs work I like the concept... the dragons are lovely, but quite small on the galaxy 2. It's not a game though and it's extremely tedious. I'd love to see all the dragons but pressing one button a million times is annoying. That should be an option to get exp points but there should be other little mini games or something like most virtual pet apps, just something small to gain points quicker. And the points you need to move on to the next stage should be a lot less in the later stages. More dragon types too.

A Google User

Galaxy prevail Very boring. Okay pics. You just keep tapping a stupid button repeatedly. :(

Not too great. I like the idea, but basically it has no point. All you do is tap on the screen. Which in turn tends to freeze the application. It should have more activity, otherwise it's boring. Sadly ininstalling.

A Google User

Alright Too repetitive but addicting. I just want to see him grow.

Ahmed Bassam

Simple but nice When you start playing this game you want to know how the dragon will look like. you keep tapping until it reaches level 25 but you still want to see the black winged dragon so you keep tapping this game is good to waste some time if you are bored

Mandy. Moore

Mrs Ahoy yaquim very interesting game you could make another version that you can feed and do more with such as adventures and combat missions but the game is is very interesting hope you don't mind I do speak a small amount of Slovakian as I have friends from Slovakia.

Sean Scott

Good game I likethe game but its very repititive because all ypu do is click a button but its addicting at the same time. So far I think thegame is going pretty well

A Google User

Waste of time Dont down load all you do is spend ages pressing a button nothing more to it s**t

Tenerra Moulton

More interaction plz n type Needs more interaction like play games with the dragon feed them bath them teach them commands etc..... otherwise its an alright app

A Google User

the worst game ive ever played! all you do is tap the screen literally a million times... horrible graphics too

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