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8 Sep
Grepolis - Divine Strategy MMO

Posted by InnoGames GmbH in Strategy | Sept. 8, 2016 | 240 Comments

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Conquer the world of Grepolis! Begin by expanding your village in Ancient Greece. Grepolis is a free strategy game in which you build your own empire and strike back against your enemies with the help of allied players and powerful alliances.

Now the heroes of antiquity are entering Grepolis! Legendary and powerful heroes, such as Leonidas, Hercules, Andromeda and Helena, help your city or army with their unique powers and strengths.

Play the free app and drive the expansion of your city forward quickly and easily. Use the powers of the ancient Greek gods Zeus, Athena, Hera, Poseidon or Hades, and summon with their help mythical units such as Pegasus, Medusa, Cyclops and the Minotaur. Forge powerful alliances with thousands of real players and friends.

Prepare for epic battles and support your alliance in the struggle for domination in the world of Grepolis.

- FREE strategy game
- Begin with a city and turn it into a mighty empire
- Battle against players from all over the world and conquer their cities
- Build your army out of 27 different kinds of units and lead them into war in real time
- Choose a god and use powerful spells
- Recruit heroes of antiquity and deploy them in your army or city
- Trade with other players
- Research 30 useful technologies
- Build 13 different constructions
- Fight side by side with real players in alliances
- Continue playing in your PC browser at

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    Reserved cities are now marked with an icon.

InnoGames GmbH part of our Strategy and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 85.7508. Current verison is 2.120.0. Actual size 67.0 MB.

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So ul

Do not update! Do not update the app! They have removed coins from island quests and shortened the duration of buffs. 6 hour silver coin production now 1 hour... 6 hour forced loyalty now 1 hour. 3hours 30% quicker recruitment now only 30mins... Such a joke.

Jason Stainbrook

Can't BB code or post or read reports on the forums. Now after the update island quests no longer give you coins of wisdom or war as rewards, so no idea how I'm going to level up or hire heroes. And the time of the rewards went from 9 hour buffs down to 1 hour. Almost can't even be competitive on a mobile device. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

James H

Still some Terrible bugs, even after update I'm getting bad graphics, thingsthings are unreadable and it's hard to use, I'm using a phone built for graphics and gaming,(HTC one M9). I emailed tech about it with screenshots and sent error reports.... Would get a better score if they could fix graphics.

lincoln graneau

Good to WORSE So it was bad enough we can't see our reports but now you went and took our coins in the new update WTH are we to do with our heroes when we are on the move,you were to improve the app not make it worse.

michael hafeman

Great game I'm a fan. It's a nice slow paced strategy game, that allows you to get your feet wet before throwing you to the wolves

Eric Collins

The Perfect Game I have been playing this game on, and off now for about two year's. I really like the game play, and I also like how you can team up, or be alone wolf and still have the same amount of fun. Thanks for making such a great game.

Dane Wrenn

Its an ok game This game is so epic but it makes my phone sort of laggy. But I am so amazed by how much stragagy you have to have. Its a pretty cool game exept the lagging and it not being able to load my data I mean get sourus if the people who made the game fixes that I will put back 5 stars.

lovro pridigar

Can't log in with acc that was made on computer Its a really good game its awesome but I can't log in with comp acc and if I play on chrome its very buggy and slow

Michael Gatti

Good game Great game up until they brought in instant build and recruitment think that as ruined the game unless you got money to burn

Errol Kangas

Needs lots of work It has grown by leaps and bounds since the app started. But you have some major downfalls a few are not being able to post links and attach reports to forums or see reports. Makes using this a as a stand alone almost impossible. Look forward to seeing some changes with that will also increase my rating.(all those not using the puter version are missing out)

Matthew Pickett

Its so much fun The game starts off quite slow however it becomes really fun

Jay William

Everyone that plays this game on PC knows what the app lacks. Getting better still can't change the names of a new city you conquer or colonize still can't see or post reports. Still cant forward msgs or send a mass mail out

Robbie Stiles

Fun game Fun game but can take forever to build your city. 7-8 hours to upgrade a building is a bit much I think. After updated on May 9, 2015, I lost coins of wisdom and war for island quests.

Brian Barnes

Excellent time occupying game Kill a lot of free time really addictive

Tommy Marino

Great game Some war elephants would be cool.

Robert Aguilera

Freezing I liked the app but now everone I do something it freezes

tamika taylor

Good game but... Its a good game to play if you're the build a city and war type. However, the app force close 98% of the time I try to play it.

Grant Ingle

Brilliant Very addictive little game brilliant time waster for those times that require a little waiting

Yassin Guezmir

Greatest game ever , am going to play it for ever


Great game Enjoyable game, can't find anything to critisise

Brian Luman

Strategy Game This is a great strategy game

Gurubhai Pillai

Too good . please give gold coins

Nicholas Atkins

Brilliant game requiring the best teamwork you can imagine

Tristan Bruce

Grepolis Highly addictive and great fun!

Johan Botha

failure! since update the app it's not warning incoming attacks,can't send mail. its worse.have reinstall app 5 times still nothing.

Frank Lord

Love it Graphics are much better now that the app is basically a smaller version of web based game.

John Pompey

Born to rule. If you love to compete this is the best way to test ones brain power

Ewan Evans

Amazing This game is one of the best rpgs I have played ive jad no problems and I like how I can play it even if im offline 10/10

Lynda Jackson

It's OK. Kind of boring

Laud Smith

Nice but... Could've been more interactive with the mobile app...

Judy Garcia

Loved it This game is great!XD

Marques the man

Awesome Its really addicting and fun to play

Garrett Hawke

Better Mobile Support Major improvements have been made to the app. It's much easier to play Grepolis when you're out and about. I will always mainly play on the computer, but mobile is good if you need to do small, specific tasks. (If you have a lot of cities it tends to take a lot longer.)

Chris Ashton

Graphics unplayable on S6 Worked great on my Note 3 but on the S6 the graphics are so bad you cannot play it and Grepolis support simply doesn't care. Also, I had 23 cities on a server that got shut down, now trying to start over, strong players take my city within days so I have to start over again and again. Done with this game.

Mark Bootyman

Halfway there The game is good but the app is far from complete. My version has a lot of pixels out of focus but could be android version. The game can not be run just off the app unlike some of Innogames other games you need the desktop version after you have about 5 cities which could be quite a short time. Work is still required on making the app as workable as it could be

Matt Colclough

Poor quality graphics I reported this issue one month ago on the EN grepolis forum bug section and had absolutely no response. If you have a samsung s6 don't bother downloading the app it doesn't display properly. They have used cheap poor quality graphics that break up on display. Poor quality app, extremely poor customer service from such a large company.

Lucas Still

Adventure in Monotony Everything is already laid out for you. You have no choices. The game is so narrow that I can't possibly understand how it's fun. Recommend taking a complete god perspective. Have your villagers choose from a couple of different maps and you decide where the temple goes. Earn your power through worshipers. Keep the people faithful through punishment (natural disasters). Have the power to smite enemies or at least bless your own. Have multiplayer be an option, join forces to smite the blasphemous.

Colin Audette

Great game Awesome! A little time consuming, but addictive and fun to choose the deity u worship.

Justin Kalkman

Its a fun game but i dont like how u dont get see or control your men in battle.

Zac Beane

Game is fun but App needs work. I enjoy the game but the app needs a lot of work. The graphics are terrible on my S6 and the features that the game has such as the simulator need to be added to the app.

Dayton Chaves

Hard to stay ahead. Super fun & addictive. But always under attack by higher level players. Cities almost immediately get taken over by higher level players.

Brad Jackson

Snore Time Consuming Early on addictive but waiting for everything ZzZzZz NO THANKS

Scott Orne

Like game so far but, need to play longer to give a detailed account of ny opinion.

Andrew Wolfe

Good little strategy game A bit slow at first but highly addictive

Mata Tactu

Very nice Good game, could use some better graphics and better connection on data, beside, the game is awesome

Thomas Pearson

Amazing Just got it, its pretty time consuming but amazing has alot of potential i like the part were i can summon mythical creatures and worship a greek god ★★★★★

Shane Kinnaman

Bugs with LG G4 Fix bugs so i can play this fun game! Took down to 2 stars untill u fix lg g4 bugs. Everything on screen is distorted and random colors all over. I will rate five stars after that is fixxed because this is a fun game.

Jonathan Muniz

Game i was looking for From establishing your kingdome to choosing an acient greek god, even build an army and stretching your armadas far across the end of the world. Creating a guild or joining one this game is great.

Paul Martin

See the pixels in the app on my samsung galaxy alpha its a brand new phone. Can't copy paste Reports on phone or tablet 3 star bc of this and can't change city name in the app.

Silvia I

User It does not have the feature to remember the user and password.

Scott Mansfield

Its fun I like building up my own city

Robert Banja

Quick review Game is not laggy for me at least for now. No force closing and etc. Ofc there can be few improvements in the game but for most people i think the worst part is the time consumption where the real money should kick in i gues

Michael Staley

Grepolis and SD Memory Card Why can't I move this game to my memory card when it gives the option that I can and just brings up an error message!

Shawn Misener

Great game I been playing for almost 3 yrs and I am always playing, love the game...

Scott Chinn

Great game I love playing this. You don't have to spend money and it's so easy to learn

Chris Wedge

Working again. It's a Rollercoaster ride.

nikolas mantovanis

Good but... Fix the forum!! So many updates but none for the forum. The forum is frustrating and lagging.

Brendan Linthicum

Love this gamer Although I rate it 5 out of 5 there are sum things you could add like the overview and change a few of the setting such as when I'm in my city I want to be able to see all of it and I want to see the building menu just like on the pc version. Although I enjoy this game.

Mark Norten

Great game Fun and easy to use. Great game to play to pass the time.

Yaseen Al-zaiem

I had an ought resources but it wouldn't let me upgrade it

Drew Pollard

Update fixed issues with mobile phone. I haven't played in over a year, I come back to this incredible display on my mobile phone! You guys really did an amazing job! Thanks!!!!!

Dawid Przybylak

It needs some upgrades but overall it isn't bad

Kevin Hassani

Great Loved it.only problem is that the limit of recorces is bad.

Michael Olguin

How am i post cast I had just now started and its not telling me how to

Alexander Petersen

Special effects could be battle and help with quest would be nice and controlling troops like coc would be cool

Michael Evans

Amazing Love it fun simple and addictuve. No pressure to buy stuff with real money and not alway in your face. Top game worth the download

Catherine Hartland

Cathy Grepolis is an OK game ,if a little structured

Anthoney Hall

Awesome game I love this game , however please make update where there are more city quests and higher updates for all of the buildings.

Mark Larkin

Catch Up! Needs Galaxy S6 update! Graphics is bad!

Todd Ahern

Amazing Great but wish all gods were in

Lester Ford

Game Rating I love this game

Kevan Brown

WTF 3 days no way into game no help from inno. Then 50 flaming hoops to jump through only help was other players rating reviews. a big #&€ to innogames. Thank you fellow players! :)

Virginia Connolly

Problems I love this game but since latest update i cant log into my account...nothing happens...have uninstalled it and now am having trouble reinstalling it...whats the go???

Amanda Johnson

Boo! This game and it's owners/operators have no problem letting other players bully each other in this game. They don't do anything about it but will ban other players for stupid stuff. Unless you like being a complete jerk to others this is not the game for you!

Justin Arnoldussen

Gets the Job done. Kinda. If you play on your browser and device, this app does fine for checking in, farming, etc. However it lacks too many features to make it work for people who only play on the app. For example, can't change the city name. You don't get Events... Alliance forums are a mess because all bb codes don't work. So it is very difficult to be organized with others on this app. The game is great, just the app needs work.

Rick uddin

What's wrong with app After getting the recent update for grepolis. The app keeps login me off. It's happening to a few people I know who play this game

chris gouveia

It's an awesome game!!!!! But app it's apsolute RUBBISH Why? U can't see any reports If u enact a spells u can't see the report either Forum it's very useless in app I'm a forum mod and I can't change titles or anything. ... So if u wanna play this game and really enjoy it JUST PLAY ON THE COMPUTER Trust me

William Badali

A game of challenges. Do not recommend it for very young players. Great for the strategist and mathematical player. The game mirrors reality, so there's good and evil players. This is a time consuming game requires effort and fortitude to win. It is not free game, non money users are extremely handicapped. Filled with glitches and requires lots of rebooting and upgrades weekly, kicked off often. Although the graphics are outstanding, the glitches are worse things of this game. Best for PC players. Highly addictive

Md. Afzalul Karim

After new update I cannot log in...may I know why...and will you please solve the problem. Afzal

Karen Flynn

Still a few issues Everytime I log in the app stops working. It takes so many level progressions to build new buildings. Once you get a new quest it doesn't elaborate much.

Joseph L

Attack notifications The number 1 reason why people I know use this app is because of the mobile attack alarm that you get with the app. So far this has been unreliable. How can I trust something that only sounds for certain attacks??? I am going to lose a city today because the alarm failed to go off 7 times. Please fix this as it is a neussance and it will have a catastrophic impact on the way the game is played if you can't rely on mobile.

Eric Arnold

Used to be better rating. So apparently I now no longer have an account on this game, I can't log in, can't reset my password all because "player not found" and I've been playing this game since 2013ish and now I have no access or account. WTF! If I could rate this game with a negative rating over that I'd have to give this game and it's developers an NEGATIVE 20 stars for it. Fn POS!

Shannon Larratt

Great game Its an awesome game. Love it. However since the update I have been unable to connect from the app on my Samsung S 5. Please fix this. *Update: I reinstalled the app and I'm back online. :-D*

Mani Raangu

Password issues The game is nice guys. But why do you always ask for password. Even if I type my correct password it still says wrong. Do something

Hans Koller

Good strategy game Fun to play. Very good mobile version. Close but not yet AoE class. Members/cities in Alliances should be limited, difficult to survive for single players

Lisa Whitlock

I love the game not the AP The latest update is HORRIBLE!!!! Every time you enact a favor spell on someone's attack and try to read the report it dumps you out and tells you you need to log back in.... you can never actually read that favor report to see what kind of damage it did through the app

jason reeves

Getting better If you are going to be a serious player, this app is not enough. Daily PC login is a must once you really get growing.

Shane Paynter

Amazing Game One of my favourout games gets you to become fully addicted and you make some good friends on this game fully recommend it.

Harold LaMonde

Just wondering how I can be attacked, but when I try to login, it says 'player cannot be found.

Francis Veto

Fun but felt too much like a browser game. Uninstalled because I couldn't get past the logo screen.

Amanda Barker

Used to love it First off I love this game and used to love the app but now I cannot log into the app at all! Very disappointing to have to use my phone browser to play and not the app

Jeff Weber

???? Game won't even open yet again! I just updated it. I've never seen such terrible updates that completely break an application. I should be able to check my cities on my phone. This is ridiculous! Don't you test it? I'm stuck on the white logo screen

x Socrates

Hands down best game out there, no other game has as much depth and abillity for greatness as grepolis

Juan Nino

Missing some features which are available on PC, would be 5 stars if it had those....other than that, great game!

Benjamin Monnier

Almost lost a job over this game Because I'm kind of crazy about farming resources...

Gary Bilbrey

Addicted to this game I love this game.I find myself playing every chance I get just on my phone .can't wait to get my pc back to play on it..I recommend this game to anyone

Jackeline Bevering

Loved this game...until the newest update. Now it won't load beyond the white InnoGames screen. Please fix this!

Eric Croy

Samsung Galaxy s5 This will forever be one star, unless you find a way to get me my city back. Had to reinstall the app because of garbage support.

Andrea Truman

Okay, but can't play. App won't let me sign in. It says my account doesn't exist, when I know for a fact that it does.

Jason Schrack

Good and fast Easy going fun experience just wish they had alliance chat and world chat

Alex Primm

Since the upgrade, cant connect. Please fix this. My phone is a Coolpad android. Thanks for your prompt attention in this matter.


The game doesn't work It's only show the company's logo

alex machell

Crashes almost every time I log on The game frezzes up and I have to reboot my phone every day if not for that I would give it 5 stars it is awesome game

DeeZ NuTs

Love it Great game, you get to play with other people and actually have an empire.

Luke Goodon III

Love the game but It has not let me on since the last update

Izzy Kazoo

Meh The worst thing about it, is that other people can just take over your village. It sucks when you have to start over again every so often.

bogdan munteanu

Good app. Too bad it does not have all pc options available

Gary Donaldson

The game was great until last update. Now it won't load.

Natsume Sasaki

Cant change city name but otherwise it's all good. Nice costumer service.

Iain Oliver

App doesn't work after update Please sort this out. Very frustrating as I was trying to take a city and the update means that the app won't go beyond the white innogames screen.

Sylas Goodswimmer

Great. But after the updates it wont let me open the game

William Badali

A game of challenges. Do not recommend it for very young players. Great for the strategist and mathematical player. The game mirrors reality, so there's good and evil players. This is a time consuming game requires effort and fortitude to win. It is not free game, non money users are extremely handicapped. Filled with glitches and requires lots of rebooting and upgrades weekly, kicked off often. Although the graphics are outstanding, the glitches ruin this game. To many outside introduced viruses causing hardware problems.

Caity Marsh

Don't bother playing Don't bother with this game, because it's a waste of time, because another player can and will take your city away from you. I've had to start from the beginning 3 times, and I had good defences, didn't mean a thing. I'm now so bored with going over the same ground for a third time, i'm uninstalling the game.

El Toblaho

Good game Good strategic, alliance based game, try it on browser too!

Juan P. Gonzalez

Trying to build myself this sux This is bull I have used my debit card to get stronger so I spent money for nothing still getting attacked by way stronger builders. They took my city after it took time to build for someone else to take it from me and now it's happening again. If they take it this time im deleting this app for good. Not wasting any money any more.

Kayla Crouse

AWFUL GAME Do not play this game if you are a chill builder or peaceful player! People who managed to obtain 10 cities will ask their in game friends to constantly attack you and completely knock down your city and buildings until you have nothing left! And things don't come fast or easy in this game. There is no grace periods in between attacks so no chance to build defenseman. People at high points with many units will bring colony ships to take over your city and everything in it completely, DO NOT PLAY

Neko Koneko

Boring I will never get the 5 minutes back, that i wasted on playing this game. I hope, i can get over that loss one day in the far, far away future.

Anthony Grande

Meh Still deciding. I wish there was a better speed up system other than just gold to complete quests and builds.


Oh but needs improvement I play this game from a lot of years but I miss things like checking out ranks in other oceans and also can't play the demeters or any other quest which is vital for making us more stronger in the game but I think it is hard for the developers to put everything in one small device but still want to see more improvements and I think that we should be able to change our city and just for the information this is my first post on any app downloaded so far so will be looking for a good reply from grepolis team

Lucas Loman

Can't login As of the latest update, I have been unable to log in. It says that my password is incorrect...

Max Voulon

No demeters You can't acces demeters in the app. It's not only that you can't acces him, you also don't get food for doing anything you do. So when I upgrade a building in the app I can't get the food. Please fix this!!!

Miguel Leon III

Better Lots of improvements for mobile platform. Thank you very much! ?

Phil Sophos

Nothing I'd change about it Entertaining/addicting, very easy to understand... Been playin for about a week, & hasn't gotten boring yet... Doesn't seem like it will; very fun.

Cooper Wood

Fix It I would give it a 5 but as usual games like these have micro transaction that ruin it. High lvs pouring money into the game. Another problem is that I tried to get my friend on the same island as me. There were spots everywhere, I clicked on one to invite a friend. Did that, he used the link and still ended up ages away.

Oliver Troup

It's back No ideas what I did or if innogames did something there end. But my app is working now. Big thumbs up

Mark Pettit

Grepolis Clever strategy game that requires resource mgmt. Very civ familiar

marc tristan doromal

So far so good I have to admit its different from any strategy that i played. Like it so far.

Russell Spaulding

Game keeps crashing after you put your name ,so unable to play to rate it....

gregory ching

Not bad So far its not bad game. I like the multiple city feature. It is a time consuming game as all builder games are.

Mark Brown

Love it Don't now what everyone's talking about. The app is getting better and better. Browser has always been good, customer services good, game brilliant...

Max Short

Bugs It was good until I couldn't open my account

Zoli Boci

App doesn't open on my S5. Don't know why.

Autumm Rainwater

Addicting I didn't download this game with the intent of becoming addicted to it. But, that's exactly what happened...

Iver Nordal

Great game keeps you involved Strategic fun get in an alliance early and learn from your peers then dominate your ocean

Terrance Hall

So far so good. Some nice improvements over last year.

Martin Burd

this game is really fun but has crashed a few times so i had to uninstall and reinstall it but then it worked alot better

David Brown

The game is great, app still needs work... If the app allowed you to publish reports and actually see reports on the forum that would be HUGE! Also if you had the server time accessible somewhere in the app that would be nice for coordinating attacks.

Brenda Merritt

Good It's true that you can pick a god

Joseph Masakayan

Great game I have been playing this game for years on the desktop version. Now playing on both.

Seryiah Hufenia

Problem This game is good but can't see the whole screen

Roy Skiba

My thoughts. If you are complaining about being attacked by big players, join a new world when it opens. If you don't want to be conquered, play a different game. If you have skills and love a challenge then this is game is for you.

Seth Hendrixson

One of the best startegy games ever. I originally played this on pc. Such and awesome game, glad to see the masse an app based game.

Jefferey Harlingten

Terrrrr-rrific fun I love this game :-) It is so fun to play :-)

Brigham Salazar

Dope game Never was into these types of games and now im hooked!!!

Sarah Gil

It won't let me play anymore it just shows the game makers title

Curtis Bunch

It has bugs but a good game

Roman Kyriakoulis

Didn't fix it The rewards button still doesn't work and they said they fixed it

ReVoLT- Nation

Fun Game! This is a great game! I play it all of the time.

John Murray

This game is ok.... This game is ok to play. There are some things that need to be changed though, like when someone attacks your main city, they shouldn't be allowed to take it away from you. Also, when a city is attacked, there should be a 8 or 12 hour shield put on the city, so that you can recover from the attack.

cobra vpr

Is better I can get resources easier...

Patrice Mayo

Grepolis for android It's additive and the strategy needed to complete tasks is what keeps me busy.

daniel munford

The game that started it all I love this game

Virginia Scott

It a great game

Laurenths Maxairitsas

PW2, totally unbalanced One of the biggest pay-to-win, money-leeching games around. Although It is marketed as free, after a certain point of evolution you simply cannot play normally without opening your wallet. You have a huge disadvantage to the payers, even if they have minimal strategic skills. I'll never give a cent to these dirty thieves no matter how hard it has become. Almost all "moderators" of the greek servers are both retarded and corrupted, covering their friends' violations and severely banning others for no reason

Richard Sywensky

Banned for no reason Moderators are horrible, you get banned for no reason at all and trolls prey upon you for this. Do not download this game. Used to be good, it's a shame.


Game is great but the App is just OK If you could rename your cities and use the Simulater, this app will get 5 Stars.

Isaiah Glynn

Great game The only problem I have with it is figuring out all the codes on my phone it is extremely hard to figure out but the members of my alliance help me out with a lot with that problem. Other than that great game

Jenna Milstead

This game is a scam!!! Do not spend money on this game unless you intend to be GLUED TO IT!!! Armchair bandits living with mommy, who have no life outside of this game, will always be on, and whatever you have invested will be taken.

James Terwilliger

Awesomeness! Truly the best game of this genre... can't stop playing!

Dan Maslinca

Good game Can not change city name nor cancel trades to own cities

Alex Primm

Great game... The app is getting better with the essential updates needed that it was lagging in for a long time. You can now reserve cities and read and write bb codes. Is there perhaps an upcoming update that will allow to change the name of your city???

Rainjin Saga

Awesome game I love that there are actual results that happen when you kill someone or someone kills you.


Drug like game Once you start it just takes you on, and makes you part of it. Great game for peer to peer strategy loving people

Paul Martin

3 stars bc of this Going in vacation mode should be able to pick which servers u want to go into vacation mode w have too much going on in 1 server don't have time to play the others should be able to vm the others but not the one I need to play

Michael Seamon

Great Game I was playing this game until I changed devices which wouldn't let me play. Now with this device I'm able to play again. Love your game.

Steven Starrett Sr

The game is good. But I got a new phone n they will not give me back what I have lost now the new phone. Would not let me login, had to start all over

Jeannie Fox

A lot of fun and time waster! Very cool and cute game!

Luis Rodriguez

Decent game Would be better if it had more interactive features to pass the time between building and uprades, instead of logging off and logging in later to check on your city, something to make me never want to log off

Carlos Williams

Not bad Can you please pick up the pase I love it but it's slow

Erin Larnder

More storyline This game is really good. I think it would be better if you could costomize your own character and interact with people in your own polis/city.


Why developer don't read the problems we have?i just spend much mony in this game and now it send me notification that I'm under attack and i can enter the game I'm just upgrading the new version but after one day,the game don't let me to enter and demand me to update the new version but there isn't one

Bogdan Georgescu

Full of bugs As the browser game full of bugs. Noob developers. The only explanation for that poor testing before live. No bug tracking system. I play this game for at least 6 years and I'm always dissapointed by the INNO Team. You Inno learn nothing from your community. Shame.

Ryan Zell

Finishing updates! Great app, but need to work on some things to compete with browser...a lot has been fixed and I've moved from 1 star to 3, but can we get color cord. For cities on map overview? 5stars otherwise!!

Brock One

Great game potty about costomer support In game time can be changed but not on the app. Make's game play a pain at time

Jessica DeJong

Great I enjoy this game so far. Things don't take too long to build it upgrade.

Nick Proctor

4 stars It's fun, knda wish it explained a bit better

Tina Skora

Cool Has something to do with Greek mythology??

GeneralLu 7

The best rts game By far, the greatest rts game ever.

Jay William

Love the app now

George Banks

Back working Thanks; I'm enjoying the game without getting the boot

Mike obrien

To demaning, also bigger players can wipe people starting out, Needs major improvements

Blake Couey

Fun! Addictive! Game is a lot of fun and youll find yourself addicted.

Umang Kedia

Latest update You guys just removed the grepo alarm and now have set the alarm to default phone setting notification. This wasn't mentioned in the update. Not good from your side. Many of us are on alarm through phone, and now you take that too, so why keep An alarm. Alternatively u could have given an option of choosing sound notification personally for this app.

Alex Mills

Great game, but you have to keep up on it This is a game that each world is played for months and even over a year, it's a cool game but it just consumes wayyyyyyyyyyy to much time

Alvin Amador

Notification sound not working!!! Please fix. Alarm notification not working. Flash attacks wont notify the player.!!!

Karate Kid44

AWESOME! Just wish you could change your username....

Autumn Goode

I only been playing it 2 minutes And I already love it love Greek mythology so I love this it told me to build a temple and worship Hera instead I'm worshipping Artemis

Brandon Sanchez

Grepolis is ADDICTIVE Such an intuitive game to play. Very addicting and challenging with a pinch of action. Just the right amount to fill my needs of gaming.

jesse wood

Very close Age of Mythology just not near as dope lol

Ashia Wright

Always been my fav game even online

Paula Baker

Absolutely love this game, keeps you entertain! And fun to play

Aaron Grauer

GG It is just a really good game

scott briggs

Fun once you know the gist.

Manny G

Game crashes wayyyy too much. Close to uninstalling.

amritmadhu ganeshram

Nice roman game The Game is nice but should adjust the accebility for guide should be improved

Clay Hunt

So far I love this game! I can't stop playing!!

Jose Ortega

Fun and convenient You can ply it on your computer or cell phone or tablet. It is awesome! !!

Melody Harris

Great game Very cool and easy to play

Paula Lloyd

Great game Just a great game

Graeme Quinn

Love it Its really addictive

Ozgur Hasan

The best game ever. The best game ever but is better on the pc.

imran khan

Imran khan Hard to understand -but great to play

Arvind Pawar

It's very good game

Joe Perez

Boring.. As boring as the original PC version, and much slower.

Abrudan Mark

Bb-codes Being able to see bb-codes in alliance secriptions and being able to use them in letter wrinting or forum organising would be really great :) Being the founder of an alliance requires hard work... And on phone, it is even harder. :(

Jarod Smith

Great with issues Great game, but there is an issue. I don't know if it is my device, but after a bit on the app it tends to freeze and close. Also, the Google keyboard tends not to work when I need it to. Again, this could just be my device. Thanks!

Nick Rudd

Grepolis latest versions even better. This is one seriously addictive game, Once your in a well sorted alliance and play your asked roll in team work, little comes close to it. It does take time to build up but the fantasy takes hold. Ive made so many good friends from around the world on here, 110% Must have.

Malik Fortenberry

Great app but falls far from browser This Is a very great strategy game. Not for your average gamers who prefer a simple and easy game. This real time strategy makes you have to log on constantly to make sure nobody is attacking you and such. The mobile app is good but falls far from the browser version. You can't change the time zone on the app so makes it hard to time attacks with your alliance if you have one. You can't see any of the forum posts unless they use a converter which makes this difficult. But a great app.

Kwame Darlington

Best Strategy Game I don't normally write reviews but I must do for this game cause it is one of the best strategy game I have played... There is a bug tho. Anytime I trade my resources get taken but I don't receive anything. Would really help if u fix this

Sean Temple

Better than Goodgame Empire! Having played both Grepolis and Goodgame Empire, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed this far more. The Ancient Greek theme is a very smart decision, as it allows for both the real and mythological to merge into one, making a great Ancient Greek-Style game to invest some time in.

William Xedis

Great game I have put money into this game I like it that much. We need the ability to change city names. Would change my rating once that is fixed.

Dane Wrenn

LOVE IT Its a fun game. But you probably shouldn't have to log in.

James Stanton

Grepolis: brilliant game Grepolis is one of the best games I have ever played. A lot of my friends are on it. We just have a bit of fun. Start playing today and join my alliance. Go on to the world called Lato and message either hellenist32 or Bundo Fo.

Aaron Burke

Not letting me back in When I logged out on the pc and tried to log on the phone it won't let me get in with the information I used to make my profile

James Baldridge

Love game and app updates make using on go much easier One of the best MMO's going. App has been updated and works alot smoother now.

Caine Puckett

Fix bugs You all need to update this app or fix the bugs in it because it's not showing all this cities that's on my Island but their showing on the desktop version this game.

Martin P

CRAP! There is evil warning popup, this app makers idiots, there is stupid warningo popup!

cakeninja knudson

Great game This game is one of the best Greek games I've played and it also gives me some God of war vibes

Gerry Boyer

excellent Please fix all those bugs we users of the mobile app have reported! You fixed a lot of those bugs, and brought over a lot of the PC version

Richard Roxas

Grepolis Very nice game same as Greek mythology Zeus and Poseidon this game is not only games but educational also

Osama Binlarden

Good but... I love the game but it requires a certain type of person to play it correct you need to be active daily and extremely vigilant but still I love it.

Stefan Bilibajkic

Nice game Love every bit of playing it, its fun, for those who like Greek mythology, as i do, you can feel those vibes, so to speak... Love it

Thea Schell

A lot like the computer version But takes longer for resources and more requirements to be met to upgrade or build new

Peter Ranford

Fantastic but issues logging off and switch 2 my son's account.

Connor Haarhuis

Ehhh They made me give a response so here it is. Could be better but ehhh

Michael Thibodeau

Wow Been playing for 5 years and this the only online game I play

Alex_B _

Best game ever!! So awesome such a fun game

Kevin Palmer

Great I really like this game.

alison smethurst

Grapolis Brilliant!! As simple as that ??

Cool I want more monies

Will Garner

Good Very good game

Rolando Amaya

Sweet Very addictive game

Brandi Brooks

This game is awesome!!!

Anthony Lenton

Brilliant long term strategy game! The only problem is the limitations of the app compared to the browser. It would be good if they could do an update granting the app to accomplish more as it diminishes game play e.g being able to edit the forum, mass mail, polls, seeing when beginner protection finishes and not having to scroll down the bottom of the invite list over and over just to cancel an invite one at a time.

William Badali

Challenging MMO This is a time consuming game requires effort and fortitude to win. It is not free game, non money users are extremely handicapped. The app has come a long way, although constant updates caused many glitches to occur often. Easier to use than previous versions. Primarily a PC game. Should be rated "R" for language and content.

Limited app Compared to pc users its very limited and really handicaps you. And the latest "fix" update made it impossible to log on...probably going to loose my carefully built empire now.....

Shaun Immarigeon

Addicting team based strategy !! If you are patient enough to endeavour into 1+ year game, with high activoty and communication required you can keep up with this game. Its the best strategy game out their, like old school risk multiplied by 100 !!

Connor Grier

doesn't work every time I try to open the app it says an error has occurred. I think I would enjoy the game....if I could play it.

Zenith Shrestha

Latest update not working After the update the app wont load completely stating an error occured... tried clearing all data and reloading... still an error pops up.

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