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21 Jun
Gravity Sim Free

Posted by Atom Mobile Applications in Casual | June 21, 2013 | 79 Comments

Apk file size: 1.2 MB

For a more efficient and beautiful simulator check out my new app "Gravity Sim 3D" in the Play Store!

Gravity Sim lets you create your own virtual universe right on your phone or tablet! Using a slightly modified version of real world physics, Gravity Sim provides an excellent gravity experience unparalleled on the play store. Throw planets around stars, moons around planets, customize everything in your universe.

- Realistic model of gravity
- Path tracing
- Time control
- Zoom in / out
- Variable masses of every object
- 5 classes of objects with various textures
- Lock on and follow objects in orbit
- Multi-touch support
- Unlimited 2D universe to explore and create
- Cycle through objects you placed
- Intuitive, easy to use interface

Whats new

    Updated according to the feedback I got in the reviews. New features include:
    - Auto orbit function
    - New collision effects
    - Fixed the crash when using the cycle objects button

Atom Mobile Applications part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 21, 2013. Google play rating is 59.386. Current verison is 2.4. Actual size 1.2 MB.

Download gravity-sim-free.apk 1.2 MB


Nylene Hernandez

Galaxy Collisions Good game, catches up with Universe Sandbox so just add galaxies to collide that would be cool

Brian Gorishek

Not User friendly There was no tutorial whatsoever this was only worsened by the fact that the controls are cumbersome and it is hard to tell what is happening most of the time... waste of space

Andrew Sell

Good game. But lacks. This game is hard. Understanding where things go to make it work is difficult. But it would be amazing if you added supernovas. Or black holes. Or even preset mass and gravity for certain planets (like Earth). Just like the things the universe has in it. It would make this game so much better:). From the previous comments written it seems you do listen to your fans. So ik this won't be a problem. Add those and it would make things a lot more fun:). But overall. Great game.

Brian Wiersma

Lack of everything The game seemed fine but I didn't play more than 5minutes. Maybe a tutorial would help but I was left wondering and wanting

Kevin Wan

Great A great game but please ask at a black hole into the features too I wold rate it a 10 if i could

Daniel Grant

Good, but give an option to disable the haptic feedback. This is the best I have found. I love the Star Base, which I believe I can see little United Federation of Planets ships flying around. I don't know if you knew but it can grow. That only problem is that in order to disable the obscenely loud vibration when stuff collides, I had to disable all vibration on my phone. Maybe an option in a menu in the app could be made? Oddly, the thing I had to disable wasn't the haptic, it was the notification... When planets collide, am I getting a little notification?

Alaina Robinson

Stimulating and cool!! I would suggest that you create a way to zoom in to EACH planet and in a 3-D mode that allows you to see the the orbits from the planets perspevtive! 3-D mode!!! :-) Love your game keep it up!!

Rhys Jennings

Its a good game but I keep pressing the clean univers culd you please move it.

Seth Hoong

Very fun but a little laggy The lag is that if I put a planet in a small orbit and make time go very fast, it will go out of orbit, please fix that.

Paul Ryaboy

awesome but has some bugs I love the game and idea in general and I came across a problem that when you try to orbit a moon around a bigger planet the moon just follows the suns orbit and then crashes into the planet. I used the auto orbit with the moon on the planet to. Keep up the great work!

Anthony Solmes

Really Pop up ads every 3 or 4 clicks.....great way to get uninstalled

Sandy Leask

Update ideas I have mentioned a few ideas before all of which have been included in the game thanks! Here are others. A repulsor that has gravity in reverse. A simulated version of our solar system. Comets. Pulsars and quasars and or black holes that can fire out burst of energy in a straight line that destroys planets. Supernovae that explode and destroy things in large areas. Advanced time to fast forward time 100/1000/10000 years ahead etc to simulate sun's expanding to supernovae ultimately destroying everything.

Lukas Men

Good, but Very amazing, fun, what i'm looking for, but You should add an option to toggle of vibrations /:

Chris Connolly

Good game It's a good game but the pop ups crash the game

Tristan Myers

It is a cool game but I hate the adds every 3 to 4 clicks a really good way to get uninstalled

Katheryn Brett

I don't get it How do you use this??? I love the idea.

Hendrik Smulders

Addictive and educative Great game. This games makes a good chance to become an absolute hit, but it does need some improvements. 1: add an option to save simulations. 2: increase the zoom distance by a large amount. 3: increase the scale of gravity and remove the minimum masses of the planets so u the masses of our solar system would scale in a more realistic way 4: add some additional options abt speed and distance and the ability to change those (in numbers.. not with a slider). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE POTENTIAL OF THIS !

Colleen McMonagle

Couldn't get it to work.

Daniel Edriene Ang

Cool but needs some thing Remove the ads also tip how to not get ads turn off your wifi

Andi Lom

Would be good but, I can't install it

Josh Carson

The bar affecting the speed of the simulation should not effect the outcome.

Jessica Mendoza

got to enjoy the universe colliding the planets are nice

Stephanie Peek

Great fun for the nerds out there. I'll even forgive it for crashing cuz I overloaded it with stars and planets.

Christopher Goddard

I love it one thing you should add LIFE!add life to the planets so you can check on the population and they can battle,stuff like that

Troy Dalton

Ads... So, I was (full screen ad pop up) trying to test (another full screen ad pop up) the app and (another full screen ad pop up) ads kept popping (another full screen ad pop up) up all the (another full screen ad pop up) time. Quite (another full screen ad pop up) aggravating and made (another full screen ad pop up) the game difficult (another full screen ad pop up) to run. (another full screen ad pop up) Uninstalled.

Christopher Goddard

Great game Best gravity Sim I've played Brian just figure it out download this game its great but I would like to see the moons orbit planets not the sun

The Gamer Idk

More Suggestions Maybe nebulas that can create stars and planets too!

Audreyc Granleeser

Nice Good work add in more things if you can

Dave Trotter

What the , death star My god its awesome

Lilly Hasan

How do you make the real sourl stume ? (sorry for miss spelling)

urmil khona

I like that game very much

Angie Barker

One more thing Please make it to where your stars wont go anywhere.

Ben Stradling

Virus This app will restart your device and prevent itself from being uninstalled, this is a bug. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Adam Thomas

Awsome Need ad save

Storm Card

So fun I love space and its so fun to make my own orbits

Bladed Bullivant

Good game Good if ur board maybe some pre made sytems

Tomas soles

Best game ever! Update it so you get ships you can programme where to go so I can Finnish my super awesome red star death satellite city please! PS, add music plz


Hard It is an ok game but I have had it for nearly 3 months now. But I still can't make a stable solar system. It would be nicer if it tells you how to work it.

Mohammmed Fauzi

Proof that only God can create universe It's a great app. Using this we can understand how difficult it is to manage objects in an orbit... Truly God is Great. Thanks to the team for the awesome creativity.

John Carl Taishi Suzuki

So fun but much ads This ads was really annoying it come back in 30 seconds i can't continue playing this game because its really annoying and please remove the ads i can't continue the fun but please add some galaxies,black holes,nebulas and other fun stuff or i will give you five stars

Dan Tetreault

Hard to use It has low fps, and it's impossible to get a good orbit. Needs to be completely redone to be a good game, may as well just delete it and start from scratch.

Jackson Sweet

Y÷EEEEES Finally I found a game were you could just create your own galaxy!

Brenden Dhaser

Good but not so There is no space like ours and it is OK. Graphics OK. But not so OK about it.

Calvin Horney

Love it but Can you make it more like universe sandbox plzz thank you

Siavash Mahmoudzadeh

Amazing Very nice and precised app. I'm wondered how to calculate general relativity in that precise way for all objects.

Paulo Sagario

Please tell me black holes. I am not allowed to buy games in here. This is becoming more boring. Next update can you add black holes?

Chris Brigolin

Stop vibrating! Why does it have to vibrate every time two things touch?? Plz let me disable this! Ahhh

Owen Hunt

Awesome as mess Please make a 3d free version so I can check it out and if I love it I'll buy it. Thanks :)

Artie Pagan

I made it! I made about two solar systems it is a really good game!

jan cox

4 stars I really Want! Were you can spawn in the soyler system plz it is hard to make it

Meg Lacy

User interface is lacking I can barely click on anything without adding a planet by mistake... Messing up my system...and I can't save as I go in case this happens.

Andrew Fleisher

Doesn't work I don't know if it's my phone or not. The game will not start. I tried opening it several times, and it would not work. I even tried restarting my phone because I was excited to try out the game. I was very disappointed to find it wouldn't work. It just kept crashing. Altogether, very frustrating, and a huge waste of my time. I'd rate it a zero if I could. So if you're thinking of downloading it, I don't recommend it.

Sinpai Applied

Why Must It Crash? After three seconds, the game crashes for me.

Liam Truter

Won't run Crashes after opening. Please fix. I am using a Huawei P8 Lite running Android version 5.0

Edward Steele

It won't let me on It was really good until it woudent let me on? Plz fix

alex ngc

Nice ... but could be better. Here I have a little bit the impression to play an angrybird like ^^ @players: the simulator follows this rule: orbit needs the right speed, right distance and right mass. So decrease time by sliding bar on bottom left, and find the right position and the right speed to put your new planet on orbit around sun. Then find the right position to make it more circular. The biggest planets (gaz) are always the farthers from the sun ;)

Bhim Mahat

Not bad I would give it a five but the game keeps freezing please fix it

kate b

I only dislike it because... I couldn't open it I've installed it twice but as soon as I tap on the app my phone says sorry this app doesn't seem to be working . I have a Motorola moto g. Please can you look in to my problem to see if its an issue with the phone?

Angel Cotton

Doesn't work I like this game alot but now it won't even load update it or something

Cassie Rustyjaz

it wont work what the hell what thell it doesnt work

Marie A

Crashes Looks like it could be a good game and I from what little I've been able to play it looks interesting. But so far this app stops working a crashes sitting seconds of opening even if I don't press anything. Hopefully this gets fixed so I can play and give this app a better review

Megan ross dobson

Wow This game won't even let me play it like what is wrong with this game come on

Dennis Farmer

Doesn't work Every time i play 1 second later it say "unfornately gravity sim free has stopped"and it's annoying also i see a lot of hate so get good at making games

Taylar Tutton

Awesome game but!!! It was a awesome game to play until he started crashing when ever i started the game please solve and ill rste 5 stars


Just stops Opens for 1 second then, says stoped, using Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

yuosef ahmed

Crash I can't get into the game, it keeps crashing immediately.

Kaleb Clarke

Rubbish I wouldn't waste time playing the app i would be happier with a plate of poo because every time i use it is says it has stoped every time

RED209 DeAngelo

Wont work Keeps getting out of my games

Quinn Berry

I think I know how to download this game. If it says "Gravity sim has stopped" re - download the game and them wait for a few mins or hours or days to play the game. That's my theory. I'm gonna do that. You guys should too. If you see this comment copy what I said. If you can do it with enough time to spare. They might be lying about how much more download time is left. I wrote this down and I'm 7 years old!

Dennis Farmer

Doesn't work Every time i play 1 second later it says "unfornately gravity sim free has stopped"and it's annoying also i see a lot of hate so get good at making games

Gabstar daboss

Crashing when I open I never got to really play the game yet since it keeps on crashing. Please get it fixed

Omni Science

Crashes when open it This game simply crashes as soon as it's opened. Haven't actually played it yet, because I can't. Looks interesting though.

Michelle Grafane

I hate the crashes That game is fun but I can't do the zooming it will might crash

Ben Nonyabuisness

This game is literally worthless. It won't even start.

Stefan Krstic

Chrashes This app crashes after only few seconds. I can put an interactive object, but that's it. Please fix this, this app is great.

almighty jehovah

Force close The app opens, but after about 5 secondes later it stops working and has to be force closed

viper sutiles

It sucks Every time I go in it alwayes sayes unfourtunly gravity simulator free has stopped it's so annoying

Billy Manners

Crashes I was really looking forward to playing this game but on my LGGE it crashes instantly when you open it.


Crashes It crashes when opened so I can't even play

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