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18 Oct
Graveyard Shift Nightmare FREE

Posted by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd in Action | Oct. 18, 2014 | 59 Comments

Apk file size: 31.0 MB

Graveyard Shift Nightmare is a brand new FREE security camera based horror game from the makers of the original Slender-Man game for mobile.

Can you survive all five nights as watchman for a cemetery where the angel statues are known to come alive at night?

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd part of our Action and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Oct. 18, 2014. Google play rating is 64.554. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 31.0 MB.

Download graveyard-shift-nightmare-free.apk 31.0 MB


Esperidion Valido

Cool fnaf design but..... A tutorial of what I am teying to keep out woild be nice because I got in the game and I saw an angel statue amd i didn't know that was a thing... and then I died..

Grace Howe

:) I like it but it's a bit like FNAF I think this game needs some more originality and it needs to be more scary cause to be honest when I get killed I'm not as scared as o am when I play FNAF!!

Rosie Miller

Cool I whant to know the nights dut it is amazing !!!!! Love it ♡♥♡♥

yeahia mohammed

Four things things I have about the game One thing is that there are about 5 or 6 tombstones. It's not fair that there are so many of them. Usually there are three of them. Another thing is that we should be given instructions. We should also know if the doors are closed or not. For example, I thought my right door was open but it wasn't so I pressed on it and it was opened. I thought I was safe but a tombstone got me. Finally, there should be more spook. Maybe the tombstones could have a happy face at one time but then a sad face. Also at the end, maybe the tombstones' face should have some evil spirit with a terrifying face. Also make evil spirits come out of the tombstones. That would be awesome! These are just suggestions. Oh yeah, we should get phone calls from the graveyard owner about the problem. I want this game to be just like Five Nights at Freddy's since this game was in the similar category.

Catherine Farley

Does not worck It does not worck every time I go on it takes me back to my home scream which is sad because I was looking foward to this game because I love weeping angels.

Jack Moran

... This game isn't too bad...but it is bad,It has ALOT of room for improvement,Like a tutorial and a Phone guy and also better controls,that would change my rating...

Tony Woolverton

Too Hard Can't get past the first night. Maybe lower the difficulty '^~^. To many ads popping up. Also the power goes down to quickly. Love the game plot though so I'll give ya 3 stars.

Stuart Taylor

Don't blink..... Because if you do, you may accidently fall asleep through boredom. Seriously, if you like watching paint dry - you will love this game. I almost purchased the 'full' version just for the weeping angels however, im glad i tried this advert laden demo first and will spend the saved money at B&Q this weekend on a tin of tester paint to watch dry instead as i seriously believe it will be more fun than this. Uninstalled.

Zac Atkinson

Good game Itz epic and not realy scary and itz a rip off of to f n a f but good game guys.

Daniel Penfold

Amazing Totaly awsome. Best game ever. A cross over of fnaf and weeping angels. Really fun and adictive/ entertaining.

Joshua Lindsey

All down loaders read First off. Read the description. Says clearly that the statues come to life. Second, the power dies fast for a cemetery. There's a lot of potential with this. You could make a whole story line


Boring The angle kills me everytime and i cant move my head properly. This game stingks.

blake jenkins

Weeping angles?! This game is much like 5 nights at freddys.... Hey that would be awesome if u made some thing like that!

Linda Newell

Awesome Hey man, did you mean to mwke like five nights at Freddy's

Timothy Officer

Sucks! Whoever made this game is stupid,if you close a door it take so much power, you stupid people better fix this game, and until you do, I hate it!?

Taylor Veach

THIS SUCKS DINGUS Worst jump scare ever not even scary Nice try at a fnaf clone But it sucks if you read this you're a dingus

Jaden Wolfe

Its the stupidest game I've ever played! You run out of power so fast and it didn't even tell you what to do! I didn't even make one hour the what ever thing it was moves so quickly and it doesn't go away even if u shut the doors!!!!

Kristyl Bjerke

Loved it one problom You run out of power to fast other wise great

Shayden Games

Frustrading I don't know how to close and open doors

Matt Marshall

Great attempt but... Plauged by popup ads, battery runs down way too fast!

Colin Camp

:( I will keep the game but the power gose out to fast

Naalii Chun

Graveyard shift nightmare Add phone guy when he calls on the phone update this on march 30 2015

Clarissa Belle

Boring It had no way if knowing how do party no instructions no tutorials no nothing.. uninstalling sucks a$$

Mike Gat

Great Awesome Also I have noticed that the tombstones looks like weeping angles:-)

Brandon Braudrick

Not scary It is not scery at all and even when you close the door it wast a lot of power

Ellie Doran

BEATEN IT Well I beaten it and guess what becauss 1 perxent it was finshed whooo

Luke Wallace

Love it Really good the fistntime i on,y that thre was one but thre was 3 and she was at my door i opend it to cheack and she was thre but she got in i trid to close the door

Jose Martinez

Cool but one thing why don't you get to move

brett walker

Not scary # super boring :•() Its scary the first 2 times but then you get used to it and u can't run and u can just look at the camaras and open and close doors uninstalled


So boring when i se them at my door i dont have a chance to close the door and the cool thing is that the time in the game moves fast Stupid stupid stupid

Patty Lane

IMPOSIBLE !! The Hardest game to beat

Anaken Ryzen

great!!! the only problem of this game is the power runs out too fast other than that u die too quick make it slower plus the angels doesnt even pop out the cam and giv jumpscares and the angel doesnt even scary if u improved wat i say i will giv u 5 stars

asfan bujang

I know that statue That statue is the weeping angel.they will kill you if you look away.

Jordan Reid

You run out of power way too fast! And the angels get to you in minutes sometimes, i reccomend you change that a bit

Sam Houston

Power is a problem I keep on playing and stay in my office the whole night but my power goes down 3% at a time

Issa M

Kak five nights at freddy's

Emily Desrosiers

Stupid There NEEDS to be a tutorial. EVERYONE'S been asking for one, so why aren't you listening?? And it's stupid that all you can do is sit there and watch the cameras. Watching the cameras doesn't even do anything. It's hard to scroll from one side of the room to the other, checking the doors. I had BOTH doors closed, and then one opened, i couldn't close it again, and an angel appeared. I died. Uninstalling until there are proper instructions with the game.

Naalii Chun

Graveyard shift nightmare Add phone guy when he calls on the phone please update it now.


Power drains real fast This is ridiculous. The power finishes so fast. You can’t even finish your shift on the first day.

Joseph Fenninger

I'm a Fan of Graveyard Shift Nightmare and its easy for me because I'm straighteged on it and I'm like a professional at it and the 4 pessessed angle statues are like no mach for me. And I'm like a professional and straighteged at the camra use and around 2:00am on the game I had 97 present of power and I'm not a camra power waster. Now that was what I said and bye have an awesome day! :)

A Laboy

Srry It won't let me turn at all!!! I die instantly it gets agrivating

Kim Rookard

Four stars... I love the game and all but I would like a couple of things included/phone calls/power doesn't run out fast/jumpscares/ventilation

Baby Bonnie

TOO MANY ADS!!!! This game is like fnaf and this has soooo many ads that I can't even click new game!!!!!!!! Every time I click an ad when I try!!!!!! PLEASE REMOVE ALL ADS LIKE IN FNAF THIS SHOULD BE FRUSTRATING FOR PEOPLE!!!

AwesomeJosephNinjaJoe/JoasephAwesomeFILMS Fenn

I'm a Fan of Graveyard Shift Nightmare and its easy for me because I'm straighteged on it and I'm like a professional at it and the 4 angle statues are like no mach for me. And I'm like a professional and straighteged at the camra use and around 2:00am on the game I had 97 present of power and I'm not a camra power waster. Now that was what I said and bye have an awesome day! :)

Emma Farrell

Instructions please? HOW DO YOU EVEN PLAY THIS GAME?!?! I am so confused... All I know how to do is close the doors, and then one of them will somehow open and then I can't close it and I don't like the game.

matthew sanchez

Wtf This is a horrible game! Your battery it power tuns out less than a sec and I'm just saying wears the defense and there should be doors were we start at!

Brandy Copeland

Graveyard shift Stupidest game ever. Do not download or waste your time.

Dwayne Waltermate

Cheep knock off This game is flooded with ads and overall is laggy and lacks any sort of flow or fear. I would say that the ads took away from the game, but there was nothing to take away from.

Wolfy The blue Eyed Wolf

You will pay I had to use the restroom It was night and I needed to go so bad so I waited alk night I cried because I had to go and ny dog died so we had a tomer for her

Destiny Witherspoon

Five Nights At Freddy's Rip Off Not worth the data. Five nights is better.

Karen Loso

Good game I'm thinking about getting the full game but can you make the power go down slower but hey I like the game.

leslie bess

Hmm, might be fun if I could get Past the popups!!!! The CONSTANT POPUPS!!!!!!!!

Jathan Gutierrez

Night shift nightmare I hate it its like five nights at fredys but its outside and there angles ):

Markus Pulliam

Make it more scary Plz make like 2 or 3 angels to make the game scary

Octaviea Martin

I love it its scary ahhh! run weeping angels!

Isobel Westwood

Nope Truly terrible. Not even worth 1★

Parker Mccurdy

Power out Power just run out it just doors open

donna hart

Samsung galaxy mega Boring u can't move or do nothing suck games ever

Katherine Spiers

Weeping angels Super scary just needs more monsters

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