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9 Sep

Posted by Basile Van Hoorick in Education | Sept. 9, 2016 | 106 Comments

Apk file size: 1.2 MB

Grapher is an effective equation plotter, capable of drawing any function, solving equations and calculating expressions. Especially if you're a student, teacher or engineer, this app is made with you in mind! A wide range of predefined functions is available, including trigonometric & hyperbolic functions, differentiation and more. Anything you type will be processed and displayed instantly by a powerful math engine, in both 2D and 3D modes.

Grapher is continuously under development, with more features yet to come. Any feedback and bug-reports are greatly appreciated. This free version is ad-supported, please consider buying Grapher Pro to remove all ads and enjoy extra features!

Curve types
• Function (cartesian)
• Polar
• Parametric
• Implicit equation
• Implicit inequality
• 3D Function
• 3D Parametric curve
• 3D Parametric surface

More features
• Equation solver (numerical)
• Find roots, extrema and intersections with other functions
• Custom math keyboard
• Auto-detect input type
• User variable support
• Editable parameter range (for polar & parametric curves)
• Input history
• Plot up to 24 graphs at once
• Differentiation (numerical)
• Trace graph
• Capture screenshots

Note: Mathematical functions should be typed by their names, for example sqrt(x) means √x. Hold a key to see all function names starting with that letter. If something is unclear, be sure to check out the 'Help' page as all details are summarized there.

Whats new

    Grapher 1.4.1
    • Stability and UI improvements.
    Grapher 1.4
    • Pro (ad-free) version released. Check it out to enjoy many new features including complex numbers and parameter sliders!
    • Implicit inequality plots
    • User-defined function variables
    • Performance improvements
    • Hold a key to see function names
    • logn(x) and E notation support
    • And many more features & fixes

Basile Van Hoorick part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 9, 2016. Google play rating is 89.7209. Current verison is 1.4.1. Actual size 1.2 MB.

Download grapher-5.apk 1.2 MB


Teo Elmfeldt

Great! I've been looking for a good implementation of this for a while, and I really like this. A more specialised keyboard would be appreciated however, so keep up the good work!

Joel Detrow

Excellent so far Very well implemented and easy to use, though of course there's room to expand. I can't set the range for each individual function, and that is what I was hoping to be able to do for a math assignment. I made do since it works so well (and none of the others seem to either), but could you maybe tone the ads down just a little? ;) A smaller custom keyboard with just numbers, symbols, and a few letters would also be nice. Keep up the good work!

jessie cagara

Great App! Found it in xda holla back at me bro! @jcagara08


Great Grapher Excellent app. I was looking for a simple application to plot polar functions and this works great. I tried a few others but this worked the best for me. A+

Yadhukrishnan PV

Great app! I have been looking for something like this for a while now to help me understand my topics in engineering.

Akash Shekhar

Great app Very nice app. The graph changes dynamically as you write the equation. You have many options for the type of equation you want. You can go full screen and analyze the graph, find its roots, trace any coordinates, find intersection of two graphs and also change the color of lines of graphs.

Md Shamim Reza

Very Good U may install..

Roger Rabbid

What I was looking for Finally there's a good 3d function plotter on the play store. It's perfect for multivariable calculus as it supports polar, implicit and parametric functions. It would be useful to name and save some functions in order to reuse them in formulas. Moreover, a gradient rendering of the 3d function would be nice. Excellent work, keep up with it :)

Nika Chxartishvili

Great Was searching for app like this for a long time. One thing though, when I draw graph x(y)=2 and I rotate phone, or do something else It changes back to y(x)=2

Eric Katz

Good Would prefer paid version no ads

Sami Emad

Great app I've been searching for this app for a while! I can't believe I finally found it. It's useful and elegant. Just amazing!

Дмитрий Ковалёв

BUG!!! Try x^(1/3) - this is cuberoot(x). It shows wrong graph. PLEASE SOLVE!!!

Niloy Abedin

It's good Very infective in my education

Patrick Honsinger

Great app, wish I could pay to remove adds Beautiful app but the add banner is huge

Aswanth Nair

Great use But does lack some great functions eg modulus inverse may they include that in a future version.

Mayo Evelyn

Really useful! It could do a lot. 3d graphs are shown as a mesh grid, love it!

Johnny Yunis

Amazing This app is perfect for algebra 1....It is the #1 graphing app out there....and the best part is that it is FREE....:)

Niranjan Solanki

Best app Must for an engineer

Lucas Ildefonso

Really useful and lighty

Srijan Das

I am in love

Elias Chrysoheris

Could not find a better app for graphs It is the best app I have tried for function graphs. Every other I tried was just a drawer, but this one has many features to also find intersections, roots e.t.c. Well done to the developers!

Vivek T

Extremely useful app °Easy to use. °can input parametric, implicit, polar functions (and many more) °gives a clean output which is easy to comprehend. - in short a very handy app. - Thank you guys...

Mohammad Sadegh Mohammadi

Really Great This is a powerful math grapher.I liked it very much.I liked the implicit graphing more.

Manohar Kshatriya

It should also have the option to find the graph of modulus...if you add this option I will definitely give 5 stars to it...

nicholas Fayard

Awsome I know I'm only in 6th grade but this really helps me in calculus.

Sunil Kr

Wowsome app !! Really loved it , but typing keypad should have pre built options for functions..

Brandon Renkes

It would be really nice if there was a pay option to remove the ads.

Simon Rumsey

Great app Emailed the author to request trig scales and updated within a week!

Jad Sadaka

Good Thank your for replying to my former review, i changed my rating from 1 to 3 stars and as soon as the ad free version will be released, a 5 star rating will be automatically given, great to see you caring about our experience with your app

Bat-Amgalan Bat-Erdene

Needs improvement I want to clearly see intersection of 2 surfaces in 3d mode. However, the only line and dot mode makes it impossible to see the intersection.

Abhishek Shukla

Love using it Best and simplest app for graphing. No app can beat its simplicity + efficiency.

ronak dedhiya

Just awesome..i hope i could be the part of making such a grt app..

Jaynik Gaglani

Very nice app. We can draw all graphs.

Saeed Yaghoobi

Ads , Ads , Ads This is one of the most useful and greatest apps ever, so dont ruin it with this much Ads

Nickholas Hietala

Good, simple Its easy to use and understand, but it does not correctly handle asymtotes.

Esmaeil Askari

The app runs smoothly and the graphs are accurately plotted. Simply great!

Kaustuv Sarkar

Great..but how to plot graphs of mod functions?

Ch Vishal

Great Wish I could rate it 10 stars

Akshay Ruparel

The 3d graph is amazing. Thank you

prajwal bhagwath

Osm app This includes even implicit fn plotting

Aman Raj

tan(x) tanx end at a distance .

Guddu Aritra

Great app This graphing calculator is nice. It's only free app that comes with floor and ceiling functions.

Matthew Beck

Responsive Works well on even my slowish phone

Upendra Sharma

No integration Doesn't have any function to show integral of functions.please upgrade

Jatin Jain

Can we draw sphere?? I want to draw sphere but equation of sphere is not working there

Azmy Adzkiansyah

Good example of a graphing app The only downside that I could write neither arcsin(x) or sin^1(x) forms, an update would be appreciated.

Tibi Calistru

Where is i Can it have an complex argument ?

Chris Young

Great but take care Great app. I use it to teach but don't get caught out like I did. You must put brackets around anything other than a single term denominator (even something like 5x) or it will treat the 5 as the denominator and then multiply the whole fraction by x. Took me ages to realise what I was doing wrong

MsSonyfan N M

Very good It supports many functions, also accepts parametric and polar co-ordinates

Pankaj Hazra

It's a very good app.. However predefined functions are lacking... Hope to see them soon

Ankit Dedha

simply gorgeous!

Charlie Taylor

Excellent and very lightweight! However, I would appreciate perhaps a second menu on the built-in keyboard for things like fraction notation, which would be more convenient than using loads of brackets like it is now.

Bitar Maria

Awesome app! But only we can't draw a cylinder in 3D, and also if u can add the option to use absolute values in the functions

Dean Peterson

Simple but effective. It does one thing, it does it well, and it has really good performance even in 3-D, at least on my tablet.

Jack Hacktastic

Omg awesome stuff! Way to go Basile, this is super handy and advanced! Maybe a few example formulas inside the app? Did not see those. Also I was not able to graph fibonacci seq but that is probably not feasible? Or I messed it up, which is equally likely

Yash Kokate

Cylinder How to plot a cylinder in z(x,y) mode??? Other than dat itz fine

Nikhil Pappu

No predefined functions!?! The app is elegant though

Bhavesh Patidar

Makes any kind of graph, fantastic app.

Lindsey Mayfield

Good basic 3D grapher This app is a great aid in helping with visualizing 3D functions. I just wish I could trace 3D graphs and find extrema with it.

Jasper Braun

3-D Dot Graph No more 3d Dot graphs? Please add this feature back or at least explain why it was removed. Otherwise excellent, daily use.

Shabbir Khan

Awesome The 3d graphing feature is spectacular! Kudos to the developers.

Mriganka Chakravarty

Love this Even the developers don't know what a beauty they have produced.....

ArUlmOzHi AnAndRaJ

It actually helped me to do some problems :))... Great App

Oo Ternyata

Easy to use Everybody can use it

milovan lazarevic

The graph beautifly slides

Edu Cervantes

Love it! The best app, I'll buy the pro version!


Awsome app

Mahdi Atayee

Very good

Joe Supererogatory

Excellent But it need a proper mathematical expression editor, and the ads are highly obtrusive, so please provide a paid version

Debapriya Kar

How about a million stars? This is insanely awesome. Thanks dev. You've helped me improve my skills in graph plotting!

Dylan Fridman

Awesome app Just two things: change the icon (it's horrible) and make and option to disable ads by paying, pleaseeeee!

John Batchler

Need it Very useful when computers r not available to do these complicated graphics. This has its limits though

Михаил Воробьёв

Nice app All good, but I can't buy non-ad, it's right?

Sisir Simha

Excellent I would suggest adding graphing capability for 3 variable implicit functions

Constantinos Alvanos

I'm impressed - and I don't get impressed that easily...

anjay goel

It's a great app but it's keyboard needs improvement.

Abhishek Bisen

Nice Hdkdhrkdhemdlfhrhgdsjjfjfofurjkfirjdkoci. I hope you understand but udjfidjeksjsjjdjdudhkfhdndjdjdj otherwise great app


Excellent It helped me with mathematics well.

Ricardo Queiroz

Amazing! I don't believe how is that possible a free application. It works great and it's pretty straight forward. Besides there's no need of internet!

David Khutsishvili

Helpful app It plots any graphs

srijan sonkar

But how do u apply mod function

Michał Smith

Best plotter for android Other plotters are just no match for this app. It is fast and ergonomic. You can zoom in and out plots. You can rotate 3d plots.

heet sakaria

Parabola When you put a parabolic equation, it shows only one half of it. Please provide a solution.

Tathagata Saha

No mod or box function available


Superb Very nice app and it has various more features of getting the solutions of the graphs and even their roots too and the most important that it is easy to use and I would recommend every calculus lover to give a try to this app

Vedant Paithane

can someone explain how to use modulus function .. otherwise wonderful app

Amit Srivastava

How to save graphs? Can we save the graphs as well?????

prajwal bhagwath

I salute u U deserve a salute since u hav made such a perfect app. I would hav touched ur feet as token of respect if u were in front of me

Vu Huy

Wrong result I got bad core in my exam. Pls check its code out again

Tushar Kumar

Keyboard is not good Not have mod sign and many sign.

Jatin Fauzdar

Can't understand how to draw polar curves There is no 'theta' sign

Pratik Walimbe

Great app...!!! Really fantastic app for mathematics lovers.....great graphics and display of 2D as well as 3D systems

Bhushan Deo

Very good app for fundamental functions

Omer Ahmed

Very useful

Jasper Braun

Excellent! Best graphing program! One thing lacking is support for 3d implicit functions or the addition of a plus minus button so graphing z^2=x^2+y^2 could be done in one line.

Jonathan Chute

Broken Functionality It says that you can type in "e", however, it always ends up breaking the function... And when I type in e to find out what e is defined as it says 0.

Hardik Choudhary

Sometimes it does not show the value of function at end points in 3D plotting z(x,y) ,as we can not set the range of independent variable to show the graph. Please fix thisplotting. After all this is the best app for graph plotting.

Qiming Huang

Very good But the second and higher order derivatives don't work properly. And the results of derivatives are given in graphs only, no analytic result is given. Hope the newer version will improve.

Jad Sadaka

Best developers on the Google Play Store A massive 5 stars for your cooperation, will be upgrading to pro asap

Rohit Yadav

Great working experience I'll give you 5 if you add the facility to graph a function(curve) from the domain R to the image set R×R ! It will help to understand complex variable function!

Arnav Das

U will simply Love it......most of the other likewise apps demand money but this does not and is absolutely brilliant with its different views for 3d graph and a lot more.

Thomas Miz

Great Grapher app! Great for any graph you need to... Graph! Specially if you are a #Virgin4Life nerd like me!

Md.Arifur rahman Ankur

I just love it. it's too much helpful for me

Saleem Yousafzai

Very useful app

Deep Joshi

Very Good and Useful app. I loved this app. It helps you to understand calculus very well. Sometimes , I just write any composite function for weird and interesting graphs!

Adelere Adesina

Brilliant! This is one app I love to use always whenever I graph on my mobile. Just wanna ask if there's a way to assign the imaginary unit i on the variables.

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