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24 Aug
GrandChase M

Posted by Eyedentity Mobile in Action | Aug. 24, 2016 | 244 Comments

Apk file size: 40.0 MB

Plentiful Gifts are ready for our 1st year Anniversary in August!

Advanced Gear and even Popular Hero!
Easy and fast leveling available just by joining the event!

The biggest-ever update including Real-time Raid System &
Newly released 2nd Job-advanced Hero!

All New Grand Chase M will become even hotter in this summer!

[1st Anniversary Big Update]
▶ Real-time Raid System
- Real-time Party Play
- Make own strategy for defeating Boss with other players to obtain Soul Stone!

▶ Soul Stone System
- The ability given by Soul Stone will make your character mightier!

▶ Mission System
- Knight Order / Guild Mission Added
- Achieve the Mission for faster leveling!

▶ Level Cap Extension
- The maximum level is extended to Lv. 120.


Grand Chase M! The best tactical RPG

Join the Grand Chase, a team of elite troops hand-picked from the kingdoms of Kanaban and Serdin to defeat KazeAaze!
Activate special skills by filling up the Vitality Gauge!
Collect special skills and trigger a fatal attack! The Chase is on!

▶ Game Features
1. Vivid action and dynamic graphics that everyone can enjoy!
A game with quick and easy Auto Battles that make it simple for anyone to play!
A 3D action RPG with outstanding effects and a powerful impact!

2. A whole new kind of RPG offering the true union of action and strategy.
Active skills, passive skills, even special skills!
Equip cards with various options to create the strongest team!
Dominate the battlefield using the distinct skills of each character!

3. Epic fun and not a moment to rest!
Earn EXP and raise your team into 6-star heroes using Character Synthesis!
Never a dull moment with loads of dungeons, raids, daily dungeons, infinite dungeons, battle arenas (PvP), collection, and much more!

▶ Multiple Modes
- Dungeons: A total of 180 stages available in 3 difficulty levels! Obtain 3 stars in every stage!
- Boss Raids: Challenge the powerful Berkas to obtain the most coveted item in the game!
- Battle Arena: Be victorious in the PvP Battle Arena and become the next Grand Chase!
- Hall of Heroes: Summon phantom heroes and join forces with friends to destroy them all!
- Dimension Crack: Challenge your endurance in endless battles using 5 parties made up of all your heroes!
- Wanted: Earn the Attribute Essence needed to evolve characters in the daily dungeon!

Enjoy Grand Chase, the game loved by 20 million players around the globe, now on mobile!
Witness the rebirth of Grand Chase heroes on your mobile! It’s a whole new way to play!

Whats new

    1. Real-time Raid System Added
    2. Soul Stone System Added
    3. Knight Order/ Guild Quest Added
    4. VIP System Added
    5. Chat system improved
    6. Level cap increased

Eyedentity Mobile part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 24, 2016. Google play rating is 79.3799. Current verison is 2.3.5. Actual size 40.0 MB.

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Josie Enot

Bug and laggy This game is good i love this but it is so laagy and have some bugs and it always say connection error . Please fix this and ill rate 5 star

jayson lacutab

TOO GREEDY GUYS! On the information with your new updates, you're now going to reduce all the in game rewards such as gems, as well as the essence. Good marketing strategy! Guess what? Your player will be leaving one by one. Especially once they reached higher levels for it will be way more harder for them to acquire essences. Later, this game will be a pay to win game. Brilliant!

Keiya ZN

Great Improvement I gotta say, there's a lot of improvement with the network and it's running smoothly now. There seems to be some bugs in PvP that other players have duplicate characters. Other than that, loving it~

Ken Jasmer Bodano

Thanks,Actoz! I was really happy when I heard that there is a GrandChase Mobile version ! But there are many bugs but I still love it ! Keep up the good work ! :]

normandy alicante

Like it. Five stars will come... Just a little request can please make it a little bit easier to find heroes.. Thanks.. Im greatly looking forward to your action.. Thanks again

Angel Mojako

Great game I really love this game. I just to ask if its already have 2nd job in hunan type.

Lars Pascual

good game all in all so, its a good gamr with some minor bugs and some problems, 1. 10 opponents on the arena 2. damn human hero is hard to draw af 3. way too hard to acquire gems its starting to become a pay wall

waLtz nunag

"Please check your internet connection" it always give me the same error. I tries uninstalling and reinstalling the app, what should i do next?

andrew santos

I love grandchase! Good job converting this to a mobile gaming app; )

Charlie Caravana

Now working I cant play because it always say re-atemp to log in

Jr Prudente

good game but pls remove some bugs

Mark Joeleon Tabay

5 star! Great game. It is easier for me to log-in in this updated version. Thanks guys. I just want to ask if you're going to add "job change system"? Just like in PC Game?

jag arsolon

Played for a while now, this is a promising game. I hope the bugs will be fixed. And i'm sure it will be.

Mc Christian Marcelo

Fix the log in shit! I cnt play it says re-attempting to log in google.!!!!!!!!!!

Jexer Kyle Adefuin

Bugsss 1st dimension crack it gets leggy when proceeding to stage 4 - 5 I suspect too much data needed to be stored in ram 2nd bug arena party setting doesn't update on the go I still have my lire with the team even though I switch out lire with ronan 3rd item inventory doesn't saved when I tried to restart the game so I lost 25 order papers game still needs some debugging but it still a fun game to past the time even though the pc version is still the best sigh... will miss my zero

death blade

not working its not working in samsung galaxy duos gt-s7582 all black screen i want to play your game pls fix this i give you 5 star after fixing pls fix

Dav Park

Reward bugs are annoying I've experience this a lot along with many friends. Whenever we get a good ranking in dimension crank or raid sometimes the reward every day shows that we have 100% rank, only letting us get the smallest rewards when we were a completely different rank.

prince ferhand calixtro


Brian Keith Blancaver

Hello Actoz! Could you help me?? There's a problem with the patch which I can't download because it keeps saying "Please check internet connection" even my net excellent. Please help me with my problem. I'll give you 4 stars if you fixed it and 5 stars if it is excellent. Thanks!! Keep up the good work with the game. And maybe you should try making a game like LoL(League of Legends).

Sherwin Go

"Please check your Network Connection" Update: Always like that even I have a good connection, Other games are fine. Please fix it.

Psalm Mark Asiatico

MORE ISSUSE MORE FUN More cheat more fun More slow more fun More crash more fun More hang more fun. More you play the more chances of stop and close the application automaticaly. I know there is room for improvements. so I hope the developer will pay attention on this matter as SOON as possible.

Jericho Dupo

Too Bad Thought it was Hack and Slash Game is too much and more on better heroes better power, more power you win for sure, no sense of strategy, and this game is like a card game cuz all you do is press buttons, better if it was HACK AND SLASH based game, more action, GC is an action game not a game for lazing around so i tive it 4 stars sorry

james calungsod

CANNOT LOG IN MY GOOGLE ‚ RE ATTEMPTING GOOGLE!! I Disliked thia because cannot be log in google .. Re Attempting Google .. what can i do into log in my google?? can you fix that please this is my favorite game if you fix this game

chrissbarzie baroro

Expensive days. So much loading to connection internet and poor network connection you first to open the game.. Til one week you to connect the server so difficult. I think this game so cool but many problem about connection.. I hope to upgrade this game to fast load and connection...

Reinhard de Guzman

STUCK THEN CRASH DOWN i love grand chase but when im about to start it stuck then crash down i rate it 5stars when i play this game

Christian Hipolito

Great game 5 star all the way and will support future updates, just make sure to always get rid of hackers and cheaters which spoils the thrillof the game..

Aldrin Dennis Dela Pena

Cheater I notice some low level players are number 1 than other stronger players which i suspect hackers, spoil the game and lots of bug which cause glitch and stucking. On the brighter side i love this game so i continue to support, i just hope everything will be fix soon. Will rate 3 star to 5 when fix.

Ehleekah Quintin

Can't play. After I close the News thingy, the loading screen appears then it will CRASH! Fix it! I want to play this game :(

Mat Saguibo

Please fix all the bugs. Specially, the ranking and the rewards. Cause, even though I ranked 1068 in the Raid, and got a 72% Equivalent, the reward I get is the lowest ones. The ones for 91-700%

Yureki Hazelrink

Upgrade ? Nothing happen pft I upgrade my jin to 5 it cost 100 essence then after wards checking my equipment my jin back to 4star and my other character got roll back . And the worse thing my essence is gone hmp !! Give back my essence !!

Gerald Gerero

DOWNLOAD ISSUE I love this game soooo muuuucccchhh!!!! but I cant play it because of the issue to internet connection said that my internet connection is poor even it's not? I retry it many times please fix this. . .

Eli Vazquez

Gworking a little better before the last update, now i cannot get pass the login

mj mendoza tiongson

Great game but.. Guys this is a great game and I would give you 5 star if only it wouldn't force close or always disconnect to the net

Jarod Robles

Jobs! I wish that as we promote the hero we can achieve a new job. . . .for example 2* will make your hero to their 2nd job :)

Rola Potato

Not data Hey please help me out, my rank is not data..i’ll give 5 stars if you help me. Thnks

aldrin phineas santiago

Missing Plus Attribute When the game is not yet updated my plus attributes in eqipment is there when you make us update the game the plus attributes where gone',is that part of removing bugs, because its unfair if the attributes where suddenly GONE, will rate 5 star again if the bug is fixed thank you....

darius gregg

HOH BUG Other players are getting insta hero from HOH without any effort. This is unfair to other who took time getting better hero. Kindly fix and conduct rollback if necessary... Thank you.

Raiza Salacsacan

I rejoiced when i saw this from my best friend.... It keeps on crashing... the gold from the tree decreased greatly... oh! When checking on my heroes? It suddenly goes to loading page... the touch screen page

John Alvin Ong

PLease check ypour internet connection even if i have a good internet connection it always appear PLS CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION...ive already re install this apps for several times already but still always like already playing this game for several weeks but since the new update was released i cant acces the game anymore...pls do something about cousin quit playing this game for that reason. and also im planning to quit this game..Im very disappointed because i gave most of my time playing this game..eversince i start playing this...i hope you can do something about this matter...thank you...

Vijan Robelo

why?? i really love this game and very exited to play but after downloading files and login nothing appears just the connecting logo and background...i restart my phone try it several times and the result is just the same...hope you guys can help me about it^^ i really want to play device is android 4.4.2 quad core

Christian Silvestre

Great game but when i always reconnecting all of my battle orders are gone. happened to me alot of time -_-

christian escobar

No i installed it and patch and then after patch i saw the touch Screen and then after i touch it. nothing happen stay at blue background no response huhuhuhu icant play it i installed it three times also like that after patch . then touch the screen nothing happen aftrr i touch stayed at blue background :'( AND also my phone is Quad core :'( And my problem is like Vijan Robelo

Eve vallarta

Please increase the Summon stone drop.. It's the only place that I can get additional heroes plus cards.. Now I can only get about 1 in 15 runs -_- Will give 5 stars if granted..

Zyron Castillo

Bug? Why is the new update keeps my HOH locked and my Dimension cracked? I keep repeating finishing my mission and after I turn of my device it goes back again? It's a huge waste of time keep repeating the those mission just to unlock it again please. Fix it as soon as possible

Dyce Tomimbang

Great game I just love this game man and the graphics is soo cool. I also love the skills and the farming is not so bad at all. More power to you guys. Oh and 1 thing, can you please fix the so called lag? It usually takes 3-5 sec before they attack but the rest og the game works well.

Ramil Jr. Rodriguez

Love it i was getting sad because i cant play the Grand Chase in Pc anymore because of my busyness,But when i Saw this i was like gonna go wild because of happiness,i felt like Yes!! Even its not the same as pc ver. Its Still the Grand Chase i loved!!! Good job Actoz Games

beatriz alvia

Always like nothing connetion error every new update evengot good connection still the same like other problem still canfix this isue always stop got nice phone version lollipop 3gb ram and memorycard slot alot free space even internal to.icant play 4days already always this happen when u realse new update hope can fix this and also got good connection even mobile data user still can also. a wifi ican play other online game patching nothing problem can be play smooth nice hope can fix this issue tnx.. hayzzzz..? we dispoints for this..

rex rotor

How low are the rates? how low is the rate for getting human type heroes? I've multiple heroes the ones you get as starters like 10 of each and it's getting a little frustating trying to get the other available heroes. so my question is can you lower the rates just a little bit more so none can get new heroes and for more players to spend cash just to get the same heroes?

Alvin-Joshua Alay-ay

Check you internet connection? It always appears even i have a good internet connection. Please fix this.

carl john Colasino

Lost Items I've been playing this for almost a month now.. and I've never experienced this before.. last night I claimed all my battle order tickets.. a total of 150+ all in all.. because it is already midnight I stop playing and go to sleep.. the next morning.. everything was gone.. all those 150 including all of my hero stones.. please fix this.. now.. everytime i exit the game battle orders and hero stone are gone.. including those i got in dungeons and mission rewards. :((

Kenny Alcarmen

Fix it Come on i really Want to play it. I just downloaded this game and whenever i open it and its dowloading it says "check your network connection" my internet os fast and your app wont load..

Marc Stevens Acebuche

[UPDATE] Connection has started to stabilize - Keep up the good work Connection has started to stablize though still a few hiccups here and there. Hopefully you can do something with the traffic... Here's 4 stars for the effort!

eds frsnza

Network issue? My network is working fine, but it won't download completely. Pretty useless, if you ask me. And people has been complaining for it, none has been given a straight answer as to why it happens and how to fix it. Keep it up and you'll end up like the very dead grand chase on pc

Ana Marisa Dy-Inocencio

Touch screen issue Got this problem whenever I'm in dimensional crack or just plain exploration, it keeps relogging my acct and going back to the "touch screen" thingy its really annoying coz I can't use skill esp if I'm deep in dimensional crack stages, kindly fix this tnx.. More power dev team!!

Yoshi Iso

Kindly fix the update I got a stable and fast connection but while updating the game, there is a message that says" Please check your Internet connection" after the message shows the game closes automatically. Please fix this asap looking forward to play this game. Thank you

Gerbin Nones

Nice The game is pretty awesome!! Love it better than coc for me HAHA!

Mahttew Bondoc

Why still maintenance I'm excited to play I rated it 5 stars if u make it fast thank you :)

Howie Castillo

Good but Well my battle orders aren't disappearing now. About the bug... Other players are using an app that can make them get an unli reward in the explore. The one that I'm taking about is the one that you can see in the YouTube. And they are talking about it in the chat. While other players are playing a fair game. Can you do something about it? So all the players can play a fair game

saeko xhan

Really hated it Yeah you have great graphics the problem is its laggy,buggy cant even explain all the disappointments on this game whats the use of graphics if you have super laggy server even my octa-core cant even handle your game

Jefferson Lim

It doesn't proceed to the game Always download 1/1 file then stays in "Connecting" screen. Will rate 5 stars once fixed

Leo Carlo Rotor

However the game at times crashes after a stage is finished, also re-connection handling (when disconnected to the net) is really poor as sometimes I'm stuck at the end of the stage even after net connection has been re-established which forces me to force close the app and start over (specially for those long dimensional crack stages). I would also request that the "reward" button (after repeating a stage 5 times) be inside the stage window and just have an indicator that a reward is waiting or just auto send it via mail, this is because at the map the button is so small and sometimes covered/overlaps with the other stage icons it is hard to tap on specially on a phone. After the recent update i lowered my rating as all the rewards was lowered, gold from the tree was lowered and most of my stage progress was lost, dimension crack, HOH, Arena are locked again!

Joshua Bennett

A sad life The game is good but there are some bug even they say that they already update everything. I got a super rare guardian elesis card on binding it.. Then when i go back to card selection it was lost.. My efforts went to nothing.. Errors like that is so disappointing.. I hope you fix that bug and if someone can help me recover it please..

Mel Obar

Fun!Fun!Fun!! Brings back vivid memories of the PC version. It may lack the job change concept (for now) but I believe this revival on mobile looks promising!

Rexzy Roi Ong

Well... This is an awesome game even I played it on the PC version... but seems like I can't play this...... is it the connection or the freaking storage of this device I am using... but gotta say this game is ??SHIT??

Roxas Christian

Pls reply Its always say please check your internet connection. But my connection is good and im just patching the game. Downloading the 8 more file but its always pop up. What should i do?

Mark Costa

Cant play Explore then when I enter a battle doesnt initiate, and I cant logout so I could change accnt i'l make it 5* if I can play it

allec zantua

ITS OK BUT i cant play always linking this sign "PLEASE CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION" i have good internet connection . help me please !!

Juvaira Arimas

Nothing happens Nothing happens...i downloaded the game..agred to the terms and then the logo and background appears. And it's just that...i cant play...tried re installing still the same. I am disappointed.

lendl ibuan

Dungeon retart. What happend after the update all my dungeon runs are still there but i can't access Other facilities saying that i need to clear the kingdoms again? What the? Whenever you update, there is always problem

Jervy Elma

Connection failed... AGAIN!!!! I thought it was fixed but when i try to play it im always stuck in the loading screen showing "internet connection failed"!!!! Can you please explain that... I tried downloading the full version but nothing happend!!!! EDIT: i have 1gb free space and my phone is quad core and 4.4.2 version.....

Louie Serdena

Game crash The game crashed right when i was about to get my 1st random hero... then when i go back to the game, i never got my hero.... fix this then i rate 5 stars

Don Crisostomo

Check internet Connection.. Content download doesnt commence even though i have good internet connection.. please look into it. looking forward on playing this game..

HaruZuki Panda


christian africa

Why always check your connection Always say check your connection but i got internet.. and i can still play clash of clans. But the gc didnt download the patch

Jon Chrisber Aguila

Resurrect bug when about finishing last wave sieghart used his 2nd passive then all his enemies is pushed but he didn't revive and then I can't click the pause and camera view button always stuck there until restarting the game also the same with arme and lin/rin's ressurect

Rui Esguerra

Connection failed I couldn't even start playing the game. After the basic tutorial i always get the "connection failed" error then i couldn't move forward anymore. Please fix. I'll update rating once this problem is solved

Mark Daniel Delos Reyes

great game hi great game.. butvim experiencing some bug while im in the game or dungeon, itvsuddenly load the starting screen and overlap to my current stage screen... it interupts while im inside dungeons.

Annalyn Gamboa

THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR PLAYERS No response when it comes to negative comments. They can't even ban players who cheats. Instead, they will ban you because you're trashtalking them. LOL

Nekorou Ryounto

Whyyy?? Why I can't login with my Google account?? It keeps popping up the same box and doesn't even go.. Please help while I have still interest in playing this game since the "Big" update of yours.. Thank you.

mark humiding

Gem farming killed teh game Already hit the 20m mark on gold collection quest with no signs of stopping. + insane dupe heroes for 10 +1 draws. Gadamn. I already got a lot of leys lire etc.

Russel john Sabiaga

Connection error You didn't fix anything.. You made it even worst.... Season 1 player here... And nothing change except more laggy and more disconnection... The google window is still there and im always logging in and logging out... Keep it up guys... Your making it worst

Airi Naftalena

FIX THAT **** LOOP ALREADY!! When im in a dungeon, whichever it is. The game is often to loop back to login screen.. This is anoying.. Since i lost ap/sp, loots and most important: time! Makes no different even8 if i swich data signal or using wifi. And im VERY certain that both my connection method are good and not blinking.

CrisJill Ramos

But... I've been playing your awesome game for a month and i loved it,but there's one problem...i can't go back to the game after your server maintenance on Feb.18,'16.The additional file keeps on stuck in 2/23 even if i'd uninstall & reinstalled the game. Please help me go back to the game.Thanks.

Rin Luta

Pay2Win Graphics and gameplay would have been good except, with the update to season 2, this is becoming an obvious pay2win game. Less ways to acquire gems means newbies will have a hard time catching up to the old players. I know the dev said they made the changes so that we wouldn't be forced into farming dc only. But they should have added other ways to earn it in a constant way. The addition of other ways to get powerful heroes without farming gems is great. But almost everything else needs gems too :/

ariel bagasbas

Arena Bug & item bug Hello! I really love your game so far but i have just experienced something i dont before . kindly, please help me .. my Jin doesnt just come into party in the arena . it says that i cannot put into party same name / char. but my jin doesnt have any party even in any dungeon which needs party .. ive already checked every party dungeon .. my jin isnt in any party . another, what the hell happened to my Eqs with abyss knight :3 the game dupped my exp acqui items which supposed to be luna neck and ring +15s:3

Daryl Jed Dizon

Game still unbalanced Especially in arena, collab heroes are still stronger than the original grandchase heroes. And with the addition of the collab heroes, brute force party is more popular making support characters useless. Draws are not satisfying, even to light loaders. Item drop rate became lower. Still it is a fun game :)

genesis rone

CHECK INTERNET CONNECTION I really love this games since the season 2 begin in the desktop comp. But now in mobile, im glad it came back... and the problem came too... i cant patch it, always Check internet connection? But my connection are excellent.... please solve this matter...

xelex exor

Shame Twas a good game before...until 2nd season enters the has becoming even more harder to conquer this game if your f2w..sadly only rich kids can conquer this game since...the only DC gem I'm relying hoping for a chance is gone now and was replaced by something that's even more inconvenient..I guess this is farewell now..good luck to those who still remain..all hope is gone..adios suckers

Triwiyanto Silaban

Good Bye! At first, I was happy to play this game because it is very easy for free player to get a gem, but these update make the game look more stingy for all players ( free player )! (I think you know what i mean about quest collection) Money.. Money.. And money??? Very sad, i think many player will stop play this game coz of it.

Xyriz Villena

Same problem :( Again for the second time i cant finish the download. It always says *Please check your connection* even i have a fast internet connection. I get stuck to 5/23 download after update. Now im worried about my daily log-in progress :(. Please fix this again devs :(.

Snok Maingame

Always crashed.. Hmm This is a great game.. Nice graphic.. But crashed over & over again.. Hope good developer take an action.. Then, i will give my 5*.. Awesome game.. Love it


Something's wrong with warez My warez character's skill prices are WAY too high compared to the other characters and even after maxing a skill, the skillup button still remains yellow instead of turning gray. Please fix this.

Gajeel Dragneel

Wth Please check your Internet connection " my Internet if fine there's nothing wrong with it and I cant get passed download screen such a waste for what looks like a good game

Pham Eminem

quit this game Im an old player of this game and i feel really bad to say goodbye but... This game is heavily out of balance, the dev team doesnt care for their players at all. Any guyz wanna cash in this game pls think carefully coz its not a good idea at all

Daniel Daitol

Marketing Psychology The best way to earn from this game is not to force players to buy from its only shared resources the gem, which majority of them whether f2p, or p2p are dependent. You might switch to the basic buying/hunting spree psychology by adding customizable aesthetics be it dress, wallpaper, & Stronghold design, and things that doesn't affect combat due to the unbalance heroes. Using another premium exclusive currency aside gem and hero coins for it might help. Also increase the rates in Gold draw if you aren't goi

andy levioza

Inhuman ! Bring back The Quest in collection section which is 660.000 gold for 37 gems ! that's all what we ask for as GCM players. the present quest push us to quit from this game !!

Mark Denton

cant log in The game was fine now i cant gain assess to it using my google account. It keep popping up the Deny or Allow screen. Please fix would hate to see a good game go to waste after all my hard efforts

Benjamin Nombrado

New update hero ronan abyss I love this game in fact i play it everyday. But its kinda upseting that the update of the new hero, by extractiong one of my 3 ronans (imagine 3 ronans) and i got it all is his head i mean its really annoying ive struggling to have ronans and the extract is the same. And 1 more thing the new update rate up is really upseting to i rolled 3x 10+1 and still didnt got uno, wares, amy or any rares hero. Please if you only give me 1 cape just 1 cape of ronan in exchange of the 2 heads. Ill rate it 5 star.

Little One

Hackers rule this game and they do not ban hackers. Had this same problem with RoD. Hackers steal from you and even climb to the top. Why is it okay. New update has made it a P2w game which I have no problems with. The hero coins you must buy are to expensive. Guild is half incomplete. 10+1 draw NEVER gives Amy, Dio, Lass, or anyone worth acquiring. New features have made this game one sided. Oh the glitches are here too. Stuck and can't move. Yeah happens all the time. I pay here and wish something would be done but they dried this cash cow here milk-less.

wilson dong

My god the new patch for season 2 killed this game. F2P no longer exists. It's either buy in game purchases or don't bother advancing. It's sad that this company decided to screw over the F2P players making buy gems the only way to advance in content. Additionally the rates for gem draws are still horrible. Plenty of day 1 players are leaving and I will join them soon at this rate. What a shame as this was my favorite mobile game and now in this current state I will also leave because you need to spend money to advance. It was fun while it lasted.

Christian Silvestre

Great game but when i always reconnecting all of my battle orders are gone. happened to me alot of time -_-

De John

Latest update is SUCK!! Dimension crack no more bonus for winning all the boss lvl. If dimension crack can gain EXP, THEN MUCH BETTER THEN ONLY GAIN GOLD BUT NO BONUS FOR THE SILVER BAR!!!

Maksau Coeg

Great & very addictive I've played the games and it was very addictive. It has a really nice graphic and a perfect effect. But i have a little bit problem when i want to login into the game, it only stucks on the data loading and i can't login. I've tried uninstalling the game and re-install it but it ain't work. I would like to rate a 5 stars if you fix this problem. I'm using lenovo a6000+ lollipop 5.0.2. Thankyou

Vallainy Le

2 star, just being nice When I first started this game 4-5 months ago it was fun, great graphics, fairly easy to collect gems, not so hard to play for free. But in the last 3 months the game is terrible, late updates in news about events, sometimes they don't even post the event at all, leaving everyone clueless, they come out with op hero after op hero, they're making the game more unbalanced, so much bugs, game freezes alot, boots you out of the game randomly. Prices are NOT OF WORTH for the rate they are giving. DON'T SPEND.

David Ha

After not being able to play the game on my phone post update, I tried installing it on my computer via Bluestacks. The game worked perfectly. This lead me to believe the issue may have been something wrong with my phone. After one factory reset, not only is my phone working faster than it was, but Grand Chase M is working flawlessly as well. As far as you people complaining about this patch sucking because of the reduced gold amounts and what-not, suck it up. They are already generous with the in-game gifts. While the RNG is really rough in terms of character drop rates and item drop rates, you can easily grind it out. I do wish that they would increase the drop rates, but then if they did that, everybody would have Lass or Uno, and your rare character wouldn't feel so rare anymore.

Keith Holland

Horrible way to start Seaon 2 I have been playing this game since the first or second day of launch. I have been rank #1 in Arena, clear all the content available, and overall and one of the top players on the server, all while being a free to play guy. This new patch absolutely cripples the free to play model. Before you could farm for a few days and end up with enough gems to try luck on hero draws or have enough gems to do plenty of extractions to level up existing heros. Now you go and remove the ability to farm enough gems to even cover the most basic aspects of this game. Buying pet fruits to level up pets? Resetting extraction points? Give me a break. Then you go and add imbalanced content with new ""revive"" button that costs 50 gems a shot just to sucker people into beating content. The outrageous costs of increasing your hero inventory is another joke. This game started off very well but every patch it gets more and more pay to win and this latest ""updated"" is driving away almost all the free to play crowd. With this patch you get guild war that is broke, guild skills that dont work, new job 4 Ronan with abilities that are broke, out of space or I would continue to rip this game apart.

Alexavier Acevedo

Memories :) I give u 5 stars because u bring me so meny good memories playing in the computer went i was in high shool i remember the lunch for jim like yesterday lol love the game i spend a lot of time playing the only thing i dont like is so hard to take good stuff special for the events like ronan very hard to have his stuff other then that Love the colors amazing u guy rock it. Thanks old school fan. P.s. 6 character at the same time will be awesome. Think about it

Leonides Japor

Disappointing... I returned to playing this game when I made a few good draws last Dec. But GCM is not giving away the rewards they promise. Supposed to get reward by getting Veigas but nothing. Supposed to get T.slime from consecutive log-ins but nothing. Crap! might end up quitting again :(

Adam Woodworth

5 months in still second class citizen Does not care about their players unless they spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. New events with horribly over powered hero's only available with gems. Like a casino they give you a very small chance to get these insane new hero's. I enjoyed it at first, as you build up your team. But you soon see it all about taking your money, over, and over. Each new "event" more $ to spend. Hundreds of great players have quit. Because they see the scam. Spend $$$$ or be forever a second class player. AVOID

Blind Thief

The game was doing well.. until the last update (Jan 15).. It got me thinking "alright it's starting to become a rich kid's game" - a pay to get stronger game. •No more Mysterious Gold Box in Dimensional Crack - c'mon! I mean, seriously? Enhancing equips, Hero Growth, Upgrading Skills and a bunch of other stuff costs Gold, and you just cut off one of the supply lines. •Gem Farming is now so demanding - the gold acquisition quest now increases, i don't know if it will finish at some point (I'm still at 800,000 quest) or will have a fix amount for us to keep farming (before the update it's fixed at 660,000 gold for 37 gems), like I said it's starting to look like a rich kid's game, for us it's one of the ways we can get/save gems for draws(hero, card, equips, etc) But I think I'll stick to this game until I find another one, I mean, I know I'm not the only player, I'm just a pebble in your beach and maybe you're just testing out stuff, I'm not quitting though it's just that it's not worth spending much time anymore. So if you're looking for a free game where you can go through the ranks and spend real cash, this one's for you, otherwise, you might wanna skip this. It's fun though.

ting si han

The "best season 2 ever" With the update on 15 jan, it turned into fully p2w game. Before we could farm gem at dimension crack at 660k for 37gem. With the update, it increases to ridiculous amount. All these to increase their income. Preventing f2p player to even have a chance with p2w players. What's more is literally everywhere there's a need for gem. Extract essence, use gem. Cant beat a stage at adventure, use gem. Even with full 6☆ +5 well equipped team, it just get one shot by the monster. What's more. Hackers are not banned.

Troy Dominique Conrad Gonzales

I wasted an entire week playing it and right after the maintenance, I can't open it anymore. It just says "please check your network connection" well guess what genius, I almost broke my Wi-fi device because of this game. Time consuming (when I was waiting for the update) and not worth it. Anymore. So you basically broke my heart and surprisingly, better than what my ex did. I always reach 13/23 then the same message pops-up over and over. I was half-way and I had to re-install this app 5 times! FIVE FREAKING TIMES. (SorryNotSorry) Please do something about this. I really like this game.

Deri Kusaeri

Season 2 Issue There is some issue regarding monster in wizard lab with my tablet.. all the monster there is just like a shadow only black texture.. please fix this

Raymond Penaflor

Goodbye what the hell with the update in dimension crack gcm dont care about player they only care about their money and you cant post the news for the latest update and abuser in arena why cant you banned them this game is cool but not for people not willing to spent their money for this game the gems are so difficult to earn not like the old version

zhuge liang

spend 15000gem draw got normal hero. WTF with this game. i spend 15000gem draw got normal hero only. gc hero gem draw like hell damn it. very disepointed. gc too money now.

Rini Coolindo

Cant update cant update the latest version on my device ( Oppo Find Clover, with Android 4.2.1 ). Always fail to update the game after 2nd maintenance, and stuck on 1/18.

Mark Anthony Dizon

Greedy I used to love this game until the latest update.. This game became a pay to win app much like the others.. unstable server with unbalanced hero.. you are clearly pushing f2p players to quit.. prices of gems are HORRIBLE!! and yet you guys plan to release another unbalance hero for the sole purpose of milking every players their money!! no response from customer support either!! don't bother start playing this game!! a complete waste of time!! I'm done with this game! Uninstalling!

shem angoluan

Why I can't login via google play service to GCM? It says " Login failed. Try again. Any active admin here? Please answer back thanks!

Ray Leandro Sazon

Good game! But... Very nice game! I rate this as 5 stars but right now I encountered a bug and i cant continue playing. Cant start stage 9-6 even if im already done with 9-5 in hero difficulty. until then 2 stars for now

Leon Zeng

All dev care about is making money. Used to be a good game. Season 2 is terrible. Dev want to force people to buy gems for their terrible rate hero draws. I don't mind the bad rate if there are more ways to get gems. But instead each 10+1 will cost you $25 USD for 11 trash heros. If you don't go p2p you'll go no where in the game's current season.

Roque Mansiliohan

Great graphics ang gameplay... Im a former GC (PC version) player and contrary to my expectations this is very different from its desktop counterpart. Unlike GC, this is not really an RPG because you cant control the characters. You cant make them go where you want them to be and you cant evade/counter the opponent's attack. The only thing you can control is what characters and weapons to upgrade. Well I guess its only natural since they are being developed by different companies. Great graphics and gameplay though. Well thought out.

Sylvester Liew

Pls fix the lag on xiaomi redmi note 3 plarform I 100% sure that I have no graphic problem on my xiaomi redmi note3(lollipop) but grand chase so lag that I cannot bear to watch pls fix this Asap others games work fine

Dhale-Jhon Wacchan

Good Game Liking this game so far. Good battle graphics. Good amount of activities to do, I love doing the dungeons and tower. Just one snag for me, after the new update a few buggy issues I have encountered. Some of them solved by re-installing but a few bugs still present. Hopefully the Devs can make a quick or permanent patch to solve some of these issues. Overall a good game for me.

Alyssa Malbacias

Stuck at Hero 9-5 I already made it to 3 stars but it won't let me go to the next stage

Stephen Clemente

Just a couple of concerns The app automatically closes when I play dimension crack, battle arena and adventure modes. Is there a way to fix this?

Jesse Savage

Update Eh after playing for awhile it becomes repetitive and kinda boring. New are impossible to get and rare drops are basically non existent. I wouldn't recommend spending much if any money on it. You will probably just get 100 rufus, ley or limes. Final verdict....pass on this one. Good luck!


An OK game The game itself is fun however it has many glitches and bugs. An example of this is not being able to log on and the main title stays frozen even if you reboot your phone and close/re-open the app.

Jackie Powell

Game won't open anymore Used to play loads bit haven't had as much time. Tried to go back to it and know all new updates are done but it won't open.... ??

Edgar Padron Aldama

Too many bugs and issues After a long period of time in returned to play and to check if some bugs were fixed. It's true that several bugs were fixed but there are still some others such has suddenly closing game and a couple of minutes ago it restarted my Galaxy S3! I must congratulate for your effort making people comfortable to play it. Thank you but please, never give up on improving this game! It has a good future!

Christoff Stonerton

First off, it took several restarts to even update the game, constant "check your network connection" spam. My network was and is running flawlessly. When I finally did finish updating it, after about an hour of restarting the game, it just crashes during the first or second fight. Running it on a Nextbook Ares 8 with lolipop 5.0. It worked before this last update just fine on the same tablet. If I could actually play the game I would give it 4*

Carl Thompson

Better games to play The game is now extremely buggy now and the new characters are much harder to get than before. Customer service acknowledge the issues but they are notfixed. There are much much better games to play

Ren wong

Fun Problems (1)It lacks direction and a thorough explanation on how to play the game. (2) The English community is almost non existent. If you're Hispanic, you won't have a hard time communicating with others. (3) If you don't want to wait out for 700+ gems in order to buy a rare Hero, you can win one by simply logging in for 30 days straight. But miss one day, and it's back to day 1. Its crushing when you can't log in because of maintenance. (4) Connection issues (5) But the game has Good graphics & its entertaining.

Siti Nissa

Sad Facts 1. Connection issue really annoying, 2. Stupid AI, 3. Go figure it out yourself tutorial, 4. Bugs. The graphics are great, should be promising game if the problem are fixed.

Janetta Fatla

Awesome love it Could you get zero as a hero or no? awesome game no problems absolutely love it however can you please fix the chance of getting a human hero?? I've been trying for One of the heroes and I can't seem to get one.. Thank you

Steneste Lee

The Reason my score is so low is because, everytime i open the game it takes me to only the sequence where you see the creators of the games name, then it boots me back to my phones home screen!!!! So i cant even load the thing.!!!!!

Miko Pagunuran

Data loss With the new option to change servers has caused me to lose my game data even if I tried to switch back. I already emailed support regarding issue. Hope they are able to fix this it asap. So sad to know that the 28th day login had been broken as well after the maintenance only 8 more days all turn to nothing it's not a problem with me as I have loved playing everyday but total data loss is something you need to fix

Dee Kangurro

DO NOT spend money on this trash. Broken arena and guild battle system. IMPOSSIBLE to get rare units even with gem draws due to EXTREMELY greedy developers. Ridiculously stupid battle systems. Enemies much weaker able to defeat much more powerful units in 1 shot. Can't control skills at all. Also impossible to get rare units even with multiple 10+1 draws. Extremely greedy developers design gems draw with almost zero change to get a rare units to lure gamers to drop money. Glitches and bugs all over the place also. Forced closes many times. Where's the option for 0 star?????

Shannon Huddleston

Absolutely love this game. The best and most Addictive and awesome game out there! Thank you for the maintenance rewards! I love the characters and that you can put equipment on any character regardless of class, and it costs nothing to remove your equipment for another character. The battles are fun, the quests are fun, the whole game is just super fun and addictive. Definitely get this game!

A survivor

hrs of fun until it stopped working 2 days ago LUCKILY I have a spare tablet pc. OR I would not be able to play this. It won't install in my Samsung tab 4 now, despite everything else installing fine from the store on an old Jellybean tablet, it won't work on my Kit Kat based Tab 4.

Toby Vergara

Good but too expensive I need a response for my review. First is, the game is incredibly good and it is not like the other typical stereo type RPG games. Next, drawing a character is a good thing for you to gain a character, but the problem is it is too expensive. For example, it needs 10+1 Draw to gain a Human Type in the event. It is so expensive that youngs and teens who do not have their own saving cards can't afford it. The game and the in-app purchase or the game points purchase should be at least a little bit user-friendly

Jillian Emperador

Login failed error What happen after 2 days of playing now i cannot log in. Please fix the issue march 7 2016 still i cannot play this game and i did not get any response.. what is happening???

Kim Taehee

Unplayable I wanted to enjoy it, I really did, but I can't even go past the very first stage because all it does is crash within the first 5 seconds of battle. That's if it gets past loading it, too.

jenny dino

Lol are u guys trolling me cuz I'm playing since last yr and all of my rare heroes are only from boxes and now there's this basin heroes they're all op and I've already wasted more the hundred thousand gems didn't get even one of them not even good heroes from draw and you guys prioritize newbies too much and all about cash I like the past versions of your updates when the basin came so much hell for the ppl just like me with no luck at all in draw and you guys make the gem grinding too much hard for us the hell was that millions of gold for just few gem then we draw then trashes you guys also make the ap points higher as the time goes by this game became worse and another thing you put too many words that shouldn't not became like***** you should change it

cyntia fasiola

Force closed Today i cant attend since its extend until reset time, need help with this problem. Thanks.

Monica Romantigue

I CANT DOWNLOAD THE APP i'm starting to hate it now because i cannot update the app, i tried to re install, now i can't freakin install it anymore it keeps saying CANT DOWNLOAD APP error code 963.. please help me with this

Ahmad Rizdaputra

I cant pass the log in session After the update i cant pass the login session, the game is great but it say "check your internet connection" when my connection is totally fine. Please fix this problem

Watashi Kurenai

Umm... This game is awesome tho the computer one is better. Actually, im just wondering if I can retrieve my previous account. My phone was stolen and the email used for this game was hacked. I cant really remember the full name but it might have been insanebeast with some other weird letters. Is there anyway for me to get it back?

Sebastian Lee

Some anoying bugs,connection problems. All good just the connection problems and one thing i was impressed was that the arena mode is in automatical mode,why PvP cant cast skills and ultimate manually? Doesnt make sense.You just have to watch the entire battle without doing nothing and pray for the win.WOW AND THE SUPPORT ACTUALLY IGNORES ALL MY TICKETS.

Brian Bishop

It was great But now the new update won't allow me to play saying check my network connection when I'm at full bars and 4G LTE Plus

Shawn Johnson

Check your network connection I uninstalled twice hoping things would change. I have network connection so i don't understand why it will not download so i can play what looks like to be a great game. I can not play at all due to this please fix...thanks. Still will not load fully, it stops at 6 of 23 on downloading.

leo fox

Well Have to say the game gives you chance to clear the levels as far as you can even without paying anything but sometimes power needed to clear is not enough because the enemy is not the level it should be. Quite often you get character that you have several times but it helps also the growth so that's good. The game is great but what I as player need is ending At some point. I mean from story even if the boss is difficult it has to have part 1 closed and ready for part 2.

chris patigayon

I got fast internet but... I dont know if i have the problem or with the game. In just a seconds (maybe 10 secs), it loses the connection i dont know why. So i keep open and close just to have the daily attendance to guild and daily gift. I cant go to adventure because it loses connection imediately. I got stuck in the map.

Reynard Gunhuran

RESET Why you reset the quest?? My monthly quest is reset! Attendance reset is okay but why include the quest?! Effort wasted.

Joshua Canlas

Im a homecoming player I visited this game I have played this many years ago like your opening and my progress has lost, can i ever get it back? I miss playing this game, I have strong heroes there its my hardwork please get it back ?

Gabriel Rayden Huyen Kang

Thanks for giving me back my account guys !!! Really love this game but just maybe need to add more details and information onto how to use each and every item :) Good Job Guys !!!!!

hezekiah aspa

Great Grand Chase Game this is so nice so good and so easy to play i love this game , and i miss this GC to play.. :D

Tiny Elvis

Please Help Grand Chase is my fav game but I can't play Grandchase M and I don't know why, it won't run. It will load and will force stop. My phone is Samsung J1. There's no problem in my mobile device because I know that 1 time I played this game and my phone hang and when I try to play again, it won't run.

Euwe Castillo

What happen to my attendance reward? I was suppose to receive my reward from my daily attendance but instead of receiving you restarted the attendance reward. And what happen to my special 8 day attendance reward on the last event? Because of the maintenance and the intro of the new event I lost the chance to receive a transcend slime and a rare hero on both daily and previous special event. And its hard getting into the game lately after the update. I've already reset and redownload the game. Please help!

nicky andrianto

Update done After try so many times, finaly update done. For you who not success, remove your memmory card and try to update again.

Brenn Lontok

I haven't encountered any issues with the game yet (and I hope it'll stay that way) Just wish for the game to have a longer storyline. Unlike the pc version of Grand Chase this one's easier to play (means that you progress faster compared to the pc version) and to feel that I can finish the game within a few weeks makes me sad. Sooo~ thanks. And btw I miss the Pc Version of G.C. I hope you'll make one, just wasn't able to play due to not having a pc, still an android game but with similar controls to the pc version, wouldn't mind a higher download requirement (side scrolling) Great Job ?

Tan Jian Zhi

Disappointment I don't understand. Forcing users to spend money on your so called "Rate Up" when you are making it almost impossible to get ANY good heroes. I don't see the point of continuing this game any longer. Wasted 10k gems on trash heroes. The difference between the online and mobile games is too damn big

Wankai Wankai

Love it but bug Pleaseb gm....i really love this game...been playing like crazy this whole weekm..but i got problem lately...i cant login using googleb id. When i keeps asking allow or deny all over again..pls

Drienie van Wyngaard

Flyaround Please help cant loggin keep on saying check your network connection, nothing wrong with connection, wat must I do?

Leedee Kween Diane

Cant DL. I'd try to download this app yesterday but when this app is about to start installing this messenge is appearred "" GrandChase M" can't be installed. Try again, and if the problem continuous get help troubleshooting. (Error code: -504) " please help. I'll really want to play this game. Hope you could help me. In case you want to know my internal storage capacity, i have 5gb left and 14gb external storage.

Mayumi Kazu

Always shutting down!!!! Keeps shutting down no matter what device i use especially in arena or guild war and raid... Why new players are not given code to get Uno or Amy or other high tier characters..? Sucks to be newbie in arena and you lose your 2 teams to a single Uno on arena..

Tian Ramos

Thanks for the fixes ... {^^} berkas.dimension crack.wiz lab already fix...but when im battling on arena and guild device automatically logging out...plz fix it..

Liang Ke

Keep Force closing!!! Just download and wanna open in "touch screen" and connecting always force closing? Wasted my time for this suck game

Hendra Ginanjar

this game being worst and worst every update i play this game before this game published on playstore. in that time got character is easy, you can summon card and get that character if lucky. today, you must pay to have good character, and lots of non-grandchase character mess up this game. also the update is terrible, if failed it keeps redownload the file from beginning and said "check network connection" and the funny thing is my connection is ok, your server and system is need to be fixed.

rai chu

What s wrong After consuming so much of my data downloading this app, then asking me to download Googleplay, then again, asking me to allow this app connect/access to my Google account, and now what, I cant even start the game, its lagging or forced close everytime, you are wasting my time, I downloaded this app 'coz it was referred by a friend, but it doesnt work,,, haist,,, I tried many times but it keep crashing, such a waste of time

jaypee de guzman

your new update pissed me off.. i love to play this game,i really like it.. but your recent update is always forced closing.. why? what happen GCM?.. plus add the epic slow loading screens now.. i cant play it well than before.. plz kindly fix it..

Saranggani Bantayao

First reaction. When i first saw this game, i knew its awesome and cool. But when im done downloading resources, in checking version. It keeps Crashing and crashing. Ugh - -", PLEASE FIX THIS STUPID START UP ERROR. It pissed me off. Tch. Wasted my time downloading it.

Aivre Escend

Regret This game... Is very fun. It had a wide range of interesting chars, good graphics etc... until you realized midgame that.. its a total p2w game. I REGRET playing this game. Being dissapointed in games always happening to me... its kinda usual.. but this one... i REGRET it!! This game is way too fast for a tactical genre and way too automated for an action game. Yes this is another "collect em all or you will live a terrible life" genre and its impossible unless u have money or EXTREMELY lucky. Just dont...

John Daryl Catacutan

update issue Before the update i was playing it with data connection yet i can play it smoothly. but since the latest update it stocked in the loading screen. keep saying ”check your network connection" and then loads back from the start. i will definitely miss the daily attendance with this issue. what should i do?

Edgar Castillo

It's so laggy I love this so much im a grand chase gamer, but im getting bored when the game getting laggy, and it always laggy, after the lag the screen freeze then it will force close... Please fix it and i will give 5* PLEASE! ??

Robin G

Was good Was good until my game randomly got deleted and i lost everything. Now im supposed to start all over and its not worth it after losing everything i worked hard to get.

Dee Kangurro

DO NOT spend money on this trash. Broken arena and guild battle system. IMPOSSIBLE to get rare units even with gem draws due to EXTREMELY greedy developers. Ridiculously stupid battle systems. Enemies much weaker able to defeat much more powerful units in 1 shot. Can't control skills at all. Also impossible to get rare units even with multiple 10+1 draws. Extremely greedy developers design gems draw with almost zero change to get a rare units to lure gamers to drop money. Glitches and bugs all over the place also. Forced closes many times. Where's the option for 0 star?????

Sylvester Liew

Pls fix the lag on xiaomi redmi note 3 plarform I 100% sure that I have no graphic problem on my xiaomi redmi note3(lollipop) but grand chase so lag that I cannot bear to watch pls fix this Asap others games work fine

Edwin Lau

The popularity and appeal of the game have gone! I once play this game and I really like its battle system and its overall design. Even now, I still like it. But recently I've return to play this game and the p2w thing is getting stronger. I don't mind about it, really! But the non-grand chase related contents along with too many bugs that still not fixed makes me disappointed with developers have to take this path. Please bring back what grand chase m was meant to be. ? Edit: Reinstall it and it's okay to play already, thanks for the concern ?

Fajar Shahri

Split patch files Seriously, can the developer make files into some SMALL parts, not into 1 big sized. The un-resumed download is super annoying, and we should start over again when it's disconnected.

Kurniawan Adiyanto

Yesterday was fun and i was thinking to buy first package GEMS 30$. But after maintenance... No way No hope for new player. Gold trade are more expensive. Wait for new server.

Ericko Wijaya

I will give you 5 star if you can fullfill my request I want you to make a friendly battle where we all can fight with our friends so the game will be more exciting too ^^ !! I Hope you can make it !! ^~^

zenvee aguilar

I cant login using my gmail account. This is effin crazy. Everytime you fix a problem, another issue occurs. There really are a lot of problem with the game, like losing your chances on raid and wanted list when you have not played it yet. I was never bothered with those but the problem I have now is worse since i cant play the game anymore. I have given too much of my time to level up and get a higher rank but it was all a waste. This game is crap and has so many bugs. Dont waste your time downloading this

Gerome Mananghaya

Is it fix yet? Hi may i know if the game is fix? I really want to play this but it keeps on crashing

Renelo Tapado

HELPPPPPP This game is getting junk... How can i get the items in wizlab if it keeps on crashing. And my drop rate is extremely low? Why ?? Because i got a high level character? This game is unfair.

Janetta Fatla

Awesoms Love this game really addicting to me, but I have a bug my character rins skill holy shield does not work properly, it doesn't work fully otherwise good game and can you guys have a better chance at getting heroes.? And a human hero draw only I don't like the monsters. I'd also like if you guys had contests and stuff but whatever you don't have to. Awesome game keep of up just fix that bug

Nico Clar

It Always Close On Its Own.-. Plsss fix this kind of problem...

Jackie Traum

Loved this game but the new update erased my old file Played this game since beta and now all my data and information is lost and I have to start over after spending close too 100$ on in game purchases it's a rip off

Jeff Ano

Good It's an amazing awesome game but could you make zero easier to get like a dungeon that has a chance to drop his shard

Justine Alcaraz

Account lost I cannot log in to my account. Please fix this. I would hate to start all over again. :'(

Mickel James

The update is so #%*! The game is good but every time I update the game it cuts off like when the update is going to 8/20 it stops and go back to 0 but my WiFi is so strong why! Great game though..

Renzo Valencia

Good, but... everytime the app force close when playing in Battle arena, dimesion crack, and wiz lab. pls... fix this issue.

Mitch Dockens

There's absolutely nothing more frustrating then spending a ton of money to buy gems during an event where a new character it's supposed to have a higher chance of a draw and you get nothing worthwhile I've played this game for a long time then Ive never had great luck drawing characters I drew five times 10 + 1 that's a total of 55 characters and I didn't get nothing but crap monsters this game is fun if you don't plan to spend $1,000 a month trying to pay to win

Sami-Jo Ross

Mobile adaptation done right I never got to play much of the original Grand Chase before it shut down, but I played enough. While this game isn't the same in terms of gameplay, it still offers a lot to do and gives a lot of goals to work towards. I don't feel forced to sign in because I have fun strengthening my characters. My only complaint is that a lot of battles cause lag when using a 5 Chase, but other than that it's worth playing.

randy nugraha

Why does it always says to check your connection while my internet is 100% working fine

Siosi Siosi

PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR NETWORK CONNECTIVITY!!!!!! Your signal strength is POOR after the update! The chat always says "You entered Channel 1." even i restarted/uninstall/patch again and again. And when it does, i cant do pvp,adventure, trial tower or even customizing heroes and inventory. It always cut the data signal whenever loads the game . PLEASE FIX IT OR WE WILL QUIT THANK YOU.

Mikan Perez

But i cant log in today I dont know if its maintenance today 6-22-2016 but i cant log in since this evening. Can someone tell me whats going on? Thank you.

Patricia Delos Santos

Problems with new update There is a problem at my guild (world server).The bug dosent allow us to use guild war though we can "enter" we cannot engage battle with other guilds.There are also multiple bugs found within the game but this takes primary importance. (Ex Fortress Defence has a bug too) please fix this problem.

Drew Ignacio

Update/Customer Support This is taking way too looooooong for a mobile game update...and the intended time for maintenance keeps extending... as for your customer support? Do you really have one? Do they know they're job? Are they aware of their responsilities? Are they efficient? Sufficient?

julian sicat


Anime Luver

News problem After the maintenance, I always receive a page error message on the news, and no matter how much I refresh the page, I never see the news until the next event

Joven Cataluna

Log in failed As of today. I can no longer play this game. As i open the game, it asks me to sign in but cannot log in with the account i'm always using.

Irvin Marquez

Lost my progress When I installed and unnistalled and installed the game I cannot use my Facebook acc fix this I really love this game fix it

Renz Jose

Force closed Such a waste of time downloading it. I already finish the download then it wont open to the game.

Hector Otero

cant play it keep getting error about removing program that can mod the app but i dont have anything like that so not sure what it means

victoria jeffords

Ripoff When this game was first launched, it was very clearly a knockoff of elsword. For anyone who doesnt know what Elsword is, it is an MMORPG originally pc-based, but the developers have created a newer, and less entertaining version of it for mobile which eliminates the free-roaming function that was introduced in the pc version. Despite my initial assumption, this game has panned out to be different in many ways and is fairly entertaining. It is, definetly, better than the newer version of elsword

Grammar Nezi

What is this...? Different. Not the gc I played once in the past. All these years passed, and now, It's not the same anymore. I have found somegame else to play. I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me. Well, it's obviously you. You've changed. EVERYTHING in you changed. You're not the same... Is it really you? The game controls... are so different. I've played mobile games that were able to execute similar mechanics to gc. I was expecting the same, but BETTER. But this is totally different. You know what I mean. I loved you. Bye.

Tyler Kennedy

Avoid this unless you're bored or rich Game does nothing to cater to long time players. Everything is very expensive and it can take over a year to get a character you want/need. Difficulty spikes are huge and the game is unforgiving. Too many bugs that affect gameplay to count. All in all avoid this game. Will change from 1 star when game is worth it.

juan hosea Putra

I will give 5 later.. || WORST DEV After update games commonly force close in my smarthphone. FYI my smarthphone is asus zen 2 please fix it ==updated== this game is worst they know about issues who effect some player and they don't do anything about it even in the lastest update.. so sad i have to stop play this game coz dev doesn't give a care about his user they just want money

Emmanuel Palinsad

The game is exciting. D'BEST for me. I play everyday, but after ng 1st anniv big update, though there is awesome rewards and exiting new features, but the game is always crashing on my device. can you please fix this issue? because I can't play sometimes.Thanks

christian Tolentino

Error: Unstable internet. UGH I've bought a new note 3 just to play this game again cause i like playing it and i like to play it bigger screen. Ive installed it and on the patch menu it says unstable internet. My phone running in kitlat version. I hope you guys can help me asap. I'll be more than willing to give you 5 stars if it will be fixed. FYI i tried reinstalling but getting the same error

Spencer Martin

Grand chase m Pretty cool, but real time ra id still hasnt worked for me. Also it would be so cool to add buyable and or switch able skills like on the pc version. Also having a problem signing in please fix it.

Reign De Leon

Perfectly clear Region Bugs I'm about to give it a Five star for graphics and new plots but there is a bug in Region bosses that even though I think clear it perfectly I only receive two stars. In which, turn out annoying because you can't get the perfect clear rewards. I hop game devs appreciate it. I promise to give it 5, even though I couldn't get my old account back (beta days).

Sakidaka Vendra

More interesting 28 Aug, 2016: Developer did many improvements on this game, new features, new system, Real Time Raid, etc.. This game is getting more fun to play. I hope dev could fix bugs, connection delay, freeze, and force close. ?

Joseph Angeles


Justin Cruz

WHY?! :( Please fix this... When I open the app, it just shows a blank black screen.. I thought it was loading but I waited for 10 mins and it's just black... Fix this please.. Now my attendance is ruined :( It has been like 6 days now... Good bye Uno :( And Kay :( And Jo :( And VEIGAS T_T (PS. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but didn't work.. I tried restarting my phone didn't work..)

jeffrey m

Force Close Problem After the anniversary updates, i cant play properly. If i click mailbox, inventory etc. it will force close. Pls fix it. I really like this game. Thanks

Taufik Ardiansyah

TOO MUCH FORCE CLOSE nice game... but the bug is annoying... when i open the inventory or open the mail.. app always force close.. and every i got new item there is force close too... i cant play... so please fix the bug as soon as posible..

Kolle Wizzs

The Update OMG The update is taking too long , what did you add to this game ? A movie ? Yeah you better put a 2hours movie inside this or anything worth waiting for this update , or give us any free 6 stars hero or items , or anything. Btw i like the games , but i hate the Update!!!

Ganjar Pangestu

Force close My phone is Asus Zenfone 2. Its always force close when i going to battle. Is it my phone not compatible or what? Please fix that please.. I'll give u five star for that.

tammy johnson

Disappointed Loved it before the last updated, it won't allow me to play the real time raid because it states my inventory is full. In addition can't open most of my chest or boxes for the same reason even though I have plenty of room. Would be a 4 star if this problem was fixed

Jun Brian Danan

Great Game! I love this game.. I've been playing this games since the PC days.. the gameplay is very different and this game is very expensive.. I recomment this for those who have work. :) --- i've made it to 1 star.. my account was deleted for no concrete or valid reason at all. And still no response from the CS.

Mike Romito

Not loading. Fixed I played for a day on my Nexus 6p. Now it finishes data loading and sits on the loading screen doing nothing. I loved the PC game and really want to give this more stars. I don't know what happened but it works again.

Pea Chan

Cant update even if i have a stable connection i really love the game, but after the huge update, i cant download the update. it keeps saying that i need to connect to a stable connection, even if i have a stable connection. i didnt get that problem on the previous updates. pls help me, i wanna go and play again

Domenique Dorado

Starting to hate the APP The updates are wonderful, but can't stay playing for more than 1 minute. Anything I do, may it be opening the mail, dungeons, inventory, store and sometimes even the news will trigger the APP to auto close (Force Close). It had been about 5 days now and still doing the same thing. If someone from the developer's side can read this. Please, fix it ASAP bec I love this game. :(

Chrisayuri Cy

Cant sign in due to server error After i close the app and opened it again because the game restarted to next day, i cant log in anymore. After the patch, its stucked.. saying server error .. ive got only few days left to perfect my 28 day attendance. Please fix :( Also, everytime i draw I only get the heroes that i already have. Most of my draws are rare monsters. Is there a certain schedule in every account when they draw? How?

Kingerwille Taguba

GC app crashes Hi, the game is good but for some reason the App. Crashes everytime I want to equip my items. Please fix it so I can really enjoy the game.

Haru Senju

Great GAME POOR DEVELOPERS.. I tried to uninstall it for many times still experiencing force close.. issues with inventory and mailbox..i bought windows 10 just for this butwhat igot is crap..

Renelo Tapado


Brandon Durham

Nice but I need help I really like the game however I logged on today and I was lv 1 again and all my heroes were gone. Can you guys please look into this? I would love to continue playing but I dont want to start over. Ign Zeestee

Jenrick Cuevas

totally good I recently downloaded this thing and Im stuck in the loading screen because it crashes when the files are almost downloaded,Kinda annoying.Please fix this and I will rate 5 stars.I love grandchase btw EDIT: LOL I can play it nowww awesome update :)

Tian Ramos

Worst mobile game You didn't fix all bugs...ill sent you my screen shot...ill sent you my issue...but you didn't fix it...better to rate you zero star ...

Ananda Adroit Al-Amin

I need help This game is great. But, there's a bug when opening the inventory that force close the app. This is ridiculous. Please fix this bug ASAP. Thanks

Rocky B

I like this game, but there are many problems after the long update, and now i can't login because it say that the server is busy again and again, i have a little suggestion for you, if you don't ready for a big change, just update in steps instead don't make us dissapointed like this, thanks dev :)

Eko Prasetyo

Nice game Love the game, good job. more gift pls like gem, 5 or maybe 6 stars characters, btw the game is lagging en sometimes was force closed, fix this pls, thx

Bob Prater

Keeps closing Seems like a cool game, but can only give it 3 stars for now, constantly closes itself. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now but keeps doing it

Sheryl Jones

Fix this force crashing! came back to the game to give it a try but I pretty much crash when starting the story mode and trials etc and I lose my SP and AP and also my tries and also some bug with the inventory when I clearly have room. I can't enjoy this as it is now i will rate 5 if this is fixed other than that I can't recommend it to any of my friends or fellow GCers out there that have this same problem


FORCE CLOSE & FREEZING!!!! I like the game. The graphics, The heroes but what I dont like is it is always force closing and freezing i cant play!! All i can do is collecting heroes and gift!!! I cannot take this anymore gonna uninstall this game.

zeero shin

Unfortunately, GCM has stopped If i click inventory, mail box, change them equip hero, add equip, after battle, the game unfortunately GCM has Stopped, why ? Please!, give a solution about this.

Andy pogi

Pls fix the item inventory bug Everytime I open a chest its always says that "make room in your item inventory" even though my item inventory capacity is 50/80 pls fix it I cant open a reward chest because of it!!


Happy anniversary GrandChaseM!!! Playing this game a whole year with bugs are worth in this update its getting more intense every updates, thanks for the efforts to fix issues, good job eyedentity mobile!!

kyle lositano

game almost impossible to progress by being f2p. all rare heroes are op. if you see this just play something else

smoke eater

Its ok Fun. Good armor and power ups. a bit expensive to play. Id rank it in the top 4 for these types of games

keroller nue

crash crash crash please fix these crash problem..after major update not only the game become slower, the game crash while doing some daily event such as wanted list and trial tower. every days wasted chances because of the crash. its really unpleasant to play in such condition.

It was good but I can't log in at all anymore. I've tried making a new account and starting over but that doesnt work either. Very saddening. ;c

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