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14 Mar
Graffiti Pro for Android

Posted by ACCESS CO., LTD. in Productivity | March 14, 2016 | 102 Comments

Apk file size: 5.1 MB

Download Graffiti™ - The Keyboard Replacement for Android that uses the stroke-based handwriting recognition system text input system made popular by Palm™ PDAs running PalmOS™.

-Replaces the Default Keyboard for Android
-Stroke-based text input - Uses the Graffiti™ alphabet text input method
-Easy to Learn
- Speeds up text input with Auto-Capitalization and Word Learning
-English and Japanese language support
-Faster and More Accurate that On-Screen Typing
-Advertisement Free

Graffiti™ is a replacement for the built-in on-screen keyboard, also called an input method. With Graffiti, you no longer type but you draw Graffiti characters with your finger or a compatible stylus. Graffiti characters are mostly single-stroke drawings that closely match the usual alphabet, but are simplified to make entry faster and easier. For example, the letter "A" is entered with a stroke that looks like an upside-down "V", saving time that you do not need to cross the "A" in the middle. Same for the letter "T", which is entered almost like a "7".

There are text and numeric input areas, improving the recognition of your input. Strokes drawn in the text area will only be interpreted as letters; strokes in the numeric area will be interpreted as numbers .

If you were a user of a PalmOS based PDA in the past, this will all be very familiar to you as the input method used by those devices was a stylus drawing Graffiti strokes in an input area at the bottom of the display. But even if you were not a Graffiti user before, you should give it a try now if you find that the on-screen keyboard doesn't suit your input style.

Don't know the Graffiti alphabet? After installing and enabling Graffiti, just draw a stroke up from the Graffiti input area into the main display area and the help screen appears. Tap to switch between the six stroke help screens.

Watch the YouTube videos to get a sense of what this input system is like in action and read the comments and reviews.
Install video:
PocketNow video:
CareAce video:
Questions? Please see the FAQ at our website.

Whats new

    [2016/03/15 v1.0.5]
    fixed the issue unable to translate to kanji
    [2016/02/03 v1.0.4]
    Fixed an install issue (Can't install the app, error code: -103)
    [2016/01/29 v1.0.3]
    High resolution support.

ACCESS CO., LTD. part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 14, 2016. Google play rating is 77.761. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 5.1 MB.

Download graffiti-pro-for-android.apk 5.1 MB


A Google User

Needs update The long press on the text field no longer brings up the input method menu. You can still get it from the Android keyboard and Swype. There needs to be an update to bring this feature to graffiti, perhaps a long press or a dedicated stoke.

A Google User

Really missed Graffiti from my Palm Pilot days This app works great with my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and Motorola Photon, whether with stylus or finger. Only glitch is that in some applications you need to hit return before closing the keyboard to avoid deleting the last word entered or for going back and editing text. The suggested word feature is okay, but lags behind SwiftKey in this respect. I strongly prefer Graffiti to the handwriting recognition in S Note.

A Google User

Really wanted, doesn't work Installed, set options, and will not run on LG Escape w Android 4.0. Acc to website has not been updated since Oct 2011. As a former Palm user, it's a shame Graffiti is abandoned.

Monica Nelson

Loved Grafitti since before Android! I first used Grafitti with a Treo (yes, I'm dating myself!) - with a little practice Grafitti is a great way to text, take notes, etc. I can hold my phone & grafitti with my thumb without looking at the screen (can come in REAL handy sometimes!)

Bill Knight

Was great. Now, not so much I loved having Graffiti input on my old Droid and GS2 and GS3. However on the GS4 and Note4 the stroke screen is so small as to be useless. Please catch up with the modern screen sizes!

A Google User

Lately has worked fine. Still not sure if it's keylogging tho. For about a month worked fabulously. Now I can't code. "Can't verify your license," it says. (EDIT: it has been working fine now for a year so I am changing my previous negative review. Thanks for fixing it!)

A Google User

What a relief I bought my Android phone because I needed a replacement for my old Palm TX (may it rest in peace). Unfortunately my fat fingers had a real problem with the keyboard on my Galaxy S2. I can not express my relief at finding this app. My old Palm was back. I only have one request for the developers...... Graffiti 2? I was more enamoured with the keystrokes from the second generation graffiti and found them much faster, especially the caps. Thanks for producing such an awsome app for Android.

Carl Cregor

Needs one small feature for 5 stars I use this app on all my devices, current, past, and probably future. Issue presents itself when using this with various screen sizes. Sometimes it comes up taller than it optimally should be, taking up far more screen space than necessary. Other times smaller, making it difficult to use. Kind developer Sir or Madam, Could you add a setting to change the height of your keyboard? Many thanks! An already happy purchaser

Riza Imanuddin

Very Good but Too Small Drawing Area on HTC One I have used this app from my last phone HTC One X, and I am very satisfied with its function and performance, but when I upgraded to HTC One, the problem rised, a bit difficult to activate the apps ( have to activate using kingsoft office) and the drawing area is too small. But again, the function and performance is good...

A Google User

Good start. Where are the updates? (Nook Tablet) I had a Palm PDA and became adept at writing with Graffiti. I still have the touch and this product does an okay job of recognizing strokes. Some characters have to be exaggerated for Graffiti Pro to recognize the stroke (esp. 'e' and 's', which tend to be interpreted as 'c' and 'j'). Biggest problem by far is that I can't select a word in the middle of a paragraph (to correct spelling, for instance). I can see it trying, but the selection device always snaps back to the end of the last word written. I have to erase all the way back to the error. Therefore, I use Graffiti Pro only to take personal notes. For email and such I switch back to the keyboard. I was hoping to find an update today, but no. The developer seems to have abandoned the project. If you buy, you will have to live with the bugs forever.

Nigel Goode

Craps support when problems found. Unimpressed With my new Xperia the writing area is too small to use. Two emails brought no response from the support team. Pretty poor. Shame you can't get refunds. If you want support, buy something else.

A Google User

Chris Suggest no one wanting to use this App on a tablet download it until the author fixes either the instructions or the license verification check. I confirm, in its current state, it's a waste of money.

David Berry

I Love Graffiti ... but this app makes me very sad. As a Palm user for years, I became expert at graffiti. I know all of the extended getures as well as the basic alphabet. I bought graffiti pro and used it on "starter" android phones, but now I've progressed to using a Google Nexus 5. The high resolution screen, and defective screen handling in graffit pro make the gesture entry field too small to be of practical use, though I've tried hard to make it work. My fingers just can't reliably make the gestures in the tiny space alloted on hi res screens. One star. I assume this will never get better, since the app appears to be un-maintained for at least two years.

A Google User

Well, it's about time! I used Graffiti on PalmOS devices since the first came out, and I was so disappointed when it was replaced by other HWR programs and keyboards. While no HWR is perfect, Graffiti does provide for "heads-up" writing. Because all the strokes are written one on top of the other, you can write a continuous stream of text quickly and surprisingly accurately without even looking at the screen. You can be looking AT the person you are talking to while still writing accurate notes. My only wish is the ability to increase the vertical size of the actual entry pane by between 5mm and 10mm. Works well on the Nexus 7, (though I do wish the input area was a bit taller.)

David Breslin

Make sure taller! Useless!! Height is way to small to use on galxy s4 in portrait or landscape modes|! Please fix..ingers dont fit. Also please add microphone access button or other to switch keyboards....3 months and no fix wth

A Google User

Nice app for former PalmOS users I've used PalmOS devices from the IIIc to the Treo 755, so it was great to find Graffiti resurrected and available on Android. I much prefer it over multitouch or Swype on my Motorola Photon -- and SO happy the old Graffiti 1 strokes work too! Only con is that it's hard to edit text (when underlined w/suggestions the cursor keeps jumping back to that spot). But I can't seem to master selecting the text I want with any input method, so maybe it's just me. Definitely worth $3 IMHO.

A Google User

Awesome It doesn't seem like this app is under any kind of active development, which is a shame. It's brilliant for being able to "type" without having to look at a tiny keyboard. I love it. One suggestion (which I assume will just drop into a black hole) - can we have up arrow and down arrow work? Left and right work correctly, but the equivalent for "up" yields Č and "down" yields an "ă". Also, while I think about it, a long press would be good for popping up a menu with, options for modifier keys and voice input.

A Google User

Better than on a Palm Graffiti Pro works even better on Android than it did on my various Palms. The best thing about it is that you can enter text without looking at the keyboard, unlike any of the soft keyboards I tried. A must-have app for any former Palm user. It would be nice if it had an option for voice input, but that's a minor quibble. Occasionally its recognition ability deteriorates, which is why I give it only 4 stars -- but a reboot fixes that.

Finn John

Unusable on modern phones I've used this app for 4 years. Loved it. Then as I upgraded my phone the input panels got smaller and smaller until now it's virtually unusable. App hasn't been updated in years.

A Google User

Best compromise between speed and precision I use Swype for writing emails and so forth, and it's very fast, but it's worse than useless when you're trying to enter text URLs, terminal commands, or any other character strings that need to be 100% accurate and won't show up in your dictionary. About three quarters of the notes I write to myself include hardware serial numbers from my company's inventory, and the auto correct just goes berserk. I can tap the data in, of course, but that takes too long to do without mistakes. I was actually using a drawing program to jot down my notes until I tried Graffiti. It took me less than an hour to master the whole alphabet and the most commonly used symbols. I haven't memorized all of the more obscure symbols, but the built in cheat sheet lets me look them up any time I need them. The program comes with its own auto correct function, but I leave it turned off because of the way I'm using it. The bottom line is that I can now enter strings of arbitrary characters quickly and accurately without having to constantly look down at my phone. This is well worth my three bucks, and is one of the best purchases I've made for my Galaxy S.

Steve Smith

Hi This was a great Product. But it is now basically useless.The input window is too small on modern wide screen devices. Please increase the size of the input window to the same proportion as on original devices, or better, make the input window user adjustable.

A Google User

One of the greatest apps ever For us orphaned Palm Graffiti users, finding this app was a huge relief. Although it appears to have had no updates in a while, it still works flawlessly. If you want actual handwriting-to-text, this is it.

A Google User

Nice and nostalgic, but it shoots itself in the foot I used and loved Graffiti on my palm devices long ago. I was very happy to see that Graffiti lives on on Android. I was even happier to see how well integrated Graffiti is with PalmOS. Alas, the license-paranoia kills it. I have several Android devices, but the Graffiti license server will only allow me to run it on one. So, if I were to get good at using Graffiti again (and without a stylus), then the effort would be wasted because the skill wouldn't transfer from my phone to my tablet. Bummer.

Terence Brown

Writing area is TOO SMALL I fell in love with graffitti 14 yrs ago with my Palm Pilot & refuse to use anything else. 2 yrs ago I put Graffitti on my Nexus S & the writing area was perfect! Now I have a Galaxy S4 & the aop has a thin "strip" to write on. I'm very disappointed. Make the writing area BIGGER!!

Peter Whittaker

Was great, now writing area too small (newer phones) This was the one of the first apps I bought, and it was amazing on my original Samsung and again on my S2; it's even quite good on my Asus T300. But on my S4, the writing area is far too small. I would pay for an update!

A Google User

Would be better with some key features Love Graffiti, but (1) why not use the vastly superior Graffiti2 spec? (2) why not make it semi-transparent, allowing better use of screen real estate? (3) does not size correctly in portrait mode on a Samsung Tab 7.0 plus. Mainly due to #3, I'm not using it regularly, but would like to!

A Google User

Graffiti is so cool. Just like my m100. It's unfortunate that I'll never be able to type as fast with graffiti as I can with swype. Graffiti really is awesome on my Evo.

A Google User

A lot of potential Too bad that it is abandoned, this with a SwiftKey like prediction would be excellent.. Would be nice an option to make invisible the pad, full screen mod for entering text. And to can change the alphabet strokes..

A Google User

Wish I could give 6 stars I clung to my Palm Tungsten T3 for as long as I could so Android was culture shock for me! Graffiti Pro to the rescue! After switching my input method to this I am very happy with my new device.

A Google User

Free version works great on my HTC EVO 4G. Pro version has serious lag issues on character recognition, usually only capturing half a letter.

A Google User

Free version performs better: pro version has very poor touch screen response on HTC EVO. Save your money.

A Google User

ICS Does this work with ICS. I just got the droid incredible 4g, When I press and hold the input field it doesn't pop anything up to allow me to change input type to graffitti

Lee Busch

Abandoned? But works with "Select Input Method" app. This won't activate on an HTC device with Sense, because Sense doesn't allow you to switch input methods at the text entry field level. And since the developer has apparently abandoned development of the app, don't expect an update to fix this. Though I'd LOVE to be proven wrong, since I love Graffiti input. ** update ** Using the app "Select Input Method", I am able to activate Graffiti Pro. The input area doesn't resize properly — stretching like silly putty depending on your screen dimensions.

A Google User

Swap panes I moved from iPad to an Android tablet for this app. Doesn't Apple realise that you write on a pad, you don't type. This app is great, alphabet is intuitive and easy to learn my only complaint is that I can't swap over the entry areas so I have to pay attention to the screen to make sure my fingers don't 'wander'. If the letter pane was on the right the shape of the machine would automatically keep my hand in place so I could concentrate on what I am writing. I would also pay a lot more for a short cut facility to enter regularly used text.

A Google User

Works great! I'm a fan of graffitti since me palm days. So much faster and more natural than the onboard screen keyboard (i won't use that again if i can help it). Invest in a good stylus and you are good to go. 5Stars..

Andrew Dabrowski

Abandonware? This could have been a good app if developers had continued adding features, but apparently it's just an ip grab.

Nicholas Tomlin

brilliant since the palm 650 I have used graffitti since the palm treo 650 and think it is the best input software for mobiles - especially the samsung galaxy note, to the extent that I have removed preferences to any other keyboard on the phone. Just one hangover from the palm is that I miss the capitalisation bar that would capitalise a letter if you crossed it, can Access please bring it back?

A Google User

Beat app for replacement keyboard! I have been using Graffiti since the original Palm Pilot in 1995, and i'm so happy that Graffiti is now available for Android. A++++++

Juan González López

Try it with "Graffiti Height Fix" Graffiti is seriously underrated. No other text input method for mobile devices comes close in speed or reliability. After just a little practice, you don't even need to look at the screen while you write! Long press to switch keyboard no longer works on newer Android versions, but there's an icon in the notification bar instead. And the instructions appear if you draw an upward line toward the center of the screen. To make the input area taller, try "Graffiti Height Fix" from the Play Store.

Robert Jones

Graffiti is a must for previous Palm and windows mobile users Agree with other reviewers that it needs a way to switch and from keyboard. It also needs the ability float.

Kevin O'Toole

Graffiti LOVE IT! Have since the days of Palm... I lOvE! that I can write without having to Always look at the screen!!! Also, I LoVe bein' able ta git things writ down in what ever slang, lingo, ab'reviation or c'ntrAction, mis-creAtiVe caPitaliZatioN that I, I! I choose rather then some predictive text or uptight dictionary that is always "correcting" what I intended to write with what it thinks that I want or should be writing! I wrote this review using swype before installing graffiti on my new phon Whata pain!

Christopher Merrill

After years of use... I've been happily using this for many years, but I must now downgrade my review to 2 stars. The writing area on my Note Edge is so small that it is nearly unusable. It is bad enough that after using Graffiti for decades (started on the original Palm Pilot 1000), I must consider switching over to using Samsung's text input for the Note. Please, please add a setting to customize the size of the writing area. Give us a little love, please!

Donald Randolph

uses too much screen Started out on a Palm Pilot II, so was imprinted on Grafati style a long time ago. Been using this for years on my Note II, but the v1.0.4 update is not very smart about relative screen sizes. I live in EverNote (instead of paper & pen) and the new writing areas are so tall I feel much context is scrolled off the page I am entering data into.

wenonah grupido

Can't use since update! I love graffiti and have been using the pro version on all of my devices for many years. It is the most efficient way to write, but since I updated 2-3-16 it crashes when I add a space, making it impossible to enter more then a single word. Please fix this so I can give 5 stars again and stop using this clumsy stock keyboard. I just want my graffiti back how it was!

Thomas Retter

No space/period crashes on S5. Device screen size auto adjust or user setting would be nice.

Robert Bruce Alexander

1_step-forward&2_back How many years will it take them to fix this one? Shrunken text entry area finally fixed but now crashes on every space, period. & who knows what else. (keyed in description from bluetooth)

Raul Garcia

Writing area to big Previous version the writing area was to small now its too big on Samsung Note 3. Please reduce height by 1/2 or have adustable parameter.

A Google User

Need bigger or different sharp of writing area for tablet! The writing area become a narrow rectangular in tablet. This is not good for writing.

jin choung

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! i just installed it again on a whim to see if i can use it with the small writing area on my nexus 5 only to discover that i had a nice big spacious writing area!!!! oh my gosh, this is soooooo amazing! thank you thank you thank you thank you!

David Hanna

Thank you! Thank you! My favorite "keyboard" since Handspring days is FIXED for hi-res screens. Thank you!

Brad Meiners

No longer works I have used it for decades, but it stopped working on my Galaxy S2 this week. Downloaded again but it is version 1.3, not the newer version.

Ray Kabia

Writing area and height is perfect! Grafiti Pro is great! Way to address the small skinny screen thing!

John Kraft

Hi res support made it awesome again This is graffiti 2 from the latter days of Palm, and it's my favorite small screen input choice at any sort of shell prompt, or for typing in passwords and the like. It was becoming unusable on newer hi dpi devices, so I'm excited by the new hi res support. It works perfectly again. Thanks, devs!

John Melcher, Jr

Still best input method for phone Latest update expands input area to easily usable size. Perfect.

Diana Gibbons

Prob. wt. input screen on 2016-01-29 update Input screen in portrait mode on Galaxy note II is twice as high as it was, hogging the lower third of the screen. Will get a 5 rating again when this is fixed.

Steve Petrosino

Upgraded to 1.0.3 Have used G since the days of enlightenment (palmOS). The android edition worked well on 3 diff HTCs but on my OnePlus the writing area was only 1/2" high until 1.0.3 which is 1-9/16" high - over compensation I think. The height REALLY needs to be user configurable to account for ? on diff devices. Please add this for 1.0.4 soon. That will warrant 6 stars. Character recognition is significantly better in 1.0.3 also.

Rick Clayton

Update good but ... make it a setting! I love Graffiti, to the point that when my old S3 died I got another since the text area was too small on modern phones. You've now enlarged the area but it's too big on the S3. I'd like to go back. Better still, make the pixel height a settable value! When in unstable environments (walking, car, boat) large is good, other times smaller is better (more screen area for display). I'd give it a 5* if there were a height setting (or even an old/new switch).

Mark Pangilinan

Yippie - hi res support ! My prayers have been answered. No, really. Thanks so much for this update

Paul Tap

Perfect High res screen support makes it the killer keyboard app for me, again

A Google User

Thanks for fixing the bugs! It now works correctly on Samsung S6 edge+. Now would you please implement Grafitti Shortcuts? Happy to buy it.

Max Fretter

Its Back!!! After 5yrs Access have finally updated for hi-res screen proportions so the input area is usable again ... Great work, can be my primary input method again, no more hunt-&-peck!!

Paul Hindes

Yay! Finally fixed. But, the height of the writing area's too high and it's not adjustable. Since devs were unresponsive for actually years, I don't expect this issue to get fixed. At least now it works again and I'll use it. So, thx. (You know, devs, I'd wager most of us users would happily pay a few bucks for this if you'd just take an interest in us.)

James E.

It's the real deal. I have been using Graffiti since my first Palm Pilot 5000. I find it to be the most efficient means of text entry. Once you learn the alphabet, it becomes second nature. Highly recommended.

CP Seah

New writing area for hi-res phone is cool!! Thank you for updating it. It helps alot with the larger writing area, with less prone to errors with the space.

Dave Botsch

too large on higher rez screens Making an otherwise great app almost useless. Please add in a size option.

Michael Hughes

V1.0.3 This update for high res uses a third of the screen on my low res Nexus7, which is unacceptable. Graffitti had an advantage over the on-screen keyboard because it was smaller, but thats lost now. Please make high res a settings option!

Greg Wotton

I Love Graffiti again! I just don't understand why Pro won't install on my tablet. Is there any difference between standard and pro other than the file size?

John Roshak

"Improved" input panel hogs 1/3 of screen. Letter recognition is worse than it was on my Palm Pilot a decade ago.

dave bullard

Finally high rez!!!

Keith Schweikhard

Update fails to install Latest uodate is broken. Will download but install fails.

A Google User

Longtime huge Palm fan. This is the real thing, but needs two updates: IMPORTANTLY, the input screen needs to resize appropriate to the phone or tablet it's on and the type-ahead display area needs to overlay instead of displacing the rest of the screen display: it's visually jarring (but you can turn off type ahead, so, ok.)

William Crowley

Been using for years Thanks for update - old version was too small on DNA & Turbo. New version BIG. Maybe too big, but better than too small.

A Google User

love this, latest update is great on s5 - nice big input area again now

Ph Zh

Don't install version 1.0.4 or 1.0.3 if your version 1.0.2 worked OK!!! These later versions have a hugely bloated input screen, far too big, and the input completely freezes up if trying to use with a terminal emulator / busybox type interface. This refers to a Samsung GT-N7000 running Android 4.1.2. My urgent feedback to the developer has been completely ignored by them.

A Google User

issues on s6 has issues with period and won't show stroke menu on Samsung s6

jin choung

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! i just installed it again on a whim to see if i can use it with the small writing area on my nexus 5 only to discover that i had a nice big spacious writing area!!!! oh my gosh, this is soooooo amazing! thank you thank you thank you thank you! ------------------------- UPDATE: gah, got a note 4 to take advantage of graffiti in the best way possible but unfortunately, there's a weird bug with graffiti where if you take out the pen, whether you use it or not, writing, especially puntuation becomes next to impossible. still very usable if you don't pull out the pen but would be a dream to be able to use the pen with graffiti. if you guys have any spare engineers, please please please take a look at this issue. thanks much! ----- UPDATE 2: ok, it's not an issue with the pen per se or the removal of the pen. it happens with your finger too - the writing area is just so sensitive that it's almost impossible to make a single DOT. and that makes punctuation impossible. so again, if you guys have anyone working on the app, please fix! thanks!

Christopher Martin

I started using Graffiti on an old Palm Pilot, and quickly became a believer in Jeff Hawkins' vision. "And then it came to me in a flash. Touch-typing is a skill you learn." Just like touch typing is better than hunt-and-peck typing, Graffiti is much better than standard touchscreen keyboards. I purchased this app a long time ago and only had one real disappointment which they recently fixed. For the longest time they did not patch an issue regarding screen resolution and fixed writing area sizes, which caused the writing area to get smaller with each new phone. A recent update has fixed that and made the writing area scale much better (I'm on an extreme end of the spectrum with a Galaxy Note 4 and it actually scales to almost "too big") As it is, the app works wonderfully and my only issue is a very minor one that doesn't significantly impact usage. Since the Galaxy Note 4 comes with a high precision stylus... the stylus is essentially too precise for the writing area. Because of this, it's hard to do a punctuation shift, as a single tap can too easily make enough of a shape to be recognized as anything else. 4-stars due to lack of configurability.

Jon Shorten

Thankyou Great to get updates again, now using graffiti on sony z5 running marshmallow - best input since I had to give up my Clie. Text input is c50% faster

Andy Bustamante

Review with version 1.0.5 on Nexus 5x. After some disappointing versions of app crashes, Graffiti Pro is stable again. Graffiti is the easiest most graceful "keyboard" app. If you ever owned a Palm OS device this app gives back the same input you've already learned. The resized input area is an improvement over 1.0.2. One minor improvement request, allow users to set the height of the input area. This doesn't take away from the overall usefulness of the app.

Ken Mathis

It's Back! This input system was my "go-to" method for years, until the writing area got too small to be useful. Recent updates have fixed the problem, and I have my Graffiti system back. Many thanks to the devs!

Patsy Camarillo

So Glad this is back ! Graffiti didn't really go away, but I had to stop using it when it stopped getting Updated. So very glad to see the new Updates. This is the BEST!

Horst Olaf

thank you so much! great app! the original palm-like graffiti input! yes! i was waiting for this so long. works perfect on my huawei y6 ... bye bye onscreen keyboard ...

Wewen Zi

High res support! Yeay! Big improvement from previous versions.

Roy Man Tik Ho

Perfect Long for this input method. Work exactly the same as the good old Palm! Thank you!

Ari Nikoloff-Kraan

Perfection Found old palm under house. Instantly fell in love with drawing text!

Nicholas Tomlin

Brilliant I am addicted... Can't do without it

J. Chris McEwen

GREAT - very much improved on Note 4 (over 3) I've been using Grafitti Pro for years on all my Android devices (and Palms for years before that). BEST PERFORMANCE on Galaxy Note 2!! But I just gave up the 2 for the 3 & am disappointed. Two huge reasons: (1) the input area is *tiny.* ..... UPDATE FOR NOTE 4: Better but now writing space is too big.... So close!

BB Tablet

Doesn't work on Android 5.1.1 Samsung tablet This doesn't work on Android 5.1.1 Samsung tablet.

A Google User

Oops Just tried this on my LgG4 but if i put in a letter then do a space it crashes.

Wynelle Ulrich

Back working again after sys update killed it. LOVE Graffiti Pro! Not sure if I like height fix or not, I've gotten so used to the tiny writing space! It's awesome. Much faster than typing on faux android the keyboard. It's the 'bomb'!

Eduardo Winter

I love this keyboard, im so happy its back I love this keyboard, im so happy its back. It's the perfect keyboard for the Samsung Note, it should be included, but still some small things I hope could be fixed: every time I try to do the dot to make a symbol it registers a letter, there should be some way to adjust the sensitivity, or the size of the strokes that can be registered as letters. Also it really does need Spanish, and French dictionaries urgently. And last it also needs the Google Dictation button. Please add those things...

Oju Efunyale

Thank God for the update! Writing area too small once upgraded to Note 4. Had to uninstall. Grateful for the upgrade. Havent used Graffiti in so long I almost forgot how. But it all came back to me in a few quick strokes. Beats the Google and Samsung handwriting keyboards. Its faster because you can write Ietters on top of each other and you dont have to wait for the words to scroll left before you can type again. Four stars only cause you cant make punctuation marks with stylus. Have to stop and use my fingers everytime.

Mark Allred

Eeech! 2x Have used graffiti thru many renditions on Palm and Android, and even expected it to replace qwerty as a preferred input method (as it has for me). Now, have reinstalled due to phone replacement and 'Pro' on Motorola G cannot reliably interpret common strokes as o, x, g, m, e. I end up deleting many times to make any prggress. Goop luck, budpy. And may the Fgrce be with you. Today I have returned, fed up with thf bfhavior gf 'pro' and intending to recind my 1 star. Even so, I am hoping for a version on IOS

Roy Cline

Old time Palm user. Awwsome If your not familiar takes a bit to get used to but once you do you'll love it!

Nando Sanchez

I love graffiti Great app and works very well in my phone. Only thing I would add is more languages to the list. I write in Spanish

Сергей Кузнецов

Nice, but... Only English and Japanese :(

David Hanna

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My favorite "keyboard" since Handspring days is FIXED for hi-res screens. Thank you! Now: This thing is badly needed for smartwatches. This will work in that environment where nothing else will.

A Google User

Well, it's about time! I used Graffiti on PalmOS devices since the first came out, and I was so disappointed when it was replaced by other HWR programs and keyboards. While no HWR is perfect, Graffiti does provide for "heads-up" writing. Because all the strokes are written one on top of the other, you can write a continuous stream of text quickly and surprisingly accurately without even looking at the screen. You can be looking AT the person you are talking to while still writing accurate notes.

Andreas Huttenrauch

Pure Awesome Thanks for the update. I'm so happy to be able to use graffiti again. Now I can watch which characters are coming in instead of where my fingers are going. It's touchtyping for phones.

Frank Barnard

Fixed! Great!! Whoever updated the app to increase the input area size, thank you, thank you! Accuracy & ease of use great again!! Fantastic app! Great for quiet places when you cannot use voice typing.

Jon Tabor

Muscle memory Turns out my muscle memory from my Tandy Zoomer days is still good! So happy to find this keyboard, it's excellent.

Michael Harrison

Can't verify the license Every time I try to use it

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