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24 Jan
Graffiti for Android

Posted by ACCESS CO., LTD. in Tools | Jan. 24, 2011 | 46 Comments

Apk file size: 2.0 MB

Download Graffiti™ - The Keyboard Replacement for Android that uses the stroke-based handwriting recognition system text input system made popular by Palm™ PDAs running PalmOS™.

-Replaces the Default Keyboard for Android
-Stroke-based text input - Uses the Graffiti™ alphabet text input method
-Easy to Learn
-Speeds up text input with Auto-Capitalization and Word Learning
-English and Japanese language support
-Faster and More Accurate that On-Screen Typing
-Advertisement Free upgrade available with Graffiti™ Pro.

Graffiti™ is a replacement for the built-in on-screen keyboard, also called an input method. With Graffiti, you no longer type but you draw Graffiti characters with your finger or a compatible stylus. Graffiti characters are mostly single-stroke drawings that closely match the usual alphabet, but are simplified to make entry faster and easier. For example, the letter "A" is entered with a stroke that looks like an upside-down "V", saving time that you do not need to cross the "A" in the middle. Same for the letter "T", which is entered almost like a "7".
There are text and numeric input areas, improving the recognition of your input. Strokes drawn in the text area will only be interpreted as letters; strokes in the numeric area will be interpreted as numbers.

If you were a user of a PalmOS based PDA in the past, this will all be very familiar to you as the input method used by those devices was a stylus drawing Graffiti strokes in an input area at the bottom of the display. But even if you were not a Graffiti user before, you should give it a try now if you find that the on-screen keyboard doesn't suit your input style.

Don't know the Graffiti alphabet? After installing and enabling Graffiti, just draw a stroke up from the Graffiti input area into the main display area and the help screen appears. Tap to switch between the six stroke help screens.

Watch the YouTube videos to get a sense of what this input system is like in action and read the comments and reviews.
Install video:
PocketNow video:
CareAce video:
Questions? Please see the FAQ at our website.

Whats new

    v2.0.6 is the same as v2.0.5 but includes a menu item to upgrade to Graffiti Pro in Android Market.
    This release is ad-supported. Upgrade to Graffiti Pro for $2.99 for no ads.

ACCESS CO., LTD. part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 24, 2011. Google play rating is 78.179. Current verison is 2.0.6. Actual size 2.0 MB.

Download graffiti-for-android.apk 2.0 MB


Frederick Ravid

Doesn't work on Samsung Long press input fields does not offer the graffiti Input method as promised in documentation even after setup instructions have been followed correctly. Android 4.1 .1 on Tab & galaxy s3 latest OS

Sophia Shapira

Beats the alternatives I am glad that I now have a way of entering text that allows me to keep my eye on the text -- and which does not crash almost upon startup like the only *other* app that claims to do this.

Sean Russell

Too small On higher resolutions (Galaxy S4), the wiring area is just too tiny. Sadly, it doesn't adjust for pixel density correctly.

Antonio De Simone

Can't get it working on my Samsung pad No ability to switch input methods appears on long tap. May not be the the app's fault, but still not usable

Waltha Leong

Perfect for phones with stylus But desperately needs an update. Writing area too small for newer phone. Would be nice to be able to launch keyboard when "s pen" is removed in samsung note series.

A Google User

Use it all the time Graffiti Pro on HTC Sensation XL with ICS. A former Palm enthusiast, I insist on my smart phone having Graffiti. It's fast, and so intuitive. Would like a cut & paste facility, and the old customisable shortcuts. For Help with inputting, draw a vertical line upwards from the input box. Then tap the Help box to see the next page. After writing some text, add a space. This removes the underscore on the word you've just entered, and allows you to move the cursor to another part of the screen. It's weird how few people know Graffiti exists - I was writing a text after my plane landed, and looked up to find a circle of watching cabin crew.

A Google User

Great idea, but it struggled to recognize many letters. Eventually became too frustrating. What a pity.

A Google User

Ads in the writing area? Really? Japanese recognition is actually just romaji graffiti input; i'm not sure why i expected something more than that.

Andrea Coffey

Beaut, but the writing area is too small. As a long-time user of the Palm Pilot, Graffiti is just the ticket. It makes using a smart 'phone a breeze. I'll award five stars once the writing area has a physical size (in mm) similar to the Palm Pilot. On my Samsung Galaxy S4, the writing area is _much_ too low. Portrait orientation: 7.5 mm high on a 110 mm screen. Landscape orientation: 7.5 mm high on a 62 mm screen. On the Palm T|X, for which Graffiti was designed, the writing area is comfortably sized. Portrait orientation: 21 mm high on an 80 mm screen. (The letter are is 18 mm wide, and the digit area is 12.5 mm wide). Landscape orientation works differently to the S4, with the writing area placed to the _side_ of the screen, and the letter and digit areas each 16.5 mm high by 21 mm wide. For left-handed use it's the left side, and for right-handed use the right side of the screen.

David Wiza

App not being kept up to date Long press to switch keyboard doesn't work. Grafitti writing area size seems hard coded by number of pixels and is miniscule on newer phones with high resolution screens. A shame, because otherwise it would be worthy of purchase.

Tom Wishaupt

Nope. On my OnePlus One, the input field is way too small. The documentation is made for pre-4.x android. Many things have changed since then. (Like how to set the input method). Many recognition errors. I tried to write a sentence and got so frustrated that I removed the app. The gestures are far from intuitive.

Rick Keaton

Works well on Galaxy Note 3 Update after Verizon *FORCED* me to install 4.4.2 KitKat earlier today. I was extremely reluctant to upgrade for fear this and a couple of other apps would not work. The good news is that Graffiti for Android is still working, and I have adjusted to the thin entry area very well. The key annoyance is that the top left tap for special characters is less reliable than I'd like. --Original review: As noted the entry area is thin, 9/16" on the Note 3 but 13/16" on my old Droid 2. Tyger Katt's review had me concerned about having to reselect Graffiti entry every time I unlocked the phone, but it has become the real default -Verizon phone, Android 4.3. Removing the S-pen or using the Home button opens the Graffiti bar for password entry, and the "carriage return" stroke enters it for unlock. This seems like PARC Graffiti (Palm original), and a stroke from the Graffiti area into the screen area above brings up reminder screens. I've been using Mobile Write Graffiti (IMHO an improvement on PARC) on my Palm for 5+ years, but they seem to be gone and letters written in the alpha-numeric division zone are not entered as capitals. I have not used a long-press text entry field yet...

Tim Van Buren

Galaxy S2 user Works great on Galaxy S2. Long press brings up the input method chooser. I hate the onscreen keyboard motif that is so common these days. It's very frustrating to try to hit those tiny light patches on the screen with my grownup man fingers. I can write Graffiti as fast as I can write with a pen, so this works great for me.

A Google User

Needs Improvement BN NC w/N2A CM7. Can't enter accented characters. Some confusion of c, e. Would be better with stylus than finger on tablets. Full-area blocking ads annoying and slows entry down - small AdMod style would be more acceptable. Loses 2* for not working at all when no network connection - absolutely unacceptable. Better Graffiti ref needed, option for Graffiti2 or mixed G1/G2 mode w/customizations would be nice.

A Google User

Welcome back to accuracy and speed After 10 years of using a Palm, I had to switch to Android, and I missed the ease and speed of simply writing things down. For me there was no learning curve to learn the strokes of the Graffiti characters, but I did have to get used to a far larger input area on my tablet. What the app is missing is the Graffiti OSKs. What the app needs added is the capability to change the size of the input area. As things stand, 4 stars.

Tyger Katt

Love it.... but.... As an old Palm user, I was delighted to see Graffiti available for my Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy Note 3. But there's just one hitch, and that's why I had no choice but to give it a generous 3 stars. I select it as my default keyboard and roughly 50 times a day the system gives me a notification to select default keyboard. Every time my phone times out and locks, that message is on top of the pattern lock. It's beautiful to use, but buggy to keep selected as your default. I'd pay double for the Pro version in a heartbeat, but only if I knew it wouldn't do this. Any hope?-- I have my doubts seeing as last update was over 3 years ago. -- And for the reviewer that said the reference is a lot of fumbling to get to: Just place your finger or stylus in the graffiti writing area and swipe up out of it into the screen above (as clearly stated in the description above). It actually couldn't be simpler to access.

Scott Thornton

Was Great This app was fantastic on my old phone but with new phones, with higher resolutions, the writing area is so small making it very very difficult to write in. I guess before it was a 5 star but now a 2 - 3. I still use it - but it is hard to use.

A Google User

Ever since my Palm pda's I've missed Graffiti. I'm lovin' it on my Droid! So much faster than keyboard or Swype. Raced a friend w/Swype & I won. Buyin

Sarah Ardu

Disappointing I've been a graffiti user on several platforms for years and hoped I'd be able to continue using it despite moving to android. The actual graffiti works ok but it is made unusable by the pathetic excuse for predictive text they've incorporated. Keyboard is much faster input because you frequently only have to input 2 or 3 letters to get your word. With graffiti I generally have to input the whole word and it generally doesn't even show words with the letters you've input until you've input 4 or more letter

A Google User

Definitely has a learning curve, but good. Fortunately for me, I used Palm devices with Graffiti input for years, so I could jump right in and write at a very high rate of speed. Definitely a learning curve there for people who are not used to it, though. The biggest problem with Graffiti at this point is that it was designed for an older level of technology. It doesn't really support all of the characters that one needs to type in a modern environment, which makes it unfortunately not as useful as it once was. I am using Ultra Keyboard, now.

A Google User

Love this (except learning feature) One thing that I missed about my Palm was the ability to write in text so I'm loving this app. Only dislike is I would like option to disable suggestions bar as I'm about done writing a word before the right suggestion comes up (plus, bar appearing/disappearing is quite distracting). Update: A major flaw is that passwords you previously typed show up in the suggested words list when you're writing

A Google User

Fast, accurate, and you can READ while you write PROBLEM: It seems not to work with the latest Android update. In older systems... Much, much better than the keyboard. If you master Graffiti, it's a must. You can type faster, more accurately than with keyboard. You can read while you write... and you can also type without looking, discreetly while you talk. Four stars only because it doesn't have "function gestures", such as cut (slash-c), paste (slash-X) and so forth. I hope it comes in the next update.

A Google User

Very slow Incredibly slow. I can understand why somebody would want to use it for nostalgia, but nothing else. Far too slow. TouchPal and Swype are much better

A Google User

Your finger as a pen! Have used this app every day for the last 3 months. Some things you need to know: 1.You have to give yourself time to learn the gestures 2. The pop-up advert will annoy you 3. You'll wish that you could see the characters you are writing when entering passwords 4. You'll find question marks difficult to get right 5. You'll find some of the predicted word options dubious 6. You'll wish it could intuitively offer you the words you use the most 7. You might just fall in love with it.

A Google User

Excellent. Works really well. I just installed it, being a little sceptical about it working like Graffiti 1 on Palm, especially with having to use my finger on a capacitive touch screen, but it worked. Perfectly at that. Recognised all my malformed characters without issue. 5 minutes later I purchased the pro version. Thank you for fixing the biggest issue I have with Android devices and making text input fast. If you like code editing I would also recommend this over the default keyboard. So much faster to enter punctuation with this than an onscreen keyboard.

A Google User

Just great! Finally an application that can contribute greatly to my productivity at work. My work requires me to write a lot of stuff. And I have say, handwriting input/grafitti is still the most efficient. As a Palm user before, this is the one feature I miss. I had always hoped that the tablets of today would have handwriting input. Thanks for resurrecting this technology. Handwriting input/graffiti is indeed still relevant to a lot of users despite the advances in todays consumer electronics. Works well with Galaxy tab.

Daniel Kim

This finally makes the phone useful I have had Palm and iPAQ PDAs, and just inherited an Android phone. I hate the keyboard, and so was very pleased to see a Graffiti app. I was confused by the reviews here, because some people mentione the much-maligned Graffiti-2 system, which I hate almost as much as the on-screen keyboard. I am happy to say that this app works just as expected. It takes a little bit of learning, but now I can write very quickly and accurately. I don't know why it is not used universally. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989, Android version 4.0.4

Asterion Daedalus

Law Suit? If PalmOS had to stop using this because Xerox are suing them then I assume we hope we are paying for the lawsuit if we buy the pro version?

Michael Chenault

Great app, but input area is too small on new high resolution devices. I've been using this app for a few years on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and always loved it. I was a Palm Pilot guy since about 97 and I've always loved Graffiti for input. This app worked great on my Galaxy S2. However, I just upgraded to an S5 and it appears that the input area is locked in resolution. Now, on a 1080 display, the input area is just way too small to use effectively. I'd still recommend it on lower resolution devices for fans of Graffiti input, but I'm having to switch to Swiftkey now, because I just can't be precise in the small input area anymore. I would LOVE to see this app updated with an option to increase the input area for higher resolution devices. I hope maybe they'll update the app with this functionality, so I can switch back. In the mean time, I'm giving the app 4 stars, based on how happy I've been with it for the last few years.

Madolyn Griffith

awesome! I had a Palm V back in the day and I became quite fluent with Graffiti. Some of it I still remember, some of it I'm struggling to remaster, but it's so much faster than any keyboard, especially for entering repeat characters (I loathe and despise predictive text and turn it off whenever possible). My only slight gripe with making Graffiti my default input method is there are some apps that don't let me switch input methods on the password screen, and some passwords I can only remember by having memorised the sequence on the 4x3 number keypad, which is my preferred layout (on a fullsize hardware keyboard I am a fast touch-typist and it's hugely frustrating to be reduced to hunt-and-peck on a small screen). Having to remember to switch input methods before logging in to some apps and then switching back to Graffiti... pain in the sitting-on part. But otherwise, all well and groovy. Loving it!

A Google User

Wow, flashbacks. I am amazed. I have had several of the Handspring PDAs over the years, and this is FAR better than I had hoped. What also amazes me is that I remembered the old key(?)strokes for the letters. Very high accuracy. I don't know what flavor of crack these people that are having problems are smoking, but it's a real home run. Great job, dev.

A Google User

UNSUPPORTED APP- Broken on Hi-Res devices --------DOWNGRADED FROM 5 STARS ----------- Access Co. doesn't list Graffiti on their website, and ignores queries about this product. ------SUPPORT THIS APP OR GIVE lT TO SOMEONE WHO WILL! ---------- ---------- I've been using Graffiti for decades starting on a Palm VIIx. Two years ago, I moved to android, installed Graffiti on my HTC Evo 4g and I love it. Fast and accurate. (I've turned off word prediction/correction in the settings, which helps.) Recently, I bought a tablet - Asus TF701T, with a 10inch 2560x1600 display. Unfortunately, the Graffiti entry area is too short to use. The graffiti input area on this tablet is 2/3 the height of the input area my Evo 4g phone. On the tablet its nearly impossible use. I'm guessing the hi resolution is the cause. It would great if there were an option to change the size of the input area.

A Google User

Bad enough a Network Connected Input method +Ads ... but to refuse to install on my tablet because of what? No 3g connection? What sort of data mining and advertising operation is this where they can't make due with GPS plus WLAN? I'll use it on my phone anyways but that's still a deal breaker. Its been said before and I'll say it again, put a price tag on it or don't bother teasing us who used Graffiti before it became some sort of retro sham!!!

A Google User

Annoying Mistake The app was cool, until my phone locked, & I tried to enter my password, but oh what's freagn enter button!!! So now I'm locked out of my own phone, and currently don't know how to fix...(annoyed)

A Google User

Retro happiness I loved Graffiti on my old Palm, and this app doesn't disappoint -- does what it says, and because I already know Graffiti, I was instantly productive with it. I'm glad it uses the original Graffiti 1, which was better than version 2. However, I miss the "wide" input layout that was available on the Palm, where upper and lower case letters were entered in separate zones -- easier and faster than using the shift stroke. Apart from that minor quibble, it's a treat. Graffiti is easy and intuitive to learn; if you can print in block letters you are halfway there.

A Google User

Nostalgic Thanks for making this available. I liked Graffiti 2 (which was more intuitive) better. I wouldn't mind paying for a Graffiti 2 version. Using on both Nexus S and Nexus 7; oddly, input window height in Nexus 7 is only 2/3 of that in Nexus S - making writing more difficult and causing more errors. Please increase window height for tablets.

A Google User

Cisco 2/12/12 Cheletwin2 - Go to settings - Input Turn on Graffiti & Into setting in Graffiti to do setup. /// Angela? If you tap or touch screen before an 'h', you get a '#' ! Touching before letters puts Graffiti in punctuation mode. /// For problems with correct input - Write letters big in the input area. Hope this helps.

A Google User

Excellent! Evaluating Android pad against Palm TX which I've used for years, and this fills a major failing. THANKS!

A Google User

At last! I have wanted this forever. It seems as good as the original, plus has type ahead.

Пользователь Google

Need Cyrilic !!! Need Cyillic support, just add few symbols and one more position between JA\EN

Пользователь Google

cyrillic Please, add cyrillic support.

Пользователь Google

Funny & oldskool Need Cyillic support, just add few symbols and one more position between JA\EN

Andrey Prokopenko

Please make Cyrillic support

Пользователь Google

Missing cyrillic I'm not original, this keyboard needs support for cyrillic fonts. Current version is useless because fo this (english works fine :) Otherwise - very useful for Galaxy Note devices with pen input.

Кенни Живов

Native usability Please add Cyrillic support!

Madolyn Griffith

As a former PalmPilot user I was delighted to find Graffiti available for Android when I got a Galaxy S2 in February 2013. Recently (due to increasing hardware failure) I was forced to get a new handset - Galaxy S4. I was relieved to see Graffiti was still compatible. When I started using it, however, I found the input area was about 2cm high - less than half the area available on the old handset. I'm having so much trouble now, accidentally touching the Menu softkey while writing and in many apps this automatically cancels the current action (in the process losing everything I'd just laboriously written) - which is why I'm having to write this on the computer instead of the phone :( ...I know others have this problem too. So can you please fix it??? I can't stand the idea of having to find a new input system. Keyboards just don't do it for me. Please please please fix the resolution issue. Please. *cries*

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