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17 Oct

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GpsFix helps to decrease the time required to obtain a position fix.
It keeps GPS/AGPS receiver turned on until location is fixed.
It is useful when your navigation app says "waiting for location" too often.

It shows the GPS, network and Google PlayServices location providers status.

It helps to work with any map, navigation, fitness soft.

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Android Labs part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 17, 2016. Google play rating is 77.075. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 175.0 KB.

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Michael Zisimou

Did the job!!! I'm using original rom on S2. For a year now, the gps position lock was a nightmare. More than 10min to lock on sats, even if sats found... I need 3sec for gps position lock with this app!!! Amazing job guys! Unfortunately i cant give more than 5 stars!!! I can easily donate!!! You saved me by buying a new phone :p

Eric M

Simple but Effective App About a month ago, I purchased a Samsung s4 tablet from Barnes & Noble who had them on sale for $149 minus my wife's 10% off card lowered the price to $134. What I found out shortly after the purchase is that I had an unexpected extra; a factory installed GPS. But my the tablet's GPS needs a little shove to lock onto gps sats while offline. I'm talking navigation with no wifi or data, aka "offline navigation". That's where this no-frills app comes into play. It finds GPS sats in less than a minute. When I didn't see the balloon -looking icon on the top left corner of my tablet (as was the case when I downloaded the free version of Sygic Navigation). I'd plug in my route and then have to wait...and wait. I went back to the app store and found this little jewel. I start up the app and then simply select, "Start fixing". Within SECONDS, icon after icon depicting a GPS sat comes into view and my GPS balloon on my tablet goes from nothing to blinking to a steady signal. I can either select "Stop fixing" or just let the app finish the job. Then I fire up Sygic, select my destination and away I go. Between this and Google phone, I'm free of the shakles of cellular companies!

John Wiseman

Improved the time it takes to achieve GPS lock on. It's now on every time I use Sat-Nav on my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

A Chopra

Didn't work for me Used a different app to solve GPS problems with google maps & navigation. This app didn't do anything. Uninstalled

Chris McCooeye

abnoxious ads Gpxfix used to be gold. The product worked, but now it makes ad notifications and full screen popup ads show up on my phone. I'm looking for an alternative.

Nick Leack

Wow Solved all connection lag, fast, clean and simple. Love it!

Peter Chinaski

Does what it says I have an S2 and the moment I finished installing CM11 M9 my GPS ceased to work completely. None of my navigation apps TomTom and Gmaps and radar trackers would work using the hardware GPS (because I disabled WiFi and Mobile Internet localisation). I tried one GPS fix app that didn't work, then I came to this one. Although you have to start it manually every time you want to launch a GPS dependant app it reenables my location service and fixes satellites. Thanks! Can't complain about ads either...

james b

Works really well on my China phone Cannot find with other phones I have looked and looked

A Google User

Caused major annoyances with my phone This used to be a great free app, but now the developer added AirPush ads. It got so bad that it would make my phone's screen turn on–randomly, and with no apparent solution–requiring me to erase everything and restore apps. The problem wasn't completely solved until I uninstalled GPS Fix. Advice to everyone: If you need to fix your GPS signal, either find a better app and give that dev credit (best solution), or if you have to get this app, delete it as soon as you get a location fix.

Jitendra Dubey

Great application to fix GPS locks Before I installing this application on my lenovo a6000, no GPS based application was working on it. Now I am able to use Google map at least on my device

Asep Mulyadi

Great Best thank you, i have test all the gps booster, gps fix, etc. this one the best apps, fast plfixed my location and accurate. Thank's

Aska Liu

Helps alot 5 star, save me lot of time when needed gps connection

Charl Naude

Brilliant!!! Upgraded to jelly bean a few days ago and although I struggled with my gps for a few months, it stopped working since the update. Tried various apps and nothing helped. Within a few seconds this app did it, even inside my home. Thanks a lot!!!

James McCloskey

Frigging Awesome On a good day, can get a Location fix in 6 seconds flat! Only a tiny bit of non-intrusive ads, very good!

Barry Keim

This is a great app My GPS wouldn't locate, or navigation didn't work either, now they work again!

Dillon Hackworth

Works great! This app saved me when it came to location based apps that wouldn't work on my S2.

Muhammed Shah

Awesome.. Using slimkat rom on tab2. It takes upto 5 to 10 minutes to lock gps.. But nw juz 5 sec is enough... Thnks devs

tjipto muljono

Lack of my lenovo s880 gps fixing time Good app for fixing gps .and now i'm still using in my Redmi note..

Krishanu Banerjee

Excellent app Please note that I have seen it is not working if you move it SD card. But if you see the size of the app, you don't need to move it to SD card... :)

Emm Caisse

80/20 Solution Does the job right, without all the extra "chrome". Nice to see an app that just "does what it says on the label". Fast and clean.

Ravi Verma

Awesome I arrived Singapore and saw my gps is not working. I checked so many apps to fix my issue but didn't found the solution. Then i found this app and in 2 mins my gps problum is fixed.... How powerfull this app is.... I love it...

Richard Woodrow

Simple works I like seeing that it registers several satellite signals. Helps to understand accuracy chances

James Edwards

ace of base Saves me a ton of time and is great for last second snatches in GPS based games

Vasantha Pradeep

Amazing. All work now. My Micromax A110 rooted jellybean. Fixed my gps location. Thankz.

Blood Elf

Works! I had an issue with my Xiaomi Redmi 1S, the GPS wouldn't work. This app did the job! Thanks!

A Google User

Great app My time to get a location is considerably shorter since using gps fix

tom papadakos

Best GPS app for Android that I've used..really helps with location lock-on ..thanks for this app!

Adrian Herenandez

Version Ellipsis 7 4G I had issues with WASA always taking an eternity getting a GPS fix and as soon as I opens GPS fix (WASA already running ) it fixed it the issue and WASA stopped complaining that it was still looking for my location. I highly recommend this app. At least it worked for my tablet. Great work!

CM Girish

Nothing is Happened. Showing only - Start Fixing so many times, Time left 31.0 Min. After 1 Min waiting software stops. Again receiving the same Start Fixing message only. Nothing Happened.

Jennifer Imperato

Thank you so much my Galaxy S4 was making me nuts Wow this worked brilliant. Worked great for over a year and then all of a sudden no gps fix for about 2 weeks. This solved it immediately. Brilliant.

Rajendra kumar Maasanam

Micromax GPS fixed My Micromax device does not work GPS accurately by downloading and fixing and restart device its connect GPS satellite and works properly

Pete Matejcik

BOOM! FIXED! Thank you! Google Maps hasn't been working for weeks. This app fixed it! GREAT JOB! Did I say 'thank you'?

Bryan Nagle

Worked like a charm. Was able to fix a GPS issue on my VZW GSIII!!

Dejan Perović

Great work! Galaxy S2 i confirm it works outstanding for it! Can you explain me what problem S2 has when it sometimes need over 10-20min to located you?

Edy Stein

It really works Great app, really reduces the time for first fix. I suggest adding some explicit data while waiting for fix.

Darren Perry

BRILLIANT APP Gps lock inside 5seconds THEN it directs you to your gps apps your app and your ready :) iv been looking for a quick gps lock app and this is bang on the money 6* and i will be getting the payed version as i think the dev deserve were credits is a very good app.

edmundo Cabellon

Best apps for me! So, so helpful. Excellent jobs guys! Brilliant minds. Keep up, my 2 thumbs up!!!

Nandatara Rozaq

Works fine Finally can find app that really fix my gps

Gary Bien

It works! Totally fixed my GPS issue

Jonathan Boshoff

Didn't work Didn't seem to do anything and not much in the form of instructions

Azhar Ejaz

Great work for my galaxy s4 I was looking 4 too much apps to fix my location issue but the only app work for my mobile..thats why from my side i rated 5stars...

John Paul Gabriel

Great but If you are driving and you are getting the results of gps fix it may not give you an accurate location. You must stop for a minute to get a better and accurate results. Configuring or fixing the location takes time. But actually the App is great and may need improvement

Gal Avraham

For months Waze didn't work Or any other navigation app no matter what I did. I installed this GPS fixer, and WALLA! I'ts now working! Great job. Thanks!

David Tollefson

I use it to get uber to run Helps if uber partner can't find your position and thus won't load, also much quicker than loading goggle maps to accomplish the same thing


My HUAWEI P6 can now lock on to satellites in as little as 5 seconds. The other apps I tried never work consistently as this!

Sarah Breau

Doesn't help It says "gps fixed" but Google maps still can't get a gps lock so I think it is wrong about that?

Javier Z

Great app Been using this for years whenever I get a new phone and the GPS needs fixing

Brandon Baney

Thank god! GPS was not working at all and caused over 2 hours of delays on a 13 hour drive. This app fixed it in 15 minutes. Did a GPS test before and after. Works perfectly now. THANK YOU!!!


Amazing app,,,before use this app gps too long for loked position,,but now loked position just few second...


Get real Start fix 18.09 minutes. I don't want to have to wait that long...NEED I SAY MORE?

A Google User

Great app My time to get a location is considerably shorter since using gps fix

John Sylvan

A must application Gets your location to within feet. I us it with maps me and Google maps. Maps me offline map application that let's you use phone as gps device without cell service. Google maps does not work without good cell service.

Bruce Lamberton

Simple but effective Simple but effective - perhaps could do with a little more information eg signal strength, positional accuracy etc.

Joël Ouellette

Works well for quick fix It works really well to fix the GPS when it's going bananas and can't pinpoint the location. However for some reason I have to do it once or twice a day when using my GPS. Hence 4 stars and not five.

Linda Vorthman

I need to Find Myself I found myself using this great app! I'm not sure why I let myself go for so many months without this. It's FREE but I would buy it. It makes my GPS work accurately & efficiently.

Andrew Mclaughlin

Google Maps working again After my last phone update (z3 compact on 3) Google maps failed to get a GPS position. Tried a few other apps, online help and factory reset, all failed. I run this app before launching Google maps and navigation is working flawlessly again. Can't say I understand why and it's not ideal but it works.

Joe Rechichi

GPS stopped working on my Samsung S6 edge. Nothing would get it working. Installed the app and GPS started working straight away. Thanks guys!

Curt Young

Wow! Well, I'll be darned! Bought an iRulu V1S import and couldn't get the GPS working. I ran this and it works fine now.

zameer hassan

It works amazing Initially I wasn't believing this app that it fix location but after using it I understand how useful it is..


Solve my GPS in waze Already fews GPS test & fix can't work. Only with this apps, solve my waze GPS.

William Landreth

Need it on my wiFi device... Need to turn on GPS and then fix a location with this software. It does the job and faster...

Robert Lane

Fixes Google Maps error I don't normally do reviews however this product fixed the route function of Google Maps looking for network error. Google Maps will Spin and spin looking for the route finally to fail with the network error that I was starting to hate. I installed this app and then re-ran my route function in Google Maps. It found the route faster than I could Snap My Fingers

Abhishek Joseph

Didnt work at all Im in rural part of india but my gps just can't connect... always showing 0/16 satellites..just never connected.even though it worked in my other phone... i just wanna play pokemon go...

Ken Hsieh

It worked for me. I found this app when another app (clean master requested additional permissions to perform a deeper boost..) killed my gps. My gps was down to around 1km accuracy and updating like 30 seconds. I searched on the web and found a suggestion to use this app, and it worked! My phone gps went back to normal!


Note 3 LTE What exactly does it do? I have issues with parkmobile indoors. This app just repeats the obvious. It doesn't fix the problem.

Muhamad Fawwaz Nor Rashid

Working perfectly I am using Note 3 which had problems with GPS signal for almost a year (GPS signal lost and took too much time to get back on track before the signal lost again thousand times)... i run this app and it constantly fixed the GPS signal quickly if the GPS signal lost...

Debo Bunting

Bro no lie best app I would seriously recommend it fixed my Pokemon game in less then 20 second great job guys Working better then ever

Albert Tagoctoc

Tried it once Tried it once, but after my Pokemon GO app crashed in a sudden it never work again.

Martin Goldstein

Works! When Maps has trouble finding GPS signal, I run this app. Works time after time.

Joeri Dellafaille

Not bad I would suggest to move android network provider the bottom as it isn't used as much Google, better ti take screenshots for issues ie. Pokemon Go :)

Marklourence Mabunay

Safe? This app is safe ? For pokemon go? I mean if you use this app your PoGo account never ban?

Khairil Fuad

it's work on my device zoom himax great.. if you need fix gps.. i recommend to use this ???

Rachel Rasmussen

Worked Once, then stopped Doesn't seem to really fix the problem

michael paul frando

Was good -_- Good at 1st 3days maybe then after that android gps service can't detect any signal..

Cheng Chee Kit

Great Now I can play Pokemon Go at outdoor and indoor.. I love it. Thanks

Ek Inthavong

Still off My gps is still showing I'm a few blocks behind. HTC 1 max

Paul Read

Fixed my GPS problems in less then 20 seconds, brilliant.

Kenneth Varias

Great app Great app because of this i can now play pokemon go

Ricardo Dedo N.

Don't fix the GPS problem on pokemon go.

Renzo Ryan Bumalic Bumalic

I can now play Pokémon go thank you

Larry McCaw

Does exactly what I ask it to. Was on my previous phone. Now one of the first on this new one. Thanks developers.

Marisca Mutiara

Wokr perfectly Thank you, it's work for my phone redmi 3 pro

chan weng hock

Lenovo a6000 Not fix anything

Yoshitha Attanayake

gps fix does the joj well

Great App Work perfectly, thank you very much

wak jawa

Good Application Make it more easier for new GPS user

Thanks It really works Two thumbs up

Works well

Jak Karg

Ads in an app I paid for? Lame, just because I bought this app forever ago doesn't mean I deserve to have ads at a later date. Uninstalled.


Fast, to the point utility. BUT ADS! W/ No Escape Need UI update and some fixes, at least 99c for no ads.

Silvia Fransis

Very good app. It fixed my location after months of trying to search my location. . I recommend

Chuch Curtis

My ODB II needed this fix to work. After fix, it worked great

Basharat Ullah

I love this app Best one out thir dose the job

LandonGamer 076

Please Better work because Pokemon go is not working

Good Apps 200% work.Good job.Thank you very very much

tabitha lee

Not very useful Just drained my battery. Don't know what else it did to improve my GPS

Klu Less

Blown away USE THIS APP ! My gps didnt work for months. Tried about 10 different apps to fix it, tore into my phone to clean antenna. Nothing worked. Decided to try one more time before buying a new phone. YES ! Heres how to do it: go outside under open sky, open app and hit "fix gps." Set phone down and leave for 15 minutes. This app works ! THANK YOU

Dirk De Weerdt

Great app My gps wasn't working properly for some time. This app fixes it really. Thanks

Futurecars London

Searching Map My GPS didn't work after I clicked the Start button.It's now all fixed with this app on HTC mini 2 recommended by HTC support depart.

marc simm

GPS fix work It's better than some apps who charge to upgrade to a professional version

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