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28 May
Google Goggles

Posted by Google Inc. in Productivity | May 28, 2014 | 103 Comments

Apk file size: 2.7 MB

Search by taking a picture: point your mobile phone camera at a painting, a famous landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, or a popular image. If Goggles finds it in its database, it will provide you with useful information.

Goggles can read text in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish, and translate it into other languages.

Goggles also works as a barcode / QR code scanner.

- Scan barcodes using Goggles to get product information
- Scan QR codes using Goggles to extract information
- Recognize famous landmarks
- Translate by taking a picture of foreign language text
- Add Contacts by scanning business cards or QR codes
- Scan text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
- Recognize paintings, books, DVDs, CDs, and just about any 2D image
- Solve Sudoku puzzles
- Find similar products

Google Inc. part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update May 28, 2014. Google play rating is 80.5523. Current verison is 1.9.4. Actual size 2.7 MB.

Download google-goggles.apk 2.7 MB


Mexie Mex

Alas no more! This used to be a real killer app, now it doesn't even run on a stock device (Galaxy S5), is this Google giving up on Android? I hope not, but as this is a core app, am I more interested in Android than the company running it?

Farrukh Shahzad Mir

Looong issue with galaxy note 2,3,4 I am facing long issue since long time. Its custom frame is not taking pictures according to the selwcted frame area but it showes the complete area visible after taking picture and search the full image instead of a selected area.

Abhijit Das

Not scanning properly There is a potential bug in the latest version of goggle. If you scan a page full of writing it will height or find a few words or letter. Previously I never faces that issue please fix it asap or people will start uninstalling goggle because it is not doing the basis things for which goggle was developed.

Jonathan Greco

Wtf? Are you serious? This app is Cr_app. I'm trying to find out a piece of jewelery and it has no matches. Nothing is recognized with this app. Don't waste your time with this

Mom Mom

No matter what you take a pic of it says no match found. I took pictures of a variety of object and nothing returned any results

Wilton Woods

Identify objects with this Great for identifying buildings to get their history or military equipment to see who's spying on you or to get make and model of anything you photograph. Also searches like images and connects you to their makers, so really powerful stuff here. And you're the authority if goggles can't identify it, you tell us what it is. I started identifying aliens, for instance, so everybody can know what I think is there. ;-) @wiltonwoods

Monica Booker

Sucks I brought a plant, scanned it to see what it was and it led me to a group of green items... like wth! The analyzing bar doesn't even go all the way across before it says it unknown

Daniel McCloskey

Doesn't do what you'd expect. Matched an antique doll... with painted toenails. What??? Basically looks like it matches image for image. Matching colors by quantity? Can't "recognize" a turd from chocolate cream pie. All of this...with a tasty dose of Google GPS data collected. Should be better by now, right? Nah. Just use it and the can collect your data and interests by sifting photos for them.

Cretu Daniel

OCR function does not work anymore... Does not making OCR anymore. It is showing tha isscanning the picture but tells me that nothing is found. Before the update it ould find text in the picture. Please fix it. For me this isan important future of this application.

Michel Meyers

Fails completely. Doesn't want to snap a picture any more, no matter how I tap on the camera icon. (App no longer usable this way.)

A Google User

Coolest App Ever! Still not perfect Though! You know it's really cool app it's not perfect.. But love using it when I feel like it. I wish to use it when I am in front of some monument and see if it will really work and show me a pictures based on it.

Michael Anderson

No Longer Works I loved this app and have been using it since it came out with great success. It's decoded many pictures for me no problem. It no longer works. Everything i scan stops scanning halfway through. Everything comes up as no match found. I am not sure what happened but please fix this app. I'll rate 5 stars if it starts working again.

Maarg Vaidya

Hey! Google Hey! Google I don't know if you take feedback but why don't you add feature for facial recognition for celebrities.I know that you cannot add it for the whole world it can be a security glitch. Thumbs Up!

James T. Brohard

Needs lots of work. Add cropping option to pictures loaded from phone. When Goggles cannot find an item, and I find out what it is via a descriptive Google search; I wish I could add the picture and a link/description of the item to the database through the app. Right now most of the time the things it finds are completely unrelated. I would give it 5 stars if it were more accurate. At least it still does QR codes well.

John Fowler

If it's bugged say so Google! Scan bar doesn't complete full sweep of image and doesn't recognise clear images that it definitely should do (such as an xbox controller or a Ford badge). Those that say it works are not using this version (dl'd 15th Jan '15) or this "bug" doesn't effect their device (mine is a samsung galaxy S4 mini). First time I bothered commenting because so disappointed - I had this app on another phone over three years ago and it not only worked it had a much less clunky interface for selecting pics. Sort it out!

Erykah Martin

Hmmm So read the bad reviews and thought to give it a go anyway.... However like everyone else said the app couldn't ID anything I tried.... Not even a ps3 controller. Thanks for trying though :)

michelle kawa

Doesnt match It doesnt recognize anything this app is useless and a waste of space. Make it work and you might get better ratings!

Drew Mills

Not so good yet First 5 items I tried could not be recognized. I give them credit for trying.

Cory Edwards

Needs fixes Four of five items were not correctly identified. Try to use it for facial recognition of a celebrity image. scan stops almost at the beginning of the image.

Randy Faldon

It's been improved since my last rating and "works" most of the time. I'm not sure if Google is saving every picture or not. :-\

Luis Martinez

Cool idea It was a really cool idea but the fact that Google glasses never actually works and seems to have more issues than anything is a large problem if one day this application does ever actually work as needed I have intended I will download and review again

Nickntabby Tipsword

Sucks Can't find anything I take a pic of except the obvious stuff... Take a pic of a bug, can't tell you what it is. take a picture of a bug on a wall it brings up pictures of walls.....

Richard Pearn

Usless utter usless Only scans a portion of the image and jumps to its own conclusion and if its wrong you can't just carry on to scan image further you have to start again and guess what you get the same results, love the idea hate the execution

Shane Archer

Goggles I am not sure what the other negative reviews are about. I have a note 3 and this thing works flawlessly every time. I have even scanned very obscure articles and it has given me authors and publishing dates. I have scanned pictures and it has shown me where they came from on the internet if they did. I have scanned logos and it has never failed to tell me who the company is. I am truly sorry for those for whom it did not work. I recommend 100% to give it a try.

C Angell

Goggles puts an end to searching I love google goggles because if I see something in a picture, and I want to buy it, it easily helps me to find it, which eliminates hours of searching online.. Its not always 100% accurate but its close!

Edy G

Not working at all I tried the apps by taking a picture of a screwdriver, but the apps is always saying no match found. How can a search engine search based on image and cannot find minimum a description of the image? The only thing that this apps will work with clear text (like document text). So, it is not real image base search engine.

caetano constantine

Was OK...... Now a joke. It identifies nothing....I guess funding for this project has stopped.

A Google User

No object recognized No matter what I take a photo of, I get an error message stating "no object recognized" which means this app won't search for anything. The scanning bar that indicates the photo is being analyzed doesn't go more than a quarter across the screen before the error pops up, which means the app is missing the in-focus objects. Complete and utter garbage! This USED to be a useful app!

Travis Randall

Used to be great, not anymore This used to be such a great app. A great tool for comparison or identification. But not anymore. The app does not fully scan and you can try to scan very common items and still not get anything. I miss the way it used to work. Way to drop the ball, Google.

A Google User

Google Goodies Only used a little. So far has improved since it first came out, like everything else. Ill keep using and commnt again soon.

Stephen Athey

Use at own risk. People will appear in their true forms! The world is not what it seems! You have to believe me!

Joe Lawry

Terrible app. You can't focus manually, you have to let it auto-focus. The problem is that it can never focus on anything. On the rare occasion that it does focus on something, if you press the button to take a picture, it refocuses before taking the picture, to make sure the picture is out of focus.

Gustavo Bermeo

Does not work! How this app has a 4.1 rating is beyond comprehension. It does not work. Tap on picture, app comes up, starts to scan and it suddenly stops.

Bismillah Arif

I want Google Team To put more effort into it so that search circle goes even bigger.

Casimir Szott

Google Camera I love this app I took pictures of My favorite T-shirt that brought usrd and found them on Googles and found out how much they COST brandnew.l really hope they make this Camera to reconize objects and Animal that have no print or advertizement on it then it would be a TEN STAR APP

Guiwald Doh

Good in the idea, but bad This app ALWAYS crash, and then is useless.

Victor Cano

Lost in translation Tried to translate some Japanese text and gave me pictures of unrelated stuff. I want to use translation but it keeps sending me pictures. The picture taking was annoying too because it keeps getting blurry when I wanted to use it and help me find stuff. Worst app ever.

A Google User

Bad update Thr las update lacking realtime mode. Not recognized nothing even logos! What's wrong guys? Please take back the good goggles app!

Kevin Miller

Google Goggles It fails to recognize simple objects. Face recognition fails almost immediately, less than one second. What happened with the HTC ONE M7 version of this application ? It used to work next to perfect.

Rebecca Talley

Google goggles I was hopeing for more, everything I take a picture of, it doesn't recognize it, and or isn't a match. The only thing it does work for is scanning a barcode for grocery items I buy. Anything else it doesn't reconize in the app system. I do hope I could scan other things in the future....

Niles Black

Hopefully they'll come back around to this In the meantime, looks like it hasn't been updated in years. No material design, no autofocus?! On an app for scanning barcodes? I'd love to see Google revisit this concept someday, and do it right.

Doruk Çelebi

Doesn't work for shit except paintings Can't identify basic objects, below average in real life images

Karami Best

It did me no good. I wish there was an app that helped you identify anything and get information on things you take a photo of and where to buy it if a possibility

Bruce Potts

Agreed - used to be good No functions of this program work properly. Won't even scan a 3D barcode anymore. The sweep doesn't look like it crosses the whole picture while scanning, but it's just an animation - doesn't mean it's not scanning the whole thing. Regardless, nothing on this app works anymore and it unfortunately appears that Google has abandoned Goggles so I will too. Anyone have suggestions for replacements?

Tiago Azevedo

It needs a major UI update This app doesn't provide the Material Design feel that other Google apps do and that doesn't feel right.

A Google User

Cool idea, but crashes often Great app, but it kept on crashing, especially when the notification 'new goggles results' appeared. Most likely because I have a much earlier operating system (2011).

Deb Roberts

Didn't work, even once! I've tried to identify a few different things and the app said there were no matches. I tried taking a picture of my cat and it didn't know what that was either. What does it know?

Alistair Gale

Does not work on Google's own device, Nexus 5X. Shows/scans inverted image because it is using the old Camera API, and the 5X has an inverted sensor which is handled by Google's new Camera API. DUH! Fix it you twerps.

david fulcher

Google Goggles Needs Glasses I took a picture of a lighter and it said "item not found" and it's simular image was an elephant! WTF?? Really?

Fredy Armenta

I wonder... Because Goggles cannot recognize many objects, pictures, or people. Is there any way we can contribute information of the pictures we take?

Jordyn Nitch

Update I think people really don't understand the power of this app, I can't understand how people would believe it would magically be able to identify what dog you have. It can be used as ocr, to identify famous monuments and bar code scanner which I think is great.

Aaron V

Finally works. Took a picture of Mickey Mouse. Got beige high heels. ...I'm a GUY. UNINSTALLED. Hasn't been updated since November of 2013. Clearly YOU don't even care about this. UPDATE: Out of fairness, tried again. Took a picture of my daughter's toy bag. Got a "similar" of a woman in a US flag bikini with an assault rifle. Get drug tested, Google. REuninstalled. UPDATE 2: Tried again. Found a couple of uncommon cleaners with no problems.

Jappleng University

Needs manual focus Does work well if you can focus on the object. It keeps auto focusing which blurs every object. GalaxyS6

Mohammed Al Mourabet

Do recommend Helps you figures out name, source, brand. ....ect of any image you got.

Writankar Bhattacharya

Not very good Searched a person's photo. Only for similar photos wearing the same type of dress

Brandon M.

Outdated but still good It's a great app don't get me wrong but it just feels inconvenient to use. It's ui doesn't match any other Google applications. Picture quality seems to be lacking and low light performance is terribld(stock camera works great still) which makes me think that it's about time Google looks are reviving this handy tool

Patti Keeney McCaghren

Only scans half way. First day I had it there was no trouble. Doesn't fully scan entire photo.

Andrew Wittkower

Not worth it I have had this app for 2 weeks and haven't used it at all. Its so much easier to use Google or chrome. Don't waist time and storage.

Аднан Заим

What happened??? Three years ago it used to work. Now it can't even recognize text correctly. What happened to the app?

Rohit Sarma

Please improve The app is really helpfull but works only few times. most of the occasions it fails to recognise the image. i hoped it to use it as OCR but failed completely. I had a picture to get information about that for 5 years and finally i've got the full details of that image by this app. Thousand thanks GG. I was looking for an app like this for years. Thank again google.

Liam Esterly

One heck of an app! Severely underated and underadvertised, Google Goggles has helped me out on a great number of occasions where I would have otherwise been helpless. I don't usually give 5 stars but this thing is functional and gives me exactly what I need exactly when I need it. I still can't begin to comprehend what made Apple take it off the App Store.

Christopher Andrade

Good app It works well if you have a decent camera. Occasional hiccups in text reading, but good app overall.

Don Eldridge

I rate it 0 if I could. I put in a picture of a women holding a baby pig and the seach came back with ( 86% 1:40 Am. ) wtf up with that ? I put in a different pic of a women the surch response was 7-8 photos of random women.their eye hair color did not match the backgrounds was all different not one thing was similar. Useless uninstalling right away ! Anyone that praises this obviously works for the company its crap and their full s..t

Ricardo Hunte

Google is blind Never worked, tried a hundred times, using HTC One and one m9 and two tablets, utterly useless, won't even recognize itself ?

Justin Daniel

Is cool From what I can tell the main benefit of having this app is for shopping. The only issue I have it is that I struggle to find ways to use it, it seems more like a luxury than an essential tool. Maybe because I don't shop. I struggle looking for practical ways to use it other entertainment or information. Perhaps It's not for me. Its completely functional and always works well and surprisingly has never even so much as crashed. I like this app a lot , so I always keep it.

Annie Spalsbury

I like it a lot but........ My only issue is that when you scan something you get the info right then but there is no way to go back and look for it later. If you don't remember or write down the info right away you lose it. This would be ok if it was something you can go back and scan again but what if you can't. Or when it says I have new results if I don't open it right away, it's gone. If you guys made it so we could look up our previous searches that would make this app way better!!!

Steve Clark

Doesn't work at all! I tried many pictures of different items. Simple items I knew pictures existed online. Results were not even close. It's such a great idea and I would think if anyone could make it work it would be Google with the large searchable index they have. I've tried this app a few times since it came out. On different phones and better cameras on the phone. I thought maybe they would perfect it or it was my devices. I didn't want to rate badly until I'd given it the benefit of the doubt. No doubt now!

Malik Rashid

Is cool From what I can tell the main benefit of having this app is for shopping. The only issue I have it is that I struggle to find ways to use it, it seems more like a luxury than an essential tool. Maybe because I don't shop. I struggle looking for practical ways to use it other entertainment or information. Perhaps It's not for me. Its completely functional and always works well and surprisingly has never even so much as crashed. I like this app a lot , so I always keep it.

A Google User

Downhill When Google Goggles first came out, it was revolutionary. It wasnt perfect by no means, but it broke molds and blew minds. Now after revisiting it after a few years, it seems like they have abandoned the project. Deep learning is very tricky. If I were Google I would focus more on the voice recognition and the ability for the AI to hold a decently intelligent conversation. Image recognition would be smoother if the AI knew the context of the picture it was taking.

Chris McCabe

Amazing Technology, Horrible App It's really cool that you can have it automatically recognize your photos when you take them, but you have at most one opportunity to see them. I get a notification that it recognized one or more photos, and the only way to see them is to click on the notification. If you bring up the app instead, or dismiss the notification, they are gone for good. No history or any other way to see what it recognized. Sometimes clicking the notification doesn't even work. It recently recognized several photos I had recently taken, but I couldn't see any of them. It's more concerned with telling you how great it is without making it actually useful.

Arbie ✔

Thought maybe it could identify a particular fish... Not only could it not tell me what kind of fish it was, it didn't even recognize it as a fish. I thought maybe it was too hard, so I tried a couple fish even a small child could identify. They were crisp clear pictures shot from the side. This time it couldn't even hazard a guess. At least with the first fish it TRIED to guess. But I honestly didn't expect it to spit out an answer that wasn't even English. I think it was trying to tell me it was a tattoo. In Spanish.

Grant Legacy

Google goggles I'm quite happy with the app even if I don't get a answer to all my photos. But dam near. I love this application so much because I learn more and more all the time. I give it a five out of five all day long for the evacuation value and potential to help answer questions about stuff I see everyday that I have no idea of what it is. Take a picture and most of the time I get a Web Link and I learn something new.

Tom Low

Nice idea It's a nice idea being able to search using visual cues. However it doesn't really work very well. It didn't recognise the (well known) products I showed it and struggled to recognise brands. A 250ml bottle of ketchup was recognised as 'Hinze'. Well I can also read that label and it is quicker to type the info in myself - so not very good. If it recognised it as a 250ml bottle of the stuff and showed me where to buy - much better. Until then i'll pass.

Melissa C

Well... Seems like another cool app but the recognition ability can be TOO general and simple. So results are disappointing most of the time. It does better recognition with text than objects. My phone has a decent camera and at some point believed i couldn't take clearer pictures as possible that Goggles cant recognize. Thats not the case. I will wait until it improves.

Co Hays

Has not worked one for me, not understanding the high rating on this app?? Will not even completely scan a picture before telling me object not recognized. Tried scanning a spider picture, would not recognize.. even cropped the image leg to leg to try and get a better result, stopped scanning a quarter of the way through the picture and says image not recognized. This is a big spider and a great pic of it! This has happened multiple times, so it is not a fluke, the app in my opinion is useless.

Joel Aikens

What exactly is this app supposed to do? Because right now all it does is occasionally identify text and open up ads on images of famous buildings. Seriously it couldn't even identify the Eiffel Tower and instead returned an ad for a product that uses the tower in its logo. So I figured if it recognized logos it could identify McDonald's logo. Except it didn't. Useless waste of space

Iggy Nelix

Life made easy. The way technology should be. Runs in the background. Ignores 'everyday objects'. Take a picture of a business card. ..Goggles reads the text and offers to add the person to your contacts. ..with all the data from the card. Take a picture of a new beer you've just tried, Goggles will tell you the brewery. Brilliant. .and often amusing. Took a picture of a statue at grandma garden.; gave me the title and artist.

Hans Drasher

Great Googly Goggles Batman!! Well, it takes a bit of playing around to get your goggles working. Once you've got the hang of it, the worlds at your fingertips! Help tips suck!! So here are some of my own. 1. Unlike Gremlins, Google Goggles LOVE bright light. Go outside or power your camera's flashlight before attempting to take a scan. 2. Skip a wide angle pic at first & see if you can get any writing on the object, male, model, serial #.

Bo Willem Woelfert

Works just fine So far I have not really put this app to the test, but it seems to work pretty good on my phone (Nexus 5X). The only complaint I can come up with is that the image gets flipped when the content is being scanned, but som far this has not been represented in the output. Overall maybe not the most useful app, but a cool proof of concept and fun to use.

Jumpy J

Please Everyone Watch The Video! If you take a picture of your cat or your nails or your handbag or something like that, OF COURSE IT WONT WORK! They said they are still WORKING on it, meaning you should take pictures of your Business Card or a famous building i.e. The Eiffel Tower. I cant stress enough the IMPORTANCE of watching the video like reading the label.

Tom George

Google's greatest potential With pictures everywhere (including fb, IG, and Snapchat) google needs to revive this. The UI is from 3-4 years ago. This could work incredibly well with google camera, now, and search. It could be useful when on the go to take a pic to learn about something than typing or talking to your phone (like a weirdo when using voice search sometimes) Please update!

Allen Way

3 strikes you're out I tried to get it to identify 3 relatively easy objects: Eagle Talon (granted not the most common car now but popular in it's day), Ford F150 (most popular truck in the US) & the US flag. Goggles could not identify any of them! Not even the flag!! Uninstall.

Muthukumaran N M

Google itself is not adopting its new camera APIs in Nexus 5x Texts could not be captured since the app is trying to read the inverted image incorrectly. The physically inverted camera installed in Nexus 5x which was corrected by software corrections as per newer camera APIs. And Google itself being a developer has not incorporated it in its goggles app. Please correct at the earliest and make this app usable in Google Nexus 5x

Brian Luppen

Use to be useful This app use to recognize product emblems and completely read text now I can't get it to do much but I pick out a couple letters. All it's good for now is a barcode scanner if that. Scan bar stops as soon as it thinks the image is out of focus but if it continued it would realize part of the image is in focus. I'll redownload in the future hopefully issues are resolved

Samuel Gerry

One of Google's Unsung Heroes I think Goggles needs a lot more focus with development. I've used this all around Italy to help translate menus, tickets, etc. I wish it could identify plants, as I like to do macro photography and I dying always know what it is I'm photographing. No concerns about pictures uploading, its implied that the pictures you take need to be uploaded for analysis and to make the recognition algorithm better.


Great application but possibly abandoned... Google Goggles is an excellent application for identifying iconic landmarks and scanning QR codes. It hasn't seen an update in quite some time and I hope that it hasn't been abandoned. Could you please push out an update to fix bugs and give it a Material Design makeover?

Frankie Shane Humphrey

Suprising I had forgotten that I had this app on my phone until a few days ago. At that time, I downloaded a picture of Dennis Rodman with a lady and it came back on Goggles as """ Dennis Rodman and wife""". I had utterly no clue that the Rod had been hitched THAT many times! At any rate, this is a cleverly unique and sublimely helpful which makes for a nice bit of additional information that one such as I did not know! Highly recommended @ 5*!

April Morgan

Works great This app works great for me with no problems. I took a pic of a pack of Marlboro Menthols & it gave me info for the Marlboro company & even on menthol leaves. Then I took a pic of my Nirvana lighter, and it gave me info on the group Nirvana. I'm not sure why some ppl have problems & others don't. I wish it would work for everyone becuz it is a good app. Very helpful & useful...

Michael Kersey

Samsung galaxy note 3, lollipop. This app is awesome! There are so many things that you can use it for. However, it's not perfect. Its either dead on accurate when you scan something for an image search or it is way off. Sometimes fixing the lighting or angle when letting it scan does help

B.Avila A.Avila

Blind leading the blind! As much hype as this app initially had at launch, it's completely failed to meet those expectations. 98% of my search results to comon items returned as "unknown." Honestly, it's been much faster & more accurate to use the regular Google, non goggle search engine.

noel jose

It is good helpful but needs some upgrades The Google goggles app is good but it has some demerits. #can't detect faces,this app can't even detect the face of Michael Jackson,Charlie Chaplin,bruce Lee. #detects junk things in the photograph. it reads numbers and other things except the subject. But its a good app if they fixes these problems.

Trey Daum

Used to work flawlessly Most recent update makes 20 second+ delay after tapping picture until capture. This results in terrible images to scan and make three so nearly useless. I didn't attempt scanning from camera with this update but the function of scanning an image directly from this app is entirely broken in this unsafe. Disappointing from what is otherwise an outstanding app/idea.

Gino Tucillo

No Objects Found everrrr Finally got excited that I had a reason to use this app.. And it recognizes nothing. I took clear pictures of poison ivy and it gave me trees. Picture of cactus and it gave me flowers. Picture of a bug and it gave me stone trails. Finally took a picture of a cat and it gave me an elephant with a duckbill. I'm not even kidding on that last one. A major fail for Google on this one. And it appears from the last 6 months of reviews that nobody is even bothering to fix it so don't waste your time.

Muhammad Jahanzaib

Does what it says I tried this app on a medicine box and it provide all info about it including its application, drug usage and its chemical formula. Also I captured some logos and it efficiently recognised it. Soon I will try it on QR and barcode and also on sudoku and landmarks pics and if it fails, I will reduce my rating to 3 stars.

Evan Sarkar

Very useful and comes handy. Must have app The app doesn't only find similar pictures but read the texts from the captured photo. Yesterday I got a long error on my pc, I just clicked the pic using this app and it searched over the Internet to find me a solution.

Great concept, but needs work It always shows that it cannot identify the item that was scanned and shows "similar" photos. Somehow, it thought that a cat was a stingray and a budgie was a paintbrush. Amusing, but not very helpful. Also, despite the screenshot (which is correct) it does not translate Russian to English or English to Russian. It only makes a transliteration.

Mavaddat Javid

Suffers from lack of flexibility, options Although you can crop the field of view to hone in on the part of a thing you're trying to capture, the app automatically uses any text that's recognized as a parameter for an Internet search (although you may simply want to copy the text or select a relevant part of it). To do the latter, you need to cancel the web search, go back to Goggles, select copy, then paste the text in a temp file so you can choose the target text (e.g., a URL). If the app had a built-in text editing mode, it would make a huge dif

Lucas Magalhães

In desperate need of redesign I like this app and its functionality, but it really needs a redesign. It already looked outdated in KitKat and it's even worse in Lollipop. It's not user friendly and it's super inconsistent with the new design language. It hasn't been updated since forever so I would love to see it happening very soon.

Arcadiy Kulchinskiy

Doesn't work with Nougat Doesn't seem to work on Android 7, Nexus 5x. It only searches from gallery, on camera it doesn't even takes a picture. Can you solve this please? By the way, it has great technology, didn't found app like this from any other developer. Why did you stopped updating it and adapting it to Material Design?

Abandonware The upgrade from marshmallow to nougat completely broke goggles. But there is still a way to access the greatness of goggles! Now on Tap actually has a material design of goggles built in! Just open the camera app, point at your subject, and hold the home button. It does everything that goggles could do. But this still gets one star for not mentioning the upgrade in the app description.

Kevin Coleman

Rigid Xocapolyes What in the universe has happenes to this ap? It use to recognize everything and even be so very organized to the product knowledge. 'GOOGLE FIX YOUR DISMANTLED APPLICATION'. -Not from Kevin C. from Bacio DoVita, Jmm "he has an awesome phone that's not fair this ap is dismantled."

Chris Weitzman

Zero Privacy I downloaded Google Goggles last night and thought it was super cool. I get home and suddenly it tells me I have a new result: my chemistry textbook. It shows me a picture I took of my homework out of the book earlier. In other words, it was helping itself to the contents of my gallery when it shouldn't have even been running in the first place. Amazing idea but granting it full access and autonomy by installing it was a mistake I should have never made in the first place.

Santhosh Mandanna

Not working on Android 7 This application fails to work when you upgrade Android to latest version nougat am on Nexus 6p. It was working perfectly fine Android 6. Soon after I upgraded to 7 it just don't click pictures. Loads successfully but fails to take pictures and continue to next step

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