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29 Jun
Golden Pumpkin Escape Games

Posted by MWE Games in Puzzle | June 29, 2016 | 89 Comments

Apk file size: 23.0 MB

In this escape game you have to find all the clues and objects carefully hidden, navigate between different rooms and collect all founded objects.
Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve all the puzzles with the clues.

MWE Games part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 29, 2016. Google play rating is 61.9696. Current verison is 4.0.0. Actual size 23.0 MB.

Download golden-pumpkin-escape-games.apk 23.0 MB


Cardinal Biggles

Unfinished Nice graphics, but I don't think the game is finished. Assemble the steering wheel before fitting the gears and you have to start the game anew to remedy. But there is no clue to stop you doing that.... It needs an error trap there. There is no indication when you have completed all the tasks in room 1. No exit door to open in room 1 in fact. No hints as to fitting shapes in room 2. And what are you supposed to do with the qwerty keyboard? No objectives or mission terms of reference. I gave up. It's a hard game to solve, but it's hard because the designer isn't communicating with you in the game by logic or clues. If you do want to persevere, there is a walkthrough on YouTube where I found myself thinking Wtf when you see how to solve it.

prince mansilla

i hate this game why there is no clue? build an escape games without a clue? wtf?

Chris Johnson

Golden pumpkin escape game I did not like this game

Kathy Schaeffer

Horrible. There is no direction. No goal. No help. A complete waste of time.

Debora McGaw

No idea what im doing. There are no clues or game help at all.

ly ens

no clue and uncomplete game There is no clue but not too hard to solve it. And i think the game uncomplete because no many puzzle like another escape game

Mary McKenna

Out side house, tap step for post box - tap handle on post box and lid opens - take star. Note number on side of post box. Tap left down stone cross - see dotted maze - place star and move star round maze till all dots black an you are brought into house - good luck. Made it to the second room inside the house but cannot solve puzzle to get the key - no hints - no walkthrough. Tried the game again - solved puzzle - got key for pig an turned key till stop but got nothing, cannot proceed to third room

Hollywood M

Not enjoyable First escape game I've not enjoyed. Hard to click on items. Don't see any logic. These games work best when you start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Otherwise it's just a pointless clicking game. Sorry guys.

Jacob De Jesus

Hchjgdjd Kurt Warner Cable for the best way to get the best way to get it now. I have a good idea to do it. I have a lot of people who want to be a good time to time. I have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea, I am a very good. I will be able to do i

Ellen Camargo

It sucks don't waste your time It's ridiculous, it makes no sense, there's no logic, worst escape game I've ever played and it's not cause it's hard, it's just really dumb.

Heather Chandler

Liked it Despite what others said, I found this game to be lots of fun and nice level of difficulty. Not too easy and not too hard.

A Google User

The code wont work in the game so you can't play.

Paul Finley

Easy game That was a good game really easy also don't see how anyone had a problem beating it

Alex Carvey

Very annoying Just when you figure out how to do the tasks, you realise you can't play past room 3!

Susan Kimbell

Confused Thought it looked like a cool game but i can't do anything. There is no help guide. The first one makes no sense. I read other rated users. ...i usually don't so i have open mind purple are different. i will now read them before i install anything again

Alison Fleury

Wish it auto saved.

Mia M

Idiotic. Hated it.

Jazzy Jan

Pile of poo

dee bee

Nice little escape game Lovely little short escape game, nice graphics and bgm. Sweeps away some cobwebs from the brain area (gets you thinking a bit) which is nice.... Not too hard not too easy. I would like to see a well thought through scary game from you next time with bgm to match. No permissions always gets 10 out of 10 from me... .not wanting to sell my soul to the devil 'n' all lol

Colin Bewley

Really? Who approved of this piece of junk for public release? You might want to take a look at some GOOD games and steal some ideas. First off, no way to save progress? Second, puzzles that are arbitrary and only YOU know how and WHY they can be solved. I'm done. Too much to list, I'm losing money. Flushing this one.

Grant Brunton

Terrible Even when looking up the answers in a guide the puzzle solutions have no logical reason behind them. Can't save progress although the game is extremelly short anyway. The only reason to make this was to provide a platform for ads.

andrew corringham

Not too good It feels like they came up with the puzzles and then just put them in there with no thought of hints or a real game play.

Jan Evanoff

Golden pumpkin Really? You can't even get past the car because there is absolutely no clue what word you are supposed to spell. There are a lot of 7 letter words in the English vocabulary! Are we supposed to be mind readers?

artful dodger

I think you rushed to release this to early.. Fuse puzzle was a nightmare more than a puzzle. Thank God for the one and only walkthrough I found online for the game (blog help more then walkthrough.). No save, have to finish game in one sitting. Car puzzle, didn't work well, Found YouTube walkthrough (Found out - You have to circle around the picture #'s 4-5 times before the comb works on the car.).. (Zoom in on mailbox #'s before that comb works.). (omg.. Seriously.???!!!) Add a hint and save button and itd be a 5.. that fuse puzzle is horrid.!

Lilly Hughes

Good start @ escape games... I must say this is different than most P & C games-areas small enough to find all objects needed to complete each puzzle. Interesting decor!

Leanne Stanton-braybrook

Awfully substandard! Graphics poor, as are the scenes and no storyline. Puzzles thrown together! A weak effort in my opinion!

William Freeze

Golden pumpkin escape game Well its good but no walkthrew yet and I'm stuck on the car

Tima Boyd

No save!! I don't mind no hints, that's what Google is for, but to have no save! I have to start over each and every time I go out of the game.. Who would make a game like that?!

Debbie Dymond

0 stars Game SUCKS , no hints and no idea how to use this game... DO NOT WASTE TIME IN DOWNLOADING THIS

Roy Tabaque

Got it! Awesome clues..superlike

Monica Bouldin

Frustrating... Half of the clues don't make sense, it doesn't save progress, and constantly freezes forcing you to quit (just to have to start over). I'd give negative stars if possible...

Melissa Corcoran

WOW! I really enjoyed this one! Took me awhile an loved every minute of it. More please

Najuma Najumudeen

I hate it A game with out clues?


Bad escape game. Not optimized for android. Bad puzzles

Mary Palmer

Its great Just like the other escape games. Move around screen you touching everything u can and u will find hints some u need to add with other hints .

Puna Turner

A bit too easy


I hate astrology. But it was an ok game.

Nicole Centurion

Found out why I couldn't save It wouldn't save my game. The game is really short. I beat it within a few minutes of starting over. I just got the game tonight. Would have been really fun if I could save the game and if it was a lot longer. Ok, after reading everyone's comments (this is my third update btw) I gave this game 5 stars. The people who need a walk through to play are idiots. The game is really fun once you get into it. Just wish it was longer. If you're having troubles paying it, don't give up. It's fun once you understand it

Ta'Kayka Thompson

DUMB! It wouldn't let mhe do anything , i could only click on 2 things the car an on the left side of the house !!?SO 1 STAR⭐.an im uninstalling

1Ant Skinny

This game was fun until you have to quit playing. When you go to play where you left off it makes you start all over again. What's up with that? Uninstalling because of it.

Pamela howell

Load of crap No help or instructions doesnt save your game if you leave load of crap

Vikki Jones

You need instructions?! Sorry but I am surprised at the number of comments pertaining to the lack of INSTRUCTIONS. INSTRUCTIONS? Really? The chuckles I got from reading these were almost more entertaining than the game! Instructions......... Jeez!

Vicky James

Awesme Guys pls help me whats next after typing monster hw will find the key or whats the next step

Daddy Dale

Really enjoyed this Quite challenging, short but good.

MamaJ B

Confusing to start After figuring how to start, game was fairly simple. Good job.

clinton weare

This game sucked balls one of the worst escape games I've played

Dayna Winge

Can't do anything There is no help and the only 2 things to click on and I have no idea what to do with them

Yolanda Sefton

Couldn't get half the stuff to work as touch screen. Uninstalled in first level.

Cristin Stuart

Wheel puzzle Won't open the wheel puzzle for me so I Cant get past that uninstalling

Dianne Crosby

Golden pumpkin Really tough to get started. Doesn't seem to have a walkthrough.

Keyarma Hicks

This game sucks And I will never download this game again

Wendi Gilbert

Fun There was a save for me and no glitches. I woke up this morning and game was saved. I was more awake and was able to finish. Great thinking game. Just wish it was longer.

JoAn Johnson

Too short Really? Why did i install this super short game lol

Stevie Hammonf

I would of beat it They don't show you how the pumpkin puzzle

Marcia Larson

Poor graphics. Not much to see here

Seang Ang

I m stuck I stuck with the word Mon in the living room with the crazy symbols

Robert Vega

From the beginning it starts you off with a 7 word puzzle with no clue as to what it is. Uninstall.

crystal johnson

No instruction not boo who this game upgrading

Lorrie Mckeen

Does not function correctly Nothing happens after entering the 3774 in the appropriate spots. Uninstalling.

Sherry Hammond

Can't operate the dial on the safe to spell out the word

Gail van Tonder

bit of a challenge. Thank you

Jason Bullington

This was stupid,maybe you guy's should try playing your own games before you put them in the game store

Bernadette Mcmylor

Not long enough though

Amy Schelleack

Dumb I can only click on 2 things stupid

lyna Akerdida

Dumb What we have to do in this game is to remove the cables. Who created this game is totally a dumb and a.......u khow the other word

Candy P

CRAP It won't even give you a hint and it is dearly hard to play on tuch answer it's crap!

Akilah Wallace

I like this game

George Ellas

Bad WTH really poor no logic to pass first level with car


No walkthroughs? Fail!

Marianne D

Forget it. After doing so many things in this game, when I came back to play it, I had to start all over again. It didn't save my work. Uninstalled and didn't finish it.

Andrea Brown

Bugged Found and used star, found code on mailbox, so far so good. Entered code on wooden box - nothing happened. Checked YouTube to make sure I'm doing it right. Tried code again - nothing happens. Played for a total of 2 mins max, now uninstalling until it works properly.

Andy, Lou Morling

Crap! Must be the worst one I've played gutted looked good too

Mrs O

Sh i poo poo Don't bother, this game is not worth downloading

Frederick Pang

Sucks can't save. Have to restart everytime. There is no save option.

saad fairul

A★W★E★S★O★M★E!! Good game.. But the problem of the graphics ??.. I don't like it.. Can you plz make other new escape game with other graphics❓❓ Plz reply.. Good luck ??!!

darlene coish

Golden pumpkin escape Nothing works nothing. When these games are developed does anyone actually try them out first?

Panda Love

Can't save If u want to take a break and come back later u have to start all over again

Nikita Chaurasia

Bullshit App Totally a waste of time. Do not install. Nothing happens .

Brett Merriman

Not even a hint at the start. Waste of time even downloading it.

Jason M

Dumb No discription or starting point. Uninstall.

Raymond Villacrucis

Golden Pumpkin Escape Games Games w/out instruction and clue. Only ting -tong sound, very very nice kind of game. ONE STAR.

Frankie Henderson

I can't do anything. Clicked on mailbox and front door. But that's it. Didn't much care for it.


Game was too short. No hint button?? I had to watch the walkthru on utube.and did I mention how short the game is. I was actually just getting into it and it was over. Also, I guessed the word "pumpkin", but it wouldn't accept it till I found the clue. That just blows!!

invisible Spiderwoman

Wtf! Game dont want to play! Work right! Wtf is this?! What going on?!

Latesha Takeloo

Good game But. Where is the hints

Angela Kitchens

Frustrating There are no hints

Ta'Kayka Thompson

DUMB! It wouldn't let mhe do anything , i could only click on 2 things the car an on the left side of the house !!?SO 1 STAR⭐.an im uninstalling

saad fairul

A★W★E★S★O★M★E!! Good game.. But the problem of the graphics ??.. I don't like it.. Can you plz make other new escape game with other graphics❓❓ Plz reply.. Good luck ??!!

R Johnson

Worst game ever. Don't bother installing. Doesn't go anywhere. Pointless.

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